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Buying and Selling Source Code Becoming a Lucrative Business – iOSAppsOnline

The modern generation is one that likes to dream big and fly high. They are quick on their feet, and want to get where they want to, faster than their parents, or anyone before them. Entrepreneurship is heavily on the rise, because young people are realizing more than ever that it's actually possible to be your own boss and make a living out of it. A huge part of this growth has been a byproduct of technology; the Internet has made it possible for all the parties involved. Networking has become one of the topmost aspects of a an entrepreneur's life as there's a good possibility that these connections will lead to, directly or indirectly leads. There's always going to be someone who knows someone that's looking for a skilled professional to get their problem solved. And youngsters today want to eliminate the middle man, and tend to their customers themselves. This not only gives them more freedom to do what they want to do, but also the opportunity to create a long lasting lucrative bond with the clients.

Technology is a huge marketplace today. Computers have permeated to all spheres of life and work. Wherein people are using it to solve all kinds of problems and also to make their lives more entertaining and meaningful. This has led to the rise of software development as an very opportune career path, especially mobile app development. And the interesting fact is that there's something for everyone involved. If you're a

developer, you'd work hard to create a good game or an app and then set it up to be sold across platforms. The product works well and then you can sell the source code to other developers and even non developers for them to flip and make money off of that. In fact the concept is getting so popular that many people, with even half of a decent idea for an already existing app, even without any programming or technical skills, they can buy source code off a site like or the various others depending on the various licenses that the seller is offering it for. There's your indefinite, one time buy license which allows the buyer to reskining the app or game as many times as they wish. Similarly, other agreements would have other criteria of use. If the numbers are anything to go by, about 1/3rd of submissions to the app store has been people buying source code and refurbishing it according to their ideas and putting it up. So much so that Apple has had to review their submission guidelines in order to be strict with these apps and games which sometimes can be pure rip offs rather than something that adds value to the app store.

Many people don't realize that just because you have gone ahead with your decision to buy source code doesn't mean that you can just make a couple of changes and dump it in the app store and dream about millions. Although, you don't have to worry about doing the heavy lifting in terms of app development, you do need to breath new life into it in order for your product to stand apart from the original and even the hundreds of other reskins of it by other people. Not just that, if you're looking to market your source code you need to be able to reach out to a good number of people and through a platform that's reliable. In order to gain

potential buyers' trust you need to provide additional assets, all the more better if the app or game is live at the app store where the buyer can access it and look for themselves. Or additional materials that would help them work with your project much more easily. And if you're someone who's looking to buy source code, know that it's pretty easy to get ripped off. The only answer is research and more research. If you see or hear about an app or a game that you want to redo, it's crucial that you familiarize yourself with it. Try to find a playable or usable version of it so you can get the look and feel of it before an investment. Then, make sure you're able to get the source code from a source you can trust and that it does all the things it claims, and first and foremost, don't ignore the fine print. You can't let your purchase cause issues later on. You can now follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Buying and Selling Source Code Becoming a Lucrative Business – iOSAppsOnline  

The modern generation is one that likes to dream big and fly high. They are quick on their feet, and want to get where they want to, faster...