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Savings through Farm Bureau’s legislative success For 95 years , the Iowa Farm Bureau has worked to represent farmers and all Iowans at the local, state and national levels. Here is a snapshot of those efforts in 2013:

Members working 500-acre farms benefit from: (Savings for 500-acre farm) Assessment of farmland on productivity formula Savings based on the uniform school levy plus the lowest rural Iowa tax levy. Many farmers save at a higher rate. Reduction of property taxpayer burden Based on shift of school infrastructure cost from property tax funding to sales tax. Ag land tax credit Farm family tax credit Tax exemption on fuel for farm use Based on average gallon usage of gas and propane per acre. Sales tax exemption on farm machinery Based on new machinery purchase plus average repairs, parts and utility costs. Value of developing the biofuel industry in Iowa Based on increased market value of corn and soybeans. International trade policies and promotion Based on increased market value of commodities due to international trade.

$ 13,827

$ 899 $728 $106 $1,043 $2,311 $544 $131

Farming members can also benefit from: Average Savings Special farm truck registration fee Based on new 3-ton truck used for five years. Availability of conservation funds Average cost share funds farmers can receive for qualifying projects.

$325 $842

All Iowa Farm Bureau members benefit from: Lower E10 fuel costs at the pump Based on average fuel purchases for two personal vehicles.


All property-owning members benefit from: Reduction in property taxpayer burden (Based on shift of school infrastructure cost from property tax funding to sales tax.) - Savings on $150,000 home - Savings on $500,000 business

$154 $512

Protection of property rights of landowners........................PRICELESS

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Farm Bureau brings strong grassroots voice to Statehouse By Dirck Steimel ach year Farm Bureau uses its grassroots strength to be a strong voice for agriculture and rural communities in the Iowa Legislature. For example, in 2013 Farm Bureau led the efforts to significantly increase funding for conservation programs, protect property taxpayers and restore liability protection for farmers who allow others on their land to hunt, fish or participate in other recreational activities. In the upcoming 2014 session, which will open Jan. 13, Farm Bureau will continue working to advance Iowa’s water quality and soil conservation efforts, and protect the state’s property taxpayers. Farm Bureau will also work to ensure that the state’s ending fund balance is used for onetime expenses, as opposed to being used to fund on-going expenses. Areas of focus for Farm Bureau during the session will include: • Maintaining the momentum on the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy with additional one-time and on-going funding. • Securing additional one-time funding to alleviate the Conservation cost-share “back-log,” as well as close the remaining ag drainage wells. • Ensuring that property taxpayers’ contributions to the mental health system remain limited and controlled. • Increasing Iowa’s commitment to agricultural research and development investment. • Repairing Iowa’s deteriorating road and bridge infrastructure and provide safe, efficient transportation for Iowa agriculture and for the state’s economy.


tion cost share and closing of ag drainage wells. A majority of the funding for each of these areas has been obligated as a result of significant interest in the nutrient reduction efforts. For 2014, Farm Bureau’s focus will be building on the conservation progress that Iowa farmers have already made and maintaining the momentum of an effective voluntary nutrient reduction plan. Last year strong demand for cost-share dollars to plant cover crops and use other technology to reduce nutrient loss demonstrated the significant interest for voluntary water quality

programs in Iowa. Iowa Farm Bureau will seek an additional $10 million in one-time funding to continue these new efforts in crop management and watershed projects. Your organization will also work to secure additional one-time funding for programs such as the conservation cost program, where demand has outpaced costshare funding, leaving a $18.5 million backlog of unfunded projects. Additionally Farm Bureau will look for one-time funding to close Iowa’s remaining ag drainage wells. Ensuring that property taxpayers’ contributions to the mental health system remain limited and controlled will be another emphasis for Farm Bureau during the 2014 legislative session. As a result of previous mental health reform legislation, the current funding formula for property taxes is set to expire, and will need to be addressed this session.

Infrastructure repair

Another focus for Farm Bureau will be increased funding for Iowa’s roads and bridges, many of which are badly in need of repair or rebuilding. Studies have shown that an additional $215 million per year is needed to meet the need to repair and replace Iowa’s aging roads and bridges. Farm Bureau policy states that any addi-

tional revenue for transportation infrastructure should be generated from the state’s fuel tax. An increase in the fuel tax would generate an estimated $184 million to $230 million per year. Increasing the state fuel tax, which has not been increased since 1989, would insure that users of the roads, including out-of-state motorists, are paying directly for the infrastructure repairs. Last year alone rural property owners paid over $153 million in property taxes to their local roads and bridges. And with no other alternatives to pay for the needed repairs, more and more local governments are turning to bonding as an alternative source of revenue also increasing the pressure on property taxpayers. In addition to the $153 million levy mentioned above, 25 counties have now bonded for $163 million to maintain county roads and bridges. This disturbing trend is accelerating, and will only continue into the future until the fuel tax is increased. Farm Bureau will also push for a continued commitment to agricultural research that adds value to ag products, aids the environment, increases farm efficiency and improves health and safety. To accomplish that, your organization will work to increase state funding for the Iowa State University (ISU) Ag Experiment Station and other ISU research programs.

Conservation support

In 2014 Farm Bureau focus will be continuing Iowa’s strong support for voluntary programs and efforts that continue conservation progress and improve water quality. In 2013 the Iowa Legislature allocated $2.4 million to implement the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and $10 million in onetime funding for special projects related to the water quality strategy. In addition, lawmakers set aside funding for conserva-

Farm bill, RFS and regulations on national agenda Working with the American Farm Bureau Federation, the Iowa Farm Bureau will continue to play a leading role in ongoing issues in 2014, including efforts to finalize and implement the farm bill. The organization will work to assure that any new farm policy provides adequate risk management opportunities for farmers in a fiscally responsible way. Farm Bureau will work to oppose changes to the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) that have been proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. The ramifications of that decision could have a significantly negative impact on Iowa farmers and Iowa’s economy. Reducing the RFS will not only increase America’s dependence on foreign oil and put good Iowa jobs at risk, it will also hurt Iowa families by decreasing the value of commodities and increasing prices at the pump. Farm Bureau will work against federal regulators’ efforts to expand the scope of the Clean Water Act or to impose strict mandatory numeric limits on nutrient loadings. Farm Bureau will continue to advocate for immigration reform to assure that American agriculture has a legal, stable supply of workers. In addition, Farm Bureau will work to upgrade the nation’s ports and inland water transportation.

The lifeblood of America. They’re the humble heroes who rise before dawn and battle the elements. They put clothes on our backs and food on our tables. Their genuine values and tireless work ethic are an inspiration to us all. We appreciate all that America’s farmers do and invite you to join us in saying thanks at


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Farm Bureau supports young farmers and youth education The world of agriculture is changing rapidly, and Iowa Farm Bureau’s young farmer program supports the next generation of farmers as they face new challenges and opportunities in agriculture today. The young farmer program offers the chance for farmers ages 18 to 35 to network with other farmers, develop their communication skills and learn more about the Farm Bureau organization. Young farm families are invited to attend the Iowa Farm Bureau’s state young farmer conference Jan. 24-25, 2014, at the Airport Holiday Inn in Des Moines. The conference will feature speakers and seminars to help young farmers build the skills necessary to address the challenges facing today’s farmers. The Iowa Farm Bureau’s young farmer advisory committee also organizes events throughout the year, including the state discussion meet and district-level activities.

Ag in the Classroom Most children today don’t grow up on a farm or get a chance to see first-hand how their food is grown or raised. That’s why it is important to provide agricultural education to these future consumers, political leaders and business owners. The Iowa Farm Bureau supports agricultural education in local schools through the Ag in the Classroom (AITC) program. The Iowa Farm Bureau also offers teachers an opportunity to apply for up to $200 in Teachers’ Supplement Grants to purchase ag-related educational materials for the classroom. For more information, visit the Iowa Farm Bureau website at, click on “In Your Community” and then “Youth and Education.”

Farm Bureau’s young farmer program offers young people opportunities to network and participate in a number of events. The Ag in the Classroom program helps elementary school students experience agriculture and see how their food is raised. PHOTOS/ GARY FANDEL














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New FB benefit helps members address health care costs BASE, a health care administrator based in Adel, can help self-employed members and business owners take steps to address the rising costs of health care.

BASE HRA until we leave farming,” says Joanne Piercy of Lenox.

Helps small businesses


ot surprisingly, the cost of health care continues to be a top concern of Iowa Farm Bureau members as confirmed in a recent telephone survey of 601 members. Iowa Farm Bureau added a new benefit partner to help its members address rising health care costs. Since September 57 more members have enrolled in this new benefit provided by BASE. BASE, a benefit administration company headquartered in Adel, has products that help reduce the financial impact of health care expenses. If you are self-employed, or a business owner with multiple employees, you could join other Iowa Farm Bureau members who have enrolled in one of the tax advantaged plans offered by BASE with exclusive discounts. This member benefit may provide thousands of dollars in tax savings to help reduce out-of-pocket and health insurance premium costs. BASE has worked for several years with FBL Health Insurance Services to educate agency managers and agents on the basics of its products. With discounted plans as low as $199 for the BASE Section 105 HRA, BASE offers exclusive savings to Iowa Farm Bureau members for tax advantaged benefit plan administration.

Helping Farm Bureau members

“We’ve been very pleased at how well our tax savings plans have been received by Iowa Farm Bureau members. Since the announcement of BASE as a new member benefit, our staff on the dedicated phone line for Farm Bureau has been very busy talking to members about saving money through one of our various plans and signing them up. Many are surprised to learn

that they could be saving thousands by including BASE in their benefit plan,” says Terry Harrington, president of BASE. “As farmers, we depend on our certified public accountant to provide us with every legitimate tax deduction we can get. That’s why we’ve been using the BASE Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) to deduct our medical expenses each year. With such a great tax savings each year, we’ll continue to take advantage of the

Iowa Farm Bureau members who own a farm or business and pay for health insurance premiums or out-of-pocket health care costs should contact BASE at (866) 5505525 to see if they qualify and to calculate their potential savings. “I highly recommend BASE to any small business owner looking to save tax dollars. BASE makes everything so simple and easy to use. The benefit specialists are very helpful and easy to talk to,” says Scott Toms, Farm Bureau agent in Boone. BASE will work with Farm Bureau members to customize a benefit plan to meet their specific needs and ensure plans are up-to-date and in compliance with government regulations. “BASE worked with me to design a benefit plan that would work alongside my current group health insurance plan and accommodate my business. The service BASE provides is phenomenal. It is hassle free since they take care of most everything for you,” says Deb Prier with the City of Aplington in Butler County.

Investing in Iowa’s future through scholarships and community aid

Foundation programs

The Iowa Farm Bureau Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with a number of statewide partners to fund programs that positively impact the health and safety of Iowans. The foundation helps keep qualified medical personnel in Iowa through its partnership with the Iowa Academy of Family Physicians. In 2014, the Iowa Farm Bureau Foundation will award four $2,500 scholarships to residents and students planning to practice medicine in Iowa communities with populations of fewer than 10,000.



he Iowa Farm Bureau recognizes the importance of supporting today’s youth, who represent the next generation of community members and leaders in our state. That’s why the Iowa Farm Bureau will award more than $250,000 in 2014 to youth education programs on the local and state level. Programs receiving awards include Teachers’ Supplement Grants, the Iowa 4-H Foundation and the Iowa FFA Foundation. The Iowa Farm Bureau also supports STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) youth education programs in the state. In addition, the Iowa Farm Bureau recognizes Iowa youth for their academic and athletic achievements. Farm Bureau awards 54 scholarships of $1,000 each to Iowa students who attend accredited twoyear or four-year colleges and universities. Recipients are eligible to re-apply for the scholarships for the following year, for an additional three years of their education. The Iowa Farm Bureau is also the title sponsor of the Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union.

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Farm Bureau’s Take Root aids farm transitions By bethany baratta hen a farm family looks at passing their farm on from one generation to the next, many factors come into play. Thoughts about who is best positioned to manage the farm, which family members should be involved in the conversation and ideas about what the farm should look like after transitioning, come into play. One of the most difficult parts of the farm transition process may be getting started and working to get a plan in place. Luckily, for Iowa Farm Bureau members, the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) has a program to help members develop and implement a plan. The program, called Take Root, was established in August to help farm families work through a step-by-step KATZER process of developing a vision for their operation and a managed approach to the obstacles they face in farm growth and succession planning.


“Over 97 percent of farms in Iowa are family-owned and operated, according to the 2007 Ag Census, and we’d like to see that continue,” said IFBF Farm Business Development Manager Nathan Katzer.

“Farm Bureau members have told us that succession planning is one of their biggest ongoing concerns,” Katzer said. “We’ve spent time with families who have gone through the planning process and are working toward their goals, as well as the professional advisors that support farm families. We gathered the information to address the questions that families come across during this ongoing process, and put it in a working format to fill in some gaps that our members have identified to take action and see real progress. “It can be a challenge to navigate the strategies and tools for managing risk and

Building a vision

“Our aim is to provide resources to help farm families build their own vision for the future, because creating a vision that’s bigger than you could grow by yourself is at the root of business succession planning.” Katzer said surveys of Iowa farms highlight a clear need for a program like Take Root.

liability, comprehend tools for securing family assets and communicate farm business goals while maintaining family harmony.” Keeping Iowa farming legacies intact and ongoing is essential to the continued success of our state’s agriculture industry, he said.   Katzer said he and other resources, including lenders, attorneys, tax planners, Farm Bureau, Iowa State University and others will help customize a plan based on each farm family’s needs. “The program features a series of workshops covering various aspects of family farm business planning, with follow-up for each family looking to take the next step,” said Katzer. For more information on Take Root and a list of upcoming sessions, go to http:// Nathan Katzer can be reached by phone at (515) 225-5494 or by email nkatzer@

Iowa-based Ready Mobile provides wireless plans for every family member

Iowa Farm Bureau protects the future of your farm and your neighbors, farms all year long. Today, membership can save you up to $500 on new Case IH tractors and equipment!*

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must be presented to the Case IH dealer in advance of product delivery to receive the incentive discount. Iowa

©2013 CNH America LLC. All rights reserved. Case IH is a registered trademark of CNH America LLC.

GRAND JUNCTION • Rueter’s Red Power 515-738-2571 GREENE • McRobert’s Red Power 641-823-4154 GRINNELL • Grinnell Impl. Store 641-236-3195 HUMBOLDT • Humboldt Red Power Inc. 515-332-1702 MANSON • Manson Red Power 712-469-2145 MASON CITY • Mason City Red Power, Inc. 641-424-2702 NEVADA • Vetter Equipment 515-382-5496

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Case IH is proud to partner with the Iowa Farm Bureau

Are you looking to change your family’s mobile phone plan and add more lines, minutes or data without breaking the budget? Iowa Farm Bureau members can now save 10 percent on flexible, nocontract mobile phone plans through an exclusive partnership with Ready Mobile, an Iowa-based wireless provider. Ready Mobile offers individual and family plans for Farm Bureau members starting at $13.50 per month. Subscribers have no contracts to sign and can change their plans at any time, without penalties.

Meets all members’ needs

In addition, Ready Mobile delivers a variety of plan choices to meet the needs of Farm Bureau members, including families with tweens, teens, travelers and “snow birds” who want nationwide coverage and anyone looking for a lower-cost alternative to traditional phone plans. Ready Mobile provides wireless service on a national, multi-carrier network platform, with coverage across the state. Members can keep their existing cell phone number and can add family sharing of up to four phones to select plans. Customers can also choose from a variety of mobile phone choices, including basic, keyboard and smartphones. Phone orders, mail orders and customer care are provided by Ready Wireless from their headquarters in Hiawatha for Iowa Farm Bureau members. Farm Bureau members can order their Ready Mobile plan online at Or call Ready Mobile’s exclusive tollfree number for Farm Bureau members at (855) 327-2661. You will need to provide the promotion code FB123NOW and your Iowa Farm Bureau membership number to qualify for the exclusive monthly savings.

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County FBs team up with Ford dealers to help FFA,4-H Test drives help raise money for youth organizations in Lee and Buchanan counties.


upporting local county 4-H and FFA chapters and a new county animal shelter was as easy as test driving a vehicle when Lee County and Buchanan County Farm Bureaus partnered with their local nonprofit organizations and Ford dealerships. Lee County Farm Bureau helped raise $3,280 for county 4-H and FFA chapters during the Lee County Fair last summer. “We really wanted to help the youth in our county and keep them involved in ag as well as promote Farm Bureau,” said Paula Ellis, Lee County Farm Bureau president. “The [FFA and 4-H] chapters really appreciated the extra money that helped fund travel to the National FFA Convention and future projects.” Lee County Farm Bureau worked with Jim Baier Inc. Ford Lincoln to qualify as a Ford Motor Company DRIVE 4UR COMMUNITY test-drive fundraising event. Ford then made a $20 donation for each test-drive during the event which Lee County Farm Bureau presented to the

chapters. The fundraising event was promoted in advance plus the 4-H and FFA members recruited participants on the fairgrounds and in the campgrounds. Everyone who participated received a Lee County Farm Bureau LV2FRM T-shirt too. “It’s neat to see the T-shirts as you go through the county, spreading the message about Farm Bureau,” said Ellis.

Aiding an animal shelter

Buchanan County Farm Bureau partnered with three local FFA chapters, the Buchanan County Animal Shelter and Pinicon Ford Lincoln. Nearly $4,000 was raised in a single day to benefit the four local organizations. Their DRIVE 4UR COMMUNITY event was held at the dealership in Independence. In addition to the test drives, the FFA members operated a concession stand and the animal shelter offered baked goods and a photo opportunity. Enthused volunteers and promotion are key to success. “It’s great to have Ford and Farm Bureau partner to provide muchneeded funds for our local non-profit organizations and education. It’s always excit-

Paula Ellis, Lee County Farm Bureau president (in red shirt), presents a check to local FFA leaders. Lee County Farm Bureau worked with Jim Baier Inc. Ford Lincoln to help raise $3,280 for local FFA and 4-H chapters.

ing to host an event for the betterment of our community,” said John Butler, dealer principal of Pinicon Ford Lincoln. “It was a lot of fun and we hope to do it again next year,” said Ellis.

FB members can save on Ford vehicles


for 2014. To redeem the private offer, a membership for a minimum of 60 days prior to purchase is required. The $500 Bonus Cash offer can be used toward the purchase or lease of most new 2013, 2014 and 2015 Ford and Lincoln vehicles. See your local Ford or Lincoln dealer for complete details and qualifications.

“WHY DO I USE FS?” “I think of myself as a progressive farmer. Someone who understands that using business analysis and paying close attention to details is probably more important than it ever has been. Why do I use FS? FS gives me everything I need.

ord Motor Company has renewed the exclusive $500 savings for Iowa Farm Bureau members

Brian Hora

Corn and soybean grower

It starts with the seed. It’s a complete system from start to finish with the inputs I buy from FS. From fuel, fertilizer and crop protection, to new technologies and new ways to become more efficient.

Benefit hotline is available for FB members Answers to your questions regarding Farm Bureau member programs and savings may be just a phone call away. The Member Helpline toll-free number is (866) 598-3693. The toll-free phone line is answered by Farm Bureau staff during regular office hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday except holidays. The calls roll to four staff phones. If staff is unavailable to answer at the time of your call, a voice mail message can be left and staff will return your call as soon as possible. Please leave your full name, phone number and county of membership. Members with questions about insurance will be directed to contact their local Farm Bureau agent. Members with insurance claims will be directed to the 24-hour claims center toll-free number at (800) 226-6383.

Do we think we’re all the way bigger yields. And with FS, we’re going to find ways to get there.”


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n January 2014 n 10

The value of Farm Bureau membership Boone County member Ben Hollingshead sees Farm Bureau as a vehicle to share agriculture’s story.


or me, farming is a family tradition. I represent the sixth generation of my family to farm in Iowa, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. My passion for agriculture started at an early age, and I have always known I wanted to farm. Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to work side-by-side with my father and two brothers, HOLLINGSHEAD doing what we love, growing and raising food for other families. I grew up on the family farm just outside of Ogden, and after my college years at South Dakota State University, I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get back home and farm. After graduation and moving back to Boone County, I started working in a chicken house for a local egg layer, before having the opportunity to join the family operation. My brothers and I recently built a hog barn where we custom feed hogs in

addition to growing corn and beans and raising chickens and cattle.

Opening doors

When I returned back home to Iowa to farm following my college graduation, I was searching for ways to reintegrate into the local agriculture community. A past Boone County Farm Bureau president encouraged me to get involved in the county board, and after doing so, it has opened up so many doors for me. From being active in youth ag programs and participating in high school sports, I was familiar with some of the programs Iowa Farm Bureau sponsors across the state. Today, I serve as the Boone County president and see our involvement firsthand. I am so proud of Farm Bureau’s commitment and dedication to the community. As a kid, I relished the opportunity to talk about life on the farm with my non-farming friends and teachers. Today, because of my involvement with Farm Bureau, I am still able to effectively share my experiences with others, while advocating for Iowa agriculture.

Every year, our county board sponsors the Boone County Chamber of Commerce community omelet feed, and farmers and consumers have some great conversations and build relationships. Our county Farm Bureau has also partnered with the local animal shelter to provide much-needed assistance in our community. The gap between consumers and the farm may be widening, but Farm Bureau programs help to better connect the two and build stronger communities. I am a proud Farm Bureau member because they have provided so many resources to help me as an ambassador for agriculture. Farm Bureau’s Speaker Corps training

Farm Bureau helps Mills County member Karen Seipold engage with consumers and promote rural Iowa.


y husband and I grow corn and soybeans on our Mills County family farm just outside of Hastings. I have been farming with my husband for 20 years,

When it comes to car repairs, it’s not worth gambling on the outcome. When you select a shop that’s part of the Farm Bureau Preferred Auto Repair Shop program, your car will be fixed right the first time. The claims process is simple: sONLYONEESTIMATENEEDED sGUARANTEEDWORKMANSHIPFORASLONGASYOUOWNYOURVEHICLE sEXPEDITEDSERVICEnTHESHOPHASTHEAUTHORITYTOORDERPARTSANDSCHEDULEREPAIRSIMMEDIATELY sSIMPLIlEDBILLINGnWEPAYTHEREPAIRSHOPDIRECTLY Call one of the Preferred Auto Repair Shops below for a complete list in your area. ANKENY Ankeny Auto Body 515-964-7291

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ANKENY Karl Chevrolet Body Shop 515-299-4403

CORALVILLE Kahler Collision Center 319-337-2400

IOWA CITY Abra Auto Body & Glass 319-354-4554

SIOUX CITY United Collision 712-252-3410

BLOOMFIELD Kollision Korner 641-664-2648

COUNCIL BLUFFS Montang Body Shop 712-322-1088

MARION Quality Auto Rebuilders 319-377-6326

TIFFIN P.B. Body Shop 319-545-2374

MISSOURI VALLEY Ironmanz Collision Center 712-642-2600

URBANDALE Bob Brown Chevrolet Collision Center 515-278-7866

CEDAR FALLS Deery Bros. Collision Center 800-263-2414 CEDAR RAPIDS McGrath Collision Center 319-393-9256 CEDAR RAPIDS Zimmerman’s Body Shop 319-393-7100 CENTER POINT Complete Automotive Inc. 319-849-2019

E015 (10-12)

DES MOINES Schlarbaum Auto Body Inc. 515-243-2406 DURANT Durant Collision Repair 563-785-6353 FORT DODGE Curt Bacon Body Shop 515-576-0202 GLENWOOD Best Finish Auto Body 712-527-9780

prepared me to work directly with media to effectively share an Iowa farmer’s perspective, while the Ag Leaders Institute provided perspective on the legislative process and has allowed me to meet with my elected officials. Whether you want to share your farming perspective with consumers and media through Speaker Corps, or would like to volunteer during a Farm Bureau-sponsored community event, there are many ways to get involved and make a positive contribution to your local community. Farm Bureau has enabled me to speak out on behalf of agriculture and share the important role we all play in shaping agriculture’s future.

NASHUA S&T Collision Center 641-435-4825 OELWEIN Midwest Collision Center, Inc. 319-283-4645 RICKARDSVILLE Avalon Body Shop, Inc. 563-552-1656

URBANDALE Stew Hansen Collision Center 515-331-2904 WAUKON Bodensteiner Body Works 563-568-2046 WAVERLY Jerry Roling Motors 800-555-3779

and I am so happy our four children have the opportunity to grow up on the farm. I have a deep passion for Iowa agriculture and rural heritage, and am proud to be a part of Farm Bureau programs that do so much for Iowa communities. Shortly after joining my husband on the farm, I became involved with Farm Bureau and became an active member on the county board, holding each position. This year, I was selected by IFBF delegates to represent Iowa at the AFBF annual meeting in Nashville. I previously had the opportunity to attend an SEIPOLD AFBF annual meeting as a Young Farmer and Rancher Discussion Meet participant. Competition experience, coupled with Farm Bureau’s Speaker Corps and Ag Leaders training, has allowed me to be comfortable sharing agriculture’s story in any setting. Farm Bureau’s leadership training has opened doors for me to represent Iowa agriculture and make a positive impact at the national and local level. Whether in the hallways, lunchroom or formal office, I have met with my elected officials on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., and I have shared my firsthand perspective on major issues impacting agriculture and rural Iowa. My husband and I have reached out to local media and hosted them on our farm to provide the ‘full experience.’ Whether we are sharing insight on crops or promoting the importance of farm safety, we love working with Farm Bureau to cultivate relationships that benefit the community. Just this year, with help from the Iowa Farm Bureau, the local school was able to start an FFA program. The county Farm Bureau board has established a foundation to fund the local 4-H program and supports Ag in the Classroom to ensure youth have opportunities to learn about agriculture.

Sharing ag’s story

Many communities no longer have farming and rural radio stations, and each generation is further removed from the farm. That’s why I feel it’s so important to share the story of rural Iowa and modern production agriculture with consumers. With so many programs and initiatives to strengthen communities, I know Farm Bureau has Iowa’s best interests at heart. Whether you are comfortable sharing your farming experiences with consumers or would rather advocate for policy, Farm Bureau offers the leadership training and opportunities to make a real impact. My involvement has shown me how important it is to get out and share our side of the story, because the non-farm public might not get it anywhere else.

11 n January 2014 n

GROWMARK adds Farm Bureau Financial Services value for Iowa Insurance flexibility for all of life’s changes members with a need it, whether you’re away from hen a severe storm home or in your own driveway. swept away nearly variety of services everything the Potter Transitioning to the next


he GROWMARK System has deep roots with Farm Bureau, dating back to the 1920s. It remains affiliated with the Farm Bureaus of Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. One Farm Bureau member represents the three Farm Bureaus on the GROWMARK board. From those roots, the GROWMARK System has grown into an international business with sales of $10.2 billion in 2013. The GROWMARK System is an agricultural farm supply and grain marketing cooperative. In addition, Farm Bureau members receive patronage refunds from FS member cooperatives. FS member cooperatives in Iowa offer products and services to help farmers improve their profitability. Iowa is home to two FS member cooperatives, three GROWMARK-affiliated FS farm supply organizations, and more than 32 grain member cooperatives.

Agronomy and energy

FS crop specialists are highly trained to help farmers better understand what might be impacting their farming operations and to provide crop production recommendations that will allow them to maximize their economic return per acre. New fertilizer facilities in Vinton and Stuart are now operational, and expansion at Chapin will add 24,000 tons of dry fertilizer storage capacity. Also in 2013 GROWMARK began leasing Bunge fertilizer assets located in Council Bluffs providing efficient sourcing support for area retailers. The FS seed corn line, rebranded as FS InVISION®, continues to focus on local development, local recommendations, and local results. FS HiSOY®, the oldest proprietary soybean brand in the United States, remains a leader in adoption of new genetics and technology. GROWMARK’s energy division has always been investing for the future to maintain the cooperative’s status of being a leading supplier of refined and renewable fuels, propane, lubricants and greases. GROWMARK enhanced its existing terminals at Fort Dodge and Petersburg, Ill., and increased access to supply from other refineries and pipelines.


family owned, they were devastated. After the storm, as his three young children searched for remnants of their toys, Adam Potter was talking with his Farm Bureau agent who quickly assured him everything was covered. The Potters own a Farm Bureau Member’s Choice policy that combines their auto, homeowners and liability coverage into one policy with just one deductible. Farm Bureau is one of the few insurance providers to offer the convenience of an insurance package designed specifically to fit your needs and save you money with just one deductible for all covered possessions damaged in a single occurrence.

Customized coverage

The Potters also customized their


coverage with identity services and fraud expense coverage, which kept them protected when the storm blew their personal documents miles away. Your Farm Bureau agent can help you tailor your Member’s Choice policy to fit your needs using these and other special coverages: •  Residential  Equipment Breakdown Coverage protects your furnace, air conditioner, hot water heater and other appliances, as well as your home electronics like stereos, TVs and computers from loss by mechanical or electrical breakdown. • Identity Services and Fraud Expense Coverage provides protection from the damage identity theft can cause. • Emergency Roadside Assistance gives you fast, reliable help when you

A second-generation farm family, the Potters worked with their local agent when Adam’s father was ready to hand him the reins. The family knew that a business succession strategy was the right way to take control of the future. Their agent was able to offer valuable information about building a business succession team and involving everyone in the family. V i s i t BusinessSuccession to learn more. The Potters and many Iowa families like them know Farm Bureau agents make insurance simple. Connect with your agent today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the things that matter most in your life will be protected when the unexpected occurs.

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Material Handling

• Stiffened and unstiffened bins offer all the strength and durability of our largest commercial bins. • Bucket elevators, conveyors and accessories

Storage Bins

Aeration Catwalk Systems

• Caldwell centrifugal and axial fans • Catwalk systems

Farm safety

FS member cooperatives invest time, money and resources in safety to help prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities among farmers and agricultural workers, and also to be good environmental stewards. FS employees are trained in safety programs and procedures to address specific concerns such as LP-gas and hazardous-material handling and safeguarding resources that might be used in methamphetamine production. The GROWMARK System is also a partner with the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety in Peosta. The center offers ongoing training for operators, farmers and emergency responders on a wide variety of agriculture-specific topics, including grain systems, anhydrous ammonia and general farm safety.

Supporting tomorrow’s leaders

The GROWMARK System is committed to developing young men and women who share cooperative values and vision, and who will be the next leaders in our System and the agriculture industry.

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Spokesman Membership Supplement, 2014  
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