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Incoming Chairman of the Board

Management 20 Conference Recap 8


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Chairman’s Message Don Decker, Decker Truck Line, Inc. Let me start by saying that I am honored to be the new Chairman of the Board for IMTA. A few years ago, when I was first approached by the IMTA officers about Don Decker going through IMTA Chairman of the Board the chairs and again serving as chairman, I wasn’t sure if wanted to do it. I had been the Chairman in 1986 and I was only 37 years old. Given the fact that the transportation industry and IMTA as the voice of the industry, played such a significant part of my life I felt it was my duty to accept and do whatever I could to help the trucking cause and IMTA at the


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

time. Serving as Chairman in 1986 was a wonderful experience. So, as I contemplated moving forward for a second term, I took into consideration that I had a great group of employees at Decker Truck Line that would support me in this effort as well as an extremely competent and experienced staff at IMTA. Furthermore, I was honored to be able to be Chairman of the Board during the 75th anniversary of the association. I vividly remember the 50th anniversary celebration, which was a very special and historic event and the choice was easy…. and here we are today, I am the 2017 IMTA Chairman of the Board and looking forward to the year ahead. I have been a member of the association since 1978 and I have seen this association go through many different transitions. I saw the association move through three different offices until we

came to our permanent location at the foot of the State Capitol. I have worked with four different Presidents of the association and I have been involved with several major legislative initiatives from tort reform to the gas tax to making seat belt usage mandatory. I have been in more meetings with the Governor on behalf of the association than I can even count and have witnessed legislators do some good things and do some things that weren’t in the best interest of Iowa’s trucking industry. I have participated in hundreds of IMTA committee meetings and have seen the positive results of collectively tackling problems and challenges facing the industry.

While it has been a journey of ups and downs, more often than not, IMTA has come out on top and that is because of the support of the members. Throughout all the association’s history, the one thing that has always remained constant is the outstanding people that support this association. From the very beginning, the members have been the heart and soul of this association. Back in 1942, as I have been told, it was a group of truckers that got together and decided to form IMTA. These truckers were fed up with the way things were going at the Capitol so they decided they would be much more effective by working together and having one collective voice than fighting the battles on their own and that same philosophy holds true yet today. We have members of all sizes and types from across the state that write dues check to the IMTA and the outstanding support provided by these trucking companies and suppliers is as strong today as it was in 1942. The members look to IMTA to be their voice and their

advocate not only in front of legislators but also with the regulators. Back in 1942, our founding fathers were frustrated with some of the questionable rules and laws that were being passed because they weren’t good for trucking. That same frustration exists yet today as we are confronted with additional rules and laws that don’t seem to have common sense thinking behind them. But we continue to fight the battle on behalf of all IMTA members and we do make a difference. As your new Chairman of the Board, I am committed to leading the charge in being the effective and reliable voice of trucking. As always, we will have a strong presence at the Capitol and we will continue to let the regulators and bureaucrats know our concerns and challenges. We will continue to tell the positive story of trucking and more importantly, we will continue to listen to and work with the members to make sure we are doing the job they expect from us.

I am looking forward to the upcoming months as I get better acquainted with many of you and offer my assistance and leadership in several other important areas that support our mission. On top of all that, I am excited to help lead the celebration for our 75th anniversary. This is a momentous time for our association and I hope that you will join in the celebration. This is an important milestone for our association and we will be doing events around the state that will allow all our members to get involved in the celebration. Your support is appreciated and your dues dollars are going to a good place. I promise you a good return on your investment and I look forward to showing you the value of your dues investment as we continue to give 100% in proudly representing Iowa’s trucking industry. Don Decker, Decker Truck Line, Inc. 2017 IMTA Chairman of the Board


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Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

President’s Message

Brenda Neville, Iowa Motor Truck Association The Real Work Now Begins.... Like many of you, I watched in amazement on November 8th as the returns came in from across the nation and quickly saw that Donald Trump was indeed going Brenda Neville to be our next IMTA President & CEO President and Republicans were dominating at a level that was never predicted. My emotions ranged from disbelief and shock to cautious optimism and hope when I finally turned off the TV at 3:00 AM on the morning of November 9th. Clearly the American people had spoken and while there were many interpretations from the media and political pundits as to what this historic election meant, in its most simple interpretation it meant that our country still cares and understands its responsibility in driving change. I believe that Peggy Noonan, one of my favorite journalists summarized it most appropriately, “our democratic republic is vibrant and alive. It is not resigned. It is still capable of delivering a result so confounding it knocks you into the next room. The American people did this. As individuals within a movement.” In the days leading up to the election, I had numerous conversations with members from across the state and IMTA members were engaged, involved, and invested in the election. Not only had members invested time and money into the process, they were emotionally invested and it was at a level that I had never seen before. As one of the largest industry’s in this state, trucking has a responsibility to be involved. We represent an important industry and there is a responsibility that accompanies leadership. And IMTA members take that responsibility very seriously. Thank you for being involved

and for never giving up on the process. I am most appreciative and proud of the way that trucking stepped up and demonstrated its leadership throughout the long and exhausting campaign season.

But now the real work begins.

As President Trump stated in his victory speech as he spoke about the historic nature of the 2016 election results, “to be really historic, we have to do a great job” and that is the challenge that Republicans now face. Here in Iowa, Republicans won control of the Senate and join a Republican controlled house and a Republican Governor. The same holds true in Washington DC. While this new shift of power offers some great opportunities, there is a tremendous amount of responsibility and pressure on the Republicans to step and get the job done. The election was a good first step, but there is still several differing opinions and ideologies that prevail within the Republican party as well as within these Republican dominated chambers both here in Iowa and in DC. Strong leadership will be needed to harness these differing opinions among Republicans and we can only hope that we see the results of these leadership efforts of bringing Republicans together…sooner rather than later.

we invest in the important process of fully communicating with these folks on our priorities, our challenges, our opportunities, and our goals for the future. Our role in ensuring that pro-business, pro-trucking initiatives can move to the forefront, is a critically important priority. As an industry and an association, we must be diligent in identifying what the priorities need to be and then we must work together to secure some victories and finally get some traction in the “win” column. We all bear responsibility in this important effort. IMTA is committed to helping every single member be involved and engaged in our legislative and outreach efforts. As always, we will be seeking your input and I urge you to respond to our surveys and inquiries. Regardless of your size, your voice needs to be heard. Together we can and do make a difference. We saw that on November 8th so let’s keep the momentum going.

And the responsibility to be successful, does not lie completely in the hands of our elected officials. We have a responsibility as an association to be a part of this important process as well. Now more than ever, we must be engaged and involved in the legislative efforts. We owe it to our elected officials to be even more accessible as

Now more than ever, we must be engaged and involved in the legislative efforts.


Incoming Chairman of the Board

Meet your New Chairman of the Board – Don Decker, Decker Truck Line, Inc. Like so many in Iowa’s trucking industry, Don Decker has been around trucking his entire life. As a young boy he used to go to work with his father and his first job was to pick up the old grease rags in the shop. Over the years, he had the opportunity to work in several different positions within the company and quickly realized that trucking was in his blood. After attending Drake University and traveling throughout Europe, Don came back to the company and quickly established himself as problem solver and an innovator and over the next several decades, the company continued to grow and prosper. Today it is a highly-respected company that has gained the loyalty of some of the nation’s largest shippers as well as many smaller operations.

The History:

In 1931, Don’s father Dale and his uncle Loren started hauling ashes with a single Model B truck. The business quickly expanded by adding employees, trucks and services and established itself as a reputable and reliable trucking company headquartered in Fort Dodge, Iowa. In 1976, upon Loren’s retirement, he sold his interest in the company to Dale and his two sons Don & Duane. The company continued to grow and evolve. Its footprint spread throughout the nation and in 1993, Don acquired sole ownership of the company

and continued to navigate a course of growth and success for the company. Today Decker Truck Line continues to be one of the leading employers in the Fort Dodge area and maintains a presence of leadership and professionalism that is recognized and respected throughout the community, the state, and the nation. Throughout the course of its history, Decker Truck Line’s greatest asset has been its loyal and committed employees and Don with his parents Dale and Donnabelle management team, many of which have grown up within the company and offer years of institutional knowledge and wisdom that is unprecedented. The loyalty and operational expertise has helped Decker Truck Line sustain the highest

George Crouse, Don Decker (Don presented George with Crouse Cartage Company clip Don’s father had for years) Decker Truck Line is proud of its role in transporting Cyclone Football gear from game to game

Don was chairman in 1986. Here he is pictured with IMTA leaders at the time L-R: Larry Miller, Ruan; Pinky Van Wyk, Van Wyk Freight Lines; Don, John Smith, CRST; Bob Molinaro, Warren Transport


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Don Decker in DC in 2015 with IMTA members

Incoming Chairman of the Board standard of service that has enabled the company to build a foundation of loyal customers of all sizes. “The ongoing success of this company is directly tied to the loyal and hardworking employees and management team of Decker Truck Line. We have many folks that have worked here for decades and the pride and dedication they have to their individual jobs and the company as a whole, is evident on all levels. I can’t say enough about the value our people bring to Decker Truck Line. They are the reason we are where we are today,” said Don. Today Decker Truck Line has over 800 trucks with 2000 trailers in the system. There are 1125 Decker employees and the company is proudly celebrating its 85th anniversary.

his two children Dale, who is involved in the company and Ashley, who recently was married and lives in Nashville. He is also proud to be a father in-law to Libbie and Maxx and even more proud of his two grandsons; Donnie and Drew. “My family has always been very supportive and I am grateful for their support. I am proud to be involved in a family operation that started out with one truck and now we are a third-generation family operation that continues to have hope and optimism in the future. I see that in my son and my two grandsons and that is what makes it all worth it.”

“My father instilled many guiding principles that are still intact today. One of those guiding principles was to hire good people, define their job responsibilities and then empower them to do their job. By doing that, you give the employee the ability to exercise the best judgement needed when making a decision and they are going to do the right thing. That is what we do at Decker Truck Line and it has enabled us to be very successful.” In addition to investing in the right people, Decker Truck Line has always made safety the number one priority. “You simply cannot compromise when it comes to safety. In trucking, a commitment to safety at all times has to be the driving force and that is something that we have never wavered on and never will. We have a tremendous responsibility to our driver, the motoring public and frankly all of our employees to make safety a top priority at all times. That is prevailing culture here at Decker Truck Line and we are very committed to maintaining a very high standard when it comes to safety.” For those that know Don Decker, they know that he is loyal to a fault, extremely generous and a tireless and passionate advocate for the trucking industry. “Every person is impacted by the trucking industry daily. We provide a very valuable service and we take that responsibility very seriously, in fact most people in the trucking industry take that responsibility seriously, as we should. But in return, I believe that lawmakers, regulators, and the public should also recognize the value of the industry and that is where our advocacy efforts will always come into play. That is why we need organizations like IMTA, ATA, TCA and other associations to take the lead in our advocacy efforts and be our voice. But it is essential that we support these organizations and that is why I have been so involved with IMTA,” said Don. Decker Truck Line joined IMTA in 1974 at the urging of trucking legend Bob Molinaro with Warren Transport. Bob was a previous chairman of IMTA and an outspoken and passionate leader within the industry both on the state level and national level. “I figured if Molinaro thought it was important to be involved, then it must be, so I joined the association. I am the kind of person that jumps in with both feet too so once I was a member, I got very involved and gave 100% and have never regretted doing so. I learned very quickly the value of IMTA and my respect and appreciation of the association efforts remain yet today.” While Don’s commitment to the trucking company is evident in everything he does, his other passion is his family. He instantly lights up when he talks about his wife of 31 years, Dianne and


1931 by Dale & Loren Decker 1976 - Loren retired and sold his interest to the company to Dale and his two sons, Don & Duane 1993 - Don Decker acquired sole ownership of the company and remains active in the business today

Executive Team Today:

Don Decker, President & Chairman of the Board Dale Decker, Vice President Todd Smith, COO Tim Burns, CFO Tammy O’Tool, Vice President of Administration

Headquarters: Fort Dodge, IA Terminals: LeMars, Iowa Mediapolis, Iowa Davenport, Iowa Missoula, MT Bessemer, AL Hammond, IN


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Industry News President-Elect Donald Trump Picks Transportation Secretary President-elect Donald Trump has chosen former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao to be his transportation secretary. If confirmed by the Senate, Chao will succeed Anthony Foxx.

As DOT chief, Chao would be the point person driving the next Elaine Chao administration’s massive goals for infrastructure funding and myriad regulations. Trump has pledged to deliver legislation to Congress during his first 100 days in office that would aim to invest $1 trillion in infrastructure over 10 years by providing $137 billion in tax credits to companies. Trump’s plan would need congressional approval. On the regulatory front, Trump is expected to roll back rules pertaining to commercial drivers’ work schedules. “The president-elect has outlined a clear vision to transform our country’s infrastructure, accelerate economic growth and productivity, and create good-paying jobs across the country,” Chao said. “I am honored to be nominated by the presidentelect to serve my beloved country as transportation secretary.” Source: Transport Topics __________________________________________________

Mark Lowe Named Iowa’s Interim Transportation Chief

Governor Branstad has named Mark Lowe the Interim Director for the Iowa Department of Transportation. Paul Trombino had previously filled that position and he recently submitted his resignation. Still no word on where Paul will be going, but Mark will be a great person for the job. IMTA has Mark Lowe a great working relationship with Mark and he’s already met with the association to review priorities and ensure that consistency and continuity between IMTA and IDOT would prevail. Mark Lowe had been director of Iowa DOT’s Motor Vehicle Division since April 2009. He was previously the department’s general counsel.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Overtime Rules Blocked from Going into Effect

Judge Amos Mazzant of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas issued a nationwide preliminary injunction against the changes to the so-called “white collar” overtime exemption that were set to go into effect on December 1.

Judge Mazzant held that the states that had filed suit against the new rule were likely to succeed in their challenge, because the new salary threshold adopted by the Department of Labor was so high as to effectively supplant the “duties test” that Congress intended to govern the exemption. The preliminary injunction suspends the rule changes pending further proceedings in the lawsuit. Source: ATA __________________________________________________

Hill Transportation Leaders Re-Elected, Pledge to Craft Long-Term Highway Bill The re-election of senior Republicans on Nov. 8, solidifying the party’s control of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, is expected to help Republicans unify the divisions within their party and approve a long-term funding fix for freight infrastructure projects next year, the incumbent lawmakers and GOP leaders said.

Chairman of the House transportation panel, Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) and senior Commerce Committee members, Sen. Roy Blunt, from Missouri, fended off strong election opponents partly by touting their expertise in freight transportation affairs. The two lieutenants for House and Senate leaders, respectively will be called upon to galvanize support for a sustainable funding plan for highway programs and push back on trucking regulations adopted during the Obama White House years. “Throughout the general election, one of the few issues that provided common ground was the need for investments in America’s transportation network and infrastructure,” said Shuster, two days after defeating a tea party-backed candidate in one of the country’s most closely watched races. “With the results of Tuesday’s historic election now coming into focus, we have a unique opportunity to begin this work immediately by embracing innovative ideas and approaches to improving our infrastructure.” Source: Transport Topics

Industry News Entry-Level Driver Training Final Rule Clears White House

FMCSA Announces Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Final Rule

The proposed rule was issued in March and is intended to require that drivers seeking a commercial driver license first complete a through training.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said the database will allow employers to “follow” drivers, regardless of how many times they change jobs, seek employment, or apply for a commercial driver license in a different state.

The White House Office of Management and Budget has completed its review of the FMCSA’s final rule on entry-level driver training. This is the last stage before being published in the Federal Register.

The final rule’s publication date hasn’t been announced. If the Obama administration doesn’t publish the rule by mid-January, it is likely that President-elect Donald Trump’s administration will hold off on advancing the rule’s publication. Source: Transport Topics __________________________________________________

Brenda Neville Earns President’s TAEC Award

Transport Topics --- Federal regulatory officials have announced a final rule that will create a clearinghouse that would track when a commercial driver fails a drug or alcohol test and require carriers to check an applicant against the clearinghouse database.

The new regulation, mandated by the MAP-21 transportation law, will take effect on Jan. 6, 2020. “FMCSA believes three years is necessary to provide the agency time to design and implement the information technology systems needed to facilitate the reporting of results and violations of the drug and alcohol testing rules and the responses to queries from employers and prospective employers,” the agency said. “Also, this period of time will ensure that stakeholders have sufficient time to prepare for this rule.”




Brenda Neville, president of the Iowa Motor Truck Association, received the 15th annual Trucking Association Executives Council Leadership Award from American Trucking Associations at the Management Conference & Exhibition this fall. The ATA President’s TAEC Award, exclusive to state trucking association leaders, comes with a $10,000 grant for the nonprofit trucking education or research organization chosen by Neville. She chose the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation. “I am so honored to work with, for and beside some of the best carriers and suppliers in the nation. The success of IMTA is due to the dedication of our great members and I am very blessed to have had a rich and long career with such an outstanding group of folks,” said Brenda Neville. Brenda has been with the Iowa Motor Truck Association for 30 years.


SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE PEORIA, IL Fort Worth, TX Tunica, MS Brighton, CO Carrollton, GA Charlotte, NC Las Vegas, NV Pittsburgh, PA



Members in the News Hirschbach Motor Lines Receives Two Honors

CRST Win’s “Best of the Corridor” Award Once again, CRST was named “Best Trucking Company” in the annual “Best of the Corridor” contest. Subscribers, as well as the public could vote for their favorites in 50 categories. Entries were taken by write-in vote, meaning that any company can win. CRST was named the Best Trucking Company for the 9th time. They are recognized on the list as the sixth “The entrepreneurial spirit that Herald and Miriam Smith founded CRST with and that John and Dyan Smith carried on over the years remains vibrant today and is a key factor in our ability to remain innovative and a market leader,” said David Rusch, President and CEO, CRST.

Sioux City Blue Zones Project announces that Hirschbach Motor Lines has fulfilled requirements to become a designated Blue Zones Worksite.

CRST has been in business for 61 years. Source: Corridor Business Journal __________________________________________________

A ribbon cutting was recently held to celebrate the designation. The Blue Zones Project is a community-by-community wellbeing improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy and social networks. Hirschbach is now the 30th employer in Sioux City to meet the requirements to be a certified worksite. Source: Sioux City Journal Additionally, Hirschbach was recently honored with a SmartWay® Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a true industry leader in freight supply chain environmental performance and energy efficiency. The company has deployed the latest in aerodynamic technologies, green-initiative polices, and software designed to route and fuel equipment with carbon reduction in mind.

Schuster Company Makes Large Commitment to Le Mars YMCA

Steve Schuster, owner and president of Shuster Company, present a $10,000 donation to Le Mars YMCA Director Todd Lancaster in September. The check is the first in a five-year commitment totaling $50,000 in support of the Y’s work in the community and with Schuster Company’s Driving Wellness program. Source: Le Mars Sentinel

Through a concentrated effort, the Hirschbach team has increased miles per gallon by 3.8% and reduced carbon dioxide output per mile by 3.7%

Harrison Truck Centers Donates New Truck to NIACC Harrison Truck Centers has joined in support of the Keeping NIACC First capital campaign by donating the use of a brand-new Freightliner Cascadia truck to North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC). The gift is intended to enhance


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

the Diesel Technology program and bring more visibility to the College. This gift is a yearly commitment for use of a new truck each year for five years at a value of $75,000 over the course of five-years. Chad Harrison, Harrison Truck Centers said, “Harrison Truck Centers is proud to support NIACC and the New Diesel Technology Center. NIACC provides a real value to North Iowa and Southern Minnesota in providing students an

affordable avenue to continue their education after high school, and as the largest diesel repair shop in North Iowa, we rely on NIACC to provide us with skilled technicians to help us grow our business. Our careers started with NIACC and we are proud to help future community leaders get their start at NIACC as well.” Source: KIOW

Members in the News Midwest Wheel Announces New Hire and Promotions

Carrier Beier has accepted the position of Product & Special Programs Manager for Midwest Wheel Companies. In this role, she will serve as the main point of contact in growing new and existing product lines through purchasing, marketing, and relationship management activities.

James Cade of Ruan Honored with Heavy Duty Sustainability Award

Several heavy-duty fleets were recognized and six took top honors for sustainability and efficiency at the 2016 Fleet Technology Expo at recent ceremony in Schaumburg, IL.

Mitch Davis has been promoted to Parts Manager in Cedar Rapids. For the past six years, Mitch has worked as an inside sales associate in Cedar Rapids. Additionally, Nick Barry has been promoted to Customer Service Manager in Cedar Rapids. Nick has been with Midwest Wheel Companies for 14 years. He has worked the parts counter for the last 10 years. Michael Callison Jr. has also been promoted to Vice President of Purchasing, Safety and Training. He will take over the role of retired Vice President, John Mikkola. Mike will continue his role responsible for safety and training. __________________________________________________

West Side Transport Fights Cancer, Employees Raise $30,000 for Trailer

Employees of West Side Transport have raised more than $30,000 to purchase a new 2017 53-foot Wabash trailer to increase awareness and join the fight against cancer. West Side Transport has also pledged to donate a portion of the monthly revenue the trailer generates to a local cancer charity each year for the life of the trailer, which is about 12 years. The pink trailer is decorated with 12 colorful cancer ribbons, designed to grab the attention of the motoring public. “Cancer affects all of us in some way, either through your own fight with cancer, a family member, friend or co-worker. West Side wanted to create awareness while also raising money to fight against this horrible disease,” said Ron Joseph, chief operating officer of West Side Transport Source: Transport Topics

The awards recognized fleets that have made significant contributions to environmental sustainability and fleet efficiencies in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry. Nominees for the awards used alternative fuels, new technologies, software and training to gain efficiency and maintain a level of sustainability.

James Cade Ruan

James Cade of Ruan Transportation was one of the six people given top honors for the Heavy Duty Sustainability award. Source: Trucking Info __________________________________________________

Lisa Gonnerman Honored as National Safety Director of the Year

ATA’s Safety Management Council announced Lisa Gonnerman of Ruan Transportation as the winner of the 2016 National Safety Director Award. The award was presented at the ATA Safety, Security and Human Resources National Conference and Exhibition in Oklahoma City.

Under Gonnerman’s supervision, Ruan Transportation’s safety culture was reinvigorated, in part because of Gonnerman’s creation of a safety training program titled MegaSafe7. According to Lisa Gonnerman Ruan’s leadership team, Gonnerman’s Ruan development of the program empowered Ruan employees to take ownership of their safe driving behaviors and spread safety messages throughout the company. Gonnerman is an active leader not only in her company, but in initiatives throughout the trucking industry, including ATA’s Safety Management Council committees and IMTA committees. She currently serves as chairman of the ATA Safety Management Council’s Regulations Committee. Source: PR Newswire

Solar Transport Recognized by PeopleNet and TMW

PeopleNet, a Trimble Company and leading provider of fleet mobility technology, and TMW Systems, a Trimble Company and leading provider

of transportation management software, recently announced the winners of their 2016 Innovator of the Year awards. Solar Transport won Innovator of the Year for PeopleNet in the Tier 2 category (100500 trucks). Solar Transport improved fuel economy by nearly 13 percent, which resulted in a savings of $250,000.

Additionally, PeopleNet and TMW gave Solar Transport a joint award. Deploying technology solutions from both companies, Solar Transport has improved fuel economy, reduced order entry updates and enhanced driver safety through speed monitoring. Source: Field Technologies Online


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Program includes: 20-Minute DVD 1 Trainer Guide 10 Driver Skill Cards




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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week National Truck Driver Appreciation Week was held September 12 – 16, 2016. Iowa Motor Truck Association spent the week promoting the truck driver across the entire state.

NOTHING in this industry gets done without a professional driver behind the wheel.

To begin the celebratory week, IMTA President Brenda Neville submitted a letter of appreciation to professional truck drivers to several large newspapers throughout the State of Iowa. Three newspapers picked up the Op Ed piece; Sioux City, Des Moines & Cedar Rapids.

come during lunch. Tokens of appreciation such as jackets or other trinkets were the most widely distributed gesture of appreciation.

These letters reminded readers of the important role that the industry and more importantly, the professional driver plays in ensuring the quality of life that we all enjoy daily.

To conclude the week, IMTA held a joint press conference with Governor Terry Branstad, DOT Director Paul Trombino and DPS Commissioner Roxann Ryan at the foot of the Capitol building.

Brenda and several other IMTA leaders also participated in radio interviews throughout the week. This valuable air time provided yet another opportunity to highlight and recognize the importance of truck drivers. WHO Radio in Des Moines devoted their entire morning show to the appreciation effort and invited folks to send them the names of their favorite drivers, which in turn they gave them a “shout out” on the live broadcast.

Johnsrud Transport driver, Joe Cantrell picked the Governor up at his private entrance to the Capitol. Joe and the Governor made a loop around the Capitol grounds, ending up at the west steps for the news conference. The conference was well attended by several local and statewide radio and TV stations. The Governor, Commissioner Ryan and Director Trombino all made positive comments about the trucking industry

and publicly recognized and thanked professional drivers everywhere for the outstanding job they do. NOTHING in this industry gets done without a professional driver behind the wheel and while it is important to recognize these drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, it is equally important to show them thanks all year long.

“We are always pleased when we can get the media involved in sharing our message because their ability to reach a large audience is instrumental in expressing our gratitude to the drivers as well as reminding the general public about the important role the industry plays,” said IMTA President Brenda Neville. IMTA members also rose to the occasion and IMTA received a constant stream of photos, press releases and information about the variety of events that were held in honor of professional truck drivers. One member even had a “made to order” omelet station for their drivers in the morning, and another had food trucks

A news conference was held in front of the Capitol with Governor Branstad to honor National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Both Lt. Gov. Reynolds & Gov. Branstad made an appearance and Governor Branstad rode with Johnsrud driver, Joe Cantrell around the Capitol grounds.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

{19 Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner


Management Conference Recap

2016 IMTA Management Conference – Another Big Success!

The annual management conference was held in Cedar Rapids and once again offered over 450 attendees, two days of informative sessions, interesting speakers, awards and recognition and of course, valuable networking.

“I have been to many state trucking association conferences and Iowa certainly has one of the finest events in the nation,” said ATA Chairman of the Board Pat Thomas, UPS

A record number of members once again participated and carriers and suppliers from across the state continue to find value in the conference.

“We always put a lot of time and effort into creating a conference that will make it worth the investment to attend and we were very pleased with the favorable feedback and happy that we once again accomplished that goal,” said 2016 Conference Committee Chair, Travis Thompson, Thompson Truck & Trailer. As always, the hallmark of success for the conference is the large number of carriers and suppliers that attend. There were 269 carriers and 291 suppliers registered for the conference representing over 100 companies. “I have been to many state trucking association conferences and Iowa certainly has one of the finest events in the nation. Not only is the venue outstanding but the number of members that participate is the real testament to the unity and strength of this organization,” said ATA Chairman of the Board Pat Thomas, UPS. The traditional schedule was once again in place with the exception of moving the awards program to Wednesday evening which culminated as the “Chairman’s Award Gala”. With almost 400 people in attendance and over 89 individuals and companies recognized, the evening was extremely special and enjoyed by everyone. Other highlights of the conference included the annual Vern Simpson Memorial Golf outing that broke all records with over 160 golfers enjoying a

A special thanks to everyone that attended and to the


Management Conference Committee

for all their efforts in once again organizing such a worthwhile event. {20

challenging round of golf the renowned Cedar Rapids Golf & Country Club. The opening welcome reception which was held at a stunning venue by the Cedar River. Over $70,000 was raised for the Foundation as IMTA members once again showed their generosity and support of the Foundation’s efforts. Keynote addresses by Iowa Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer, ATA Chairman Pat Thomas, Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett and Iowa Hawkeye Legend Dallas Clark were equally enjoyed by the attendees. The 2016 Leadership Class officially graduated and were recognized on stage at the noon luncheon and the 2016 Iowa Road Team was also recognized for their many contributions throughout the year. The roundtable discussions drew in standing room only attendance and IMTA leaders elected a new slate of officers with Don Decker, Decker Truck Line coming in as the 2017 Chairman of the Board. “I look forward to the management conference every year because it is always well worth the time and money to attend. I always get a great deal out of the conference and I really enjoy seeing old friends, visiting with my competitors and of course, meeting new people. The management conference really is a great event,” said 2016 Chairman of the Board, Mark Olson, Olson Explosives.

Thank You ! Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner


Golf Outing

First Flight - 1st Place

Mark Crall, Panama Transfer, Inc.; Mona Crall, Panama Transfer, Inc.; Bobby Sievert, Panama Transfer, Inc.

Championship Flight - 1st Place Justin Gourley, Cross Dillon Tire, Inc. Adam Shouse, US Cargo Control Jon Larson, US Cargo Control Jason Ross, Cross Dillon Tire, Inc.

First Flight - 2nd Place

Corey Murphy, MHC Kenworth; Jeff Welch, Green Products Co.; Marty Dudenhoeffer, MHC Kenworth; Matt Schryver, Green Products Co.

Championship Flight - 2nd Place Todd Smith, Decker Truck Line, Inc. Chris Patrick, Cottingham & Butler, Inc. Tammy O’Tool, Decker Truck Line, Inc. Tim Burns, Decker Truck Line, Inc. Also pictured is Don Decker (middle)

Second Flight - 1st Place

Dick Dearborn, Cummins Sales and Service; Tom Elgin, Truck Country; John Gile, Truck Country; Mark Olson, Olson Explosives, Inc.

Second Flight – 2nd Place

Mark Stutsman, Truck Country; Al Kessler, Truck Country; Jim Overman, Truck Country; Greg Nelson, Land O’ Lakes, Inc.


Welcome Reception

Incoming Chairman Don Decker and his daughter Ashley, Ralph Arthur & Dan Van Alstine of Ruan and Doug McCoy, McCoy Group.

Eric Hemann, Karen and KJ Hueneman of Hueneman Farms, LLC.

Jim Walstrom and Brian Little, Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc.

John Smith, CRST; IMTA President Brenda Neville, Kathy & Pat Thomas, ATA Chairman and Bill Frasor, ATA


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Glenda Bagg, Brad Bailey, Central Trailer Service, Tim Kubiski, BMO Transportation Finance and Mike Bagg, Central Trailer Service

Michael Breitbach, Trans Star Trucking Co. and Mark & Jenny Olson, Olson Explosives

Todd Sondag, Arlen Eichmann, James Alford and Charles Weedon of Interstate PowerSystems

Foundation Auction

$70,000 Raised - 2015 Record broken!

The many generous bidders line up to open their prizes!

Doug McCoy, McCoy Group

Jackie Johnsrud, Johnsrud Transport

Dustin Peterson, Harrison Truck Centers

Brenda Dittmer & Ranae Allen, Weinrich Truck Lines, Inc.

Tony Maahs, Crafstmen Trailer, LLC; Randy & Dianna Amhof, Amhof Trucking, Inc. and Ashley Decker Cua, Decker Truck Line, Inc.

Brian Harrison with his silent auction prize

Dean Kloewer, Panama Transfer, Inc.

Anne-Marie Hulsey, US Legal Services; Adrian Dickey, Dickey Transport and Jack Sawyer, Des Moines Transportation Co.


Thank You! SPONSORS Platinum Sponsors

Boyer Petroleum Company Harrison Truck Centers Midwest Wheel Companies Thompson Truck & Trailer, Inc. Truck Country Freightliner – Western Star

Gold Sponsors

Cummins Sales & Service Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc. Great West Casualty Company HELP, Inc. Interstate PowerSystems J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. Joe Morten & Son, Inc. D.B.A. Motor-Ways, Inc. McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. Northland Products Company, Inc. O’Halloran International, Inc. PeopleNet Quality Services Corp.

Silver Sponsors

BMO Transportation Finance Caterpillar Dealers of Iowa – Altorfer Caterpillar Dealers of Iowa – Ziegler, Inc. Central Trailer Service, Ltd. Cornhusker International Trucks, Inc. Donaghy-Kempton Insurors GATR Truck Center Housby I-State Truck Center MHC Kenworth Mid-States Utility Trailer Sales, Inc. Northland Insurance Company Pilot Flying J Thermo King Sales & Service Truckers Insurance Associates TrueNorth Companies U.S. Legal Services UPS Freight Wilson Trailer Company MotorMotor TruckTruck Association Association Lifeliner Lifeliner {24 {24 Iowa Iowa

Iowa Motor Truck Association 2016 Management Conference

Bronze Sponsors

Allied Oil & Tire Company Bauer Built, Inc. Bridgestone Commercial Solutions Cedar Rapids Truck Center/Quad City Peterbilt CliftonLarsonAllen LLP Cottingham & Butler, Inc. Cross Dillon Tire, Inc. Dave Syverson Truck Centers Diamond Detailing Pros Eastern Iowa Tire, Inc. FirstLab Hanifen Co. Inc. Iowa 80 Truckstop, Inc. Iowa Council of Safety Management Jim Hawk Truck-Trailers, Inc. Kwik Star Majestic Truck Services Midwest Peterbilt Group Omnitracs, LLC Peoples Insurance Agency, Ltd. Reynolds & Reynolds, Inc. RSM Sioux City Truck & Trailer, Inc. Siouxland Trailer Sales, Inc. TAB Bank Thermo King Christensen Transport Topics US Cargo Control Wilshire Insurance Company/IAT Insurance Group

Leadership Luncheon

2016 Road Team member Randy Dewitt, Walmart Transportation, spoke to the attendees about his time on the Road Team and why it was so valuable to be a part of this elite group of drivers.

IMTA President Brenda Neville with Dallas Clark and Mike Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp after the Leadership Luncheon

Outgoing Chairman of the Board, Mark Olson and Incoming Chairman of the Board, Don Decker hosted the lunch event

Former Iowa Hawkeye and Super Bowl winner, Dallas Clark, was the keynote speaker at the Leadership Luncheon. Over 300 people were in attendance.

Allison Meiners, Ruan Transportation, said a few words on behalf of the 2016 IMTA Leadership Class

The 2016 IMTA Leadership Class was honored at this year’s luncheon for their commitment to the program and their growth both professionally and personally.


2016 IMTA Award Winners 2016 Dispatcher of the Year Award

Special thanks to the Iowa Council of Safety Management for sponsoring this award.

Irv Donaldson

Warren Transport, Inc. Irv got his start at Warren doing janitorial work 45 years ago, and three years later he was promoted to dispatch. Irv is known for his cool demeanor and for his honest character. He has a critical role of dispatching all the new operators joining the Warren family, one of the most difficult jobs in the company. Irv has committed himself to the transportation industry and is a third-generation family member to work in trucking. His father, George, was a past terminal manager and safety director at Warren Transport, and his son Aric is an independent contractor within the industry as well.

2016 Dispatcher of the Year Nominees

Congratulations to the following individuals for being nominated for 2016 Dispatcher of the Year Brandon Erickson, Decker Truck Line, Inc. Dave Poling, Rasmussen Group Irv Donaldson, Warren Transport Jackie McFetridge, CRST Expedited Kim Ralls, Hy-Vee, Inc. Larry Bloxham, Ennis Corporation Pat Pollard, Johnsrud Transport Scott Nelson, CRST Expedited Tom Hommer, Barr-Nunn Transportation

2016 IMTA Safety Professional of the Year

Special thanks to the Iowa Council of Safety Management for sponsoring this award.

Dan Gardner

Walmart Transportation Dan has been in the trucking industry for 35 years and has been with Walmart Transportation for 25 years. Dan leads the safety efforts for the Iowa distribution center transportation group. Dan’s rapport with drivers is one of the best, and he strongly believes in leading a team by example. He is highly respected in the industry and highly involved as well. Dan is a former Iowa Truck Driving Championships Chairman as well as a former member of the Iowa Council of Safety Management Steering Committee. Walmart is one of the leaders in the industry in safety and crash avoidance technology.

2016 Safety Professional of the Year Nominees

Congratulations to the following individuals for being nominated for 2016 Safety Professional of the Year Brent Vander Leest, Sully Transport Bridget Nixon, Solar Transport Dan Gardner, Walmart Transportation Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp. Jeff Martin, Green Products Company Sid Carroll, Great West Casualty Company


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

2016 IMTA Award Winners 2016 Fleet Maintenance Awards

Special Thanks to Midwest Wheel Companies for sponsoring the company and individual Fleet Maintenance Awards!

Outstanding Company Awards

Congratulations to these companies for being recognized as the “Best of the Best” in fleet maintenance operations Barr-Nunn Transportation Decker Truck Line, Inc. Fareway Stores Olson Explosives Schuster Company Sully Transport TanTara Transportation Corp.

1st Annual Maintenance Company of the Year Award:

TanTara Transportation Corp. Individual of the Year Nominees

These individuals have set themselves apart from the rest by investing the time and demonstrating the commitment it takes to be an awardwinning professional. Being an outstanding performer requires great dedication and tremendous desire to work very hard to be the best you can be. Congratulations to all the nominees for the Midwest Wheel Individual Maintenance award. Benjamin Steines, Ruan Transportation Dominic “Danny” Soda, Barr-Nunn Transportation Jason Kruse, Hy-Vee, Inc. Jeff Diediker, Weinrich Truck Line Randy Teslow, Olson Explosives Tyson Vance, Decker Truck Line, Inc.

2016 Fleet Maintenance Professional of the Year

2016 Great West Casualty Fleet Safety Awards

Ruan Transportation

Perishable Distributors of Iowa

Benjamin Steines

Benjamin Steines is the Senior Service Manager for Ruan Transportation Management. He has been employed with Ruan for five years. Benjamin manages a fleet of several hundred trucks and trailers, operating from multiple location. He creates and monitors budgets for compliance, and manages the purchase of parts, tires, and shop supplies to maintain proper inventory levels. Benjamin is set apart by his ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with others, while engaging and inspiring his team, solving problems and driving change. He goes above and beyond to keep all parties informed of maintenance items and potential concerns. Additionally, he helps promote the trucking industry and encourages young people to consider the industry as a career path.

Grand Champion Winner

Congratulations to PDI for receiving this award and for their continued commitment to safety. A special thankyou to Great West Casualty Company for sponsoring this prestigious award.


2016 IMTA Award Winners Tank Truck – Bulk

2-5 million miles Iowa Tanklines

Tank Truck – Bulk

5-10 million miles Sully Transport

Private Carrier

250,000 – 500,000 miles Jerico Services

2016 Great West Casualty Fleet Safety Awards General Commodity – Truckload 0-2 million miles Ennis Corporation

General Commodity – Truckload 2-5 million miles Dickey Transport

General Commodity – Truckload 5-10 million miles Hirschbach Motor Lines

General Commodity – Truckload 20-50 million miles Ruan Transportation

General Commodity – Truckload Over 50 million miles Barr-Nunn Transportation

General Commodity – LTL 5-10 million miles ABF Freight

Flatbed Carrier

Private Carrier

2-5 million miles Warren Transport

2-5 million miles Casey’s General Stores

Flatbed Carrier

Private Carrier

10-15 million miles Decker Truck Line

5-10 million miles Perishable Distributors of Iowa

Tank Truck – Bulk

Private Carrier 20-50 million miles Hy-Vee

0-2 million miles Johnsrud Transport

2016 Driver of the Year

Special thanks to the Iowa Council of Safety Management for sponsoring this award.

Dallas Buhr

Ennis Corporation Dallas has been driving with Ennis Corporation for nine years, and has been a professional driver for a total of 36 years. He has driven over six million miles with no preventable accidents and is recognized for his safety efforts each year at Ennis. Dallas is always dependable and pleasant to work with. He is always ready to go, on-time delivering and helping other drivers on the road. The entire Ennis office looks forward to seeing Dallas each week when he stops in the office. His open-mind for new technology and willingness to embrace change are two qualities that Ennis Corporation values. He is very proud of his family, especially his new grandson.

2016 Driver of the Year Nominees

The role that the professional truck driver plays within a company is without question the foundation of this great industry. Delivering the products that everyone depends upon is critical and of the utmost importance. These folks sacrifice a great deal to perform a job that is honorable, important and worthy of our gratitude every day. This year’s group of award winners represent 435 years of experience and an amazing 43 million miles without an accident.

Robert Parket, Barr-Nunn Transportation Dallas Buhr, Ennis Corporation Allen Sohn, FedEx Freight Dennis Lathrom, Foodliner D.J. Jeffers, Hirschbach Motor Lines Dwayne Capp, Hirschbach Motor Lines


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

John Caza, Hirschbach Motor Lines Wayne Peterson, Hirschbach Motor Lines Harold Major, Hy-Vee Tim Johnson, Hy-Vee Bret Smith, Johnsrud Transport Robbie Grey, Perishable Distributors of Iowa

Kevin Caudron, Questliner Ron Wiebold, Questliner Neil Ditch, Solar Transport Ed Born, Wal-Mart Transportation Steven Reynolds, Wal-Mart Transportation Wesley Sommer, Warren Transport

Management Conference Photos


Delwin Van Wyk and Tim Troyer, both with Harrison Truck Centers, enjoying ice cream at the dessert reception.

James Twedt, Motor-Ways, Inc. Chris Anderson, RSM; Jackie Johnsrud, Johnsrud Transport; Andy Pick, Great West Casualty Company; Pat & Pam Storey, Motor-Ways Insurance


2 Convention guests enjoying an afternoon of painting at the Brush & Barrell in Coralville, Iowa.

Tim Kubiski, BMO Transportation Finance and Brad Bailey, Central Trailer Services.

1 A group of Harrison Truck Center representatives enjoying themselves at the welcome reception

Dave Nelsen, Harrison Truck Centers, Chris Anderson, RSM; Dustin Petersen, Harrison Truck Centers and Jackie Johnsrud, Johnsrud Transport


Management Conference Photos

Libbie and Dale Decker, Don and Dianne Decker, and Ashley Decker Cua at the Gala to celebrate Don’s induction as the 2017 Chairman of the Board.


3 Convention Committee Chairman Travis Thompson, Thompson Truck and Trailer opening the breakfast session the day of the conference.

2 Molly Carroll singing The Star-Spangled Banner during breakfast.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Wayne Lair, BMO Transportation Finance, updating the group on the current financial landscape and its impact on trucking.


Don Decker, Decker Truck Line and Brent Vander Leest, Sully Transport at the Chairman’s Awards Gala

Management Conference Photos


2 Sarah Rosales, a student at Jefferson High School performing her solo during the opening session.

IMTA members sharing some laughs during a break at the conference.

3 Sgt. Brett Tjepkes with Iowa State Patrol thanks IMTA members for their commitment to safety.

Ed Smith, Altorfer, Inc.; Dave Durr, PeopleNet and Don Egli, IMTA downtown Cedar Rapids.

3 IMTA officers and regulatory partners were present to congratulate award winners and nominees on a job well done.


Management Conference Photos


2 Des Moines Police Officer, Sone Cam, hosting a session to help companies learn how to plan for an active shooter situation.


2 The Leadership Luncheon’s Keynote Speaker, Dallas Clark, signing autographs after lunch.

Jeff and Kelly Dickinson, Ten D, Inc. at the Dessert Reception after the Chairman’s Award’s Gala.

3 The 2016 Convention Committee did a wonderful job helping plan the annual Management Conference.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Jenny & Mark Olson, Olson Explosives at the Chairman’s Awards Gala.

Management Conference Photos



Tim Burns and Brenda McNealey with Decker Truck Line, enjoying some after dinner drinks at the Dessert Reception.

IMTA’s 2017 officers with IMTA president Brenda Neville.



Paul Trombino, Iowa DOT, speaking about freight movement in Iowa and the role trucking plays in the process.

IMTA President Brenda Neville; Melinda Anderson, Ennis Corp; Janelle Stevens, IMTA; Jackie Johnsrud, Johnsrud Transport and Emily Larkin, IMTA at the Welcome Reception.

1 Eric Hemann and Karen Hueneman, Hueneman Farms; Ashley Sly and Nick Finkenauer, McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C.; and KJ Hueneman, Hueneman Farms.

2 IMTA Treasurer Ralph Arthur delivering the Treasurer’s report during the annual business meeting.


Management Conference Photos



Brenda Neville presenting Outgoing Chairman Mark Olson with gifts to say thank you for a great year.

Dave Dickey, Dickey Transport; Mike Riggan and Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp and Mike Spalla, Kunkel Associates enjoying the reception at the McGrath Amphitheatre.


1 Carol Liljedahl, Marlene Peterson and Esther Halvorsen helped with registration activities throughout the week.

Diane & Kevin Gass, Perishable Distributors of Iowa and Judy Dickey, Dickey Transport.

3 The band, Crankshaft, put on a great show for the Welcome Reception in downtown Cedar Rapids.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

The Hawkapellas, one of the entertainment acts at the Chairman’s Awards Gala

Thank You! Management Conference

C ommittee

“The conference committee does a tremendous job of putting on a wonderful event year after year. I am always so grateful for involvement by these folks.� Brenda Neville , IMTA President Travis Thompson Thompson Truck & Trailer, Inc.

Melinda Anderson Ennis Corporation


Brad Bailey Central Trailer Service, Ltd.

Dick Dearborn Cummins Central Power, LLC

Tom McMahon Boyer Petroleum Company

Dave Neuwohner All Seasons Trucking

Mark Olson Olson Explosives

Adam Hermsen TrueNorth Companies

Dave Riggan TanTara Transportation Corp.

KJ Hueneman Hueneman Farms LLC

Matt Long Eaton Corportation

Rory Triplett Insurance Associates



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Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner


Image Campaign Results The first round of the IMTA Image Campaign has officially ended, and we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated to make this a huge success! Through efforts directed at schools, senior citizens, the homeless and other local organizations, trucking has once again demonstrated its compassion and leadership to the state of Iowa.










...and t


WINNERS are...

Carrier Division:

Allied Division:

st 1Decker Place Truck Line, Inc.

st 1Harrison Place Truck Centers

nd 2Johnsrud Place Transport

nd 2O’Halloran PlaceInternational

rd 3Schuster PlaceCompany

3Desrd Moines PlaceTruck Brokers, Inc.

Thanks to the effort of IMTA members, the image campaign also landed IMTA a national award. American Trucking Associations honored IMTA with the Mike Russell Trucking Industry Image Award this fall in Las Vegas. Brenda Neville, IMTA president was there at accept the award.

IMTA is very proud of the way its members promote the success of trucking in the state of Iowa!


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Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner


Events & Major Deadlines

Throughout the year, IMTA will be hosting various events to celebrate our 75th Anniversary. These specific events are highlighted below with an anniversary ribbon. More information on the 75th Anniversary will be forthcoming.

JANUARY 2017 • JANUARY 10 --- ICSM Division Meeting • JANUARY 19 --- IMTA Member Webinar Series

MAY 2017 • • • • • • • • • •

MAY 3 --- Regulatory Updates Seminar (IMTA Office) MAY 9 --- ICSM Division Meeting MAY 10 & 11 --- Leadership Class MAY 11 --- Board of Directors Meeting MAY 16 --- Regulatory Updates Seminar (Eastern Iowa) MAY 18 --- Regulatory Updates Seminar (Western Iowa) MAY 19 --- Truck PAC Golf Outing Registration Deadline MAY 19 --- TDC Driver Entry Registration Deadline MAY 25 --- Truck PAC Golf Outing VARIOUS DATES --- State of Iowa Outreach Events

JUNE 2017

FEBRUARY 2017 • • • • •

FEBRUARY 9 --- ELD Seminar (IMTA Office) FEBRUARY 14 --- ICSM Division Meeting FEBRUARY 16 --- IMTA Member Webinar Series FEBRUARY 21 & 22 --- Road Team Orientation FEBRUARY 28 --- ELD Seminar (Western Iowa)

• • • •

JUNE 6 & 7 --- Call on Washington JUNE 9 --- TDC Meal Registration Deadline JUNE 15 & 16 --- Truck Driving Championships VARIOUS DATES --- State of Iowa Outreach Events

JULY 2017 MARCH 2017 • • • • • •

MARCH 3 --- Safety Conference Registration Deadline MARCH 8 & 9 --- Safety Conference MARCH 14 --- ICSM Division Meeting MARCH 16 --- IMTA Member Webinar Series MARCH 16 --- NCAA Tournament Poker Tournament MARCH 24 --- Leadership Class Registration Deadline

• JULY 7 --- Best of the Best Awards Nominations Deadline • JULY 28 --- Tour des Moines Historical Pub Crawl

AUGUST 2017 • AUGUST 15 --- ICSM Division Meeting • VARIOUS DATES --- State of Iowa Outreach Events

APRIL 2017 • • • • •

APRIL 5 & 6 --- Leadership Class APRIL 11 --- ICSM Division Meeting APRIL 12 --- Truck Rides at the Capitol APRIL 18 & 19 --- Cargo Tank Seminar APRIL 20 --- IMTA Member Webinar Series

SEPTEMBER 2017 • SEPTEMBER 8 --- Mgmt. Conference Registration Deadline • SEPTEMBER 20 & 21 --- Mgmt. Conference & Anniversary Gala

All Event Dates & Deadline Dates are Subject to Change. Please visit for more information on these events once they become available.


717 East Court Ave Des Moines, IA 50309





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2016 Lifeliner Magazine (Issue 4)  
2016 Lifeliner Magazine (Issue 4)  

Cover Story: Annual Management Conference 2016 Recap