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Giant cover photo. This should be your best photograph. Bleed image to the edge of the page (no white margins showing).

The Folio Second

Photos by BEN COOL photo 2 May 2013

Assignment: partner portraits This Project was a little difficult with Brian, because he was kind of a bad model. A lot of the photos are overexposed

Assignment: song lyrics This project was difficult because of the time constraints and bad weather, but for being taken entirely indoors, I think they turned out nicely.

Assignment: Self Portrait I really had trouble thinking of things that represented me and appropriately photographing them. But overall, I enjoyed this project.

Assignment: Landscape Although I lost all of photos once, I recovered them in time to show everyone how cool the landscapes were in florida.

Assignment: Colors I wanted to be original and not take a lot of pictures of grass for the colour green, and I think I did a pretty good job of that.

Assignment: Look Up I mainly took pictures of light fixtures for this, because they were the only things on my ceiling at home. I really liked how they all came out, though.

Assignment: Photographer Imitation I picked joe wigfall for a photographer to imitate because he shot from the hip, and I thought that was a really interesting and creative idea.

Assignment: Something Old

Although my best photo got chewed up by the camera, I still felt like the pictures I took at home were much stronger for this assignment.

Assignment: Look Up For the school portion of this assignment, I felt that I got pretty good lighting and was fairly lucky with some of the shots I got.

Assignment: Photo Walk These were the strongest pictures I had from the class photo walk. They are some of the only ones where I wasn’t goofing around.

Assignment: Final Project My final project was Stop-motion photography, but the photos that stood out the most were the ones with water as the main subject.

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