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12 Call on Washington Image Campaign Update


Driving 36 Truck Championships

Chairman’s Message................................................ 4-5

New IMTA Staff Members............................................22

President’s Message......................................................7

Board Meeting...................................................... 24-25

Industry News........................................................... 8-9

Scholarships......................................................... 26-27

Members in the News........................................... 10-11

Golf Outing.......................................................... 30-33

Call on Washington....................................................12

Truck Driving Championships ............................... 36-45

Image Campaign Update...................................... 14-17

Contest Flyer & Results................................................47

RABA Research Poll............................................... 18-21

IMTA Staff Brenda Neville, CAE President

Don Egli

Director of Safety and Security

DeAnn Moody

Office & Building Manager

Janelle Stevens

Director of Communications, Education & Events

Our Supporters Great West Casualty...................... 2 Boyer Petroleum..........................4-5 Donaghy-Kempton Insurors............ 6 Quality Services Corp..................... 6 Central Trailer Service.................... 6 Northland Insurance...................... 9 IMTA Cornerstone Sponsors.......... 13 Thompson Truck & Trailer............. 23

Taylor & Martin............................ 27 Harrison Truck Centers................. 28 Thermo King Sales & Service........ 29 LEAD IMTA Conference................ 34 HELP/PrePass............................... 35 Truck Country.............................. 46 Midwest Wheel Companies.......... 48

Whitney Tapia

Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Emily Larkin

Administrative Assistant

Jordan Bjerke

Membership Manager


Chairman’s Message Mark Olson, Olson Explosives As the Chairman of the board for IMTA, members ask me all the time about being chairman and my favorite part of the job. When I first became Mark Olson Chairman, I IMTA Chairman of the Board wasn’t sure how to answer that question because at that point, I liked everything and didn’t feel as though I had done that much yet. But now after being your Chairman for over ten months, I can easily say that my favorite part of the job is getting to meet IMTA members from across the state of Iowa.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

I have been a member of IMTA for a long time and felt that I knew quite a few people within the membership and boy was I wrong. After spending time on the road with the IMTA staff and attending a lot of different IMTA events, I have met a ton of new people and enjoyed every minute of it. Every IMTA member I have met, whether that member was a trucking member or a supplier, has an interesting story to tell and truly supports the efforts of our association. That means a lot to me not only as your Chairman but as a member of the association. Obviously, I think IMTA has a lot to offer or I wouldn’t have invested my time and energy in it but it is always rewarding to get positive feedback from the members as well. I enjoy hearing the back story on how their company started and why they got involved with IMTA. I am equally interested in hearing about their

challenges and their thoughts on the future of the industry and the association. In all these scenarios, the members I have met are very thoughtful and enthusiastic with their feedback. That is very important because in order for this association to continue on a positive path, we need engaged and informed members that are willing to participate. I have even participated in some visits to non-members and have had the opportunity to help “pitch” these folks on joining the association. I have enjoyed these meetings too. It is actually quite rewarding to be able to tell a nonmember why I joined the association and as a relatively small trucker, I think my perspective adds to the conversation. Fortunately, in most of the non-member visits we have made, the decision was made to ultimately join the association so I am very pleased with those outcomes as well.

Like many chairman before me, I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as Chairman. The time has went by all too quickly and while I have seen a lot of members through various trips, there are many that I have not seen and I wish that wasn’t the case. We have a few more road trips planned before I pass the gavel but as Brenda told me, “you don’t have to be the Chairman of the Board to go out and see members”. So I am thinking about setting a new trend and will continue to do outreach to members and non-members after my term as Chairman is over. I would encourage you to do the same. Now more than ever, I have seen the value of having a strong foundation of members and all of us play a role in membership outreach and recruitment. The collective voice of IMTA is critically important and the only way we make that voice stronger and more effective is by building our foundation of members. As a current member of the association, you are the most valuable resource we have in that effort, reach out to a nonmember in your community and tell them why it is important to be a part of IMTA.

Ask them to join this great organization that we all believe in and remind them that being part of the solution is far more important than sitting on the sidelines. If you have any questions or want some help in making that first call, give me a call first and I will be happy to give you some guidance on how to make that happen. It has been a great pleasure to serve in this capacity and I look forward to my continued work in waving the flag for IMTA.

Now more than ever, I have seen the value of having a strong foundation of members and all of us play a role in membership outreach and recruitment.


 


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Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

President’s Message

Brenda Neville, Iowa Motor Truck Association The following is an editorial piece that was published in several Iowa newspapers in honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 11-16) Trucking is important to the State of Iowa and Iowa carriers are proud of the critical importance they play in Iowa’s economy and the lives that Brenda Neville are impacted IMTA President & CEO by our efforts. With a marketplace that is increasingly global, the safer and more efficient we make our transportation and distribution supply chains, the more competitive our state can be and that is good for everyone. In a recent poll sponsored by the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation, eight out of 10 Iowans held a favorable opinion of the trucking industry. Despite this positive assessment, it’s very easy to take for granted the role that that trucks play in our lives every day. If you want to see how the trucking industry has impacted your life, take a look around at the products in your kitchen, the supplies in your office or the clothes on your back. The trucking industry is responsible for ensuring that

you have what you need at all times and that is a significant responsibility that the trucking industry takes on seven days a week, 365 days a year despite unrelenting weather conditions, road construction, distracted commuters and intense regulatory oversight. Trucks are a common sight here in Iowa, because our agricultural and manufacturing operations are dependent on trucks too. Almost 350,000 tons are moved every day by trucks in this state. In addition, over 70% of Iowa communities are 100% reliant on trucks for the delivery of products that are needed on a daily basis. The trucking industry further drives the economy by distributing one out of every 13 paychecks. The reason we are able to cite those kinds of statistics is because of the professional drivers that are the foundation of this industry. Professional drivers are no different than you or me. They have families that are counting on them, they have communities they support and give back to and they have chosen a career that brings them great satisfaction and personal pride. The demands put on a professional truck driver are much more rigorous than the average employee and the sacrifices that they make on a daily basis in order for all us to enjoy our quality of life speaks volumes to the

dedication and commitment that has always been and always will be prevalent within the trucking industry. Trucking is not easy, but for the over 4 million men and women nationwide that proudly call themselves professional truck drivers they are okay with not having an easy job. Instead they are proud of having an important job and they take that job very seriously. We are the beneficiaries of that pride and commitment. Here in the heartland, we have an innate desire to work hard, take risks, and be a valued leader while relying heavily on our honesty, integrity and relentless commitment to professionalism and excellence. That is what you will find in today’s trucking industry, smart, hardworking men and women that embrace the tremendous responsibility that is required to move this state and nation on a daily basis. Please join me the week of Sept. 11-17 in saluting Iowa’s dedicated trucking professionals during national truck driver appreciation week to say thanks, offer a handshake or give a wave to the unsung heroes who make our lives easier, day in and day out.

Trucking is not easy, but for the over 4 million men and women nationwide that proudly call themselves professional truck drivers they are okay with not having an easy job. Instead they are proud of having an important job and they take that job very seriously. We are the beneficiaries of that pride and commitment.


Industry News American Trucking Association Names New President, Chris Spear

Chris Spear was named the new President & CEO of the American Trucking Associations in early July. As president and CEO for the American Trucking Association, Chris will oversee Chris Spear ATA’s efforts ATA to advocate and educate on behalf of the trucking industry. Chris replaces Governor Bill Graves who had served in the same role for over a decade. “Governor Graves did a great job for ATA and we are most appreciative of everything that he did. He brought some valuable expertise to our advocacy efforts and was an excellent communicator,” said IMTA President Brenda Neville. Chris had served as ATA’s senior vice president of legislative affairs and had spent

time with IMTA members on their annual Call on Washington trip. Chris had also given regular updates to IMTA’s executive committee so many IMTA leaders feel a strong connection to Chris. “Chris brought great passion and energy when he served as an ATA lobbyist and I am confident that he will bring that same energy and passion to his role as the CEO of ATA so I am very excited and pleased that he was named to this new position,” said Ralph Arthur, Ruan Transportation. Prior to his time at ATA, Chris has deep background and experience in the transportation, energy, labor and technology sectors over five different continents. Chris came to ATA from Hyundai Motor Co., where he served as vice president of government affairs. In that role he served on the Executive Committee for Global Automakers. Previously, Chris was ATA’s senior vice president of legislative affairs and worked for Honeywell Process Solutions. Chris also has extensive experience in the federal government, serving as deputy representative for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, assistant secretary of labor for policy and as professional staff in the U.S. Senate.

Chris is on the board of directors for the University of Wyoming’s Center for Global Studies, has been awarded the US Department of Defense Joint Civilian Service Medal and Honeywell’s Premier Achievement Award. Chris holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree from the University of Wyoming. “Having a strong voice is critically important now more than ever and through my work with Chris in the past, I believe that ATA’s efforts and its voice will be even more effective under Chris’s leadership. He has spent a lot of time in the trenches and I believe that expertise and experience is what is needed to get the attention we need to make some changes in DC,” said Brenda Neville. In addition to his work in DC, Chris has made it a priority to get out to the state associations and get feedback from the membership throughout the US. IMTA is working with ATA to set up some dates to get Chris to Iowa. “Chris is the real deal and he is genuinely interested in learning about the issues impacting the average trucker on the street and I think this will really enable the ATA to be even more impactful in their efforts,” said IMTA Chairman of the Board Mark Olson.

ATA Announces Senior Leadership Team – ATA is proud

to announce its Senior Leadership Team. Some of the team includes veteran ATA employees such as Elisabeth Barna and Rebecca Brewster and also added three new hires, Sue Rebecca Brewster Hensley, Jennifer Hall and Bill Sullivan.

Elisabeth Barna

Rebecca Brewster, President & COO of ATRI will retain her role and will report directly to Spear and ATRI’s Board of Directors. Rebecca has been with ATRI since 1993. Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wofford College and is a Fellow of the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership. Elisabeth Barna, has spent nearly 20 years at ATA, most recently as senior vice president of communications and public affairs. Elisabeth is a graduate of Marietta College in Ohio. As the new COO for ATA, she will oversee internal operations of ATA. Sue Hensley will be the executive vice president of communications and public affairs. Hensley will oversee Transport Topics. Most recently she was senior vice president of communications and public affairs for the National Restaurant Association. Hensley also has been a reporter, an anchor, news director and an associate producer at television and radio stations in her home state of Illinois. She has an degree from the University of Illinois and an executive credential from Northwestern Illinois.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Sue Hensley

Jennifer Hall

Bill Sullivan

Jennifer Hall will serve as general counsel for ATA. Jennifer was most recently general counsel and deputy staff director for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. She also worked for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and FEMA during the George Bush Administration. She is a graduate of Notre Dame and the University of Arizona. Bill Sullivan has been named executive vice president of advocacy for ATA. Before joining ATA he served as legislative director for a US Senator from Alabama and before that he had worked for the Department of Justice, Senator Lemar Alexander and the organization Trout Unlimited. He holds two degrees from the University of Tennessee. Additional leadership appointments, including a chief financial officer will be made in the coming weeks as ATA continues its transition under Spear’s leadership. “As ATA forges this new path forward, we are lucky to have quality leaders like Elisabeth, Jennifer, Sue, Bill and Rebecca,” said ATA Chairman of the Board Pat Thomas, UPS.

Industry News Senate Confirms Darling as FMCSA Administrator

The US Senate has confirmed Scott Darling as the Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. His nomination received unanimous consent in a vote on the eve Scott Darling of a seven week Administrator of the Federal recess in late July. Motor Carrier Administration Darling has been the agency’s acting administrator for the last 11 months. ATA President Chris Spear congratulated Darling on the confirmation, “Throughout his tenure we have had a strong working relationship and we look forward to continuing our work with him to promote safety on our nation’s highways,” said Chris. Prior to coming to FMCSA, Darling was the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Deputy Chief of staff and assistant general counsel.

Speed Limiter Rule Proposed – Comment Period Now Open In a joint effort between the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the longexpected speed limiter rule was published as a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in the Federal Register on Wednesday, September 7, 2016. The notice was published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The idea to limit speed for large commercial motor vehicles was proposed as early as 2006, but has taken this long to surface as a proposed rule. NHTSA and FMCSA support this proposal by stating data from earlier studies that they say shows that limiting speed of large vehicles reduces the severity of crashes and saves lives. Specifically, the NPRM proposes a mandate that all new trucks, buses, school buses, and multipurpose passenger vehicles of 26,000 pounds or more be equipped with speed limiting devices or technology. The NPRM includes a considerable amount of discussion on requiring retrofitting of existing vehicles, but does not include a proposed given year of manufacture to be included in the mandate, does not include an effective date, and does not presently include retrofitting of any existing trucks. The NPRM only addresses NEW trucks being manufactured. The exact speed setting for these limiters has also not yet been proposed, but some of the numbers suggested include 60, 65, and 68 mph.

This proposal has raised quite a bit of discussion on both sides of the issue. The trucking industry includes people who support the proposed rule, and those who are strongly opposed to the idea of the government mandating a speed setting. Many safety professionals argue that speed is not a factor in most serious crashes, as driver error or distraction is relevant in a majority of crashes rather than speed being a contributing factor. The best way to voice your opinion on this proposed rulemaking is to file comments with FMCSA. The NPRM listed the comment period as being open through November 7, 2016. However, several trucking industry groups, along with 46 state trucking associations, have sent a request to Secretary of Transportation Foxx, asking that the comment period be extended by 30 days. In the request, the groups cited the need to gather additional feedback from members and other industry stakeholders. The groups felt that this extension was necessary in order to be able to file more comprehensive and useful comments to the agency. You may file comments by going to http://www. and following the instructions for filing comments. Comments may be made online at this website, via the U.S. Postal Service mail, hand delivery to FMCSA, or via fax. The Docket Number for filing comments is: FMCSA-2014-0083. For assistance in filing comments, or if you have any questions, please call the IMTA office at 515244-5193.

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Members in the News Ruan’s Lisa Gonnerman Elected Treasurer of ATA’s Safety Board

Lisa Gonnerman Ruan

Lisa Gonnerman, vice president of safety for Ruan, has been elected treasurer of the American Trucking Associations’ Safety Management Council Management Advisory Board.

Over the next three years, she will advance to second vice chairman, first vice chairman and eventually national chairman. In addition, Gonnerman is in the first year of a twoyear term as chairman of the Safety Management Council’s Regulations Committee. “It’s important to be representing Ruan to the trucking industry and to have contacts with our regulators,” Gonnerman said. “Involvement in the Safety Management Council ensures we have up-to-date information on regulations so we can proactively prepare as an organization.” Source: Transport Topics __________________________________________________

TanTara Transportation Wins Safety Award

TanTara Transportation Corp. was presented a platinum award by Great West Casualty Company as part of the 2015 National Safety Awards Program. The National Safety Awards Program recognizes motor carriers in similar operations (truckload and less than truckload) with awards based on their year-end preventable crash results. Carriers are eligible to receive a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Participatory award. This past year, the National Safety Awards Program drew over 675 participants from across the country. TanTara Transportation Corp was also the recipient of a silver award in the Workplace Safety Awards Program for their dedication towards creating and fostering a safe work environment. Source: Muscatine Journal __________________________________________________

Harrison Truck Centers Extends Name to Recent Acquisitions

Harrison Truck Centers recently renamed businesses it acquired last year from Westman Freightliner. Effective immediately, Westman Freightliner, a heavy- and mediumduty truck dealership group, is now Harrison Truck Centers. In addition, River Valley Truck Rental and Leasing is named Harrison Rental and Leasing, and the Westman ProMaxx truck parts business is now Harrison Truck Parts.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

“We’ve had great success integrating the Westman dealerships since we acquired them and believe combining the Westman operations under the Harrison Truck Centers name is a significant step in establishing and maintaining unified operations,” said Brian Harrison. “Incorporating the Harrison name at all of our locations allows us to continue to grow and strengthen our already familiar and distinguished brand in the Midwest.” __________________________________________________

Midwest Wheel Announces Promotions and New-Hires Midwest Wheel Companies is excited to announce that Bryan Maze has been named Branch Manager in Kansas City. Bryan’s responsibilities will include all Kansas City branch operations. Bryan has been with Midwest Wheel Companies for 11 years. Ken Walters recently accepted a position with Midwest Wheel Companies as the new Parts Manager in Kansas City. Ken brings with him many years of heavy duty knowledge and customer service experience. Additionally, Kevin Hadenfeldt has been appointed to Branch Manager in Cedar Rapids. As of July 1, Jim Koester will have officially retired his position as Branch Manager in Cedar Rapids. Kevin will fill the position, and Jim will continue to work with and mentor Kevin throughout the rest of 2016. Kevin has been with Midwest Wheel Companies for 33 years. __________________________________________________

Peterbilt of Lincoln Celebrates New Dealership

Peterbilt of Lincoln hosted a Grand Opening Celebration in June to showcase its newly-built, full-service dealership in Lincoln, Nebraska. The event was open to Peterbilt customers, fleets, owner operators and the entire trucking community. The new facility is located along the Interstate 80 frontage road, off exit 405 in Nebraska. “We want to let the trucking community know about our first-class trucks, parts, services and new location.” Said Ron Showers, parts manager at the Lincoln store. “This is a large energy-efficient facility with 16 service bays, a large parts inventory for all makes and a full-line of Peterbilts and used trucks for sale.” Peterbilt of Lincoln is a member of the Midwest Peterbilt Group, which is owned and operated by Sioux City Truck Sales, Inc.

Members in the News Professional Truck Drivers Bring Safety Tour to Sioux City

In June, America’s Road Team and American Trucking Associations’ “Share the Road” highway safety program were in Sioux City, Iowa to demonstrate safe-driving skills to area drivers.

Johnsrud Transport Named a Winner of 2016 Vehicle Graphics Awards

The trucking industry has been trying to raise its profile among the general public to help Americans understand the important role the industry plays in daily life. To that end, the American Trucking Associations created the “Trucking Moves America Forward” campaign. Along with that campaign is a graphics package that fleets can use on vehicles to promote the message. Johnsrud Transport worked with Schneider Graphics to create this eye-popping wrap for one of its tank trailers. The photos accompanying the graphics are of Johnsrud drivers. “The trailer is bright and eye-catching; it grabs attention and then also sends an informational message to the public,” Jackie Johnsrud explains. “I think the public needs to be reminded of the critical role trucking plays in the economy. It is our hope that it will also remind professional drivers of the importance of what they do and make them feel proud.” __________________________________________________

Decker Announces New Vice President of Safety

Decker Truck Line, Inc. has promoted Joey O’Brion to the position of Vice President of Safety. He will work under the direction of Jim Wilkins as he prepares for retirement.

High school kids throughout the area had the opportunity to climb into the cab of a truck and get to see from the perspective of a professional driver. The demonstrations focused on the blind spots surrounding large trucks, but also highlighted the dangers of distracted driving, the importance of maintaining a safe following distance and the correct way to operate a vehicle near a large truck.   “All of us have the responsibility of being safe when we’re out on the road, so we’re here this week to give students a few extra pointers on how to drive safely around large trucks and other motorists this summer,” said Share the Road professional truck driver Randall Luschen, of Weinrich Truck Lines. “One of the most important parts of our message is reminding young drivers that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous and is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents among teens.” Source: PR Newswire/American Trucking Associations Photo caption: America’s Road Team members Eric Ramsdell, Walmart; Nate McCarty, ABF and Randall Luschen, Weinrich Truck Line

Joey has been employed with Decker for the past fourteen years in various capacities. His most recent position was Director of Recruiting and Retention which included overseeing driver orientation.

Thompson Truck & Trailer Recognized by International Truck

Thompson Truck & Trailer has been recognized by International Truck as a Diamond Edge Certified dealer, a collaborative effort between International Truck and its dealer body to recognize dealers for their commitment to uptime and to drive awareness of the high-performing service offered to customers from dealers with this designation.

“It is an honor for our dealership and people at Thompson to have earned the Diamond Edge certification,” said Travis Thompson, company president. “It validates our commitment to reduce dwell time and improve service for our customers who rely on their trucks every day to maintain and grow their businesses.”


Call on Washington IMTA members once again made their annual trip to DC. This annual event allows IMTA members the opportunity to meet with Iowa lawmakers in the Capitol city and also meet with the lobbyists and leaders of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) to discuss issues of concern and interest to Iowa’s trucking industry. The first stop on the trip is a briefing at the ATA Capitol Hill office and then the group personally calls on all the Iowa lawmakers. Once again, IMTA members were able to have personal meetings with every elected official from Iowa. “The folks from Iowa are one of the few groups that actually meet with all of their elected folks in DC. Many of the states that participate in the Call on Washington program meet with staffers and aides but IMTA always meets directly with the elected officials which illustrates the relationship that IMTA has with these folks,” said John Lynch, coordinator of the ATA Call on Washington program.

Donna Weinrich-Lucht, Renae Allen, Steve Schuster with Congressman Steve King

IMTA members enjoyed meetings with all four of the Iowa Congressman as well as both US Senators, Ernst and Grassley. The group also had dinner with Senator Ernst and some of her staffers the evening before the official calls were made. “Maintaining a positive working relationship with our folks in DC is critically important, especially since so much of the issues we are dealing with are coming out of DC,” said Don Decker, Decker Truck Line, Inc. and one of the participants on the trip. The group focused primarily on the HOS and F4A in their conversations with DC lawmakers. In addition, the group also highlighted the important role of trucking in Iowa and provided valuable leave behind materials in each office that gave further information about the trucking industry in Iowa. “We always get their attention when we tell them that one out of 13 people in Iowa get a paycheck from trucking. At that point, they know they need to take us seriously,” said Mark Olson, IMTA Chairman of the Board. This year the Iowa delegation included; Mark Olson, Olson Explosives, Don Decker, Decker Truck Line, Inc., Renae Allen & Donna Weinrich-Lucht, Weinrich Trucking, Ralph Arthur, Ruan Transportation, Gary Handley, BTI Special Commodities, Steve Schuster, Schuster Trucking, Delwin Van Wyk, Harrison Truck Centers and Brenda Neville, IMTA.

Gary Handley, Delwin Van Wyk, Steve Schuster, Mark Olson, Ralph Arthur, Renae Allen, Donna Weinrich-Lucht and Brenda Neville at the ATA Capitol Hill office.

IMTA leaders with Congressman Rod Blum outside his office.

John Lynch, ATA; Gary Handley, BTI Special Commodities, Inc.; Ralph Arthur, Ruan Transportation; Senator Chuck Grassley, Delwin Van Wyk, Harrison Truck Centers, Mark Olson, Olson Explosives and Brenda Neville, IMTA.

IMTA members presenting Senator Joni Ernst with a unique map of Iowa representing member locations throughout the state.

Congressman David Young welcomed the group to sit down and discuss issues that are impacting the trucking industry.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner


Cornerstone Sponsors As of May 1, 2016


$25,000 PATRON





Boyer Petroleum Company Harrison Truck Centers Midwest Wheel Companies Thompson Truck & Trailer, Inc. Truck Country

Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc. Interstate PowerSystems McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. O’Halloran International, Inc. & Quality Services Corp.

BMO Transportation Finance • Cornhusker International Trucks Donaghy-Kempton Insurors • GATR Truck Center • Housby MHC Kenworth • Mid-States Utility Trailer Sales, Inc. Thermo King Sales & Service • TrueNorth Companies U.S. Legal Services • Wilson Trailer Company

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If you would like more information on becoming a Cornerstone Sponsor of the IMTA, please contact Whitney Tapia at 515-244-5193 or


2016 Image Campaign Update

Since the start of the campaign, the companies involved have actively been trying to find new ways to get involved in their community. They have taken the time to think outside of the box, to volunteer their time and equipment to events throughout the summer, and have tirelessly been making themselves known to our elected officials through letters and visits. The photos submitted throughout this campaign are a testament to the importance of the trucking industry to our local communities. The engagements are nothing new, these are things that so many of our members are doing on a regular basis. Too often, members of the trucking industry don’t want to receive credit for the generous things they do throughout the year. While humility is a great attribute, we have a powerful story to tell, and every single one of our members is a part of it. As we near the end of the Image Campaign in November, we encourage our members to continue this campaign within their own company. Have a contest with employees, or between departments. Get drivers involved, and take the campaign over the road! Continue to tell the great story of how much trucking impacts us all, each and every day. Whitney Tapia Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Get drivers involved, and take the campaign over the road!

2016 C ampaign -The Numbers Tell Our Story I m a g e


We’ve made it past the half-way point of our 2016 IMTA Image Campaign, and I couldn’t be more proud of the success that we’ve had with this project. I have been fortunate enough to have a front-seat view on this journey of improving the image of trucking in our great state of Iowa. The companies working on this campaign have been nothing short of dedicated to the cause, and I am excited to share the progress with our entire membership.

Since June, participants of the IMTA Image Campaign have:

17 Delivered 2 Met with



speeches to community groups



letters to

elected officials

Were featured in


magazine, radio or TV interviews

Volunteered in


fairs, parades, festivals or other community events



school activities



community outreach or open house events


the editor


letter to



donations or sponsorship to local events or charities


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner


Paid for advertisements throughout the state


Held newspaper or editorial board interview Shared positive

images or stories on social media





BONUS POINT opportunities – such as taking public surveys, sharing informational articles regarding Iowa trucking, and nominating/winning awards! The campaign will run until November, and once it’s over, we’ll be announcing the GRAND-PRIZE WINNER at the November board meeting. The winners change almost daily – so make sure you’re logging onto our website to check your points regularly!

2016 Image Campaign Update

Photos submitted by members that are participating in the campaign


2016 Image Campaign Update


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

2016 Image Campaign Update


RABA Survey

Exclusive New Poll: Iowans support safe, economically healthy tucking industry More than 8 in 10 Iowans view the Iowa trucking industry in a positive light when learning the significant impact the trucking industry has on job creation and quality of life, according to a new survey commissioned by the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation and conducted by RABA Research.

“Our industry’s top priority is to deliver the products that every Iowan depends upon in a safe and efficient manner. The men and women that are involved in Iowa’s trucking industry truly embrace the tremendous responsibility that is required to move this state and nation on a daily basis,” said Neville. “This survey shows that Iowans are generally supportive when they learn of our efforts. Our job is to build upon that number and continue to highlight the contribution that trucking makes to our quality of life.”

Further, the survey found 66% of Iowans believe the trucking IMTA President, Brenda Neville, speaks industry pays well, and nearly 3 to Radio Iowa about the new survey in 4 Iowans support the industry’s commissioned by the Iowa Motor contribution in getting fresh Carriers Foundation produce, online orders and other important products into Iowa communities.

The survey, which includes RABA’s unique desktop/mobile IVR survey method, was conducted June 8,-10. There were 652 respondents and the survey has a margin-of-error rate of +/3.8%.

The Iowa Motor Truck Association intends to use these findings as they launch their new industry-wide “Trucking Moves Iowa Forward” image campaign.

The survey was unveiled at the Iowa Trucking Driving Championships, a competition held at Prairie Meadows where drivers compete in various driving and safety competitions.

“We are encouraged by these findings because it shows that when Iowans understand how vital our industry is for Iowa and the economy, they are receptive to our industry’s efforts,” said Brenda Neville, IMTA’s president. “We have a great story to tell.”

Since announcing the survey results, IMTA has been traveling across the state conducting press conferences, meeting with editorial boards and hosting events with their statewide membership to further educate and inform the public about the many contributions of the industry from job creation to efficient delivery of the goods and products that are needed on a daily basis.

About RABA Research:

Included in that story, Neville says, is the estimated $15,000 spent per truck, per year just in safety and compliance efforts.


RABA Research was founded in 2016 by a bipartisan group of political professionals who have worked for candidates, issues, organizations, and corporations across the globe. RABA stands for “Red America, Blue America.” We believe polling and data is most useful when presented accurately and fairly through an unbiased lens. We’ve worked for Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, private corporations, organized labor, governors, legislators, and organizations that fight for tax reform of all kinds. How do we conduct our polls? Working with experts specializing in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, we combine landline households with mobile-only respondents in developing opinion research

Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Democrats and Republicans each comprised 33% of respondents, independents 34%.

that is fast, accurate, and affordable. We then provide a report that our clients can use to make key decisions, share with stakeholders, or release to the media. Accurate, unbiased polling is now in reach, so email us today at if you are interested in using RABA Research for your next poll.

RABA Survey IOWA SURVEY RESULTS A Survey of Iowa Residents June 2016

Sample Size Total: 652

Gender Men Women

Total 50% 50%

1. Ok. Knowing that the trucking industry exclusively serves 70% of Iowa’s communities by delivering things like fresh produce to grocery stores, and online orders from Amazon…in general, do you have a positive or negative opinion of the Iowa trucking industry? Positive Negative Not sure

Total 73% 5% 21%

2. Next, $15,000 is spent each year to improve safety for every truck you see on the road. Knowing this, do you feel more safe? Yes No No change

Total 42% 23% 35%

3. In general, given 1 out of 13 Iowa jobs is tied to trucking, do you think the industry is a good or bad thing for Iowa’s economy? Good Bad No opinion

Total 86% 4% 11%

4. The average salary for Iowa trucking industry workers is $43,000 a year. Do you believe this is a good-paying job? Yes No

Total 66% 34%

652 interviews among voters were conducted June 8-10, 2016 calling a mix of land line and cell phone only households. The results were weighted to ensure proportional response. Margin of error for these results is +/- 3.8%. For questions, please email: or call (515) 491-2722


RABA Survey

5. What is your gender? Male Female

Total 50% 50%

6. What is your party identification? Democrat Republican Independent

Total 33% 33% 34%

7. What age range do you fall under? 18-29 30-64 65+

Total 22% 60% 18%

For questions, please email RABA Research: or call (515) 491-2722


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner


RABA Survey

Q1 Positive Negative Not sure

Total 73% 5% 21%

Q2 Yes No No change

Total 42% 23% 35%

Q3 Good Bad No opinion

Total 86% 4% 11%

Q4 Yes No

Total 66% 34%



76% 6% 18%


71% 4% 25%



37% 26% 37%


47% 19% 34%



85% 7% 9%


87% 1% 12%



62% 38%


70% 30%


66% 5% 30%


43% 20% 37% Dem

86% 2% 13%


62% 38%

Party ID Rep

88% 4% 8% Party ID Rep

54% 22% 24% Party ID Rep

94% 5% 1% Party ID Rep

66% 34%









66% 7% 26%

30% 26% 44%

78% 4% 18%

70% 30%

66% 4% 30%

26% 35% 39%

87% 0% 13%

63% 37%



76% 6% 18%



47% 20% 33%



85% 5% 9%



For questions, please email RABA Research: or call (515) 491-2722

68% 32%


73% 4% 23% 65+

46% 16% 38% 65+

86% 2% 12% 65+

64% 36%



Meet Your New IMTA Staff Members IMTA adds three new staff members in 2016

Jordan Bjerke

Emily Larkin

Whitney Tapia

Jordan Bjerke has been named membership manager for the Iowa Motor Truck Association. As IMTA’s new membership manager, Jordan will be overseeing all the membership activities for IMTA from working with prospects throughout the State as well as ensuring that the current members are taking full advantage of their membership benefits. Prior to coming to IMTA Jordan was a sales carrier coordinator at XPO Logistics in Des Moines. Jordan also did an internship at Des Moines Truck Brokers. Jordan is a 2012 graduate from Iowa State University with a degree in logistics and marketing. Jordan joined the IMTA staff on August 1st and is looking forward to his position with the association because of his love of the industry. A native of Webster City, Jordan and his wife Kelcey reside in Indianola. Emily Larkin joined the IMTA on June 1st as an administrative and communications assistant. Emily is a familiar face to the association because she was an intern at IMTA during the summer of 2015. Emily is the “face and voice” of the association as she oversees all of IMTA’s front desk operations. Emily will also be assisting with IMTA’s communications and event management efforts. Emily is a May 2016 graduate of Central College with a degree in Business Management. Emily loved her work with IMTA as an intern and gained a tremendous appreciation of the trucking industry. She is excited to be part of an industry that impacts so many people each and every day. Emily will be getting married in June of 2017 and currently resides in the rural Cambridge area. Whitney Tapia is a familiar face to Iowa’s trucking industry. For the past decade she worked at Des Moines Truck Brokers,

a brokerage firm headquartered in Norwalk that was started by her grandfather and is currently being run by her father. After years in the family business, Whitney decided it was time to venture into something else as long as it was related to the trucking industry. After being around the industry since her early childhood, Whitney knew she couldn’t leave the industry and IMTA was the perfect home for her to continue to share her love and passion for an industry that she deeply respected and admired. Whitney was named IMTA’s marketing and public relations manager earlier this year and brought her enthusiasm and experience to a job that entails promoting the industry as well as providing marketing support to the association’s wide ranging menu of member benefits and programs. Additionally, Whitney is working with Iowa’s Road Team, overseeing the widely successful Image program and assuming the role as Editor of the Iowa Trucking Lifeliner. Whitney and her husband Ernie reside in Waukee with their two daughters Emeline and Elyana. “We are very excited to have the new additions to our staff. Jordan, Emily and Whitney have very quickly demonstrated their commitment and dedication not only to the association but more importantly to the trucking industry. They will make some tremendous contributions to our ongoing efforts and I am confident that we will see great things from all of them. Our number one priority is to serve the membership and with the addition of these three individuals, our ability to serve the membership is enhanced greatly,” said IMTA President Brenda Neville. Jordan, Emily and Whitney join a seasoned staff comprised of Don Egli, Director of Safety and Compliance 9 (11 years), Janelle Stevens, Director of Communications, Education and Events (5 years), and DeAnn Moody, Administrative Assistant and Building Manager (16 years). “The greatest asset we have as an association is a strong and dedicated staff and we are very fortunate to have a great team at the association. I have seen firsthand the commitment they all demonstrate in fulfilling the mission of IMTA and it has been an honor to work with them over the past year,” said IMTA Chairman of the Board, Mark Olson.

The greatest asset we have as an association is a strong and dedicated staff and we are very fortunate to have a great team at the association. {22

Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Thompson Truck & Trailer, inc.

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Board Meeting

IMTA Leaders Participate in Annual Board Meeting Almost 50 IMTA leaders gathered in Des Moines for a recent board meeting and spent the day hearing from speakers and discussing topics of interest. Special guests and speakers included Creighton University Economist Ernie Goff, Iowa Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer and Iowa Republican Party Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. The group also discussed several key legislative issues such as F4A, Hours of Service and the Twin 33s issue. Ralph Arthur with Ruan Transportation led the discussion on F4A and Gary King with Heartland Express gave a presentation on the Twin 33 issue. Another highlight of the meeting was a presentation by the Allied Division. The Allied Division donated $25,000 toward the IMTA image campaign and the public

opinion poll that found that 8 out of 10 Iowans have a positive image of the trucking industry. At the end of the meeting, IMTA Scholarship winners were introduced and a reception was held for the winners and their parents. “We have a great group of leaders within the Iowa Motor Truck Association and I am always very proud of the manner in which this board always shows up and provides valuable leadership and direction to the association and its efforts. It is always an honor and a pleasure to work with the board members,” said IMTA Chairman of the Board Mark Olson.

operations of all sizes, type and come from all over the state. The board holds two meetings a year in addition to its annual meeting that is held in conjunction with the management conference and consistently has 95% participation from the board. “We believe that an active and engaged board is the most valuable and effective way to lead this organization. I am always very proud and appreciative of the time, energy and commitment our board members share with the association. The success of this association lies in the leadership provided by this board and the support of our strong membership base,” said IMTA President Brenda Neville.

The IMTA Board of Directors is comprised of 38 members and represents

We believe that an active and engaged board is the most valuable and effective way to lead this organization

Linda Upmeyer, Iowa Speaker of the House, was one of the featured speakers of the day

The Allied Steering Committee presented IMTA President Brenda Neville, and IMTA Chairman Mark Olson with a check for $25,000 to go toward the 2016 Image Campaign and continued research efforts for trucking in Iowa.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Adrian Dickey, Dickey Transport and Delwin Van Wyk, Harrison Truck Centers

Board Meeting

Jeff Wangsness, JMT Trucking Company and Jim Koester, Midwest Wheel Companies

Brenda Dittmer and Donna Weinrich-Lucht of Weinrich Truck Line

Doug McCoy, Truck Country of Iowa; Greg McCoy, Foodliner, Inc.; Dave Neuwohner, All Seasons Trucking, Inc.

IMTA Chairman Mark Olson, Olson Explosives and Rory Triplett, Insurance Associates

Speaker Upmeyer was presented with a custom-made map of Iowa with pinpoints representing member locations across the state. These maps were given to many of our state elected officials over the past year.

Steve Schuster, Schuster Co.; Gary King, Heartland Express; Brad Kohlwes, ARGEE Transport; Mark Olson, Olson Explosives/IMTA Chairman


IMCF Scholarships

Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation Awards 2016 Scholarships

The Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation has been proudly investing in Iowa students since 1989. From the time the first check was presented, Iowa’s trucking industry has impacted nearly 250 students with almost $180,000 in scholarship dollars. Long-time IMTA supporter Verne Simpson, with Mid-Seven Transportation, formed the Iowa Motor Carriers Foundation in 1986. One of his biggest visions for the foundation was to establish a scholarship program to give back to students in Iowa pursuing education opportunities beyond high school. Verne worked tirelessly toward this cause. His dream became a reality when he awarded the first scholarship check to Kristine Edwards in 1989, thanks to generous contributions by Cummins and Caterpillar. Verne’s passion and commitment to the foundation continued until his death in 2006. Verne’s legacy continues on today as the scholarship program continues to thrive and grow. Since the scholarship program started, IMTA members continued to step up to endow scholarships in the name of loved ones or a specific company. There are currently 11 scholarships awarded each year. This year there were a record number of 80 applicants for the various scholarships offered. The amount of students who apply each year is truly a testament to the value of the IMCF scholarship program, and it makes the decision making process a grueling one for the selection committee.

“It is always a great honor to be on the selection committee. It is always a challenging a process because we get a lot of great applications but I enjoy reviewing the applications and being part of something that really makes a positive impact on the future,” said Gary Handley, BTI Special Commodities The selection process for the IMCF scholarships is a very detailed one and involves several judges looking over each applicant. Once the winners have been decided, they are all invited to the IMTA Board of Director’s meeting held in May, for an award ceremony and recognition for their hard work. Many thanks to everyone who supports the scholarship program. Everyone involved plays a major role, whether you made a financial contribution, served on the selection committee, presented a check or spread the word of the scholarship program to students. The students this year were a perfect example of the hard-working and smart youth of our future and IMCF was honored to have played a role in continuing their education. “The scholarship program has been in place for many decades and it is extremely rewarding to see the positive work that is done through this program,” said Foundation President Brenda Neville.

Special Thanks 2016 Selection Committee Members Kevin Gass Perishable Distributors of Iowa Mike Sullivan Gary Handley BTI Special Commodities Jack Sawyer Des Moines Transportation Mark Olson Olson Explosives Nick Thummel Keane Thummel Trucking Bill Roth Truck Country Adrian Dickey Harold Dickey Transport John Minor Midwest Wheel Companies Pat Storey Motor-Ways, Inc. Julie Pruitt Crouse Transportation Services Doc Wilson Cummins Central Power

Scholarship Recipients: Samantha Johnson Grandview University, was awarded the Bob Bannister Memorial Scholarship.

Morgan Frost Kirkwood Community College, was awarded the Darryl Mason Memorial Scholarship.

Shaylyn Trenkamp University of Northern Iowa, was awarded the L.W. “Verne” Simpson Memorial.

Tate O’Tool Central College, was awarded the Motor-Ways, Inc. Scholarship.

Ryan McCracken DMACC, was awarded the ZieglerCaterpillar Diesel Scholarship.

Michael Starling Northeast Iowa Community College, was awarded the Cummins Central Power Scholarship.

Gabriella Ruggiero University of Northern Iowa, was awarded the Iowa Council of Safety Management Scholarship.

Ashlyn Breckenridge Iowa State University, was awarded the Midwest Wheel Companies Scholarship.

Spencer Morabito University of Iowa, was awarded the Paul Crouse Memorial Scholarship.

Taylor Lock Iowa State University, was awarded the Harold Dickey Memorial Scholarship.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

IMCF Scholarships

Bill Roth, Truck Country, presented Morgan Frost with the Darryl Mason Memorial Scholarship

Dave Neuwohner, All Seasons Trucking, Inc. presented Shaylyn Trenkamp the L.W. “Verne” Simpson Memorial.

Taylor Lock was presented the Harold Dickey Memorial Scholarship by Adrian Dickey, Harold Dickey Transport

Michael Starling, Samantha Johnson, Ashlyn Breckenridge and Gabriella Ruggiero were presented their scholarships at IMTA’s May Board of Directors meeting at IMTA headquarters.

Ryan McCracken was presented the Ziegler-Caterpillar Diesel Scholarship by Ron Kinneman, Ziegler-Caterpillar




Pat Storey, Motor Ways, Inc. (L) and Don Decker, Decker Truck Line, Inc. (R) awarded Tate O’Tool with the Motor-Ways, Inc. Scholarship.



Julie Pruitt, Crouse Transportation Services, presented Spencer Morabito the Paul Crouse Memorial Scholarship

Fort Worth, TX Tunica, MS Brighton, CO Carrollton, GA Charlotte, NC Las Vegas, NV Pittsburgh, PA



WE’RE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL. Harrison Truck Centers and IMTA support trucking mile after mile.

With four new locations in Minnesota, Harrison Truck Centers appreciates the hard work that IMTA does to support the mission of the trucking industry. For nearly two decades our family-owned enterprise has been working to support that same industry as a leading truck dealer. Join Harrison Truck Centers and IMTA in keeping the future of trucking strong.



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Golf Outing 2016 Spring Golf Outing – Another Successful Year! This year’s annual spring golf outing was held on one of the most beautiful days of the year! Golfers and volunteers were fortunate to have a day full of sunshine, and free from rain. Legacy Golf Club in Norwalk, once again hosted the event and over 145 golfers were in attendance this year.


Championship Flight

This fundraiser is long standing tradition that has been happening since the 1970’s. The annual golf outing attracts IMTA members from all across the state, both carriers and vendors, and shows the dedication that members have to this association. This year, over $25,000 was raised, with all of the proceeds going to IMTA’s political action committee. IMTA officers and leaders could be found at Hole 10 on the course, with their own special fundraiser to raise additional funds for the PAC. They once again had 100% participation from the golfers who passed through. Golfers were provided refreshments and snacks at the Officer’s Hole, as well as a personal “thank you” for participating in this important event. “This golf outing is a great tradition that really allows Iowa’s trucking industry to be involved in the political process because of the money that is raised in one day. I am always very appreciative of the outstanding support that is provided by the membership for this annual event,” said Mark Olson, IMTA Chairman of the board and a regular participant at the golf outing.

(From L to R) Mike Bagg, Central Trailer Service; Jerry Lozier, CIMC USA, Inc.; Denny Franzen, Franzen Holdings Company; Mark Wolford, BMO Transportation Finance


A special thank you goes to the PAC Committee for all of their hard work and help in organizing the event and making it a success once again!

IMTA Truck PAC Iowa Committee 2016 Delwin Van Wyk – Chairman, Harrison Truck Centers Mike Bagg, Central Trailer Service, Ltd. Brenda Dittmer, Weinrich Truck Lines, Inc. Fred Grask, Cedar Rapids Truck Center, Inc. Brad Kohlwes, Argee Transport Kenny Niece, Niece Trucking, Inc. Dave Nelsen, Harrison Truck Centers Dave Neuwohner, All Seasons Trucking, Inc. Mark Olson, Olson Explosives, Inc.

(From L to R) Eric Imhof, Cottingham & Butler, Inc.; Mark Gallagher, Truckers Insurance Associates; Nick Marsh, Truckers Insurance Associates; Pat Brouillette, Cottingham & Butler, Inc.


Mike Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp Steve Schuster, Schuster Company Dennis Thompson, Thompson Truck & Trailer, Inc. Nick Thummel, Keane Thummel Trucking, Inc. Jeff Wangsness, JMT Trucking Company


Thank You!

Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

(From L to R) Denis Kadic, Solar Transport; John Hinesley, Meritor; Andy Vering, Taylor & Martin, Inc.; Clarence Hudson, Solar Transport

Golf Outing


First Flight

(From L to R) All with Bauer Built Tire; Stavros Printopoulos, Don Stoeckel, Joe Weber, Mike Weber

2 (From L to R) Tom Hickey, Phillips 66; Ron Penick, Van Wyk Freight; David Boyer, Boyer Petroleum Company; Tom McMahon, Boyer Petroleum Company

3 (From L to R) Dan Schwarz, Nick Finkenauer, Ashley Sly and Abby Hood, all with McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C.


Second Flight

(From L to R) Reggie Tehel, Twin River Logistics; Jeff Baedke, Jim Hawk Truck-Trailers; Kelly Iversen, Jim Hawk Truck-Trailers; Doug Gardner, Jim Hawk Truck-Trailers

2 (From L to R) Randy Amhof, Amhof Trucking, Inc.; Mark Helmsing, Craftsmen Trailer LLC; Tony Maahs, Craftsmen Trailer LLC; Roger Amhof, Amhof Trucking, Inc.

3 (From L to R) Jeff Strassburg, Great West Casualty Company; Pat Storey, Motor-Ways, Inc.; Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp.; Dave Zerbe, Keane Thummel Trucking, Inc.


Golf Outing

Thank you for supporting Truck PAC Iowa!


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Golf Outing Event Sponsors

Allied Oil & Tire Company BMO Transportation Finance Boyer Petroleum Company Bridgestone Commercial Solutions CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP Cornhusker International Trucks Des Moines Truck Brokers, Inc. Diamond Detailing Pros Donaghy - Kempton Insurors Gatr Truck Center Hanifen Company, Inc. Harrison Truck Centers Housby Interstate PowerSystems Majestic Truck Center McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. MHC Kenworth Mid-States Utility Trailer Sales, Inc. Midwest Peterbilt Group O’Halloran International, Inc. / Quality Services Corp. RSM TAB Bank Thermo King Christensen Thermo King Sales & Service Thompson Truck & Trailer, Inc. Transport Permits Truck Country FreightlinerWestern Star TrueNorth Companies U.S. Legal Services US Cargo Control

Thank You! Hole Sponsors

Cross-Dillon Tire, Inc. / Yokohama Cummins Central Power, LLC Decker Truck Line, Inc. Federated Insurance Iowa Council of Safety Management Jim Hawk Truck-Trailers , Inc. JMT Trucking Company Joe Morten and Son, Inc. d.b.a. Motor-Ways, Inc. Keck Energy Kingsgate Insurance LEAD IMTA Council Niece Trucking, Inc. Olson Explosives, Inc. Ruan Transportation Sioux City Truck & Trailer, Inc. Stoughton Lease Tarbell & Co., P.L.C Taylor & Martin, Inc. --Auctioneers

Beverage Sponsors

Reynolds & Reynolds, Inc. Truckers Insurance Associates

Golf Carts Sponsor Central Trailer Service

Putting Contest Sponsors

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

Scorecards Sponsor Midwest Wheel Companies

Steak Fry Sponsors Warren Transport, Inc. Wilson Trailer Company


LEAD IMTA Conference November 2 & 3 // ImTA offICe

Looking for a conference that offers interesting and powerful sessions that will enable you to go back and LeAD within your company? Are you ready to TAKe CHArGe of your career and your position by becoming the LeADer that you are capable of being? Are you ready to pArTICIpATe in a conference that offers sessions that are refreshing, unique and unlike anything you have ever experienced Are you looking for something to give you a booST of confidence and motivation?

visit for more specifics on the LeAD ImTA Conference!

What is the LeAD ImTA Conference? This is a conference that is organized by up and coming leaders in the industry FOR up and coming leaders in the industry. It is designed to attract people that are willing to put themselves out there and really figure out if they have what it takes to be a LEADER. The LEAD IMTA Conference was created a few years ago for IMTA members that were looking for a way to invest in their personal and professional development.

What is the benefit to Attend? You will participate in sessions that are extremely interactive and hands-on with a focus on communications, team building and strategic thinking. You will participate in lively discussions and debates with others from the industry about topics of importance in the trucking industry as well as in the development of leadership. This isn’t your typical “lecture” based conference, this conference will leave you excited, energized and motivated to continue to stay involved and active on many different levels. You will also have the opportunity to foster lasting and valuable relationships with colleagues within the industry.

Who Should Attend? Anyone with a desire to move up the ladder of leadership should attend this conference. It is dedicated to giving every participant the tools to be a better leader within all realms of their personal and professional life.


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

From where you sit,

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2016 Truck Driving CHAMPIONSHIPS Another summer means another Iowa Truck Driving Championship. Our long-standing and rich tradition of honoring our state’s best drivers was another success this year. The annual event was held at Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino, with the course set up in the parking lot. We had over 120 professional drivers compete, with the winners moving on to the National Truck Driving Championships in August. The event was held over two days, and included a written exam, personal interviews, driving skills test and a pre-trip inspection test. The entire event was a success thanks to the hard work of the planning committee, volunteers, dedicated drivers and their families, IMTA staff and of course the many member companies who send their drivers each year. “I can’t imagine a June without coming to the TDC and being a part of this worthwhile event. I love working with the volunteers, meeting the drivers and just being part of something that is so positive. We really have a first class event here in Iowa, “ said IMTA Chairman of the Board, Mark Olson. The drivers participated in a special team building event and this year was a little different than the last.

Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

The competition itself was held outside and drivers and volunteers couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. It was warm but they avoided the rain and storms so that was something to be celebrated. Everyone did a fantastic job and the energy and comradery that radiates throughout the competition is really such a unique and special thing. The two day event closes out with the Banquet of Champions where not only the winners are announced, but every single driver who participated is brought up and staged and recognized for their success and achievement of being not only a professional driver, but the “best of the best.”

The entire event was a success thanks to the hard work of the planning committee, volunteers, dedicated drivers and their families, IMTA staff and of course the many member companies who send their drivers each year.

Drivers were split up into small groups – each having a TDC committee member to lead the group. With smaller groups doing individual team building exercises, the drivers really got to get to know each other and get out of their comfort zone with the teambuilding exercises. Each group was given a different project ranging from navigating through a “landmine” while blindfolded, guessing between lies and truths of their teammates, or building a tower of cards using only a small amount of tools. No matter what the exercise was, these professional drivers did an amazing job of problem-solving and working together… something they do every day while driving across the state.


“Every year, we have a number of veteran drivers that return but we also have a lot of first time participants and the competitors really make the TDC a special event. These drivers represent everything good about the trucking industry and it is an honor to be able to be part of an event where we focus on the drivers and recognize them and their families for all the contributions and sacrifices they make on a daily basis,” said IMTA President & CEO, Brenda Neville.

IMTA is so thankful for these hard-working drivers, volunteers, committee members and association members who make this event a cherished tradition we continue to look forward to every year.


3 Axle Van Division- (L-R) TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company; 2nd Place Jim Lair, FedEx Freight; 1st Place – Jim Stinemates, Walmart Transportation, LLC; 3rd Place – Jason Grave, Ruan Transportation; IMTA Chairman of the Board Mark Olson, Olson Explosives; TDC Co-Chairman Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp.

4 Axle Van Division - (L-R) IMTA Chairman of the Board Mark Olson, Olson Explosives; 3rd Place – Brent Clausen, FedEx Freight; 1st Place – Allen Sohn, FedEx Freight; 2nd Place – Brent Johnston, Panama Transfer, Inc.; TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company; TDC Co-Chairman Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp.

5 Axle Van Division- (L-R) TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company; 2nd Place – Steve Shellum, Martin-Brower; 1st Place – Rich Meimann, Casey’s General Stores, Inc.; 3rd Place – Scott Delaney, Casey’s General Stores, Inc.; IMTA Chairman of the Board Mark Olson, Olson Explosives; TDC Co-Chairman Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp.

Straight Truck Division- (L-R) IMTA Chairman of the Board Mark Olson, Olson Explosives; 2nd Place – Jed Hinds, Walmart Transportation, LLC; 1st Place – Todd Anderson, Hy-Vee, Inc.; 3rd Place – Bruce Warner, FedEx Express; TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company; TDC Co-Chairman Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp.

Twin Trailers Division- (L-R) IMTA Chairman of the Board Mark Olson, Olson Explosives; 3rd Place – Dan Waugh, ABF Freight Systems, Inc.; 1st Place – Steven Iburg, XPO Logistics; 2nd Place – Ron Taylor, Walmart Transportation, LLC; TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company; Co-Chairman Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp.

Sleeper Birth Division- (L-R) TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company; 2nd Place – Alan Hollopeter, Green Products Co.; 1st Place – Dean Filmer, Decker Truck Line, Inc.; 3rd Place – Jeff Bean, Walmart Transportation, LLC; IMTA Chairman of the Board Mark Olson, Olson Explosives; TDC Co-Chairman Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp.



Tank Truck Division - (L-R) IMTA Chairman of the Board Mark Olson, Olson Explosives, 2nd Place – Chris Dougherty, Solar Transport; 1st Place – Dave Towne, Walmart Transportation, LLC; 3rd Place – George Foster, Casey’s General Stores, Inc.; TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company; TDC Co-Chairman, Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp.

Highest Overall Score- (L-R)

TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company and Jim Stinemates, Walmart Transportation, LLC

Highest First Year Participant Score- (L-R) TDC

Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company and Mark Davis, Jr., Walmart Transportation, LLC

Individual Sportsmanship Award- (L-R) TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company and John Scholl, Ruan Transportation


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

Flatbed Division - (L-R) TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company, 3rd Place – Stan Giddings, Decker Truck Line, Inc.; 1st Place – Mark Davis, Jr., Walmart Transportation, LLC; 2nd Place – Jeremiah Bateman, BTI Special Commodities, Inc.; IMTA Chairman of the Board Mark Olson, Olson Explosives; TDC Co-Chairman Dave Riggan, TanTara Transportation Corp.

Highest Pre-Trip Score- (L-R) TDC Chairman Keith Lamfers, Schuster Company and Keegan McCauley, FedEx Express

Team Sportsmanship Award- Hy-Vee, Inc.


1st Place Team - XPO Logistics

2nd Place Team - Casey’s General Stores, Inc.

3rd Place Team - Walmart Transportation, LLC


2016 Truck Driving CHAMPIONSHIPS T E AMS

ABF Freight Systems, Inc.

BTI Special Commodities, Inc..

Decker Truck Line, Inc.

Ennis Corp.

FedEx Express

Green Products Co.


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2016 Truck Driving CHAMPIONSHIPS T E AMS

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2016 Truck Driving CHAMPIONSHIPS T E AMS

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Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

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2016 Truck Driving CHAMPIONSHIPS


2016 Truck Driving CHAMPIONSHIPS


Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

2016 Truck Driving CHAMPIONSHIPS

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REDEFINE YOUR BOTTOM LINE TRUCK COUNTRY will show you the aerodynamic Freightliner Cascadia Evolution or Western Star 5700XE that saves you on fuel, with cab comfort and safety features that give you increased productivity and efficiency on the road every day!


ARE AVAILABLE AT 23 LOCATIONS ACROSS THE MIDWEST! Visit for locations, hours and service. {46

Iowa Motor Truck Association Lifeliner

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717 East Court Ave Des Moines, IA 50309





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MIDWEST WHEEL HAS YOUR FUEL TREATMENT NEEDS COVERED 1436 E. Ovid Ave. office 515.265.1491 fax 515.265.4120 parts fax 800.314.4329 parts 800.888.0248





200 50th Ave. S.W. main 319.365.4453 fax 319.365.6327 parts fax 877.706.6085 parts 800.332.5435

840 Hwy. 18 W. 641.357.7101 fax 641.357.8190 parts fax 800.548.9674 parts 800.397.5630



8502 Northwest Blvd. main 563.322.2671 fax 563.322.5940 parts 800.553.1886


1819 E. 4th St. 712.252.7969 fax 712.252.6149 parts 800.943.3534 main




KANSAS CITY 5801 E. Front St. 816.471.1552 fax 816.471.0813 parts 800.821.7402 main

2016 Lifeliner Magazine (Issue 3)  

Cover Story: New Poll -- Iowan's Support the Trucking Industry

2016 Lifeliner Magazine (Issue 3)  

Cover Story: New Poll -- Iowan's Support the Trucking Industry