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Fast, multi-threaded searching.

• Integrate into your Mail Files or Notes Clients via Wizard. • Automatically defines user search environments. • Automatically indexes local Files & Chats.

Searches Mail & Archives, Mail Journals, Chats, Applications, Domain Indexes, Quickr & Multi-DB Search Databases. Searches File Systems & Chats, server-based or locally.

• Runs from anywhere. • Full local support.


Discovery / Compliance Search, with customisable processing options. Configurable, re-searchable, resortable, exportable results.

• Searches multiple targets simultaneously. • Supports field-level searches, including attachment names. • Notes, Web and iNotes

The FT Search Manager is a fast, multi-threaded Notes & Web search database that allows any user to search selected Notes databases AND/OR File Systems (e.g. Mail, Mail Archives, Chats and local PC) at the same time. The Search database can be installed on a server, and/or replicated locally.

compatible, including Mobile. • Customisable, re-searchable, re-sortable, exportable results. • Faceted search options.

M U LT I P L E O P T I O N S • Mail, Application, File or Discovery searching. • Full Administrator control. • Translatable to multiple languages. • Extremely customisable. • Extremely flexible.

REQUIREMENTS • IBM Notes/Domino 7+.

You can search any Notes/Domino database, including Mail, Mail Archives, Mail Journals, Chats, Websites, Custom Notes Applications, Document Repositories, Discussions, Domain Indexes, Quickr, and Multi-DB Search Databases. The databases being searched can be anywhere. You can search using the Notes Client, Tablet, Smartphone or Browser, including via iNotes and DOLS. You can also search Server-based or local File Systems (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, vsd, pdf, odt, odp, ods, txt, htm and html) at the same time as Notes data sources. Power Users can perform Discovery/Compliance Searches (to Field-Level) across thousands of databases at the same time, then select/process results according to your own requirements (e.g. copy selected results to another database, or create summaries of selected results). Users can search directly from the Notes Client, Mail File, Search database, or any other database, using Integrated Mail functionality, Actions, Toolbar Icons, Widgets, URLs, Frames/iFrames, Web Services or Dialogboxes. For example, you could provide a Website/Notes Intranet search of PDF documents, Notes Applications and Mail, at the same time. For more information, please visit

IONET FT Search Manager  
IONET FT Search Manager  

The FT Search Manager is a fast, multithreaded Notes & Web search engine that allows any user to search all of their favourite Notes databas...