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Issue 1, 2016






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INSIDE: Industry News

2016 IMTA Committees

Carrier Success Stories

Thompson Truck & Trailer, inc.

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Table of Contents Members in the News



Lead IMTA Council Appointed

of Road Team 33 Recap Orientation Chairman’s Message................................................ 4-5

Insurance Update.......................................................18

President’s Message......................................................7

2016 IMTA Committees......................................... 20-23

Members in the News............................................... 8-9

Feature Article - ELD Mandate .................................................... 26-28

Next Generation Speaks..............................................10 LEAD IMTA Council Appointed.....................................11

Carrier Success Stories ...............................................29 2016 Iowa Road Team................................................32

Industry News....................................................... 12-13

Recap of Road Team Orientation.................................33

ELD Seminar Recap.....................................................14

Member Highlight ......................................................35

Safety Update.............................................................15

IMTA Working For You.................................................36

Membership Update...................................................16

Check Your Lifeliner Contest Details.............................38

IMTA Staff Brenda Neville, CAE President

Don Egli

Director of Safety and Security

DeAnn Moody

Office & Building Manager

Jon Dill

Membership Manager

Janelle Stevens

Director of Communications, Education & Events

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Whitney Tapia

Marketing & Public Relations Manager


Chairman’s Message Mark Olson, Olson Explosives Over the years, I have been involved with IMTA by serving on committees including the Board of Directors and also making a point to attend Mark Olson a variety of IMTA Chairman of the Board IMTA events throughout the year. Through those experiences, I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of good people and also gradually began to see and understand the scope of IMTA’s reach. I would say I am still learning about the ongoing scope of what IMTA does but I continue to be very impressed. Once a month I get a report from IMTA that covers all their activities and last month the update was almost 55 pages…so I am learning a lot and can


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

also tell you that IMTA takes their job of representing Iowa’s trucking industry very seriously. Fortunately, our legislative session so far has been pretty uneventful. After waging a three year battle for a gas tax, this year has seemed like a walk in the park. That’s not to say that we aren’t up there on a daily basis keeping an eye on things. But a lot of our work at the state level is monitoring and stopping things before they even see the light of day and

a lot of our focus and attention is on activities in DC. So what is a Chairman to do if I don’t need to make trips down to the Capitol? Not to worry, the staff quickly found alternative work for me and I am now on the schedule to do several different membership visits with Jon and Don. I have really enjoyed this a great deal. Don and I have made visits to members in the Cedar Falls and Waterloo area

businesses value IMTA’s expertise in helping them navigate through a constantly changing regulatory environment.

as well as the Des Moines area. In some cases, I haven’t always known the members we stop in to see, but I quickly have discovered that we have a lot in common. I find it very enjoyable to learn about their operation and discuss some of their challenges and concerns. Every member has a different reason for being a part of IMTA and every member has a different set of problems or challenges they are facing. The variety of trucking operations that belong to the IMTA is staggering but the one thing we all have in common is that TRUCKS are the driving force behind our business. And any time TRUCKS are involved, it makes for a very interesting and challenging business environment right? And that is where IMTA is very important. My take away from these member visits was a genuine appreciation and understanding of the value of IMTA. Every member we saw expressed their appreciation of IMTA’s efforts as the eyes and ears for legislative and regulatory issues. These folks rely on IMTA to keep them posted on anything that may impact their business and they value IMTA’s expertise in helping them navigate through a constantly changing regulatory

environment. That is a very big deal and even I have taken that for granted from time to time. I am looking forward to even more membership visits. Jon and Don are out on a weekly basis and I will join them on several different occasions. In addition, I am going to be helping Jon with a membership project to get members in all 99 counties. Right now, we have members in 69 counties so we have a lot of work to do to make sure we can once again say that we have a member in all 99 counties. That is a very powerful statement when you are dealing with legislators and regulators. So I am looking forward to the challenge.

organization and proud of the many people that belong to IMTA and are actively engaged in our efforts. We have some of the best members out there and after seeing all the fine trucking operations I have seen in the last several weeks, it is no coincidence that the trucking industry in Iowa is very effective in serving this state. Thank you for your support as a member of the association and if you have any other suggestions on how we can get even more members into the IMTA, please send them my way. Mark Olson, Olson Explosives IMTA Chairman of the Board

I hope you will join me in helping strengthen our association by taking every opportunity to recruit a new member. The strength of our association lies in a strong membership and I think we can all agree that being a member of the association is one of the best business decisions you will ever make. As I progress through my chairmanship, I continue to be very proud of this


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Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

President’s Message

Brenda Neville, Iowa Motor Truck Association I have started writing this column many times over the last several weeks. I think my first attempt was shortly after the Iowa caucuses. Like many of you, I was proud to Brenda Neville be part of such IMTA President & CEO an important process and even more proud of the many IMTA members that had gotten involved with this important responsibility of helping pick our next President. I believe that as Iowans we have a rare and special opportunity and even a responsibility to take the caucus process very seriously. Because of our first in the nation status, candidates flock to our state and there is an abundance of opportunities for us to meet the candidates, but more importantly really get to learn about the candidates and what they stand for. The role that Iowa plays in this important process is valuable and quite frankly, I am very proud of the way Iowa represented itself on February 1st. I think we got it right too. I had many IMTA members share stories about meeting a candidate in a local coffee shop or even at their own company. Almost every candidate made a stop at the IMTA office, most often because we had opened our doors to any candidate that wanted to use the IMTA building, and almost all of them took us up on the offer. While the conversations were always brief, it was always very gratifying to be able to have a few moments to personally meet the candidates and ask them a few questions on their positions and also put in a plug for trucking. I would always walk away from those conversations knowing that I may have had a conversation with our next President. Now we fast forward to where we are today. Many other states have now had the same opportunity we had. Super Tuesday is behind us and the large

slate of Republican candidates has been whittled down to three. While I have tried to remain engaged, involved and most importantly positive and enthusiastic about a process I respect so deeply, I will be honest, it has become more and more difficult based on what I see and read about the candidate’s behaviors. I am not sure who to blame, the media? The campaign managers that are somehow convinced that “negative” campaigning is how you win an election? Or the candidates themselves that have chosen to abandon some of the long standing core principles of statesmanship, diplomacy and common sense decency when interacting with another human being? Maybe it is all of us that share some blame? Perhaps our fatigue with lawmakers in general and our mistrust of the political process has finally reached the tipping point and the behaviors displayed by our presidential candidates are acceptable because they are merely expressing the same feelings we have.

i believe as a country, we are at a significant crossroad and the decision we make in november is of critical importance. Where is the substance in their messages? While personal attacks have always been a part of every political campaign, it has now taken center stage and overshadows the important discussions that really matter as our country faces many challenges in both the short and long term. Based on my conversations with members on a daily basis, I know that I am not alone with this frustration. Like many of you, I am fearful and anxious about the current election, one that I believe could be more pivotal than any election we have faced previously. I believe as a country, we are at a

significant crossroad and the decision we make in November is of critical importance. I also know that on more than one occasion, I have given serious consideration to simply bowing out and even contemplated “sitting this one out”. I am tired of getting angry every time I watch or read about the latest “antics” of an individual that may potentially be our next President. I am saddened to see such a large divide among Democrats and Republicans alike. And I refuse to believe that the system is “broken” and a process that has been in place for hundreds of years is now producing this daily circus that borders more on distasteful entertainment than the seriousness warranted in a Presidential election. Despite all of that, we can’t give up and we can’t walk away. We have to stay engaged and we have to stay involved. We have to remember the thousands of men and women that have fought for this very precious democratic way of life that we all enjoy on a daily basis. Think of the weariness and challenges they faced, far greater than anything we are enduring as we see the candidates call each other names on national TV. While we may not like what we see or hear from these candidates, we simply cannot walk away from this election or the political process that affords us the opportunity to make a difference and be a part of the process come November. I know it will be difficult and I think it may actually get worse before it gets better, I believe the next several months will continue to test us even further as the two final candidates emerge. I wish I had some great words of wisdom or some enlightened insight to offer as a way to motivate you to stay involved. Instead, I simply pass on a treasured quote that made an impact on me from President Ronald Reagan: “Voting is the most sacred right of free men and women. The right to vote is the crown jewel of American liberties and we must not see its luster diminished.”


Members in the News Ruan Driver Honored with John Ruan’s Founder Award

Hy-Vee Donates Water to Flint, MI on behalf of ISU’s Monte Morris

Ruan recently had the honor of presenting the first ever John Ruan Founder’s Award to a very deserving professional driver, Bob Easom. The John Ruan Founder’s Award recognizes an employee whose actions have a significant impact on the community or who promotes human welfare. While walking toward his truck, he witnessed a man standing near a bus stop collapse and fall face down. Easom rushed over and quickly determined that this individual had gone into cardiac arrest. He began CPR while directing others nearby to call 911. He continued performing CPR until paramedics arrived. This individual was transported to a local hospital, underwent surgery and recovered from his medical episode. “This act he performed speaks to the type of individual that Bob is; first to act in a crisis and first to be there for another person in need,” Operations Manager Doug Aden said when nominating Easom for the award. “Bob is unselfish and humble in his acts. He doesn’t seek out praise or awards for going the extra mile; it is part of his character to give the best effort he can day in and day out.” Easom received a trophy and cash bonus, as well as a dinner with CEO Ben McLean and several other Ruan leaders.

We have all heard of the water crisis going on in Flint, Michigan. Iowa State basketball player Monté Morris is from Flint, and unable to be there during the city’s time of need, he decided to take to the media for help. Hy-Vee CEO Randy Edeker was moved after seeing an interview where Morris spoke of his desire to help his hometown, and Hy-Vee stepped up to send water to the city on behalf of Morris. Hy-Vee donated 11 truckloads of water to those impacted in Flint, MI, a number matching Morris’ Iowa State jersey. Six trucks were filled with water gallons and five more with bottled water. The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, along with Morris’ mother, accepted Hy-Vee’s water donation and distributed the water throughout the Flint community. “I am so grateful to Hy-Vee for making this donation to my hometown,” Morris said. “For them to step up this way, especially in a state where they don’t have any stores, is amazing. This will have such a positive impact and I will never forget their generosity. I can’t thank Mr. Edeker and the other people at HyVee enough. It speaks volumes as to what they are all about.” Source: and Photo credit: KCCI

Ruan Drivers Honored: Bob Easom (red shirt) was honored with the first John Ruan Founder’s Award at a ceremony in Middletown, DE. Pictured (L to R): Vice President of Operations Shawn Goad, Terminal Manager Brian Sylvester, CEO Ben McLean, Bob Easom, President of Dedicated Contract Carriage Ralph Arthur, Operations Manager Doug Aden, Director of Operations Ryan Frederiksen and Assistant Terminal Manager Genevieve Parker.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Members in the News Schuster Co. Named One of the “44th Healthiest Places to Work in America” Dennis Thompson Nominated for 2016 Truck Dealer of the Year

Congratulations to IMTA Board member Dennis Thompson for his nomination as Truck Dealer of the Year. The American Truck Dealers (ATD), Heavy Duty Trucking magazine and Procede Software recently announced the nominees for the 2016 Truck Dealer of the Year Award. Dennis Thompson Thompson Truck & Trailer

Schuster Co. has been named one of the “44th Healthiest Places to Work in America” by Greatiest, a fitness, health, and happiness online site. Schuster Co. is the only employer headquartered in Iowa, Nebraska, or South Dakota selected by the online health site. They were honored in the category for businesses with 100499 employees and are also the ONLY trucking firm on the entire list. Some of the largest businesses selected include industry giants like Microsoft, General Electric, General Mills, Mayo Clinic, Twitter and Hasbro. Congratulations to Schuster Company for making fitness and health a priority. Citing Sources: Sioux City Journal Photo Credit: Schuster Co. website

CRST Acclaimed for Leadership Program

CRST International has been named a “Top 10 Best Private Company for Leaders” by Chief Executive Magazine. Since 2005, Chief Executive has sought to find companies that excel in leadership development. Rankings are affected by a company’s reputation among its peers as a source for future leaders. The percent of senior management hired internally is another key factor to rankings. “Every successful company must have a succession plan for future leadership, and our leadership program will ensure that CRST’s management stays strong for decades to come,” said Dave Rusch, CRST president and CEO. CRST started a leadership program about five years ago and it has been very successful. Brook Willey, VP of Human Resources and also the leader of the program for CRST says “Prior to the program CRST promoted from within only about 25% of its employees. Now that number is closer to 70%.”

Dennis Thompson, chairman and CEO of Thompson Truck & Trailer, Inc. was one of 5 national truck dealers nominated. Nominees for the national award will be evaluated by a panel of professors from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business on dealership performance, industry leadership and civic contributions. The winner and runner-up will be announced during the 53rd annual ATD Convention & Expo in Las Vegas the last week of March. Citing sources:

Midwest Wheel Announces Promotions

Midwest Wheel Companies is excited to announce the following promotions. Adam Clark has been named Vice President of Sales. He will be joining the leadership team of John Mikkola, Mike Laing, Mike Callison Jr. and Steve McEnany. Additionally, Alex Stein has been named Director of our Accessory business, a newly created position which entails marketing, purchasing and vendor relationships along with managing the Accessory Phone Room. Joel Mattox has been named Director of Purchasing. He will be responsible for all Product Management for the Heavy Duty division. Joel will also be involved in managing warranties and vendor relations. Nic Vandevoord has been appointed to the position of Territory Assistant, Davenport, effective February 8, 2016.

Citing Sources: Chief Executive and


Next Generation Speaks Introducing Whitney Tapia

I have been in the trucking industry for all 29 years of my life. My grandfather started a brokerage in 1969, which my father now owns and operates. Growing up, I spent Saturdays at the office with my dad drawing pictures of semi-trucks that my Grandpa Jim proudly displays in his office to this day. I would play in the warehouse and wander around the parking Whitney Tapia lots watching and observing all the Marketing & Public Relations action going on around me. I grew Manager up taking road trips with my family and instead of playing “I Spy” like most kids, we played the game of “Name That Truck.” Going down the highway we’d see who could yell “Freightliner” or “Kenworth” first. I was fortunate to grow up knowing the unspoken rules of the road. We’d flash our signals to truckers to let them know they’re safe to switch lanes and wave to them proudly as they’d pass by. I have always been fascinated by these machines and the men and women who operate them. When I started working for my father, I noticed he was a member of IMTA. I asked him if I could start attending events, and he signed me up for the Leadership Class, which quickly led me to a great relationship with Brenda. Over the past 5 years, I have been fortunate to be involved with IMTA, and I have met such amazing folks throughout the process. I soon realized that whenever I’d leave an IMTA event I would feel so inspired by the passion that radiates through the staff, the members and the events. I went out on a limb and approached Brenda about working for IMTA. After several weeks of talking with her and some serious discussions with my family, I decided to follow my heart and here I am - IMTA’s new Marketing & Public Relations Manager. Now what will I be doing and how will it impact you? To start, I am going to be the Editor of the “Lifeliner.” I have big shoes to fill. Brenda has done such a great job with this publication for so long. We want this magazine to continue to be something you look forward to receiving every quarter; a magazine that you can proudly hand to your employees, family and friends. Not only do we want to provide you with valuable information that affects your business, but we want to continue to promote how amazing trucking truly is. I will also be leading our public relations department. Whether it’s community involvement, press releases or being involved in the schools and businesses in your neighborhoods, we want to


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

participate in anything that will positively promote the industry. IMTA already does a top-notch job, and I want to help push that effort and those ideas even further. I have sat in on so many events here, and I have heard all of the wonderful ideas that our members have. Let’s continue to make them come to life! In addition, I will be managing the Cornerstone Sponsorship Program, which I am thrilled about. Getting to work directly with our members and getting to know your businesses and employees is what really motivates me! I am very excited about getting to know all of you and to start building relationships. The people involved in this association are the finest around. I appreciate the history and the family involvement in so many of your operations. There is so much to be learned from all of you, and I am ready to get started. I want to make an impact on the trucking industry. I want people to know how proud they should be of the many individuals involved in keeping this country moving every day. Without trucking, this country would come to a halt. We have a message that people need to hear and I want to be a part of that. To say that I am honored to work for the Iowa Motor Truck Association is an understatement. I truly feel a calling to be here, and I am so grateful for Brenda, the rest of the staff, and members for being so welcoming. My whole life I have had such a strong passion and appreciation for trucking. Getting to serve the members of IMTA will undoubtedly be fulfilling and rewarding every day.

Over the past 5 years, I have been fortunate to be involved with IMTA, and I have met such amazing folks throughouT the process.

LEAD IMTA Council Appointed IMTA leaders are pleased to announce the formation of a new IMTA council, the LEAD IMTA Council. This council is comprised of 13 individuals that represent the future of the Iowa Motor Truck Association. As part of IMTA’s strategic plan, the association is strengthening its focus and efforts towards the next generation of members and leaders. For the last two years, various strategies have been reviewed and small steps had been taken to get more involvement and input from this segment of the membership. “We have had a great leadership program in place for over 20 years and we determined that we needed to expand on the success of this program and more importantly, look for ways to really identify the future members and leaders of IMTA and get them involved,” said IMTA President & CEO, Brenda Neville. Two years ago, after collecting feedback from leadership class graduates and member focus groups, IMTA introduced a new conference into its lineup, and the LEAD IMTA Conference was kicked off. The Conference is held in November and is an attractive alternative to the Management Conference that is held in September, especially to a different segment of the membership. While the conference was a success, it was not as well attended as IMTA leaders had hoped so they went back to the drawing board.

“As we looked at other models that were out there for ongoing development of the next wave of active members and leaders, we realized we needed to have a core group of volunteers that were helping us drive these programs, which is how we got to the idea of creating the LEAD IMTA council,” said Brenda. This initial group is made of leadership class graduates as well as other members that have been very vocal and active in moving towards this type of a program. They represent carriers as well as vendors and also had to commit to a two year term as the council is developed and its governance structure is refined and shaped. “Because of the enthusiasm from so many of our leadership graduates, finding people to serve on this council was relatively easy, many of the folks we put on the council basically had volunteered to get involved in this leadership capacity,” continued Brenda. The group held their first meeting on March 1st and spent over four hours discussing a number of different topics and identifying their goals for the Lead Council. This group will be overseeing IMTA’s leadership class program, as well as developing and promoting the LEAD IMTA

Conference in the fall. Additionally, they will also be working on projects specific to the Foundation and IMTA’s Truck PAC in an effort to raise awareness and support by IMTA members beyond just the CEO. “IMTA has so much to offer and we really believe that more people should be taking advantage of everything that is being offered. Plus, the future of this organization will eventually be in our hands so it is important that we get involved in building the foundation of support among the upcoming generations,” said Adrian Dickey, Dickey Transport and a member of the newly formed council. In addition to agreeing to a two year term on the council, the council members will also be meeting quarterly and participating in monthly conference calls to ensure that the are making progress on their goals. “This is really an exciting program. I left our first meeting feeling very good about the impact we are going to have on IMTA not only in the short term but also in the long term. The level of commitment from the entire group is very impressive and I think we are going to be able to do some great things,” said Mandy McCreary, West Side Transport, another member of the first LEAD IMTA Council.

LEAD IMTA Council Members

Adam Clark, Midwest Wheel Companies Adrian Dickey, Dickey Transport Ben Caughron, Warren Transport Brad Bailey, Central Trailer Service, Ltd. Brad Kohlwes, ARGEE Transport Christina Grissom, United Natural Foods Corey Murphy, MHC Kenworth of Des Moines Dale Decker, Decker Truck Line Jeff Moe, Solar Transport Mallory DeZwarte, Ruan Transportation Mandy McCrary, West Side Transport Melinda Anderson, Ennis Corp. Tyler Todd, Thompson Truck & Trailer, Inc.

(Back row from L to R) Adrian Dickey/Dickey Transport, Brad Bailey/Central Trailer Service, Melinda Anderson/Ennis Corp., Jeff Moe/Solar Transport, Tyler Todd/Thompson Truck & Trailer, Corey Murphy/MHC Kenworth (Front row from L to R) Mallory DeZwarte/Ruan Transportation, Christina Grissom/UNFI, Mandy McCrary/West Side Transport

Corey Murphy (MHC Kenworth) and Mandy McCrary (West Side Transport)

Christina Grissom (UNFI) and Jeff Moe (Solar Transport)


Industry News Hours of Service “Glitch” Could be Problematic to Trucking Industry Recently it was discovered that some technical language was accidentally omitted in the fiscal 2016 funding bill that could be problematic to the trucking industry. As the result of one sentence being left out in the legislative language, the existing HOS rule could be eliminated including the 34-hour restart provision if a congressionally mandated study of the restart provision fails to show safety and other benefits. The funding law had been intended to address only the 34-hour restart provision, which calls for consecutive 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. rest periods and that they be limited to once a week. Those regulations have been suspended since enactment of a fiscal 2015 funding bill that was signed in December 2014. Now with this error in the language, DOT’s interpretation could result in reverting to the weekly work limits of 60 hours in seven days and 70 hours in eight days. Now that the inadvertent error has been discovered, the American Trucking Associations, along with many other groups, are working towards a resolution. It appears that the technical provision will be included in an aviation policy bill this spring. ATA officials have been meeting with lawmakers as well as regulators and have reported that everyone is in agreement that the issue needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. Source: Transport Topics

Governors Work toward Clean Energy Governors from 17 states, including Iowa, have committed to working together to seek cleaner energy and transportation and to build a better electrical grid. The bipartisan group is called the Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future. The intent of the group is to work together on energy planning and policies and to expand participating states’ economies while protecting citizens’ health and the overall environment. The states in the Accord represent nearly 40% of the nation’s population. Joining Iowa in this energy movement is California, Connecticut,


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington.

“I don’t think this thing is a signed, sealed and delivered deal yet,” said Chris Maxwell, CEO of the Rhode Island Trucking Association. Source: Transport Topics

Source: Transport Topics

Rhode Island Moves to Build the Nation’s First “Truck Only” Toll Rhode Island’s Governor Gina Raimondo signed “Rhode-Works” into law in the middle of February and set into motion a bold move that has never been done in the US. The legislation sets into motion a tolling plan that is targeted only at the trucking industry. The “trucks only” tolling plan is calling for the opening of 14 tolling bridge gantries throughout the state within the next 24 months. The Rhode Island Trucking Association led the opposition of the legislation along with many other groups. However, there are several steps that need to be implemented before it is a done deal. The next crucial step is that the FHWA has to approve the plan.

CVSA Concerned with HOS Exemptions The increasing number of regulatory exemptions approved by the FMCSA is causing confusion and inconsistencies in enforcement by roadside inspectors according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). CVSA is concerned all the confusion and inconsistencies with enforcement undermines the ability to offer uniformity. CVSA reported that FMCSA has granted more than 20 exemption applications and renewal requests in the last year. CVSA represents state and local enforcement officials throughout the nation. Source: Transport Topics

The bipartisan group is called the Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future. The intent of the group is to work together on energy planning and policies and to expand participating states’ economies while protecting citizens’ health and the overall environment.

Industry News Safety Fitness Determination Rule Comments Needed On January 21, 2016 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a proposed safety fitness determination rule that would use data from agency and roadside inspections and investigations, or both, in evaluating on a monthly basis whether a carrier is fit to operate. The proposed rule, if enacted, would replace the current rating system of “satisfactory, conditional or unsatisfactory” for carriers, which has been in use since 1982. The new process would be to “rate” a carrier

with a single determination of “unfit,” which would require the carrier to either improve or cease operations. A carrier could be proposed unfit by failing two or more Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) through inspections or investigation results, or a combination of both, the agency said. Once in place, the rule would permit FMCSA to assess the safety fitness of approximately 75,000 carriers per month using the agency’s Compliance, Safety, and Accountability program’s safety measurement system methodology. FMCSA has reported that they are only

able to investigate 15,000 motor carriers annually using the present system. This proposed change would have a huge impact on the trucking industry, as it would be basing a carrier’s rating on their CSA scores. We encourage all of our members to submit comments on this proposed rulemaking prior to the deadline. The deadline for comments is March 21, 2016. IMTA has a sample letter and talking points available to anyone wishing to file comments on this proposed rule.

deadline for Comments: march 21, 2016

You may file comments using any of the following methods. Proposed rule docket number is: FMCSA-2015-0001

Comment methods

Web site: Fax: 1-202-493-2251


Docket Services U.S. Department of Transportation Room W12-140 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE Washington, DC 20590-0001

Hand Delivery

Ground Floor, Room W12-140 DOT Building 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE Washington, DC 20590-0001 Between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday


ELD Educational Seminar During the month of February, IMTA Safety Director Don Egli traveled the state to host three educational seminars on Electronic Logging Devices. Now that the mandate has passed, IMTA wants to make sure we arm our members with knowledge so that they really understand the ins and outs of the mandate and how it will affect their business. The seminar not only touched on the ELD mandate but also went over some other rulings such as the driver coercion rule and harassment from the use of ELDs.

Anyone who missed the seminar is encouraged to reach out to Don or the rest of the staff if they have any questions on the ELD mandate, we are happy to help!

We know the ins and outs. Ninety-one percent* of all transportation companies believe the business risk environment is getting riskier or staying the same. Northland can ease your mind and protect your business with a dedicated team of: – Underwriting professionals – Claim and risk control specialists – Legal services That’s the Northland Advantage.

To learn more, call your agent or broker, or visit us online at

* Based upon 2015 Travelers Business Risk Survey © 2015 The Travelers Indemnity Company. All rights reserved. M-16993-4 Rev.10-15


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Northland is a proud member and supporter of the Iowa Motor Truck Association.

Safety Update

Is the Carrier Safety Fitness Determination Rule Good for the Industry? On January 21, 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published a proposed rule in the Federal Register. This notice proposes to amend the Don Egli, CDS IMTA Director of Safety Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to revise the current methodology for issuance of safety fitness determination (SFD) for motor carriers. The proposed new methodologies would be used to determine when/if a carrier is not fit to operate in interstate commerce. The determination would be based on the carrier’s roadside inspection data in five of the Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program (CSA), and investigation, or a combination of roadside inspection AND investigation data. FMCSA states that this proposed change in methodology will enable them to review approximately 75,000 carriers per month instead of the 15,000 or so per year that they can presently reach. The current process for “rating” a carrier is based on FMCSA conducting a compliance review and rating the carrier as “Satisfactory”, “Conditional”, or “Unsatisfactory.” The new methodology, if implemented, would rate a carrier as “Unfit” if they met certain criteria that they did not measure up to compliance levels. The “Unfit” Safety Fitness Determination would be assigned to carriers that fall under one of three methodologies * Method #1: A carrier with two or more failed BASICs from roadside inspection scores.

* Method #2: A carrier with violations of revised critical and acute violations found during an investigation. * Method #3: A combination of CSA data and investigation data.

A “Failed BASIC” would reflect that a carrier has a BASIC measure that does not meet a standard. In the proposed methodology, a carrier must have at least 11 inspections with violations in the previous 24-months before it could “fail” a BASIC. Of the seven BASICs, all would be used for on-road performance scores EXCEPT the Drug/Alcohol BASIC and the Crash Indicator. The failed BASIC threshold for four of the remaining five BASICs would be determined using violations that are weighted, divided by the number of driver inspections. For the Unsafe Driving BASIC, the threshold would be determined by weighted violations divided by the number of power units. FMCSA has long stated that they have concerns with giving a carrier a “Satisfactory” rating, under the current process, feeling that their rating a carrier as “Satisfactory” is more or less stating that the carrier has not problems, or an “approval” of their operation. They would like to move away from that rating process. As you know, the CSA program was implemented in late 2010. The program has had on-going “growing pains.” It is still considered to be a work in progress. It has been revised several times over the years, as FMCSA has continued to try to improve the validity and quality of the data it uses to score carriers. One of the biggest problems of the CSA program has been the inconsistency of enforcement on roadside inspections, and the entry of the data. Sitting in the CVSA meetings two times per year I witness first-hand the differences of opinion of enforcement officers from across the country. And who pays for this

inconsistency? The motor carriers in the trucking industry. Another argument against basing a carrier’s fitness on CSA data is that many CSA scores have no direct correlation to the increased risk of crashes. This issue has been raised numerous times since the implementation of the CSA program. The reaction of the industry to this Safety Fitness Determination proposed rule deals with the question: “Is the data in the CSA Program accurate enough to assign a carrier a rating based on that data?” CSA methodology is not only a concern of the trucking industry, it is also under scrutiny of Congress. So much so that Congress recently required that FMCSA remove CSA scores from public view. The comment period for this proposed rule is open until March 21, 2016, and reply comments must be received on or before April 20, 2016. Carriers can submit comments, or keep track of the progress of the proposed rule, via FMCSA’s http://www.regulations. gov website. You will need the docket number for this proposed rule, which is FMCSA-2015-0001. Comments can also be made via fax, mail or hand-delivery. We strongly encourage our members to comment and monitor this proposed rule. It could have a dramatic effect on the trucking industry as we know it. We should give FMCSA credit for the improvements that they have made in the CSA program, but there is still work to be done before we are ready to determine a carrier’s “fitness” to operate, on a system that is still “a work in progress.” For more information on this rule contact us at the IMTA office.

Don Egli has over 25 years of experience in the trucking industry. He has served as IMTA’s Director of Safety and Compliance for the past 10 years. Don started in the industry as a driver and worked his way through various management positions related to safety. He proudly holds the CDS (Certified Director of Safety) certification and in addition to serving IMTA’s membership by assisting with safety, regulatory and compliance oversight, he also sits on several state and national boards dedicated to safety.


Membership Update What Can IMTA do for my Business? “What can IMTA do for my business?” is the question that we are asked every day by members and prospective members. The short answer to that question is Jon Dill that the Iowa IMTA Membership Manager Motor Truck Association is always working to promote the success of trucking in our state. Since 1942, the Iowa Motor Truck Association has been the voice of the trucking industry in Iowa. IMTA supports the laws, rules and regulations that would be favorable for trucking in the state of Iowa, and on a national level. As much as we fight for the good, IMTA also works to oppose those laws, rules and regulations that would be harmful to the industry. The Iowa Motor Truck Association makes sure to inform you of any and all changes that may affect trucking and your business. We want to get the news to you first, so we keep our members updated through many forms of communication. Our weekly e-newsletter, IMTA’s Infoflash, includes any current happenings in the industry. Legislative updates are also sent out weekly, so you know what potential changes could be coming your way. We host monthly webinars with relevant information that you can immediately take back to your employees. IMTA is also focusing on our social media presence – which is great for keeping our members up to date on real-time news on a national and local level, as well as weather or construction issues that may cause road closures or delays. Lastly, our Lifeliner magazine comes out quarterly,

and is packed with great industry information and recent member activities. The Iowa Motor Truck Association offers numerous events throughout the year, and there’s something for every branch of your business. Management conferences, safety conferences and maintenance conferences just to name a few. While at these events, you can network with those that you share interests and concerns with. You will get to hear nationally known guest speakers, and participate in valuable round-table discussions. IMTA’s Iowa Council of Safety Management (ICSM) consists of safety directors and managers from different trucking companies throughout the state of Iowa. The ICSM get together monthly to discuss a variety of topics such as ELDs and distracted driving. The ICSM is a very beneficial group to get involved in so you can keep up to date on all things safety and compliance. As a member of the Iowa Motor Truck Association, you can take advantage of many additional cost savings programs that we offer – all of which can help improve your company’s bottom line. One example of these additional programs is our fuel saving program. You can receive discounted rates on fuel purchases with Pilot Flying J. Eligible members get a 5 cent discount off the cash price, as well as no transaction fees. Another cost saving program the IMTA offers its members is a discount on electronic logging devices through our partnership with PeopleNet. This benefit offers savings on the purchase of the equipment, and on monthly service fees and credits for ELD training. The IMTA staff has experience with ELDs, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have. We are happy to give you the tools you need to make an educated decision on which ELD is right for you and your company.

The Iowa Motor Truck Association has also partnered with Firstlabs, a drug and alcohol testing company. Firstlabs is the third largest, third-party administrator for drug and alcohol testing services in the nation. They can help our members manage their drug and alcohol testing, background screenings and DOT physicals. Firstlabs has a testing network of over 15,000 sites nationwide so no matter where your driver may be, you can find a convenient location when you need it! IMTA can also help you continue to educate your drivers and other staff through its newest member benefit – online training with JJ Keller. This brand new program offers on-demand access for anyone within your company, from drivers to safety managers. Their quick and interactive courses can be taken anytime, anywhere and at the employees own pace. An employee can start taking a course, pause it if needed and then continue on when it’s timely for them. JJ Keller uses a point-based system where you purchase the amount of points that works best for your company. The more you purchase, the cheaper they are. As you can see, the Iowa Motor Truck Association has many member benefits that you can take advantage of, for every department of your business. Your membership dues are truly an investment in your company. Keeping your name on our membership roster, or adding your name to it if you haven’t yet, will definitely make a positive impact on your company’s success! Thank you for letting us work hard for you, and for the trucking industry in Iowa.

Jon Dill is IMTA’s membership manager. Jon is a graduate of Coe College and a native of Grinnell, Iowa. Jon spent 8 years working in the trucking industry prior to coming to the association. Jon is looking forward to his continued work of getting out to meet the current members and recruiting trucking companies, towers, and vendors to join IMTA.


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Insurance Update

Managing Risk: Preventing Rollovers

Rory Triplett Insurance Associates

Rollovers are very common in the trucking industry… but they don’t have to be. Here are some interesting facts regarding rollovers and some tips to help avoid them.

Three Common Rollover Myths

Myth #1: Inclement weather and slick road surfaces lead to most rollovers. Facts: • Less than 4% of single vehicle rollovers are actually caused by road and weather factors. • Over half (56%) happen on straight roads—not on curves or ramps. • Approximately 2/3 of rollovers occur in daylight rather than in the dark. • 93% of rollovers occur on dry roads. Myth #2:The vast majority of rollovers are caused by reckless maneuvers and excessive speed. Facts: • Speeding certainly increases the risk, however it is only a factor in less than half of all rollovers. Drivers often assume their rollover risk is negligible as long as they avoid excessive speeds. That is simply not the case. Avoiding excessive speeds is an important first step in rollover prevention, but there are a host of other factors, including driver fatigue and inattention, that can also cause accidents.

• Evasive maneuvers are a factor in only a small percentage (5 to10%) of rollovers.

• Myth #3:Rollovers only happen to inexperienced drivers.

Facts: • Approximately 66% of rollovers involve drivers with more than 10 years of driving experience. • Most rollovers occur among drivers between the ages of 25 and 55.

The Three Main Causes of Rollovers

So, if most rollovers ARE NOT caused by external conditions, (speed or inexperience,) what does cause them? 1. Driver Error is responsible for over three-quarters of all rollovers. Rollovers can happen to anyone at any time, so drivers can never be too comfortable behind the wheel. Over 90% of the time, the rollover is not the “first” event—in other words, some other dangerous event occurs before the rollover. It might be drowsiness or inattention, which together contribute to about 20% of rollovers, with running off the road due to inattention being the leading cause of serious crashes. The event might be a driver drifting over onto a soft shoulder, riding up over a curb or incorrectly making a turn at an intersection. Attentive driving can prevent most rollovers. 2. Vehicle condition plays a role in some rollovers. In a recent FMCSA study, 54 percent of the vehicles involved in a rollover accident had a brake defect of some sort. 3. Load size is also a factor in some rollovers. More than 90% of cargo tank rollovers occur while carrying partial loads, so if you are hauling liquids, it’s important to understand the “slosh and surge” effect of liquid

loads. “Slosh” refers to liquid running up the sides of a tanker, which changes the tanker’s center of gravity, and “surge” refers to liquid shifting from front to back and then back to front when accelerating or braking.

How You Can Help Prevent Rollovers

Since a large majority of rollovers are caused by driver error, most crashes are preventable. Here are several ways you can prevent a rollover and get to your destination safely: • Slow down. Obey the speed limits and take it slow around corners. • Stay alert. Falling asleep at the wheel or driving while fatigued is unacceptable. Turning up the radio or rolling down your windows are not effective ways to keep you alert. Hours-of-Service regulations are in place to prevent fatigue-related accidents. • Put down the cellphone. Not only is it extremely dangerous to text while driving, it is also illegal for truckers to do so. • Ensure your truck is mechanically sound before your trip. You don’t want to be involved in a rollover or other accident because your brakes weren’t properly checked before a trip. • Understand the design and performance of the type of truck you will be driving. For example, tankers handle differently than reefers or flatbeds. • Always make sure loads are tied down properly. Shifting loads can easily lead to a rollover. Ultimately, many of the factors that can cause a rollover crash are entirely under your control. Always remember— deadlines are important, but safety is our number one priority. Statistics provided by Zywave Inc.

Rory Triplett has been in the trucking industry for over 13 years. He got his start as the Membership Director for the IMTA in early 2003. He has been on the risk management side the past ten years working as an agent and developing insurance programs for trucking companies throughout the state of Iowa. Rory graduated from the University of South Dakota with a bachelor’s degree in communications in 2000. He continues to stay active with the IMTA through his involvement on the Convention Committee and the Allied Steering Committee. Rory may be contacted at:


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Leaders The foundation of the Iowa Motor Truck Association has always been its strong and dedicated membership. Through the support of members from across the State, IMTA has been able to be an effective and valuable organization that consistently strives to serve its members at all levels. Effectively serving the membership is a top priority and in an effort to be the best at serving the membership, a strong committee structure is in place. These standing committees focus on the main areas of emphasis for the association and as the need arises, special task force committees are formed to take on a specific issue of concern but then they disband once the goal of the committee is achieved. The standing committees are the core of IMTA’s strength and these volunteer leaders take their roles on these committees very seriously. Regular meetings and correspondence help these committee members stay on top of their stated goals and mission. Consistency and communication are key in their ongoing success. IMTA does not hold meetings for the sake of having a meeting, instead, they focus on an issue, gather member feedback and then the committee goes to work at developing the ideas and solutions that best serve the members of the association. This framework has served the association well and IMTA is proud of its committee leaders and volunteers and is grateful for the time and commitment they share with the association. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with your IMTA leaders and stay tuned as information about the valuable work of these committees will continue to unfold as the year moves forward.


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Executive Committee

The IMTA Executive Committee consists of the IMTA Officers and board members in good standing that are potential candidates for moving into an officer position and eventually serving as the Chairman of the Board. The Executive committee can act on behalf of the board and meets six times a year. The main scope of responsibility for this committee is to oversee, assist and direct the operations of the association. Regular reports from the President in the following core areas will be provided to the executive committee on a regular schedule created by Mark Olson - CHAIRMAN the executive committee. The core areas are; finance, membership, Olson Explosives, Inc. IMTA-Chairman of the Board marketing, education, events & outreach, non-dues income producing programs, government relations and administration.

Ralph Arthur Ruan Transportation

George Crouse Crouse Transportation Services

Don Decker Decker Truck Line, Inc

Dave Dickey Harold Dickey Transport, Inc.

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Murry Fitzer Florilli Transportation, LLC.

Kevin Gass Perishable Distributors of Iowa Ltd.

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Michael Riggan TanTara Transportation Corp.

Steve Schuster Schuster Company

John Smith CRST International, Inc.

Nick Thummel Keane Thummel Trucking

Dave Van Wyk Van Wyk, Inc.

Jeff Wangsness JMT Trucking Company

2016 IMTA COMMITTEES Truck PAC Committee The main responsibility of this committee is to provide assistance and oversight with the advocacy efforts of the Iowa Motor Truck Association. This committee will play an important role in several different areas which include; advocacy, fundraising efforts through Truck PAC Iowa and legislative efforts.

Fred Grask Cedar Rapids Truck Center

TRPI Steering Committee

Mike Bagg Central Trailer Service

Brenda Dittmer Weinrich Truck Lines

Brad Kohlwes Argee Transport

Kenny Niece Niece Trucking

The TRPI steering committee oversees the Towing and Recovery Professionals of Iowa (TRPI) which is a division of the Iowa Motor Truck Association. TRPI is an organization that represents Iowa’s towing industry. The Towing & Recovery Professionals of Iowa are dedicated to safety and compliance and committed to professionalism and the ongoing promotion of a positive image for the towing and recovery profession. Organized, in 1983, the TRPI is the only organization of its kind in the state of Iowa. This division continues to work closely with regulators, enforcement officials, and the motoring public to insure that Iowa’s towing Jeff Bussanmas Carmela Darrah-Chiafos industry was always a vital Bussanmas Towing & Reovery Darrah’s, Inc component in highway safety in the State of Iowa.

NOT PICTURED Jeff Day Meier Towing Service Tony Carr Arrow Towing

T.J.Newberry Newberry, Inc. John Kearse Hanifen Company, Inc.

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Allied Steering Committee

Dave Nelsen Harrison Truck Centers

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Mark Olson Olson Explosives IMTA-Chairman of the Board

Michael Riggan TanTara Transportation Corp.

Steve Schuster Schuster Company

Dennis Thompson Thompson Truck & Trailer

Nick Thummel Keane Thummel Trucking

Delwin Van Wyk Harrison Truck Centers

Jeff Wangsness JMT Trucking Company

The Allied Steering Committee is the governing body of the Allied Division. As the governing body, the steering committee is responsible for organizing events for the division, financial oversight and a liaison role between the Allied Division and the IMTA Board of Directors. The steering committee members are included in the majority of correspondence that goes out to the board and are invited to attend all board meetings. The IMTA values the role of the vendor division and wants to maintain a positive, working relationship with the Allied Division. The purpose of the Allied Division was to create avenue of involvement for the vendors that served the trucking industry. The Allied Division is instrumental in carrying out the overall mission of the association and is equally instrumental in communicating to the carrier members throughout the state. The relationship that allied members have with the carrier members is extremely Adam Clark valuable and enables IMTA to serve all the members in a Midwest Wheel Companies professional manner.

Travis Thompson Thompson Truck & Trailer

Rory Triplett Insurance Associates

Dan Schwarz McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C.

Delwin Van Wyk Harrison Truck Centers


2016 IMTA COMMITTEES Finance Committee

The main responsibility of this committee is to provide assistance and oversight to the association’s financial operation. This committee also reviews the IMTA’s investment account and makes recommendations in regard to investments going forward.

George Crouse - CHAIRMAN Crouse Transportation Services

Ralph Arthur Ruan Transportation

Don Decker Decker Truck Line, Inc

Jackie Johnsrud Johnsrud Transport, Inc.

Mark Olson Olson Explosives IMTA-Chairman of the Board

Steve Schuster Schuster Company

Murry Fitzer Florilli Transportation, LLC.

Building Committee

The main responsibility of this committee is to provide added oversight and advise the association leaders on the priorities of the ongoing maintenance of the building. The building is one of the Iowa Motor Truck Association’s biggest assets and we need to take care of that asset.

Mark Olson Olson Explosives IMTA-Chairman of the Board


Kevin Gass Perishable Distributors of Iowa Ltd.

Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Jeff Wangsness JMT Trucking Company

Steve Schuster Schuster Company

Ralph Arthur Ruan Transportation

2016 IMTA COMMITTEES Truck Driving Championship Committee

For 3 decades, a committee of volunteers have been responsible for organizing a premier event that honors and recognizes Iowaís professional drivers. This committee is comprised of leaders from the Iowa Council of Safety Management as well as carrier members from the IMTA board. The volunteer committee works on the event year round and enthusiastically looks for ways to improve it each year. The committee is responsible for developing a schedule that meets all the necessary requirements of the competition and overseeing the competition. Additionally, the committee also is heavily involved with securing equipment, volunteers and financial support for this first class event that is recognized as one of the best in the nation. For the last several years well over a 100 drivers have competed and over 75 individuals have helped as volunteers.

This year’s event will be held on THURSDAY, JUNE 16 & FRIDAY, JUNE 17TH at Prairie Meadows in Altoona. If you are interested in competing or serving as a volunteer, please contact the IMTA office (515)244-5193.

Keith Lamfers - CHAIRMAN Schuster Company

David Riggan TanTara Transportation Corp.

Jen Wilson Sully Transport

ICSM Steering Committee

The ICSM Steering Committee provides oversight for the Iowa Council of Safety Management. ICSM is a division that was created for the promotion of professionalism and safety in the trucking industry. The division sponsors numerous awards and recognition programs, safety education courses and hosts monthly meetings designed to provide professional networking and disbursement of safety information. ICSM also sponsors several outreach events and activities such as the Iowa Road Team and the Iowa Truck Driving Championships. In addition, the ICSM also assists with the development of public policy that pertains to truck safety. Kenneth Bauman JMT Trucking Company

Dan Gardner Walmart Transportation, LLC

Ben Caughron Warren Transport

Lisa Gonnerman Ruan Transportation

Marvin McGinnis Casey’s General Stores

Gary Handley BTI Special Commodities, Inc.

Kenneth Bauman JMT Trucking Company

Lisa Gonnerman Ruan Transportation

Keith Lyman Perishable Distributors of Iowa Ltd.

Kevin Gass Perishable Distributors of Iowa Ltd.

Mark Olson Olson Explosives IMTA-Chairman of the Board

David Riggan TanTara Transportation Corp.

Jen Wilson Sully Transport

Keith Lamfers Schuster Company


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ELD Mandate:

It’s Not the End, It’s a New Beginning by: Whitney Tapia

It really happened, despite many years of continual jockeying on this issue, ELDs are now a reality. There’s no turning back. What’s done is done. And now it is time for us to focus on how we can turn what some perceive to be a negative into a positive. The success of every company lies in its ability and desire to sell this to the drivers which in turn, ensures a transition that is as SMOOTH as possible and business is interrupted as LITTLE as possible.

“Our drivers are accustomed to making tough decisions on the road and are resistant to the presence of Big Brother in their cab,” said Carol Millam, Safety Director at Amhof Trucking, Inc. “However, those drivers who have made the jump to ELDs express relief that they no longer need to worry about being current to their last change of duty status or making mathematical errors that could inadvertently cause an out-of-service over the road.”

“This has been one of the most divisive issues we faced in a very long time. I have had many conversations with IMTA members of all sizes about the ELD mandate, and they all wage equally powerful arguments in support and in opposition. I think philosophically we all struggle with anything that is mandated and this one has been especially difficult,” said IMTA President & CEO, Brenda Neville.

There truly are many benefits to ELDs, and being equipped with the important facts and information specific to ELDs is extremely valuable as any company begins to prepare for the mandate. Being armed valuable information and devising a plan of action will enable every trucking company to make a successful transition when the time comes.

Between now and December 2017, the remainder of some 3 million trucks on the road will have to make the change to electronic logs. Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s a MAJOR CHANGE. However, it is important to find the positives in this situation. Why? Driver and employee perspectives will be greatly impacted by the way their leadership reacts to these changes. The best thing a company can do is promote the positives of Electronic Logging Devices and start mentally preparing employees to make the change as well.

As the old saying goes “information is power” and approaching this transition in an organized and informed manner will provide trucking companies the power to implement a smooth transition to ELDs. Electronic logging devices will empower drivers to operate at an even higher level of efficiency and professionalism, and here is why;

“We knew eventually the government would mandate the use of ELDs. Since electronic logging can impact your business, we wanted to implement a program, get our routes and drivers adapted to the ELDs before the mandate took place. There is no better feeling in the world of transportation than to know you are operating within the rules of the DOT, and doing it successfully,” said Kevin Gass, Sr. Vice President of Transportation at Perishable Distributors of Iowa, Ltd. Surprisingly enough, a lot of IMTA members that have made the change to ELDs actually believe in them now, and wouldn’t want to operate without them. They have been supportive of the change because they successfully manage their drivers’ time. Most tales of distress come from fleets who weren’t prepared for the change. The transition needs to be well managed; for your customers, your drivers, your maintenance department, your office employees, and your bottom line. There are so many people who will be affected by this and going into this process with a positive attitude will make a tremendous difference.

Improved Driver Behavior

ELDs provide accurate and real-time data to drivers. Not only do some ELDs provide drivers with dispatch information and GPS so they know where they’re going and when they’ll get there – but they also provide dispatch with real-time, accurate data on reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, hard-braking, and incorrect log entries. Data is automatically stored and transferred to the fleet manager for easy-to-use information gathering. All of this can be used to create incentive programs for drivers to encourage safe driving habits. Dispatchers will easily be able to recognize the most safety-conscious drivers, while also being able to point out the drivers who may need a little more coaching on safety. This data can be used to address drivers with poor driving habits and coach them to prevent future inspection violations and even accidents. For drivers with good driving habits, employers can come up with a bonus structure that could include prizes such as “more home time” or gift certificates to a driver’s favorite restaurant or even just CASH. Excessive idle time or speeding can be monitored as well, so employers can see where they’re overspending on fuel and where they can improve fuel efficiency on the road. “Having ELDs allows us to monitor our fuel mileage on a truck by truck basis, as well as each individual driver. This allows us to make changes when necessary and ultimately save money,” says Josh Schmitz, Safety Director of Panama Transfer. “ELDs also allow us to monitor driving habits which allows us to address an issue with a driver before it becomes a major problem.” ELDs also reduce the need for drivers to “check call” or for customers/dispatchers to be calling drivers for updates. Dispatch can always see where a driver is, in real-time, reducing the need for drivers to be on the phone, thus increasing driver safety.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Improved Safety Scores and Reduce HOS Violations

Imagine how much faster a road-side inspection will go if everything is electronic? With ELDs, everything is there. There’s no need to have an officer go over paper logs that may not be legible or may not match up with fuel and repair receipts. ELDs will notify both drivers and office staff when drivers are nearing their driving limit, as well as their on-duty limit. Drivers can easily see, at a glance, how many hours they have left in the day. With GPS, they can plan out where they will want to stop ahead of time.

ELDs have real-time, up-to-date info. It’s always correct and it’s electronically stored so it cannot be lost or misplaced. Of course we want drivers to “know the law,” but this will greatly reduce the burden of making sure their daily logs are in compliance. Less time spent working on their log books means more time for them to spend driving. HOS logs, DVIRs, and IFTA fuel tax reporting are automated by ELDs. It has been proven that a company can save thousands of dollars a year by reducing manual paperwork for the drivers and the office staff while at the same time fostering a culture of improved driver behaviors that will invariably have a positive impact on the bottom line, not to mention overall driver morale and happiness.

Another benefit is real-time engine diagnostic reports. Repair costs can be reduced by notifying drivers of maintenance issues BEFORE they may turn into expensive breakdowns. Surely drivers will appreciate not having to go over their paper logs in the wee hours of the morning, after finishing a long stint of driving to meet the customer’s on-time delivery dates. This will give them more time to REST, which will improve their overall safety on the road. “We have been using ELDs since 2011, and one of the greatest benefits is that we have cut down on paperwork. Our drivers are not fatigued and they have more time to get the rest that they deserve every day,” says Scott Cross, Manager of Transportation Operations for Green Products Company. “ELDs have also helped our CSA score because of reduced log book errors and out-of-service violations. We strive for safety, and we believe that ELDs have been a great tool for contributing to our drivers’ overall safety.” Drivers will ultimately spend more time on the road, which means the customers are getting their freight delivered, drivers are making money and once again, the bottom line is impacted in a positive way.

Improved Accuracy and Reduce Errors

Driving truck is an incredibly hard job. Professional drivers have to endure time away from family, living on the road, long waits for unloading, and even longer days. Rules and regulations are constantly changing and it is tremendously difficult for anyone to keep up with what’s “legal” today compared to yesterday. ELDs can take the burden off a driver from having to constantly worry about whether or not they’re in compliance with their logbook. “Electronic logs are a very efficient way to manage hours of service compliance for our entire feet,” said Bridget Nixon, Director of Safety at Solar Transport. “At any point in the day or night, you can check the status of a driver and the driver may check to see how many hours he or she has left for their shift. It is the closest we have ever had to real-time information on our drivers’ hours of service.”

Improved Functionality on the Road

ELDs are starting to be used more in tablet/wireless forms as well. This can beneficial to both drivers and dispatchers for many reasons. Drivers can fill out fuel purchase forms, take pictures of any OSDs on loading or unloading docks, and turn in a bill of lading for quicker payment to both the company and the drivers. Drivers can instantly communicate with the office staff via email, which means dispatch information can be delivered quicker and more efficiently with emails rather than verbally dispatching loads, especially the loads with multiple pick-ups and deliveries! Professional drivers work hard – why not reward them with something they can use to stay in touch with their friends and family or use for entertainment options, in and out of the cab, when their workday comes to a close. Many companies have made this option available to their drivers and have seen some very positive results because the drivers are happy to be able to have this technology to stay in touch w/their friends and families.

Creating a Plan of Action

While some trucking companies are still in denial and still wasting precious time and energy complaining about the rule, there are considerably more that are preparing to transition to ELDS in a very concise and systematic manner.


What’s your plan of action?

The first step is to ACCEPT that ELDs are now a part of daily operation. Yes, this is another regulation that has been forced on the industry and one more “thing” that will cost some money, time and energy at the onset but data shows that the return on this investment is extremely positive. The sooner a company can embrace this fact and make this a positive development the better off the entire company will be. This positive acceptance and attitude must be driven from the top. The CEO, safety director and all other members of the management team will set the prevailing attitude and will determine if the transition will be smooth or rocky. Once that attitude and company culture is set towards the ELD mandate the rest of the plan is easy. The second step is to identify who is going to be the point person on this effort. Identifying someone on staff to be in charge of this project is an important and necessary step. Once this person is identified, give them the latitude to go out there and collect as much information as possible to determine what product on the market will meet the needs of your operation. There are a number of viable options available and it is imperative that the right option is chosen to fit the unique parameters of each company culture.

Spend some time with management staff as well as some key drivers in developing the implementation plan. How will information be communicated with the drivers about the ELDs that will be installed in their trucks? How will an effective and thorough training program be implemented? Will there be an initial test group or a phased in implementation program or would it be better to turn over the entire fleet in one final swoop? Identify as many questions as possible and once a long list of questions is formed, ask for feedback from staff and drivers, more than likely, even more questions will emerge. The success to the implementation plan is to have a well thought out process that very concisely covers every detail of the transition. A communication plan should coincide with the implementation plan. This is one effort where “over” communication is applicable. Every employee of the company from driver to management needs to be kept in the loop at all times. Most objections are due more to the “unknown” than anything else so address all the “unknowns” before, during and after the process. And the next step…. celebrate and reward employees for a job well done once the implementation process is complete. Recognition goes a long way in acceptance and it is extremely important that communication is spread with everyone in the company when the implementation process is complete. This is a major milestone and warrants rewards, recognition and celebration.

ELDs will notify both drivers and office staff when drivers are nearing their driving limit, as well as their on-duty limit.

Some companies have tested them all and formed a driver panel to help in the decision making process. Another valuable assessment tool is to reach out to other IMTA members and get their feedback on what ELDs they are using and also ask questions about the implementation process used by the company. In the first phase of the process, it is important to gather as much information as possible to help make the final decision on what product is purchased. “We have taken deliberate steps in helping our drivers make the switch to ELDs,” said Carol, “the most important component to the change is that they trust the company to make sure their wages and home time will be protected. We have done this by incorporating shuttle drivers, increasing wages, and listening to our driver concerns.” As a plan is developed, set realistic time parameters too, because thousands of other companies are moving in the same direction…and then most importantly, stick to those time parameters.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

And finally, the last step, continue to communicate and share information relative to ELDS. Once the ELDS are being used in the fleet, the data can be used to make changes to an operation and to continue to educate and improve driver behavior. ELDs will allow ongoing changes to be made that will not only enhance driver behavior and satisfaction but will also be reflected on the bottom line. Employers should continue to be an advocate for ELDs long after the arduous process of getting acceptance and implementation of their ELD plan. It’s best to lead by example and to let employees see and experience the benefits of ELDs by sharing data specific to each company. And as we all go through this process…let’s remind ourselves, it’s not the end, it’s a new beginning.

Carrier success stories Capital City Fruit

Capital City Fruit began using ELDs in August of 2014, starting with just a pilot program on 2 trucks. After getting positive driver feedback, we fully implemented ELDs in all 10 trucks in February of 2015 and have continued to see improvements in log accuracy as well as time savings for our drivers and office staff. When the idea of ELDs was first presented to our drivers, most of them were apprehensive and had multiple reasons as to why ELDs would never work. Once all of our trucks were equipped with ELDs and our drivers actually got to see how they simplified their paperwork, most drivers quickly changed their perspective.

Marc Newman Capital City Fruit

One of the features that has been very helpful for me to manage the drivers and our fleet is how our ELD system can communicate back to the office even when the truck and driver are still on the road. If I need to see how many on-duty hours a driver has available for the day/week I can simply log in and all of the information is available. I no longer need to calculate it manually based on paper logs created by drivers, some with better handwriting than others. Recently I asked a few drivers for their thoughts on the ELD system. The response I got from almost everyone was how much easier logs are now. Multiple drivers commented on how nice it is to not need to get a ruler and pen out for every status change and now all they need to do is log in and drive. “When it is time for a break, the clock on the tablet tells us” was one response. Thus, they can now really focus on driving and not calculating how many minutes they have left in their day. ELDs have simplified our work flow, provided us with more timely information, and vastly reduced paperwork for our drivers. The implementation of ELDs has definitely been a positive transition for our company.

Hoker Trucking

Jeff Hoker Hoker Trucking

With the mandate for EOBR’s looming over our heads for the past couple of years, we decided about a year and a half ago to start implementing EOBR’S into our fleet of 21 trucks. We wanted to see what we may be up against in the future and hopefully make the transition to 100% compliance before the mandate was put into place. As of now, we have 11 of the units with them and 10 without. Although there are pros and cons to them, I will say that from what we have seen thus far - the pros have outweighed the cons for the most part.

The tracking capability with them is the greatest help. It has allowed our dispatch to be able to plan ahead by knowing exact locations, as well as the exact amount of hours the drivers have available on their 70, their 14 and their 11 hour clocks instantaneously. This certainly helps us in planning on-time deliveries and also to foresee any issues with loads that have the possibilities of not making an appointment time. We can also give customers exact locations when they need them. I believe they have helped the drivers to better manage their time during the day by being able to see at the

glance of a tablet where they are on hours available or hours until they have to take their 30 minute break. I will also say they have certainly helped to all but eliminate the simple DOT violations such as the general form and minor violation. We have not seen a single violation of this type on any of the units using the EOBR’s so far and have only had 2 log book violations total in the units using them since we implemented them. All-in-all, as much as I was against these from the start, I have certainly changed my opinion since having them. Everything has advantages and disadvantages so we have to weigh the difference, and I would say the advantages have won that battle. The drivers, though against them to start, have grown to like them from what we have seen. I am hoping the transition for the rest of the fleet goes as smooth as the first half has so far. I also hope the shippers and receivers can have a better understanding of the time restraints the drivers have, which is the only obstacle we have come up against so far.

Schuster Co.

The E-log mandate is approaching quicker than some of us want to accept, although many of the early adapters have waited for this for a long time. We started using E-logs over 2 ½ years ago, so as a company that’s gone through the transition I wanted to speak of some of the benefits of the new technology. From the beginning of our transition, we had 100% buy in from our ownership. Our owner knew that this was coming, Keith Lamfers so we wanted to get started on it sooner rather than later. One thing that we noticed Schuster Co. quickly were the lower CSA scores in the Hours of Service BASIC. This was due to the fact that the number of violations received in an inspection relating to HOS were basically gone. No more violations for logs not current and virtually all 11 hour, 14 hour and 70 hours violations were eliminated. Next we had to get buy in from the drivers. This was actually easier than you would think, since there are many benefits to being on E-logs. The biggest advantage for the driver was that it greatly reduced all of the paperwork that they had to do in the past. Since the unit is real time - at the end of the day all the driver has to do is go off duty or sleeper berth and the log is complete for the day. No more figuring out miles driven, on duty time, etc. Once the drivers used the system, they adapted to it quickly and saw the many benefits. The transition was successfully executed through education and training. We trained each driver on a one-on-one basis prior to them starting on E-logs. Then we followed up with them regularly to make sure things were going well. The training didn’t only need to be done with our drivers. We knew that with E-logs, our entire staff including operations, would have to plan better. With this new information we were able to see what a driver actually had for hours each day and began to plan loads accordingly. Initially, there were times when we had to relay loads or change delivery dates to accommodate for issues that arose, but as time went on we were soon able to overcome those issues. Overall, the benefits strongly outweigh any negatives that come with E-logs. We are happy we made the switch ahead of time so that once the mandate is being enforced, we will be more than comfortable with E-logs, which will drastically reduce any issues that may arise with enforcement.


The Numbers Don’t Lie



Provides real-time access to information from back office

Stores vehicle inspection reports and other important data

Monitors vehicle health and performance

Reduces or eliminates HOS violations

Improves work-life balance

Improves safety and efficiency









SAFETY BENEFIT OF 20 & 434 = $394.8 M




110 HRS





20-40 50 MIN. HRS. Regulatory Compliance by


Driver Compliance by



$1, 340


Improved Vehicle Utilization by

26% 28% 13%


ISSUED FOR VIOLATIONS OF 500,000+ WERE “HOURS-OF-SERVICE RULES” IN 2013 Previous HOS violations increase the likelihood of a crash by




Vehicle Downtime by

Operating Costs by

26% 10%








7.57 - 9.07 11 HRS

ELDs actually empower drivers to fend off pressure by their carriers to operate when tired or beyond hours-of-service limits.





Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner


























Sponsorship Opportunities Information & Event Information Available at


Meet the 2016 Road Team Dave Towne, Walmart Transportation, LLC

Rose Swallow, Schuster Co.

Rose has been driving for 13 years, nine of those with Schuster. She has driven 1.5 million miles.

Dave has been in the trucking industry for 44 years, 30 of those with Walmart Transportation. He has over 4.95 million miles in his career, all of which are accident-free! He lives in Mt. Pleasant, IA, with his wife of 41 years, Jan. Together they have three children and nine grandchildren.

In addition to her three children, Rose has 4 grandchildren and a boyfriend with whom she’s been with for two years. She lives in Marcus, Iowa and makes deliveries in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

As a boy, Dave used to ride along with his uncle on truck rides. He fell in love with the idea of being a truck driver and always knew he wanted to make professional driving his career.

Her best memory so far as a driver was when she got the opportunity to participate in the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s plan to surprise a little girl in Washington with a brand new camper for her and her family.

Dave is very focused on safety. Every time he gets behind the wheel he makes one safe mile at a time his priority.

Rose is really looking forward to being a part of the Road Team this year, and she wants to get out there and encourage women to look at the trucking industry as a great career.

As a member of the 2016 Iowa Road Team, Dave is excited to help promote a positive image of the trucking industry. He looks forward to helping participate in driver’s education classes, as well as hopefully inspire some young folks to consider a career in the trucking industry for their future!

Chris Dougherty, Solar Transport

Chris has been with Solar Transport for eight years, and has been driving for 19 years. He has driven 1.5 million miles in his career. He lives in West Des Moines with his wife and stepson. Each time Chris gets behind the wheel, he thinks about getting himself and everyone around him home safely. He thinks that his patience and ability to drive defensively rather than aggressively make him a successful professional driver. As a member of the 2016 Iowa Road Team, Chris wants to meet as many people as he can, and help them to have a better understanding of the trucking industry. He is looking forward to helping with driver’s education.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Allen Sohn, FedEx Freight

Allen has been with FedEx Freight for 15 years, and has been a professional truck driver for 37 years all together. He has 3.1 million miles in his career.

Allen and his wife Kathy are Des Moines locals, and they have three daughters and eight grandkids!

Allen has always put safety first, and each time he gets ready to start a trip, he reminds himself that it’s time to keep focused on safety. This year, as a member of the 2016 Iowa Road Team, Allen looks forward to getting the opportunity to inform the public of the importance of the trucking industry.

Randy DeWitt, Walmart Transportation, LLC

Randy has been driving for 16 years, and has been with Walmart for 4 years. He currently has 2 million miles under his wheels, and is also the current Walmart Driver of the Quarter. He and his wife Melissa have four children, ranging from 20 years old down to 3 years old. They reside on a farm just north of Adair, Iowa – where Randy grew up. Randy believes that although the industry has changed a lot over the past ten years, overall trucking is more safety-focused. His professional goal is to ALWAYS put safety first – a responsibility that he does not take lightly! His slogan “one mile at a time, everyday – all day,” is always at the forefront of his mind while on the job. Randy is honored to be a part of the 2016 Iowa Road Team, and really wants to get involved with the schools and the youth in his local communities to help spread awareness of sharing the road with trucks.

Road Team Orientation Recap The 2016 IMTA Road Team held their orientation session in February to learn the responsibilities of being part of a prestigious program that the IMTA is incredibly proud of. Iowa’s Road Team is a small group of professional truck drivers selected each year to represent the industry in a positive manner. They are nominated by their safety directors, go through a strenuous interview process and they must be accident free for a certain period of time to even be considered. Although they are still full-time drivers, these drivers will take a few days each month to travel across the state to meet with the public and talk about highway safety and trucking issues. The group learns a great deal through team building exercises, as well as pubic speaking training and activities. They have face-to-face meetings with the folks at FMCSA and the Iowa DOT, and even get in front of the Governor and other Legislators. The IMTA is excited to see what the 2016 IMTA Road Team accomplishes this year, and we look forward to sharing their journey with you!

The IMTA is excited to see what the 2016 IMTA Road Team accomplishes this year

IMTA Road Team members getting ready to head into the FMCSA offices to sit down with regulators for a round-table discussion. Pictured here are (L – R) Randy DeWitt, Walmart Transportation, LLC; David Towne, Walmart Transportation, LLC.; Chris Dougherty, Solar Transport; Rose Swallow, Schuster Company; and Allen Sohn, FedEx Freight.

2016 IMTA Road Team Members Include: Randy DeWitt, Walmart Transportation, LLC; Chris Dougherty, Solar Transport; Allen Sohn, FedEx Freight; Rose Swallow, Schuster Company; David Towne, Walmart Transportation, LLC. Road team members doing a team-building exercise to practice communication skills and build trust.

A student from Southeast Polk High School gets to sit in the driver’s seat and realize just how important being a safe driver is, not only in a car but in a semi-truck as well.

Chris Dougherty, Solar Transport, and Allen Sohn, FedEx Freight, are getting ready to show the Street Smarts Driver’s Education students just what it’s like to sit in the seat of a truck driver and hopefully realize the visual limitations they have on the road when it comes to seeing other vehicles in their blind spots.

Rose Swallow listening during a tour of the new Traffic Management Center, in the lower level of the Iowa DOT. This new system is a very impressive and proactive way of managing the Iowa roadways!

FMCSA staff sits down with the Road Team members for a round-table discussion on current and future rules and regulations affecting the industry.


Challenging & Celebrating those Who Drive the Industry



Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

1. How long have you been in the trucking industry? 35 years. 22 years with Niece Trucking.

5. What do you want to tell the general public about trucking? Please be courteous to drivers and conscious of the amount of space needed for trucks and drivers to perform their daily duties in a safe manner.

2. What about working at Niece Trucking makes you the most proud? 6. If you ruled the world, what would you change on Day 1? Being able to watch my family members Dan, Jon, and Jen Helton grow the business on to the next level. The pace, people should slow down, get off of your phone/iPad and enjoy life. 3. What motivates you every day? Mentoring and grooming my children to eventually run the company Name one fun fact about yourself. with the same values and work ethic that have made Niece Trucking Became a grandpa in 2015 and looking forward to my second grandchild in 2016. what it is today. 4. Tell me how you got into the trucking industry and why you stayed? Something I have always wanted to do since I was 5 or 6 years old when working at my grandfather’s warehouse.

Brad Pinchuk, President of Hirschbach Motor Lines 1. How long have you been in the trucking industry? How long with Hirschbach? 22 years in the industry and 17 years with Hirschbach.

(Hirschbach) and 3.5 years ago Tom Grojean Jr. and I purchased the company from his father as 50/50 partners. I’ve fallen in love with trucking and am honored to be a part of such a great company and industry!


Ken Niece, Owner of Niece Trucking, Inc.

2. What about working at Hirschbach makes you the 5. What do you want to tell the general public about trucking? I would love to give the general public an education about the most proud? importance of the trucking industry and its vital role in the world’s Our “All In to Win” culture! We work hard, have a lot fun and biggest and best economy. Said another way “without trucking truly enjoy each other’s company. Our team is highly motivated we would all be naked and hungry”! to deliver outstanding service levels to both our customers and each other. We focus our efforts on taking care of our drivers 6. If you ruled the world, what would you change on Day 1? and letting our drivers take care of everything else! Require every kid to play a team sport. Football & basketball were my two loves. I was fortunate to have played both through 3. What motivates you every day? high school, while football continued through college. On the Making a positive impact on everyone I interact with and impact! field & court I learned so…….many valuable skills & life lessons: I love to read and learn from others mistakes & successes! teamwork, competition, learning how to handle winning & losing, passion, drive, being both a good leader & follower, and how to 4. Tell me how you got into the trucking industry and why train and prepare both physically and mentally. you stayed? I stumbled into trucking. After college I joined the Army as an 7. Name one fun fact about yourself. Engineer officer. The experience was amazing! I thought long and hard about making it a career, but from a young age I knew I sunk my Humvee (Army vehicle)! In the early 90’s I was a young engineer officer stationed in Germany. Our platoon I wanted to own and lead a business organization. operated heavy equipment in support of the tanks & infantry. Often, we would conduct joint training exercises (play war) at My wife (Jillayne) was working in the career center at the one of the many large training centers across the country. Army base assisting transitioning soldiers prepare for and find civilian employment. She introduced me to the Lucas Group who After the “war” was over on one particular exercise I wanted to specialized in placing Junior Officers into corporate America. have a little fun, so I decided to drive the Humvee (as an officer I was reluctant, but like a good husband listened to my wife’s you were not supposed to operate equipment). I switched places advice. with my driver and off we went. Most of the companies were very large and didn’t feel like the In the distance was a small body of water. My driver warned me right fit. I met a great guy, Terry Wallace who managed the to avoid it, but I floored it, believing we would make it through operations of a 500 truck refrigerated company (Transtar) based the water. We didn’t make it, the vehicle sunk and we ended up in Waupaca, WI. Terry taught me the business from the ground swimming out to safety. up and we enjoyed five years together. I like to have fun with our team and create memorable I ended up doing some project work for the Grojean’s who experiences (if you’re at a Hirschbach event and get hit with a owned several trucking companies with one being based in MN. roll from across the room there’s a really good chance it came out It’s been a great 17 year relationship in which we’ve moved of my hand). from MN to the Sioux City area and now to Dubuque six years ago. We simplified our business along the way as one company


IMTA Working for You The IMTA staff is regularly out on the road visiting with our members and state officials. Whether it’s conducting a mock safety audit, touring member facilities, or sitting down to discuss real issues affecting Iowa businesses, our members’ needs are always our priority!

Brenda Neville, Larry Minor (FMCSA) & Jacob Olson (Transportation Director for Congressman David Young) at an agriculture and transportation roundtable discussion hosted by Farm Bureau and Congressman David Young.

Julie Hanifen and everyone at Hanifen Co., Inc. welcomed IMTA Chairman of the Board, Mark Olson with Olson Explosives, to their office and showed him first-hand what their 75-ton rotator can do. Quite the impressive piece of equipment!

Bryan Alexander, Mid Seven Transportation and IMTA Chairman, Mark Olson of Olson Explosives.

Chairman of the Board, Mark Olson of Olson Explosives and Gary Church, Martin Brothers Distributing.

Chairman of the Board, Mark Olson of Olson Explosives visiting with Missy Heineman of Denver Construction.

John Marshall, Jerico Services and Jon Dill, IMTA’s Membership Manager.

Scott Lewis, Elder Corporation and Jon Dill, IMTA’s Membership Manager.

IMTA Membership Manager Jon Dill and Bryan Bryant of Anderson Erickson Dairy


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner


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Iowa Motor Tru ck As s ocia t ion



Issue 1, 2016






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INSIDE: Industry News

2016 IMTA Committees

Carrier Success Stories

2016 Lifeliner Magazine (Issue 1)  

Cover Story: ELD Mandate --- It's Not the End, It's a New Beginning

2016 Lifeliner Magazine (Issue 1)  

Cover Story: ELD Mandate --- It's Not the End, It's a New Beginning