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38 IMTA Road Team Event

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IMTA Leadership Class.......................................... 16-17

IMTA Staff Brenda Neville, CAE President

Don Egli

Director of Safety and Security

DeAnn Moody

Office & Building Manager

Janelle Stevens

Director of Communications, Education & Events

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Whitney Tapia

Marketing & Public Relations Manager


Chairman’s Message Mark Olson, Olson Explosives

Mark Olson IMTA Chairman of the Board

A very special IMTA event is coming up here shortly and I want to dedicate this column to persuading you to participate either by sending a driver, being a volunteer, writing a check or coming as a spectator.

The Iowa Truck Driving Championships will take place on June 16 & 17 at the Prairie Meadows Convention Center in Altoona (suburb of Des Moines). This two day event is really something every IMTA member needs to experience and I promise you, it will be time well spent. Professional drivers are the


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Anyone who attends the Iowa Truck Driving Championships will leave the event bursting with pride for the trucking industry and the many fine people that are involved in this industry. foundation of the trucking industry and this event is all about the drivers. Anyone who attends the Iowa Truck Driving Championships will leave the event bursting with pride for the trucking industry and the many fine people that are involved in this industry. Serving as a volunteer for one year will get you hooked and then you won’t want to miss the championships. If

you still aren’t sold, then come and be a spectator and show your support of the professional drivers that are so appropriately representing the “best of the best”. All the driving is done on Friday and there is always plenty of space reserved for spectators and supporters.

If you aren’t able to send a driver, serve as a volunteer or come as a spectator, consider providing some financial support to the championships. There are always sponsorship opportunities and with over 300 people attending (drivers, spouses, families and volunteers) this is not an inexpensive event. There are entry fees and meal charges for the folks that attend in addition to the drivers, but IMTA and the Iowa Council of Safety Management (ICSM) does the best it can to keep the price at an affordable rate while making it “extra special” at the same time. The Truck Driving Championships is an event that focuses solely on the drivers. From the minute the drivers enter the hotel, they are treated like royalty. They are the center of attention throughout

the entire event. Every driver walks the red carpet, every driver walks across the stage on several occasions and every driver is told THANK YOU in a very public manner many times throughout the two day competition. If you aren’t sending a driver to this event, or someone from your company to serve as a volunteer, you are really missing out. I started attending the championships a few years ago and on my first trip to the event, my wife and I served as course judges. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I quickly discovered that it was an event that I would never miss again.

more than I ever imagined. Having the opportunity to be around such a fine group of professionals is really uplifting and gratifying. The drivers that participate in the annual truck driving championships are very special and exemplify the professionals that are the strength of this industry. Join me on June 16 & 17th at the Iowa Truck Driving Championships in honoring the professional men and women that deserve our gratitude, our respect and our thanks for the outstanding job they do each and every day. Remember…..”If you have it…a TRUCK DRIVER brought it!”

Being a volunteer and being part of an event that really focuses on the driver is something that I have grown to enjoy

Remember…..”If you have it… a TRUCK DRIVER brought it!”


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Truck, Trailer and Refrigeration Repair Authorized Carrier Transicold Dealer for Central Iowa 24/7 Emergency Service

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• Authorized Warranty & Repair Center for: Strick Merritt - Morgan - Fontaine - Wabash - Wilson Delta Waseca - Landoll - Transcraft - Benson


• Skilled workforce to service all makes & models

railer Serv lT

L ice

• Trailer sales new & used

Centr a

Conveniently located off I-80/Exit 143, Altoona, IA

• Fully stocked parts department with statewide delivery • Major Parts suppliers for: New Life - Aurora Parts Merritt - Wilson - Morgan - Shur-Co. • Full line of pickup & SUV accessories

Visit us online at:

7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday

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Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

President’s Message

Brenda Neville, Iowa Motor Truck Association Thank you for being a member of the association and more importantly, thank you for being a part of Iowa’s trucking industry. I mean that very sincerely Brenda Neville too. Today’s IMTA President & CEO trucking industry is extremely challenging and far too often, there is no gratitude or appreciation shown towards an industry that has such an important impact on the lives of every person. As far as I am concerned, there are never enough THANK YOUs sent your way. I remind anyone that will listen that they need to take stock of what they have because of the trucking industry. Day in and day out, the trucking industry delivers on their promises and we all enjoy a tremendous quality of life because of trucks. Far too often that simple fact is lost on everyone, including legislators and regulators. Recently in a conversation with a federal regulator, he was telling me how truck drivers think and act and how owners think and act. In his opinion, he had it all figured out and as a result of his brilliance and insight into trucking, he was defending the value and need of some of the regulations that have come out of his agency despite the compelling data and feedback from the industry to the contrary. As the conversation continued, he confessed that he had spent very little time at trucking operations and had never been in a truck. It took every ounce of my self-control to continue a conversation with this individual and instead of unleashing a litany of expletives on him; I used my better judgement and instead offered him an invitation to experience the real world of trucking and urged him to make a trip to Iowa, if possible by truck. I assured him

I would take care of all the details and even followed up with an email invitation but no news yet as to if he will take me up on my offer. Like many of you, I know it is troubling to talk with individuals, especially folks that have power and influence over our industry that know so little about the realities of our industry. But it is because of scenarios like this that our efforts as an association are even more important. Our job is to tell the story of trucking to anyone and everyone. And it is a story that needs to be told each and every day with the relentless passion that I find in many IMTA members. Fortunately, here in Iowa, the relationship we have forged with our regulators is very positive. We meet on a regular basis with IDOT, FMCSA and a number of other agencies involved with our industry. These regular meetings are an opportunity for us to discuss issues of concern. Sometimes we are all on the same page and sometimes we are not. However, because of the relationships that we have fostered, we are able to find common ground and more often than not, we come up with a resolution to a problem or an issue rather than an ongoing conflict. Building these kinds of relationships take a great deal of time and effort and are something we take very seriously at IMTA. Equally important is building a foundation of support among the general public and other decisions makers and that is where you come into the equation. We need your help.

Every IMTA member has a great story to tell and now is the time to tell that story, especially as we continue to get attacked on all fronts. Once again our collective voice can have a positive impact so I hope you will consider signing up to participate in the IMTA Image Campaign that is kicking off right now. On page 24 you will find a full explanation of the program as well as a tool kit to make it very easy for you to share a positive message about trucking. We know you are extremely busy so we have provided everything you need to be successful and we hope that we can get 50 companies to step up and get involved. The impact that the trucking industry makes on this state is expansive and powerful. We just need to educate, inform and remind folks of the important role we play and I am confident that IMTA members will once again rise to the occasion and make this campaign a tremendous success. Thank you for your support as a member. Thank you for being a part of Iowa’s trucking community and most importantly, thank you for getting up each and every day and getting the job done. The stellar reputation of the trucking industry is because of the millions of people that do what it takes to get it done right and we have the very best here in Iowa!

The impact that the trucking industry makes on this state is expansive and powerful.


Next Generation Speaks

Jeff Moe Solar Transport

When I was asked to write this article I had the same thought that I had when I was selected to be on the inaugural Lead IMTA Council; “How can I be considered as part of the next generation for IMTA?” After all, I am much closer to the Baby Boomer generation than I am to the Millennial generation, I am moving in to the later portion of my career, and although I have been leading Solar Transport for the past decade, I am not a lifelong “trucker” (yet). That led me to ask, what is the “next generation” for IMTA?

It strikes me that the next generation for IMTA is not how the sociologists try to categorize it, namely the differences between Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials, and the challenges these differences can pose. It is also not about the challenges that many family owned businesses face as they look to transfer leadership from generation to generation. These “generational” challenges are certainly real and are part of the landscape we live in, but not necessarily the generational challenge for an association. So, who is the next generation of IMTA? The answer is clearly that the next generation is composed of the individuals that have the willingness to step up, beyond their own self-interest and personal gain, to continue and expand the mission and reach of IMTA. The Iowa Motor Truck Association is recognized as one of the best state trucking associations in the nation. This didn’t happen by accident; the reputation was created by the dedication and efforts of many past and current industry leaders and an exceptional staff. Although it is wonderful to have this type of reputation, we also have a responsibility to continue the legacy. This willingness to be an active and contributing leader for IMTA (or any other organization) is independent of age (or sociologically defined generation), length in the industry, place in your career path, or any other factor. It is simply the motivation to get involved, commit time and make a difference for the greater good of the industry that drives America and supports us all. With that said, I must admit my “past sins” (and all G rated of course). As I noted earlier, I have been at Solar for almost 11 years and have been President for 10 of those years. During that time Solar Transport has been an active member in many ways. Our owner is a past Chairman of the Board, our Safety Director is active on the Safety Council and with the Truck Driving Championships, and we have had a number of our

associates participate in various activities. I have personally been a regular attendee of the annual conference and have always been willing to participate “when asked”, which I thought was contributing as an active member. It strikes me that this type of passive participation is not what has driven this association for years and is not what will sustain it going forward. Therefore I am challenging myself to look for ways to actively engage in helping to address the challenges that our industry faces, not just watching others lead the fight. If you have been in the same “passive” state, I would encourage you to look for ways to become more active. Not only is it the “new” leadership this association and industry needs, it will reward you in ways you won’t expect. For younger leaders, regular participation in the association’s educational opportunities, pursuit of inclusion in the annual IMTA Leadership Class, and attendance at the annual LEAD IMTA Conference would be good starts. For seasoned leaders, maybe just asking the staff where you could help and allowing your associates to become more involved would be good starts. We are all busy, but active members are what make the association strong. The image of trucking will only be enhanced through our individual and collective action, active not passive. As I was writing this, it got me thinking about all of the discussion surrounding recruiting and retention, especially as it relates to the younger generations (Gen Xers and Millennials). Although we need to be aware of the differences between generations, I am not sure that these differences are at the heart of the problem. In my time in this industry, and in my previous life, it is my experience that almost every associate that leaves a company does so for one of two reasons; fear (of a perceived unknown or sense of insecurity), or failure to see a “career” path for themselves (even though most say it is money). Maybe what has changed over the past few decades is the “loyalty” that companies have for their associates and vice versa. As organizations, are we showing our associates a career path and progression that takes them to retirement or do we just have “jobs”? Do our associates feel like they are secure through the highs and lows? Are we providing the motivation for their loyalty and engagement? What do these two things have in common? Our individual companies and IMTA are looking for the same thing; loyal, engaged and ACTIVE members/associates. It seems to me that the IMTA has certainly answered the call in developing and offering a path and structure designed to engage members. Now it is up to us as the “next generation” of leaders to step up and answer the call. I need to up my game! You?

Jeff has been the President of Solar Transport since 2006 and previously served as Vice President of Operations for Solar. Prior to joining Solar Transport, Jeff held numerous operations and supply chain management roles, including senior management roles in production operations, procurement, and distribution. In addition, he is a trained and certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Solar Transport is based in Des Moines, Iowa and employs over 350 professional drivers, 70 support personnel and has offices in Los Angeles, Denver, Springfield, MO and West Des Moines, IA. Solar Transport is a $60MM bulk petroleum transportation provider in the Midwest, Plains and West Coast, with operations in 14 states.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner




Chairman’s Awards Gala Visit for more information & to complete a “Best of the Best” awards nomination packet.


Industry News Iowa’s Competitive Primary Races – Who will be Representing Us in DC?

Iowa has several candidates vying to represent their party in the General Election on November 8th and with all the focus on the Presidential race, many folks are not paying a lot of attention to some of the other important primary races that are taking place right now. The following districts have competitive primaries:

• U.S. Senate: The Republican nominee is six-term incumbent Senator Charles Grassley. Senator Grassley has been representing Iowa for a very long time and is pretty much a fixture in Iowa nd DC politics, but that isn’t stopping folks from lining up against him. Democrat candidates include former legislator, state agriculture secretary and Lt. Gov. Patty Judge of Albia, current state Senator Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids, former state Senator and U.S. Senate primary candidate Tom Fiegen of Clarence, and former state Representative Bob Krause of Fairfield. Although national Democrat organizations are aligning with Judge, Hogg is receiving local support from elected officials, labor organizations and environmental groups. • Congressional District 1: First-term Congressman Rod Blum is the Republican nominee. The Democrat primary will feature a rematch between former Iowa House Speaker Pat Murphy from Dubuque and Cedar Rapids City Councilwoman and businesswoman Monica Vernon. At this time, Vernon seems to have the edge on Murphy.

• Congressional District 2: The second congressional district will feature incumbent Democrat Congressman Dave Loebsack from Iowa City against Republican candidate Dr. Christopher Peters, a surgeon from Coralville and former state Senate candidate. Neither candidate has a primary challenge and this district looks to be a safe seat for the Congressional Democrats to hold. • Congressional District 3: First-term GOP Congressman David Young from Van Meter is expected to easily win his party’s nomination, although Joe Grandanette from Des Moines is once again seeking the Republican nomination. On the Democrat side there is a three-way primary between military veteran Jim Mowrer of Des Moines, who ran against Steve King two years ago in the 4th Congressional District; Desmund Adams, a former state Senate candidate from Clive, and Mike Sherzan a businessman from West Des Moines. Currently, Jim Mowrer seems to be receiving the most support from labor groups in the district. • Congressional District 4: Seven-term Congressman Steve King, a Republican from Kiron, faces a primary challenge from state Senator Rick Bertrand of Sioux City. Polls show King currently leading Bertrand, and the incumbent has received several endorsements from state and national elected officials. Kim Weaver of Sheldon is the Democrat nominee in the fourth district. Primary Elections will be held on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The OOIDA Court decision on e-log mandate could come by end of 2016 The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) says it expects the courts to rule by year’s end on whether or not to uphold a DOT rule to require truckers to use electronic logging devices to track hours of service. OOIDA filed a lawsuit earlier this year with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit asking the court to strike down the rule. OOIDA argued in its legal complaint that the mandate violates truckers’ 4th Amendment rights and does not have a safety benefit. OOIDA’s Executive Vice President Todd Spencer says he thinks the 7th Circuit court will issue its decision “well in time to head off the proposed deadline the agency set.” The rule is set to take effect in December 2017. The lobbying and owner-operator advocacy group successfully challenged the DOT’s prior attempt at an ELD mandate (then dubbed an EOBR mandate), arguing the rule didn’t do enough to prevent harassment of truckers via the devices. The court agreed, striking down the rulemaking entirely.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Congress has since asked the DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to produce another ELD mandate, which it did, publishing the Final Rule in December 2015 and giving operators two years to comply. OOIDA is arguing the rule is too invasive of truckers’ privacy, calling the mandate unconstitutional and “arbitrary.”

Industry News Truck-related Fatalities Are Down, Injury Crashes on the Rise

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Analysis Division recently released its annual “Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts” study examining truck- and bus-related crash statistics for 2014. The 120-page report highlighted the decrease in large trucks involved in fatal crashes. Citing information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System, FMCSA said 3,744 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes in 2014, a 5 percent drop from 2013. Even better, the fatality rate in truckrelated crashes per 100 million vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by large trucks declined by 6 percent, from 0.143 to 0.134. A look at the combination truck crash statistics – which provides a better representation of the Class 8 market – showed similar improvements. Combination trucks (defined as a truck tractor pulling any number of trailers and bobtails) involved in fatal crashes fell from 2,813 in 2013 to 2,717 in 2014. The rate fell from 1.67 to 1.60 on a 100 million VMT basis. There also was a slight decline in the overall fatality numbers, from 2,896 to 2,839. In its annual “Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts” report, FMCSA found large truck fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled decreased by 6 percent. The 2014 declines in fatality crashes follow a four-year period where such crashes steadily increased by 20 percent. Reversing that trend certainly is worth talking about.

“While the one-year decline being reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is positive, the long-term trend is of paramount importance, and that trend is impressive. The number of crashes involving large trucks has fallen 39 percent since 2004, and while there is much more to do, that is a figure our professional drivers, our safety directors, our technicians and our safety partners in federal and state law enforcement can be proud of.” According to the same report, large trucks involved in injury crashes rose sharply in 2014, from 73,000 to 88,000. Persons injured in large truck crashes per 100 million VMT rose from 34.6 to 39.8, the highest number since 2006. Large trucks and combination trucks were not alone in the increase. Passenger vehicles involved in injury crashes also rose, from 2.74 million to 2.82 million, as did passenger vehicles involved in fatal crashes, from 34,886 to 34,984. Of all vehicle types included in the report, only buses showed a reduction in injury statistics, and it was dramatic: Buses involved in injury crashes fell from 18,000 to 11,000 and from 118.0 to 69.7 on a 100 million VMT basis. However, if you take a step back and look at the data from a historical perspective, it shows a 33 percent decrease in combination trucks involved in injury crashes going back to 1994. The reduction in fatality crash data is even more impressive. Fatalities in combination truck crashes fell from a high of 5,148 in 1979 (before deregulation) to 2,839. And those numbers are something for which we all can be proud. Source: CCJ

“It is a tragedy whenever there is a fatality on our highways, but the trucking industry is pleased to see that it is a tragedy that fewer and fewer Americans are experiencing,” said Bill Graves, ATA president and CEO.



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Insurance Update

Insurance Coverage: Are You Prepared for the “What If’s”? Do you ever want to be left alone at a social function or cocktail party? Just tell the new acquaintance you are an insurance agent or broker! Nine times out Mack Harbour of ten, they Reynolds & Reynolds will say “Nice meeting you,” and move on as fast as they can! To most people, insurance is not a highly popular topic of conversation. However, those of us in the transportation industry know this is a major part of our business and in most cases the third largest expense for a fleet, after payroll and fuel. There are many factors involved in arriving at the total cost of risk, which we like to refer to rather than “insurance.” Insurance is merely a contract binding the company to pay for future losses in exchange for an agreed amount of premium. But the total cost of risk can be determined through analyzing exposures and history of losses to put together a program best suited for each individual company. The first thing we recommend is working with an agent, broker, and company that specialize in the transportation industry. Having someone with a degree of expertise and knowledge specific to transportation is critically important and will ensure that there are no gaps in coverage or exposures you may not be aware of. There are some very basic exposures specific to trucking whether you own one truck or 10,000 trucks – Commercial Liability, Physical Damage, Cargo, General Liability, Property, and Workers Compensation (if you have employees).

But what might be excluded in these coverages? For example,

• What if you have a temporary truck you borrowed or leased and hauling under somebody else’s authority or another trucker is hauling under your authority? • What if you have $100,000 Cargo limits and you haul a load valued at $250,000 and the loaded trailer is stolen? • What if a truck turns over and spills fuel in a river or stream? • What if one of your employees or owner operators operates a fork lift at one of your shippers or consignees locations and injures one of their employees; or hits a rack, damaging thousands of dollars in parts?

There are many “what ifs” a trucking company is exposed to in the course of the day, another reason that having a good working relationship with your insurance professional is extremely important. Unfortunately in today’s world there are additional exposures we would have never thought of five or ten years ago. We all hear on a daily basis about the exposure of identity theft. Most of us are familiar with case of hackers getting into Target’s database, and the financial loss associated with that; but did you know that any company who has personal data of employees (i.e. date of birth, drivers licenses, address, social security numbers, etc.) stored on their computers are also subjecting themselves to a great deal of exposure if they were to be hacked? Cyber Liability insurance is probably the “hottest” insurance product in today’s market place and has become much more affordable in the last year. We are seeing more and more companies looking into insurance that further minimizes exposures and unfortunately, cyber liability insurance is all too common in the world that we live in today. Again, trucking companies of all sizes have information stored on their databases that if in the wrong hands, could be devastating and further puts the company at risk.

Another insurance product that is emerging on our markets today is the Employment Practices Liability insurance. Whenever you are dealing with employees, you are setting yourself up to exposure because of the work environment that required today. Years ago we didn’t worry a lot about the process of hiring or terminating employees or what was being said in the office. However, that is not the case today. Instead, wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment are common household phrases that every employer is extremely sensitive too. Many companies go to great measures to ensure that that working environment is as stable and safe as it possibly can be. However, Employment Practices Liability is another insurance product that has gained in popularity over the last decade. This insurance product covers these possible exposures and has also become a very popular product to include in the overall business insurance package. Awareness, training and forging a relationship with agents and risk managers that understand your business and are equally familiar with your operation and the working culture that prevails at your business is paramount as you move forward in designing an insurance package that fits your specific needs. All of us in the insurance business recognize that we have to do much more than just offer a list of mundane insurance products that we think will cover all your needs. We are a valued business partner and we have to take the time to really get to know every business we insure and if that isn’t happening, then it is time to look for a new agent and find someone that is truly dedicated to helping you manage your risk. In today’s business environment, you can’t afford not to invest that extra time and commitment to ensure that you have not only the best coverage for your business but the best person helping you manage that coverage.

Mack Harbour is the Vice President of Transportation for Reynolds & Reynolds Inc. He has been with the company for 26 years. Reynolds & Reynolds Inc. has been insuring Transportation companies for over 25 years. Many of the transportation insurance accounts written in the 1980’s are still with them today. They have a team dedicated to transportation who understands the intricacies of the transportation insurance business. Whether you are an owner operator or have a large fleet, they will work with you to reduce your total cost of risk.


Finance Update

Industry Trends: The Good, the Bad, and the Uncertain

Dan Clark Head BMO Transportation Finance

From economic uncertainty to new regulations, these are interesting times for the trucking industry. Let’s take a look at a few of the key themes emerging for carriers.

Economic Outlook: Is the Bearishness Justified?

Members of our organization recently attended the ACT Research Spring Seminar. To kick off the meeting, ACT’s economists presented a compelling argument that key macro indicators in aggregate showed no clear signs of a looming recession. What’s more, according to ACT’s economists, the U.S. economy appears to simply be in the late phase of a typical business cycle with moderate growth expected over the next couple of years. The relatively optimistic position of the ACT economists was an interesting contrast to the findings in ACT’s own economic survey of its subscribers, which revealed that 55% of respondents expected a recession within the next two years. However, it’s also important to note the context of the timing of when the ACT survey poll took place; during January and February when the bearish mood in the media, stock market etc. was at or near a capitulatory low-point.

ELDs: A Real Threat?

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are about to be the new reality, but what will that mean exactly? Some have described it as the most significant change to trucking since

deregulation in the 80’s. ACT believes strict compliance with the mandate will lead to a decline in productivity ranging between 2-5% in the near term -- enough to drive many independent truckers and small fleet owner-operators out of the business. But not everyone shares that view. At the Mid-Atlantic Trucking Show in March, BMO employees met with a large used truck dealer with a national footprint representing all nameplates. They expect a minimal impact from ELDs since drivers are well aware of the rule and the timeline. And they believe that despite some complaints, most drivers will comply. BMO also spoke with an owner-operator truckload carrier featuring a fleet of over 2,400 trucks. The company, which already requires all contractors to receive ELD training and to abide by the 2017

Associations (ATA), the combined incremental cost of Phase 1 and Phase 2 for a typical 2010 Class 8 sleeper cab and trailer is expected to amount to $15,000 by 2021 and an additional $5,000 by 2027. We’re already seeing the potential effects of the next round of GHG proposals in ACT’s most recent long range forecast. According to ACT, the 2021 implementation of GHG Phase 2 is the biggest driver behind their anticipation of a pre-buy surge for Class 8 trucks in 2020 and a subsequent 34% drop in demand for 2021. The industry faces some challenges, but carriers are a resilient bunch. The key will be to find new opportunities that accompany those challenges, and to be ready to take advantage of them.

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are about to be the new reality. mandate, believes the majority of truck drivers who are not willing to comply (and who, as a result, will be forced to leave the industry) are likely already close to retirement age anyway.

GHG Phase 2: What’s the Cost?

The EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration jointly developed Phase 2 of the Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. The recommended rules cover model years 2021–2027. By 2027, the proposal when compared to Phase 1 standards (model years 20142018) requires a 24% further reduction in CO2 emissions for tractors that pull trailers and move freight. According to Glen Kedzie of the American Trucking

IMPORTANT NOTICE: BMO Transportation Finance is a operating division of BMO Harris Bank N.A. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as any guarantee or promise of profitability or generation of revenue of any kind whatsoever. Nothing contained herein constitutes tax, accounting, financial or legal advice by BMO Harris Bank N.A. to any person. This article and the statements contained herein are excerpted from BMO Capital Markets article titled “Trucks: Forecast Remains Shaky” dated April 4, 2016, and the source materials referenced therein. ©2016 BMO Harris Bank N.A. Member FDIC (4/16)

Dan Clark is the Leader of BMO Transportation Finance (BMO TF) with over 35 years of industry experience. BMO acquired the Transportation business in December of 2015 from GE Capital. BMO TF is one of North America’s leading providers of truck and trailer financing located in Irving, Texas. BMO TF provides retail financing to the commercial truck and trailer dealer network in the U.S. and Canada and offers customized leases, secured loans and wholesale financing.  For more information, visit www.bmotf. com. BMO Harris Bank’s commercial banking team provides a combination of sector expertise, local knowledge and mid-market focus throughout the U.S.


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Northland is a proud member and supporter of the Iowa Motor Truck Association.


2016 IMTA Leadership Class The Iowa Motor Truck Association has had the longest running leadership program of any other state trucking association in the nation. This annual event is one of the most important events that IMTA offers, and the continued support by the membership is a testament to the value of the program and its efforts. Each year the leadership program continues to get strong numbers of participation and more importantly, this participation and commitment continues long after the program has been completed. Seeing the enthusiasm and excitement by the leadership class participants to stay engaged and involved is truly extraordinary and gives us all great hope and optimism for the future of IMTA. IMTA’s leadership class is comprised of representatives from both trucking companies and suppliers from around the state. Individuals are nominated to be in the leadership program and participate in a number of sessions over a 2 month period that focus on personal and professional development. “I am so honored to be a part of the leadership class this year. It has been an outstanding opportunity for me and I learned so much. I really left with a desire for more and I am very thankful to have participated in this program,” said Kyle Trusty of BTI Special Commodities, Inc. The first session was dedicated to learning more about IMTA’s advocacy efforts and its important role in the legislative process on both the state and national level. Part of the day was spent

at the Capitol meeting with key lawmakers as well as the Governor and Lt. Governor. The class also got to tour the Iowa Judicial Building with Justice Dave Wiggins. They concluded the first day’s events with a reception and dinner at the Des Moines Embassy Club with several IMTA board members. The second session started off with a panel discussion from our regulatory partners. Representatives from the FMCSA, Iowa Highway Patrol and the Iowa DOT/MVE participated in the discussion and offered great insight not only on their role as a regulator but their perspectives of leadership too. “The leadership class is a valuable experience for many reasons. Networking with people in our industry that we don’t normally get a chance to converse with is a great way to help each other be more successful. I also found it very helpful to understand the legislative process behind the regulations and laws that we in the trucking industry must be aware of and abide by on a daily basis. The IMTA family is truly a class act and I would recommend this class to anyone who has the drive to learn, succeed and be the best you can possibly be,” said Jim Anderson of Midwest Wheel Companies. In May, the class resumed for the final two sessions, which are focused on professional growth and development. The first session was dedicated to communication with Alison & Scott Pope of Pope Communications. The Pope’s are award-winning former television news anchors, and they worked with the IMTA leadership class on how to be stronger communicators and also how to be more comfortable speaking in public. This session is always one that gets the class out of their comfort zone but that is undoubtedly one of the most valuable aspects of the leadership class curriculum. The class concluded with programs offered on identifying personal leadership strengths through the Whole Brain Model and a session on ethical decision making. Additionally the class participated in several networking sessions the promoted interaction and discussion among the participants.

IMTA Leadership Class attendees with Governor Branstad in his formal office.

IMTA Leadership Class attendees at the Iowa Judicial Branch Building.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

IMTA Leadership Class “My expectations for the IMTA’s Leadership Class have far been exceeded. I’ve learned more about the benefits of being a member of the IMTA and how important it is to have them representing our industry at the government level. I’ve also created lasting professional relationships that offer an invaluable network of leaders in the same industry facing similar challenges as myself and my company. I truly have a better understanding of the Transportation Industry and how to better assist in leading Decker to be a forerunner in the years ahead,” said Brenda McNealy of Decker Truck Line, Inc. With another year of the leadership class behind us, we look forward to seeing these graduates take what they learned and blossom into stronger leaders for both their businesses and for the Iowa Motor Truck Association.

IMTA Leadership class attendees standing with the Iowa Constitution at the Capitol Building

“The future of Iowa’s trucking industry is represented in the individuals that get involved with this leadership program. They are a true testament to the dedication, commitment and enduring passion that fuels everyone that is involved in the trucking industry and enables this industry to serve the state and nation in an effective and efficient manner,” said IMTA President, Brenda Neville.

2 0 1 6 I M TA

Leadership Class Attendees Grace Jensen, Hanifen Co. Inc. Brenda McNealey, Decker Truck Line, Inc. Allison Meiners, Ruan Transportation Jen Priest, Great West Casualty Company Darren Robinette, West Side Transport Jason Ross, Cross Dillon Tire Josh Schmitz, Panama Transfer Kyle Trusty, BTI Special Commodities, Inc. Corey Vesely, Warren Transport Jim Walstrom, Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc. Dustin Adams, Niece Trucking Mitch Amhof, Amhof Trucking, Inc. Melinda Anderson, Ennis Corp. Jim Anderson, Midwest Wheel Companies Devin Cipperly, Panama Transfer Scott Ferris, MHC Kenworth Nick Finkenauer, McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. Ryan Frederiksen, Ruan Transportation Ken Groetsch, O’Halloran International, Inc. Michael Jelinske, Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc.

Leadership Class attendees with Speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives, Linda Upmeyer

IMTA Leadership Class attendees and board members dining at the Des Moines Embassy Club. Pictured here are (L-R) Corey Vesely, Warren Transport; Jim Walstrom, Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc.; Kevin Gass, Perishable Distributors of Iowa, Ltd.; Ken Groetsch, O’Halloran International, Inc.; Jim Anderson, Midwest Wheel Companies & Scott Ferris, MHC Kenworth.

Pictured from L to R: Shirley McGuire, FMCSA; Chief Dave Lorenzen, Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement; Mitch Amhof, Amhof Trucking, Inc.; Darren Robinette, West Side Transport; Jim Anderson, Midwest Wheel Companies and Sgt Brett Tjepkes, Iowa State Patrol


Allied Division Meeting Recently, the Allied Division met at the IMTA office for their spring meeting and attracted almost 50 participants from around the State. The purpose of the spring meeting is to provide a forum for Allied members to stay informed about what is going on with the association, the industry and most importantly, network with one another. “The high attendance at our recent meeting really demonstrates the commitment of allied members to both the Allied Division and to the IMTA. These meetings are crucial to keeping allied members involved and engaged in what’s happening in the industry and the association,” said Delwin Van Wyk of Harrison Truck Centers, and current Chairman of the Allied Division. The meeting provided a number of important updates and featured a carrier panel. IMTA carrier members Bryan Alexander with Mid-Seven Transportation, Ralph Arthur with Ruan Transportation, and Kevin Gass with PDI provided tremendous insight on today’s trucking environment. These carrier representatives talked about obstacles they’re facing in the industry, barriers of profitability impacting their operations, the current political state and what they value in supplier/vendor partnerships. As always, the carrier panel was the highlight of the meeting with a variety of important perspectives offered to the group.

Brenda Neville, IMTA facilitated a discussion with IMTA leaders: Bryan Alexander, Mid Seven Transportation; Ralph Arthur, Ruan Transportation & Kevin Gass, Perishable Distributors of Iowa, Ltd.

To conclude the meeting, the group was given a sneak preview of the 2016 IMTA Image Campaign. This image campaign will be kicked off on June 1st and will be available for all members to get involved with (READ MORE on page 24). This important campaign was made available through the generous support of the Allied Division. “We are fortunate to have a very active and engaged Allied Division at IMTA. The Allied Division plays an important role to IMTA and has always been extremely valuable in helping us serve Iowa’s trucking industry. Now they are stepping up once again and helping us launch a PR effort that will further benefit the IMTA members and the entire trucking industry in Iowa,” said IMTA President Brenda Neville.

Allied Steering Committee members: (Top Row L to R) Travis Thompson, Thompson Truck and Trailer; Delwin Van Wyk, Harrison Truck Centers; Dan Schwarz, McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. (Bottom Row L to R) Rory Triplett, Insurance Associates & Adam Clark, Midwest Wheel Companies

These meetings are crucial to keeping allied members involved and engaged in what’s happening in the industry and the association. IMTA President, Brenda Neville, presenting a legislative update to the Allied Division


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Thompson Truck & Trailer, inc.

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2016 Safety Professionals Conference Staying current on the safety trends of the trucking industry is a continuous, uphill challenge. In an effort to keep our members informed and engaged, the Iowa Council of Safety Management hosts the Safety Professionals Conference on an annual basis. This conference is an opportunity for attendees to learn valuable information, and to gain ideas about how to stay current and improve safety in their own companies. The two-day conference was held at the Iowa Motor Truck Association’s headquarters in Des Moines. Regulatory Compliance 101 was the theme for the first day of the conference. ICSM Steering Committee members Dave Riggan, Keith Lamfers and Lisa Gonnerman assisted Don Egli with the training sessions. These presentations delivered valuable information on establishing a safety program, current

regulations, surviving a compliance review and also an in-depth look at the driver coercion rule that was passed earlier this year. Attendees also got a detailed regulatory update from Don Egli both on a state and national level. Thursday’s meeting began with a very important presentation, The Top Issues in Trucking, presented by Rob Moseley of Smith Moore Leatherwood Attorneys. Rob is the head of the firm’s Transportation Industry Group representing trucking companies, brokers, and logistics companies (and their insurance carriers) with disputes involving commercial transportation accidents, federal and state safety regulations, commercial insurance coverage disputes, freight claims and other disputes involving trucking companies. This presentation was full of beneficial information for all safety professionals.

Two break-out meetings were offered as well; CDL and Medical Issues, presented by Dr. John Kuhnlein and Roberta Baldus of Medix Occupational Health; and In-Cab Camera Technology, presented by Gary Johnson of Lytx. These sessions offered attendees information on realtime issues facing the trucking industry, which they can take back and implement in their businesses right away. The final session of the day, An FMCSA Update, was delivered by Shirley McGuire and Jeremy Duggar, of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They discussed some important regulatory concerns such as the FAST Act, Carrier Safety Fitness Determination Rule, Electronic Logging Devices and other controversial topics.

“The annual safety professional conference is one of the iowa motor truck association’s most important events of the year.” Allison Meiners and Rick Malak of Ruan Transportation

Keith Lamfers, Schuster Co., teaching the attendees the ins and outs of surviving a compliance review.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Curt Ramirez of BTI Special Commodities, Inc. and Kenny Bauman of JMT Trucking

2016 Safety Professionals Conference In addition to the annual Safety Professionals Conference, the Iowa Council of Safety Management members meet on a monthly basis to stay informed of current issues and to continue to learn and grow their knowledge on safety and the trucking industry, so that they can be the best safety professionals they can be for their companies. If you’re interested in joining the Iowa Council of Safety Management, please reach out to the IMTA staff. “The annual Safety Professional Conference is one of the Iowa Motor Truck Association’s most important events of the year. It’s hard to put a price on the information that is shared and the opportunity to network with other safety professionals, but it has definitely proven to be a valuable benefit,” says Don Egli, Director of Safety & Security at IMTA.

Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp, presenting “Establishing a Safety Program”




Kevin Mark & Kelsey Kitchen from Standard Forwarding Co., Inc.



Lisa Gonnerman presenting information on the new Driver Coercion Rule

Fort Worth, TX Tunica, MS Brighton, CO Carrollton, GA Charlotte, NC Las Vegas, NV Pittsburgh, PA



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Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner




by Whitney Tapia

The Iowa Motor Truck Association has been the voice of trucking in Iowa since 1942. We are the voice at the State Capitol, in Washington D.C., and with our state regulators. Another piece that often gets overlooked, but is equally important, is being the voice to the public. IMTA members have continuously expressed their desire for IMTA to have a stronger footprint in promoting the image of trucking, and we are listening.

Not only is this campaign a grassroots effort, but it’s also a contest between our members. Members can sign someone from their company up to be an “Image Ambassador.” This person will be the driving force behind the company’s success with the campaign. Image Ambassadors will be responsible for reporting all of these efforts with IMTA, and for encouraging their company to stay involved!

This year, through the generous support of the Allied Division and the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation the 2016 IMTA Image Campaign will be launched. This campaign was created with the intention of developing a true grassroots effort of promoting a positive image of the trucking industry throughout the state.

There are so many different engagement opportunities, and there are probably several that are already happening. Every Image Ambassador will be provided with a “tool kit” which will include everything they need to succeed. They’ll also receive a $25 Amazon gift card just for signing up the company’s support of this campaign.

The importance of this campaign is to get IMTA members involved with their communities to show how critically important trucking is to their local economies and communities. In doing so, IMTA members will foster a greater appreciation of the trucking industry as a whole. The scope of people that can be reached with this campaign is unlimited. Elementary students may develop a dream of being a truck driver, high school students may be safer sharing the roads with trucks, adults may just take the time to say “thank you” next time they see a truck driver. Lawmakers will have a better understanding of the role that trucking plays in the areas they represent and IMTA members will instill pride in their employees.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Members will track their progress on our new website, which will be updated daily with current results. The campaign will run from June through November 15th. The winner will receive $1000 to use towards a travel voucher OR a company appreciation party! The winner will also be recognized at IMTA’s November Board Meeting. This is your opportunity to get involved in something very positive for Iowa’s trucking industry. There is no excuses because we have made it very easy. Review the guide on the next several pages and get signed up today!

The importance of this campaign is to get IMTA members involved with their communities to show the public how critically important trucking is to the local community.

2016 IMTA


CONTENTS: Summary of Campaign Explanation of prizes you can win by simply participating Tool kit and resources that ensure success!!



IMTA is excited to partner with our members in launching a powerful 6-month image campaign to raise the respect, visibility and recognition of Iowa’s trucking industry and related partners.

IMTA will work with “image ambassadors” throughout the membership to promote the positive influence the trucking industry has with regard to jobs, communities, families, tax base, schools and much more.

Campaign success will be measured by the number of influential engagements members have over a 6-month period.

This is a contest, with the winning company getting a $1,000 travel voucher OR company party!




Sign up to be an image ambassador. As an image ambassador, you will be responsible for being the point person at the company that oversees the public relations efforts relative to this contest!

Once your company is signed up, review the variety of different ideas and options that are available and start planning your activities.

Receive $25 Amazon gift card!

IMTA will provide you with all of the information regarding the contest, as well as specific tools you can use to succeed – it’s that easy! Different engagements will have different point values. Each image ambassador will work with IMTA to report these engagements throughout the campaign. Live, real-time progress will be tracked and accessible through the IMTA website.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Get started! Don’t delay...the sooner you get started the greater your potential to earn points. More importantly, the sooner Iowa’s trucking industry will benefit from these efforts.

At the conclusion of the campaign there will be one

GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Winner will receive:






Website and tracking information: Email: to report your progress! Make sure to include links and photos!

IMPORTANT STEP: TRACKING YOUR PROGRESS... In order for this effort to be successful, we want to see what everyone is doing so tracking your efforts is critically important. All you have to do is send the information to the IMTA office, specifically to This information will the be added to the Trucking Moves Iowa Forward website, where all the IMTA Members can see the many great things IMTA members are doing to promote trucking. Additionally, IMTA will be posting this information to its Facebook and other social media platforms to get even more exposure.



LET’S TALK ABOUT WAYS TO EARN POINTS! 100 POINTS Recruit a new IMTA member or new Image Ambassador Have a meeting with an elected official

50 POINTS Deliver a speech to a civic or community group Send a letter to an elected official TV/Radio Interview Participate in a parade, county fair or community event with company truck, employees or giveaways Local school activity Community outreach, host an open house

25 POINTS Submit a letter to the editor Sponsorships, donations or volunteer activity Paid radio/TV/newspaper ad Newspaper or editorial board interview

10 POINTS Social media posting


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner



• 100 POINTS •

• 100 POINTS •

Included in this packet is a list of both members and non-members in your area.

Get face-to-face with an elected official – it really makes a difference!

• Do you know someone who needs to be a member of IMTA?

• We have included a list of your elected officials.

• Tell them our story! The more members we have – the stronger our voice is!

• Use the contact info to either schedule a meeting, or better yet, invite them to your business for a tour!

• Send them our way and we’ll sign them up, then 100 POINTS will go to your company! • Do you know someone that could get their company involved in this program? Sign them up!

• We included talking points you may use – or contact IMTA and we will work with you to plan this and tailor your comments specific to your company or priorities. • Invite IMTA to join, or send Whitney some photos of the meeting. • We’ll give you 100 POINTS and write a press release, if you’d like!



• 50 POINTS •

• 50 POINTS •

There are many civic organizations in each community – getting in front of them to inform them about the trucking industry is a great opportunity to promote a positive public image!

• Find your elected officials, included in this packet. • Use our sample letter, or write one on a specific topic affecting your local community.

• Find local organizations in your area – IMTA is happy to assist if needed! Think: Rotary clubs, Lions Clubs, Kiwanis, Young Professionals, etc.

• Send the letter to one, or all of them!

• We have included a generic speech that can be used as an outline or verbatim!

• This is especially important as we fight so many battles in DC!

• Send a copy of the letter to Whitney, and we’ll give you 50 POINTS for each one you send!

• Take photos and send them to Whitney. You’ll get 50 POINTS for each speech you give!




• 50 POINTS •

• 50 POINTS •

• Your local media contacts are included in this packet. Contact your local media outlets and ask for an interview – they may be more receptive around Truck Driver Appreciation Week or a special company event. • Use the talking points from the speech we provided, or let IMTA know if you’d like to have prep and training ahead of the interview. • Make sure to take photos and send them – or a link to the story – for 50 POINTS!

• Contact your local county fair or parks and rec departments for events you could participate in! • If participation for big trucks is limited, ask if you can set up a demonstration in a safe, designated area.

- You could set up cars in blind spots to demonstrate the “no-zone” - Hold a raffle, with a truck ride as the prize - Or, drive a company pick-up/float promoting the trucking industry • IMTA has a lot of ideas for community outreach events. • Take photos, send to Whitney, get 50 POINTS per event!



• 50 POINTS •

• 50 POINTS •

Reach out to your local school and offer to do one of all of the following: • Elementary - take a truck to school and let students sit in the truck and learn about everything trucks do. • Set up a “trucker buddy” program with an elementary class. • Middle School and High School reach out and offer to facilitate a Sharing the Road with Trucks program, or talk to them about careers. IMTA can help with all these programs. 50 POINTS per school event!


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

You are valued members of your community - you provide good paying jobs in addition to providing valuable services we all benefit from. • Host an open house and let the community see what you are all about. You can also make this an employee appreciation event. 50 POINTS per event!



• 25 POINTS •

• 25 POINTS •

• We have included your local newspaper contact info, as well as a sample “letter to the editor.” • IMTA will help write a custom letter, if there is a specific topic impacting your community. • Send your letter in, and send a copy to Whitney for 25 POINTS!

• Find a team or event to sponsor. - Little league sports, Boy/Girl Scouts, 5k runs, bike rides for charity, local cancer benefits, etc. • Volunteer your time. - Habitat for Humanity, Food Banks, Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brother/ Big Sister, church events, Adopta-Highway, etc. These are great opportunities for team building! • Donate to an organization important to your company. - Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, etc. • Let Whitney know and get 25 POINTS per charitable act!



• 25 POINTS •

• 25 POINTS •

Included are the newspaper ads we have created for this campaign, as well as copy for TV and radio ads! • Contact media (we’ve included advertising contacts) to sign up for ad spots. • Contact us if you need specific ad sizes. • Send a copy to Whitney and you’ll receive 25 POINTS!

• We have included newspaper contacts in this packet. • Contact them and request an interview – this may be easiest during Truck Driver Appreciation Week. • Use the talking points provided or contact IMTA to plan, if you’d like. • Take photos and send to Whitney for 25 POINTS!


SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING • 10 POINTS EACH, UP TO 300 POINTS! • We have created and compiled 40 social media images related to the trucking industry. Choose to post as many as you’d like, along with any postings related to your own business! Let the public see who your business is, and the impact you make on your community, state and nation. • Post an image or event on social media - In addition to the images we provide, promote employee birthdays, new employees, where your drivers are throughout the country, positive news stories related to the industry, etc. • Tag your employees and encourage them to like and share the post! • Let Whitney know, or tag IMTA!

This activity is limited to one post per day, up to 30 times for a total of 300 POSSIBLE POINTS!

HOW TO POST Posting to social media is as easy as 1, 2, CHEESE! Take photos on your phone or camera and post them to sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Video more your thing? Use Snapchat or YouTube to let your followers know that Trucking Moves Iowa Forward! 1. Start by joining a social network, or use what you already have. The most common ones include:






2. Give IMTA a follow on Facebook by searching Iowa Motor Truck Association and clicking "Like." 3. Share IMTA's posts to your own page. 4. Check your email often for shareable articles and images from Whitney. 5. Report your action with a link to earn points!


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

THROUGHOUT THE CAMPAIGN... IMTA will be periodically checking in with you to make sure you have everything you need and are reporting activity on a regular basis. Make sure to send us all of your updates so we can make sure you get your points! Track your progress on our website, so you always know how close you are to the GRAND PRIZE! IMTA will announce the Grand Prize Winner at our November board meeting, tentatively set for Friday, November 18th, inviting the winner to present them with their












Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

w e n M e O C th . K e C c U n R e T i R r O e T p x E I O WA M O

n o ti rma

. T o U f O n I L AY e

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our h of th c n u la wi e the perience ne. c n u ho no ex o an ur web r smartp t d e as to do is ple edesigne op, table n o r kt ati ssoci . We’ve your des A k c e it ru on tor T ive webs erience o M p s Iowa respon e best ex The w et th d ne bran mind. G n you i 35


1. How long has Daufeldt Transport been in business? Since 1948

PJ Daufeldt

Helen & Harvey

2. How did the business get started? My grandfather, Harvey Daufeldt, started the business after returning from WWII. 3. How did you get involved in the business? I started out mowing, painting and washing trucks and trailers around 12 or 13. Through high school and college summers I worked in the shop changing tires and doing service work. After college I began working in the office doing the books. Since then my dad, Jeff, has given me increased responsibilities to the point that I am in charge of the day to day operations. May 2016 will mark my 20th year of fulltime employment here.


6. What is your favorite memory since you’ve been involved with the business? I have several, but the most recent that sticks out is how our “family” here came together to get through a fire we had in our shop in February of 2015. We lost 20% of our fleet and our main shop, but the entire team was flexible and made things work. We made it through the whole ordeal without missing a single load. 7. If you could sit down with anyone for a cup of coffee, who would it be and why? It would be my grandfather, Harvey, who passed away in 1992 and my dad, Jeff. I would like to hear what they think of the industry as a whole and our operation, which has tripled in size since grandpa’s passing.

4. What make you the most proud to work for Daufeldt Transport? I am proud to continue the business my grandfather started. Very few family businesses make it through the 3rd generation, so I am motivated to continue it. 5. Why are you a member of the Iowa Motor Truck Association? We are members of IMTA so that trucking has a voice in Des Moines and beyond. I know that the IMTA has my best interests as a trucking business in mind.

Jeff Daufeldt

(L-R) Harvey Da uf

eldt, PJ Daufeldt

& Jeff Daufeldt

– 1977

Hanifen Co. Inc. 1. How long has Hanifen Co. Inc. been in business? Since 1923 2. How did Hanifen Co. Inc. get started? My Grandfather, James E Hanifen Sr., was in a Motor Transportation Company in WW1. They would go retrieve army vehicles that were either stuck or broke down. After the war, he started a sheet metal and a body repair business in downtown Des Moines. It was a Julie Hanifen natural progression to add tow trucks to his business, so they could get the vehicles to his shop. After my grandfather’s death in 1958, my father took over the business with his two brothers John and Bob. Bob then moved down to Texas and John had a health issue and retired in the late 70’s. The company moved to our current location in 1960. I-80 was in its planning stage and so this was a good location for easy access to the Interstate. In the late 70’s the decision was made to concentrate on towing and we discontinued our body shop repair business. We have grown at a very steady rate over the years s (right) with hi . with our heavy duty and light duty trucks. Our fleet Sr n fe ni Ha E James has 36 power units total. We have over 10 acres truck in WWII. and 6 buildings for our operation here. 3. How did you get involved in your business? Who knew an Iowa State University Biology graduate would be running a towing company for 34 years. In December 1982, with a slow economy, not too many biology opportunities existed. So when my father offered me a job, I took it. Growing up in the towing industry, maybe I was destined to be here. At the time, I thought it would just be temporary, but 34 years later I am still here. Everything happens for a reason.

This is a picture of Ju Hanifen at 3 year lie s standing on Hani old 4. fe 1947 Federal 7 n’s ½-to 6x6 military wrec n, ke the original “Bru r; te”. This truck was th e only heavy duty wrec ker in the Des Moines area for a long time.


What make you the most proud to work for Hanifen? I think it would be our employees. This is a tough and dangerous job. When the going gets tough, that’s when we’re at our best. Everyone knows how to work hard and get the job done. My employees have to work out in the weather every day. It may be snowing, raining, day or night and even when the sun shines. They know that our customers rely on us to get the job done right.

Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

5. What is one interesting thing about Hanifen that you want people to know? We have 15 veterans that work here. All services are represented. Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force and Iowa National Guard. My Grandfather was a WW1 vet and my father served in WWII.

re ter, here is a pictu Now, 54 years la 16 Peterbilt 7520 w of Hanifen’s ne gh the trucks have ou ton Rotator. Alth itment to our mm changed, our co d the same. ye customers has sta

6. Why are you a member of the Iowa Motor Truck Association? IMTA is committed to the trucking industry’s success. They promote and protect the interest of this industry. IMTA is a great voice for our legislative and regulatory issues for the trucking industry. A lot of our customers and our venders are also members. Business is about relationships, and over the years these business relationships have developed into great personal friendships. IMTA is a great place to network. Brenda, Don and all of the staff at IMTA give the members 100%. 7. What is your favorite memory since you’ve been involved with your business? In September 2014, I was inducted into the International Towing Hall of Fame at Chattanooga, TN. There are about 315 members, 19 of which are women. It was quite an honor. Another one would be just growing up here with my dad. My father was one of my best teachers about life and business. 8. If you could sit down with anyone for a cup of coffee, who would it be and why? My sister Susan Hanifen. She died of colon cancer in August 2011. She was a person I looked up too and could talk about anything. I think she would be proud of what we have done here. I miss her dearly. She will always be a person that I admire and consider one of my heroes.


Daufeldt Transport


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2016 Iowa Road Team’s Spring Event The 2016 Iowa Road Team has been very busy promoting the Iowa trucking industry and once again IMTA’s Road Team is effectively reaching a lot of people. In April, they met with the DOT and the Governor of Iowa. They began their day riding around the Des Moines metro area with officers from the Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Enforcement Office. Four officers arrived at IMTA’s office to meet the road team, and then they left to start their “shift.” The road team members observed the officers do commercial vehicle inspections, including vehicle walk arounds and checking paperwork with the drivers of the vehicles they stopped. This experience gave the Road Team members a unique perspective of being in the officer’s shoes and all of them felt it was a valuable experience that they learned a great amount from.

Road Team members urged the public to put to put down their phones and really focus on driving. We are so grateful for this year’s Road Team, and their companies’ willingness to let them participate in these events. We are hopeful that the more exposure our Road Team gets to the public – the bigger impact they will have in promoting the image of the trucking industry in Iowa, and so far, they are doing a great job! Their next event will be the Truck Driving Championships, and all of them are competing! We wish them the best of luck!

Once back at IMTA’s offices, the Governor of Iowa joined the Road Team for a discussion on a number of topics. They talked about issues that are impacting drivers in Iowa, such as the conditions of the roads, truck parking, and distracted driving. The time spent with the Governor was personal and powerful – and the members were very grateful of the opportunity. In the afternoon, the Road Team did a public outreach event at Hy-Vee in Ankeny. The Road Team members served cookies, lemonade and shared fact sheets, stickers and buttons for customers. With April being “Distracted Driving Month,” the

Iowa Road Team members speaking to the public at Hy-Vee in Ankeny

The 2016 Iowa Road Team and officers from the Iowa DOT’s Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement.

Governor Branstad and the Iowa Road Team members discussing issues facing the trucking industry


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Rose Swallow, Schuster Co.; Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad; Allen Sohn, FedEx Freight; Chris Dougherty, Solar Transport and Randy DeWitt, Walmart Transportation with the “Delivering the World” sculpture at IMTA headquarters.

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2016 Lifeliner Magazine (Issue 2)  
2016 Lifeliner Magazine (Issue 2)  

Cover Story: IMTA Launches Statewide Image Campaign