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Southeast Stream DATE Important Dates 

Agriscience Fair March 30-31

Meals from the Heartland April 22-23

State Leadership Conference -April 23-24

Ntl. Officer Applications DUE BY: May 1

SLCDO May 3-4

State Fair Ushering Applications DUE BY:

Congratulations 2012-2013 District Officers! On March 3rd, a new group of FFA members were elected and inducted into office for the Southeast District of Iowa. Past officers were recognized for a job well done, and the new officers were welcomed during the SE District Conventions at Muscatine, IA.

May 15

(From left to right) Back Row: Dakota Olson, Reporter, Zeb Fisher, Treasurer, Alex Shadley, NW Sub-District VP. In the Front: Kristin Flander, District Advisor, Jacob Reistroffer, NE Sub-District VP, Kayla Beckman, Secretary, Mike Poggemiller, S Sub-District VP. 1

On Saturday, March 3rd, members of the Southeast District attended the district convention, hosted by the Muscatine High School. Around 350 members attended the convention where contest CDE’s and district officer elections took place. Your 2011-2012 district officer team consisting of Eric Wireup, Erin Wireup, Heidi Anderson, Sarah Streigel, Matt Foley, and Holly Morrison were recognized for their service. With their families in attendance they were thanked for their dedication to the district. They also ushered the new officer team which consisted of Jacob Reistoffer, Alex Shadley, Mike Poggemiller, Dakota Olson, Zeb Fisher, Kayla Beckman, and Kristen Flander who is the district advisor. The election process began at 11:20 when two delegates from every chapter, as well as the thirteen candidates met in the auditorium. After a quick introduction delegates listened to speeches from officers running for secretary, reporter, and treasure before splitting up to vote on sub district vice presidents. As a candidate, I thought the election process went very well. Even though I was a little nervous, I’m sure everyone else was too. . After elections, CDE results were announced and members receiving the academic achievement award were recognized. With the district convention in the past members can now look forward to the state convention in Ames! Congratulations to everyone moving on to state in their contest and good luck!

By- Alex Shadley

A. Which state leads in hog production? B. Which came first: the chicken or the egg? C. How many lbs. are in 1 bushel of soybeans? D. Who is the current Sec. of Ag for Iowa ? E. How long does it take for a chicken’s egg to hatch after being laid? Answers found on last page


This year at State Leadership conference, there will be a great opportunity for members to make a difference in other people’s lives. On April 2223 the Meals from the Heartland operation will begin at the State Leadership Conference. Members will be making a difference in the lives of many from countries all around the world. To be part of this life-changing event, please consider volunteering for just one hour a day from 5-7 p.m. on Sunday, April 22nd, or from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. on April 23rd. With your help and the help of 499 other FFA members we can make our goal of 250,000 packages and send them to Haiti. In conclusion, thank you for your interest in making the world a better place, and we hope to see you there! By- Mike Poggemiller

The Haiti Mission 

 

More than 30 weather resistant shelters, designed by Sukup, valued at $5,700, have been donated by “Special Delivery” -coordinated by the Iowa Food and Family Project The Iowa Soybean Ass. Has pledged $1,000 to Meals from the Heartland for every shelter donated Cargill- Iowa Region is also donating towards MFTHL As a result, nearly $50,000 has been pledged

Here at Home  380,000 Iowans struggle to acquire an adequate amount of quality food  During the event, monetary donations will be collected for the Iowan Food Bank Ass.  Every dollar enables the IFBA to distribute nearly $15 in food!


Are you looking for something fun to do this summer?

Just don’t know what to

do, but you know you want to get away from home for a while? I got just the thing for you! Washington Leadership Conference! (WLC) This is a five day event, where you can go and meet tons of other people that are in FFA. At WLC, you will learn how to become an effective leader by being educated on how to know the purpose, the value of people, taking action, and by serving others. This could be a life changing opportunity for you! Plus, you can bring so much back to your chapter and community! The dates are: Week 1 June 5-10 Week 2 June 12-17 Week 3 June19-24 Week 4 June 26- July 1. Week 5 July 10-15 Week 6 July 17-22 Week 7 July 24-29. If there are any other questions or concern, you can look on the website listed below! Hope to see you there! By- Kayla Beckman District Leadership Camp was something I have never heard of before. I saw a sign on the white board in the Ag room that said, DLC this June 2nd, officers must go. I thought okay, I’m not doing anything that day. So I went to District Leadership Camp. My fellow Chapter officers and I went to DLC in West Liberty. We had no clue what to expect when we arrived. We were short our vice-president, secretary and sentinel because they were district officers and they ran the conference. We went to different sessions and rooms where the District officers taught leadership and did fun activities. I said to myself “Next year I want to be in that position. I want to be in the front of the room showing the members how to become great leaders.” Now, I am a district officer and this June I will be a part of DLC. You may be asking yourself what DLC is. Well, years ago they had it where you would stay overnight at the school, hence the name District leadership Camp. Now, that has changed because of so many students in other activities. DLC remains in the month of June and still is for FFA members but is geared toward Chapter officers. District officers have SLCDO (state leadership conference for district officers) so the district has DLC, for the chapter officers. By going to District Leadership Camp, you will learn how to become a more effective leader and it will prepare you for the upcoming year in FFA. You will meet new people and make new friends as you mingle with others. You get free food and T-shirts and get to go on a roadtrip! Who doesn’t like roadtrips? I hope to meet my fellow members in the District when I see you this June at DLC!

Jacob Reistroffer


State Fair Ushering It begins with an application, then, a letter in the mail stating that you have been selected.

You pack your things and hit the road for Des Moines. You check in at Hillcrest, and your adrenaline starts pumping; you pick a bed and settle in while your dad says “see you in a week.” This was my first time as an Usher. I didn’t know it then, but the next 10 days would be the most fun I’ve ever had. Meet a crazy number of friends, as well as wear some really cool yellow shirts. By this point you are probably wondering why you would want to spend 10 days of your summer at the fair. As Ushers, our main job is to show people to their seats at the grand stand concerts. Once every one is seated, you get to watch the show, and help people as they ask for it. Another task we have is to hand out programs at the gates. This is a 2 hour shift that you offer programs to fair goers as they walk in the gate. I get asked a lot “Why the State Fair?” and there and the typical excuse is that they don’t think that they could stand to spend that much time at the fair. I say it’s not just the fair. When you usher it's almost like you’re not at the fair. You can do all the cool things at the fair, see the animals, ride the rides, eat hot cups of cookies and even swim in the pools by the Varied Industries building. Or you can hang out at Hillcrest, complete gate duty, and see the shows, then eat pizza at 12:30 in the morn. Your days are up to you. If this sounds like something that you like to do, they will pay you $90 for your time. All you have to do is go ask your advisor for a form. They are due May 15 th, and even if you can’t take part in this incredible experience, there is an alternative option. The fair also needs free stage attendants. Both forms are available on under the State Fair tab. I have Ushered two years in a row, and look forward to meeting you at this year’s fair. I believe that this is one of the amazing opportunities that FFA has to offer. I leave you with a challenge. At the next FFA event (that is not your local chapter), walk up to a random person, ask their name, what their SAE is, and how old they are. I think you will find it was well worth your time. By- Zeb Fisher



Explain your SAE My SAE involves managing our chapter’s greenhouse. I am responsible for ordering seeds and supplies, advertising our plant sales, and watering. I also help the horticulture class germinate the seeds and transplant flowers. Overall, I have worked over 150 unpaid hours. Along with managing the greenhouse, I also work at pizza ranch where I have earned over 2,500 dollars.

What is your favorite thing about FFA? My favorite thing about FFA would have to be attending the different conventions. I have been to both the state and national convention twice, and loved it both times. I enjoy listening to the keynote speakers, as well as meeting new people. My favorite thing about attending national conventions is that I finally got out of the state of Iowa. Before I went to Indianapolis, the furthest I had ever been away from Sigourney was Des Moines, which is kinda sad.

What is your favorite memory of FFA? My favorite FFA memory was when I competed in Creed-Speaking at districts. I had messed up on one of the questions during the contest, so I thought I had no chance to advance to state. Knowing that I wasn’t going to win, I decided not to even listen to the announcement of the people who placed, and when my name was called as finishing first, I didn’t even hear it. When everyone turned around to congratulate me, I didn’t even know what was going on.

What are you doing when you aren’t busy with FFA? When I’m not busy with FFA, I like to participate in sports like cross-country and track. I love running and biking. I am also in speech and drama, as well as a member of student council and the National Honor Society.

What are you looking forward to about the upcoming year as a district officer? I am looking forward to working with the rest of the District Office team to plan district events and getting to know everyone.

Answers to AG QUIZ: A) Iowa, with 12.2 million lbs. B) According to Aristotle, the chicken. C) About 60 lbs. 7 D) Bill Northly E) Usually 21, but can hatch between 21-25 days

Southeast Stream- April 2012  
Southeast Stream- April 2012  

April newsletter for the Southeast Stream, the SoutheastDistrict of the Iowa FFA Association.