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Reflective Thesis Writing Samples

A reflective thesis is a piece of writing that basically involves your views and feelings about a particular subject. Writing a reflective thesis is your chance to expose and talk about your personal insight about a topic. The reflective thesis consists of your individual views on the matter and an explanation of your attitude. A reflective thesis should reflect your own thoughts on the subject matter. A reflective thesis concentrates on your ideas and reflections about a topic. Reflective thesis is assigned on a variety of topics and is regularly seen in college applications. You may be asked to write about a life changing experience or a person in your life who has had a big impact on you. With this thesis it's important to include an introduction that explains why you've chosen the topic and why it is important to you. Features of Reflective Thesis: A reflective thesis is a thesis that explores how the writer feels about a particular subject or experience. Same as common thesis, reflective thesis consists of 3 parts. First part, the opening paragraph, sometime refers to as thesis should contain the information about your topic. Second part, the body, should expose your ideas and experiences with the subject that you are writing about. Third part is conclusion of thesis contains the conclusion of your thesis. Purpose of Reflective Thesis: The main purpose of reflective thesis is that it requires knowledge of your own thoughts and the factors that influence your thinking. Another purpose of a reflective thesis is that it allows the author to detail and carefully consider his/her experience.

Reflective Thesis Writing Samples With the help of then thesis writing samples that have been provided in the document a student ca...

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