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MAR/APR 2012


INSIDE: An Introduction to Pinterest Planting Joy Roller Derby Queen

I N S P I R AT I O N , E N T E R TA I N M E N T & E M P O W E R M E N T F O R C E N T R A L I O WA W O M E N

If you’ve been told you need a new hip, knee or shoulder.

Don’t put it off any longer. Dr. Neff can get you back to the activities you love. I am Connie Young and I have been a secretary for the Johnston School Systems for twelve years. My business relationship started with Dr. Neff in July of 2010. I was referred to him for knee pain. From the moment you arrive in their office you are greeted with warm smiles from a caring staff. As soon as I met Dr. Neff, he made me feel like he truly cared about me and never made me feel like he was in a rush to go on to another patient. He had done arthroscopic knee surgery and cortisone injections and after those procedures didn’t work, he advised me that I needed to have both of my knees replaced. I truly believe that Dr. Neff has great compassion for his patients and in today’s world that is a rare gift. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to him. During this difficult time he has been a great supporter and always let me know that he was always just a phone call away.

Connie Young


Scott B. Neff, D.O. Specialty: General Orthopaedic Care/Surgery Years in Practice: 28 Years Undergraduate: Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin, 1963-1965 Graduate: Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, BA in Biology, 1965-1968 Medical: Des Moines University, DO, 1969-1973 Residency: Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center University of Texas at San Antonio, Orthopaedic Surgery, 1976-1980 Fellowships: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1986 American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians 1994 Board Certifications: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1981 Professional Affiliations: Iowa Orthopaedic Society; American Medical Association; Southern Orthopaedic Society; Arthroscopy Association of North America; Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons Awards: President, Central Iowa Orthopaedic Society, 1982-1983; Chief, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, 1985-1987; 1995-1996; Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, 1987-1990; Vice-Chairman, Department of Surgery, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, 1988-1989; Medical Director, Department of Physical Therapy, Iowa Lutheran Hospital 1986-1989

MAIN OFFICE • 1601 NW 114 TH STREET, S UITE 142 • C LIVE , IA 50325 • 515-222-3151 • WWW. CENTRALIOWAORTHO . COM

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paying too much

for third party administration & employee benefits?

We can help!

Jeff Overton, CHC President

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4500 Westown Parkway, Suite 277 • West Des Moines, IA 50266 • Ph: 1-877-963-9301 • Fax: 515-327-2020 1 Insurance products are NOT a deposit; not FDIC-insured. Not insured by any federal government agency; not guaranteed by the bank, and may go down in value. 2 Two Rivers Investment Services works with a broker/dealer, INVEST. INVEST offers securities or what you may know as investment products. Securities, advisory services and certain insurance products are offered through INVEST Financial Corporation (INVEST), member FINRA/SIPC, a registered broker/dealer, a registered Investment advisor and its affiliated insurance agencies INVEST is not affiliated with Two Rivers Financial Group, Two Rivers Bank & Trust, Two Rivers Insurance Services. Products and services offered through INVEST are not insured by the FDIC, not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by any bank, subject to risks including the possible loss of principal amount invested. 3 Two Rivers Bank & Trust - Member FDIC

MAR/APR 2012



Note From the Publisher

pring! Soccer starts soon and I really can’t complain about how this winter shaped up either. When it did snow, it was very picturesque. My life is really mirroring Pam Dixon’s column because we both have high school seniors preparing for college and they are our only children. We remember when Maddie was at Devin’s first birthday party like it was yesterday. There have been some last firsts this year, too. Like the last first day of school picture. Which actually was a picture of him running to his car before I could get a good picture, but I did get one. Leaving the nest will be hard, but he is ready and I think we are ready, but we’ll see what I am saying when graduation comes around. Isn’t our cover girl gorgeous? We approached Lily in a coffee shop months ago because we like to have real women on our cover and she was exactly what we were looking for. Enjoy Kate’s article on the new website Pinterest; it’s all the rage. Louise from The Cake House is quite an inspiration and Max’s column has some interesting news. It is so cool how his son is mirroring him in his younger years, too.

Devin & Maddie


Kari Elbert Director of Publications

LOCAL OPPORTUNITIES: • Classes start every 8 weeks at Upper Iowa University. Go to for start dates. Also, they want you to know they have a nice new location at the corner of 50th and Westown Parkway. See their ad on page 12. • Funky Zebra is opening a new location soon in Urbandale so like their facebook page for updates. See their ad on page 9. • Isabel Bloom has moved to Valley West Mall next to Younkers and they are full of gift giving sculptures. Find their ad on page 22. • Heartland Plastic Surgery is having their Dream Night on Tuesday, April 10th and Tuesday, May 8th at 6 p.m. Get refreshed for spring. • Be thinking about who you want to nominate for our 2012 Outstanding Women. Send your nomination to Kate Garner at

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Special thanks to Tom Boesen and the Ladies at Boesen’s on Ingersoll for letting us take over the shot and use their beautiful flowers. Cover photography by Amanda Basteen. Amanda has been featured in Marie Claire as well as on many top wedding websites. Please see more of her photos at Featured above with Ayah’s photo are two additional photos of Amanda’s work.


If you are interested in advertising in our May/June Issue, contact Kari Elbert at 515-771-2032, or



MAR/APR 2012

Giggling & Growing ~ Kate Garner..............................................5 Grace Notes ~ Debra Landwehr Engle ......................................6 Cents & Sensibility ~ Ben Hildebrandt ......................................7 Your Sanctuary ~ Kate Garner ......................................................8 In Action ~ Amanda Schreiber ....................................................10 Everyday Gourmet ~ Christina Logsdon. ......................................11 Broad Appeal ~ Pam Dixon ..........................................................12 Maxwell’s Theater @ Large ~ Maxwell Schaeffer..................12 She’s Still Got It! ~ Suzy Collings................................................13 Unconditional Love ~ Stephanie Filer ......................................14 Surviving & Thriving ~ Amanda Schreiber ................................16 Your Calling ~ Linda Schemmel ................................................20 Nead Inspiration ~ Liz Nead ........................................................21 Musings ~ Mary Day........................................................................22 Man Cave ~ Andy Hall....................................................................24 The Shopping Ninja ~ Karess Carter ........................................24 Life’s Journey ~ Kate Garner ......................................................26 CREDITS: On the cover: Ayah “Lily” Moneer, a Multilingual Interpreter/Translator and Advocate, as well as a budding author. Hair by Ashley Berk from MasterCuts in Jordan Creek Mall. Magazine Editor – Kate Garner

Life is livelier when

Giggling &

a little person is involved



Teresa in Des Moines: I have a daycare and one of my kids, 3-year old Jayce, ran in to show my husband his caterpillar in the jar. Jayce said, “He’s going to turn into a raccoon!” I had just explained how his little caterpillar might change into a cocoon before he turns into a moth.

Cindy in Ankeny: A couple of weeks ago we let our almost 3-year old son Nicky sit through the adult worship service at church. I was holding him in my arms during the Lord’s Prayer, when I heard him say, “Our Father, who does art in heaven, Harold is his name…”

Allison in Pleasant Hill: My daughter Sophia, age 7, was dillydallying as she got ready for school. I called upstairs, “Sophia? Are you dressed?” Sophia’s response was measured, “Mom, you would consider it a ‘no’, but I’m going to go with a ‘YES’! I already have my underwear on!”

Vivian, almost 2.

Mike in Des Moines: My 5-year old daughter Carley is quite a card. She has an opinion about everything and it’s usually quite funny. A few weeks ago she said something that had us in stitches. She quickly ran over and put her hand on my cell phone, “Please Daddy, don’t tell the Facebook!” ❥

Has a child in your life said something unforgettable? They could be quoted in our next issue of !ntuition magazine. Share your Giggling & Growing moment with !ntuition –

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MAR/APR 2012



Grace Notes Planting Joy BY DEBRA LANDWEHR ENGLE


This journey has taken place over many years, starting when she made a trip to the Northwest and realized she had a soul connection with it. She thought she’d move there only in retirement. Until then, she’d have to settle for working at a BIG NEWS: We’re job she didn’t love in a publishing four books place she didn’t adore. of women’s stories, The voices in her head poems and essays told her so, after all. this year, and we want you to submit material for publication. For all the details, visit http:// call-for-entries-womens-stories/

She heard her dad’s voice saying, “But you don’t have a job. How are you going to support yourself?”

She heard the voice of a friend saying, “Where are you going to live?” She heard her own voice saying, “Who do I think I am? Do I really get to have the life I want?”

1225 Copper Creek Dr., Suite M Pleasant Hill 515-278-5333 2891 106th Street Urbandale 515-278-1994



MAR/APR 2012


Several months ago, she answered that last question with a committed yes, and things started happening quickly. In fact, just two weeks from now, she’ll load up a truck and move. She’s not yet sure where she’ll live or what she’ll do once she’s there, but she knows for certain that she’ll be home.

My client is well aware that many people could call her crazy, but she’s no longer willing to settle for less than joy. “If I can make choices that make me happy,” she says, “why wouldn’t I make them?” After all, she makes decisions that please her dog, her friends and her co-workers, she says. Why wouldn’t she do the same for herself? A part of her is coming alive—a part that has been dormant for many years and is now ready to blossom. How did she get to this point? By listening, paying attention, and being honest with herself about when to say yes and when to say no. Just last week, she saw an ad for a tempting job out East and was tempted to apply. Her dad’s words were speaking to her, after all. But she realized that she couldn’t go for it. To do so would mean compromising once again. It may seem like she’s unique. She doesn’t have young children or a spouse to consider, and she has skills that will transfer well no matter where she lives. But don’t we all have the options each day to choose what we really want rather than what someone else says we should have? Spring is a time of possibilities. So ask yourself today, “What choice would make me happy?” Think beyond the temporary boost of a new dress or pair of shoes, and consider making a choice that speaks to your deep, long-term joy. Then shush the naysayers in your mind, say yes and get ready to bloom. ❥ Deb Engle mentors clients in life issues and writing/book publishing, and through the Tending Your Inner Garden program of personal and spiritual and personal growth for women. Find her online at and

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his morning I met with a coaching client who’s moving halfway across the U.S. to start a new life in a part of the country that her heart has long called home.

Open a child’s saving account with just $25!

Cents &


By Ben Hildebrandt

How to Save for “Livin’ the Dream”


riving my oldest daughter to school, she reminds me of her weekend social schedule. “Dad, remember after school I have swim practice and an overnight at Hannah’s. Tomorrow, Katie and I are shopping after soccer practice, but before mock trial.” “Elena,” I respond, “when I was your age, I didn’t want to be rich or famous or become President. I wanted to be 43 years old, driving my child to wherever she wanted.” “Well, I guess you’re livin’ the dream, huh dad?” she says. Funny, when you have children your dreams change. Suddenly, you’ve got to think of the real future; the future of your lineage. There’s daycare, doctor’s bills, clothing and school lunches, camps and tutors, so much more until eventually (hopefully), college. Then, once you’ve helped them out of the house you can maybe get to work on the dream of retirement. Good diets and taking control of your finances have one vital commonality—both involve a lifestyle change. You won’t lose those extra 20 pounds in a week and you’re not going to erase

that debt within a month. You must set goals and then slog through the tough stuff. Start with a very basic goal, like saving an extra $500 in 2012. That’s equivalent to not paying one month’s car payment. Over the year that’s less than $42 a month or $9.62 a week. It means two fewer lattes or one brown bag lunch every work week. Cutting back on an already tight budget may seem daunting, but you can find ways to spend less without sacrificing your quality of life. To make the idea stick, tape your goal to your credit or debit card. Every time you pull out the plastic you’ll see your note. Every time you make a little sacrifice write down the victory. You’ll be surprised at how fast the dollars add up. Better yet, glue a picture of your wide-eyed child next to your goal and the record of savings. You’ll be reminded of the dream you’re livin’. ❥

PRORESTORE specializes in fire, smoke, water, mold remediation, biohazard cleanup and other property damage restoration services.

We respond 7 days a week, day or night for your emergency needs. You can call us anytime to schedule an inspection of any type of property damage to your home or business. After we inspect, we will provide you with a cost estimate. We understand the need to address water-related damage in a speedy manner. This includes standing water, mold, sewage, and any other unsafe building condition. We have built our business on responding in a timely manner and having the necessary skills and equipment to get the job done quickly.

We’re here to help, so give us a call any time of the day or night. Kent Bily, Owner/GM 515-986-1333 or 888-846-6505 MAR/APR 2012





Organizing Great Ideas ~ An Introduction to Pinterest BY KATE GARNER


e all do it. We find a recipe, a craft, a great dress – and we tear it from a magazine, print it off a website or put a bookmark in the spot and pile up the books for ‘later’. We are busier than ever and yet we create clutter to have to organize later, which we know will never get done. Pinterest to the rescue! The new image sharing site is a virtual bulletin board that allows you to collect all of your favorite, well everything, into one spot and save a few trees in the process. You see, you pin the main image that represents the project or inspiration and that saves the link to the page where you found it, so you can always click through that picture to what you want.

A popular P inner’s page

The idea-sharing and organizing site is the brainchild of Des Moines native Ben Silbermann and his Yale college buddies Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. Ben’s inspiration came from his love of collecting as a kid. He was constantly on the lookout for cool stamps, insects, books and more. cont. on pg. 18…

For the love of home

Call for a free in-home health assessment by a Registered Nurse Boone 515-432-4430 8


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Roller Derby:

Deanna Hobart



n women’s athletics, there aren’t many (if any) tougher than roller derby. It is a full-contact sport requiring strength, agility, and speed— one that uses all the muscles and demands a player’s complete Deanna (on left), focus. Deanna Hobart posing with the referees. will be the first to tell you that just because they’re wearing roller skates, no one is messing around. Playing is a total body workout. “Your body has to be automatic,” she explains. Deanna is a blocker for the Des Moines Derby Dames, based out of Skate North. She goes by Lassie McSassy on the rink, a nod to her Irish roots and love for playing the Irish fiddle.

She was living in New York when derby was on the rise. Lassy McSassy in yellow, on the right. When she moved to Des Moines last June, it captivated her attention. “I can’t think of anything I don’t love about it.” Deanna, 39, gave it a try and joined the Dames in September. “You’d be amazed what you can accomplish if you want.” Deanna has always been athletic (a runner, diver and a gymnast), but Derby is her first team sport. And yet the team is as close as family. Deanna names their fiercely determined and driven nature (called the “Derby Soul”) which unites them so strongly. With all 3 of her daughters on the junior team, she is grateful Derby teaches a positive self-image, acceptance of all body types, and perseverance. “I can be beat from head to toe…” but at the end of the day, Deanna says: “I feel like Wonder Woman.” ❥

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CONTACT: Pam Washington • 515-280-1350 10


MAR/APR 2012

Information provided by The Media Audit Combo Builder-Net Media Research Report for the Des Moines Market. Based on Adults age 18 +.



Brownies ** on of La Mie d s g o L a n ti s By Chri d Ingredients: s or choppe ocolate, coin ch t e e w rs 450g. Bitte m temp. d butter, roo e lt sa n U . g 675 le eggs 675g. Who r 1.3kg. Suga a extract ill 30g. Van 7g. Salt flour 450g. Cake soda 7g. Baking colate and Method: melt the cho r, ile o b le b m • In a dou t cool to roo aside and le t e S r. e tt u b . ix achment, m temperature e paddle att th h it w r e ct a ix • In a m vanilla extr gar, salt and the eggs, su nded. until well ble ixture. chocolate m d le o it, co e th da and fold • Add d baking so n a r u o fl e • Sift th . the mixture e by hand, into d spread th n a n a p t e e sh ll fu • Grease a spatula. using a cake ly n ve e r e tt ba mins. 50˚F for 25 • Bake at 3

Glaze for Brownies ** Ingredients: 345g. Confectioner’s sugar 175g. Unsalted butter, room temperature 175g. Bittersweet chocolate, melted 15g. Vanilla extract 6 oz. Hot coffee Method: • Cream the butter and sugar together in mixer using the paddle attachment. • Add the melted chocolate and mix well, scraping the sides of bowl often. • Add the vanilla and blend. • Add hot coffee slowly and gradually, down the side of the bowl until icing becomes smooth and shiny and a good consistency for spreading.

etric system. ts, using the m en m re su ea ean m atures Europ ch recipe it fe en l scale. Fr ta a gi is di a is th e **As cy is to us ra cu ac r fo t Your best be

Celebrating 100

Years in Business!

6000 Aurora Avenue • Des Moines • 515.282.0033 • With locations in Des Moines, Omaha, Lincoln, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver and Kansas City MAR/APR 2012



Broad Appeal



MAR/APR 2012


It All Goes So Fast!

Theater as the “Matchmaker!”

BY PAM DIXON “Maxwell & Pam In The Morning” 93.3 KIOA

BY MAXWELL SCHAEFFER “Maxwell & Pam In The Morning” 93.3 KIOA

’ve known this was coming for 18 years. But, I didn’t know how hard it would be to get my daughter to decide on a college to attend this fall. You see, my fate was sealed the day I was born, as a future Iowa Hawkeye. My dad was an Iowa graduate and Iowa City was sacred ground. My mom went to William Woods – an all-girl school in Fulton, MO. (Glad you had fun, Mom, but not an option!) So my daughter, Maddie, has also been raised a Hawkeye since birth and it only makes sense that she attend…Kansas? With virtual tours of college and university campuses available online now, plus word of mouth, she thought KU was worth a look and it was. We loved everything except the price. I’m still trying to swallow that Rock Chalk. We’ve looked big and we’ve looked small, in state and out of state. Great Baby schools are everywhere. But, when did the price of a college education get so out Maddie of control? When I close my eyes, I just see numbers spinning around my head. What school will be the perfect fit? Well, as they say in broadcasting…stay tuned. We leave for more school visits this spring, trying to find that “sacred ground” and a major. For years, people with older kids have been telling me to enjoy life with my child because the time goes so fast. In her pre-teen years I thought they must be joking. But, I’m feeling it now and every moment we’re in the car together on these campus visits, and she’s telling me how to drive, I’m grateful. ❥


Theater @


n past articles, I’ve talked about meeting my wife, Karen, in the early 80’s, at an audition for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. We were both cast and our relationship developed through the course of rehearsals. By the time the show closed, we both knew we’d found our match! So, it came as no surprise, when our son, Alex, announced that he would Alex & Gracie in costume for marry his girlfriend, Gracie, in May. one of their various ensemble After all, like us – they developed their roles in The Producers. relationship during rehearsals for a play (The Producers) at the Playhouse last fall. I was also in the production, and Karen was the stage manager, so, we had a front row seat for the Alex/Gracie courtship. We re-lived our courtship watching our son court his sweetheart! Here’s the kicker; Alex and Gracie will be moving to New York this summer to pursue theater careers. She aspires to be a Rockette, and Alex will hit the audition rounds seeking professional employment. If you look around the circles of local theater folk, you will find one couple after another who have consummated similar theater relationships, and have a shared lifelong avocation. Single? The theater is a great place to meet great people! ❥

The happy couple in a modeling shot.

She’s Still Louise Stromberg The Cake House Lady BY SUZY COLLINGS

Got It!

Louise Stromberg


he sugar in the treats at The Cake House isn’t the only sweet thing about this Des Moines icon.

At the age of 80, purveyor Louise Stromberg, is pretty sweet too. Oh, and very busy. Louise keeps a full appointment book at all times and bakes plenty of wedding cakes. Louise moved to Des Moines in 1957, where she raised four sons alongside her late husband and worked many different jobs. In 1969, she volunteered to bake her son’s wedding cake, she had no idea it would change her life. Her cake was such a hit with friends and family, she decided to become an entrepreneur and opened her own shop. She has enjoyed it so much, it’s something she recommends for any person wanting to start their own business.

Philippians 4:13 - “I can do all the things through Christ who strengthens me.”

That’s the Bible quote that Louise has turned to many times in her life. She used it after suffering the loss of her first husband, and two sons. She turns to Christ not only for her strength, but for her clientele, as well. She prides herself on building a relationship with her clients and advising them about a successful marriage.

“I tell the young couples that come in to wake up in the morning and say, ‘I love you’ to each other, and fall asleep saying ‘I love you’. Communicate and keep love aglow each day, work hard and you will be forever married,” Louise says. Today, being happily remarried for nearly 37 years, she falls more in love with her husband Don each day. By the way, Louise doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon, but when the time comes, she will keep the business in the family and pass her work along to her son. Which reinforces the saying you will find on all of her materials, “At The Cake House you may come as a stranger, but you’ll leave feeling like a member of the family.” ❥

On Average, a one-year stay in a nursing home costs about $30,000. T or F? Answer: False - The national average, one-year stay in a nursing home costs about $86,000. Medicaid covers long-term care services received at home. T or F? Answer: False - Medicaid primarily covers long-term services in a nursing home.

A Failure to a Plan for Failure RHONDA VRY-BILLS, CLTC (Ph & Fax) 515-957-9333 • MAR/APR 2012



Unconditional Love To Puppy, or Not to Puppy?



et’s face it. Puppies are cute. They’re so cute in fact, that terms like “puppy love” and “puppy eyes” are common phrases in our culture. People can sometimes get so caught up in how cute a puppy Stephanie Filer is that they forget how much time and money a puppy is going to take. That’s why more than 11 million dogs are turned into shelters every year, or worse, are chained to a doghouse to be miserable for a lifetime. Next time those puppy eyes are begging you to “take me”, make sure you know yourself and the responsibilities involved and ask yourself these questions: • Will someone be home during the day to look after and housetrain the puppy properly? Housetraining a puppy is just like potty-training a child. They don’t know to “hold it” until you teach them and the best way to teach a puppy is to let them outside often so you can reward them when they do it right (and do nothing when they do it wrong). Midday potty breaks for the first few months are important to housetraining success. • Are you willing to exercise the puppy daily? A tired puppy is a good puppy. This is true for dogs of all ages. When dogs do not get the exercise they need, they can take out their boredom on things in your home. • Are you willing to pay for all the vaccinations, veterinary exams, and any emergency treatment that the puppy may need? Annual veterinary visits and vaccinations are important to ensure the health and well-being of



MAR/APR 2012

your puppy. (If you adopt your puppy from the ARL, many of their initial vaccinations are already covered.) Sometimes unexpected illnesses or injuries can lead to a trip to the emergency vet. • Are you willing to pay the cost of spaying/ neutering your puppy? There are already more dogs in shelters than there are enough homes for them, so spaying/ neutering your puppy is not only an important part of controlling the pet overpopulation crisis but it also saves your puppy from future medical complications, the urge to run off, and other unpleasant side effects. (If you adopt your puppy from the ARL, they will already be spayed/neutered.) • Are you ready to give a dog daily companionship, instead of companionship when it’s convenient? It is important to socialize puppies with other animals and people of all sizes, ages, and colors. This will help your puppy become a confident and well-mannered adult. Additionally, it’s important that they bond with you. Bonding with your puppy will help you train him/her to be a good dog. Puppies require time, money, care, and a commitment for a lifetime. If that doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle – take another look at the situation. Better yet, consider adopting an adult or senior dog. Not only are older dogs generally housetrained already, they usually know basic commands and are past the destructive phase. The Animal Rescue League is full of dogs of all ages and all lifestyles so make adoption your first option. ❥ Stephanie Filer is the Manager of Special Gifts and Partnerships for the ARL. If you have would like more information on the ARL’s programs or adoptable animals, please contact Stephanie at or (515) 473-9116. You can also visit the ARL’s website for more information at

Character isn’t what you do — it’s what you are… Service Legends is a proud partner of Character Counts

The pillars of good character in your life:

Our families:

Our workplaces:

Our schools:

Our communities:

Parents want their children to be of strong character, and good character does not just happen. It is an outcome of the efforts of parents who lay a strong foundation of good character.

Many Iowa companies are including ethics in their corporate values and educating their staffs and boards on making ethical decisions.

We work hand-in-hand with thousands of Iowa educators to incorporate character education into their school, athletic and youth programs.

Cities and towns throughout Iowa have passionately incorporated ethics and values into their entire community. Efforts range from helping Little League coaches teach good sportsmanship to posting banners throughout the community, and much more!

Residential Heating & Cooling Specialists


Surviving & Thriving Lung Cancer Creates a

New Activist She was diagnosed with lung cancer—even though she was never a smoker, and had never been around second-hand smoke. She is clear on the facts, “If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer.” It all started in the spring of 2010, when she began coughing and wheezing. It was mild at first; Gail thought it was allergies or a cold. Yet, none of the typical medicines were helping. When she was wheezing with every breath, she visited her doctor. He suggested an x-ray, and it became clear how serious it was. They found a cancerous nodule in the lower lobe of her left lung, and the doctor recommended her lung be removed.

Gail campaigning for the cause with nephew Sammy.


hen I met with Gail Orcutt, she had just come from a meeting with an aid to Congressman Boswell regarding the dangers of radon. Gail belongs to the Iowa Radon Coalition and she also volunteers for the American Lung Association; she is working with them to introduce a bill in the legislature, advocating preventative measures and awareness of radon.


A school teacher for 33 years before retiring, she says, “I do not consider myself a political person, but I’ve sort of gotten pulled into it.” A Cough What pulled Gail into politics was a life-changing event, and yet she often reminded herself it was “just a bump in the road.”



MAR/APR 2012

Gail had scheduled an appointment with her hair stylist immediately after the doctor’s appointment where she, coincidentally, first received the lung cancer diagnosis. She laughs, retelling how she kept the appointment, since you never know when the salon will be able to get you in again. “You have to find the funny part in all the sadness, too,” she smiles. Gail and her stylist cried together at the salon. The fight was hard, but Gail had a team. She describes her husband as being a pillar of support and encouragement for her. With help from family and friends, she kept a positive attitude. She remembers thinking, “This isn’t Alzheimer’s, this isn’t ALS…it’s cancer. They treat cancer now. We can do this.” The long weeks of chemotherapy, however difficult and incapacitating, were also a learning experience for Gail. “Attitude is everything,” she says. “That is one thing you find out when you get a cancer diagnosis: you have no control over anything but your attitude.” And, she adamantly kept a positive one. “I learned that I didn’t have it so bad…Anytime I was feeling sorry for myself, I would learn about someone else who was much worse off. I made it. When Gail was recovering from her lung surgery, she had an epiphany. She came across an article in Bottom Line Health, called

“Lung Cancer and Non-Smokers” which identified radon as a lung cancer-causing agent. Out of the 6 physicians who helped heal Gail, none pointed towards radon as the cause of her cancer. After becoming suspicious about radon, she tested her basement/family room and discovered radon was present. It was not extremely high, but she and her husband had lived there for 18 years. That was enough. A Crusader Radon is a radioactive gas. You can’t smell, taste, see or feel it. It comes from uranium (naturally found in the soil) that is decaying. Radon rises up in the soil, and begins to seep into foundations through cracks and joints and gaps around pipes. Iowa leads the nation in high radon levels, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that 7 in 10 Iowa homes have levels higher than the EPA’s radon actions level. Furthermore, the average radon level in Iowa is 6 times the national average. As a cancer survivor and activist, Gail speaks frequently before a plethora of different groups and people. Gail has even been on the Today Show, and on the radio with First Lady Michelle Obama, a friend of hers these days, who is helping take up the cause. “Now, a lot of times I think my whole career of teaching was just a build-up to this. Because I’m teaching a lot [about radon] now,” Gail says. The bill she and the Radon Coalition are hoping to pass would

Gail during treatment.

Gail with late mother-in-law Zetta.

require radon-resistant new construction, a radon test for every real estate transaction (buying or renting), radon testing in schools, and money to continue educating the public. “Don’t be afraid to test your home,” Gail fervently recommends. She says to call the Iowa Radon Hotline at 1-800-383-5992, or go to The Hotline will send you a radon detection kit for less than one costs at the hardware store. Gail reinforces, “We need to get past treating disease and get to preventing disease…I don’t want anyone to go through what I did, or lose someone. It’s so preventable.” ❥

MAR/APR 2012





…cont. from pg. 8

Now Ben’s idea, Pinterest, is the hottest and fastest growing social site on the internet. The company doesn’t release official numbers, but estimates say that in less than 2 years the site has attracted almost 3.5 million regular users. The success has helped Ben attract major investors to improve and expand the website, which is what they are working on right now.

find them again with a click of a mouse. And, as a busy wife and mom, easy is much appreciated! It isn't all about the food though. We just bought a house last October and I also have a board filled with pins for Spring projects for my husband. Not to mention adorable arts and crafts, and many ideas for keeping my toddler entertained without the use of toys or the TV.

A Quick Pinterest Primer: 1. Pinterest is so popular, you need an invitation to join. Find a friend who pins and ask them to invite you – it’s faster than trying to join on your own. 2. You can set up as many boards, or sub-sections, as you like. So, get creative and pin what you love. 3. When pinning, be sure to use the image from the original website. If a recipe first appeared on the Kraft site, for example, pin the image from there so you can easily find it and the link won’t expire.

Don’t take my word for it, get started yourself! Happy Pinning! From

Amy Wormsley in Urbandale:

My name is Amy and I am sickly addicted to Pinterest. So much so that whenever my family or friends see something new in my home or try a tasty snack they immediately ask, "Is this from Pinterest?"

And if you think people just ‘pin’ and don’t necessarily do, we grabbed a couple of local Pinterest ‘pinners’ to share their interests: From

Mellissa Hall in Des Moines:

I’m a bit Pinterest-obsessed, and have been since Day 1, which for me was December of last year.

Mellissa’s bourbon chicken.

Mellissa’s tomato basil parmesan soup.



MAR/APR 2012

Amy’s fun hair accessory project.

I have 30 boards where I post everything from recipes to wicked smart ideas. It is the place that I retreat to dream of my someday cabin or my go-to when I have to entertain guests. I even have the app on my iPhone so that Pinterest is never far away. Pinterest has become a useful tool in my creative and crafty life. When someone has pinned something off your board or someone wants to follow your pinboards, it makes you feel like you have been invited to sit at the cool table.

My husband and I have been together for nearly a decade, and I'm sure he was just as sick of the same old dinners all the time, as I was making them again. Plus, my husband has an appetite that won’t quit AND I have a picky toddler who, some days, will only eat a few bites of his meals. With Pinterest, I never have a shortage of meal ideas!

I love to have what I refer to as “a-ha” moments while perusing Pinterest. I would have never thought of placing my sheet set into Amy’s homemade one pillow case for easier storage! baby gift. Genius! My family may have had to endure a few failed Pinterest meals, but for the most part we have enjoyed delicious snacks and savory meals.

Cookbooks? Recipe cards? All fine, but they also take up a lot of space and aren’t so easy to organize. With Pinterest I can pin the recipes I want to try on one board and easily

Pinterest is really helping people get back to our roots, reminding us of how a heartfelt homemade gift can have more meaning than something manufactured. It encourages families to get together around the dinner table with easy and delicious food and gives us creative ideas to spend more time with our kids. Happy Pinning! ❥

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Ph: 515.440.0450 4949 Pleasant St., Suite 101 West Des Moines, IA 50266 MAR/APR 2012





nspiration is essential for architects. Many believe architects design buildings and draw plans, but, at heart, we are problem solvers. As a Planner in the Development Services Department for the City of West Des Moines I affect complex issues facing our city every day; as incoming Board President for the American Institute of Architects, Iowa Chapter, I help better our profession. Problem solving is what attracted me to architecture. My grandfather’s business was construction. My mother, an artist. Combine the two and the result is a natural curiosity of buildings and spaces and how we experience them. The design and construction of a building must address many unique issues to the site—the building users, the climate and how it relates to the community, aesthetics, functionality, and


much more. Solving all Schemmel, those problems is a wonderfully complex process executed by a team of design and construction professionals, all involved in balancing costs, schedule and fighting the weather. A typical project may take years to go from concept on paper to the completed project. For me the wait is worth it because there is nothing like the feeling of experiencing that permanent, three-dimensional result of your ingenuity and work. I came to my current position by serving on the West Des Moines Plan and Zoning Commission. It was a natural extension of my 20+ years as a traditional architect. Instead of planning a building, I now apply my skills to planning a community. ❥ AIA Iowa Chapter: 515-244-7502

City of West Des Moines: 515-222-3620

A-Z Diabetic Foot Center Complete Care & Education for the Diabetic Foot ges ~

~ A to


r All A o F e r a C

eat • We tr s c ulcer diabeti to fit • Hard feet c opaedi

• Or th shoes 20


MAR/APR 2012

Michelle, Certified Fitter

We offer shoes that give you the stylish comfort you want with the proper fit you need. 6053 SE 14th Street - Des Moines 515-285-0242 208 South C. Street - Indianola 515-961-7114 Webster City Medical Clinic 515-832-6123 (Ask for Podiatry) •



The Blueprint of

Your Life!

have in your life. So many would love to trade places with you. If you vision something else, you might dream yourself right out of your comfortable existence. Better to be very thankful for what you have so you don’t lose it.

search for quotes every week. There’s something about a well-worded phrase or sentence to kick me out of my comfortable sand box of responsibilities and assumptions. I found one this week from Napoleon Hill:


“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”

• The “I don’t deserve it” blueprint: So you’ve made a few

mistakes, have you? Your time has run out to have a life free of the consequences of your actions. Or, for some reason you weren’t given the easiest life and you have become comfortable expecting less than the best. Wanting something more will only lead to disappointment anyway.

The act of vision-ing is natural and healthy. And whether you believe it or not it’s working right now. New Life Counseling Psychologist Don Gilbert thinks vision is not only natural and healthy, but “necessary. Being stuck in an open-ended rut can cause you harm. Choosing something different is always a healthy option.” How do you treat your visions? Do you feel the power? Your visions of the future establish powerful blueprints that influence your daily experience.

Gilbert maintains you should not “ask yourself WHAT YOU WANT in five years (money, career), but rather ask yourself WHO you want to be?” Which brings me to the last and LIZ APPROVED blueprint.

• The “stability” blueprint: You imagine you will never find

passionate love, so you don’t put yourself through the process of finding a person who fulfills those needs. You can see you will never be able to leave your job to pursue the career you really want, so you stay focused on your daily tasks and stop dreaming of your purpose. What are you imagining? Do you picture never finding love? Never able to afford to have that career you really want? That is part of your blueprint, reducing your risks to have stability. • The “don’t buck the system” blueprint: Yes, you have

visions but maybe now is NOT the time to step out on the crazylimb. Everyone else seems happy with their lives, and it’s working for them. Your parents, and your parents’ parents did just fine with this life, and it WORKS for them. Who do you think you are to change a process that works? • The “let’s just be grateful” blueprint: No one will call you a malcontent. It is your responsibility to be grateful for everything you

Live an Inspired Life! CD audio series available at, or 515-664-6881.

• The “superstar/ Napoleon Hill” blueprint: Yes, this is

my favorite and my preference. Realize everyone has the right to dream just as they have the right to draw oxygen in their lungs. Treat those dreams and vision as the “design plan” of your best life. Imagine careers, relationships and situations that FIT your strengths, that FIT you! Take a second today and admit to your blueprint. It’s okay, and it’s normal. THEN, start dreaming. Remember our friend Napoleon Hill. Visioning is necessary, normal and essential to experiencing a life full of purpose and meaning. ❥

Book Liz as a speaker or coach! Want to take a 30 Day Challenge with Liz? Go to to start. The 2011 LLS Celebrity of the Year (c) 515-664-6881 Follow me on Twitter (liz nead) Friend me on Facebook (Liz Nead) Linked In (Elizabeth Parayil-Nead) LifeDare is on Fox 17, Sunday at 10:30 am, Tuesday at 5:00 am, Thursday at 5:00 am, Friday at 8:00 am and Saturday at 6:00 am

Be Good to Your Planet! You do your part… By bringing your unwanted computer equipment to any local Goodwill Store.

We’ll do our part… By recycling and refurbishing your unwanted equipment. With your support we will help keep computers out of the landfill, while improving the quality of life for people with disabilities or other barriers to employment!

Thank you!

Goodwill Industries of Central Iowa (in partnership with the Dell “Reconnect” program)


MAR/APR 2012



Musings by Mary Day


elieve it or not, I have not always been in the radio business. It happened when I was in my 40’s and that is where I have been since. Well, except for a year in television, this just made me miss radio all the more. Being on camera just wasn’t for me. Before radio though, lookout, I have done everything… In Iowa City when the father of my four children was in school, I worked at University Hospitals, Children’s in the Psychiatric ward with autistic children, one of my favorite jobs. When our second child

was born, I was a stay-at-home mom. Then I worked the night shift in an automobile parts factory. After that we transferred states nearly every year for his job, so I got to do my favorite job of all, stay-at-home mom. When we were transferred back to Iowa, I got a job at the grade school my children went to as a teacher’s aide in a classroom for exceptional children. I loved that because I could go to work with my kids and come home with them and have holidays and summers with them, too. When my youngest was born, I chose to stay at home and did daycare for seven little ones. It was great. Then came my radio days. I started on an AM station that was full service - I played music, had specialty shows and more.

Mary’s radio & television days of yesteryear…



MAR/APR 2012

Oh, and I almost forgot, I must mention my stint as a soda jerk at Boyd’s Dairy and then White’s Dress Shop in my hometown of Boone. I couldn’t wait to get a job when I was 16. I’m still glad to have one at 69. ❥

~ Mary

Adventure Day Trippin’ in Decorah

“One of the Midwest’s Top 100 Small Town Getaways.” ~ Midwest Living Magazine


Cynthia Fodor

owans are lucky. If we want a taste of Holland, we head to Pella! If you want a touch of Norway, head to Decorah. We can explore another country without roaming far from home.

Iowa River. I stumbled upon Ruby’s. The Norwegian meatballs were so good, I brought home extra!

The idyllic little town is set in scenic river valley country. Flat Iowa farmland gives way to beautiful rolling hills. It’s no wonder the King and Queen of Norway travel all the way here.

the top 100 craft galleries in America.” StoryPeople creator Brian Andreas graduated from Luther College and produces his artwork here in a gallery open to the public.

Start the weekend at the historic Hotel Winneshiek. The hotel boasts, “You’ll feel like royalty.” You might also try the B&B On Broadway. Mollie and Kevin Cooney loved the attic room. They also recommend Rubailyat, a fine dining favorite! The poetic name refers to the joy that good food and wine bring to life. Some say Mabe’s Pizza is the best in the world, but USA Today called McCaffrey’s, “the best pizza in Iowa.” It’s nestled in the charming bluffs near the Upper

You’ll be lured into shops like Ace Kitchen and Agora Arts voted “one of

BY CYNTHIA FODOR Travel Writer & Co-Anchor KCCI TV News

Be sure to spend time on the river! Canoeing, tubing and kayaking offer views of towering bluffs and soaring eagles. This is home to the world famous Eagle Cam! National Geographic Adventure calls it, “One of the top 100 adventures in the US.” Who knew?! Don’t miss Dunning’s Springs, a 200-foot waterfall. Take time to stop at the Seed Savers Farm, the Trout Hatchery and Luther College. A trip would not be complete without seeing the Veterheim Norwegian-American Museum, the most comprehensive in the US dedicated to a single immigrant group focusing on Norwegian culture and folk art. ❥

MAR/APR 2012



Man Cave

by Andy Hall


y wife and I used to take annual road trips to Texas in the early spring before Alexander came along. Not only is Texas a relatively easy drive, and an early taste of Spring before its official arrival in Iowa, for some unexplained reason it also has always felt like home to me. A home away from home away from home, technically, since I’m a Minneapolis native that was transplanted in Iowa via work. In fact, we haven’t embarked on an excursion of much significance since our honeymoon in Cancun in April of 2009, so to say we’re excited about taking our show on the road next month is a rather sizable understatement. Andy Hall is the Music Director and Afternoon Host at Lazer 103.3 FM

Alexander’s first real road trip comes with some trepidation, of course. Generally, he hasn’t had to sit in one place for more than a couple hours at a time. And, as he nears his 2nd birthday, the fact that he’ll need just as much entertainment for the drive down as he will once we actually arrive at our destination has us scrambling for ideas on how to keep him occupied. • Step 1 has already been installed…DVD monitors in my headrests. • Step 2 is next…purchasing every Sesame Street and Dora The Explorer DVD I can get my hands on. • Step 3 after that…a sunscreen to ensure no unexpected fits of rage, or potential blindness.

Alexander, road trip newbie



MAR/APR 2012

What we do from there is anybody’s guess. Another first in our journey as Mom and Dad, (with any luck) will result in a week of (some) rest and (moderate) relaxation with new memories we will (hopefully) cherish for the rest of our lives. ❥


Shopping Ninja by Karess Carter think eating together as a family is important. It’s an opportunity to share with each other the events of the day. Occasionally, cooking is the last thing I want to do after a long day at work, but dining out can be a budget buster! I’ve found a Karess & way for your family to dine out daughter on the cheap. Restaurants have Rhiannon clued in to the fact that as parents, we need to watch the spending. So, I love the fact Karess Carter is Midday Host that many food establishments at STAR 102.5 FM in the metro have come up with some discounts to encourage you to dine out as a family. I’ve put together a list of specials around the metro and organized it by the day of the week.


The best special to me is one that you can take advantage of any day of the week, it’s at two IHOP locations. Stop in to the locations in Urbandale or on SE 14th and enjoy a free kids’ meal with the purchase of an adult meal. That’s a bargain in my mind! As always, specials can change without notice. I suggest you call ahead or make sure you ask your server if these specials are still in place when you order. I took the liberty of calling each of these businesses to make sure the deals were current. For the complete list of specials and the nights they are, go to Please let me know if there is a special we need to add to the list or one that changes. As always, I invite you to email me with your money saving tips! ❥ Have tips to share with Karess?


!ntuition MAGAZINE’S OUTSTANDING YOU SHOULD KNOW She’s amazing. You have no idea how She does it. At every turn She is helping a friend, leading a fundraiser or creating change. She is your friend, your neighbor, your family, your idol – She is what you want to be when you ‘’grow up”. She is an “Outstanding Woman” and YOU need to tell us all about her.


Nominations are now open for Magazine’s “Outstanding Women You Should Know.”

Send your nomination to Kate Garner at






efer, put off, postpone, procrastinate – no matter how you say it, I am the queen of it. And often it gets just plain ugly.


My penchant for waiting until the last minute on things can make others around me crazy and I don’t blame them. I feel bad about that, but apparently not bad enough to change. And I have looked at what causes my last minute tendencies. Dr. Navin Gupta, D.P.M. • The latest treatment for toenail fungus • Complete pediatric foot care • Musculo-skeletal diagnostic ultrasound • Biomechanical exams: evaluations of proper alignment & balance of bones & joints of the feet • In-office x-rays • Custom molded functional foot orthotics • State-of-the-art surgical suite & much more!

There are a couple of things that stand out – I bore easily and I am a bit of a perfectionist. The former has to do with tedium. If I am not mentally challenged, it can be like pulling teeth to get me to intellectually The Power of engage. The latter is about fear really, I am Procrastination always concerned with what people will think if things are not just so. Both issues lead me to the same place, the hovering deadline. Luckily, I find the stress it creates taps into a place of efficiency and creativity like nothing else and I get it done, usually pretty well. But that doesn’t really address the issue or improve the core of the problem – I need to manage my efforts better.

ANP Foot & Ankle Clinic Dr. Navin Gupta, D.P.M. 2 locations to serve you!

208 South C. Street - Indianola

515-961-7114 6053 SE 14th Street - Des Moines 515-285-0242 • 26


MAR/APR 2012

Yet, while writing the article about Pinterest on Page 8 (a site I LOVE, BTW), I came across a saying that, if I were to embrace it, might help everyone’s stress level a little. Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest, keeps it in his office, “Done is Better than Perfect.” So, whether this is perfect or not, I guess I need to be done. ❥

Pass through our doors… A N D L E AV E T H E W O R L D B E H I N D


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You...even better!

Intuition - March/April 2012  

Inspiration, Entertainment and Empowerment for Central Iowa Women. Inside This Issue: An Introduction to Pinterest, Planting Joy, Roller Der...

Intuition - March/April 2012  

Inspiration, Entertainment and Empowerment for Central Iowa Women. Inside This Issue: An Introduction to Pinterest, Planting Joy, Roller Der...