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75 YEARS & STILL GOING STRONG A lot has changed since IMTA was founded, but the goals are the same. Look back at the people and events that shaped our organization.

Issue 3, 2017

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Issue 3, 2017



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A history filled with stories and examples of tremendous leadership and significant engagement by association members.


See award photos from the Management Conference and relive your favorite moments from the 75th Anniversary Gala.

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Regulatory Update CVSA Tax Reform Final Thought


EMILY LUKE Assistant Office Manager

JORDAN BJERKE Membership Manager

JANELLE STEVENS Director of Communications, Education & Events

DON EGLI, CDS Director of Safety & Security

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ISSUE 3, 2017


“One of the primary things I’m responsible for as a fleet executive is the welfare of my employees. Today’s announcement will make it easier for employers across the country to provide good, affordable health plans to their employees and that is a good thing.” ATA CHAIRMAN KEVIN BURCH Comments made in response to President Trump’s executive order allowing individuals to purchase health insurance through association health plans

“These storms which attacked South Texas and Florida really have created a severe tightening of supply and demand and may have accelerated the tightening of supply and demand about six months.” STIFEL MANAGING DIRECTOR JOHN LARKIN Comments made during a breakout session at the IMTA Management Conference


“The Mexican trucking program is not an open door policy that permits any and all Mexican trucking companies to haul freight beyond the border zones. Mexican carriers undergo a case by case review process before the US Department of Transportation grants them authority to operate.” ATA CHIEF ECONOMIST BOB COSTELLO urging US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer urging to support the Mexican truck program

“These assurances are a clear win for Iowans.” SENATOR JONI ERNST in reference to President Trump’s discussion with Governor Reynolds on continuing with the Renewable Fuel Standard

“Rebuilding our infrastructure is a monumental effort that will require prioritizing our needs in the most fair and equitable way. To achieve success, we need to stop false suggestions that are off the rails, and encourage collaboration among all stakeholders.” ATA PRESIDENT CHRIS SPEAR

“What a simple concept, yet so powerful. Like a lot of the good things that happen in life, they are so simple in nature, but the power and meaning of it is really significant.” IOWA FOOTBALL HEAD COACH KIRK FERENTZ explaining the origins of the new Kinnick Stadium tradition of waving to the Iowa Stead Children’s Hospital


KEVIN GASS, Incoming IMTA Chairman

It is with great pride that I am serving as the 2018 IMTA Chairman of the Board. I am looking forward to my year in this leadership role and I promise I will give 100% to this position. I served as Chairman in 2006. It was an honor then and it is an honor this time around too. Some people have asked me if it felt different this time around and in both cases, I was very humbled to be asked to serve in this capacity so that has not changed. However, the IMTA I served in 2006 was much different than the IMTA I am serving in 2018. And honestly, I think that is a good thing. While nobody likes change, can you imagine what this industry or your company would look like without change or without moving forward? I believe one of the greatest strengths of the IMTA is its ability to evolve, grow, and change with the environment it is serving. And because of the involvement by the membership, IMTA has been very good at changing with the times. That is why your involvement as a member is always so critically important. Your input is equally important as we move forward and collectively come together as an industry to navigate through this maze of change. I think of the incredible changes that have been made at my company since 2006 and I predict that the changes the industry sees in the next few years will make our heads spin. I found it extremely interesting as I learned more about the history of IMTA as it celebrated its 75th anniversary that some of the same issues we are facing now were on the table even back in the 1940s and 1950s. While the driver shortage wasn’t at the level it is today, it was still a serious concern and the industry was struggling with its efforts to attract folks into the industry. In the early 1950s, safety within the industry was paramount and companies

quickly realized that they needed to invest in safety programs but it wasn’t without its share of challenges and concerns. The regulatory environment was changing quickly and because of that IMTA formed the Iowa Council of Safety Supervisors. Driver pay, insurance rates, capacity, and driver retention strategies were commonly addressed at meetings and conventions throughout the history of IMTA. There was a great deal of discussion on how tractors and trailers needed to be configured to be more energy efficient and infrastructure funding has been a focus of IMTA’s legislative priorities since the late 1940s. Some of these topics sound very familiar, don’t they? And just like we do now, the association will come together, roll up their sleeves, and collectively work on solutions that will benefit the entire industry. That is how IMTA has been operating for 75 years and that will be the foundation of our ongoing success far into the future. Your voice matters, your opinion matters, and now more than ever, your engagement and involvement matters. There is a lot going on in this industry and IMTA is always ready to proudly stand up and represent the interests of Iowa’s trucking industry. But to do that, we always want to know what the membership is thinking and more importantly, how does a proposed rule or regulation impact your company. To create strategies to help the membership, IMTA will continue to gather feedback from the membership and I urge you to take the time to engage these surveys. This is your opportunity as a member of the association to ensure your voice is being heard. I promise you we are listening so take the time give us your feedback. I look forward to my upcoming year as your Chairman and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have a concern or an issue you want to discuss.

KEVIN GASS 2018 IMTA Chairman


ISSUE 3, 2017



DON DECKER, Outgoing IMTA Chairman


2017 IMTA Chairman



As my year as IMTA’s Chairman of last several months, member events have the Board ends, I have had some time been held throughout the state and the to reflect on my involvement with IMTA turn out and support by the members was not only over the last 12 months but more tremendous. Another testament to the importantly over the last several decades. many fine people that IMTA represents Decker Truck Line joined IMTA in 1982 and serves. and while many things have changed since The gala that we held in Des Moines then, the one thing that has continued to was a fitting end to a year of festivities stay the same is the way people support and once again illustrated the class, grace, and enthusiasm that IMTA members have this organization. It is refreshing and gratifying to wit- for this industry and association. It was an evening I will never forget. ness this fact. That was apparent in 1986 when I was While this industry continues to face Chairman of the board and deregulation its share of challenges and hurdles, we are was threatening to change everything we also recognized for our tenacity and perthought we knew about the industry and severance, two important attributes that how to run a trucking company. Initially, will continue to be valuable as we move the association led the charge in opposition forward. The same guiding principles that against deregulation but once it became are at the heart of IMTA and its efforts. a reality, IMTA leaders I thank you for your determined that our best support of the associaWHILE THIS course of action was to tion and its many efforts recruit and assist all the and I especially thank INDUSTRY you for the tremendous new trucking CEOs that CONTINUES TO were entering the market. respect and valuable FACE ITS SHARE OF Throughout that period, input you extended to CHALLENGES AND IMTA reported some of me as your Chairman of HURDLES, WE ARE the highest membership the Board. I urge you to ALSO RECOGNIZED totals in its history with continue to stay involved, informed, and engaged in over 1500-member comFOR OUR TENACITY panies on the memberAND PERSEVERANCE, the efforts of IMTA. ship roster. You r cont i nued TWO IMPORTANT Over time, we saw involvement is key to our ATTRIBUTES THAT ongoing success. many companies exit WILL CONTINUE TO I am appreciative of the industry and yet BE VALUABLE AS WE my staff and associates support for IMTA never MOVE FORWARD. waned. That in itself is at Decker Truck Line for a powerful testament to their commitment and this association. assistance in allowing me And just like in 1986, today’s member- the opportunity to provide this important ship is engaged, active, and supportive of leadership to the IMTA once again. I am IMTA’s efforts and activities. It is an honor especially grateful to my family for the and a privilege to have been allowed to understanding and support they gave me serve in this capacity not only once but this past year in my capacity of Chairman twice and I have thoroughly enjoyed my of the Board of the IMTA. I look forward to our continued work year as Chairman of the Board. It was especially rewarding because together and am confident that IMTA will we were celebrating the 75th anniver- continue to be effective in being the recogsary of our association. Throughout the nized voice for Iowa’s trucking industry.

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Happy Anniversary, IMTA! A year ago we kicked off our anniversary celebration and over the course of the last 12 months we had a great celebration. I can’t help but reflect on how significant it is that our organization has been around for 75 years. That is a big deal. As we worked our way through the archives of IMTA, we were humbled by the amazing resilience that was demonstrated by those early association leaders as they stood by their vision of building an organization that would be the unified voice of the trucking industry. That same resilience prevailed over the last seven decades as the association faced its share of obstacles as the trucking industry continued to change dramatically. As the industry evolved so did the association. Each decade ushered in yet another set of significant changes; the national highway system, deregulation, increased regulatory oversight, rule changes in virtually every aspect of your operation, computerization, equipment advances beyond our wildest dreams, and staggering advances in technology. The last 75 years have seen profound and phenomenal changes, many changes that some would argue were disruptions disguised as progress, but a reality of our industry and our history nonetheless. With all these changes, trucking companies entered and exited the industry. Some of the casualties were expected yet others were sad and tragic and a constant reminder that trucking is not for the faint of heart. Like the members it serves, IMTA too has had its share of trials and tribulations. The peaks and valleys of IMTA often mirrored what the members were experiencing, but our dedicated association leaders and loyal members exercised the same resilience and perseverance they used in their own operations to lead the association through the good and the bad. And fortunately … the good prevailed

and IMTA stands tall and proud as this milestone anniversary unfolded. As we celebrated throughout the last year, members of all sizes and types came to the party. Their stories were equally fascinating and colorful, entertaining, and sobering as they recounted the tremendous journey that so many IMTA members have traveled to get to where they are today. And throughout it all, your association was there. IMTA always has been and always will be the collective voice of many kinds of companies, all with a different set of priorities and expectations. Representing all of these different interests is a challenging task in itself but every decade IMTA gained speed and strength. I believe the challenges and disruptions of the past can’t even compare to the ones that we will face in the next 10 to 15 years, but we will continue to carry on the tradition that has been built over the last 75 years. A tradition that has always enabled IMTA to navigate challenges and pursue what is good for the whole. Because of active and engaged members we will continue to stay on top of what is going on in the industry and identify what the true priorities must be. We will continue to work towards offering the services, guidance, and support you need to get out ahead of the big issues and provide the leadership that will allow these tremendous changes to work in your favor. The pride, passion and purpose that has always united us will be even more important in the years ahead as the disruptions continue. IMTA is committed to representing all of you – an impossible task that we strive for every day. But it is why the association was formed and we continue to take that responsibility very seriously. The stories of the past are epic, complex, impactful and are embedded in our history. We will now carry them into our future as we write the story of IMTA for the next 75 years. I look forward to the story that continues to unfold.


ISSUE 3, 2017




What motivates you to come to work every day for the State of Iowa

It may sound clichéd to say this, but it’s because I love Iowa and I love being from Iowa, so serving the state and its people is really motivating to me. I still marvel at saying that because I didn’t want to move here when my parents moved here from Missouri in 1977. All I ever thought about when I was in high school was moving back, but then I went to college and law school here, started a career here, raised a family here, and now I wouldn’t live anywhere else.



Iowa DOT Director

 hat are the three biggest challenges W that our State faces at the at the current time?

It’s difficult for me to answer comprehensively for the state, because there will be challenges that extend beyond transportation and beyond our state. But in transportation and transportation infrastructure, I believe our biggest long term challenge remains revenue and funding for road and bridge infrastructure. Although we have capitalized on and are grateful for the increased funding provided by Iowa’s fuel tax increase, long term projections for fuel taxes predict declining buying power when measured against construction cost inflation, and that will be magnified by increasing fuel efficiency and the use of fuel efficient vehicles. (Consider that this year fuel tax revenues to the federal Highway Trust Fund were stagnant despite an increase in total vehicle miles traveled.) Our ability to sustain and enhance our road and bridge infrastructure to meet future needs will require consistent attention to funding and funding alternatives.

ow do you believe the trucking 3 Hindustry will fare under your administration?

One of the things I strongly believe in is that transportation done well serves personal and economic vitality. I hope and expect that the trucking industry will fare well during my time in this position



and reflect an increased vitality, although I hesitate to claim credit under my administration. Our organization benefits from leadership and innovation at many levels that will drive change beneficial to the trucking industry, including improved and expanded infrastructure and traffic operations solutions that reduce congestion and delay and increase operational efficiency, smart solutions like truck parking applications that give drivers real-time parking information to avoid delay ad waste of hours of service hunting for parking, and learning applications that help new drivers enter the industry.


What motivated you to get into the public sector?

I was in private practice as an attorney and living a life driven by billable hours, spent mostly resolving disputes. I wanted to do something that I felt contributed in a more positive and lasting way.

a day in the life of the IDOT 5 Explain Director. The demands of this position are so varied that it’s difficult to describe a typical day. Although I have days in the office like any other person, I have many days that take me all over, not only between the Capitol, Ankeny (where our Motor Vehicle Division building is) and Ames, but all over the state and sometimes the country. One of the great joys of this job is that I get to see people and places all over Iowa, be involved in an extraordinarily wide variety of issues and topics, see up close lots of innovations and cutting-edge technologies, and learn new things all time.


 hat do you have in your personal W arsenal/toolbox that truly makes you an effective leader for the State of Iowa?

I hope people will find it true that I have a curious mind and the habits of a life-long learner, an affinity for collaboration and problem solving, strong communication skills, and at least a streak of vision and creativity.


 hat is the most rewarding and the W most frustrating aspect of your job as the CEO of the Iowa DOT?

I find the community visits I get to make, both individually and on our transportation commission tours, to be the most rewarding aspect of this job. I really love learning more about our cities and towns and seeing the interesting and innovative things they


are doing to make Iowa a great and livable place, and it’s a humbling honor when their leaders are excited to host us and excited to share them with us. The most frustrating aspect is fighting to keep projects that are funded and otherwise on schedule moving and under budget when unnecessarily delayed by pending federal permits and authorizations.


 hat are your guiding principles as W the IDOT Director and how do you rely upon those not only while leading the State of Iowa but your own staff?

Communicate openly, clearly, directly, thoroughly, and frequently. Don’t be afraid to communicate the bad along with the good; be honest about mistakes and shortcomings and don’t be afraid to admit them and correct them. Explain the “why” and anticipate what people need to know to avoid conjecture, surprise, and confusion, and to be respected and engaged in their role. I find that this mindset serves me well whether I’m engaged with the legislature, the transportation commission, the public, our staff.

ow do you stay on the “pulse” of 9 Heverything that is happening in Iowa and get a good understanding and appreciation how the IDOT can play an integral role in keeping the state strong, vibrant and relevant?

One person can’t do it. It takes lots of people in the Iowa DOT, each operating in their own “sphere of influence” (as I like to say) and each networking in and outside the Iowa DOT. You have to trust and listen to your staff and empower them to engage and take action. I also get important input through our transportation commission and their meetings and tours, from our own individual meetings throughout the state, from important industry partners (like IMTA), from other agencies like the Iowa Economic Development Authority, and of course the Governor, Lt. Governor and their staff.


 hat is your favorite truck? Have W you ever been in a truck?

My dad was a hog buyer for Oscar Mayer when I was growing up, and I loved to go to his hog buying station and run hogs and clean the alleys. When I was really lucky his driver would let me ride along to the plant (to Beardstown, Illinois when we were in Missouri and to Perry, Iowa, when we were in Iowa). Although it pains me to admit this in my current position, when I was 14 he had me drive the tractor from the buying station into town one day to get lunch. (That was at least before CDL started, although I’m entirely certain it was not within the scope of my learner’s permit.) Based on that singular experience I have to say an International cabover.

ISSUE 3, 2017




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MEMBERS IN THE NEWS TanTara Transportation Brings the Freedom Drivers Project to Iowa

President’s Award winners on stage at ATA MC&E, including Lisa Gonnerman & Dan Van Alstine with Ruan Transportation.

Ruan Transportation Receives ATA President's Award At the recent Leadership and Awards Luncheon at its annual Management Conference and Exhibition, American Trucking Associations recognized Ruan Transportation with one of three ATA President’s Awards. This award goes to fleets who demonstrate innovative approaches to safety and go above and beyond to keep highways safe. Ruan earned top honors in the fleet category with more than 100 million miles. “This industry provides constant examples of hard work and professionalism exhibited by its people on a daily basis,” said Chris Spear, ATA president and CEO. “Today, we take a moment to honor groups, such as Ruan Transportation, that have gone above and beyond in the pursuit of excellence to earn the title of champion and promote safety throughout our vital industry.” Source: Heavy Duty Trucking

The Freedom Drivers Project (FDP) is a first-of-itskind mobile exhibit that is a premiere tool in educating members of the trucking industry and general public about the realities of domestic sex trafficking and how the trucking industry is combating it. From its outside wrap, to the climate controlled interior with actual artifacts from trafficking, this trailer provides many with their first glimpse into human trafficking, as well as simple action steps anyone can take immediately walking out of it. TanTara’s Jeff Riggan volunteered to transport the FDP trailer from St. Louis, MO to the Iowa State Fairgrounds where it was on display during the Iowa State Fair. In addition to TanTara being a financial supporter, multiple IMTA members are also featured on the trailer as supporters. SOURCE: Truckers Against Trafficking

Jeff Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp., transporting the Freedom Drivers Project trailer to the fairgrounds.

Dickey Transport Welcomes Rep. Loebsack to Packwood While visiting with Rep. Loebsack on the recent Call on Washington trip to Washington D.C., Adrian Dickey invited the Congressman to Packwood, Iowa, where he and Dickey Transport employees would be able to have more time to sit down and discuss the issues, the regulations and the laws that were having a significant impact on the trucking industry, as well as in their current business environment. In September, Representative Loebsack did just that, and spent twohours with Dickey Transport discussing the most predominant issues our industry faces.



FROM LEFT: Adrian Dickey, Dickey Transport, Representative Loebsack, and Dave Dickey, Dickey Transport

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS Truck Country, Freightliner Awarded General Services Administration Contract Truck Country, in partnership with Freightliner Trucks, has secured a contract with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to supply the US Government with Class 5-8 trucks. The partnership submitted bids for 86 base configurations which are estimated to generate significant quantities of sales in vehicles that range from box trucks to heavy haul tractors.

IMTA Members Step Up During Hurricane Relief Efforts Never will “If You Got It, a Truck Brought It” mean more than it did to residents of Texas and Florida during the aftermath of damage inflicted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. As is the case in times of need such as this, trucking industry companies across Iowa responded with various resources of support and fundraising, or with capacity to move relief supplies. The IMTA would like to show appreciation to the IMTA members who have informed us of their hurricane relief efforts and commend you on a job well done. We realize more members have also stepped up in this time of need and we appreciate your willingness to represent the trucking industry in a positive manner.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: »» BTI Special Commodities, Inc. »» Casey’s General Stores, Inc. »» Crouse Transportation Services »» Don Hummer Trucking »» Fareway Stores, Inc. »» Hy-Vee, Inc. »» McCoy Group »» Midwest Wheel Companies »» Niece Trucking, Inc. »» PDI, Ltd. »» Ramthun Trucking, Inc. »» Ruan Transportation »» TanTara Transportation »» Two Men and a Truck

“We’re honored that our trucks were chosen and that we are trusted to help with some of the government’s most important and difficult jobs,” said John Frawley, Truck Country Director of Corporate Accounts. “We believe in Freightliner trucks and are proud to supply the government with a lineup of trucks that will offer the best value and lowest cost of ownership for their budget.” “We are thankful to have knowledgeable and dedicated dealers like Truck Country we can partner with to secure exciting opportunities like working with the General Services Administration,” added Richard Howard, VP of Sales and Marketing for Freightliner Trucks.

The Convoy for a Cure trailer proudly on display at West Side Transport, Inc.

West Side Transport, Convoy For a Cure Inaugural Award Donation Being part of the transportation industry, West Side Transport had the opportunity to create awareness while generating money to contribute to fighting against cancer. The employees of West Side Transport created teams within the company and started raising money to buy a brand trailer that would be wrapped in pink and adorned with various cancer ribbons. This trailer would not only create awareness, but a portion of the revenue the trailer generated for the life of the trailer (12 years) would be donated towards finding a cure. One year later, West Side Transport announced Gems of Hope as the first recipient of funds raised throughout the year, $10,000 to be exact. Gems of Hope is a Cedar Rapids-based charity focusing on cancer patient and family support. SOURCE: Convoy For a Cure

ISSUE 3, 2017



What’s an ISS Score and Why Is It Important? a motor carrier falls within that range, the higher the score, the more likely they are going to be prioritized for an inspection. I should note the FMCSA is careful to use the word “prioritization.” That’s because it is simply an indicator to enforcement that this motor carrier is prioritized for closer scrutiny. ISS is a recommendation to enforcement, not a decree.

There are many different ways safety is measured in trucking, but one gauge is particularly important in determining whether you get a green light or a red light from your truck weigh station bypass service. It’s called an Inspection Selection System score, or ISS score, and it also has a deep effect on the number of times a truck is inspected by safety enforcement officers. Drew Anderson, director of carrier relations for PrePass and a well-known subject matter expert on the Inspection Selection System, recently spoke with freelance trucking journalist Evan Lockridge regarding what factors make up an ISS score and what truck fleets and owner operators need to know about it. Evan: To begin with, can you explain what the Inspection Selection System is? Drew: The Inspection Selection System is the mechanism that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) uses to prioritize motor carriers for scale pull-in at weigh stations and inspections based upon their safety profile. It primarily uses safety data from the FMCSA’s Compliance Safety and Accountability program, commonly known as CSA. Evan: So how is an ISS score determined? Drew: The primary elements of the ISS score are a motor carrier's safety percentile ranking in CSA. The FMCSA takes each motor carrier's percentile rankings and then depending upon the combination of scores and their performance in the different CSA safety categories, known as Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category, or BASICs for short, fleets will have a corresponding ISS score on a scale from zero to 100.



Evan: Based upon what you have told me, the different CSA BASICs are weighted differently when it comes to using them to determine an ISS score.


Director of Carrier Relations at PrePass

Evan: Can you give me examples of a good score or a bad one? Drew: Sure. There are seven CSA BASICs. If a carrier is over the threshold in a CSA BASIC or what the FMCSA determines is an alert status, for example in the hazmat category, but are good on all the other BASIC scores, then the ISS score will probably be in the middle of the range (50s, 60s or 70s). That’s not too bad. On the other hand, if a motor carrier has an alert status for the hours-of-service compliance BASIC, they're automatically going have a high ISS score of between 75 and 100 because the hours-of-service BASIC is deemed to be more indicative of crash than an alert in the hazmat basic. Evan: The goal is still to have the lowest score, correct? Drew: Exactly. And depending upon where

Drew: The BASICs that get heavily weighted or prioritized, are “Unsafe Driving”, which covers speeding, reckless driving, improper lane change, inattention and not wearing seatbelts, plus the “Hoursof-Service Compliance” basic, which covers noncompliance with hours-of-service regulations, including logbooks. In addition, there is the “Crash Indictor” BASIC, which considers a fleet’s history of crash involvement. At a 5,000 foot view those are the three BASICs that ultimately have the most impact on an ISS score, with the FMCSA paying closest attention to Hours of Service. Evan: Are there any other major factors that go into determining an ISS score besides the CSA BASICs? Drew: Yes. Insurance status can go into your ISS score, though most truck fleets carry the proper insurance, so that’s not much of a worry. Also fleet investigation results go into the score, whether it’s an on-site fixed investigation, or an off-site focused investigation. Regardless, if safety inspectors find serious or critical violations, these can be factored into your ISS score. Additionally, there is a separate

calculation for carriers with very few, or an “insufficient” number of inspections with the purpose being to increase the number of carriers with inspection data in the system. Evan: Does this automatically mean that someone driving a rig for a trucking operation with a high score will always get a red light from their weigh station bypass service provider, forcing them to pull in? Drew: It's important to understand that just because somebody has a high ISS score, it is not a guarantee they’ll get pulled in. It means that they are prioritized to get pulled in. So if you've got a line of trucks at the scale backing up onto the highway, inspectors have the option to wave through somebody with a high ISS score. They won't automatically inspect them. However, people need to remember, for example, if two trucks are at the scale and one truck has an ISS score of 85, and the other truck has an ISS score of 25, if an officer is going to conduct an inspection he's probably going to do it on the truck with 85 not 25. Now, that officer may not conduct an inspection for whatever reason. It's not guaranteed that an inspection will occur, but all things being equal he's more likely to pick the truck with the higher ISS score. Evan: And in that same vein, if someone has a low ISS score, does that automatically mean they are going to get a bypass, or are they subject to other reasons an officer might have for pulling a truck in? Drew: You are always subject to the officer’s discretion. That's a guarantee. So if you have an ISS of 16, the officer could still decide to do an inspection. There's always a random element and this varies by state. And this is what we at HELP and PrePass feel is a huge benefit and advantage for our customers, because we work with these states. We adhere very strictly to the standards mandated by individual states for bypassing. Evan: Based on what I am hearing from you, it seems there's little consistency among the states as to what level of ISS score is required to get prioritized for an inspection, correct?

Drew: That is exactly correct. Just like we see variances in enforcement activities in states, we know, anecdotally, that Indiana tends to focus more on speeding, Oregon is more likely to focus on hours of service, and in Texas, it’s lights. We can see the patterns of priorities in each state when we look closely at the data. ISS is a Federal program to prioritize motor carriers, but at the end of the day, the individual states are responsible for enforcement of the laws on their roads. So they have the final say in determining who gets inspected and who does not. Evan: Are there tools or data fleets can use to monitor and help improve their ISS scores? Drew: So, there’s two questions here. First, monitoring in and of itself is available to any motor carrier through the FMCSA portal. Every motor carrier can, and should, be accessing their portal account which is where they’ll find their current ISS score. The second question is the real challenge, how does a carrier improve their score? Given sufficient resources, any carrier has the ability to access the raw data from the Safety Measurement System (SMS) and begin manipulating that data such that answers will eventually be revealed over time. However, this requires not only the ability to manipulate

the data, but a pretty solid understanding of the CSA and ISS methodologies. In early 2017, HELP Inc., provider of PrePass, released the INFORM™ Safety data system. With INFORM, we’ve taken our understanding of the data and methodologies and placed heavy emphasis on data visualization. At the end of the day ISS and CSA is all about driver behavior. What that means is that the carrier needs answers to four basic questions: who, what, when and where. The choice then becomes do they want to search for those answers in a very large and cumbersome data set or do they want those answers presented to them in a manner that’s easy to understand and communicate to their stakeholders. Keep in mind that CSA and ISS are components of a comprehensive approach to safety. Are they important? Absolutely, critical even. However, true safety at a motor carrier is cultural and that demands clear, timely, and effective communication across the entire organization. We feel strongly that INFORM helps support a true culture of safety.

Drew Anderson is the director of carrier relations at PrePass, the leading weigh station bypass and toll payment system in the United States. For more information on ISS scores and PrePass, call (800) 773-7277 or visit

ISSUE 3, 2017


IMTA UPDATE Big Reduction in Workers Compensation Rates for 2018 The Iowa Insurance Division recently provided notice of an additional reduction in workers’ compensation premiums by 8.7%. The reduction is for voluntary and assigned risks beginning on January 1, 2018 for new and renewal policies. This is in addition to the 3.9% mid-year decrease as a result of the workers’ compensation reform legislation that was signed into law this past legislative session. According to the rate filing by NCCI, here are average increases and decreases by industry sector: IMTA was part of a business coalition that successfully passed a sweeping package of workers compensation reforms during the 2017 legislative session. While the legislation was helpful

in getting a reduction in rates, the biggest decrease came from a reduction in claims overall in 2014 and 2015. Senator Michael Breitbach, (RStrawberry Point), who is also an IMTA member was the floor manager of the bill and provided valuable leadership in getting the legislation passed. In his comments about the legislation, Senator Breitbach defended the legislation because it contained common-sense provisions that returned the system to its intended balance.

Proposed Changes in Voluntary Rate Level by Industry Group Industry Group

Average Change

Maximum Increase

Maximum Decrease









Office & Clerical




Goods & Services








SOURCE: Iowa Association of Business & Industry

For over a decade, IMTA had been focusing on workers compensation reform because it was consistently cited as one of the top priorities for IMTA members.

Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation Hosts Focus Groups for IDOT

FROM LEFT: Keith Lamfers, Shuster Company, Delwin Van Wyk, Harrison Truck Centers, and Jeff Wangsness, JMT Trucking Company

The Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation (IMCF) hosted a series of focus groups to help with the ongoing development of an interactive commercial driver’s license training manual app. The objective of this phone app is to create a user-friendly product to help applicants better prepare for the CDL test. The scope of the project is to create an interactive commercial driver’s license training manuaal app to better prepare applicants for a CDL to be more successful in passing the CDL knowledge exam on the first try. The project is also hoping to instill a foundation of understanding commercial laws, policy and safety as well.

Allison Meiners, Ruan Transportation, and Rhonda Hartman, Old Dominion Freight Line



The proposed app will utilize the conten ts of the current CDL manual, break the sections and information down into smaller, digestible bites of information, test an applicant for competency with miniquizzes and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.

The Iowa DOT has partnered with Higher Learning Technologies (HLT) a company based out of Iowa City, Iowa which specializes in the creation of engaging effective mobile learning solutions which target adult learners and professional licensures. HLT has successfully created and launched products which target nursing students, medical students and professional licensures such as project management certification and real estate license exams. The IMCF has continued to seek research efforts that will benefit the trucking industry in Iowa and IMCF leadership was excited about the development of this new app. Focus groups comprised of IMTA members were held in Des Moines and Iowa City. IMCF will continue to be involved in the effort as more testing takes place and will be also assisting HLT in getting the word out once the app is finalized and ready to be launched officially.

LEFT: The Trucking Legends Panel featuring IMTA member John Smith, CRST International BELOW: New ATA Chairman Dave Manning RIGHT: Brenda Dittmer, Weinrich Truck Line, and IMTA President Brenda Neville BELOW: IMTA President Brenda Neville joins other state association executives for a photo with the I Love Trucks photo prop.

American Trucking Associations Holds Annual Management Conference & Exposition The American Trucking Associations recently held its annual MC&E in Orlando, Florida. The Iowa Motor Truck Association (IMTA) was represented by many different carriers and suppliers. John Smith, Chairman of the Board with CRST International was featured on a Trucking Legends Panel which included CL Werner, Werner Trucking, Shorty Wittingham, Grammer Industries, and Dan England, CR England. Kevin Burch, Jet Transport and ATA Chairman of the Board moderated the panel. Brenda Dittmer, Weinrich Trucking and the ATA Vice President for Iowa gave the official introduction of the Iowa delegation at the ATA Board of Director’s Meeting. ATA President and CEO Chris Spear told the audience that efforts to unify and

strengthen the industry group have raised ATA’s profile tremendously and resulted in important victories for trucking. “Your story is now being told to the highest levels of government, to the media and to the American people,” Spear said. “Together we are building trucking’s future.” Chris pointed to victory in securing permanent hours-of-service reform, a higher profile for ATA on autonomous vehicle issues, withdrawal of rigid sleep apnea rules and stalling of a poorly crafted speed-limiter rule as significant triumphs for the industry that were the result of the federation’s elevated profile. “We earned that victory,” Spear said of the hours-of-service win. “You helped make that happen, and this win serves as a reminder to each of us, of the sheer

strength of this association when we work together.” The annual event attracts thousands of carriers and vendors from across the nation and features educational sessions, policy and committee meetings and several outstanding speakers and panel discussions. Dave Manning, President of TCW, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee was elected 73rd Chairman of the Federation. Dave and his wife Betsy have attended IMTA’s Management Conference on two separate occasions. Manning has been an executive with TCW since 1985, helping to grow the company from a single terminal operation to diversified transportation firm with more than 600 employees across the southeastern United States.

ISSUE 3, 2017



75 years

of pride, passion & purpose

December 11 12 Trucking Executives representing three different trucking organizations came together to have a discussion about forming one organization and by the end of the meeting, the Iowa Motor Truck Association was formed. Mr. James Brockway was named IMTA’s first paid executive. December 17 First official meeting of IMTA Executive Committee.


June 29 IMTA purchased Truckers Insurance.


January 15 IMTA Articles of Incorporation were signed by Lee Forsyth, John Ruan and James Brockway.

January 22 IMTA held its first board of Director’s Meeting. September IMTA executive James Brockway passed away unexpectedly and the association faced its first hurdle just as they were going to kick off their first annual meeting. October 28 John Gillespie was named as the second IMTA Executive.


“Because it had to be done,” was the simple response that Mr. John Ruan gave when asked why he felt it was so important to form an organization in 1942. That organization became the Iowa Motor Truck Association. In a later interview in 1992, when IMTA was celebrating its 50th anniversary, Mr. Ruan continued to reiterate the importance of this historic meeting and said it was a very easy decision. “It was actually pretty simple. Our ability to get things done as an industry and be effective would be greatly enhanced if we all came together as one unified voice. At the time, there were three or four organizations that represented the industry and we were getting our butts kicked at the Capitol,” said Mr. Ruan. “It just had to be done and we all knew that.” To bring twelve powerful and strong-willed individuals to the table was an accomplishment in itself and the vision, commitment and passion they represented still lives on yet today as IMTA celebrates its 75th anniversary. With a budget of $3500 in 1943, the association determined its focus would be legislation, dealing with public officials, public relations, and recruiting members. Sound familiar? By the early 1950s and 1960s, IMTA had gained momentum and respect. The trucking industry secured a well-deserved seat at the table and trucking had a strong and effective voice at the Capitol. Today that trusted and respected voice continues to garner great respect not only in Iowa but in DC.



1942 ABOVE: In December of 1942, John Ruan organized a meeting of three different groups in Iowa that were representing the trucking industry. By the conclusion of the meeting, they all agreed to come together as one group and the Iowa Motor Truck Association was formed. RIGHT: 1960 IMTA officers. L-R: John Ruan, Secretary Treasurer, Hugh DeWees, Vice President and Ray Brown, President


March 20 Governor Blue signed HF 243 which modernized limitations on truck sizes and weights, this was IMTA’s first legislative victory. August IMTA held its first educational seminar. The 4-day event was held at Iowa State College in Ames and focused on accident prevention and truck conservation.


July 6 The first IMTA Truck Roadeo was held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds and over 5000 spectators were in attendance for the finals.


May IMTA launches a new Highway Safety Campaign with an emphasis on recruitment and training of truck drivers.


June 1 L.E. Roy Crowley is named the 3rd Executive for IMTA. John Gillespie resigned after serving in the position for 5 years. Gillespie went into business as co-owner of Hawkeye Truck Equipment Company.


July Iowa Council of Safety Supervisors organized as a Division of IMTA.



May Harold Hughes is hired as IMTA field representative and was responsible for member operations in 16 counties.

April The Iowa Highway Commission announced the largest 5 year program in the state’s history and focused on the completion of the state’s interstate highway system.


January While suppliers had been involved with IMTA activities, a separate dues schedule was created specifically for suppliers and the IMTA Allied Division was officially created.

September First Iowa Truck Congress held. This was an event that brought suppliers and truckers together.


March IMTA distributes its first “Trucking Facts” booklet. The 20 page booklet outlined the importance of trucking in the State of Iowa.


BELOW: In 1946, in an effort to create enthusiasm for the Truck Roadeo, Fruehauf donated this trailer as the grand prize. The second place prize was a 1946 Ford V8 Super DeLux automobile.


LEFT: Roy Crowley served as IMTA's Executive Director from 1949 - 1971 and is credited with creating a framework and foundation for IMTA that ensured success and longevity. BELOW: In the mid 1950s, IMTA started a contest to award and recognize newspaper editors for their accuracy in reporting on the trucking industry and for safety and truck reporting overall. Here John Brady, 1959 IMTA Chairman of the Board and President of Brady Motor Freight presents a $300 check to the overall winner Albert Pinder, Managing Editor of the Grinnell Herald-Register.




September 8 & 9

IMTA celebrates its 25th Anniversary and the “Silver Jubilee” was held in Cedar Rapids to celebrate 25 years of progress and success.

Late Summer


Longtime IMTA Executive Roy Crowley announces he will be resigning on December 31 after serving the association for 21 years. On January 1, 1971, Dick Hileman started his job as IMTA’s 4th Executive. March

IMTA was actively supporting an effort to allow for 65-twin trailers.



IMTA published its last edition of Motor Truck News, a publication that had been started in 1943. IMTA announced that the Lifeliner would be taking its place and the publication would resemble a magazine versus a newspaper.




The IMTA Board implemented a campaign across the state in an effort to stop a proposal that would “deregulate” the trucking industry.




A public opinion poll sponsored by the ATA Foundation and the state trucking associations showed that two-thirds of the nation’s motorists felt that truck drivers were safe and more courteous than passenger drivers.

Iowa Highway Commission was eliminated and replaced with the Iowa Department of Transportation. October 1

Charles Ingersoll, Jr., formerly the Chief Executive at the South Dakota Trucking Association, became IMTA’s 5th executive. Chuck replaced Dick Hileman who resigned after five years to accept another position in the private sector.

By September of 1967, as IMTA celebrated its 25th anniversary the mood was optimistic, confident, and the crowd of over 200 sprang to their feet when IMTA Executive Roy Crowley reminded the audience at the closing gala that the “best was yet to come” because trucking was going to continue to dominate in delivering freight. However, the next two decades proved to be challenging for the association and the trucking industry in general. Throughout the 70s, Governor Robert Ray waged a very public and bitter battle with the industry as it pushed for bigger and longer trucks. In the early 1980s, the industry was forever changed when deregulation became a reality. IMTA continued to focus on building a strong base of membership and ongoing relevancy and value to the members. After deregulation, the membership soared to over 1600. In 1992, the association celebrated yet another milestone with its 50th anniversary. Mr. John Ruan was given a lifetime achievement award at the closing banquet of the anniversary celebration. “As truckers, we have an intrinsic desire to find solutions to problems, that is what we do every single day and because of that drive, that vision and that desire to do whatever it takes to get the job done, we are successful in our efforts,” he said, humbly accepting the award. “We applied that same philosophy to starting the IMTA and the end result was an organization that always has been and always will be effective in making a difference and getting the job done,” said Mr. Ruan.





IMTA leaders form a public relations committee and Vern Simpson is the chairman of the committee. This new committee contracted with Drake University and polled 1000 Iowans, 18 and older. Once the results were compiled, it showed that Iowans had a good opinion of Iowa’s trucking industry.


Record year for membership, with 226 new trucking companies joining the IMTA. The previous record was in 1982 with 170 new members.

Mid 1980s

ABOVE: The Allied Division played an integral role in IMTA's success starting in the early 1950s and continue to provide leadership yet today. In the mid-1980s, Vyto Vainiunas, Mark Wolford and Mike Bagg were extremely active in keeping the Allied Division involved and engaged. RIGHT: The commercial and industry network includes 2331 miles; 2082 rural miles and 249 urban miles. Legislative action in 1989 restricted the size of the CIN to 2500 miles. This important network complements Iowa’s 782 miles of interstate highways and provides high quality highway access to all areas of the state – a big deal for trucking. Here Governor Branstad and 1989 IMTA Chairman of the Board Dave Pape along with DOT Commissioners commemorating the network.




’87 ’88



Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation formed. The main purpose of the new Foundation was to provide scholarships. Cummins Great Plains Diesel provided a major contribution to launch the scholarship program.

Project I.M.T.A. (Investing in Tomorrow’s Adults) received recognition by the White House. Project IMTA was one of 100 programs from across the nation to receive a President’s Citation for Private Sector Initiatives for the positive contribution it made to communities from across the state. Project IMTA provided grants to Iowa high schools to help fund their after prom activities.


Media Driving Challenge is added to the Truck Driving Championships in an effort to get more positive exposure for Iowa’s trucking industry and the Truck Driving Championships


July 1

Chuck Ingersoll steps down as President of the association after serving in the position for 10 years. When he had arrived at the association there were 475 members and at his retirement, IMTA had over 1600 members. Scott Weiser was named the new executive for IMTA.



IMTA celebrates its 50th anniversary. A two day celebration was held in Des Moines.




Long Distance Telephone Discount plan is offered to the membership. The WIN program was one of IMTA’s most successful non-dues program. July 1

Iowa Truck Driving Championships celebrates in 25th anniversary July 1

Legislation calling for a gas tax increase went into effect.

Federal legislation mandating annual vehicle inspections went into effect. All vehicles with a GVWR of 10,001 pounds or operating in interstate commerce had to be inspected.



IMTA launched its first leadership class. There were 18 IMTA members that participated in the inaugural program that spanned over 5 days of various educational sessions. July 11

IMTA members were called to action as flood waters devastated the state and rising waters compromised the Des Moines waterworks plant leaving over 250,000 people with out water for several weeks.

August 11


IMTA made its debut at the Iowa State Fair by hosting a display of trucks down the grand concourse on the opening day of the Fair. December

Land was purchased at the foot of the Iowa State Capitol in hopes of building an IMTA headquarters in the near future.

December 21

Mandatory drug testing was phased in for the trucking industry.

BELOW: The ICSM was formed in 1951 and continues to be an important division of IMTA. 1980 Officers. L-R: Dave Smith, Larry Spain, Dan Gardner and Darrell Garrett.



1992 LEFT: In the late 1980s, IMTA kicked off their women in transportation recognition program. The first group of women honored were: L-R Back Row: Donna Weinrich, Loretta Van Wyk, Virginia Nible Seated: Joy B. Fitzgerald and Judy Roorda.

ABOVE: 1992 Executive Committee. L-R Standing: John Smith, CRST; Virgil Umthun, Umthun Trucking; and Arlan Van Wyk, Van Wyk, Inc. Seated: Bill Weinrich, Weinrich Trucking; Vernon Van Wyk, Van Wyk Freight Lines; Larry Miller, Ruan; Bill Smith, Smithway Motor Xpress; Robert Sturgeon, Barr-Nunn Transportation; Don Decker, Decker Truck Line; George Crouse, Crouse Cartage Company

ISSUE 3, 2017


’96 ’98

April 1 IMTA officially moved into their new 10,000 square foot headquarters building.


August 10 Groundbreaking ceremony for IMTA’s new headquarters building at 717 East Court Avenue in Des Moines. Over 100 members gathered for the historic ceremony.


February IMTA members begin training for the Highway Watch Program.

June IMTA purchased a used MRI Trailer to convert it into a traveling billboard and exhibit for Iowa’s trucking industry.


December US Secretary Slater issued a plea to the trucking industry to reduce fatal accidents involving trucks by 50%. December 1 IMTA launched its first official website.

On April 1st, 1996, IMTA moved into their new headquarters building. The construction and ownership of this impressive building at the foot of Iowa’s Capitol exemplified the confidence and strength of the trucking industry. The building was a unifying source of pride for the members which continues yet today. In the latter 1990s and early 2000s, the image of the industry moved into the forefront. IMTA also took a more strategic approach to its operation. A leadership program was launched, and the safety department was beefed up because of an increasingly demanding and stringent regulatory environment. By the fall of 2008, the great recession had worsened, and the trucking industry was feeling its impact. Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve said the 2008 financial crisis was the worst in the global history, even surpassing the great depression. By 2010, the economy was slowly sputtering back to life but over 2000 trucking companies across the nation had gone out of business during the “great recession.” On January 1, 2014, the Foundation assumed ownership of the IMTA building, a move that eliminated a significant amount of property taxes and once again demonstrated the commitment by association leaders to keep the association strong and viable far into the future.

IMTA’s executive committee holds a meeting with Governor Terry Branstad after he was re-elected in 2011.



September 11 IMTA had just kicked off its annual management conference in Cedar Rapids when a major terrorist attack on the United States unfolded. Two US passenger planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers in New York, a third plane crashed into the Pentagon and a fourth plane, also heading towards Washington DC crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.



May 8 Brenda Neville is named the 7th executive for the Iowa Motor Truck Association. Brenda had served as the Vice President of the association under President Scott Weiser for the past 14 years. July 1 Dave Scott was named the lobbyist for the Iowa Motor Truck Association.

January Governor Chet Culver is sworn into office and a push to pass a gas tax was put in place, but the industry quickly discovered the Governor Culver would not be a champion for the cause.

But, the winds of change continued to roll through Iowa in 2015. After serving in the US Senate for 30 years, Tom Harkin announced that he would not be seeking re-election and in an unprecedented move, IMTA leaders met with Joni Ernst and made the decision to endorse her as she tried to become the first woman in Iowa to serve in the US Senate. On November 4th, IMTA members proudly celebrated when Joni Ernst became Iowa’s first female US Senator and the first female veteran in the history of the US Senate. While IMTA leaders were focused on legislative and regulatory challenges, they also recognized that 2017 marked an important milestone in the history of IMTA, its 75th anniversary. It was agreed that a celebration would be appropriate and anniversary activities were kicked off in December of 2016 at the annual holiday open house. Throughout the year, events were held to commemorate the celebration and the same pride, passion and purpose that existed in 1942 when IMTA was formed is still very prevalent now, 75 years later. Happy Anniversary IMTA – you have much to be proud of and here’s to another 75 years …

BELOW: In 2003, IMTA recognized Mary Ann Lemar as she retired from 20 years of service as IMTA’s office manager. The association gave her a trip to Hawaii as a thank you for all the outstanding work she did for the association.



January The FMCSA’s long-awaited CSA program was rolled out. July IMTA passes anti-indemnification legislation – a major victory for Iowa’s trucking industry.


July The Iowa Truck Show and Truck Driving Championships were held at the Iowa Speedway. As a part of the event, IMTA was one of the official sponsors for the ARCA Truck Series Race and over 10,000 people walked through the truck display.



January 1 The foundation assumed ownership of the IMTA building. The transfer of ownership resulted in a significant break on property taxes since the Foundation was a 501 C 3.


January Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds were back in the Capitol.


October 1 After 70 years of the same dues structure, a new dues schedule for carriers was put in place after a special task force comprised of carriers of all sizes spent over a year working on a way to update and modernize the dues assessment procedures for IMTA carrier members.

March 1 After years of working on getting a gas tax increase, a 10-cent increase/gallon went into effect infusing an additional $215 million annually into road and bridge construction projects. August IMTA’s Executive committee endorsed US Senate Candidate Joni Ernst. This was the first time in the history of IMTA, that it had endorsed a candidate. Joni went on to easily defeat Bruce Braley and she became Iowa’s first female US Senator.


May 24 Kim Reynolds is sworn in as Iowa’s first female Governor. Long time Governor Terry Branstad was appointed US Ambassador to China by President Donald Trump. July 1 Major workers compensation reform went into effect after a historic legislative session was spearheaded by total Republican control at Iowa’s Capitol. September 21 An elegant and impressive gala was held at the Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines with over 400 people in attendance. The gala was the culmination of almost a year of special activities and events celebrating this important milestone.


January A 75th Anniversary committee was announced as IMTA started to work on a 75th anniversary celebration.

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Effective Date for Out-of-Service Criteria Related to ELD Rule The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will begin enforcing the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate requirements on Dec. 18, 2017. The out-of-service criteria (OOSC) associated with the ELD mandate will go into effect on April 1, 2018.


CVSA Executive Director

For more information on FMSCA's ELD rule, visit



The Federal Motor Carrier Safety CVSA member jurisdictions have used Administration’s (FMCSA) congressionally this phased-in approach in the past when mandated ELD compliance deadline is still implementing a significant change in regset for Dec. 18, 2017. On that date, inspectors ulatory requirements. The CVSA Board and roadside enforcement personnel will of Directors, in consultation with FMCSA begin documenting violations on roadside and the motor carrier industry, agreed that inspection reports and, the phased-in approach at the jurisdiction’s disto implementation of CVSA MEMBER cretion, will issue citathe ELD requirements tions to commercial outlined in the North JURISDICTIONS HAVE American Standard Outmotor vehicle drivers USED THIS PHASED-IN of-Service Criteria will operating vehicles APPROACH IN THE PAST help promote a smoother without a compliant WHEN IMPLEMENTING transition to the new ELD. Beginning April A SIGNIFICANT CHANGE ELD requirement. 1, 2018, inspectors IN REGULATORY will start placing comA letter was sent to mercial motor vehicle FMCSA notifying the REQUIREMENTS. drivers out of service agency of CVSA’s commitment to implementif their vehicle is not equipped with the required device. Please ing the new requirement, as scheduled, on note, a motor carrier may continue to use a Dec. 18, 2017, and noting the April 1, 2018, grandfathered automatic onboard recording effective date for applying the ELD OOSC. device (AOBRD) no later than Dec. 16, 2019. The AOBRD must meet the requirements of Collin B. Mooney, CAE, has over 28 years of experience in the transportation safety industry, all of which have 49 C.F.R. 395.15. been dedicated to truck and bus safety. Prior to joining This announcement does not impact CVSA, Collin’s public safety career began in Canada with enforcement of the OOSC for other hours- the Saskatchewan Highway Transport Patrol, and later he spent more than a decade with the Alberta Commercial of-service violations. Vehicle Enforcement Branch. Collin joined CVSA in 2003 CVSA supports moving forward with the as director of training programs and later as the organization’s director of enforcement programs. In 2010, he compliance date as specified in the rule. was promoted to deputy executive director, until 2016 However, setting an April 1, 2018, effective date when he became the Alliance’s executive director. Collin for applying the ELD OOSC will provide the has studied extensively in the fields of policing, corrections, criminal justice, and applied justice studies from motor carrier industry, shippers and the road- Lethbridge College, and he is currently in the process of side enforcement community with time to completing his master’s degree in public administration, with a concentration in nonprofit management, from adjust to the new requirement before vehicles George Mason University. are placed out of service for ELD violations.


Q: Y  our opinion on capacity today?

“I believe we are to the point that no matter your role in transportation, you will agree that capacity is extremely tight. There are several factors driving the change in the industry and Britton is anticipating capacity to remain valuable through 2018. We expect rates to increase and driver recruiting to become even more difficult.”

“We are very busy and have more freight than we can haul.” JAY HAWTHORNE C & J Trucking of Iowa, LLC

“Our truck capacity is good. We have been very fortunate, but can always add a few more drivers. Sometimes it pays to be a smaller company.” DAVE NEUWOHNER All Seasons Trucking, Inc.

MIKE BASH Britton Transport

“Capacity is tight and it’s only going to get tighter.”

“Our freight is great, although our capacity continues to be constrained by a shortage of qualified drivers. The freight environment is becoming far more robust and circumstances such as ELD’s will continue to constrain an already tight truck availability market.”

“Capacity is good. We are looking to grow and add more trucks. I see no slowdown.” DAVE HAYES Protein Transport

MURRY FITZER Florilli Transportation

SCOTT SZYMANEK Eldon C Stutsman, Inc.

ISSUE 3, 2017



Fourth Annual LEAD IMTA Conference – Another Success! The fourth annual LEAD IMTA Conference was held in early November and the almost 40 participants enjoyed a full agenda of fascinating speakers, interactive sessions, and plenty of time for networking too.

LEFT: Rowena Crosbie, Tero International BELOW: Anna Konchar, Advisori Marketing, Liz Adelman, AdelmanDean Group, and Genevieve Dean, AdelmanDean Group

The opening event featured a cooking competition that truly underscored the competitive nature of everyone in attendance. The five different teams took the competition very seriously and while only two of the teams walked away with the top prizes, everyone in attendance left with a full stomach. The outstanding smorgasbord of appetizers that were prepared in the competition was nothing short of a five-star rating. The following day, the group enjoyed numerous panel discussions on the political environment and social media marketing. Kay Henderson with Radio Iowa facilitated a session that featured two highly recognized and respected political strategists; Matt Paul and Jimmy Centers. Justin Walters with West Side Transport facilitated the social media panel that featured Liz Adelman, Genevieve Dean, and Anna Konchar. In the final session, speaker Rowena Crosbie with the Tero group gave the group valuable insight and instruction on how to communicate, negotiate, and be a better leader. “This is such a worthwhile conference that continues to offer very solid and valuable sessions. It is well worth the time and I look forward to next year’s conference. IMTA members need to be taking advantage of this conference and get involved with the LEAD IMTA efforts,” said Jennifer Brim with Decker Truck Line and a member of the LEAD IMTA council. The LEAD IMTA council plans the conference and meets regularly to discuss ways to get more folks involved and engaged with the Iowa Motor Truck Association. Aaron Hoffman, Des Moines Truck Brokers



Jeff Martin, Green Products Company

ABOVE: The secondplace team of Justin Walters, West Side Transport, Bobby Seivert, Panama Transfer, John Kearse, Hanifen Co., Brad Bailey, Central Trailer Service, and Jennifer Brim, Decker Truck Line, created nachos and shrimp tacos. LEFT: Jimmy Centers, Cornerstone Public Affairs, IMTA President Brenda Neville, Kay Henderson, Radio Iowa, and Matt Paul, Cornerstone Public Affairs

Mark Boss, LTI Delivers, prepping ingredients during the cooking competition.

We can help you keep your business heading in the right direction. McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. Certified Public Accountants & Business Advisors Our Trucking Team Dan Schwarz, CPA/ABV Co-Managing Partner

Nick Finkenauer, CPA Senior Manager

Ashley Sly, CPA Supervisor

A Step Ahead.

It’s the end of the road for paper logbooks. New federal regulations mean you have to replace paper-based logbooks with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) by December 18, 2017. With Verizon, you get turnkey solutions and technology that’s built for the long haul.

Make the switch to ELDs with Verizon and get up to $200 off when you purchase and activate any 4G LTE tablet and an ELD compliance package.*

Visit to connect with a Verizon business representative. *Device payment purchase or new 2-yr. activation required. Tablet must be purchased through Verizon Wireless Representative. Limited time offer. One tablet discount per each compliance package purchased. ©2017 Verizon Wireless.


Let Tax Reform Drive Economic Growth, Starting with Trucking Trucking is the lifeblood of the American economy. We merge millions of people and machines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to transport nearly every product produced, manufactured, and sold. Trucks move approximately 70 percent of the nation’s freight, and four out of five communities rely solely on us to deliver the goods to run their businesses, feed their families and fill their homes. While trucking sustains the vitality of the U.S. economy, we also carry a heavy tax burden, paying the highest corporate tax rate of any transportation mode, including rail. Because of that reality, we can say with absolute certainty that comprehensive and permanent tax reform can get our economy rolling at full speed, and we urge Congress to make it a reality by year’s end. The trucking industry employs 7.4 million people and is as varied as the goods we carry, ranging from Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of thousands of trucks and employees to small, family-operated business. To operate, we grapple with a large and onerous web of taxes that only begins with the personal and corporate income tax and estate tax. Moreover, trucking pays $40 billion in federal and state highway-user taxes, and most or all of four of the five federal excise taxes that flow directly into the Highway Trust Fund. This includes the tax on special fuels, the heavy vehicle use tax, the 12 percent excise on new trucks and trailers as well as the tire tax.  Although commercial vehicles like trucks account for only four percent of vehicles on our roads, we pay nearly half the Highway Trust Fund tab. It is of paramount importance that the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund — which pays for our nation’s roads and bridges — be stabilized and increased if America’s infrastructure is to meet the promise of the 21st Century. The trucking industry is committed to paying our fair share and can continue to do so, so long as highway user fees and taxes are structured correctly. Conventional tax reform is the ideal path — lower the

rate, and broaden the base. Such comprehensive reform will not only benefit the bottom line of American business, it will also help make the passage of an infrastructure bill possible, something that President Trump has declared to be a priority. Trump’s proposed corporate rate reduction to 15 percent is a great starting point, cutting nearly in half what our industry currently pays. By reducing the tax burden on the truckers that literally move our economy, we will be able to invest more in our employees, equipment and the growth of our companies — which will benefit Americans up and down the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the consumer. A large majority of trucking companies are either sole proprietorships or family operated businesses, and we believe there should be equivalent rates for all business, regardless of how they choose to organize. Tax reform should not result in smaller businesses being taxed at a higher rate than that of traditional corporations.  Eliminating the extremely complex rules that govern depreciation is critical for an industry as capital-intensive as trucking. Immediate expensCHRIS SPEAR President & CEO of American ing of capital outlays would Trucking Associations accomplish this goal. Finally, we would like to see a repeal of the individual and corporate alternative minimum tax, which would further simplify many motor carriers’ tax burdens.  Few industries are as connected to every facet of the American economy as is trucking. From that vantage point, we can see what comprehensive tax reform would do to drive economic growth. Every day, we proudly do our job to move America forward. Now we’re calling on Congress to do the same.  

ISSUE 3, 2017


ATRI UPDATE Multiple Driver Characteristics Have Potential to Identify Safe, Younger Drivers ATRI understands the frustration within the industry when it comes to one of the largest barriers of entry into the industry, the 18-year-old driver and with that in mind, they moved forward with important research investigating the potential for developing a Younger Driver Assessment Tool – one that would identify younger drivers who exhibit many of the same characteristics as safe, older commercial drivers.


Want to get more involved with ATRI? There are a number of ways you can be part of this vital industry organization: »» P  articipate in ATRI’s research. When ATRI puts out a call for carrier data or asks for responses to an industry survey, take the time to participate. More is always better when it comes to research and we encourage you to join the growing number of motor carriers, professional drivers and industry suppliers who all regularly take part in ATRI’s studies. »» C  ontribute to ATRI. Join your peers in the industry and STEP UP with a charitable contribution to support ATRI’s research. Giving is easy and can be done online at »» S uggest a research topic. ATRI is always looking for new research ideas for the RAC to evaluate. »» J oin the RAC. Want to be involved in setting the trucking industry’s research agenda? Send us an email letting us know you want to be considered for a nomination to serve on the RAC. »» S pread the news. When ATRI releases research results, please Tweet, Facebook and otherwise share the findings with your colleagues and peer network so that everyone benefits from our work on behalf of the trucking industry.

Check our the new ATRI website at

“To me this is some of the most important research out there and I am very excited to see ATRI moving towards a tool that could help us in our recruiting efforts,” said Don Decker, IMTA’s Chairman of the Board. To assess the feasibility of identifying safe younger drivers, ATRI reviewed existing scientific literature on driver characteristics and the associated safety outcomes. This initial report summarizes the psychology literature on early adulthood, and how characteristics of this age group relate to driving safety. The research was conducted in conjunction with Dr. Monica Luciana, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota.


“The potential to screen for the safest candidates among younger new entrants is an exciting step in the industry’s workforce expansion. We look forward to working with ATRI in the development and testing of the Younger Driver Assessment Tool,” said Greg Koepel, Vice President, Workforce Development and Administration, Roehl Transport, Inc.

ATRI Debuts New Website The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has a new web address - aimed at making it easier to access the organization’s work. “Key to our success as an organization is not only the quality of our research but in our ability to disseminate the findings far and wide,” said ATRI President and COO Rebecca Brewster. “We are taking steps, including this new web address, to get critical research findings and analysis out in the world so it can be used to improve the trucking industry’s safety and productivity.” In addition to relaunching its website as, ATRI is taking steps to streamline its online presence


Individual traits that can reliably predict driver safety outcomes such as personality, health and cognition were identified and discussed in this latest ATRI report. The next phase of ATRI’s research will involve assembling the relevant measures of the identified predictive factors and conducting a beta test of the Assessment Tool on a small sample of both veteran and entry-level drivers. Results of the beta test will determine if a larger scale study is warranted.

ATRI'S new website

and is doing more to promote its ongoing research efforts like the annual top industry issues survey, the cost of congestion report and identification of the nation’s top freight bottlenecks. “ATRI is the leading voice on trucking research and now we’re doing more to raise that voice so it can be heard loud and clear by industry, our public-sector partners, and lawmakers across the country,” Brewster said.

ATRI UPDATE Trucking Industry Congestion Costs Top $63.4 Billion Traffic congestion on the U.S. National Highway System (NHS) added over $63.4 billion in operational costs to the trucking industry in 2015, according to research released by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). Utilizing a variety of data sources including its unique truck GPS database, ATRI calculated delay on the NHS totaling more than 996 million hours of lost productivity, which equates to 362,243 commercial truck drivers sitting idle for a working year. ATRI’s analysis also documented the states, metropolitan areas, and counties that were most impacted by these delays and subsequent cost increases. The top 10 states experienced costs of over $2 billion each, with Florida and Texas leading with over $5 billion each.

“A FIVE-MINUTE DELAY FOR EACH UPS VEHICLE, EVERY DAY, COSTS UPS $105 MILLION ANNUALLY IN ADDITIONAL OPERATING COSTS.” As expected, traffic congestion tended to be most severe in urban areas, with 88 percent of the congestion costs concentrated on only 17 percent of the network mileage, and 91 percent of the total congestion cost occurring in metropolitan areas. This concentration of congestion has been well-documented in ongoing work by ATRI which annually identifies the worst truck bottlenecks in the U.S.

The analysis also demonstrates the impact of congestion costs on a per-truck basis, with an average increased cost of $22,676 for trucks that travel 100,000 miles annually. As part of this analysis, ATRI has updated its congestion cost database with 2015 data to provide granular cost information to transportation planning officials on the hours of delay and associated cost by major jurisdiction type and road level. “Congestion-related costs continue to rise and impact our supply chains. A five-minute delay for each UPS vehicle, every day, costs UPS $105 million annually in additional operating costs. ATRI’s report quantifies this drain on the economy which must be addressed through targeted infrastructure investments,” said Rich McArdle, President of UPS Freight.

ISSUE 3, 2017














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Offer good for first time PrePass customers for the PrePass weigh station bypass service. Service contingent upon application approval. Qualified applicants will receive service transponder and one month of service at no up-front cost. At the end of the trial period, service will automatically renew at regular PrePass rates. Customers may cancel service at any time.


IMTA EVENTS ELD Town Hall Meetings Offered Further Education to Members During the month of August, IMTA collaborated with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division, and the Iowa State Patrol to travel across the State as a continuation of our efforts to further educate and inform members, and non-members, on ELDs. The structure of these interactive meetings focused on the questions from the ELD Q&A on the FMCSA website, with the regulatory personnel answering and explaining the specifics of the answer. Attendees also had the opportunity to ask questions, and to hear from each of these three agencies. In addition, the Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement, and Iowa State Patrol personnel shared details about how they will handle enforcement and data transfer on roadside inspections, and FMCSA personnel shared their interpretation of the ELD rule and how they will view ELD data during compliance reviews.

ABOVE: Engaged and attentive group of attendees during the Des Moines ELD Town Hall Meeting. LEFT: Tony Batcheller, Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, and Officer Tim McFarland, Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement

Iowa Council of Safety Management Celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week The Iowa Council of Safety Management spent a day during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week showing truck drivers just how much they are appreciated. Several members volunteered their time to assist in handing out donuts and beverages to truck drivers as they came across the scales at the DOT Dallas County scale. The group enjoyed talking with the drivers and hearing their stories. One driver who went through the scale described his journey as he had been driving for over 42 years. Volunteers who helped with the event include: Jackson Sawyer, Des Moines Transportation Co.; Dallas Williams, Casey’s General Stores; Marvin McGinnis, Casey’s General Stores; John Holt, Ruan Transportation; and Kenny Bauman, JMT Trucking Company.



ABOVE: Jackson Sawyer, Des Moines Transportation Co., Dallas Williams, Casey’s General Stores, Marvin McGinnis, Casey’s General Stores, John Holt, Ruan Transportation, and Kenny Bauman, JMT Trucking Company

IMTA EVENTS IMTA Completes Membership Outreach Tour, 75th Anniversary Celebration The Iowa Motor Truck Association continued to celebrate its 75th anniversary by hosting membership outreach events across the State of Iowa. Over 250 members attended the six different events. During this outreach tour, members, colleagues, and friends gathered to help the IMTA celebrate our 75 th anniversary and also get an update on various legislative and regulatory priorities that IMTA was working on.

FROM LEFT: Caitlin Muhlbauer, Heyl Truck Lines, Steve Schuster, Schuster Company, Mackenzie Schaffert, Hey Truck Lines, Alan Heyl, Heyl Truck Lines, Brenda Neville, Iowa Motor Truck Association, Luke Binneboese, Binneboese Trucking, and Brenda Dittmer, Weinrich Truck Line, Inc.

Jim Koester, Midwest Wheel Companies, Dyan and John Smith, CRST International, and Fred Grask, Cedar Rapids Truck Center

Mark Gooding, Truck Country, Joede Kayser, Thompson Truck & Trailer, and Jim Anderson, Midwest Wheel Companies

ABOVE: Steve Sukup, Sukup Manufacturing, and Ryan Pritchard, Pritchard Family Auto Stores LEFT: Lance Votroubek, Warren Transport, Inc., Brady Williams, Kevin Meyers and Mike Spalla with Kunkel & Associates

ISSUE 3, 2017


IMTA EVENTS New IMTA Show Trailer Unveiled at Anniversary Gala As part of our 75th Anniversary celebration, a group of dedicated and loyal supporters spearheaded an effort to get a new show trailer. This important and valuable billboard will ensure our positive message will continue to spread. During the 75th Anniversary Gala on Thursday evening, the new IMTA Show Trailer was unveiled to the attendees and great excitement was shared on how this new show trailer will be used to promote the industry even more in a positive manner. Special thank-you to the committee who spearheaded the process; Committee Chairman Mark Olson, Olson Explosives; Brad Kohlwes, Argee Transport; Mike Bagg, Central Trailer Service; Dale Decker, Decker Truck Line, Inc.; Delwin Van Wyk Harrison Truck Centers; James Cade, Ruan Transportation; and Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp.

In-Kind Contributors

Financial Contributors

Argee Transport

Interstate PowerSystems

Iowa Council of Safety Management

Central Trailer Service

Jim Hawk Truck-Trailers

Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation

Cross Dillon Tire

Midwest Wheel Companies

IMTA Allied Division

Harrison Truck Centers

Rasmussen Group


Round Two of IMTA Image Campaign Complete Because of the success of the first round of the IMTA Image Campaign, IMTA decided to pursue a second round with over 20 companies signed up to participate. Once again, IMTA members showed their commitment to telling the positive story of the trucking industry. The creativity and dedication to helping our association and our industry share the story of trucking was played out in numerous ways, including: food pantry fundraisers, trucker buddy programs, driver’s education presentation, career fair participation and various touch a truck events.

Congratulations to the carrier division winner Decker Truck Line, Inc, and the allied division winner Truck Country of Iowa.



FROM LEFT: Doug McCoy, Truck Country, accepts the Allied Division first place prize for the IMTA Image Campaign.

FROM LEFT: Don Decker & Tammy O’Tool with Decker Truck Line, Inc. accept the Carrier Division first place prize for the IMTA Image Campaign, defending their firstround title.

IMTA EVENTS Making History Fun Again In conjunction with the year-round activities celebrating the IMTA’s 75 th Anniversary, over 30 IMTA members participated in the Tour Des Moines Historical Pub Crawl, where attendees dressed to impress representing different decades since the 1940s. During this fun event, attendees were taken on a tour of establishments throughout downtown Des Moines that have historical significance to the IMTA. Fun trivia facts were shared throughout the event to tie in these locations or featured items at each establishment. BELOW: The '70s prevailed as the overall winner with the most dressed up participants.

ABOVE: Grace Jensen and Justin Schwarz, Hanifen Towing, proudly represent the '80s. LEFT: Representing the 90s are Ben Couch, Reynolds & Reynolds, Collin Fopma and Jordan Bjerke, Iowa Motor Truck Association, and Brian Van Valkenburg, Mad J Repair & Towing, Inc.

Attendees showing their decade of preference with their attire.

ISSUE 3, 2017



IMTA’s 75th Anniversary Book Preview – Order Yours Today! For 75 years, the Iowa Motor Truck Association has delivered progress for Iowa’s motor carriers, their suppliers, and employees. In 1992, we celebrated our first 50 years with a commemorative book and a really great party. But a lot has changed in 25 years – including our members! IMTA’s new 75th Anniversary Book will showcase 75 years’ worth of the biggest moments from our organizations long and impressive history. You’ll be able to revisit highlights and photos from our entire history, all in one place. We currently have a book preview available to members that shows a work-in-progress design for 1992, including our 50th Anniversary Gala. This preview will give you a glimpse of the look and feel throughout the entire book, which will be available in early 2018. This book preview, along with an order form, is available for review on our homepage at Pre-orders for this commemorative 75th Anniversary Book are available for only $100.



ISSUE 2, 2017

2017 Management Conference

A Milestone Event



In 1942, the first annual conference was held to bring members together after the association had just been formed. The half-day event focused on the goals and priorities of the newly formed Iowa Motor Truck Association and the written records indicated that there was a “sense of pride as Iowa’s trucking industry finally had a unified voice.

The room was full of optimism, electricity, and excitement as Mr. Ruan outlined the goals of the new association. Everyone was proud to be a part of the new IMTA.” Now 75 years later, that same pride exists as IMTA continues to be the strong and effective voice of Iowa’s trucking industry. With the presence of over 600 attendees during this two-day event in Des Moines, this itself is a testament of the great support and dedication members have for their association. In the words of 2017 Chairman of the Board Don Decker, Decker Truck Line, Inc. during the opening ceremonies of the conference, “IMTA is in a class all of its own in my opinion. Not only do we have a great

group of dedicated and committed volunteer leaders, we have an engaged and energized membership which is shown here today.” While this year’s conference had a multitude of highlights, the one that is truly going to be hard to top in the future is the location of the welcome reception. The privately-owned Albaugh Car Museum proved to be a hit for everyone, car enthusiast or not. This great atmosphere provided an evening full of reconnecting with business colleagues and friends within IMTA and Iowa’s trucking industry. During this event, over $50,000 was raised for the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation as IMTA members once again showed their support and generosity

through both the live auction and the silent auction hosted by the LEAD IMTA Council. The following day was full of activities including speakers, educational sessions, award recognitions and networking opportunities. As is the same each year, the trademark of the success for the conference is the lineup of speakers and sessions that are offered to attendees. This year the breakout sessions focused on economic forecasts, improving the image of the industry, and learning what works from well-respected carriers throughout the state and nation. In addition to the breakout sessions, keynote addresses by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and ATA President Chris Spear were equally

as appreciated and enjoyed by the attendees. The grand finale was the 75th Anniversary Gala on Thursday evening. “It has been an honor to help organize this special celebration for the association, an event that I remember my dad always bringing me to when I was a young boy. I feel extremely blessed to have been involved with an industry and association that allowed me to forge the many friendships that I have over the years, even with some of my competitors.”, said the 75th Anniversary Co-Chairman George Crouse, Crouse Transportation Services.

ISSUE 3, 2017


2017 Management Conference



Thank you to our Management Conference Sponsors GOLD SPONSORS Cummins Sales & Service Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc. Great West Casualty Company Harrison Truck Center HELP Inc. Interstate PowerSystems J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Joe Morten and Son, Inc. d.b.a. Motor-Ways, Inc. McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. MHC Kenworth Midwest Wheel Companies Northland Products Company, Inc. O'Halloran International, Inc. / Quality Services Corp. Thompson Truck & Trailer, Inc. Truck Country Freightliner-Western Star SILVER SPONSORS BMO Transportation Finance Caterpillar Dealers of Iowa - Altorfer Caterpillar Dealers of Iowa - Ziegler, Inc. Central Trailer Service, Ltd. Cornhusker International Trucks GATR Truck Center Housby I-State Truck Center Lube-Tech & Partners, LLC Mid-States Utility Trailer Sales, Inc. Northland Insurance Company Thermo King Sales & Service Truckers Insurance Associates TrueNorth Companies U.S. Legal Services Wilson Trailer Company

BRONZE SPONSORS Allied Oil & Tire Company Bauer Built Tire Bridgestone Commercial Solutions Cedar Rapids Truck Center / Quad Cities Peterbilt CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP Comdata Dave Syverson Truck Centers Donaghy - Kempton Insurors Eastern Iowa Tire, Inc. Hanifen Company, Inc. Iowa 80 Truckstop, Inc. Iowa Council of Safety Management Jim Hawk Truck-Trailers, Inc. Kwik Trip, Inc. Majestic Truck Center Midwest Peterbilt Group PeopleNet Peoples Insurance Agency, Ltd. Renewable Energy Group Reynolds & Reynolds, Inc. RSM Sioux City Truck & Trailer, Inc. Siouxland Trailer Sales, Inc. Thermo King Christensen US Cargo Control Wilshire Insurance Company / IAT Insurance Group

ISSUE 3, 2017


2017 Award Winners

Recognizing Greatness This association and its industry depend upon the countless men and women who strive for excellence in everything they do. These individuals have a sense of pride and commitment that motivates them to give it their all every day. Evidence of that commitment can be seen throughout the operation. We are extremely proud of the outstanding carriers who call Iowa their home. Their professionalism, commitment, and dedication are the heart and soul of this industry. Through this awards program, IMTA recognizes and honors their persistence and dedication.



Dispatcher of the Year Special thanks to the Iowa Council of Safety Management for sponsoring these awards.

Megan Walker

BARR NUNN TRANSPORTATION, INC. Megan has over 12 years’ experience as a dispatcher and quickly earned the respect and the admiration of her peers and supervisors. Megan was described as being someone that is extremely dependable, efficient and has impeccable work ethic. The effort Megan gives to each driver is commendable, and the characteristics that are represented in Megan represent all that is good in the industry.


Congratulations to the 2017 Dispatcher of the Year Nominees


MEGAN WALKER Barr Nunn Transportation, Inc.


JAROD SMITH Decker Truck Line, Inc.



WILL KENNY Decker Truck Line, Inc.

JOSH DELANEY Hirschbach Motor Lines

DAVID CURTIS Perishable Distributors of Iowa

ASHLEY REYNOLDS West Side Transport, Inc.

Safety Professional of the Year Special thanks to the Iowa Council of Safety Management for sponsoring these awards.


Sid is a third generation of his family to be involved in the trucking industry, and has been involved with the industry since day one. While in college, Sid had various jobs driving a truck prior to transitioning into safety. That practical experience combined with his overall appreciation, knowledge and love of the industry has made Sid a valuable and respected safety professional both within his own company and among his safety peers throughout the state.


Congratulations to the 2017 Safety Professional of the Year Nominees SID CARROLL Great West Casualty Company BRITTANY LAMPHIER West Side Transport, Inc.


ISSUE 3, 2017


2017 Award Winners

Fleet Maintenance Professional of the Year Special thanks to Midwest Wheel Companies for sponsoring these awards.


Malaki has been in the industry for several decades and is widely known for his commitment and passion to maintenance. He has been cited for his excellent management skills, as well as his ability to lead by example. Furthermore, company leaders at Decker Truck Line, Inc. appreciate the manner in which he treats the management team, his employees and the vendors that he deals with on a daily basis.


Congratulations to the 2017 Fleet Maintenance Professional of the Year Nominees


BENJAMIN STEINES Ruan Transportation

DOMINIC “DANNY” SODA Barr-Nunn Transportation

JEFF DIEDIKER Weinrich Truck Line

TYSON VANCE Decker Truck Line, Inc.

MALAKI BULTEN Decker Truck Line, Inc.


RANDY TESLOW Olson Explosives

ANNA MARIA LONG Decker Truck Line, Inc.

Fleet Maintenance Company of the Year Special Thanks to Midwest Wheel Companies for sponsoring these awards.

Sully Transport, Inc. GRAND CHAMPION

Congratulations to the 2017 Fleet Maintenance Company of the Year Nominees BARR-NUNN TRANSPORTATION









Professional Driver of the Year Special thanks to the Iowa Council of Safety Management for sponsoring these awards.

Bill Wright

RUAN TRANSPORTATION Bill has been with Ruan Transportation for 31 years, and has been a professional driver for a total of 34 years. He has driven over three million miles with no preventable accidents and is recognized for his safety efforts each year at Ruan. Bill wanted to be a driver from the time he would ride with his father as a young teenager, and officially began his career hauling air freight between Los Angeles and San Francisco for his father-in-law. In the words of Bill, “Every day is a new adventure. It is rewarding to me knowing that I am part of making this country great.” BILL WRIGHT

Congratulations to the 2017 Professional Driver of the Year Nominees


HARRY CAMPBELL Barr-Nunn Transportation



OSCAR AMADOR Nebraska Coast

DENNIS MAHER Solar Transport

SHELDON MCAFEE Decker Truck Line, Inc.

BRYAN KNOX FedEx Freight


KARL HAYES Perishable Distributors of Iowa

JIM STINEMATES Wal-Mart Transportation

JOHN HODGES Decker Truck Line, Inc.



BILL WRIGHT Ruan Transportation

KEITH DECKER West Side Transport

ART CLUBB Decker Truck Line, Inc.



JEFF SMITH Ruan Transportation

ISSUE 3, 2017


2017 Award Winners

Great West Casualty Fleet Safety Awards Special thanks to Great West Casualty Company for sponsoring these awards.

Hy-Vee, Inc.

Grand Champion


Congratulations to the 2017 Great West Casualty Fleet Safety Award Nominees




General Commodity – Truckload

0 – 2 million miles


General Commodity – Truckload

2 – 5 million miles


10 – 20 million miles

BTI SPECIAL COMMODITIES Flatbed Carrier 0 – 2 million miles




20 – 50 million miles

2 – 5 million miles

5 – 10 million miles



5 – 10 million miles

0 – 2 million miles

OLSON EXPLOSIVES, INC. Private Carrier 0 – 2 million miles

General Commodity – Truckload


General Commodity – Truckload

5 – 10 million miles


General Commodity- Truckload


General Commodity – LTL

Flatbed Carrier

Tank Truck – Bulk

Tank Truck – Bulk

2 – 5 million miles

Tank Truck – Bulk

PERISHABLE DISTRIBUTORS OF IOWA Private Carrier 2 – 5 million miles HY-VEE, INC. Private Carrier 20 – 50 million miles

75TH Anniversary Gala

A Celebration of Great Pride, Passion & Purpose

Almost two-years ago, IMTA and Allied leaders started to plan the 75th Anniversary. While there were many different ideas that came to the forefront, what was really apparent from the beginning was how proud and excited the association leaders were to reach this milestone. It was agreed that we needed to certainly celebrate and pay tribute to an association and its dedicated members that has prevailed for over seven decades. These leaders worked tirelessly on pulling together a year long celebration that culminated with the big Gala. This was a celebration for the ages, and offered the nearly 400 attendees with an evening of festive celebration.

ISSUE 3, 2017


75TH Anniversary Gala During this formal evening, the IMTA recognized both past and present association leaders. “It has been such a pleasure to visit with some of the past leaders that are here this evening and it is a strong reminder of the outstanding leadership we have had in the past and I want to personally thank you for not only being here for this celebration but for all the tremendous leadership you provided to the association over the years.�, said 2018 IMTA Chairman of the Board Kevin Gass, Perishable Distributors of Iowa. To celebrate the rich history of the Iowa Motor Truck Association, IMTA President Brenda Neville captured the overall essence of the association through a story that outlined the creation of the association, the struggles, the victories, all the way up to the promising future of the association. Intertwined in this story, current IMTA leaders shared their own personal accounts and experience. The finale of the evening included the musical talents of the Atlanta-based band, The Big Blast and the Party Masters. The Big Blast got people up on their feet and on the dance floor. This was truly the perfect ending to a perfect year-long celebration of the Iowa Motor Truck Association. A big thank you to everyone for helping us celebrate!



75TH Anniversary Committee RALPH ARTHUR Ruan Transportation Retired MIKE BAGG Central Trailer Service GEORGE CROUSE Co Chairman Crouse Transportation Services DON DECKER Co Chairman Decker Truck Line, Inc. DAVE DICKEY Dickey Transport BRENDA DITTMER Weinrich Truck Line, Inc. FRED GRASK Cedar Rapids Truck Center GARY HANDLEY BTI Special Commodities JACKIE JOHNSRUD Johnsrud Transport, Inc. PAT KUEHL Great West Casualty Company JOHN MINOR Midwest Wheel Companies DAVE RIGGAN TanTara Transportation Corp. BILL ROTH Truck Country STEVE SCHUSTER Schuster Company DELWIN VAN WYK Harrison Truck Centers DONNA WEINRICH-LUCHT Weinrich Truck Line, Inc.

ISSUE 3, 2017


75TH Anniversary Gala

Past Convention Chairman – A Tribute to our Allied Leaders

FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT: Adam Clark, Midwest Wheel Companies, John Minor, Midwest Wheel Companies, Mack Harbour, Reynolds & Reynolds, Pat Storey, Motor-Ways, Fred Grask, Cedar Rapids Truck Center, and Mike Bagg, Central Trailer Service BACK ROW: Dave Nelsen, Harrison Truck Centers, Travis Thompson, Thompson Truck & Trailer, Delwin Van Wyk, Harrison Truck Centers, Charlie Williams (retired), Mike Sullivan (retired), and Bill Roth, Truck Country



Past Chairman of the IMTA Board

FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT: George Crouse, Crouse Transportation Services, Dave Dickey, Dickey Transport, Bob Kohlwes (retired), Ralph Arthur (retired), Donna Weinrich-Lucht, Weinrich Truck Line, Gary Baumhover (retired), Murry Fitzer, Florilli Transportation, Steve Schuster, Schuster Company, and Vernon Van Wyk (retired) BACK ROW, FROM LEFT: Kevin Gass, Perishable Distributors of Iowa, Jeff Wangsness, JMT Trucking Company, Roger Amhof, Amhof Trucking, Jackie Johnsrud, Johnsrud Transport, Robert Brownell (retired), John Smith, CRST International, Arlan Van Wyk (retired), Don Decker, Decker Truck Line, Mark Olson, Olson Explosives, and Mike Riggan, TanTara Transportation

ISSUE 3, 2017


75TH Anniversary Sponsors

Thank you to our Sponsors LEGACY SPONSORS CRST International Inc. Great West Casualty Company / Joe Morten & Son dba Motor-Ways, Inc. Harrison Truck Centers Heartland Express MHC / Kenworth Truck Co. Midwest Peterbilt Group Midwest Wheel Companies Ruan Transportation TanTara Transportation Corp. Truck Country Freightliner-Western Star Warren Transport, Inc. Weinrich Truck Line, Inc. HERITAGE SPONSORS All Seasons Trucking, Inc. Crouse Transportation Services, LLC Decker Truck Line, Inc. Foodliner / Quest Liner GATR Truck Center HELP Inc. Heyl Truck Lines, Inc. JMT Trucking Company / Argee Transport Johnsrud Transport, Inc. Love's Travel Stops Niece Trucking, Inc. O'Halloran International, Inc. Olson Explosives, Inc. Panama Transfer, Inc. Perishable Distributors of Iowa Peterbilt Corporate Peterson Contractors, Inc. Pilot Flying J Schuster Company Solar Transport Ten D., Inc. Van Wyk, Inc. West Side Transport, Inc. WestWind Logistics, LLC



TRADITION SPONSORS Casey's General Stores, Inc. Central Trailer Service Craig A. Jones Trucking, Inc. Ennis Corp. Hanifen Co., Inc. Housby Hueneman Farms LC MAD J Repair & Towing, Inc. McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. Rathje Construction Co. Sukup Manufacturing Co. Tarbell & Co., P.L.C. ANNIVERSARY SUPPORTERS Des Moines Transportation Co. Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association GALA ENTERTAINMENT SPONSORS Carrier Transicold Cottingham & Butler, Inc. Crossroads Trailer Sales & Service Great West Casualty Company JX Enterprises / JX Peterbilt Midwest Wheel Companies Peterbilt Corporate Pilot Flying J Sioux City Truck & Trailer, Inc. Taylor & Martin, Inc. Truck Country Freightliner-Western Star Wilson Trailer Company


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The ELD Mandate deadline for implementation is December 18, 2017.

VDO RoadLog™


FAST ∙ SAFE ∙ SECURE ∙ PRINTABLE VDO RoadLog is the simple, affordable solution for ELD compliance, fleet management and compliance reporting. It’s easy to install, easy to learn and easy to use. Plus, it prints out an instant paper log that looks just like a traditional logbook graph. That means no worries about how to transfer your log data to a compliance officer. RoadLog ELD provides compliance officers with only the information needed for compliance. No personal information is shared.

Whether you’re a one-rig owner operator, or a 100-vehicle fleet, VDO RoadLog offers a solution to met your needs.



1436 E. Ovid Ave. office 515.265.1491 fax 515.265.4120 parts fax 800.314.4329 parts 800.888.0248

CEDAR RAPIDS 200 50th Ave. S.W. main 319.365.4453 fax 319.365.6327 parts fax 877.706.6085 parts 800.332.5435




Phone not included.

from a company with more than 50 years’ experience with Comme Vehicle Fleets

8502 Northwest Blvd. main 563.322.2671 fax 563.322.5940 parts 800.553.1886


main FOR641.357.7101 YOUR

fax 641.357.8190 COUNTER STAFF

800.548.9674 800.397.5630

parts fax parts


1819 E. 4th St. 712.252.7969 EASY faxFOR 712.252.6149 YOUparts TO800.943.3534 main


Quicker counter sale No need to check type of vehicle diagnostic port - 6 pin, 9 pin and O connectors all in the one box No time spent explaining which connectors or leads are required All in one box solution - will E. work for allSt. customers. 5801 Front


• The only ELD solution that comes with 6-pin, 9-pin and OBDII interchangeable connectors included • Real time tracking & vehicle location • Unique Scan and Drive™ truck pairing • Quick “plug and play” installation • FMCSA certified • Tamper resistant for enhanced security • Super-simple user interface for drivers via mobile app • HOS & DVIR reporting • 6 months of Compatible with data storage Simple, ‘plug and solution iOS & play’ Android on device EASY TO USE FOR FMCSA certified DRIVER/FLEET Interchangeable connectors included in the price • Dedicated Transferable between vehicles types, future proofing your purchas product support upgrade your vehicle and no additional cost if driving between veh Super-simple user interface for drivers via mobile app, with Andro • An easy and compatibility GPS vehicle positioning for real-time tracking cost-effective No contract and no hidden charges way to manage Subscripiton cost includes DVIR and IFTA reporting as standard A reliable, high quality product with fantastic features at a good p your fleet Free installation, set up and training - and with customer service

KANSAS CITY 816.471.1552 816.471.0813 parts 800.821.7402 main fax

Only one part number required Reduces inventory - no need to hold multiple inventory items No risk in holding wrong mix of connector types - on box fits all wit

2017 Lifeliner Magazine (Issue 3)  
2017 Lifeliner Magazine (Issue 3)  

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