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The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) is the premier organization for education professionals with 175,000 members around the world. Join us at the state level to collectively take advantage of ASCD’s professional development, award-winning publications and practical, usable resources. Iowa ASCD is an affiliate of ASCD and shares in international governance with representation on the Leadership Council. However, Iowa ASCD is an autonomous organization with its own officers and dues structure.

 

  

 

If you are an ASCD member we recommend you pay your dues through the ASCD joint dues program by adding the $45.00 Iowa ASCD dues to the ASCD total on your renewal. Please note that the ASCD Comprehensive Membership does NOT include Iowa ASCD dues. Please call or e-mail us for details.


  

  

  

 



   

Drake University SOE, Room 123 3206 University Avenue Des Moines, IA 50311


    

 Iowa ASCD publishes Iowa ASCD •

News monthly as an update for members. Dates and important new • items for members are included.

 

 Iowa ASCD publishes the award-

Iowa ASCD is the Iowa affiliate of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. ASCD is one of the largest professional organizations for educators and Iowa is one of the most active affiliates.

winning Iowa Educational Leadership magazine. This publication provides a forum for educators to share in-depth articles on a number of topics that are important to the profession.

 Iowa ASCD provides a member website at

    Iowa ASCD is a Professional Organization of Iowa Educators who work together to explore ideas, resources, and challenges.

 Iowa ASCD is the state connection to ASCD, which serves 175,000 members internationally.

 Iowa ASCD offers the Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy program that provides curriculum leaders in the state with up-to-date practical Iowa ideas for carrying out the tasks before them. This is a three-year curriculum focused on the themes of curriculum leadership, monitoring student learning, technical aspects, and personal/district professional development.

Please complete the entire application.

 $45 Renewal  $45 New Membership  $15 Undergraduate in teacher education  $15 Beginning teacher working for a standard license ______________________________________________ Name ______________________________________________ Position/Title ______________________________________________ School/District/Institution ______________________________________________ Mailing Address ______________________________________________ Town/State/Zip ______________________________________________ Telephone: (W)_________________________________ (H)_________________________________ (C)_________________________________ (Fax)_______________________________ E-Mail: ______________________________________

   

 Check enclosed made payable to

 Iowa ASCD provides Fall and Summer Institutes on topics of interest to educators. Some topics include formative assessment, 21st century skills, and Iowa Core.

  


Iowa ASCD.  Purchase order enclosed. Please Mail to: Bridget Arrasmith Drake University SOE, Room 123 3206 University Avenue Des Moines, IA 50311 Questions? E-Mail: Lou Howell Website:

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