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Isle love Man

Forward thinking The Isle of Man is beautiful. It has some fabulous scenery, enchanting glens, miles of uncrowded beaches, medieval castles, Victorian railways, trams and beautiful parks and gardens. It is a land of opportunity where people and business can reach their full potential. As a nation, we have embraced our Freedom to Flourish strategy, which is designed to promote an inclusive society with a high quality of life, protect our heritage and raise awareness of the Isle of Man. People of all ages enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and a tremendous quality of life in the Isle of Man, with beautiful countryside, very low crime rates and excellent public services.

Kayak Chasms


Facts and location

You may know the Island for the TT races and maybe Mark Cavendish, but here are some facts you might not know...

Capital: Douglas

Population: 84,497 (2011 Census)

4 of the world’s Top 10 satellite companies have offices in the Isle of Man

Land Area: 572 sq. km/ 221 square miles

Pilates was developed on the Island by Joseph Pilates

Population Density: 133 people per sq. kilometre or 336 people per sq. mile

More then 100 wallabies are living wild on the Isle of Man

3G telecommunications was trialled on the Island and the first country in Europe to go live with it

Location: The centre of the Irish Sea - 50 km (31 miles) from Ireland and 50 km (31 miles) from the U.K.

The landing gear system for all Airbus A320s are manufactured on the Isle of Man

Longest River: Sulby (17 km/ 10.5 miles)

Ejection seats used in the Red Arrows aircraft are manufactured on the Island

Highest Peak: Snaefell (621 m/ 2036 feet)

Head of State: Her Majesty the Queen

Lieutenant Governor: Mr Adam Wood

Chief Minister: Hon Allan Bell MHK

Status: An internally self-governing dependent territory of the Crown which is not part of the United Kingdom

Parliament: Tynwald

Integral parts for the optics of the Mars Rover “Curiosity” were manufactured on the Island

The Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster is involved in design and manufacture of engineered components and assemblies of every major civil and military project on the planet

The Manx flag and a sample of earth taken from Tynwald Hill has flown on the space shuttle and orbited the Earth on the International Space Station

The Isle of Man is in the Top 10 registries in the world for business and private jets

Currency: Manx pounds and pence (equivalent to GB pounds)

From the summit of the only mountain on the Isle of Man, on a clear day, you can see England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Languages: English and Manx Gaelic

Motto: ‘Quocunque Jeceris Stabit’, which translates literally from Latin as ‘whithersoever you throw it, it will stand’, continues to feature on the Coat of Arms. This motto has been associated with the Isle of Man since about 1300. It was, reportedly, in use before this date by the MacLeods of Lewis as ancient Lords of the Isles of Scotland which, after 1266, included the Isle of Man.

The Bee Gees were born on the Isle of Man

The World Record for the smallest production automobile is held by the Peel P50 car, manufactured on the Isle of Man, and ably demonstrated by Jeremy Clarkson driving through BBC Television Centre on Top Gear


Did you know?


A home for business and diversity The Isle of Man is a leading international business centre renowned for innovation and professionalism. Perhaps best known for its financial services industry, the Island has successfully encouraged the diversification of its economy in recent years and is now home to a wide range of sectors including: •



Clean-tech and bio-med


Creative industries

High-tech manufacturing

Financial services





The Island is a place dependent on its people. Their beliefs and values are as important as their skills and vision. Those calling it home compete and engage enthusiastically in a global economy but live in an island community where family matters.



Business and Diversity

A place to prosper Stability The Isle of Man has its own democratically elected Parliament and judicial system. In addition, the Isle of Man has healthy reserves along with a stable and diverse economy with 30 years of economic growth. Tax regime The Isle of Man has a clear and simple tax regime with no Capital Gains Tax, Withholding Taxes or Wealth Taxes. Supportive Government The Island recognises that the most effective way to create a successful business environment is to engage with its stakeholders and has formed positive relationships with the private sector. Ministers are accessible, which means ideas are heard and acted upon. This enables us to be agile, responsive and well placed to react to the challenges of the global economy. Regulation The Isle of Man strives to be a model of political stability, transparency and financial supervision. We are at the forefront of best practice in international regulation and have been praised by global bodies including the OECD, G20 and IMF for our commitment to financial and supervisory standards. The Isle of Man has been the pioneer in introducing pragmatic regulation and consumer protection, priding itself in being 7

responsive to international needs. The Isle of Man has signed a number of international tax agreements which reflect it’s commitment to complying with international standards. Infrastructure The Isle of Man has an excellent telecoms and power infrastructure which has benefited from hundreds of millions of pounds worth of public and private sector investment in recent years. It is this infrastructure which has helped provide the foundation for the Island’s success as a major centre for e-Business activities. In addition, the Island offers internationally orientated service expertise to a global client base. Accessibility The Island enjoys excellent transport links to major transport hubs in the UK and Ireland with over 100 flights per week to London, Liverpool and Manchester, as well as regular flights to many other regional airports, making the Isle of Man an ideal gateway from which to travel to Europe and the rest of the world. Excellent quality of life With beautiful countryside, very low crime rates and excellent public services including health care and high educational standards, there is a relaxed and peaceful way of life on the Isle of Man. The Island boasts a fine selection of

restaurants, shopping and leisure facilities, yet away from the busy commercial centres, the Island has retained a pace of life which is the envy of most urban-dwellers. Financial support If you are relocating your business to the Island or starting a new business, additional support in the form of grants may be available. Residency There are no residency restrictions on the Island.


The Isle of Legends The Isle of Man has earned a global reputation for its pioneering spirit and history of innovation. In 1824, Sir William Hillary, a Manx resident, created the lifeboat service which later became the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Art Nouveau artist Archibald Knox was born on the Island in 1864. His designs for Liberty & Co made him a household name, as did his watercolours, graphic designs and fonts. And in 1881 the Isle of Man was among the first countries to give women the vote. The Island has seen over 100 films made on its shores, with names such as Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz and John Malkovich to name but a few. More recently, local actress Samantha Barks has starred alongside Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman in Les Misérables to much critical acclaim. Working from his Isle of Man studio, Roger W. Smith makes extraordinary timepieces, following The Daniels Method, and is proud to be developing the Island’s reputation as the Centre of Excellence for watch making. The Island is the birthplace of disco legends the Bee Gees – who were later to become one of the best-selling recording acts of all time. In recent years, the Isle of Man has seen a meteoric rise in its sporting legends, with Tour de France Green Jersey and world championships gold medallist Mark Cavendish, Olympic Gold cyclist Peter Kennaugh and Zoe Gillings, Britain’s No. 1 Olympic Snowboard Cross athlete, promoting the Island on a worldwide scale. The Isle of Man TT races have attracted the worlds finest motorcycle riders for over 100 years, and Ramsey’s Conor Cummins currently holds the record as the fastest Manxman around the Mountain circuit. Others are following in their footsteps and helping to raise the Island’s reputation as a country which enables people to flourish. 9

Peter Kennaugh MBE Image courtesy of Dave Kneen/ManxPhotosOnline

Sport, Art and Culture

Zoe Gillings

Sir William Hillary

Conor Cummins

Archibold Knox

Mark Cavendish

Roger W. Smith watchmaker

Archibold Knox & Sir William Hillary Images courtesy of Manx National Heritage.


Living the island life The Isle of Man, with its relaxed and peaceful way of life and friendly residents, boasts a fine selection of restaurants, attractions, leisure facilities and activities. The Island has retained a pace and quality of life, which is envied by many, and with low crime rates the Island is one of the safest places in the British Isles. With the tourism industry complementing other sectors of the Island’s varied economy, residents enjoy amenities such as the theatre, cinemas, modern hotels, health clubs, casino and nightclubs in addition to the many public houses and quality restaurants. Heritage forms an important part of Island life. There are many historical attractions and a rich spectrum of ancient monuments spanning 10,000 years of Manx history. Newcomers to the Island are surprised by the variety of scenery, which exists in such a relatively small landmass. From rolling hills to picturesque farmlands, spectacular coastal scenery to secluded glens, the Island provides a wealth of diverse leisure activities, with an emphasis on sport and outdoor pursuits. The choice of outdoor sports is considerable. Cycling, golf (we have 9 courses), sea and river fishing, sailing, windsurfing, mountain biking, diving and hiking are popular. The Island is internationally known as a centre for motorsport events, especially the annual TT Races for motorcycles.




Excellent essentials The Isle of Man has a high performing education system consisting of 32 well-resourced primary schools and five regional secondary schools which all share a strong commitment to meet the requirements of the Island’s young people. Perhaps the most significant accolade paid to the Island’s system came recently from Professor Guy Claxton, an internationally renowned educational researcher, author and university lecturer, who observed: “I’ve been stunningly impressed by the schools I’ve already seen on the Island, by the literature I’ve seen from the Department of Education and Children and the ‘Essentials for Learning’ programme here. It seems as rich and as fruitful a culture for learning-centered education as I’ve met anywhere in the world.” Independent school King William’s College, founded in 1833, is a co-educational, day and boarding school set in the beautiful safe haven of Castletown in the Isle of Man. Located on two sites, the Senior School is within one minute of the airport and has excellent links worldwide, whilst the Junior School is situated a mile away in the delightful wooded grounds of an old country residence. The Isle of Man offers a comprehensive health service operated on an NHS-style basis providing a full range of services, from hospitals and specialists to district nursing, and the government is responsible for doctors, dentists, optometrists and pharmacists. Health has enjoyed significant investment by the Isle of Man Government including the state-of-the-art £112 million Noble’s Hospital. 13


Education and Healthcare

Safe and secure The Isle of Man property market provides an impressive range of appealing property to suit all pockets. Apartments are no exception and the Island offers a plethora of accommodation in cutting-edge design, from studios through to stunning penthouse apartments with lavish finishes. Stylish apartment blocks shape many of the Island’s promenades with impressive buildings situated in scenic areas, overlooking headlands or harbours and within easy walking distance of shops and daily conveniences. Whether you desire a sea view from your new apartment, golf course vista or a town centre location, then you will find the right one for you. Additional apartment services available on-Island include pool and leisure facilities, restaurants, meeting rooms and even the services of an entrusted concierge. Many have dedicated parking or garaging with storage amenities and excellent and prompt management company services. The estate agents on Island also act for all the major local developers and are expert at finding the right property for new and existing residents, whether it be lock up and leave, off plan, newly built or ready to go and fully furnished. So whether your lifestyle is sporty and active, calm and sedentary, involves regular global travel or is work and family based, you are sure to be able to find the property that suits your lifestyle on the Isle of Man.


Coutts House, Onchan


Quay West, Douglas

Kensington Place, Onchan

Windsor House, Port Erin

Indicative of properties available in the Isle of Man 16

Where modern meets classic Owing to the mass appeal of the Island in Victorian times as a holiday destination, there are a multitude of sizeable townhouses on offer that were once thriving guest houses cited especially around Douglas, the Island’s capital. Many have been lovingly restored and offer flexible living environments complete with magnificent decorative ceiling roses, deep cornices and over-sized skirting boards. Many properties have ceiling heights in excess of nine feet, lending a true sense of grandeur to the house. Many town houses are within walking distance of the central business district and cater for all budgets, from £150,000 for an older home, to in excess of £1 million for a prestigious gentleman’s residence set over-looking a leafy square. Modern town houses have also been constructed, with state-of-the-art technology and high-end contemporary finishes. Most town houses have modest courtyards or small gardens, some have garages and the best sea-fronted properties boast spacious balconies with coastal views to admire whilst entertaining. For seasonal visitors town houses offer an ideal base due to their low maintenance; for others, these properties are an ideal home in which to raise a family.


Rose Cottage, Douglas

Haven Homes - North Shore, Ramsey

Town Houses

Maine Court, Port Erin

No.2 Derby Square, Douglas

May Hill, Ramsey

Cronkbourne, Douglas

Cronk Cullyn, Colby

Indicative of properties available in the Isle of Man 18

Room to breathe Visitors to the Isle of Man are often amazed at how clean and fresh the air is on the Island. For those living here it’s often something that is taken for granted, but those who are used to living in a city really notice it: when they visit the Isle of Man, it’s hardly surprising that a number of them end up moving here to live a cleaner, fresher lifestyle. The Isle of Man offers a country lifestyle which is quite unique, and we have an abundance of properties steeped in history and character. Properties with countryside and sea views are at a premium and with a good agent you will find them. The range of options are guaranteed to inspire even the most discerning client. So whatever you are looking for, whether it’s a plot of land to build your dream home, a stunning sunrise or sunset location, land for pets and ponies or a period property bursting with character, you can guarantee you will find it here on the Isle of Man.

Cooil Dharry 19

Country Homes

Montreux Court, Douglas

Cooil Dharry, Kirk Michael

Tuck Mill, Onchan

Indicative of properties available in the Isle of Man

Palm Winds, Ramsey

Images by Michael Thomson - Eye of Man Photography and also Andrew Barton Photography 20

State of the art While the Isle of Man still retains much of its traditional architecture, it is not afraid to embrace the latest design and technologies. The Island boasts a variety of commercial properties serving all industry sectors, from existing and upgraded high street retail units to modern warehouses and high-tech serviced offices. The Isle of Man Business Park sits on the outskirts of the capital Douglas, only a short drive from the financial centre and the busy port, which operates regular freight services to the UK and Ireland. In the south of the Island, Balthane Industrial Estate and Ronaldsway Industrial Estate act as trade, manufacturing and engineering hubs, occupying the area surrounding Ronaldsway Airport. Also nearby is the 20-acre Freeport, a secure and patrolled free zone chosen for its close proximity the airport, its good support services and excellent telecommunications. Ronaldway Airport is also now equipped to cater for private and business jets, with a designated 2,000 sq metres hangar, lounge facilities and a business conference centre operated by The Private Jet Company.


Commercial Property Indicative of properties available in the Isle of Man 22

Calling the Island home - a personal relocation story mum, you have the advantage of your child(ren) being your access pass to a wide range of social activities. If the corporate environment is more your thing, the thriving business community is hungry for fresh additions to the local resource pool. Personally, I have had the advantage of benefitting from both worlds: building cherished friendships – for parents and children alike – through play dates and family lunches; as well as building my own company offering bespoke business consulting and creative writing services to a loyal client base.

Michelle P. Tonnesen Trailing spouse. Accompanying partner. Expat wife. A rose of many names – and here I am, blooming away in the Irish Sea. The archetypical female “come-over” (as the locals call us) of the 21st century, who has followed her business executive husband on an adventure into the unknown: relocating to the Isle of Man. So, how does a well-educated cosmopolitan keep sane on “The Rock”? Fortunately, the life of my kind has evolved from the days of ladies in pearls solely sipping gin and tonics at leisurely lunches. If your profession is a stay-at-home


Indeed, moving here from a big city like London initially felt overwhelming. However, the trade-off has been as far from a negative one as I could ever have imagined. A sound sense of realism and an open-mind has stood us in good stead along the way. This is not Hong Kong, Paris or Dubai where a cornucopia of leisure opportunities await you on your doorstep. Instead you gain immediate access to fresh air, beautiful nature, zero commute, helpful locals – all contributing to a quality of life which it is hard to find anywhere else in Northern Europe. In addition, we have some excellent restaurants, an ample array of cultural pursuits like art galleries, museums, concerts and Broadway musicals, as well as entertaining venues and festive events for families, couples and singles alike.

Some of the brands that call the Island home...

Several high street brands have found their way to our shopping areas – and thanks to our welldeveloped digital and shipping infrastructure you have access to the joys of online shopping too, of course. Yes, it can be a challenge to live in a small and relatively slow-paced community; on an island at that with its natural limitations and transport challenges; and the weather is truly as fickle as a feather in a stream. But journey away once in a while and you will see the unbeatable advantages of living here whenever you come back. There really is no place to live like the Isle of Man. Michelle P. Tonnesen is originally from Scandinavia, but has lived in Brussels, the Middle East and London before relocating to the Isle of Man with her family in 2011. She is an independent business consultant specialised in change management and communication. After moving to the Island she chose to explore creative writing as well. She has since published numerous articles on lifestyle and business subjects, and is currently working on her first novel inspired by her local and cosmopolitan journeys. For more about Michelle visit

The Isle of Man will be the base for manufacturing developments using its ground-breaking ‘Diamond Like Carbon’ process which combats corrosion in the Oil & Gas industry. With such cutting-edge technological requirements John, who has been developing the business at its UK headquarters in Bedford, England since buying it in 2003, was rightly cautious in deciding where the next step should take place.

John O’Driscoll, Highland Scientific “I just love the Isle of Man: it’s an absolutely fantastic place.” Highland Scientific Managing Director John O’Driscoll is unequivocal in his assessment of the Island as a place to do business and it is this belief that led him to decide the Isle of Man was the right place for a brand new manufacturing facility. Primarily a research and development company, Highland Scientific generates enabling technologies for production processes around the world. In particular it specialises in the application of thin film coatings which are used by a wide range of industries including optical, aerospace, semiconductor, military, defence and oil and gas.

“Initially the logistics of shipping worried me as I need to be confident we can deliver promptly to customers worldwide. When it became clear we needed a new manufacturing facility, we searched around the British Isles for the best place to base it but when you looked at all the factors, the Isle of Man won out. In our Isle of Man business we will manufacture some really big machines to coat the inside of 60’ long oil pipes with Diamond Like Carbon. “One of the most important elements for us is to train and retain highly skilled technical staff. In England we found that people would often move on once they were trained but in the Isle of Man employees are a lot more loyal. Generally people on the Isle of Man want to stay on the Isle of Man and you have this phenomenon where technical people attract other technical people, they like to be together which means you get a pool of talented, highly-skilled people.”

John’s initial shipping concerns were solved by an arrangement with a Bristol-based shipping company and the development of re-usable crates. “It’s no different to shipping from the UK,” says John, “and as we are developing very high value machines, the cost of shipping is a very small contributor to the end price. In terms of getting parts to the Island for assembly, we just keep a bit more in stock to ensure we don’t run out of anything if there are delays due to bad weather.” John had already been aware of the Island’s attractions to new businesses through conversations with Adrian Moore, Chair of the Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster, and says the Isle of Man Government “couldn’t have been more helpful”. John was able to take advantage of the financial grant scheme to gain accreditation for five key ISOs and the Freeport location offered the chance for custom-built facilities which include room for future expansion.

Calling the Island home

Calling the Island home - for a business relocation

And future expansion is clearly a major goal for Highland Scientific. John estimates the Isle of Man business will employ up to 500 people at the end of its current ten year plan (making it a major employer on the Island) and is also planning a stock market flotation before the decade is out. “I feel totally positive about the Isle of Man and our future there,” says John, “It has all the right ingredients to build a successful business.”


Many say that there is no better time for investors, companies and individuals to establish a base on the Isle of Man. Historically, buyers who have invested on the Island have benefited from the unrivalled economy. With the present return to growth of the UK property market acting as a catalyst to the Island’s economy, there is a real window of opportunity in our midst. Visit the Island 35 Farmhill Park, BRADDAN, Isle of Man, IM2 2ED Integration/Relocation Specialist Tel: +44 (0)7624 495751 providing unique tailored services, since 2005. Supporting Individuals & Families with professional, yet personal service.

Mary Linehan

Black Grace Cowley Estate agents, Chartered Surveyors, Registered Valuers & Residential Lettings/Property Management.

Dealing with High Net Worth Individuals property related needs for over a decade.


Black Grace Cowley 51 Victoria Street DOUGLAS Isle of Man IM1 2LD Tel: +44 (0) 1624 645 555 Contact: Tim Groves

and prepare to be inspired and charmed by its beauty, quality of life and opportunities therein. The companies here are amongst those who are happy to help with your questions and queries, and offer you a warm welcome to the Isle of Man, and we thank them for their support in making this publication.

Michelle Murphy Specialists in relocating individuals, families and businesses to the Isle of Man with the smoothest of moves

1st Floor, 10-12 Prospect Hill DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, IM1 1EJ Tel: +44 (0) 1624 612888

Chrystals, 31 Victoria Street DOUGLAS, Isle of Man IM1 2LH

Chrystals The premier Isle of Man estate agent for residential, commercial, agricultural and rental property throughout the Island.

Chrystals, 31 Victoria Street DOUGLAS, Isle of Man IM1 2LH


Tel: +44 (0)7624 480407 Contact: Nick Cooper

Coutts House




Stunningly designed, luxury apartments with concierge and leisure facilities - for sale, rent and investment.

Tel: +44 (0)1624 623778 Contact: Shane Magee

Coutts House Summerhill Road ONCHAN, Isle of Man IM3 1NW Tel: +44 (0)7624 432227 Contact: Jan Tinsley

Dandara Specialists in design & development of residential/commercial property. Over 60 awards for design & build quality, we are one of the UK’s most successful independent property development companies.


Tel: +44 (0)1624 693300

Estates Agents, Surveyors, Valuers and Residential Lettings

Hartford Homes

Hartford Homes Middle RIver DOUGLAS Isle of Man IM2 1AL

Developers of inspirational new homes in aspirational locations

Tel: +44 (0)1624 631000




King William’s College King William’s College is a coeducational independent day & boarding school educating children from 4-18.

King William’s College CASTLETOWN Isle of Man IM9 1TP Tel: +44 (0)1624 820400

DeanWood 37 Victoria Street DOUGLAS Isle of Man IM1 2LF


Dandara Group Head Office Isle of Man Business Park BRADDAN, Isle of Man IM2 2SA

Tel: +44 (0)1624 620606

Haven Homes Pinewood Complex Laburnum Road, DOUGLAS Isle of Man, IM2 1DE

Haven Homes Developers of high quality and architecturally stunning homes.

Property Wise Estate agents

Tel: +44 (0)1624 677192 Contact: David Lewis

Property wise 14b Village Walk ONCHAN Isle of Man IM3 4EB Tel: +44 (0)1624 662820


Why the Isle of Man? • Wide range of quality property available – with no restrictions on owning property • Easily accessible from the UK and Europe, just an hour from London • High quality of life in a safe, secure and private environment • Diverse economy with nearly 30 years of economic growth • Excellent education and healthcare systems • Competitive tax regime

ISLE OF MAN WHERE YOU CAN Department of Economic Development, St Georges Court, DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, IM1 1EX Tel: +44 (0)1624 687361 Contact - Andy Bostock

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Isle of man lifestyle and property  

The Isle of Man, with its relaxed and peaceful way of life and friendly residents, boasts a fine selection of restaurants, attractions, leis...

Isle of man lifestyle and property  

The Isle of Man, with its relaxed and peaceful way of life and friendly residents, boasts a fine selection of restaurants, attractions, leis...