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“THIS PROGRAMME AIMS TO CONTRIBUTE TO ENHANCED BORDER AND IMMIGRATION MANAGEMENT FOR SAFE AND ORDERLY TRAVEL WITHIN AND THROUGH SOMALIA, INCLUDING THE SEA TERRITORY, WITH INCREASED RESPONSE (PREVENTION AND PROTECTION) TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING” Somalia’s fragmented and weak regional governance has led to porous borders, including the sea territory, which has been a concern for the international community. Particularly combating piracy, due to the magnitude of its effects on the economy and society of Somalia, has become a key priority of both the international community and Somalia’s Government. Over the last three years, in close partnership with

government authorities, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is working to build the capacity of Somalia’s border and immigration management and countertrafficking. Through this project, IOM inetnds to increase the capacity of authorities in Somalia, in particular immigration officers and coast guards, to combat piracy by improving their understanding of key issues, border control and management, interagency collaboration, and organizational management through training, policy and legal support, support to the Personal Identification and Registration System (PIRS) and provision of equipment. IOM is also working to improve systematic assistance to Victims of Trafficking (VOTs) through awareness raising, training



IOM has installed cutting-edge border-management database software called Personal Identification and Registration System (PIRS) at Mogadishu airport, Mogadishu seaport, Bossaso seaport, Bossaso airport, Garowe airport, Galkaio airport, Berbera airport and Berbera seaport.

IOM has provided training on Personal Identification and Registration System (PIRS) database and information technology (IT) to 97 immigration officers inorder to upgrade their skills in utilizing information management systems that are used for border management.

Three buildings in Hargeisa, Mogadishu seaport and Bossaso airport were constructed by IOM.

IOM has provided much-needed equipment for immigration departments including: luggage scanners, walk-through metal detectors, airport seats, office furniture, and programmed VHF radios.

Five human trafficking workshops have been conducted in Puntland benefitting some 170 government stakeholders and civil society organizations.

and support. Building upon previous experiences and observations, IOM will continue to support the strengthening and streamlining of border and immigration management in Somalia, to internationally acceptable standards. Such efforts include response to human trafficking, for which, as the evidence and testimonies collected by IOM indicate, piracy is also a cause and the response; prevention and protection of victims of human trafficking, needs to be scaled up.

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MARCH 2013

IOM Somalia Support To Combating Piracy Through Capacity Building And Enhanced Social Protection Pro  

This programme aims to contribute to enhanced border and immigration management for safe and orderly travel within and through Somalia, incl...