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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Information Contact: Amber Langston I.O. Metro (501) 920 2636

I.O. Metro’s 2nd Annual Local Art Contest Begins May 14 25 pieces will be selected and sold at I.O. Metro; Artist will receive 10% of sales BENTONVILLE, Ark. (Apr. 30, 2012) – I.O. Metro, LLC will kickoff their 2nd Annual Local Art Contest on May 14, 2012. The contest gives professional, up-and-coming or unknown artists the chance to have their work sold at all 18 I.O. Metro locations and online at Winning artists will also receive 10% of the sales generated by their respective piece(s). Artists enter the contest by uploading a photo of their original work of art or photography onto I.O. Metro’s facebook page: Artists may enter as many pieces as they wish. The contest will end on June 15, 2012 and winners will be announced via Facebook on June 29, 2012. Complete contest rules and information are available at “This is our way of supporting local artists while diversifying our art offerings. We are always looking for something different and sometimes the freshest ideas come from unsuspected places.” Jay Howard, chief executive officer of I.O. Metro, says. In 2011, the Local Art Contest brought in more than 2,000 entries. I.O. Metro hopes to double the entries in 2012. Current Local Art pieces may be seen here: About I.O. Metro Headquartered in Northwest Arkansas, I.O. Metro is a specialty lifestyle furniture retailer that sells modern, one-of-a-kind and eclectic furniture, art and accessories in 18 locations across the South and Midwest and online at Each I.O. Metro store offers a wide range of custom options with free design service. I.O. Metro is led by 31year old Jay Howard. Howard For more information, visit - 30  

I.O. Metro’s 2nd Annual Local Art Contest Begins May 14