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CEEMEA Newsletter February 2013

The GBS Fair was in town on January 24th, 2013: happy, colorful, but most importantly USEFUL, reminding us and reinforcing that we are indeed ONE GBS Village. Once again, our already well-known ability to constantly and consistently innovate has been brought to light.

The GBS Fair was brought to the community by the ONE GBS Village Program, during the Go-To-Village Event. With the declared intent of breaking the functional barriers, the organizing team set out to give visibility to the main types of roles in Bucharest GBS, while highlighting existent domain expertise and key representation in our Village. Through this fair, we’ve placed ourselves once again on GBS Map and in the spirit of ONE GBS we have exposed the synergies between PS (PSS) and IDS and the incredible role opportunities that lay ahead of us. We were not only creative, but also FUN!!! And this is where the design idea came from: a fair, with personalized booths (one for each service line and of course with dual representation, PS (PSS) and IDS –Application Management; Business Intelligence; Client Management; Delivery; Service Delivery; Service Management and Stewardship), specific visuals and constructive information delivered on quick cards (which you can find on the Bucharest GBS

Village Cockpit), decorations and some salt and pepper: a fortune teller. The team loved it (Ana Raduta, Corina Gabur and Ana Maria Militaru), but most importantly, it appears that villagers also loved it. We’ve got figures to prove it. The level of understanding on existing roles in Bucharest GBS Village boosted from 2.93, prior to the GBS Fair, to 4.33, after the event. Therefore, THANK YOU, guys, for your responsiveness. This is another proof that we can be successful together and that we continuously build on our hallmark equity. And speaking of good results, we’ll take this opportunity to offer special congratulations to the Delivery Booth (Mihai Arsenie, Eduard Ciuraru and Emilian Vasilescu) and Service Management Booth (Dan Bujoreanu, Florin Nastase), who left a great impact on the fair attendees and managed to promote fantastically their booth and their service line, implicitly (check the pictures). Thumbs up!

All in all, we firmly believe that the GBS Fair stands now as one of the most useful Bucharest GBS Village initiatives, based on personal and professional sharing of

experience, which led to a common IDS-PS framework. In this way, we all have a better understanding of the GBS content and the great opportunities available within GBS. Ana Maria Militaru, on behalf of the ONE GBS Village Program.

CEEMEA Newsletter  

CEEMEA Newsletter

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