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Photography Adventures Photos by Lizzie Pruneau photo 1 may 2013

Assignment: partner portraits For our “Partner Portraits�, my partner was Alice. It was very cold the day we took our photos, but we made it outside anyways. Though I did take pictures of her from the front, the ones that turned out to be the best were the few taken from behind.

Assignment: song lyrics I used “Magic Moments” by Perry Como as my inspiration for my “Song Lyrics” project. I used two of my friends and dressed them up and made them act like the couple they are not.

Assignment: Landscape While visiting a college in Michigan, I took my “Landscape� photos. It was extremely cold, but the lighting was awesome, so I went out anyways and got some photos.

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Assignment: Self Portrait When I took my “Self Portrait” photos, I was in Missouri, visiting my family for Easter. I took a number of nature and cat pictures, since I’m pretty into those things. I also took pictures of my family because they have had a big impact on my life.

Assignment: Photographer Imitation I chose to imitate the work of Imogen Cunningham for the “Phototographer Imitation� assignment. Since she took many of her more well known pictures before color photography was around, they were all in black and white. She always made an interesting use of lighting when taking photos, so--using an unshaded bedside lamp--I attempted to imitate her use of light.

Assignment: Something Old

At home, the “Something Old” project was very easy. It didn’t take long for me to gather my model items; I never even left my room. I used a lamp to light the pictures. At school, the assignment was more difficult, but I managed to find a few things that could pass for being old.

Assignment: Colors For the “Colors� project, I was the lucky soul to draw the color red. It was a nice day when I took my pictures, so I used the sunlight to take my photos in. I took some of the pictures in my basement by a huge window, and I took the rest outside on my lawn.

Assignment: Look Up At school, the “Look Up� project was not too hard to do. However, I did recieve a few odd stares while I was taking my pictures. I deicded to go the barn to take the rest of my phottos, which worked out fairly well.

Assignment: Photo Walk For the photo walk, our class had a nice day. It was sunny, but still cloudy as well. Despite my wearing uncomfortable shoes, the photo walk was a lot of fun.

Assignment: Final Project For my final project, I took advantage of the trip to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri that I was going on and took my photos there. It’s a very old (founded in the 1730s), and very cute, photogenic town. I explored all the old buildings that are there and tried to capture them in a way that was artistic.

Assignment: My Hometown After my initial attempt to do the “My Hometown” project didn’t work out, I was forced to get up extremely early to take my pictures. I wondered around town and tried my best to find things that were unique to Iowa City.

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