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MIDA FINNSOM 2011-2014 (Institutionalizing health care improvement


through temporary returns of Somali health professionals from Finland)

Background Through the MIDA FINNSOM health project, IOM and the Finnish Somali diaspora will continue to support the rehabilitation and development of regional health sectors in Somaliland and Puntland which continue to bear the consequences of years of neglect, and a debilitating lack of qualified human resources. Up to 50 Somali diaspora professionals will carry out temporary capacity building and mentoring assignments in local health institutions; transferring skills and experiences gained while working and studying in Finland. As a complement, Finnish health experts may on a limited basis accompany Somali colleagues in order

to carry out specialized training assignments. For more information on the project and on possibilities to participate please visit our website: Added value The MIDA FINNSOM health project is demanddriven and based on priority needs identified by local authorities and project partners in Somaliland and Puntland. Such needs will be matched with available human resources in Finland. Furthermore the promotion of bilateral partnerships, and networking opportunities, will serve to institutionalize the diaspora’s role in the

IOM IN ACTION • The project began in 2011; reconstruction of their homeland’s health sector.

• Under this phase, 35 participants have been placed in Puntland and Somaliland;

IOM places special emphasis on targeting female health professionals in the Somali diaspora and identifying gender-based gaps in the provision of health services.

• These experts can be found at the Ministry of Health of Somaliland, Ministry of Health of Puntland, Garowe General Hospital, Bosasso General Hospital, Hargeisa General Hospital, among others;

As with all MIDAtype projects, MIDA FINNSOM is based on the commitment of diaspora professionals to voluntarily contribute to the development of their homeland.

• The next step is expanding IOM’s support in South Central Somalia.

Project activities

Health profesionals

The MIDA FINNSOM Health will support the local health sectors in Somaliland and Puntland through:

• Medical doctors and dentists; • Mental health experts; • Nurses and midwives; • Laboratory and x-ray technicians; • Physiotherapists; • Medical engineers; • Other health sector professionals.

• Establishment of a Project Steering Committee; • Identification of human resources gaps in Somaliland’s and Puntland’s health sector in cooperation with local stakeholders; • Identification of relevant professional resources available in Finland; • Facilitation of up to 50 temporary assignments for Finnish-Somali professionals to train, and work with local colleagues in Somaliland and Puntland; • Organization of lessons learnt workshops in Finland, Somaliland and Puntalnd to promote the institutionalization of diaspora participation in the rehabilitation of vital public sectors in the country of origin. Diaspora for change IOM invites Somali and Finnish professionals in Finland to apply for participation in the MIDA FINNSOM health project.

Support professionals • Administartors/HR specialists; • IT specialists; • Development cooperation specialist; • Policy experts. Support provided by IOM staff includes: • Managing the entire recruitment and monitoring process, which is carried out in a systematic and transparent manner; • Facilitating contact between selected participants and the beneficiary institutions; • Providing participants with necessary documentation, briefings and logistic assistance; • Monitoring participants while on assignment.

A MIDA health professional trains a doctor at Garowe National Hospital. © IOM 2012 (Photo: Nuur Amina)

Targeted hosts institution and field partners The project will, in coordination with the local Ministry of Health and Ministry of Planning, identify institutions of the following nature to benefit from the project: • General public hospitals; • Academic and professional training Institutions; • Professional medical and nursing associations; • Private charity-based clinics providing vital services to the population at large;

• Non-governmental organizations implementing large-scale health programmes; • Local governmental institutions in the field of health synergies also will be explored with local institutions currently cooperating with other Finland-funded health projects in Somalia.

WE WORK WITH: • Government • Somali diaspora

“The MIDA FINNSOM health project is fully funded by the Minisitry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, department for Africa and the Middle East.”

MIGRATION FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL International Organization for Migration (IOM) Somalia Mission Gitanga Groove – off Gitanga Road, Lavington PO Box 1810 – 00606, Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 20 292 6000 Email:

MARCH 2013


• Civil society • Private sector

IOM Somalia MIDA FINNSOM Project Fact Sheet  

Through the MIDA FINNSOM health project, IOM and the Finnish Somali diaspora are supporting the rehabilitation and development of regional h...

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