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1. MOVIES: Who played the male lead in the movie musical “Grease”? 2. GEOGRAPHY: Luzon is the main island of which nation? 3. HISTORY: When was the Sherman Antitrust Act approved? 4. TELEVISION: Which 1980s comedy show featured a character named “Reverend Jim”? 5. FAMOUS QUOTATIONS: What 20thcentury American writer and monk said, “Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul”? 6. MUSIC: What was the nationality of composer Franz Liszt? 7. U.S. STATES: Which state’s nickname is “The North Star State”? 8. THEATER: Which play featured the song “Food, Glorious Food”? 9. MONEY: What is the basic currency of Albania? 10. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president once said that the United States “never had to put up a wall to keep our people in”? Answers on Page 15

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car 3” dials up the pace to appealing universe. keep things interesting. Overall, it’s a good sequel, “Chernobyl Diaries” (R) even if it might be too fast — A gang of carefree young and frenetic for some. people decide to steer their vacation into the extreme. “Moonrise Kingdom” They hire a tour guide to (PG-13) — An oddly take them into Pripyat, the earnest 12-year-old boy Ukrainian city next to the By Sam Struckhoff (Jared Gilman) and an site of the Chernobyl nuNOTE: DVDs reviewed equally stiff young girl clear meltdown of 1986. At in this column will be avail- hatch a scheme to run away first they love the spooky able in stores the week of together and live off the abandoned apartment buildland for a while. The boy is ings and old nuclear faciliOct. 15, 2012. PICKS OF THE WEEK in a Boy Scouts kind of ties. Of course, when things “Madagascar 3: Europe’s group, and his scoutmaster get dark, their van won’t Most Wanted” (PG) — The (Ed Norton) and a local po- start and it’s clear they’re talking animals of the liceman (Bruce Willis) are not alone, their joy turns to Madagascar series are back on the case to bring in the terror. Director Oren Peli on a quest to get to their missing kids. The movie is a (creator of “Paranormal Achome at the zoo. Alex the love story between two ado- tivity) just doesn’t deliver lion (Ben Stiller), Marty the lescents, but it’s not a movie the suspense, and the horror zebra (Chris Rock), King most adolescents would falls flat. DOG OF THE WEEK Julien the lemur (Sacha enjoy. Director Wes Anderson’s “That’s My Boy” (R) — Baron Cohen) and all the rest are still on for this third trademark whimsical, awk- It appears that somebody in installment. This time, the ward-but-plausible finger- the movie-going population animals find themselves lost prints are everywhere. The has gravely offended Adam in Europe and decide to join story is set on a quirky, re- Sandler. This latest R-rated a traveling circus as a means mote-island town in New gross-out comedy on the England in 1965. Ander- heels of “Jack and Jill” (the of transportation. It’s the third movie in a son’s attention to detail is one where Sandler plays his series that wasn’t the most evident in every shot, and female twin) is so lame that original or exciting, and the all of those details can actu- it seems like Sandler has a creators know it. “Madagas- ally pull you into this oddly grudge against people who like comedy and haven’t liked him for the past decade or so. What’s worse, “That’s My Boy” is a disgustingly unfunny comedy that co-stars Andy Samberg, a rising star who has at least 10 years of being funny left before he morphs into the next Sandler. TV RELEASES “Mad Men: Season Five” “Psych: Season Six” “Gunsmoke: The Sixth Season, Vol. 2” “Touch: Season One” “Check It Out: Season 1 & 2” (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. Jared Gilman in “Moonrise Kingdom”

HOLLYWOOD — The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, which awards the Oscars each year, sent shock waves throughout Hollywood when it switched from announcing the Oscar nominations on Jan. 15 (last year) to Jan. 10 (this year). For years, the Golden Globes have capitalized on giving out their awards earlier, potentially influencing Academy voters. This year, the Golden Globes will air three days after the Oscar nominations, on Jan. 13. All the other award shows that beat out the Oscars are changing their dates to be relevant, if they can. There’s no telling how the new date will impact big films such as “The Hobbit” (Dec. 14) and “Les Miz” (Dec. 25) in impressing voters. Why did the Academy switch the dates? In a word: purity! It’s been trying for years to keep studios and producers from waging massive ad campaigns to influence voters. *** Now we go from the biggest event in films to the littlest event in television — Honey Boo Boo. While many viewers thought Honey and her family were just a bunch of country bumpkins, they were quietly pulling in $4,000 an episode. Now that they’re an unqualified hit ... with

Kristen Wiig

distribution. *** Last year’s best picture winner, “The Artist,” was a black-and-white film that enabled a French filmmaker to bridge the language gap, e f f o r t l e s s l y. You’d have thought there would’ve been a flood of silent B&W films — but nothing until now! Spanish writer-director Pablo Berger screened his new B&W silent film, “Blancanieves,” at The Toronto Film Festival. Already this year we’ve had “Mirror, Mirror” and “Snow White and The Huntsman,” and now there’s Berger’s re-imagining of the famous Grimm fairy tale. The film, set in Spain, centers around a bullfighter’s daughter, seven bullfighting dwarves and her wicked stepmother, who is more Norma Desmond from “Sunset Boulevard” than a witch, and ends more like “Sleeping Beauty” than “Snow White.” Let’s face it, any film with seven bullfighting dwarfs and a Norma Desmond-ish villainess has got to be as much fun as 30 clowns popping out of a Volkswagen!

higher ratings than the Republican Convention, they’re demanding a pay raise to $10,000 an episode to sign for season 2. More redneck conservatives were watching them than the convention? *** Kristen Wiig, who left “Saturday Night Live” on the heels of her “Bridesmaids” success, has taken The Toronto Film Festival by storm with her new movie “Imogene,” co-starring with Annette Bening, “Glee’s” Darren Criss and Matt Dillon. Wiig plays a Send letters to Tony screenwriter who fakes a suicide to get her boyfriend Rizzo’s Hollywood, 8306 back, but ends up with her Wilshire Blvd., No. 362, gambling-addicted mother Beverly Hills, CA 90211. instead. The film has been (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. picked up by Lionsgate for

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Later, Carly had a meltdown in front of Todd. Steve apologized to Olivia for not believing in her premonitions. Wait to See: Duke makes his intentions clear. Heather feels cornered, which never turns out well.

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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Katie warned Bill that he could be facing charges regarding his dealings with Deacon. Donna overheard the conversation and vowed to tell Hope what really happened in Italy. Liam and Steffy’s romantic rendezvous was no longer a secret. Brooke arrived home from her honeymoon without the groom. Bill received the bittersweet news that he’d finally gotten what he wanted — Hope and Liam were officially done. Caroline and Rick fantasized about running the company together. Brooke met Katie’s newborn daughter. Everyone anxiously waited to learn who would replace Ridge as CEO of the family business. Wait to See: Rick and Thomas get into a physical altercation. Pam sets Donna straight about Eric. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Nick blackmailed Chad into keeping quiet about Gabi’s involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping. Rafe warned Sami not to trust EJ, but couldn’t give her any further details. Will was still hopeful that Sami and Rafe would find their way back to one another. Nicole overheard Daniel admit that he still loved Jennifer. Caroline encouraged Bo to take a leap of faith when it came to

Michael Graziadei stars as “Daniel” on “The Young and The Restless” his long-term goals. Sam and Rafe shared a passionate kiss after realizing that they were finally free of EJ’s clutches. Sami asked Rafe point blank if he was really the father of Nicole’s child. Nick and Gabi shared a surprise kiss. Bo handed in his resignation. Wait to See: Stefano contacts EJ. Nicole takes a fall.

been wiped free of fingerprints. Wait to See: Chloe caves in to Michael’s interrogation. Nick and Phyllis have an epic fight. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Someone used Sheila Carter’s name to spring Daisy from the hospital. Danny and Christine shared a romantic reunion. Nina was appalled that Ronan risked his career for Phyllis. Daniel asked Heather to help him get a divorce from Daisy. Avery and Nick celebrated Faith’s birthday while Sharon remained behind bars. Nikki received her divorce papers from Jack and then met up with Victor to pick up where they left off. Nick vowed to make Tucker pay for the pain he caused his family. Sarge was hurt that Harmony didn’t remember him from Pittsburgh. Ricky’s knife was found, but had

GENERAL HOSPITAL Sonny told Kate that there was something he needed to tell her after their wedding (that Trey was her son). Sam and McBain found themselves in the heat of passion. Maxie was hurt when Spinelli brought a date to the wedding. Tracy admitted to Monica that she wasn’t able to resist Joe Jr.’s charms when she was supposed to break up with him. Tea greeted John at the door only to find that Victor was missing. Starr was disillusioned by Johnny’s betrayal.

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lowing a cyanide tablet he had hidden from his guards. • On Oct. 20, 1968, 21year-old Oregonian Dick Fosbury wins gold medal and sets an Olympic record when he high-jumps 7 feet, 4 1/4 inches at the Mexico City Games. It was the international debut of Fosbury’s unique jumping style, known as the “Fosbury Flop,” which, according to one journalist, “looked like a guy falling off the back of a truck.” • On Oct. 17, 1973, the Arab-dominated Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) announces a decision to cut oil exports to the United States. In December, a full oil embargo was imposed, prompting a serious energy crisis and gasoline rationing in the United States. • On Oct. 16, 1987, 18month-old Jessica McClure is rescued after being trapped for 58 hours in an abandoned water well in Midland, Texas. McClure had fallen through the 8inch-wide opening of an abandoned well in the backyard of her aunt’s home daycare center. After dropping about 22 feet into the well, the little girl became stuck. © 2012 King Features Synd., Inc,


• On Oct. 18, 1767, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon complete their survey of the boundary between the colonies of Pennsylvania and Maryland, as well as areas that would become Delaware and West Virginia. The Mason-Dixon line created the boundary at a northern latitude of 39 degrees and 43 minutes. • On Oct. 21, 1797, the USS Constitution, a 44-gun U.S. Navy frigate built to fight Barbary pirates off the coast of Tripoli, is launched in Boston Harbor. During the War of 1812, the Constitution won its enduring nickname “Old Ironsides” after witnesses claimed that the British shots merely bounced off the Constitution’s sides. • On Oct. 19, 1931, David Cornwell, later known as spy novelist John le Carre, is born in Poole, England. He published his first spy novel, “Call for the Dead,” in 1961. The novel, like his second, “A Murder of Quality” (1962), featured spy George Smiley. • On Oct. 15, 1946, Herman Goering, commander in chief of the Luftwaffe and head of the Gestapo, dies by his own hand. He was found guilty at Nuremberg and committed suicide by swal-

Butter Churn


Earlier this year, I went to a farm auction in West Texas, where I purchased a Daizy brand butter churn and six crocks of various sizes. I would like to know what they are worth. — Bill, Clarksville, Tenn. The Daizy churn might be worth about $75 if it is in decent condition. The value of the crocks would depend on size, manufacturer and condition. *** I have a tumbler that was made with Pittsburgh Glass. I have been told that it is quite early. I love the tumbler and want to learn more about this type of glass. — Susan, Naperville, Ill. According to the 20th edition of Schroeder’s Antiques Price Guide, window glass and hollow ware were being produced in the Pittsburgh area as early as 1797. Coal was used instead of wood to fire the large glass furnaces. At one time, more than 150 glass companies flourished in the region. During the Victorian era, dozens of freeblown, pattern-molded and flint glass were produced. I suspect your tumbler was probably made sometime during the late 19th to early 20th centuries. *** I have six copies of Life magazine, including those depicting Martin Luther King’s assassination and funeral,

A: Q:



the Marvels of Egypt, and the 1969 Year in Review issue. I also have an Esquire magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, both from 1937. — Pat, Conyngham, Pa. A quick check of several magazine dealers confirmed that most issues of Life magazine from the 1960s are worth an average of about a dollar per issue. Like all collectibles, there are always exceptions. *** I recently inherited a teapot and several serving pieces in the Tea Leaf pattern. I like the simplicity of the design, and I would like to find more about it. — Betty, Naperville, Ill. Tea Leaf china was one of the most popular patterns to be carried west during the American expansion of the post-Civil War period. This durable stoneware was perfect for the rough and tumble West and has remained popular with collectors for more than 150 years. One of the best sources is the Tea Leaf Club International, 960 Bruden Road, Columbus, OH 43205. Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to Due to the large volume of mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send any materials requiring return mail.


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A World Without Bacon 1. What name did McKinley Morganfield go by for most of his life? 2. Which group had a disco hit with “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart”? 3. Aruba, Bermuda and Key Largo are all mentioned in which song? 4. Chad & Jeremy had a hit in 1964 with which 1930s Billie Holiday tune? 5. Which hard rock band’s 1975 album was titled “Hair of the Dog”? 6. Complete this song lyric: “In the jungle, the mighty jungle ...” Answers Below

Should You Tap Your Retirement Account? Since the housing and stock markets collapsed several years ago, millions of unemployed and even working Americans have found themselves in need of cash, either for short-term or longer-term expenses. Those who have contributed regularly to a workplace retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b), may find it tempting to tap into those accounts to help cover their bills, either through a loan or a distribution. But before any preretirement withdrawal is made, it’s important to know the facts and consider the consequences. Your decision should be influenced, in part, by the severity of your needs and the tax implications of the option you choose. Loans are not considered taxable distributions unless they fail to satisfy plan rules regarding the amount, duration, or repayment terms. But distributions (including hardship withdrawals) are generally taxable as ordinary income, and workers who receive retirement plan distributions before reaching age 59 1/2 may be required to pay an additional 10% early withdrawal penalty. Loan Considerations When considering a loan, there are several rules to keep in mind. The IRS generally limits the amount of a loan to 50% of your vested account balance, up to a maximum of $50,000. Most retirement plan loans must be repaid within five years, although loans used to purchase the participant’s primary residence may be paid back over a longer period of time. You may not be able tomake new contributions to your plan until the loan is paid off. Additionally, loans are repaid with after-tax contributions, and interest (usually 1% or 2% above the prime rate) is due. It’s important to remember that not all plans allow loans. A violation of any of the plan’s loan rules may cause the loan to be treated as a taxable distribution. Additionally, an employer may require participants who have taken a loan to repay the entire amount immediately upon leaving the company, regardless of the original repayment schedule. If an ex-employee fails to do so, the employer is required to report the loan to the IRS as a distribution. Hardship: A Last Resort The government has made the rules around applying for and receiving a hardship withdrawal of your retirement plan assets difficult for a reason: they want to ensure that the need for those funds is vital. Most plans only allow a hardship if all other means (including loans) have been exhausted. Hardships can be taken if they meet certain requirements, including: Unreimbursed medical expenses for you, your spouse, or dependents. Purchase of a principal residence. Payment of college tuition and related educational costs (such as room and board) for you, your spouse, dependents, or nondependent children. Payments necessary to prevent eviction from your home, or foreclosure on the mortgage of your principal residence. For funeral expenses. Certain expenses for the repair of damage to the employee’s principal residence. Ordinary income taxes (both federal and state, if applicable) are due on the withdrawal amount, but the 10% early withdrawal penalty may not apply in certain situations, such as when the distribution is made: Because of a qualifying disability. To pay medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of the participant’s adjusted gross income. Due to a “separation from service” (i.e.,ceased to be employed by the company sponsoring the plan) during or after the calendar year in which the participant reaches age 55. To an alternate payee under the terms of a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO). On account of certain disasters for which IRS relief has been granted. Note also that a hardship withdrawal cannot be repaid into your account. Your retirement plan administrator and financial professional can help you determine your options. © 2011 McGraw-Hill Financial Communications. All rights reserved.

Bank Can Close Your Checking Account If you find yourself frequently overdrawn at the bank, with checks being returned for Not Sufficient Funds, you could find yourself without a checking account. And you might not be able to get an account another bank — at least not easily. According to FDIC Consumer News, banks closed 30 million consumer checking accounts in the past five years. If you lose your checking account, you’ll only have a few options when it comes to paying your bills. You can deliver the payment in cash if it’s local, or you can buy money orders to mail. You also won’t have access to an ATM machine for cash withdrawals. The inconvenience of not having a checking account goes even further — to your credit record. If your bank reported your bounced checks to a credit-reporting agency (probably ChexSystems, as it handles the reporting for bad checks), it could stay on your record for five years. ChexSystems is a debt collector and reporting agency governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act laws. Per Consumer News, there are ways to try to fix the problem so you can have a checking account. Ask your bank to have the report removed from your ChexSystems information. They might, if you’ve been a customer for a long time and the overdrafts were mistakes that you cleared up immediately. Your bank is

under no obligation to remove any accurate information, but it does have to report if the account is paid. Call ChexSystems yourself to see what is in your file. You can get instructions by calling them at 1-800428-9623. ChexSystems is under no obligation to remove any accurate information from your file. But it is obligated to add a statement from you, if you submit it in writing to ChexSystems, Attn: Consumer Relations, 7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100, Woodbury, MN 55125. If you need a checking account after being turned down, keep trying. You might find a bank or credit union that will let you open an account, with restrictions. The key to maintaining a checking account is to carefully track your balance. Fees, automatic withdrawals, debit-card transactions and checks all get deducted. If two of you are on a joint account, be sure to communicate on a daily basis about what deposits and withdrawals you’ve made. David Uffington regrets that he cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into his column whenever possible. Write to him in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send email to (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

I’m not sure what I’m more alarmed about — the NFL replacement referees or the forecasted 2013 worldwide bacon shortage. For those who may be unaware, due to the prolonged drought experienced in the American Midwest this year, an industry trade association from the U.K. has issued a dire warning about those sizzling strips of goodness, namely there’ll be a lot less of them gracing our sandwiches and breakfast plates. Pigs, whose backs provide the necessary lettuce, tomato and/or eggs over-easy accompaniment, will be in shorter supply at slaughterhouses next year because they themselves have not been given enough to eat. “A world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable,” was the tersely worded announcement from Britain’s National Pig Association. Led by bacon, pork accounts for nearly 70 percent of the British diet, so it’s easy to understand their alarm. Have you ever seen the traditional British diet? If those Cryovac packages of porcine delight fail to make it to their shores, we could be looking at a real problem ... when the Brits go into Beefeater mode, it usually means their boys are on the march. In America, it’s probably safe to say we won’t suffer too much from the bacon shortage. We always seem to find a way through these sorts of things, and if we have to, we’re not above artificial flavorings and Bac-O Bits. Our fields will once again spill forth with the grains necessary for our hogs. What we’re most concerned about right now is taking place on the other fields of green — namely the referee situation in football that is throwing our steady diet of quality football out of whack. The NFL locked out the regular officials before the season, and it was mostly treated like an afterthought. After the Seattle Seahawks stole a game from the hands (literally) of the Green Bay Packers on Monday night in week 3, fans saw the problem a little clearer. The league’s head coaches had already smelled blood in the water. Every mistake they made had been magnified to gargantuan portions, best exemplified by a bellicose Bill Belichek trying to rip off the arm of a linesperson after a loss. It’s been a disaster. Troy Aikman is even tweeting about the referees in between concussions. Unlike pork production, this shortcoming was avoidable. If anything, the poor officiating has led to two things: a reminder that in order for the games to be played right, you need the right officials in place. In this land of plenty, a poor game of pigskin is like a world without bacon ... and that just isn’t any way to live.

Answers to Flashback (above) 1. Muddy Waters. Rolling Stone magazine ranked the bluesman at No. 17 on the all-time list of 100 greatest artists. 2. The Trammps in 1972. They created a hit from the 1938 Judy Garland song used in the film “Listen, Darling.” 3. “Kokomo,” by the Beach Boys. While the song references tropical Caribbean locations, this Kokomo is in the Florida Keys. 4. “Willow Weep for Me.” Other notable covers have been done by Wynton Kelly and saxophonist David Sanborn. 5. Nazareth, from Scotland. The group’s best-known song was “Love Hurts.” Mark Vasto is a veteran 6. “... the lion sleeps tonight.” Although known as “Wimoweh,” the misheard chorus is actually “Uyimbube,” sportswriter who lives in Kansas City. which is Zulu for “You are a lion.” (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

(c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.


Freeze-Ahead Fresh Apple Pie Filling It’s apple season! That means it’s time to make your way to a local apple orchard and harvest your own. Many orchards are jam-packed with additional things to do in the crisp fall air, such as hay rides, corn mazes and walking trails. You’ll be tempted with a never-ending array of treats, from apple cider to doughnuts and caramel apples. But no trip is complete without the experience of picking apples fresh off the tree with your kids and bringing them home to

enjoy for snacking, applesauce-making and our family favorite, apple-pie baking. One year, when we came home with an extra basketful, I thought about how great it would be to preserve that fresh taste of our favorite local apples and enjoy them in a warm apple pie come wintertime. That’s when a friend reminded me of her novel idea of freezing fresh apple pie filling in the shape of a pie pan. A few months later, when chilly, snowy days were upon us and the family longed for the taste of fall, the frozen filling was placed in a pie shell and baked. While you peel, core and slice apples for a pie or crisp this week, prepare some extras and freeze them. You’ll be glad you did. Here’s how to make ahead and freeze apple filling for a two-crust pie: 1. Set a 22-inch sheet of wide aluminum foil over the pie pan you will use for baking. Mold it in the pan at the center point of the foil. Set a 22-inch long piece of plastic

wrap over the foil. 2. Peel, core and thinly slice 6 cups tart apples, and place them in a bowl. Toss with 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Stir in a mixture of 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup flour, 1 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon salt. 3. Pour apple mixture onto the plastic wrap in pie pan. Press firmly and form a rounded top. Bring edges of plastic wrap together to seal. Repeat with foil. Freeze overnight. 4. Remove pie plate and

set frozen pie-shaped apple filling “package” in a plastic freezer bag. Freeze up to four months. 5. To bake apple pie, preheat oven to 375 F. Set unwrapped frozen apple filling in a 9-inch pastry-lined pan. Do not let it thaw. Dot with 1 tablespoon unsalted butter. Place top crust over filling. Cut slits to vent, then seal and flute. Set on a foil-lined baking sheet. Allow 20-30 extra minutes of baking time, or until filling is bubbling through the slits. Tip: Cover loosely with foil if crust gets too brown before the filling bubbles. *** Donna Erickson’s awardwinning series “Donna’s Day” is airing on public television nationwide. To find more of her creative family recipes and activities, visit and link to the NEW Donna’s Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is “Donna Erickson’s Fabulous Funstuff for Families.”

Potato Skins Celebrate football season with our fully loaded skins. They weigh in at just 120 calories per serving versus the classic’s 350, and have one-fifth the saturated fat. Our secret: lighter ingredients (reduced-fat sour cream, Pecorino cheese) that pack a lot of flavor. Touchdown! 4 large (12 ounces each) baking (russet) potatoes, well scrubbed 4 slices center-cut bacon 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Salt Pepper 1/3 cup reduced-fat sour cream 1 ounce Pecorino Romano cheese, finely grated 1 large (10- to 12-ounce) tomato, finely chopped 2 tablespoons snipped fresh chives

(c) 2012 Donna Erickson Distributed by King Features Synd.

1. Preheat oven to 400 F.

2. With fork, pierce each potato 3 times. Place potatoes on parchment paper. Microwave on High 8 minutes. Turn over; microwave on High 10 minutes longer or until tender. Cover with kitchen towel; let cool. 3. Meanwhile, in 18-by12-inch jelly-roll pan, arrange bacon in single layer. Roast 10 to 12 minutes or until browned and crisp. Drain on paper towels. When cool, crumble. Discard fat from pan but do not wipe clean; set pan aside. Reset oven to 475 F. 4. Cut each potato in quarters lengthwise. With spoon, scoop potato from skins, leaving about 1/4 inch of potato with skin and being careful not to break through skin. Reserve cooked potato for another use. 5. Arrange skins, skin side up, in single layer on reserved pan. Brush with oil;

sprinkle with 1/8 teaspoon each salt and freshly ground black pepper. 6. Roast 13 to 15 minutes or until browned and crisp. Transfer, skin sides down, to serving plate. 7. To assemble, spread 1 teaspoon sour cream on each skin. Top with cheese, tomato, bacon and chives. Makes 8 appetizer servings. • Each serving: About 120

calories, 5g total fat (2g saturated), 13mg cholesterol, 160mg sodium, 16g total carbs, 3g dietary fiber, 4g protein. For thousands of tripletested recipes, visit our website at /recipefinder/. (c) 2012 Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

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PTSD Getaways If you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), organizations around the country have created camps and retreats just for you. In many cases, your family is invited, too. Here are a few examples: —In Washington state, Project New Hope Washington ( has a camp-style weekend retreat run by Lions Clubs volunteers. Professional counselors are on hand, and recreation activities are provided that help with coping techniques. The goal is to facilitate re-integration back into the family and community. This camp is free, including meals and accommodations. —In New Mexico, there are National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center retreats run by the Department of Veterans Services. You must have a diagnosis of PTSD from the Department of Veterans Affairs to attend these are seven-day retreats, which are for individuals and c o u p l e s ( or call 575-595-1971). —The Kieve Veterans Camp on the coast of Maine has two mid-winter camps as

well as during summer. In January 2013, there is a women-only camp. The family camp runs in April. (The Vietnam Only camp session in December is already full.) Depending on the season, activities can include fishing, canoeing, hiking, sledding, outdoor games, yoga, pottery, ropes course, climbing, ice-fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, massage, arts and crafts, woodworking and fireside chats. To apply online, go to and click Application, or call 207-5635172. (Be sure to ask when you call: It appears that a diagnosis of PTSD isn’t necessary.) To find a camp in your area, go online and Google “veterans retreats PTSD.” Then try it again with your state listed. If you’re interested in exploring what a camp or retreat can do for you, contact the camps and ask about services they offer. Don’t wait until the last minute. Write to Freddy Groves in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send e-mail to (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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the playoffs? 4. What school has been to the most NCAA Tournaments in men’s basketball without winning a championship? 5. When was the last time the NHL regular-season conference champions met in the Stanley Cup Finals?

6. Jimmie Johnson tied a record in 2012 for most NASCAR Cup wins at Dover (seven). Who else has seven? 7. Who was the last British men’s tennis player before Andy Murray in 2012 to reach the final of the Wimbledon men’s singles? Answers on Page 14

Painting Tips Q: I’m painting my apartment next week, the first time I’ve ever done this. Do you have any painting tips? — Lana, Columbus, Ga. A: Tons of tips, but limited space to list them all, unfortunately! First-timers often are daunted by the amount of paint and paint products to choose from, conflicting instructions from various sources, and sometimes a lack of helpful information from home-improvement store paint sections. Others feel it’s simple enough to just buy a bunch of paint and brushes and just go for it. The reality falls somewhere in between. Preparation is the most important rule to follow, however. You’ll want to prepare the walls (and presumably trim) in the apartment for painting. You’ll need to figure out not just what color paint to use, but how much of it to buy, and if the colors even work the way you think they will. Here are a few tips to get you started: —Buy sample sizes of paint colors you’re interested in, and paint a stripe of each in an inconspicuous section of the wall. Paint looks different when wet and when dry. —How much paint should you buy? A gallon of latex paint covers 350 square feet. Measure the length of each wall and add the figures together. Measure the height of the room from floor to ceiling. Multiply the first number by the height of the room and you’ll have your square footage. —Wash all surfaces to be

painted with a damp sponge soaked in a soap and water solution and then squeezed to remove most of the water. Let the surfaces dry for about a half-day, longer if it’s rainy or humid. —Remove protruding nails and patch nail holes and small (less than 1/2 inch) dents and holes with spackling compound. Once it’s dry, sand the compound lightly and wipe with a damp sponge to remove dust. —Mask off areas you don’t want to paint using blue painter’s tape, which comes off more easily than masking tape. —Covering a dark wall with a lighter paint? Prime the wall first with a primer that is close to or matches the color of the new paint. —Ditto for covering one type of paint, such as an oilbased paint, with a different type, such as latex paint. A primer coat will keep your new paint from bubbling, cracking or peeling. —Make sure the area being painted is well ventilated; additionally, wear a filter mask (not a dust mask) to reduce inhalation of paint fumes. HOME TIP: Paint stores will pre-mix your paint after you purchase it, saving a lot of time, but you still should stir the paint for a few seconds immediately before beginning to paint with it. Send your questions or comments to, or write This Is a Hammer, c/o King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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By Chris Richcreek

By Samantha Mazzotta

1. Name the only Frenchborn pitcher to toss a no-hitter in the major leagues. 2. In the 12 World Series from 2000 through 2011, how many have included at least one team from Texas, California or New York? 3. How many times have the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers met in


The 47 Percent Blunder The best defense of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s instantly notorious “47 percent” remarks at a May fundraiser is that he made a bad point badly. Romney mixed up three separate groups: the roughly half the country that will inevitably support President Barack Obama, the half that doesn’t pay federal income taxes and the half that receives government benefits. Then he declared them all a collective lost cause. He will never win them over, or convince them to take responsibility for their lives. Next question. In reality, these are distinct categories. Many Obama supporters are rich. We can be certain the attendees at the president’s recent fundraiser with Beyonce and Jay-Z in New York City have hefty tax bills. Meanwhile, many of Romney’s supporters — especially the elderly — don’t pay federal income taxes and receive government benefits. The contention is that if people aren’t paying federal income taxes, they are essentially freeloaders who will vote themselves more government benefits knowing that they don’t have to pay for them. As conservative writer Ramesh Ponnuru has pointed out, there’s no evidence for this dynamic. It is true that the number of people without a federal-income-tax liability is up; it was just 28 percent in 1950. It is mainly the poor, seniors and lowerincome families with children who don’t owe income taxes. The poor lean heavily Democratic, but that’s

always been so. Seniors, on the other hand, have been swinging Republican, and there’s no indication that families with children are becoming more liberal. Many workers who don’t pay federal income tax pay other taxes, including the payroll tax. Just 18 percent of tax filers escape both the income and payroll taxes. People who aren’t paying income tax don’t think of themselves as freeloading “takers.” An April Gallup poll found more discontent with taxes among people making less than $30,000 than any other income group. The deeper problem with the “47 percent” argument is that it is right-wing Elizabeth Warrenism. Warren wants to tax rich people as a statement of our patriotic commitment to one another; some conservatives evidently want to tax the poor and seniors for the same reason. If you aren’t paying taxes — or aren’t paying enough — you are a subcitizen. How does this look in the real world? If a couple earning $35,000 with two kids has no income-tax liability thanks to various exemptions, deductions and credits (the child tax credit has been especially important in removing families from the rolls), how much should we tax them to get them to shape up and fly right? How much do they have to pay the Internal Revenue Service to learn a lesson in basic civics? This tendency represents a backdoor return to Country Club Republicanism, with the approval of part of the Republican base. Fear of the creation of a class of “takers” can slide into disdain for people who are too poor — or have too many kids or are too old — to pay their damn taxes. For a whiff of how politically unattractive this point of view can be, just look at the Romney fundraising video. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review. © 2012 by King Features Synd., Inc.

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DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I am 84 years old, and I have spinal stenosis, which is causing me pain. I would like to know more about it. Will you furnish more information? — T.P. ANSWER: Spinal stenosis is a common back problem of older people. It’s said that 20 percent of those older than 60 have it. The spinal cord is an offshoot of the brain, and it travels from the brain to the lower back. It’s about the width of your little finger and is extremely delicate. That’s why nature encased it in backbones — vertebrae. Running through the backbones is a tunnel, the spinal canal that serves to protect the cord. Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the tunnel. It happens mostly in the neck and lower-back regions. Thickened ligaments surrounding the spinal cord or arthritic changes of the backbones impinge on the spinal cord or the nerves that spring from it. When the process occurs in the back, pain is felt there and often in the buttocks or thighs. The pain worsens if a person stands for too long. People can ease the pain by bending forward at the waist or by sitting down. Bending opens the tunnel to give the spinal cord some breathing room. The amount of bend that works is the amount of bend a person assumes when pushing a shopping cart. Have you tried Tylenol (acetaminophen) for pain? It’s safe when used as directed on the label. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve) also are helpful. They can cause stomach upset and stomach bleeding, so follow directions given for their use. Hot packs or cold packs might work. Try both, and see if either gets the job done. At night, lying on your side in bed with a pillow between your knees lessens

pain. A program of physical therapy might help you turn the corner. Ask your doctor for a referral. And finally, the opinion of a back surgeon will let you know if any surgical technique can bring you relief. The booklet on back pain offers other advice for the many conditions causing back pain. Readers can obtain a copy by writing: Dr. Donohue — No. 303W, Box 536475, Orlando, FL 328536475. Enclose a check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Canada with the recipient’s printed name and address. Please allow four weeks for delivery. *** DEAR DR. DONOHUE: I just received my grandmother’s death certificate. It says: “Cause of death: uterine hemorrhage. Contributing cause: surgical shock.” She died in 1931 at the young age of 33. What does all this mean? — J.F. ANSWER: Hemorrhage is massive bleeding. She bled from her uterus either during an operation or from a tumor, a twisted fibroid or an infection. Surgical shock isn’t a term used these days. Shock means that the bleeding was so great, her blood pressure dropped. Not enough blood could circulate to her organs, including her brain and heart. In those days, such a catastrophe almost always resulted in death. I’m guessing at the meaning of surgical shock. I take it to mean that the bleeding occurred during surgery. *** Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Readers may write him or request an order form of available health newsletters at P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475. (c) 2012 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved


Spinal Stenosis Causes Back Pain

1. Is the book of Joshua in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. From John 3, who asked “How can a man be born who is old”? Stephen, Nicodemus, Paul, Thomas 3. What notoriously wicked woman married King Ahab? Candace, Shiprah, Adah, Jezebel 4. From Esther 5, who was the wife of Haman of Persia? Naaman, Zeresh, Not named, Delilah 5. Where were Adam and Eve married? Heaven, Haran, Midian, Eden 6. Who wrote the most Psalms? Solomon, Moses, David, Micah

ANSWERS: 1) Old; 2) Nicodemus; 3) Jezebel; 4) Zeresh; 5) Eden; 6) David Contact Wilson Casey at (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

Find Breaktimes to the left of the entrance.


Sports Quiz Answers

1. Charlie Lea of the Montreal Expos did it in 1981. 2. Eight of the 12. 3. Twice â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 1941 and 2010. 4. Notre Dame, with 32 appearances. 5. It was 2001 (New Jersey and Colorado). 6. Richard Petty and Bobby Allison. 7. Bunny Austin, in 1938. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.


Trivia Test Answers

1. John Travolta 2. Philippines 3. 1890 4. “Taxi” 5. Thomas Merton

Q: I am so happy to hear that “Army Wives” has been renewed for another season. Will all the stars be back for the new season? — Fiona W., via e-mail A: Lifetime has indeed ordered 13 more episodes of the hit military drama for a 2013 seventh season. However, not all the details of who will be returning have been worked out. Catherine Bell appears to be a yes, while Dana Delany is most likely a no. Kelli Wilson, who plays Jackie Clark, seems a likely candidate to slip into a more prominent

role. And don’t count out newcomer Kellie Martin, who plays Capt. Nicole Galassini. She told me recently that she’d be up for another tour of duty with “Wives.” “I was honored to play this woman,” Kellie said. “I thought she was so brave and so smart, yet in her personal life she had to hide, and it was really fun to play someone who comes out. I feel like Capt. Galassin is the girl next door. Everybody knows someone like her. I’m just very proud of “Army Wives” and Lifetime for following through with the storyline that they did. “Last we saw Nicole, she was on a plane to Afghanistan at the season end, and there was a lot of turbulence ... but I had a great time and I never ever

know where my career’s going to head, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.” In the meantime, you can catch Kellie in the Hallmark Channel original movie “I Married Who?” airing Saturday, Oct. 20, at 9/8c. *** Q: Will “Finding Bigfoot” be back? It’s one of my favorite shows. — Eddie S. in Oregon A: As one of Animal Planet’s top-performing series ever, you can bet your sweet bippy that it’ll be back for a third season. Prepare yourself for 20 informative and somewhat-scary episodes beginning Sunday, Nov. 11, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. This season the team of investigators will travel worldwide in search of the ever-elusive sasquatch, head-

6. Hungarian 7. Minnesota 8. “Oliver!” 9. The lek 10. John F. Kennedy (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

ing to Australia to investigate the phenomenon known as “yowies” and to Indonesia to scout out the “orang-pendek” creature. *** Q: I was wondering if two of my favorite reality shows will be back: “L.A. Ink” and “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.” — N.P. in Kentucky A: I hate to have to deliver this double-whammy of bad news for you, but neither “L.A. Ink” nor “Family Jewels” has been renewed for a new season, and therefore won’t be returning to TLC and A&E, respectively. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or e-mail her at (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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