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About Srushti Since 1993, Srushti Hospitals has been successfully helping couples work through their fertility issues to finally make their dream of parenthood come true. It is our mission to provide you with assistance every step of the way with the most advanced services in fertility treatment. The





coupled with our extremely supportive staff will ensure that you realise your dreams in a haven of peace and calm.

Pay a visit to the land of sun, sea and sand and embark on a beautiful journey of parenthood‌ With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of

Dr. Sankari, a mother herself, has made

dedicated experts, in the past 20 years

innumerable couples experience the joys of

Srushti has evolved into one of the most


trusted names in fertility treatment in

numerous honorary posts, has published

Chennai under the able guidance of IVF

countless scientific studies and has offered

pioneer Dr. Samundi Sankari. Besides being


the Founder and Medical Director of Srushti

symposiums around the world. For her


Dr. Sankari is also the Founder

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and Managing Trustee of the Srushti

Medical Graduates deemed Dr. Sankari the

Medical Research Foundation, an NGO that

Best Distinguishing Physician in 2001.

takes up causes like infertility, cancer, AIDS, female infanticide and malnutrition of pregnant and post-natal women. She is also the Medical Director for the IVF and Genetics department at the Srushti Fertility Centre,




fertility, genetics and andrology.










11 Reasons to Choose Us Right from the swankiest preschool to the top college, parents want the best of everything for their children. So why compromise when it comes to creating the new life? With so many fertility clinics mushrooming everywhere what is it that sets us apart and makes us one of the best? There are not one but 11 reasons why you should choose Srushti. Emphasis on quality: We follow documented procedures, work routines and protocols inspected according to ISO 9001:2008 A state-of the-art IVF laboratory: The planning and construction of a successful IVF laboratory is extremely important .We have created an ideal culture environment for the best support of all our oocytes and embryos. Direct online monitoring 24/7 for continuous control of culture parameters: We have developed a high tech monitoring system for all the important culture parameters which guarantees stability of the culture system and hence the safety of our in vitro growing embryos. Continuous professional development: Our team of highly trained scientists ensure quality treatment; frontiers to new developments are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of fertility disorders. Tailored approaches to meet each patient’s needs: We strongly believe in and provide customized care is crucial in order to serve the individual needs of our patients A successful program for mild stimulation: We emphasise on egg quality rather than quantity. This is achieved with loe–dose stimulation regimes. Special program for treating azoospermia: Micro-TESE surgical technique for testicular biopsy in combination with laboratory expertise provides improved chances for spermatozoa retrieval and pregnancy achievement.

Exceptionally successful cryopreservation program: Our lab has developed a highly successful vitrification protocol which guarantees high survival rates for both oocytes and embryos. Counselling service: You can avail free professional and confidential counselling service any time before, during and/or after your treatment. A high standard pre-implantation: For many couples, the genetic screening of the embryos before transfer is of utmost importance. We apply all the latest genetic techniques which allow the transfer of healthy embryos with high implantation potential! Balanced relaxed and modern environment: We have created a comfortable environment where you will feel safe and well taken care of.

Our Laboratory Our state-of-the art laboratory has been organized in compliance with international specifications. A combination of strictly controlled laboratory conditions, the use of new generation culture media and improved technology equipment guarantees ideal conditions for in vitro growth and development of human eggs and embryos. Our in depth knowledge and expertise on pre-implantation development and continuous search for new approaches has been our driving force from the very beginning. This together with our excellent success rates in ART pregnancy and ‘take home baby’ ratios is the strongest proof of excellent quality services. The laboratory operates under a strict quality control system in order to provide ideal conditions for the human embryo culture. The specific features include: A 24 hr online monitoring of all culture parameters, inside the incubator s (pH, temperature and humidity), to ensure embryo microenvironment stability. A specifically designed air condition and air filtration system to maintain stability in temperature and humidity in the laboratory working area, isolating it from extreme outdoor weather conditions. Negative pressure principles used for this system keep particles and microbes away from the working area, thus safeguarding the biological material being processed. A 24 hour real time monitoring system is also included to alert the staff for even the smallest fluctuations of these parameters. External generator and UPS support to maintain uninterrupted operation in case of power cut. Witnessing system and double check control of all patient and spouse names, for all eggs and embryos processed and for all procedures taking place in the laboratory. Quality Control and viability testing of all consumables.

Innovative Services In terms of advanced ART services, Srushti Hospitals is always one step ahead. A combination of new and innovative services creates favourable conditions for better results. For us, each case is unique and equally special. We approach it with dedication and heartfelt care for you. Co-Culture with homologous endometrial cells: This method aims at enriching the culture medium used for embryo development in the laboratory. Cells from the endometrium are harvested from the female partner during a menstrual cycle prior to the IVF treatment. The cells are processed and cultured under aseptic conditions in order to produce a modified layer which will be used for co-culture on the day following oocyte harvesting. This method mainly helps couples who encounter unexplained implantation failures as well as embryo quality problems in previous IVF attempts. Data collected to date indicate that endometrial cells significantly improve the environment in

which the embryos grow, by removing toxic metabolic products excreted by the embryos themselves, and by enriching the environment with important nutrients.

Preserving women’s fertility: Today, cryopreservation of oocytes is a feasible reality. Results show more than 95 % of cryopreserved oocytes survive the freezing process and can be fertilized post thaw to produce viable embryos. Women who can benefit from this method include those who have been diagnosed with a malignant disease, those who postpone the initiation of their family until they are professionally independent or those with a family history of early menopause. IVF & Acupuncture: Infertility often creates stress, which can play a negative role in the probability of a healthy conception. Acupuncture has been used for centuries for its ability to reduce stress and may help to improve the success of both natural fertility and assisted reproductive programs. Acupuncture can also be of assistance to patients in helping them to relax and to be prepared physically and mentally before and during their fertility treatment. It could also alleviate the side effects caused by some of the medication taken, improve response to hormonal stimulation, increase blood supply to the uterus and ovaries and calm the uterus for implantation.

Srushti: Your Friend, Counsellor, Guide The decision to start a family changes a couple’s life forever. Everything else pales in comparison to the ecstasy and bittersweet anxieties of parenthood. A diagnosis of infertility can come as a shock to many couples and the subsequent treatment can awake a surge of powerful feelings which can hinder treatment. Srushti’s extremely competent counselling department helps aspiring parents cope with negativities and stress and gives them the ability to tolerate ongoing treatment. The counselling service offered by an English speaking psychologist offers individuals and couples a forum for discussion. All patients of Srushti Hospitals have access to the counselling service free of charge.

Embryology Services at a Glance • Strict criteria for sperm assessment

• Female fertility preservation

• Sperm preparation for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI )

• Male fertility preservation

• DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI )

• Sperm donation

• Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

• Oocyte donation

• Blastocyst culture

• Embryo donation

• Assisted hatching

• Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD )

• Conventional in Vitro Fertilization (IVF )

• Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

• Vitrification of oocytes and embryos

• Oocyte in Vitro Maturation (IVM)

• Testicular tissue processing

• Genetic tests

• Fine Needle Aspiration of testicular tissue (FNA )

• MICRO-TESE (Micro Surgical Testicular Sperm Extraction)

• Freezing testicular tissues

• Sperm selection at high magnification (IMSI )

• Co-culture with homologous endometrial cells

Clinical Services at a Glance • Investigation following failed in vitro fertilization attempts

• Stimulation of Ovulation

• Fallopian tube pathology

• Hysteroscopy

• Investigation of men with azoospermia

• Immature ovarian failure

• Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

• Preservation of fertility for cancer patients

• Intrauterine Insemination (IUI )


• Investigations of Couples with habitual miscarriages

• Counselling Services

• Fibromyomas and fertility

• Dietary Support

• Endometriosis

• Acupuncture

• Investigation of oligomenorrhoea and amenorrhoea

Affordable and Convenient Srushti Hospitals offers top quality fertility treatment services at competitive prices, taking the family budget into account. Your first meeting with us includes a free of charge consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your relevant details and to answer any queries you may have. Besides the latest treatment, our ancillary services will ensure you stay stress free and completely focussed. Before You Leave Home: Once you have completed and supplied us with your diagnosed tests, our specialists will review your medical file and design a therapeutic approach tailored to meet your needs. Before you leave home you will know what the action plan is going to be, how long you will have to stay with us and most importantly, what your chances of success are. English Speaking Coordinator: A dedicated international coordinator will liaise between you and the medical team throughout your treatment. We will be Waiting for You: The journey to Chennai is very easy and it does not take long. For those of you who wish to have somebody waiting for you and drive you to your hotel we will be happy to provide this for you at no extra cost. As soon as you arrive in Chennai, we are only a phone call away. Arrival & Departure Care (On Request): We can arrange airport meeting and return, hotel transfers within the area. Accommodation (On Request): There are a variety of great places where you can stay during your treatment. Check in at a quality hotel before your meeting with our specialists. Settle In and Relax: India is known for its cuisine, its rich and diverse history. Beautiful places of historical and natural beauty just on the outskirts of the city offer great options for day trips and ways to relieve stress. We are happy to offer you our help to organize your stay.

The Dream Team At Srushti Hospitals, we are proud of our team which includes distinguished physicians and embryologists, with a wealth of experience in reproductive medicine and the treatment of infertility. Our team also includes highly trained nurses, counsellors, laboratory technicians and a compassionate and knowledgeable administrative team. Our gynaecologists are experts in female

Our Premises We have created an ultramodern, comfortable, optimistic and friendly environment just for you. The visitors’ area provides a relaxing experience with informative advertisements and free Wi-Fi connection. Here you can keep up with the latest developments in assisted reproduction and also on our services. You can also relax by reading the daily newspaper and feel totally at ease in an environment where everything works for you.

“Thank You, Srushti!”: A Couple’s Perspective We just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary this year; I mean, REALLY celebrated because this year our dreams came true with the birth of our daughter. Last year, we had almost given up hopes of having a child of our own, having had three failed attempts in the UK and two in Spain (where, unfortunately, the doctors could not speak a word of English!) Feeling vulnerable in a foreign country and not understanding what people are saying to you can be very stressful. After being in touch with Srushti Hospitals we were soon booked for our 1st (free of charge!) consultation via Skype before deciding what we wanted to do. Upon making the decision to go forward, Srushti Hospitals immediately began providing us with the information that we needed to begin our journey. From the beginning, we felt the staff had a true understanding of what we were going through. It was overwhelming at first but the English speaking coordinator was there every time to answer all of our questions. Let us face it: going through IVF can be stressful. However, the team at Srushti took such good care of us that it helped in reducing our stress a lot and made us feel welcome. We thank you Srushti. Our deepest and most heartfelt appreciation goes out to you for helping us hold our own bundle of happiness!

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