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A abate abated abdomen abdominal abdominopelvic abducted aberrant ablated ablation abnormal abnormalities abnormality abnormally aborted abortion about above abruption abscess abscesses absence absent absolute absolutely absorption

A abundance abundant abutting accelerated accentuate accentuated accentuates accentuating accentuation acceptable accepted accepts access accessed accessibility accessible accessing accession accessory accommodate accommodated accompanied accompany accompanying accomplish

A accomplished accordance according accordingly account accounted accounting accounts accumulated accumulation accuracy accurate accurately acenosis acetabula acetabular acetabuli acetabulum ache aches achieve achieved achievement achieving achilles

A achiness aching achy acinar acknowledge acknowledged acknowledges acoustic acoustical acoustically acquire acquired acquires acquiring acquisition acquisitions acquistion acromioclavicular acromion across action activated active actively activity

A actual actuality actually acute acutely add added addended addendum adding addition additional additionally adenitis adenocarcinoma adenocystic adenofibrolipoma adenoid adenoma adenomas adenomata adenomatoid adenomyoepithelioma adenomyoma adenomyosis

A adenopathy adenosis adequacy adequate adequately adhere adhered adherence adherent adhesion adhesions adhesive adipose adjacent adjunct adjunctive adjusted adjusting adjustment adjustments adjuvant administer administered administering administrated

A administration admission admit admits admitted admittedly admitting admixed admixture adnexa adnexae adnexal adolescence adolescent adopted adrenal adrenals adult adulthood adults advance advanced advances advancing advantage

A advantageous advantages adverse advice advisable advise advised advising advocate advocated aerated aeration aerobic aerosol affect affected affecting affects affiliated affinity afford aforementioned after afterwards again

A against age aged agent agents ages aggregate aggregated aggregates aggregation aggressive aging agitated agitation ago agree agreeable agreed agrees aicd aide aided aids air airspace

A airway airways airy alba alert alerted algorithm align aligned alignment aliquots all allergic allergies allergy alleviate allotted allow allowed allowing allows almost alone along alpha

A alphanumeric already also alteration alterations altered altering alternate alternating alternative alternatively alternatives alters although although patient although there altogether alveolar always amber ambiguous ambulatory amenable amend amended patient there

A amenorrhea amidst amniotic among amongst amorphic amorphous amount amounts amplatz ampulla amputated amputation amylase analog analogue analysis analyst analyze analyzed analyzer anaphylactic anaplastic anasarca

A anasarcas anastomosis anastomotic anatomic anatomical anatomically anatomy anchor anchored and anechoic anemia anesthesia anesthestic anesthestized anesthetic anesthetics anesthetization anesthetize anesthetized anesthetizing aneurysm aneurysmal aneurysms angio

A angiogram angiograms angiographic angiography angiolymphatic angioma angiomyolipoma angioplasty angiosarcoma angiovascular angle angled angles angular angulated angulation angulations ankylosis annual annually annular annulus anomalies anomalous anomaly

A antecubital antegrade anterior anteriorly anteroinferiorly anterolateral anterolisthesis anteromedial anteromedially anterosuperior anteverted anti antibiotic antibiotics antibody anticoagulant anticoagulants anticoagulation antifungal antihypertensive antrum any aorta aortic aorticopulmonary

A aortobifemoral aortocaval aortography aortoiliac ap apathetic apex aphasia apical apices apocrine aponeurosis apparatus apparent apparently appear appearance appearances appeared appearing appears appendage appendectomy appendiceal appendicitis

A appendicolith appendicoliths appendicular appendix applied applies apply applying appreciable appreciably appreciate appreciated appreciates approach approached approaches approaching appropriate approximate approximated approximately approximates approximating approximation arachnoid

A arachnoiditis architect architectual architectural architecturally architecture are area areas areola areolar areolas arm armpit armpits arms arrhythmia arterial arteries arteriogram arteriography arteriosclerosis arteriosclerotic arteriovascular artery

A arthritic arthritis arthrocentesis arthrogram arthropathy arthroplasties arthroplasty arthrosclerotic arthroscopic arthrosis articular articulating articulation artifact artifacts artifactual artifactually artificial artificially ascending ascertain ascites aseptic aseptically asp

A aspect aspects aspirate aspirated aspirates aspirating aspiration aspirations assess assessed assessing assessment assessments assist assistance assisted assisting associated associates associative assumed assumes assuming assurance assure

A assured asymmetric asymmetrical asymmetrically asymmetries asymmetry asymptomatic ataxia atelectasis atelectatic atheromatous atherosclerosis atherosclerotic atlantoaxial atmosphere atopic atrial atrium atrophic atrophy attempts attenuated attenuating attenuation atypia

A atypical atypically augment augmentation augmentations augmented autogenous autoimmune autologous available avascular average avulsion away axial axilla axillae axillary axillas axis

B background bacterial bacteriologic bacterium band barbell barrier basal base based baseline bases basicervical basilar basilic bb bbs bean bearing been begins behaving being beneath benign

B benignancy benignity between bi biapical bibasilar biforaminal bifrontal bifurcation bil bilateral bilateralality bilaterally bilobed bilobular bilobulated biometry biophysical biopsied biopsies biopsy biparietal biphasic biplane birads

B blastic bleeding blood bloody bloody blunt blunted blunting blurred blurring bmd bolus border bordered bordering borderline borderlines borders bore both both breasts boundaries boundary brachial brachiocephalic breasts

B brachium brachy branching breast breastfeeding breasts breath breathes breathing breaths bronchiolitis bronchitis bronchopneumonia bronchus bruised bruising bruit bud bulbous bulge bulges bulging bulk bulky bumpy

B bunch bundle bundles bx

C ca cad cage calcific calcification calcifications calcified calcifying calcinosis calcium calculated calculates calculation calculations calculi calculus calibers calibration cancer cancerous cancers candidate cannula cannulate cannulated

C cannulating cannulation cannulized capsular capsulation capsule capsules capsulitis carcinoid carcinoma carcinomas carcinomatosis cardiomediastinal cardiomegaly cardiomyopathy cardiophrenic cardiopulmonary cardiorespiratory cardiovascular care carotid categories categorization categorized category

C catheter catheterization catheters caudal caudally caudate caudocranial cava cavernous cavitary cavitation cavitations cavities cavity cavoatrial cavogram cavum cc cell cells cellular cellularity cellulitis center centered

C centers centimeter centimeters centra central centrally centrilobular centrum cephalad cephalic cephalocaudad cephalocaudal cerebellar cerebellopontine cerebellum cerebral cerebrospinal cervical cervicomedullary cervicothoracic chamber change changes characteristics charge

C checker chemo chemotherapy chest cholecystectomy cholecystitis choledochal choledocholithiasis cholelithiasis chondral chondrocalcinosis chondrogiannis chondromalacia chondrosarcoma chronic chronically cicatrization cicatrized circumscribed circumsribed cisternal cisternography cisterns claudication clavicle

C clavicles clavicular cleavage clinical clinically clinician clinoid clip clipped clips clock close clot clots clotted clotting cloudy clump clumped clumping clumps clumpy cluster clustered clustering

C clusters cm coagulating coagulation coagulopathy coalescence coalescent coalescing coalition coarse coarsely coarsened coarsening coarser coaxial coaxially coil collagen collagenous collateral collaterals collection collections colored comedo

C comedocarcinoma comedonecrosis comments compared comparison compatible complaints complete completely complex complexes complexity complicated component composed composes composite composition comprehensive compress compressed compresses compressibility compressible compressing

C compression compressions compressive comprise comprised comprises computer computerized concave concavity concentrated concentrates concentrating concentration concentric concentrically concern concerned concerning concerns conclude concluded conclusion conclusions conclusive

C conclusively concomitant concomitantly concordance concordant concordantly concur concurred concurrence concurrent concurrently concurs condensation condensed condition conditioning conditions conducted condyles cone coned configuration configurations configured confined

C confinement confines confirm confirmation confirmatory confirmed confirming confirms confluent conform conformation conformed conforming conforms confounding congenital congenitally congestive conglomerate conglomeration congruent conjunction connect connected connecting

C connection connective conscious consecutive consent consented consents consequence consequently conservation conservative conservatively consider considerable considerably considerate consideration considerations considered considering consist consisted consistency consistent consistently

C consisting consists consolidated consolidation consolidations conspicuity conspicuous conspicuously constant constellation constitute constitutes constituting constricting constructions consult consultation consultations consulted consulting contact contacted contacting contain contained

C containing contains contamination content contents context contiguous contiguously continual continually continuation continue continued continues continuing continuous contour contoured contours contract contracted contractility contracting contraction contractions

C contracture contractures contraindicated contraindication contraindications contralateral contrast contrasted contrasting contribute contributed contributes contributing contributory control controlled contusion conus convention conventional converging conversion converted convex convexed

C convexities convexity conveyed convoluted coordinated coordinates coordinating coordination copious coracoacromial cord core cores coronal corrected correction corrections correlate correlated correlates correlating correlation correlative corresponded corresponding

C corresponds cortex cortical cortically corticated cortices corticomedullary cortisone costochondral costochondritis costophrenic costosternal could covering covers craniectomy craniocaudad craniocaudal craniocaudally craniocervical craniotomy craniovertebral crescent criteria critical

C cross csf ct cuneiform current currently curvature curve curved curves curvilinear curving curvy cutaneous cutaneously cyclical cyclically cylindrical cyst cystadenocarcinoma cystadenoma cystectomy cystic cystically cystis

C cystitis cystosarcoma cysts cyto cytologic cytological cytologically cytology cytolyte cytometry

D data dcis debridement debris decidual decompensation decompress decompressed decompresses decompressing decompression decrease decreased decreases decreasing decubitus dedicated deep deeper deepest deeply defect defected defecting defects

D deferred deferring defibrillator deficiency deficit definable define defined defines defining definite definitely definition definitions definitive definitively deformation deformed deformities deformity deforms defused degenerated degenerating degeneration

D degenerative degraded degrades degrading degree degrees delayed delaying delineate delineated delineates delineating delineation delivered delivery deltoid demarcate demarcated demarcation dementia demineralization demineralized demonstated demonstrable demonstrate

D demonstrated demonstrates demonstrating demonstration demyelinating demyelination demyelinative dendritic denote denoted denotes denoting dens dense densely denseness denser densities densitometer densitometry density depend dependence dependent dependently

D depending depends deployed deposited deposition deposits depressed depression depth depths dermal dermatologic dermatological dermatologist dermatology dermatotomy dermoid dermoidal descending describe described describes describing description descriptions

D designated designates designation designed desirable desired desmoplastic dessication destroyed destruction destructive detail detailed details detect detectability detectable detected detecting detection detector detects detention deteriorated deteriorating

D deterioration determinate determination determine determined determining detrimental developed developing development developmental developments develops deviated deviates deviation deviations device devices dexa dextrocurvature dextroscoliosis dextroscoliotic diabetes diabetic

D diagnose diagnosed diagnoses diagnosing diagnosis diagnostic diagnostically diagnostics diagonal diagram diagrams dialysis diameter diameters diaphragm diaphragmatic diaphragms diaphyses diaphysis diastolic dictation dietary differ difference differences

D different differential differentiate differentiated differentiating differentiation differently differs difficult difficulties difficultly difficulty diffuse diffused diffusely diffusion digit digital digitalized digitally digitized digitorum dilatation dilatations dilated

D dilating dilation dilute diluted dimension dimensional dimensions diminish diminished diminishes diminishing diminution diminutive dimple dimpled dimpling direct directed directing direction directions directly disability disabled disadvantages

D disappear disappearance disappeared disappears disc discern discernable discerned discharge discharged discharges discharging disclose discoloration discolored discomfort discontinuation discontinue discontinued discontinuing discovered discovers discovery discreet discrepancies

D discrepancy discrete discretely discretion discretions discs discussed disease diseases disk dislocation dislocations dislodged dismiss dismissed disorder disordered disorders disorganized dispersal disperse dispersed dispersement disperses dispersing

D dispersion displace displaced displacement displacements displaces display displayed displays disposed disposition disproportionate disregard disregarded disrupted disruption dissection dissections disseminated dissimilar dissipate dissipated dissipates dissipation dissolved

D dissuade distal distally distance distances distant distantly distended distending distends distension distention distinct distinctive distinctly distinguish distinguishable distinguished distinguishing distorted distorting distortion distortions distress distributed

D distribution distributions disuse diverticula diverticular diverticulitis diverticulosis diverticulum divided divisions dizziness document documentation documented documenting documents dominant dominantly dominate doppler dorsal dorsally dorsolateral dorsomedial dorsum

D dose doses double doubled down drain dual duct ductal ductogram ductographic ductography ducts due dumbbell duodenal duodenum duplex duplicate duplicated duplication dural duration dust dx

D dynamic dystrophic

E each earlier early easily eburnation eccentric eccentrically ecchymosis echo echodense echodensity echoes echogenic echogenicities echogenicity echoic echotexture ectasia ectatic ectopia ectopic eczema edema edematous edentulous

E efface effaced effacement effaces effacing effect effected effecting effective effectively effectiveness effects effervescent efficacious efficacy efficient effort efforts effusion effusions egg eggshell either eklund electrode

E electrodes electronic electronically elements elevate elevated elevates elevating elevation elicit elicited eliminate eliminated elliptical elliptically elongate elongated elongates elongation emanates emanating embedded emboli embolic embolization

E embolized embolus emesis encouraged enhanced enhancement enhancements enhancing esophageal essentially etiology evaluation evidence evident exaggerated exams exam examining examination examinations examined extending extends extent extracapsular

E extramedullary

F facet facets faint fairly far fascial fasciitis fasting fat fatigue fatty favorable favorably favored favoring favorite favors feasible feature featured features feeble feeding feel feeling

F feels female femoral femoris fenestration fentanyl fever fevers few fiber fibers fibrillation fibrin fibro fibroademona fibroadenolipoma fibroadenoma fibroadenomas fibroadenomata fibroadenomatoid fibroadenomatous fibroadenomyolipoma fibroadenosis fibroadipose fibroangiolipoma

F fibrocalcific fibrocartilage fibroconnective fibrocystic fibrocytic fibrocytsic fibrodense fibroductal fibroepithelial fibrofatty fibroglandular fibrohistiocytic fibroid fibroids fibrolinear fibroma fibromata fibromatosis fibromatous fibromuscular fibromyalgia fibronodular fibronodularity fibrosclerosis fibrosclerotic

F fibrosed fibrosing fibrosis fibrotic fibrous fibrovascular fiducial field fields filled film films filtered filtration final finding findings fine finely finger firmness first fistula fistulous fixation

F flaccid flap flaps flesh flexure flight flow flowing fluctuate fluctuated fluctuates fluctuating fluctuation fluid fluoroscopic fluoroscopy flush fna foamy focal focality focally foci focus focused

F focuses focusing follicle follicles follicular folliculitis follow following followup for foramen foramina foraminal foreign formation forming forms fortuitous fraction fractionated fracture fragment fragmentation fragmented free

F freely frequency frequent frequently from frontal frontoparietal full fullness function functional functioning fundal fundus further fused fusiform fusion fusions

G gadolinium galactoceles galactogram galactograms galactography galactorrhea galacturia gallium gamma ganglia ganglion gas gaseous gastrografin gastrostomy gated gauge gauze gel gelatinous gelfoam gender gene generated genetic

G genetically genetics geographic geographically geometric gestational girdle gland glands glandular glandularity glass global globally globe globes globular globule glucose goiter grade gradient gradual gradually graft

G grafted grafting graininess grams granular granularity granulation granules granuloma granulomas granulomata granulomatous grape graph graphic grate gravity gray greatest grid gross grossly ground grounds grouped

G grouping growing growth guidance guide guided guideline guidelines guidewire guidewires gyencomastia gyn gynecologic gynecological gynecologist gynecology gynecomastia

H habitus half halo hamartoma hamartomas hand handicap handicapped hardware heal healed healing health healthy heard hearing heart heartbeat heavier heavily heaviness height heights held helical

H helically hemangioma hemangiomas hemangiomata hemastasis hematocrit hematological hematoma hematomas hematuria heme hemiabdomen hemicentrum hemidiaphragm hemiparesis hemisphere hemispheres hemithoracic hemithorax hemithyroidectomy hemodialysis hemodynamic hemodynamically hemoptysis hemorrhage

H hemorrhaged hemorrhagic hemosiderin hemostasis hemostatic heparin heparinized hepatic hepatitis hepatobiliary hepatocellular hepatocytes hepatofungal hepatoma hepatomegaly hepatopetal hereditary hernia hernias herniated herniation herniations heterogeneity heterogeneous heterogeneously

H heterogenicity heterotopic hidden hide hiding high highlight highlighted highlighting highlights highly hila hilar hilum hilus hinder hindered hinders hippocampal histiocytes histiocytic histologic histological histology histopathology

H historically histories history hold homogeneity homogeneous homogeneously honeycombing hook hookwire hookwires horizontal horizontally hormonal hormonally hormone hormones hospitalization hospitalized hour hx hyaline hyalinization hyalinized hyalinizing

H hydrated hydration hydro hydrocele hydroceles hydrocephalus hydronephrosis hydrops hydrosalpinx hydroureteronephrosis hyper hyperaerated hyperaeration hyperattenuation hyperbaric hypercalcemia hyperdense hyperdensities hyperdensity hyperechogenic hyperechogenicity hyperechoic hyperemia hyperemic hyperenhancing

H hyperexpanded hyperfunctioning hyperglandular hyperinflated hyperinflation hyperintense hyperintensities hyperintensity hyperkalemia hyperlipidemia hypermetabolic hypermetabolism hypernephroma hyperparathyroidism hyperplasia hyperplastic hyperprolactinemia hyperstimulated hypertension hypertensive hyperthyroidism hypertrophic hypertrophied hypertrophy hypervascular

H hypervascularity hypo hypoanechoic hypoattenuated hypoattenuation hypoattenuations hypocalcemia hypocellular hypodense hypodensities hypodensity hypodermic hypoechogenic hypoechogenicity hypoechoic hypoenhancement hypogenicity hypoglossal hypointense hypointensity hypopharynx hypoplasia hypoplastic hypothalamic hypothalamus

H hypothyroid hypothyroidism hypovascular hysterectomy hysteroscopy hysterosonogram hysterosonography

I ice ideally identical identically identifiable identification identified identifies identify identifying identity idiopathic ileal ileocecal ileocolic ileopsoas ileum ileus ill illness illustrated image imaged images imaging

I immature immediate immediately immobility immunodeficiency immunohistochemical immunohistochemistry immunology immunosuppression impacted impaction impaired imperative imperceptible imperfect impinge impingement impinging implant implantable implantation implanted implants implications implies

I imply implying importance important importantly imported imposed imposition impossible impress impression impressive impressively improve improved improvement improvements improves improving in inability inaccessible inaccurate inadequate inadequately

I inadvertent inadvertently inappropriate inch inches incidence incident incidental incidentally incised incision incisions inclined include included includes including inclusion inclusive incompatible incomplete incompletely inconclusive inconsistent inconsistently

I inconspicuous incorporated increase increased increases increasing increasingly increments indelible indent indentation indented indenting indents independent independently indeterminate index indicate indicated indicates indicating indication indicative indicator

I indirect indistinct indistinctly indistinctness indistinguishable indium individual individually individuals indolent induced induction induration indwelling infarct infarction infarcts infect infected infection infections infectious infective inferior inferiorly

I inferolateral inferolaterally inferomedial inferomedially infiltrate infiltrated infiltrates infiltrating infiltration infiltrative inflamed inflammation inflammatories inflammatory inflate inflated inflection inflicted inflow influence influenced influences info inform informal

I information informed informs infra infraareolar infracarinal infraclavicular infraglottic infrahilar inframammary inframedial inframedially infrapopliteal infraspinatus infraumbilical infrequent infusaport infuse infused infusion ingested ingesting ingestion ingrown inherent

I inhomogeneity inhomogeneous inhomogeneously initial initially initiate initiated initiating initiation inject injectable injected injecting injection injections injured inlet inner innominate innumerable input inquired insensitive insensitivity inseparable

I insert inserted inserting insertion inserts inside insignificant insisted insistent insists inspection inspissated instability install installation instance instances instead instilled institute instituted institution institutions instruct instructed

I instructing instruction instructions instrument instrumentation insufficiency insufficient insulin insult insurance insure intact intake integrity intended intends intense intensely intensities intensity intensive intention intentionally inter interarticularis

I intercapsular intercommunicating intercondylar interconnecting intercostal interductal interest interested interesting interestingly interface interfaces interfere interferes interim interior interlobular interlocking intermediate intermittent intermittently intermixed intermixing internal internally

I interposed interposition interpret interpretable interpretation interpretations interpreted interpreting interrupted interspersed interspersion interstitial interstitium intertrochanteric interval intervally intervals intervening intervention interventions intervertebral intestinal intestine intestines intimal

I intra intraarticular intraaxial intracapsular intracavitary intracondylar intractable intracystic intradermal intradermally intraductal intraductally intradural intraglandular intrahepatic intraluminal intramammary intramedullary intramural intramuscular intramusculature intranodal intraoperative intraosseous intraparenchymal

I intrasubstance intravascular intravenous intravenously intrinsic intrinsically intro introduce introduced introducer introducing introduction intubated inumberable invade invading invasion invasive inversion inversions inverted investigate investigated investigation involute

I involuted involuting involution involutional involve involved involvement involves involving inward iodinated iodine ion ipsilateral irradiation irregular irregularities irregularity irregularly irrigated irritation ischemia ischemic ischial ischium

I island islands iso isodense isodensity isoechogenic isoechogenicity isoechoic isointense isolate isolated isometric isotope issue issued issues isthmal isthmic isthmus itchiness itchy

J joint junction junctions juncture juxtaposed

K keflex keloid keloids keratin keratitis keratosis kg kidney kilogram kinetic kinetics kinevac kyphosis kyphotic

L label labeled labeling labyrinthian lack lactating lactation lactational lacunar laden lakes large largely largest laryngeal laser lateral laterally latex lattice layer layered layering layers lcis

L lead leads leaflet leak leakage leaked leaking leaks left leiomyoma leiomyomas leiomyomata leiomyomatous length lengthening lentiform leptomeningeal lesion lesions less lesser leukemia leukemic leukocytosis leukomalacia

L level levels levocurvature levoscoliosis levoscoliotic ligation like likely limitations limited limiting limits linear linearity linearly lined lines linguine lingula lingular lining linings lipase lipid lipoma

L lipomas lipomata lipomatosis lipomatous liponecrosis liposarcoma liposarcomas liquefaction liquefied liquefying liquid lobar lobe lobectomy lobular lobularity lobulated lobulation lobule lobules local localization localizations localize localized

L localizer localizes localizing locally locatable locate located locates locating location locations loculated loculation loculations lodged long longer longest longitudinal longitudinally longstanding longterm loose loosely loosening

L low lower lowered lowering lowers lowest lucencies lucency lucent lumbar lumen lumens luminal lump lumpectomies lumpectomy lumpiness lumps lumpy lunar lunate lungs lupus luteal luteum

L lying lymph lymphadenectomy lymphadenitis lymphadenopathy lymphangioma lymphangitic lymphatic lymphatics lymphedema lymphocele lymphocytes lymphocytic lymphoid lymphoma lymphomatous lymphoscintigraphy lymphovascular lymphs lytic lytic

M machine macro macroadenoma macrocalcification macrocalcifications macrocystic macrolobular macrolobulated macrolobulation macrolobulations macrolobules macronodular macrophages macroscopic magnesium magnet magnetic magnevist magnification magnifications magnified magnify magnifying maintain maintained

M maintaining maintains maintenance major majority majors malaise malalignment malfunction malign malignancies malignancy malignant malleolus malpositioned malrotated malrotation mammary mammatome mammo mammogram mammograms mammographic mammographically mammography

M mammoplasties mammoplasty mammotome mammotomy manifestation manifestations manifested manifesting manipulated manipulation manually margin marginal marginally marginate marginated margination marginations margined margins marked markedly marker markers marking

M markings marks marrow mask masked mass masses massive mastectomies mastectomy mastitis mastodynia mastoid matched matches matching material materials maternal matrix maturation mature matured maxillofacial maximal

M maximally maximum maximus mean measurable measurably measure measured measurement measurements measures measuring mechanical mechanism medial medially median mediastinal mediastinum mediate medical medically medicated medication medications

M medicinal medicine medicines medio mediolateral mediport medium medullaris medullary melanoma membrane membranes meningeal meninges meningioma meniscal meniscectomy menisci meniscoid meniscus menopausal menopause menorrhagia menses menstrual

M menstruating menstruation mental mentally mentioned mentioning mesenteric mesentery mesh metabolic metabolically metallic metamorphosis metaphysis metaplasia metaplastic metastases metastasis metastatic metastatically meters methods mg micro microadenoma

M microbiologic microbiological microbiology microc microcalcifcations microcalcific microcalcification microcalcifications microcatheter microclip microclips microcuries microcyst microcystic microcysts microextravasation microfocal microglandular micrograms microhematuria microinvasion microinvasive microlobular microlobulated microlobulation

M microlobulations micromark micrometastasis micron micronodular micronodularity micropapillary microplasia micropunctate micropuncture microscope microscopic microscopically microscopy microsurgical microtrauma microvascular microvesicular mid middle midline migraine migraines migrate migrated

M migrates migration mild milder mildly milk milky millimeter millimeters mimic mimicking mimics mineral mineralization mineralized mingle mini minimal minimally minimize minimized minimum minor minus minute

M mirror mis misalignment mixed mixture ml mlo mm mobile mobility mobilized modalities modality mode moderate moderately modest modestly modification modified mole moles molnar monitor monitored

M monitoring monitors mono monomorphic monophasic month monthly months morbidly more morphologic morphological morphologically morphology most motility motion mottle mottled mottling mound mouth movable move moved


movement movements moves moving mr mrcp mri mucinous mucoid mucoperiosteal mucosa mucosal mucous muitiple multi multicentered multicentric multicentricity multichambered multicystic multiductal multiecho multifactorial multifocal multifocality

M multigated multilevel multilobular multilobulated multilocular multiloculated multimacrolobulated multinodular multinucleated multiphase multiplanar multiple multiplicity multiseptate multiseptated multisequence multisequential multitude mural murmur muscle muscles muscular musculature musculofascial

M musculoskeletal musculotendinous must myelofibrosis myelogenous myelographic myeloma myelomalacia myocardial myocardium myomectomy myometrial myometrium myositis myxoid


nanograms narrow narrowed narrowing narrows nasogastric nasopharyngeal nasopharynx nature nausea nauseous navicular near necessary neck necrosis necrotic necrotizing needed needle needles negative negligible neoadjuvant neocalcifications neodensities

N neodensity neoplasia neoplasm neoplasms neoplastic neovascularity nephrectomy nephrograms nephrolithiasis nephromegaly nephrostomy nerve nerves neural neuro neuroangiography neurofibroma neurofibromas neurofibromatosis neuroforamen neuroforamina neuroforaminal neurogenic neurointerventional neurologic

N neurology neuroma neuron neuropathy neuroradiologist neuroskeletal neurosurgeon neurosurgery neurovascular neutral neutropenia neutrophils new nine ninety nipple nipples no nodal node nodes nodular nodularity nodule nodules

N nonexistent nonfocal nonfocally nonfunctioning nonhomogeneous noninvasive nonobstetrical nonspecific nonsuspicious nontender nontoxic nonuniform nonvascular normal normalization normalized normally notch notched notches notching noted noticed nuclear numbness

N numerous

O ob obese obesity object objects oblique obliqued obliquely obliques obliquities obliquity obliterated obliterates obliteration oblong obscuration obscure obscured obscures obscuring obscurred observation observations observe observed

O observer observers obstetrics obstructed obstructing obstruction obstructions obstructive obtained obvious occluded occluding occlusion occlusive occult occupying oclock odontoid of oil olfactory omental omentum omniflush omnipaque

O on onco oncologic oncological oncologist oncology oozing op opacification opacifications opacified opacifies opacify opacifying opacities opacity opaque open operated operating operation operative optimal optimum optiray

O or oral orbit orbital orbitofrontal orbits organ organism organization organize organized organizing organomegaly organs oriented orifice orifices orthogonal ospeopenia ospeoporosis osseous osteal osteo osteoarthritic osteoarthritis

O osteoblastic osteochondral osteodystrophy osteogenesis osteoid osteolysis osteolytic osteoma osteomeatal osteomyelitis osteonecrosis osteopathic osteopenia osteopenic osteophyte osteophytes osteophytic osteophytosis osteoporosis osteoporotic ostia ostial ostium ounces out

O outer outflow outflows outlet outpouching output outside oval overall ovoid ovulation oximetry

P pacemaker pacer pack padgets pain painful pains palpability palpable palpably palpate palpated palpates palpating palpation palpitating palpitation palpitations pancoast pancytopenia papillary papilloma papillomas papillomata papillomatosis


papillomatous paraaortic paraareolar paracaval paracavernous paracentesis paracentral paracentrally paracervical paraclinoid paracolic paraesophageal paraesthesias paralysis paralyzed paramedially paramedian parameters parametric paranasal parapancreatic parapelvic parapharyngeal paraplegia pararenal

P parasagittal parasellar paraseptal paraspinal paraspinous parasternal parastomal parathyroid paratracheal paravertebral parenchmal parenchyma parenchymal paresthesia paresthesias parkinsons partial partially particle particles particulate partum patchiness patchy patency

P patent paternal pathologic pathological pathologically pathologies pathologist pathology pathway pathways patient pattern patterns pea peak peaked pectoral pectoralis pectoris pectus pediatric pedicle pedicles pedicular peduncle

P pedunculated peel pellucidum pelvis pending penetrate penetrated penetrating penetration percutaneous percutaneously perforated perforation performed perfusion periaortic periappendiceal periareolar periarticular periatrial pericapsular pericardial pericardium pericavernous pericecal

P pericholecystic periclavicular pericystic periductal perihepatic perihilar periimplant perilabral perilobular perimedullary perimenopausal perinephric perineural perioareolar periosteal peripharyngeal peripheral peripherally periphery periportal peristalsing peristalsis peritoneal peritoneum peritonitis

P peritracheal perivascular periventricular perivertebral perpendicular persistent pertechnetate pet pharmaceutical phase phases phasic phenomenon phlebitis phlebolith phleboliths phlegmon phlegmonous phleomorphic photopenia photopenic physeal physiologic physiological physiologically

P pigmented planar plane planes plantation planus plaque plaques plasma plasmacytoma plate plateau plateauing plateaus platelet platelets pledgets pleomorphic pleomorphism pleura pleural plexus pliable pnemobilia pneumatization

P pneumatized pneumatosis pneumonia pneumonic pneumonitis pneumoperitoneum pneumothorax polar polarization pole polymorphic polymorphous polyp polypoid polyps popliteal popliteus port portable portacath portal portion portions positioned positioning

P positive possible post posterior posteriorly posteroinferiorly posterolateral posterolaterally posteromedial posteromedially posterosuperior posterosuperiorly postop postoperative postoperatively postsurgical posture potential pouch pound pre preaspiration preaugmentation prebiopsy precancerous

P predispose predisposing predisposition predominance predominant predominantly predominate predominately preembolization preexisting pregnancy pregnant preliminary prelocalization prelumpectomy premature premenopausal preop preoperative preoperatively prep preparation prepped prepping preprocedural

P preprocedure preradiation prereduction presence present pretracheal prevalent prevascular prevertebral previous previously primarily prior probable probably probe problems procedure process progesterone progressive projection projections prolapsed proliferated

P proliferating proliferation proliferative prominence prominent prone prophylactic prophylaxis prostheses prosthesis prosthetic protein proteinaceous proteinuria protocol proton protrude protrudes protruding protrusion protrusions protuberance protuberant proven proximity

P pseudo pseudoaneurysm pseudoangiomatous pseudocapsule pseudocyst pseudogynecomastia pseudolesion pseudomembranous pseudotumor psoas psoriasis psychiatric psychosocial puberty pubescent pulmonary pulsatile pulsating pulsation pulse pulsing punctate puncture punctured purulent

P pushback pyelogram

Q quadrant quadrants question

R radial radially radiant radiate radiates radiating radiation radiations radical radiculopathy radio radiodense radiodensities radiodensity radiogram radiograph radiographic radiographically radiographs radiography radiograpically radioisotope radiologic radiological radiologist

R radiology radiolucency radiolucent radionuclide radiopaque radiopharmaceutical radiotherapy radiotracer rads ray reactive realtime reaspirated recanalization receptor receptors recess recesses recommendations recommended reconstruction reconstructions recovery recumbent recur

R recurrence recurrent recurring recurs redemonstrated reduce reduced reduces reducing reduction reductions reevaluated reevaluation reexcision referenced referral reflected reflecting reflection reflector reflects reflux reformatted refraction refractory

R regenerating region regional regions reimaged reimaging reinjection related relative relatively remain remains remission removal removed rendered reoccurring repeat repeated replaced replacement report reported reports represent

R represents reproduce reproduced reproduction reservoir residual residue resolution resolved resorption respiration respiratory results retention reticular reticulation reticulonodular retinacula retinaculum retraction retractions retro retroaortic retroareola retroareolar

R retrobulbar retrocalcaneal retrocardiac retrocaval retroconal retrocrural retroflexed retroflexion retroglandular retrograde retrolisthesis retromammary retroparenchymal retroperitoneal retroperitoneum retropulsed retropulsion retrosternal retroverted reultrasounded reverberation review rheumatoid rib rich

R ridge right risk rodeo rolled root rotoscoliosis round rounded routine rupture

S saccular sagittal saline sampling satellite saturated saturation scab scale scan scanner scanning scans scaphoid scapholunate scapula scapular scar scarring scars scattered scattering scheduled schmorls sciatic

S sciatica scientific scintigraphic scintigraphy scleral scleroderma sclerosed sclerosing sclerosis sclerotic scoliosis scoliotic score scores scout screen screening scretory seal sebaceous sebaceous cyst secondary secretion secretions secretory cyst

S section sectional sedated sedation seen segment segmental segments self semicircular semiocclusive semiopaque semisolid senile senorx sensation sensations sense sensitive sensitivity sentinel septae septal septate septated

S septation septations septic septum sequelae sequences sequential sequestration serial serially series serologic seroma seromas seromatous serosanguineous serous serum sestamibi set several shadow shadowing shadows shaped

S sharply sheath sheaths shell shine short shotty should showing shows sibling side sided sign signal significant significantly silhouette silicone similar simple single singular siphon site

S sites situ six size sized skin sliding slight slightly slit slow sludge small smaller smooth smoothly smudge smudged soft solid solitary soluble sonar sonogram sonographer

S sonographic sonographically sonographric sonography sonohysterogram sonolucency sonolucent sound space spasm specimen specimens spect spectral spectrum spherical spiculated spiculation spiculations spicules spine spinous spiral spondylitic spondylitis

S spondyloarthropathy spondylolisthesis spondylolysis spondylosis spondylostenosis spondylotic spontaneous sporadic spot spread spreads spur spurring squamous stability stabilization stabilize stabilized stable stages staging standing staphylococci staphylococcus static

S statistic statistical statistically status stenoses stenosis stenotic stent stented stenting stents step stepped stereo stereobiopsy stereotactic stereotactically stereotatic sternal sternoclavicular sternocostal sternotomy sternum stigmata stimulated

S stimulating stimulation stimulator stippled straightening stranding stricture strictures stroma stromal structural structure structures studies study styloid sub subacromial subacute subarachnoid subareola subareolar subcapital subcapsular subcarinal

S subcentimeter subchondral subchorionic subclavian subclavicular subcortical subcostal subcu subcutaneous subcutaneously subdeltoid subdermal subdural subfalcine subfrontal subglandular subjacent subluxation subluxations submitted submucosal submuscular suboptimal subpectoral subpectoralis

S subpleural subpulmonic subscapularis subsegmental subsequent subsequentially subsequently subserosal substrate subtle subtraction succenturiate suggested suggesting suggestion suggests sulcal sulci sulcus sulfur summary superficial superficially superimpose superimposed

S superimposes superimposing superimposition superior superiorly superolateral supine supplemental suppressed suppression supra supraareolar supraclavicular supralateral supralaterally suprascapular supraspinatus suprasternal surgeries surgery surgical surgically survey susceptibility suspected

S suspension suspicion suspicious suspiciously suture sutured sutures swallowing swelling symmetric symmetrical symmetrically symmetry symptom symptomatic symptomatically symptomatology symptomology symptoms synchronous syncope syndrome synovitis syrinx system

S systemic systems systolic

T tachycardia tail tangential tapering tapers targeted targeting technetium technical technically technique technologist technology temperature tenderness tendinitis tendons tenosynovitis tension tenting term tesla the thecal thelarche

T therapeutic therapeutically therapy there thermogram thickening thickness third thoracic thoracolumbar thorax thrombin thrombocytopenia thrombocytopenic thrombolysis thrombophlebitis thrombosed thrombosis thrombus through throughout thymoma thyrocervical thyroid thyroidectomy

T thyroiditis thyromegaly time tiny tip tissue tissue density tissues to tomographic tomography topical tortuosity tortuous trabecula trabeculae trabecular tracheostomy tracts tram trans transaxial transducer transflap transient density

T transit transition transmission transplant transvenous transverse trauma traumatic traumatically traverse tremors trifurcation trifurcations trigeminal trilobed triquetral trisomies trisomy trochar truncated truncation tubal tubercle tuberculosis tuberosities

T tuberosity tubular tubules tumefactive tumor tumors tunica tunnel turbid type

U ulcer ultrasonic ultrasonically ultrasonogram ultrasonographic ultrasonography ultrasound ultrasounds unchanged under underlying undulating undulation undulations unenhanced unequivocal unfiltered unifocal uniform unilateral unilocular uninfused unremarkable up upper

U upright upsloping uptake uroepithelium urothelium us using utilized utilizing

V vacuum vague value valve valves valvular varices varicose varicosities vascular vascularity vasculature vasculopathy vasogenic vasovagal vein veins velocities vena venotomy venous ventilation ventilatory ventral ventrally

V ventricle ventricles ventricular ventriculomegaly ventriculoperitoneal version versus vertebra vertebrae vertebral vertebrals vertebrobasilar vertebroplasties vertebroplasty vertex vertical vertically vertigo vesicle vesicles vessel vessels vestibule viability viable

V view views viscera visceral viscosity viscous viscus visible visualized volar volume volvulus

W wall walled warranting warrants was washout water waveform waveforms weight weighted well were which widespread will wire with within without workup worrisome worsened wound wounds


Y year yearly yielding


Compound Word Examples 12 month 19 gauge 20 gauge 90 degree a minimal abdomen pelvis abdomen upper abnormal activity abnormal appearance abnormal appearing abnormal axillary abnormal breast abnormal chest abnormal enhancement abnormal focal abnormal forms abnormal hypermetabolic abnormal hypermetabolism abnormal low abnormal mammogram abnormal mri abnormal parenchymal abnormal regional abnormal shadowing abnormal signal abnormal skin abnormal vascularity abnormalities are abnormalities low abnormalities seen

abnormalities were abnormalities within abnormality and abnormality at abnormality bi abnormality biopsy abnormality correlate abnormality demonstrated abnormality for abnormality identified abnormality in abnormality is abnormality left abnormality must abnormality pain abnormality right abnormality seen abnormality there abnormality to abnormality was abnormality with abnormally dilated abnormally distended above described above findings above mentioned above referenced above suggesting above the abscess fluid

abscess infection abscess phlegmon absence of according to accounts for accurate positioning acenosis type achieved with acoustic shadowing acoustical enhancement acquistion and action should active pleomorphic actually appears acute subacute add on add views addended correlation addendum additional addendum correction addendum dictation addendum digital addendum report additional abnormality additional adjacent additional asymmetric additional benign additional bilateral additional breast additional calcifications

additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional additional

change charge comments comparison complicated compression cyst deeper diagnostic dictation evaluation exaggerated fibroadenoma films focus followup further high resolution hypermetabolic hypoechoic images imaging information magnification mammographic mass mediolateral mildly nodular satellite

additional scattered additional significant additional similar additional simple additional six month additional solid additional specimen additional spot additional studies additional study additional suspicious additional tiny additional ultrasound additional views additional well defined additional workup additionally there additionally ultrasound adenosis and adenosis calcifications adenosis fibrocystic adequate for adequate sampling adjacent architectural adjacent biopsy adjacent breast adjacent calcification adjacent calcifications adjacent complex adjacent complicated

adjacent cysts adjacent dense adjacent glandular adjacent hypoechoic adjacent localizing adjacent masses adjacent microcalcifications adjacent mildly adjacent nodule adjacent nodules adjacent shadowing adjacent simple adjacent surgical adjacent tissue adjacent to adrenal abdomen adult value advised for advised statistical african american after administration after appropriate after intravenous again a again asymmetric again bilaterally again demonstrated again demonstrates again evidence again identified

again multinodular again noted again present again recommended again seen again the age and age appropriate age consistent age matched aggregate of aggressive appearing aided detection aided technology air filled air fluid aliquots right all bleeding allowing for almost completely along side along standing along the already scheduled also advised also again also appears also aspirated also at also be

also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also also

benign completely correlates corresponds decreased demonstrated demonstrates demonstrating deployed encouraged examined identified identifies indeterminate limits loosely noted noticed obtained performed present recommended remain scattered seen stable suggested suggestion unchanged vascular

altered echogenicity altered hypoechogenicity although patient although there amber colored amber colored fluid amenable to amended corrected amorphous appearing amorphous calcifications amorphous like amount identified amount of an 18 gauge an abnormal an abnormality an addended an addendum an additional an adjacent an aerobic an aggregate an appearance an approximately an area an associated an asymmetric an average an effort an enhancing

an exaggerated an imaging an indeterminate an inflammatory an inhomogeneous an interval an intradermal an intraductal an intramammary an irregular an irregularly an isodense an outside an ovoid an ultrasound an underlying and additional and adenosis and adjacent and after and again and aggregate and alternatives and amorphous and anesthetized and anterior and appear and appearance and appears and architectural

and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and

area aspiration associated asymmetric asymmetry augmentation axilla axillary benign bi rads bilateral biopsy breast calcification calcifications calcified central cephalocaudad chemotherapy chest coarse compared comparison compatible complex compression configuration consistent contains continue

and continued and corresponding and could and craniocaudal and cysts and demonstrate and demonstrates and dense and density and diagnostic and displaced and distribution and ductal and dystrophic and edema and enhancement and essentially and exaggerated and extending and extends and extracapsular and fatty and fibroadenoma and fibroadenomatoid and fibrocystic and focal and heterogeneous and high and high resolution and history

and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and

ill defined implant increasing inner innumerable internal intramammary irregular lack lateral left likely linear lobulated local lower lucent lumpectomy lumpy macrocalcifications magnification mammogram mammographic mammotome mastectomy measures medial mediolateral microcalcifications microlobulated

and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and

mildly moderately monthly morphology multiple nipple nodular normal or dedicated or sonography or surgical or ultrasound outer ovoid palpable partially pectoralis periareolar pleomorphic pleomorphism post biopsy post contrast post radiation posterior presence previous prior punctate radiation reconstruction

and remains and represent and residual and retraction and right and rolled and round and scattered and sclerosing and scout and scretory and scretory type and slightly and small and smaller and smooth and sonogram and sonographic and sonographically and spontaneous and spot and stability and stable and stereotactic and stromal and subareolar and subcutaneous and submitted and subsequent and subsequently

and suggests and superior and supplemental and surgical and suspected and tenderness and tissue and true and ultrasonography and ultrasound and unchanged and unilateral and unremarkable and upper and upper outer and vascular and views and warrants and well defined and without anechoic hypoechoic anechoic masses anesthetized utilizing angio seal angio vascular annual follow annual follow up annual mammogram annual mammographic annual screening

anterior aspect anterior aspects anterior breast anterior central anterior depth anterior half anterior inferior anterior lateral anterior laterally anterior left anterior medial anterior mid anterior outer anterior perioareolar anterior portion anterior portions anterior posterior anterior retroareolar anterior right anterior superior anterior third anterior to mid anterior to posterior anterior upper anterior upper outer anteriorly laterally anteriorly medially anteriorly slightly anteriorly superficially anteriorly superiorly

anti inflammatories anti inflammatory any clinical any masses any palpable ap dimension ap transverse apocrine metaplasia appear anechoic appear associated appear essentially appear grossly appear increased appear intact appear intervally appear more appear normal appear relatively appear significantly appear slightly appear stable appear unchanged appear unremarkable appearance distribution appearing aggregates appearing asymmetric appearing asymmetry appearing axillary appearing breast appearing calcification

appearing calcifications appearing coarse appearing densities appearing density appearing enhancement appearing fatty replacement appearing hypoechoic appearing intramammary appearing left appearing lymph appearing mass appearing microcalcifications appearing nodular appearing nodule appearing nodules appearing parenchymal appearing right appearing solid appearing subcentimeter appears benign appears intervally appears minimally appears new appears normal appears similar appears sonographically appears stable appears unremarkable appears well positioned applied demonstrating

approaching from architectural distortion architectural distortions are average are benign are bilateral are calcifications are circumscribed are clinically are clustered are compatible are composed are confirmed are consistent are cysts are demonstrated are dense are diffuse are evident are few are heterogeneous are heterogeneously are identified are indeterminate are intact are interval are inumberable are irregular are likely are located

are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are are

loosely maintained mammographically mild mildly moderately multiple negative new nodular nonspecific normal noticed numerous obtained partially pleomorphic postsurgical predominantly predominately present primarily probably prominent recommended redemonstrated scattered scretory seen several

are similar are simple are small are smoothly are solitary are stable are subglandular are submitted are subsequently are suggested are surgical are symmetric are technically are uniform are visualized are will defined area additional area adjacent area advised area architecture area associated area axilla area corresponds area density area mass area measured area measures area measuring area question area scan

area symmetric areolar periareolar arm like arterial phase arterial vascular as axillary as continued as described as detailed as discussed as exaggerated as fibroadenoma as high resolution as needed as pectoralis as recommended as seen as spot as ultrasonography as ultrasound as vascular ascertain stability aseptic technique aspirate biopsy aspirate on aspirate under aspirate using aspirated completely aspirated from aspirated yielding

aspiration biopsies aspiration biopsy aspiration biopsy followup aspiration core aspiration fna aspiration followup aspiration initial aspiration intervention aspiration left aspiration needle aspiration possible aspiration post aspiration right aspiration ultrasound guided aspirations followup assess stability assessment genetic associated acoustic associated architectural associated dermal associated enhancement associated indeterminate associated masses associated nodularity associated postoperative associated punctate associated symmetric assure stability asymmetric appearing asymmetric area

asymmetric areas asymmetric benign asymmetric breast asymmetric densities asymmetric density asymmetric distorted asymmetric elements asymmetric enhancements asymmetric fibroglandular asymmetric focus asymmetric glandular asymmetric gynecomastia asymmetric increased asymmetric nodular asymmetric nodularity asymmetric parenchyma asymmetric residual asymmetric tissue asymmetrically bulging asymmetry architectural asymmetry inner asymmetry noted asymmetry on asymmetry outer asymmetry right asymmetry seen asymmetry superiorly asymmetry upper asymmetry upper outer asymmetry within

atelectasis infiltrate attenuation correction atypia malignancy atypical calcification atypical calcifications atypical cells atypical ductal atypical lobular atypical proliferation axial diameter axial image axial plane axilla bilaterally axilla compatible axilla measuring axillary abnormality axillary adenopathy axillary areas axillary aspect axillary enhancement axillary intramammary axillary lateral axillary left axillary lymph axillary lymphadenopathy axillary nodes axillary portion axillary region axillary tail axis dimension

background enhancement background pattern band like barbell shaped baseline baseline evaluation baseline exam baseline examination baseline mammogram baseline routine baseline study bb marker bb markers bb marking bbs marking be comprised be detected be issued be located be necessary be obscured be obtained be performed be present be prominent be reevaluated be related be rendered be repeated be reproduced

be scheduled be secretory be slightly be solid be subglandular be suspicious be well positioned bean shaped been examined been performed been removed been stable begins bilateral begins breast begins cytology begins digital begins history begins impression begins mammogram begins multiple begins nuclear begins pathology begins report begins results begins review begins screening begins ultrasound begins unilateral behaving suspiciously being fatty

being smaller benign addendum benign annual benign appearance benign appearing calcifications benign appearing density benign appearing nodular benign asymmetry benign bilateral benign biopsy benign breast benign calcification benign calcifications benign centrally benign characteristics benign coarse benign cysts benign densities benign dermal benign duct benign dystrophic benign enhancement benign etiology benign fibroadenoma benign fibrocystic benign fibroglandular benign hyalinized benign intermediate benign intramammary benign linear

benign lucent benign lymph benign macrocalcification benign macrocalcifications benign margination benign masses benign microcalcification benign microcalcifications benign nature benign nodular benign nodularity benign nodule benign nodules benign parenchymal benign postsurgical benign process benign punctate benign round benign scattered benign secretory benign sonographic benign stability benign stable benign subareolar benign subcentimeter benign summary benign superimposition benign symmetric benign type bi annual

bi rads bil cad bilateral adenosis bilateral axillary bilateral benign bilateral breast bilateral calcifications bilateral capsular bilateral comparison bilateral cysts bilateral diagnostic bilateral implants bilateral intramammary bilateral mammogram bilateral mammograms bilateral mammographic bilateral mammography bilateral mastectomies bilateral nodular bilateral pleural bilateral retroareolar bilateral scattered bilateral screening bilateral surgical bilateral ultrasound bilateral unilateral bilaterally compatible bilaterally consistent bilaterally diffusely bilobed anechoic

bilobed appearing biopsies specimen biopsy aspiration biopsy aspirations biopsy cavity biopsy changes biopsy clip biopsy core biopsy cyst biopsy device biopsy intervention biopsy left biopsy localization biopsy lumpectomy biopsy mammogram biopsy mammotome biopsy marker biopsy markers biopsy microcalcifications biopsy needle biopsy positive biopsy post biopsy probe biopsy proven fibroadenoma biopsy recommended biopsy right biopsy site biopsy sites biopsy specimen biopsy stereotactic

biopsy surgical biopsy tissue biopsy unilateral biopsy upper outer biopsy vacuum assisted birads 1 birads 2 birads 2 benign birads 3 birads 3 probably birads 4 birads breast birads category birads1 negative bloody nipple border forming border measuring both breasts both cad both dynamic both implants both projections both sites both upper outer brachy therapy breast abnormal breast adjacent breast anterior breast anteriorly breast appears

breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast

aspiration asymmetry augmentation axilla axillary bilateral bilaterally biopsies biopsy birads bud ca cad calcification cancer carcinoma care central chest cleavage clinical clips comparison compatible complaints composition compresses confirm consistent

breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast breast

containing correlates correlating corresponding corresponds craniocaudal cyst cysts demonstrate demonstrated density dermal disease enhancement examination fibroadenoma fibrocystic findings followup health identified image implant implants impression including inferiorly intramammary layer

breast left breast lesion breast localization breast localizations breast located breast lump breast lumps breast malignancy breast mammogram breast mammographic breast mammographically breast mass breast mastectomy breast medially breast microcalcifications breast mri breast nodular breast nodularity breast nodule breast nodules breast outer breast pain breast parenchyma breast post breast post lumpectomy breast posterior breast posteriorly breast problems breast recommended

breast reduction breast reductions breast remains breast reports breast retroareolar breast right breast routine breast self breast showing breast shows breast size breast sonography breast sonography clinical breast specimen breast spreads breast stable breast stereotactic breast stroma breast subareolar breast suggesting breast surgeries breast surgery breast suspicious breast symptomatic breast technical breast technique breast tenderness breast tissue breast ultrasound breast ultrasound

breast unchanged breast unilateral breast upper breast upper outer breast warranting breast with breast without breasts axilla breasts axillary breasts bilateral breasts bilaterally breasts birads breasts chest breasts compatible breasts consistent breasts demonstrate breasts fibrocystic breasts findings breasts followup breasts including breasts left breasts limiting breasts obtained breasts performed breasts right breasts suggesting breasts which breasts with breasts without breath hold

bruising hematoma bx asp bx breast left bx breast right bx ndl bx needle c shaped c spine ca breast ca hx ca left ca osteoporosis ca right ca screening cad assistance cad assisted cad bilateral cad bilaterally cad diagnostic cad dx cad left cad right cad targeted cad utilized calcification bilaterally calcification demonstrated calcification identified calcification indeterminate calcification left calcification noted

calcification on calcification outer calcification present calcification remains calcification retroareolar calcifications appear calcifications approximately calcifications associated calcifications bilaterally calcifications both calcifications breast calcifications central calcifications completely calcifications consistent calcifications deep calcifications demonstrated calcifications diffusely calcifications identified calcifications in calcifications including calcifications involve calcifications left calcifications located calcifications marked calcifications measuring calcifications medial calcifications noted calcifications on calcifications outer calcifications predominantly

calcifications present calcifications remain calcifications right calcifications scattered calcifications seen calcifications similar calcifications specimen calcifications stable calcifications throughout calcifications unchanged calcifications under calcifications upper calcifications upper outer calcifications with calcifications within calcified fibroadenoma calcified fibroadenomas calcified nodule calcified oil calcified sclerotic calcified subglandular calcium containing calcium type cancer history cancer left cancer present capsular calcification capsular calcifications carcinoma in carcinoma screen

carcinoma with catheter directed catheter technique cava right cavity following cavity measures cavity suggesting cc image cc lateral cc projection cells identified cells present cells with cellular material centered calcifications centimeter sized centra to outer central anterior central anterior lateral central aspect central breast central cyst central deep central depth central fibroglandular central foraminal central inferior central inner central lateral central lateral upper

central left central lower central lucency central medial central outer central portion central portions central posterior central retroareolar central right central slightly central superior central superolateral central to slightly central upper central upper lateral central upper outer centrally anteriorly centrally inferiorly centrally laterally centrally located centrally lucent centrally paracentrally centrally posteriorly centrally superiorly cephalocaudad extent cephalocaudad view cephalocaudad views change architectural change density

change hematoma change infection change sclerosing change seroma changes bilaterally changes dense changes fibrocystic changes left changes lymphadenopathy changes masses changes post lumpectomy changes scarring changes upper outer chemo embolization chemo port chest aorta chest breast chronic appearing chronic inflammation chronic stable circumscribed appearing circumscribed benign circumscribed borders circumscribed density circumscribed hypoechoic circumscribed isoechoic circumscribed margins circumscribed mass circumscribed masses circumscribed nodular

circumscribed nodule circumscribed nodules circumscribed partially circumscribed subcentimeter cisternography cerebrospinal clinical abnormality clinical concern clinical correlation clinical evaluation clinical examination clinical finding clinical findings clinical grounds clinical history clinical surgical clinical suspicion clinical symptoms clinically correlate clinically correlated clinically desired clinically directed clinically indicated clinically necessary clinically palpable clinically significant clinically surgically clinically suspicious clip mass clip stereotactic clip upper outer

close followup close mammographic close proximity close sonographic clump like clumped like clumped segmental cluster fibrocystic clustered calcification clustered calcifications clustered grouped clustered microcalcification clustered microcalcifications cm 0 cm 2 cm 3 cm anechoic cm complex cm density cm diameter cm dorsal cm fibroadenoma cm fluid cm focal cm greatest cm hookwire cm multilobulated cm nodular cm nodule cm posterior

cm spiculated cm transverse cm well defined coalescent breast coarse aggregates coarse appearing coarse benign coarse calcification coarse calcifications coarse dystrophic coarse punctate coarser calcifications coil shaped collagen vascular collection abscess collections abscesses comedo like comparison mammogram comparison report complete aspiration completely aspirated completely included completely resolved complex appearing complex bloody complex cyst complex cystic complex cysts complex hypoechoic complex right

complex simple complex structure complex symptomatic complicated appearing complicated cyst complicated cysts composed of compress out compressed parenchymal compresses out compression abnormal compression cc compression films compression image compression images compression magnification compression mammographic compression mammography compression mlo compression rolled compression sonographic compression spot compression true compression view compression views computer generated concern upper outer cone compression cone magnification coned compression

coned down confirm benign confirm stability confirmation correlation confirmed the confirmed ultrasound consider additional consider bilateral consider further consider stereotactic consider ultrasound considered suspicious considering differences consult biopsy consult referral consultation biopsy consultation for consultation mri contain areas contain branching contain low contain lucent contained extracapsular contained within containing debris continued followup continued mammographic contour abnormality contour without contralateral breast

contrast administration contrast clinical contrast enhanced contrast enhancement contrast filled contrast images contrast left contrast right convex appearing convex right cord like core aspiration core biopsies core biopsy core cyst core specimens correlate clinically correlating with correlation advised correlation with corresponding hypoechoic corresponding to corresponding ultrasound corresponds to craniocaudad projection craniocaudad view craniocaudal height craniocaudal projection craniocaudal view craniocaudal views

crescent shaped criteria corresponding cross section cross sectional ct study current breast current complaints current exam current examination current mammogram current study currently available currently measures curvilinear ductal curvilinear enhancement curvilinear nodular cylindrical shaped cyst aspirated cyst aspiration cyst aspirations cyst axilla cyst breast cyst cluster cyst complex cyst containing cyst contents cyst corresponding cyst decreased cyst demonstrated cyst demonstrating

cyst density cyst fat cyst fibroadenoma cyst fluid cyst followup cyst identified cyst involution cyst left cyst like cyst located cyst lumps cyst mass cyst measures cyst measuring cyst nodule cyst noted cyst previously cyst retroareolar cyst right cyst seroma cyst simple cyst subjacent cyst versus cyst was cyst which cyst with cyst within cystic appearing cystic area cystic change

cystic changes cystic cluster cystic component cystic lesion cystic lesions cystic like cystic mass cystic nature cystic or cystic potential cystic solid cystic structure cystic structures cysts adjacent cysts complex cysts demonstrated cysts ducts cysts fat cysts fibroadenomas cysts identified cysts in cysts mass cysts measuring cysts previously cysts solid cysts versus cytology pending cytology reported data set debris containing

debris filled debris laden decrease in decrease mammographic decreased decreased from decreased in decreased mammographic decreased slightly decreases mammographic dedicated breast dedicated sonography deep central deep in deep inner deep lateral deep medial deep outer deep portion deep retroareolar deep right deep to deep upper deep upper outer deep within defects debris defined borders defined in defined mass defined nodular

defined nodularity defined nodule defined nodules definite abnormality definite interval definite intracapsular definite mammographic definite masses definite radiographic definitely identified definitely localized definitely seen definitely visualized definitive baseline definitively identified deformed involuting degenerated fibroadenoma degenerated fibroadenomas degenerating fibroadenoma degenerating fibroadenomas degenerative like degenerative type degree lateral degree mediolateral degree relative degrees mediolateral delayed phase delayed post contrast delayed static demonstrate calcifications demonstrate essentially

demonstrate internal demonstrate mild demonstrate multiple demonstrate no demonstrate normal demonstrate smooth demonstrate the demonstrate unremarkable demonstrated approximately demonstrated atypical demonstrated bilaterally demonstrated focal demonstrated invasive demonstrated lobular demonstrated presence demonstrates activity demonstrates benign demonstrates calcifications demonstrates definite demonstrates dense demonstrates ductal demonstrates hypoechoic demonstrates increasing demonstrates increasingly demonstrates maximum demonstrates mild demonstrates minimal demonstrates moderately demonstrates multiple demonstrates normal demonstrates persistent

demonstrates posterior demonstrates progressive demonstrates prominent demonstrates spread out demonstrating dense demonstrating innumerable demonstrating no demonstrating positioning dendritic patchy dense appearing dense breast dense breasts dense calcification dense capsular dense coarse dense dominant dense ductal dense echogenic dense fibroglandular dense fibrosclerosis dense glandular dense heterogeneous dense irregular dense irregular nodular dense irregularity dense nodular dense nodular irregular dense parenchyma dense parenchymal dense shadowing dense soft

dense stroma dense tissue densities again densities architectural densities are densities asymmetry densities at densities bilaterally densities calcifications densities cysts densities demonstrated densities diagnosis densities each densities images densities impression densities in densities mass densities masses densities no densities noted densities routine densities unchanged densities within density anterior density appears density approximately density architectural density associated density asymmetry density calcification

density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density density

calcifications category central change compared consistent cyst cysts demonstrated densities distortion followup hypoechoic identified inner left limits lower mass masses measuring near nodular nodularity nodule noted osteopenia outer possible potential

density previously density probable density probably density remains density retroareolar density right density rounded density scarring density short density small density tissue density upper density upper outer density vague density warranting density with density within density without depressed image depth unchanged dermal breast dermal calcifications dermal thickening dermal type described above described at described biopsied described in described mammographic described previously

desired clinically desired depth destruction of detail findings detailed above detect approximately detected with detecting abnormalities detection system developing abnormality developing density developing mass developing masses developing suspicious development of device left device mr device right diagnosed breast diagnosis with diagnostic abnormalities diagnostic abnormality diagnostic annual diagnostic bilateral diagnostic center diagnostic considerations diagnostic exam diagnostic imaging diagnostic mammogram diagnostic mammographic

diagnostic unilateral diagnostics annual diameter and diameter of diameters of diaphragm posteromedially differences between differences in differences positioning differentiated carcinoma differentiated ductal differentiated infiltrating difficulty adjacent diffuse calcification diffuse calcifications diffuse edema diffuse enhancement diffuse microcalcifications diffuse parenchymal diffuse small diffusely dense diffusely increased diffusely throughout diffusion weighted digital analog digital cc digital mammogram digital mammography digital subtraction dilated duct

dilated ducts dilated inflamed dilated retroareolar dilated subareolar dimension of dimensional imaging dimensional reconstructions diminished density diminished volume direct comparison direct palpation direct review direct ultrasound directed ultrasound disc osteophyte discharge nipple discrete mass discrete masses discrete underlying disease fibrocystic disease right dispersed nonfocally displaced posteriorly displaced view displaced views distal shadowing distorted elements distortion again distortion and distortion asymmetric

distortion at distortion density distortion focal distortion identified distortion in distortion increased distortion involving distortion is distortion mass distortion mass involving distortion nodularity distortion on distortion or distortion scarring distortion seen distortion shadowing distortion spiculation distortion upper distortion upper outer distortion within distortions or distributed diffusely distributed throughout distribution of document stability documented in dominant appearing dominant cyst dominant mass dominant masses

dominant nodules dominant or dominant solid dominant symptomatic doppler examination dorsal aspect dorsal to dorsally from dorsally located double lumen dual lumen duct associated duct ectasia duct like ductal acinar ductal carcinoma ductal cells ductal ectasia ductal hyperplasia ductal lobular ductal tissue ductal type ducts are ducts cyst dumbbell shaped dural based dust like each axilla each breast each implant

each measuring each site earlier breast earlier exam earlier examination earlier examinations earlier prior earlier studies early vascular easily aspirated echo doppler carotid echo free echo pattern echoes debris echogenic area echogenic center echogenic dense echogenic fibrocystic echogenic margin echogenicity hypoechogenicity echogenicity measuring ectasia bilaterally edema inflammation edema throughout effaces with effusions are egg shell type eggshell like either breast eklund view

fluid containing fluid debris fluid filled fluid fluid levels fluid like fluid sensitive fluoroscopic guided fluoroscopy guided flush out focal abnormal focal abnormality focal adenosis focal aggregate focal appearing focal architectural focal area focal asymmetric focal asymmetry focal atypical focal breast focal calcification focal clustered focal cystic focal enhancement focal enhancing focal fibroglandular focal glandular focal hematoma focal herniation focal hypoechoic

focal increased focal irregular focal lesion focal mass focal microcalcification focal nodule focal parenchymal focal prominent focally abnormal focus ultrasound focused ultrasound follicular type four chamber four quadrant free fluid freely flowing full field full thickness fullness lump fullness tenderness gadolinium enhanced galactorrhea nonobstetrical gas filled gauge core gauge hand held gauge mammotomy gauge vacuum gel type gene markers glandular abnormal

glandular appearing glandular architecture glandular elements glandular interface glandular prominence glandular tissue glandular type grade carcinoma grade ductal gradient fat saturated gradually increased grape like gray scale greatest diameter greatest dimension grid coordinates grossly benign grossly intact grossly stable ground glass grouped calcifications guided aspiration guided biopsy guided breast guided cyst guided localization guided vacuum hand held hand held biopsy hematoma abscess

hematoma seroma hepatic cysts heterogeneous appearing heterogeneous density heterogeneous distribution heterogeneous fibroglandular heterogeneous hypoechoic heterogeneous limiting heterogeneous nodular heterogeneously dense high density high fiber high flow high frequency high grade high grade ductal high resolution high resolution compression high resolution images high resolution imaging high resolution magnification high resolution post contrast high resolution sequences high resolution views high risk high signal high signal intensity high tissue highly consistent highly likely to be benign

highly suspicious hilar mediastinal histologic confirmation histologic evaluation homogeneous appearing homogeneous internal hook tip horizontally oriented hypoechoic anechoic hypoechoic lesion hypoechoic mass hypoechoic nodule hypoechoic peripherally hypoechoic scar hypoechoic solid hypoechoic structure hypoechoic subareolar ice pack ill defined image acquisition image checker image directed image guided imaging study implant augmentation implant contour implant contours implant displaced implant displacement implant lesion

implant margin implant pushback implant removal implant rupture implant view implants bilaterally implants prostheses implants reconstruction implants routine implants screening in phase in situ inclusion cyst indistinct margin inferior anterior inferior aspect inferior lateral inferior left inferior medial inferior portion inferior posterior inferiorly anteriorly inferiorly centrally inferiorly laterally inferiorly medially inferiorly posteriorly infiltrating ductal infiltrative tumor infuse a port initial short interval

initial short term inner aspect inner breast inner central inner left inner lower inner portion inner posterior inner quadrant inner retroareolar inner right inner upper insulin dependent intended targeted internal blood internal echoes internal echotexture internal mammary internal vascular internal vascularity interval change interval clinical interval development intraductal carcinoma intraductal hyperplasia intradural extramedullary intramammary lymph intravenous contrast invasive biopsy invasive carcinoma

invasive ductal invasive lobular inversion recovery involuting adenoma involuting fibroadenoma involving the irregular appearing irregular enhancement irregular hypoechoic irregular margins irregular mass irregular microcalcifications irregular shaped irregularly enhancing irregularly shaped isodense subcutaneous isoechoic nodule kidney bean shaped lactating adenoma large bore large core largest measuring lateral margin lateral medial lateral posterior lateral right lateral superior lateral view lateral views laterally anteriorly

laterally inferiorly laterally peripherally laterally posteriorly laterally superiorly laterally upper lattice like lattice type left axillary left breast left clinical left lumpectomy left mammogram left mastectomy left mid left mlo left nipple left right left sided left upper less evident likely due likely related likely represents likely to be benign limits sensitivity linear appearing linear branching linear calcifications linear marker linguine sign

lipid rich lobe isthmus local anesthetic localizer clip localizing needle localizing wire located adjacent located approximately long term longer visualized loose aggregate loose grouping loosely clustered loosely grouped loosely scattered low attenuation low density low dose low grade low index low inner low level low lying low signal low suspicion low to intermediate low to moderate lower aspect lower inner lower inner quadrant

lower left lower mid lower most lower outer lower portion lower right lowers sensitivity lucent calcifications lucent centered lucent centers lump breast lump cyst lump discharge lump identified lump left lump mass lump pain lump right lumpectomy biopsy lumpectomy post lumpectomy radiation lumpectomy scar lumpectomy site lumps cysts lungs pleura lymph node lymph node lymph nodes lymph nodes lymphoma leukemia

lytic sclerotic m mode machine senorx magnetic susceptibility magnification compression magnification spot magnification view magnification views malignancy within malignant appearing malignant calcifications malignant cells mammogram abnormality mammogram bilateral mammogram findings mammogram recommended mammogram statistical mammogram technique mammogram unilateral mammograms recommended mammographic abnormality mammographic appearance mammographic concern mammographic evaluation mammographic evidence mammographic examination mammographic followup mammographic pattern mammographic procedure mammographic sensitivity

mammography technique marginal calcification marginated nodule marrow signal mass appreciated mass effect mass identified mass lesion mass lesions mass like mass within material consistent maximal diameter maximum diameter measures approximately measuring about measuring approximately medial anterior medial aspect medial left medial right medial upper mediolateral view medium echo metallic markers metastatic disease microcalcifications apparent microcalcifications identified microcalcifications within mid abdomen

mid anterior mid aorta mid aspect mid axillary mid axis mid breast mid kidney mid lower mid outer middle third mild amount mild architectural mild residual milk of calcium minimal degree minimal residual mlo projection mlo projections mlo view mlo views mm diameter mm nodular moderate amount moderate density moderately dense modest residual modestly increased modified recommendations mole marker month follow

month mammographic monthly self monthly self breast mr appearance mr characteristics mr compatible mr criteria mr directed mr evidence mr finding mr followup mr guided mr ultrasound mri abnormality mri bilateral mri breast mri breast b wo mri breast b wwo mri breasts mri bx mri directed mri enhancement mri enhancing mri findings mri guided mri sonographic mri stereotactic mri study mri ultrasound mri visible

mucosal based multicentric multifocal multifocal benign multifocal bilateral multifocal multicentric multiplanar multisequence multiple attempts multiple benign multiple bilateral multiple calcifications multiple clusters multiple complex multiple cysts multiple ductal multiple fibroadenomas multiple foci multiple intramammary multiple microcalcifications multiple nodular multiple nodules multiple prior multiple radial multiple round multiple rounded multiple subcentimeter multiple surgical multiple tissue multiple view multisequence multiplanar mural calcification

necrosis hematoma necrotic cystic solid necrotic solid needle and wire needle aspirated needle aspiration needle guided needle localization needle replacement needle wire negative benign negative impression negative report negative summary negative ultrasound neodensity mass neoplasm identified neoplastic calcification neoplastic criteria nine month ninety degree nipple areolar nipple contours nipple discharge nipple measuring nipple pectoral nipple plane nipple retraction nipple retractions nodal enhancement

nodes bilaterally nodular appearance nodular asymmetry nodular densities nodular density normal contour normal fibroglandular o clock ob gyn oblique mediolateral oblique projection oblique view oblique views obvious dominant obvious mass obvious neoplastic of microcalcifications oil cyst oil cysts opacities bilaterally open biopsy open grade open grid optimal screening optimum screening osteopenia bmd osteopenia osteoporosis outer aspect outer breast outer left

outer portion outer posterior outer quadrant outer quadrants outer right oval nodule ovoid fluid pain demonstrates palpable abnormalities palpable abnormality palpable concern palpable lump palpable mass palpable nodule pancoast tumor partial cyst partially circumscribed partially obscured pattern appears pattern overall pattern remains pea like pea size pea sized pectoral muscle peel away peel away sheath percutaneous biopsy peripheral enhancement pet ct

pet ct fusion phlegmon abscess plexus lumbar plexus neck post acoustic post administration post aspiration post biopsy post bolus post enhancement post lumpectomy post magnevist post partum posterior aspect posterior breast posterior depth posterior enhancement posterior left predominantly fatty predominately fatty proton density punctate calcifications pushback view radiation therapy radiopaque marker reduction mammoplasty reduction surgery residual breast residual fibroglandular residual glandular

resolution magnification retroareolar medial retroareolar region retroareolar right rib cage right axilla right axillary right breast right mastectomy right posterior right retroareolar right sided right subareolar rounded calcifications s shaped satellite lesion satellite nodules scattered benign scattered calcifications scattered fibroglandular scattered microcalcifications scattered nodules schmorls nodes sclerosis adenosis secretory calcifications sentinel lymph sentinel node septated cyst serosanguineous sharply circumscribed

stable consistent stable intramammary stable parenchymal staphylococci staphylococcus static imaging status post step off stepped oblique stromal density stromal pattern subglandular chest substrate noted superior lateral superior vena cava surgical clips susceptibility artifact systolic diastolic t score t spine t1 weighted images t2 weighted images tail axilla technetium 99m technetium 99m sulfur colloid time of flight tram flap trans flap tumefactive sludge tumor calcifications

tunica alba turbid fluid vascular calcification vascular calcifications ventilation perfusion walled off water soluble weight bearing weighted images well circumscribed well defined well identified well marginated well visualized wire localization wire needle with cad left with cad right with contrast with implants with nausea x ray year mammogram yearly mammographic yearly mammogram z score z scores

Medical Dictionay - Breast Imaging Nomenclature  

Listing of words/nomenclature most typically associated with breast imaging reporting of test results.

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