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ION MAGAZINE CULTURE MUSIC FASHION THE MAGAZINE: A CUTTING EDGE PORTAL FOR INDEPENDENT CULTURE Over the past 5 years ION has become known as the award winning independent youth lifestyle magazine with a clear focus on featuring cutting edge innovators in the areas of music, film, art, culture and fashion. ION is always a leader, never a follower and in February 2009 we are taking this already progressive magazine to a whole new level with the introduction of an interactive text messaging component. Proving that we not only report trends before they hit the mainstream, we set them. TEXT MESSAGING COMPONENT CONNECTING WITH READERS. Simply, this will allow readers to enter contests, download portions of the magazine in pdf or text only forms, learn about advertised product, or connect immediately to websites from their phones. The reader will text a simple word that is discreetly placed on a page or on an ad to receive a link to a mini site that can have information, images, hyperlinks, and audio specific to what they are inquiring about. For advertisers, this means that instead of just showing an image of your product, you are able to communicate what the product does, tell them about a campaign, have a call to action coupons, or direct them to your website without the limitations of traditional print ads. You can change your account information and manage it as you choose, and you can pull up your stats to see what the activity is. The cost to the reader is FREE (other then their regular network text charges) and the cost to the advertiser is minimal. This is the next big thing and we are the first to offer it.

THE DISTRIBUTION: ION IS NATIONAl With a print run of over 40,000 magazines, ION can be found at numerous carefully selected locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal. The magazine is available at clothing stores, trendy boutiques, cafes, galleries, bars, restaurants, record stores, and independent magazine shops in trendy, high traffic areas. We are available where our readers shop, eat, drink, and play. Because the magazine is free, we have a 100% pick-up rate at all locations within ten days of release. This means that your ad is being seen by your target market and not sitting on a shelf. We also distribute the magazine at high profile events to ensure that we are always getting into the hands of our target market as well as building consumer awareness of the magazine, and subsequently, your product. THE WEB VERSION: ION IS UNIQUE ION is replicated on the website in downloadable pdf form (ads included). That’s right! Because we are a controlled circulation publication we don’t feel the need to hide any part of the magazine. We aren’t relying on people to purchase the magazine for revenue so we let it all hang out for the world to see. This means that your ad will be seen by more readers. We are currently getting over 150,000 hits per month on the website. The issues are also archived on the site for one full year, ensuring maximum exposure. Unlike other publications and website, this is part of the added value (as long as your ad is running in the printed version).

ION MAGAZINE WE KNOW OUR READERS The ION reader is 19-29 with an interest in setting the trends, not following them. They tend to be creative and have an interest in music that is on the cutting edge, street art, independent films, and forward fashion. The ION reader is the hipster and tastemaker in their city. They are the tipping point and the people that you want to have interested in your product.



Age Breakdown 49% 19-24 41% 25-29 10% 30+

Age Breakdown 49% 19-24 41% 25-29 9% 30+

55% Female 45% Male

55% Female 45% Male

93%足 Currently in or has post-secondary education 91% Purchase clothing on a monthly basis 96% Purchase liquor on a monthly basis 87% Purchase music on a monthly basis 93% Spend on entertainment on a monthly basis 58% Spend on electronics on a regular basis **

97% Are in or have a post-secondary education 96% Purchase clothing on a monthly basis 97% Purchase liquor on a monthly basis 92% Purchase music on a monthly basis 78% Spend on Culture on a monthly basis 82% Spend on electronics on a regular basis

* Based on 890 surveys (July-Sept 2008) ** They tend to spend more on the product. *** Based on 1000 surveys (July-Sept 2008)

ION MAGAZINE 2009 ADVERTISING PRICE SHEET MAGAZINE HISTORY AND OVERVIEW Established 2003 Coverage National Number of issues per year 10 Circulation 40,000 (generally 5% over/under) Available Print, online, mobile Awards Recieved 2006—Western Canadian Magazine Award “Best Photographic Feature or Series” 2007—Western Canadian Magazine Award “Best Photographic Feature or Series” Notable Appearances ION Magazine has made special appearances in many notable Film and TV productions such as JPOD and JUNO.




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Full Page DPS* 1/2 Page OBC** IFC*** IBC****

$3000 $5000 $1952 $5440 $4800 $4320

$2880 $4896 $1756 $4896 $4320 $3888

$2560 $4352 $1561 $4352 $3840 $3456

$2240 $3808 $1366 $3808 $3360 $3024

WEBSITE RATES—WEB 1 Month 2-3x 4-6x

Interrupter Ad Graphical Ad Dbl Graphical Ad Banner Ad Sponsorship*****

$200 $300 $600 $800 $1200

$190 $285 $570 $760 $1140

$180 $270 $540 $720 $1080

7-10x $160 $240 $480 $640 $960

INTERACTIVE MOBILE PROGRAM RATES $400 for a year (set-up fee) including first 200 texts /.20 for each additional text over the initial 200 ART DEADLINES Issue FEB 2009 MAR 2009 APR 2009 MAY 2009 JUN/JUL 2009 AUG 2009 SEP 2009 OCT 2009 NOV 2009 DEC/JAN 2010


Art Deadline

JAN 1st FEB 1st MAR 1st APR 1st MAY 1st JUL 1s AUG 1st SEP 1st OCT 1st NOV 1st

JAN 5th FEB 5th MAR 5th APR 5th MAY 5th JULY 5th AUG 5th SEP 5th OCT 5th NOV 5th

* Double Page Spread ** Outside Back Cover *** Inside Front Cover **** Inside Back Cover ***** iSponsorship Package ncludes full package of web ads as well as your name and logo posted on the website as being the sponsor of the site for the month “site sponsor.....(Your name here).


PRINT Full Page/Cover: 8" x 8" Please include 1/8" bleed on all sides. Half Page/Cover: 4" x 8" Please include 1/8" bleed on all sides.

Full Page

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All print ads must be submitted with the following criteria:

Graphical Ad

• CMYK (No RGB) • 300 dpi minimum • Text and logos should be kept to a minimum 1/4inches from all sides File Formats • TIFF (artwork must be flattened) • PDF (Print resolution) • EPS (embed all links and outline text)

Half Page

Please make sure to include 1/8 of an inch bleed around all ads Double Graphical Ad

WEB • JPG,PNG or SWF File • RGB no CMYK • Correct size (e-mail for details) HOW TO SUBMIT via ftp: ftp: username: upload password: ionads via web ftp.//upload: via email

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Over the past 5 years ION has become known as the award winning independent youth lifestyle magazine with a clear focus on featuring cutting...