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“Geometric building”

“A boat in Greenland”

Look, ma! I’m a photographer!

Daniel Gardarsson photo 1 may 2013

Assignment: 35mm roll This project was one of my favorites because I sought out a specific location to take my photos. Choosing a certain location gave this photo a better variety from other photos presented to the class and from my own. “Old Ice” (top left) “Boy Bench” (bottom right)

Assignment: digital scavenger hunt This project seemed to be the hardest for myself because my understanding of ISO and shutter speed weren’t very good. I was able to take some good pictures. This picture called “Mushy Heads” was the best one because of the obvious blurriness of the background.


This project was fun because I got to chose what kind of photos to take and what they were of. I chose to take pictures of my friends wearing their snazziest outfits.

“Surfin safari”

“Happy Graham”

“Pretty lady”

ABCs I enjoyed making taking these photos because I just went downtown and I felt like I was pretty good at spotting things that looked like letters.

“Mr. T”

“Double you”

“The big O”

Lights This project was kind of dificult because I had to take these photos with a 35mm camera. Not knowing exactly how my photos would turn out was worrying and a lot of my pictures were ruined because light exposure to the original film.

“The Runner”

“Light tree”

Colors For this project, I had to take photos that had the color red as the subject. It was fun because red really pops out at you and made for good photo subjects.

“Fire hydrant”

“Hot tree”

Final Project This was by far my best project that I did. During it I was allowed to choose what theme I wanted to focus on. I chose to take photos of the architecture around Iowa City. My main goal with this project was not to create something cliche. I wanted to take photos of the things that most people around Iowa City haven’t really noticed.

“Busy Building”

“Academic Building”

“Hot springs”

“A light”


Daniel Gardarsson  

Photography portfolio for 2013

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