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“TCS is not our implementation partner but our business partner. iON helps us in providing a unique integrated online-offline retail solution to our customer.” Subhasish Saha Chief Technology Officer Oxford, retail franchisee, dating back 80 years and India’s largest web book store with over half a million book and music titles.

The retail sector is undergoing immense change with the emergence of new store formats and intense competition. In this scenario, retail chains seek to ensure continuous product availability, hassle-free transactions, quick customer service and positive customer experiences in order to have greater customer acceptance and be successful. At the same time, businesses look to establish an agile supply chain and integrate, consolidate, streamline and monitor all aspects of the retail chain as well as the day-to-day operations. This ensures overall efficiency, enables you to scale up to conquer new markets and helps gain a competitive edge. Towards this, we, at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), offer our iON Retail Solution — an information communication and technology solution, which caters to the needs of the rapidly-growing small- and medium-sized retailers. Our solution is based on industry best practices and is offered as a service to ensure low investments and multiple benefits.

Retail Modules n Master Data Management

n Vendor Management

n Pricing

n Point of Sales

n Merchandise Management

n Material Management

n Store Inventory Management

n Advance Reporting/ Widgets

n Promotions

n Loyalty Solution

n Commercials

n Location Management

Warehouse Management n

Repenishment Planning n

User Mangement n

(Distribution Center)

Business Solutions HRMS n Payroll n Finance and Accounting n Project Management n Customer Relationship Management n

Office Solutions

iON Retail Solution Overview

Messaging n Document Management n Intranet Management n Online Presence Management n

Hardware Services

Network Services

Implementation Locations n

Hosting Platform n

Server & Switch Configuration n

Router & Last Mile Setup n

PC & Laptop Installation n

Network Locations n

An overview of the iON Retail Solution

Benefits The iON Retail Solution propels your business to new heights and brings you benefits of: Greater efficiency, which is achieved by: n Integrating isolated systems. The seamless

integration of isolated systems ensures efficient information flow. An integrated, fast and accurate Point-of-Sale (PoS) system improves day-to-day operations and provides better control over check-out counters and different customer check-out scenarios. n Tracking sales tax. The seamless integration of the

PoS and finance modules helps track different sales tax structures, applicable in different states. Informed decision-making, enabled by: n Streamlining functions. This ensures

comprehensive reports based on consistent and accurate data, resulting in mature and scalable processes. n Accessing information. Faster access to superior

quality information helps make critical decisions. Higher productivity, gained from: n Providing greater visibility. Data integration offers

greater visibility of information across the supply chain and seamlessly integrates front-end and backend processes. This eliminates losses accruing from ‘out-of-sight, out–of-mind’ scenarios.

Achieving higher Return on Investment (RoI). n Data integration helps prevent revenue leaks and optimizes resource utilization, resulting in better control and higher RoI. Better inventory control, facilitated by: Increasing topline and bottomline. More control n over inventory processes, including the ability to make inventory adjustments in real-time, favorably impacts the topline and bottomline. Further, inventory control also facilitates better planning, leading to lower inventory levels, thus reducing costs. Managing vendors proficiently. This enables n access to a smooth flow of consolidated financial information, representing operations of multiple vendors, thus allowing vendor-wise tracking of costs and revenues. Better customer services, through: Managing customers efficiently. This includes n managing multiple billing and collections points for multiple customers more efficiently, as well as effective management of credit sales with access to customer aging data. An increasing customer base. This involves the n use of in-built loyalty programs to offer discount schemes and gift vouchers and to run promotions. Continuing excellence in customer services thus enhances customer satisfaction, thereby increasing sales.

What do you get? The Retail Solution offers feature-rich modules to streamline every aspect of the retail business. This includes:

Merchandise Management Assortments. Advance Reporting

Master Data Management (MDM) Product data management, merchandise hierarchy management, location data management, currency, tax, customer, vendor, user defined attributes, season master, brand, item type master, transaction control maintenance, user data maintenance. Point of Sale (PoS)

Includes operations dashboard, pre-configured reports, On-Demand reports, cube reports, drill down reports and KPI dashboards. Widgets Configurable as per the requirement for eg. Real time dashboards for Sales by location/ date/ customers, last 10 sales orders/ purchase orders, etc.

Store operations, shift management, invoicing, payments, tender type management, customer order, gift voucher, void functions, tendering, store manager dashboard, returns, credit note issue, transaction logs.

Centrally managed finance and accounting, central administration.

Store Inventory Management (SIM)

Replenishment Planning

Ordering, receiving, transfers, return to vendor, inventory management, store administration.

Auto replenishment (ARS), demand planning, ordering, allocations.

Loyalty Solution


Customer catalog, customer reward management, customer pattern matching, customer feedback management.

Mark downs, Discounts.

Warehouse Management (Distribution Center) Storage locations management, central procurement, receiving, picking, distribution, sales returns, sales order, sales shipment, sales invoice, return to vendor, inventory management.


Material Management Inventory count, inventory adjustments. Promotions Includes promotions – item (fixed price, % off ) and group level promotions. Location Management

Vendor Management

Region, Area, Cluster, Location.

Appointments, contracts, deals, vendor settlement. User Management User entity mapping, role entity mapping, workflow configuration.

Why iON iON provides comprehensive solutions that address varied IT requirements. From network to ERP, iON is offered as a single service, in a pay-per-use model, allowing you to leverage the solution’s true potential. iON ensures integration of all processes along with ease of use. iON promises: n High performance in normal broadband; n Stringent security and data privacy ; n Guaranteed availability (99 per cent uptime);

A pay-as-you-use model This model eliminates capital investment as we provide the IT infrastructure and software on rent. You pay as you use and only for the number of users who actually use the software. The rent is charged monthly. Typically, the cumulative rental for three years is equal to the capital cost of acquiring similar or lesser software with one-time payment. Usually, the ROI exceeds rental within three months, when best practices are well followed. The rental includes maintenance and training, with no hidden costs.

n Disaster recovery;

Personalised solutions

n Reduced need for IT staff.

Although this is a cloud service, the software is configurable to each business. You will always get the flavour of your own business by picking and choosing what processes you would need.

iON, therefore, manages your processes while you use the software. You gain from: Integrated solutions We ensure that all your solutions are connected. For example, if you are using a CRM along with an ERP, and have a document management system to organise your files, we ensure that these solutions are connected and work as one. So for you, it is simply IT and not applications. Increased agility We bring in the agility to keep pace with changing processes or a new line of business. We help you configure the processes to work differently or simply choose new practices recommended by the software. Our activation system flags on best practices while the system is running. As you pick and choose, we give you more options to choose from.

Automatic upgrades We continuously invest in our solutions to ensure best practices. We enrich the software based on user feedback and business and statutory changes. We ensure the upgrade without disrupting the user.



Manage Suppliers n Manage Central Purchase Orders, n

Manage Warehousing & Inventory n

Open to Buy Manage Procurement n Allocations & Returns Manage Store Orders n


Inventory Check/Inventory n Adjustments Manage Put away and Picking n

Retail Process Model

Manage Distribution Deliveries n & Returns Manage Transfer Request n

Sell Manage Product Categories n Manage Store Assortments n Auto Replenishment System n Manage Pricing n

Manage Store Parameters n


Manage Promotions n

Manage Stock Ordering, n Replenishment & Inventory Manage in-store Pricing & n

n Retail Analytics

Promotions Manage Customer Service n Manage Customer Orders n

Support n Manage Finance & Accounting n Manage Human Resources

Manage Institutional Sales n Manage Store Transactions n Transfers & Returns Manage Web Store n Manage Loyalty n

About iON iON is Tata Consultancy Services’ strategic unit for Small and Medium Business. iON provides end-to-end business solutions to the SMB segment, the growth engine of the economy. iON caters to the needs of multiple industry segments with best practices gained through TCS’ global experience, domestic market reach, skills, know-how and delivery capabilities. For more information, visit us at

Contact To know more about the iON Retail Solution Toll Free Number 1800 209 6030 Email

About Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that delivers real results to global business, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCS offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled infrastructure, engineering and assurance services. This is delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery ModelTM, recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the Tata Group, India’s largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has a global footprint and is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India.

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