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CHANGE MONITORING • Monitors all changes to Domino Server configurations. • Monitors Domino Directories, ACLS, NOTES.INI files etc. • Takes configuration snapshots at regular intervals. • Automatically installs, updates

Logs and alerts all changes made to the configuration and security of Domino Servers. Enhances security by adding Change Approval mechanisms. Provides an Audit Trail by recording all changes, including scheduled Reporting and Snapshots.

and removes itself. • Can monitor via SMTP.


Allows optional scheduled implementation and reversion of changes. Notes or Web based reporting.

• Adds Change Control Approvals to Domino Servers. • Allows scheduled

The Change Manager for Domino is a native Notes, self-contained Change Management solution for Lotus Domino Server environments.

implementation and reversion of changes. • Reminds if changes are not

The Change Manager provides change reporting, change management and change auditing for Domino configuration and security settings, including Directory elements, use of Full Access Administration, Registry Keys, ACLs, Log Entries, User Certification, User Sessions and Groups.

reverted to schedule. • Configurable Change Control per Directory element.


This allows for Quality Assurance of changes (especially if servers in your environment are maintained by multiple Administrators), and ITIL/SOX/Auditing Compliance. For example, if an Administrator wants to modify Mail Routing, another Administrator can review and approve the change before it gets implemented. Even if you choose not to enforce Change Control, Administrators can still be alerted to relevant changes and revert them before they cause problems.

• Compares configurations against Benchmarks, including NOTES.INIs. • Validates Hub-Spoke replication topologies. • Monitors Server availability.

REQUIREMENTS • IBM Notes/Domino 8+.

Changes can be implemented and reverted to a schedule, and reminders can be sent if a change has not been reverted by a specific time (e.g. NOTES.INI debug settings). The Change Manager also assists with Problem Solving: you can easily see all recent changes in the Domino environment, to identify (or discount) Domino as the likely cause. You can also provide auditing information via recording of changes and regular snapshots of the environment, as well as Benchmarking, and Hub-Spoke Directory validation. For more information, please visit

IONET Change Manager  
IONET Change Manager  

The Change Manager for Domino provides change reporting, change management and change auditing for ALL Domino Server R6+ configuration and s...