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photo 1 may 2013

35mm roll Using a 35mm camera made me appreciate digital photography and modern cameras. Even though I had a lot of trouble printing, I’m glad I got to experience winding and processing film. Toothless Tessa

Brick Structure

Decaying Leaves

digital scavenger hunt Low Aperture

Thank goodness we were forced to fiddle with the settings of our cameras and understand how they worked. This assignment gave me the practice I needed to understand how my camera works.

Fast Shutter Speed

High Aperture

LEMON meringue pie Sour Sweet Gone

Lemon meringue pie is an elegant dessert made from very simple ingredients. For this project, I created a photostory tutorial of how to make a lemon meringue pie. I highly recommend trying this recipe, it’s truly as good as it looks.

Golden Peaks


abc’s of photography

This trimester, my class put together an alphabet of photographs for the Ronald Mcdonald House. These were a few of mine. This assignment pushed you to be creative and try to see things forom different perspctives.





light For this assignment, I experimented taking photographs at different times of the day. I took pictures of motorcycles in the morning, bicycles before sunset, and downtown Iowa City at night.

Ready to Ride

Surrounded by Shadows

Good Boy

yellow With spring fresh in the air, what better color to focus on than yellow. This project pushed me to focus on color and find ways to make that color, yellow, stand out in each picture. It’s Golden

Before the Mow

Yellow Tears

Floating in Fluid

GROWING UP I had a lot of fun snapping pictures of some of the cutest kids in my neighborhood. The children were fascinated by the camera and constantly showed off. I loved getting to spend some time with them.

No Fear

Cool Breeze

Zooming Past

Licking his Lips

Rain Damage



Photo 1 Portfolio  
Photo 1 Portfolio