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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Locally owned since 1867

Piano dedication Friday

Register/Richard Luken

Burton Bowlus, 91-year-old nephew of Iolan Thomas Bowlus, whose trust built the Bowlus Fine Arts Center, was in Iola recently to look over a recently refurbished 1905 Henry Miller baby grand piano. Burton Bowlus, who lives in El Dorado, visited the center with his son, Jim, Denver, Colo. Fern Marsh, Iola’s music woman if there ever was one, had left $1,000 in her estate to the benefit of the Bowlus Center and Bowlus supporters agreed that using it as start-up for a capital drive for the piano’s restoration made good sense. Contributions big and small went to the piano’s

$20,000 restoration. In total, 45 individuals gave toward the piano, some through memorials in a deceased person’s name. Every dollar helped, said Susan Raines, Bowlus executive director. “Kendall Jay was at a program and wondered if $1 was too little,” Raines said. “‘Not

‘No guts, no glory’ for business owner By STEVEN SCHWARTZ

keeps me out of trouble. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, chase men or gamble. I’ve got to have something to do.

— Brenda Clark

Thus was the beginning of Sparkles Cleaning, which now has added painting to its repertoire.



“ It

See B1

Brenda Clark directs her life decisions more by “guts than brains,” she said. Take for instance, her decision to move to Humboldt 14 years ago. “I just picked a spot on a map,” she said. At the time, she was a single mother in Kansas City and was looking for a more kid-friendly environment to raise her son, Andrew. Brenda used much the same method to starting her career. Though trained as a paralegal, Brenda could find no such job in the area. Undeterred, she went to area businesses to see if they were in need of a cleaning service. “There were very few people doing the job (cleaning) right, or not at all,” she said of her inspections.

Area athletes sign with colleges

Arrests prompt dispute


A recently repaired and refurbished piano that hadn’t been played in more than 50 years will be dedicated during a reception and recital at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center Friday evening. The piano, a 1905 Henry F. Miller manufactured in Boston, was the centerpiece in the parlor of Iola benefactor Thomas H. Bowlus, before his home was razed to make way for the fine arts center named after him. Bowlus, Iola banker and philanthropist, left money to build the center, as well as a $1 million trust for its maintenance. The center opened in 1954 and the piano was sent its way by relatives. With other pianos in better fettle, the Miller was put in storage. Over the years ivories fell from keys. The sound board, its melodic heart, was cracked. With the center’s 50th anniversary nearing, the idea of restoring the Bowlus piano to its former glory took hold.


at all,’ I told him.” In fact, his donation totaled $10. Jay, an eighth grader at Iola Middle School, will be one of those playing the piano in the Friday night concert. Burton Bowlus, 91, a nephew of Thomas Bowlus, also gave to the cause. See PIANO | Page A6


Brenda routinely cleans seven offices and one church. She also has two other employees that help out from time to time. The work is hard. It’s not unusual for Brenda to spend 60 to 80 hours a week cleaning. “It keeps me out of trouble,” Brenda said. “I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, chase men or gamble. I’ve got to have something to do.” And cleaning is something that Brenda does very well. She said many people do not have the attention to detail that is required for thorough

cleaning, and there are many things people don’t know to do. “I disinfect the phones and keyboards, which is important, especially in winter,” she said. She said little things make the difference, like dusting the vents on computer towers. Brenda pointed out that she does not clean private residences, because her phone “would be ringing off the hook.” In addition to cleaning, Brenda spends a big chunk of her time painting as well. She

See ARREST | Page A6

Knowledge trumps fear during severe weather

Brenda Clark

Mitch Sigg thinks when he and son John were arrested by Allen County officers the evening of Feb. 2, the arrests were not only unnecessary but also were done in an unnecessarily rough manner. Sheriff Bryan Murphy thinks what occurred was appropriate and justified. Mitch Sigg recounted his view of what occurred for the Register: John Sigg was driving and was stopped for a defective headlight on U.S. 54 near the Rock Creek bridge. His grandfather, also named John Sigg, called young Sigg at the time of the incident, and then contacted Mitch Sigg, who went to the scene. “They were pushing John, who had been handcuffed, to the ground, when I drove by,” Mitch Sigg said. He stopped and asked what the problem was and interpreted the responses as obnoxious, and responded with words of his own. “I wasn’t pleased,” he said. “The boy had a headlight out. Why didn’t they just tell him to go home and get it fixed.”

Severe weather season usually brings fear and anxiety. Local emergency crews say knowledge about how to be better prepared can help allay those fears. Representatives of the Allen County Emergency Management, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and the National Weather Service paired together Tuesday night for “Storm Fury on the Plains,” at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center. The program, taught several years in a row, drew about 70 people. Chance Hayes, warning coordinator meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wichita, said weather spotters “are our eyes in the field.” A weather spotter is a community member who during severe weather reports to local or national weather services information about current conditions. Hayes said that the majority of people get their weather information from “talking heads on television” and those “eyes in the field” help give an ac-

curate and timely weather report. “Teamwork plus communications equals trust,” Hayes said. “It helps convince the public the danger is real.” WHEN


severe weather conditions, people should call 1-800-367-5736 or Tweet at #KSWX. Reporters should always answer the three Ws of weather: What — is it hailing? Are there high winds? When — was it five minutes ago? Is it going on currently? And where — what is your location? Hayes said when describing a storm or tornado describe the way it looks, not how strong it is. “There is no way for you to know how strong it really is,” Hayes said. A tornado, for example, can either be a rope shape, a wedge shape or a regular tornado. If the tornado is long and thin it’s probably a rope tornado. If the top of the tornado is roughly the same width as the bottom then it is a wedge tornado. If it is a cone shape then that would be a reguSee STORM | Page A6

See CLARK | Page A4

Banquet benefits habitat A banquet and auction to benefit waterfowl habitat will return to Iola Feb. 23 with the annual Neosho Valley-Iola Chapter of Ducks Unlimited banquet and auction. Doors open at the Iola American Legion Post at 5 p.m., with a barbecue dinner starting at 6:30. The auction follow. Among the items to be sold

or given away through drawings are shotguns, a series of prints of varying size, a number of decoys, a children’s bicycle, trunk and pub table with barstools. In addition, other donated items will be sold during a silent auction. All proceeds go to Ducks Unlimited Advance tickets sell for $35 for adults, $45 for couples and $15 for youths 17 and under. They can be ordered by calling either Max Turner, Vol. 115, No.78

365-6118, or Mark Kauth, 3657181. Ticket prices go up $10 apiece at the door. The chapter also is looking for sponsors, Turner said. Bronze Sponsors receive two tickets and a print for a $250 donation. Corporate tables also are available — good for eight tickets and a free print — for $400. Local auctioneer Kent Thompson has agreed to donate his services for the auction.

Register/Richard Luken

These are among the items that will be sold at the annual Ducks Unlimited banquet and auction in Iola. 75 Cents

Iola, KS

A2 Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register

Court report DISTRICT COURT Judge Daniel Creitz Civil cases filed:

David Bowman vs. Debbie Aiello, contract. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company vs. John Doe, et al, mortgage foreclosure. LNV Corporation vs. Douglas H. Murry, et al, mortgage foreclosure. Dezera N. Hamlin vs. Jacob Hamlin, divorce. State of Kansas vs. Angela D. Stanley, paternity. Nathan T. Burney vs. Becky A. Burney, divorce. State of Kansas vs. Ronald L. Holmquest Jr., paternity. Miranda Kristalyn vs. Cornelius Kristalyn, divorce.

MAGISTRATE COURT Judge Thomas Saxton Convicted of speeding or other violations with fines assessed:

Erica Ewing, Savonburg, disorderly conduct, 30 days in jail suspended for six months probation, $635. Jenna L. Patterson, Bixby, Okla., 78/65, $161. Tereasa G. Laymon, Coffeyville, 66/55, $149. Dawn L. Christmas, Parsons, one-way glass and sun screening devices, $158. Rachel M. Coy, Gardner, 76/65, $215. Jordan M. Dillingham, Iola, 60/45, $191. Benjamin M. Christ, Liberty, Mo., 75/65, $143. Steven A. Bowen, Kansas City, 82/65, $185. Melissa L. Veatch, Broken Arrow, Okla., 85/65, $203. Justin M. Pritchard, Iola, vehicle emerging from an alley, $173. David W. Watts, Savonburg, 71/55, $179. James V. Potter, Iola, possession of hallucinogenic drugs, six months in jail suspended for 12 months probation, $660.

Sen. Roberts in Iola Monday

Walter D. Stagner, Holcomb, failure to yield at a stop sign, $254. Kenneth R. Criss, Humboldt, 78/65, $161. Trenee’ A. Bowman, Kansas City, 90/65, $248. Jennifer M. Thompson, Humboldt, 69/55, $167. John D. McAdam, Moran, unlawful acts with a vehicle, $218. Ellen L. Stockton, Owasso, 80/65, $173. Leslie T. Howie, Chanute, 75/65, $143. Bradley G. Fraker, Iola, 65/55, $143. Chrestos C. Clark, Piqua, failure to yield at a stop sign, $173. Ronald E. Goodman Sr., Iola, disorderly conduct, 30 days in jail suspended for six months probation, $385. Barbara J. Stifler, Iola, possession of certain hallucinogenic drugs, six months in jail suspended for 12 months probation, $785. Minh T. Truong, Lawrence, 83/65, $191. Kenneth G. Crager, St. Paul, 70/55, $173. Christopher R. Marlow, Moran, no seat belt, $10. Diversion ments with sessed:

agreefines as-

Jennifer D. Morrow, Owasso, 76/65, $174. Cody Catterson, Chanute, refusal to submit to a preliminary breath test, $1,835. Juvenile dispositions:

Jeremiah R. Scheimann, unlawful object cast onto street or highway, 20 hours community service, 300-word essay “Why is it Dangerous for Traffic when People Throw Rocks onto the Highway,” $281. Criminal cases filed:

John P. Kent, Iola, theft. Kayla Devoe, Iola, theft. Civil cases filed:

Asset Acceptance LLC vs. Dana L. Evans, debt collection. Capital One Bank vs. Anuradha Gandhi, debt collection. Midland Funding LLC vs. Jameson Chapman, debt collection. Allen County Hospital Emergency Physicians vs. Tammy R. Snyder, debt collection. Cavanaugh & Lemon PA vs. Tracy L. Thompson, debt collection. Capital One Bank vs. Barbara Wilson, debt collection. Overland Park Radiologists PA vs. Kelcey L. Duke, debt collection. Hughes Radiology Services PA vs. Paula Sigg, debt collection. Rent A Center West, Inc. vs. Jaime P. Henderson, debt collection. Capital One Bank vs. Clifford Harris, debt collection. Small claims filed:

D&D Propane Inc. vs. Rick Kasper, et al. Flynn Appliance Center vs. Danny J. Walton, et al. Kenneth L. Myers vs. Rebecca Glukowski. Elsmore Feed Store vs. William Martin. Iola Auto Parts vs. Jim Kimbrell. Iola Auto Parts vs. James Ingram. Iola Auto Parts vs. Brandon McDaniel. IOLA MUNICIPAL COURT Judge Thomas Saxton Convicted with fines assessed were:

Jonathan Acker, Lecompton, damage to vehicle, $180. Rodney Beaman, Humboldt, no seat belt, $10. Misty Beatty, Iola, disorderly conduct, 30 days in jail suspended for six months probation, $180. McKeon Brazeal, Springfield, Mo., 40/30, $140. Joseph Caron, Iola,

W o rship W ith U s! Be always humble, gentle, and patient. Show your love by being tolerant with one another. Good News Bible Ephesians 4:2

Calvary United Methodist Church

Jackson & Walnut St. Iola

“The Cross Shines Brightly at Calvary”

Sunday Worship.............9:15 a.m. Sunday School..............10:30 a.m. Rev. Gene McIntosh, pastor Office: 365-3883 Parsonage: 365-3893

Carlyle Presbyterian Church Sunday Worship............9:30 a.m.

Bible Study......Tuesday 3 p.m. Sunday School immediately after service Steve Traw, pastor

Community Baptist Church Indepedent

KJV 124 N. Fourth, Iola Sunday School.........................10:00 a.m. Sun. Morning Service..............11:00 a.m. Sun. Evening Service................6:00 p.m. Wed. Prayer Meeting.................6:00 p.m.

Marion Sponseller, pastor Church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Home (620) 365-6811 (620) 365-3150

Community of Christ East 54 Hwy., Iola

Sunday School.......9:30 a.m. Sun. Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. Wednesday Evening Prayer as announced

Gary Murphey, pastor (620) 365-2683

Covenant of Faith Christian Center 407 N. Chestnut, Iola

Sunday Worship...............10:00 a.m. Sunday Evening..................6:30 p.m. Tuesday Bible Study................7 p.m. Wednesday Service.................7 p.m.

Rev. Philip Honeycutt (620) 365-7405

Fellowship Regional Church 214 W. Madison, Iola

Saturday: CRUX................................................7 p.m. Sunday: Worship.......................................10:30 a.m. Jeff Cokely, pastor Jared Ellis & Luke Bycroft (620) 365-8001

First Assembly of God 1020 E. Carpenter, Iola

Sunday School, All Ages...................9 a.m. Sunday Worship...........................10 a.m. Sunday Afternoon Teens FIRST...2:30 p.m. Sunday Praise & Prayer......................6 p.m. Wednesday Kids FIRST.............6:30 p.m. Wednesday Bible Class..........................7 p.m. (620) 365-2492

Paul Miller, pastor

First Baptist Church

801 N. Cottonwood, Iola Sunday School........9:15-10:15 a.m. Sunday Worship.........10:30-11:30 p.m. on 1370 KIOL 11-11:30

Sunday Evening Bible Study Youth/Adult............................6 p.m. Wednesday Prayer Meeting......................6:30 p.m.

Dr. Michael Quinn, pastor (620) 365-2779

First Baptist Church 7th & Osage, Humboldt Sunday School......................9:45 a.m. Sunday Worship.................10:50 a.m. Sunday Evening Kids Bible Club...........5:30 p.m. Evening Service.....................7 p.m. Wed. Night Bible Study..........7 p.m.

Rev. Jerry Neeley, pastor (620) 473-2481

First Christian Church 1608 Oregon Rd., Iola “ Lead-Feed-Tend ” (John 21:15 - 17)

Sunday School............9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship.........10:30 a.m. Bible Study.................6:00 p.m. Wed. Prayer...............6:30 p.m. Dave McGullion, pastor Travis Riley, youth pastor (620) 365-3436

inattentive driving, $180. Laura Cavazos, Iola, failure to yield at a stop sign, $180. Fred Church, Iola, battery, 30 days in jail suspended for six months probation, $300. Zeffrey Doolittle, Mapleton, 71/30, parking in an alley, $535. Kirankumar Gandhi, Iola, failure to yield at a stop sign, $180. Chryll Ginn, Moran, 45/35, $140. Yang Gong, Iola, 45/35, $140. Cynthia Hesse, Iola, disorderly conduct, $580. Jacob McCullough, Iola, no seat belt, $10. Sarah McDaniel, Colony, no seat belt, $10. Joseph Myrick, Iola, no seat belt (14-17 years of age), $60. Charles Rogers, Iola, 45/35, $140. Rhonda Seilonen, Iola, no seat belt, $10. Jason Sinclair, Iola, driving with a suspended license, no liability insurance, five days in jail suspended for six months probation, $530. Douglas Sprague, Colony, no seat belt, $10. Kenneth Springston, Iola, disorderly conduct, 30 days in jail suspended for six months probation, $180. Christopher Steinbrook, Iola, disorderly conduct, 30 days jail suspended for six months probation, $180. Carol Stringer, Iola, no seat belt, $10. Cassandra Throckmorton, Iola, 45/35, $140. Dylon Trembly, Iola, theft, purchase, consumption and possession of liquor by a minor, six months in jail suspended for six months probation, $240. Kenneth Wright, Iola, no seat belt, $10. Jesse Zimmerman, Iola, no seat belt (14-17 years of age), $60.

First Presbyterian Church - Iola 302 E. Madison, Iola

Sunday Worship ........9:30 a.m. Sunday School...........10:45 a.m. Wednesday Kids Club........3 p.m.

Rev. Kathryn Bell Interim Pastor (620) 365-3481

Friends Home Lutheran Church Savonburg

Sunday School at 10 a.m. Sunday Worship at 11 a.m

PMA Sidney Hose (620) 754-3314

Grace Lutheran Church 117 E, Miller Rd., Iola

Sunday School.................9:00 a.m. Adult Bible Class................9:00 a.m. Worship Service.............10:30 a.m.

U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts will hold a town hall meeting in Allen, Anderson and Franklin Counties on Monday to answer questions and listen to concerns.

The Iola Register

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Free Tests Set For IOLA

Day: Tuesday Each


Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Place: Crossroads Motel

14 N. State • Iola Phone: 1-800-777-4818 or call 1-620-215-3831

LaHarpe Baptist Mission

Sunday School..............9:30 a.m. Morning Worship.............11:00 a.m. MS/HS Youth.....................5:00 p.m. Nursery provided Marge Cox, pastor (620) 473-3242

Independent & Fundamental

Lincoln & Second Streets, Iola Sunday School (all ages)........9:45 a.m. Morning Worship...............10:50 a.m. Evening Worship..................6:00 p.m. Wed. Prayer & Worship.......7:00 p.m. (Nursery provided, all services)

Roger R. Collins, pastor (620) 365-2833





St. Peter’s Lutheran Church

910 Amos St., Humboldt Sunday Worship 8:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Sunday School..........................9:30 a.m. David E. Meier, pastor (620) 473-2343

Moran United Methodist Church

Trinity Lutheran Church

Duwayne Bearden, pastor (620) 228-1829

First and Cedar Streets Moran Sunday School...........8:45 a.m.

Sunday Worship .........9:30 a.m.


James Stigall, pastor (620) 237-4442

Northcott Church 12425 SW Barton Rd. Colony Sunday School.....................9:00 a.m. Sunday Worship.................10:00 a.m. Sunday Evening.......................6 p.m.

Poplar Grove Baptist Church

806 N. 9th, Humboldt


901 S. Main, LaHarpe Sunday School.........................10:00 a.m. Morning Worship....................11:00 a.m. Sunday Evening........................6:00 p.m. Wednesday Service...................7:00 p.m.

Harvest Baptist Church

Humboldt United Methodist Church


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Stop paying too much. Call me now.

Rev. Bruce Kristalyn (620) 365-6468

401 S. Walnut, Iola Adult Small Group......9:15 a.m. (no child-care provided) Fellowship Sunday Worship..10:30 a.m.

Roberts will be at Allen Community College in the technology and theater building at 11 a.m. The meetings are open to the public.

305 Mulberry, Humboldt Come Let Us Worship The Lord

430 N. Grant, Garnett

Saturday Women Bible Study.......... 9a.m. Sunday School..............9 a.m. Sunday Worship...............10 a.m. Wednesday Bible Study.............7 p.m.

Ervin A. Daughtery Jr., pastor (785) 448-6930

Trinity United Methodist Church Broadway & Kentucky, Iola

Sunday Worship ..............11 a.m. Sunday School ...............9:30 a.m.

All Are Welcome! Leslie Jackson, pastor (620) 365-5235

Ward Chapel A.M.E. Lincoln and Buckeye Streets Iola

Sunday School.....................9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship.................10:45 a.m. Thursday Service......................6 p.m.

Sunday School.....................10:00 a.m.

Salem United Methodist Church

Wesley United Methodist Church

Rev. James Manual (620) 473-3063

“The Little White Church in the Country”

3 miles west, 2 miles south of Iola Sunday School ......10:00 a.m. Sunday Worship....11:00 a.m.

Rev. Gene McIntosh Pastor (620) 365-3883

St. John’s Catholic Church 314 S. Jefferson, Iola

Saturday evening................5:30 p.m. Sunday Worship....................10 a.m. (at St. Joseph’s, Yates Center)8 a.m.

Wednesday P.S.R. Classes...6:30 p.m. (September through May)

Confessions Saturday 4:30-5:00 p.m.

Father John P. Miller (620) 365-3454

Sunday Worship..................11:00 a.m.

Joseph Bywaters, pastor

Madison & Buckeye

Contemporary Praise.........9:15 a.m. Sun.Worship.................... 9:30 a.m. Sun. School.....................10:45 a.m. Middle School UMYF............. 6 p.m. Combined Youth.................7:30 p.m. High School UMYF ................8 p.m. Rev. Trudy Kenyon Anderson (620) 365-2285

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church 202 S. Walnut, Iola

Holy Eucharist & Sermon at 9 a.m. followed by coffee and fellowship

Rev. Jan Chubb (620) 365-7306

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register

Obituaries Dorothy Hemphill

Dorothy Jane (Robb) Hemphill, 86, formerly of Humboldt, passed on to be with her heavenly family on Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013, at Clare Bridge Senior Living in Wichita. S h e w a s b o r n July 4, 1926, on the family farm south of M o r a n Dorothy to Har- Hemphill ley and Mary Etta (Harclerode) Robb. She grew up on farms in the Moran and LaHarpe area and graduated from LaHarpe High School in 1944. She taught at the Independence country school in rural Allen County from 1944 to 1946. On Jan. 19, 1947, she married Frank Hemphill at Jeddo Church, rural LaHarpe. They made their first home in Pittsburg as Frank

finished his teaching degree. Over the next six years they moved to Burdick, Gorham and Sawyer, where he taught and coached and Dorothy taught at the elementary level. In the summer of 1953, they moved to Humboldt, where they lived until Frank’s death in April of 1999 and where she continued to live until 2009. They had three children, Jane, Steve and Rick. As her health declined, Dorothy moved to Sterling House Assisted Living Home in Derby in 2009, and then to Clare Bridge Senior Living in Wichita in February of 2012. Dorothy spent her years in Humboldt, first as a homemaker, then as a teacher’s aide at Humboldt Elementary School. After receiving her degree from Pittsburg State University in 1976, she worked as the Humboldt Elementary Librarian until her retirement, to assist her ailing husband,

ON-STREET MOTORCYCLE TRAINING COURSE Tue, Mar. 19 Ň6 - 10 pm Sat, Mar. 23 Ň8 am - 6 pm Sun, Mar. 24 Ň12 - 6 pm Sat, Apr. 6 Ň8 am - 6 pm Sun, Apr. 7 Ň12 - 6 pm Course Number: TST130 25 Call 620.431.2820 ext. 205 Deadline: March 12, 2013

*enrollees must have a valid Kansas car driver’s license

in 1989. During her years in Humboldt she was a member of Humboldt United Methodist Church, United Methodist Women, Chapter AM PEO, Hope and Hoe garden club, Humboldt Library Board, Humboldt Housing Authority Board, Better Homes FCE, the Monday night bridge club, Bridgettes, an avid bowler (even in her 80s), taught Sunday school, Bible school and served in many capacities at the Humboldt United Methodist Church, including Sunday school superintendent. She was a Girl Scout and Boy Scout leader when her children were young. She was actively involved in her later years in the Humboldt Historical Society and Museum, assisting with the Humboldt sesquicentennial celebration. Her community, family and her faith were very important to her. She is survived by a daughter, Jane Stout, Derby; two sons, Steve and his wife, Karen (Ford), Baldwin City, and Rick and his wife, Bar-


bara (Lytle), Derby; one brother, John Robb and his wife, Hazel, Humboldt; one sister, Roberta Jean and her husband, Joseph, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; seven grandchildren, Craig (Hannah) and Kayla Stout, Matthew, Sara, Erick (Michelle), Tom (Morgan) and Adam Hemphill; two step-grandchildren, Shelby and Emily Lawson; and many beloved nieces and nephews. Her parents, husband, a son, David Lee, a sister, Betty Jo Tawney, and a brother, Rex Robb, preceded her in death. Visitation will be from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Sunday at the Humboldt United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall. Services will be at 10 a.m. Monday at Humboldt United Methodist Church. Burial will be at Moran Cemetery, Moran. Memorial choice is Humboldt United Methodist Church or Alzheimer’s Association and may be left with Waugh-Yokum & Friskel Memorial Chapel of Iola. Online condolences for the family may be left at


John Kress, Bob Cook, Cody Tice

• Repairs On All Makes & Models Cars & Pickups Including Antique (620) 365-0029

John “Punk” Kress, Owner Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Richard D. “Dick” Riddle passed away Feb. 6, 2013, at Galichia Heart Hospital, Wichita, at the age of 84. Richard was born the son of James and Juanita (Vinson) Riddle on Nov. 5, 1928, in Stillwater, Okla. On Jan. 1, 1950, Richard and Donna M. Riddle were united in marriage in Huntsville, Ark. Dick retired from the Wichita Eagle. Survivors include his wife of 63 years, Donna M. Riddle, Wichita; children, Debbie Conrad (Rand), Riley, Kipp Riddle (Sally), Pittsburg, Bruce Riddle (Cindy), Wichita, Rich Riddle (Liz), Kittredge, Colo., Bryan Riddle (Linda), Newton; sister, Sharon Belknap (Jim), Wichita; 14 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents. Cremation has taken place and to honor Dick’s request no services will take place. Memorials established in his loving memory are with The Lords Diner, 520 N. Broadway, Wichita, KS 67214. To share a memory or leave

Sterling 6 Cinema

10 5 S. Main - Gas

• 3 Experienced Auto Technicians

Dick Riddle

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A G ood D ay T o D ie H ard (R) (2:05)4:40 - 7:20 9:45*

Safe H aven


E scape from Planet E arth (PG ) 3D :4:10 - 9:10* 2D :(1:40)- 6:50 3

(PG -13) (1:50)- 4:25 7:00 - 9:35*

Id entity T h ief (R) (1:45)- 4:25 7:05 - 9:40*


Beau tifu l C reatu res(PG -13) (1:35)- 4:20 3 7:05 - 9:50* W arm Bod ies (PG -13) (2:05)- 4:35 7:30 - 9:50*

Movies for 2/15 - 2/21

4 No Pass Movies * Friday & Saturday Late Night ( ) Saturday & Sunday Only $ 50 3D Movie Up Charge - Adults 2 ; Child $150

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condolences, please visit w w w. c o r n e r s t o n e o f Arrangements are by Cornerstone of Wichita.

Loren Howerton

Loren M. Howerton, 77, rural Iola, died Friday, Feb. 15, 2013, at Kansas Heart Hospital in Wichita. Funeral arrangements will be announced later by Waugh-Yokum & Friskel Memorial Chapel, Iola. Online condolences for the family may be left at

City workers have day off City employees, except those involved with public safety at the fire and police departments, will have a three-day weekend starting today. They will have Monday off work in observance of Presidents Day. Trash pickup will not occur, but will resume on Tuesday.

PSI named advantage agent The Farmers Alliance Companies in McPherson have announced that PSI in Iola has been named a Farmers Alliance Advantage Agent for 2013. To qualify as an advantage agent, an agency must exhibit superior professionalism and profitability over five consecutive years.

Z f  W X  4 a  e V ai W[ ` invite you to a K Reception,




Dedication and Recital

Windsor Place…

The help you need to recover from illness, injury or surgery. “I had a broken ankle that required surgery at Shawnee Mission Medical Center last November. When I left the hospital, I wasn’t quite ready to go home. I chose to come to Windsor Place. Some of my family members had stayed here and I liked it best of all. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at how many of the staff and residents I already knew. That made me feel at home. I have enjoyed playing bingo and the church services. I’m also so glad they have the preschool in the building. Those kids are really something. My ankle is doing so much better and I’m looking forward to going home this weekend.” – Mae Aydelotte

honoring those who donated to the restoration of the Bowlus Family’s grand piano K

7:30 p.m. on February 22, 2013 K A Public Dedication and Recital Bowlus Fine Arts Center Auditorium

At Windsor Place, we know it’s hard to take care of yourself following illness, injury or surgery. During a short-term stay at Windsor Place, a team of trained professionals will see to all your needs while helping you make a complete recovery. Whether you need physical, occupational or speech therapy, our therapy department will see that you get the help you need. How long can you stay at Windsor Place? A few weeks, a couple of months or a year – we’ll take care of you as long as it takes for you to get better. And when you’re

able, you can go back home. To help ensure your success once you’re back home, we can arrange for you to get assistance with your laundry, cooking, housecleaning, shopping and other daily activities through Windsor Place At-Home Care. You can also participate in the Windsor Place Wellness Program on an out-patient basis to continue your therapy sessions or to establish a regular fitness routine. If you would like more information about rehabilitation at Windsor Place, please call (620) 365-3183, extension 20.

Windsor Place 600 E. Garfield • Iola, Kansas • (620) 365-3183

A4 Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register

H Clark Continued from A1

started painting professionally four years ago, but has been painting since she was a child. “If it doesn’t move, then I paint it,” she said. There is an art to painting buildings for a living, which comes very naturally to Brenda. “People are amazed that I don’t use tape when I am painting,” she said. She has a knack for keeping a steady hand around tight edges — a talent that comes very naturally to her. There are dangers to her job as well. She said she often times has to set up scaffolding by herself for

multi-story jobs. She is not afraid of heights, but recognizes the dangers of setting up and working on higher platforms. “The heights don’t scare me, it is the fall and the sudden stop that worries me,” she said with a laugh. “I have very good insurance.” BRENDA’S


as a local business owner has come at the risk of not “playing it safe” when it comes to big life decisions. She said it is important for her to go with her gut, and take chances. “So many people are content to exist, and not

try anything new,” Brenda said. Her philosophy for living has brought her to a life that she enjoys more than she ever could as a paralegal. “I’m more happy painting and cleaning that I ever was behind a desk,” she said. Whenever she has free time, Brenda, an animallover, creates “cat trees” that she sells to raise funds for Castaways (an animal shelter in Chanute), and Allen County Animal Rescue Facility in LaHarpe. She also builds steps and ramps for aging animals that need help getting to their

beds. One of her cat trees is in the ACARF cat room, and she has sold several of her creations for donation to the shelters. Brenda’s son, Andrew, lives in Lawrence, working for the Douglas County Sheriff ’s Department. She said he received his masters degree in public administration at the age of 22. “I’m really proud of him,” she said. Brenda, now 46, has no plan of slowing down any time soon. Her parents live in the country outside of Fredonia, where they raise cattle. Brenda herself has a “one-heifer herd”

and plans to learn more about raising cattle in the future — another possible business venture.

For Brenda, it seems going with her “guts instead of brains” philosophy has paid off.


One N i ght Sta nd S er i es

Iola Community Theatre 203 South Jefferson February 21, 2013 Doors open: 6:30 p.m. Starts 7 p.m. Admission is free and refreshments are provided. ww w. i o l a m m uunn i t y t he heatre.o ww. acc o om orr g


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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register


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A6 Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register

H Arrest Continued from A1

to go home and get it fixed.” The young John Sigg later said he was told to sit on the ground after being handcuffed. That’s a matter or protocol, Murphy said. Initially, Mitch Sigg said the officers said the car’s registration was out of date and that John had no proof of insurance. The tag, he pointed out, had a February 2013 sticker on it and said all their dealer tags — he and his father, John, operate Sigg Motors — had insurance cards attached to the backs. Also, Sigg noted that according to Michael Fracul, in the Department of Revenue’s Division of Vehicles, having a dealer’s tag means liability insurance was in force, provided the driver had a valid license. Eventually, the registration and insurance issues were settled. Meanwhile, conversations became heated and officers deemed the Siggs were obstructing their efforts to the point they were arrested.

Mitch Sigg said he also was handcuffed and when put in a holding cell the cuffs, holding his hands behind his back, were left on. “By about midnight (the incident started at 7 p.m.) my hands were numb and I was taken to the hospital emergency room,” he said, where he was told the cuffs were cinched tight enough they had affected nerves in his wrists. Thursday afternoon Sigg said parts of his hands and the tops of his thumbs still were numb. He intends to act as his own attorney in the case and asked for a report concerning the incident from the county attorney’s office, which he said an attorney was entitled to during the discovery phase of a case. “They wouldn’t give it to me, just the front page” that has little information, Sigg said. “Also, I asked for a written denial, but didn’t get one.” SHERIFF


said arrests of the Siggs occurred when they be-

came confrontational and obstructive. When Mitch Sigg drove up, “the deputy didn’t know who he was and officers have to maintain control of any situation,” he said. “In today’s environment you don’t know what might happen, even with a traffic stop. Officers get shot, they get run over. “When Mitch arrived things started to deteriorate. Mitch was handcuffed (and eventually arrested) to maintain control.” Murphy pointed out that all that occurred at the scene of the traffic stop was recorded by cameras attached to officers’ headsets. All that occurs in the jail also is recorded. Mitch Sigg’s handcuffs remained on after he arrived at the jail and was put in the holding cell, Murphy added, “because he was loud and belligerent.” The sheriff confirmed that Sigg was examined by emergency medical personnel when he complained of his hands being numb and was taken to Allen County Hospital’s

H Storms lar tornado. Another key element is research. The more a person knows about a potential storm the better. Hayes said if a person sees a dark heavy storm in the distance, stop on the side of the road and wait it out. “You alter driving plans during winter weather, why not during a severe thunderstorm,” he said. Storm spotters need to regularly attend informational sessions and do their homework about different cloud and storm types. Know the difference between wall cloud, shelf cloud, microburst and just heavy rain, he said. If the point comes

where taking shelter is needed have the proper kits and plans ready. Hayes said one of the main injuries from a

You alter driving plans during winter weather, why not during a severe thunderstorm. — Chance Hayes

Continued from A1

natural disaster is during the aftermath when people forgot to pack shoes with them and get their feet sliced up. Some of the other must-have items in an emergency kit are a first aid kit, flashlight and extra batteries, three

days’ supply of food and water, cash and coins, whistle and blankets. More detailed lists can be found on If ever having to take shelter from a tornado remember to DUCK: Down to the lowest level, under something sturdy, cover your head and keep in the shelter until the storm has passed. SEVERE weather awareness week is March 3-9. On March 5 at 1:30 p.m. tornado safety drills will be conducted. For more information visit wichita or contact the Allen County Emergency Management (620) 365-1477.

emergency room for further examination. He then was released on an own recognizance bond, as John Sigg had been earlier. “You don’t oppose an officer at a traffic stop,” Murphy observed. “The

officer has to have control and that’s what the deputy did by handcuffing and arresting the Siggs. “He had no idea who either was, didn’t know Mitch was John’s father when he drove up. “As it was, the insur-

ance issue, which is an arrestable offense, was later resolved. It was a miscommunication,” he said. “If conversations at the arrest scene had remained calm and civil, everything would have worked right there.”


If you’re a steak lover, then you probably know the answer to this question. If you aren’t, here are some tips on what kind of steak to purchase and how to cook it. At Bolling’s Meat Market and Moran Locker we offer a variety of top steak cuts. Popular selections include the porterhouse,T-bone, filet mignon, New York strip, rib eye and sirloin. Porterhouse and T-bone steaks are similar. Each comes from the short loin area and has a tenderloin on one side and a strip loin on the other. The steaks are tender, but can be expensive. Filet mignons and New York strips also come from the short loin area. Filet mignons are sometimes cut from the porterhouse and are very tender and low in fat. New York strips resemble porterhouse steaks without the tenderloin and bone. Both steaks are moderately priced. Rib eyes come from the rib area and are also moderately priced. Sirloins come in various cuts from the sirloin area. Top sirloins are the most tender. Sirloins, in general, cost less than other cuts of steak. Once you select a cut of steak, you must decide how you would like it cooked. Choices include well done, medium well, medium, medium rare and rare. Well-done steaks are cooked through completely and contain no pink in the center. Medium-well steaks have a warm, slightly pink center. Medium steaks have a warm, pink center. Medium-rare steaks have a cool, pink center. Rare steaks are cooked slightly and have a cool, red center. The cut of steak you purchase and how you cook it is a matter of personal taste. Be prepared to pick and choose until you find the right steak for you.

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H Piano Continued from A1 RAINES SAID restoration was substantial. In addition to replacing the soundboard, the piano has new keys, pads and wires and the cabinet was taken apart and refurbished to likenew condition. The process took about 10 months. “The mahogany baby grand was appraised several years ago at $5,000,” Raines said. “In today’s condition, it is appraised at $35,000.” The work was done at Hulme Enterprises, operated by Greg Hulme and son Conrad in

Greenwood, Mo. “Leon Hazen of Chanute, who tunes our pianos, was instrumental in putting us in touch with the Hulmes,” Raines said. THE


for donors and Friends members starts at 6:30 p.m. Friday in the Dale P. Creitz Recital Hall. The concert begins at 7:30 in the Bowlus auditorium. Among those who will perform are Loretta Ellis, Jay, Lloyd Houk, Ted Claus, music instructor at Allen Community College, Glen Singer and Jan Knewtson.

Tuesday, February 19

Ribbon Cutting @ 11 a.m . with an

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The Iola Register

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Prayer request a political ploy I can’t help it, but I feel more proud than humiliated that southeast Kansas was lumped in with Lawrence and Kansas City as a “dark spiritual area,” sorely in need of prayer. That was the opinion of Dave DePue, pastor to the Capitol Commission, a prayer group that meets regularly on statehouse grounds. Way to go SEK! DePue’s call to save our lost souls has gone viral. National media venues are using the story as tongue-in-cheek. And that’s what causes the humiliation to set in. Once again, Kansas is the butt of a joke, much like when evolution was under attack in our public schools. I’m assuming that because some of us don’t fall in line with the groupthink of the Brownback administration we are “in need of prayer” according to DePue. I bristle at the thought that someone claims to know my heart, much less that of an entire region. But it’s true. We stray the path. Southeast Kansans are known for their allegiance to good public schools and are assaulted by the Brownback administration’s refusal to fund them adequately. In his budget for 2014, the governor has pledged an insulting $14 per-pupil increase to schools. A study requested by the Legislature has suggested an additional $654 per student is needed to right this sinking ship. In three years, the legislature has slashed more than $500 million from public education. We also believe in fair taxing. Eliminating a state income tax shifts the respon-

Susan Lynn Register editor

sibility of funding the state budget onto sales and property taxes — an unfair burden to the middle class and lowincome. Kansas’s tax code is becoming known as Robin Hood in Reverse because the rich are the ones who will benefit on the backs of the poor. Another example is last year’s elimination of the Child and Dependent Care tax credit for working parents or those who are furthering their educations. It wasn’t a big break — a maximum cap of $6,000 — but for many young families it meant the difference between getting into the workforce and pursuing an education or being forced to drop out because child-care expenses were too great. Communities in Allen County, where the average income is $31,500, are especially hit hard by such measures. This is what people call the race to the bottom. In an effort to give tax cuts to the wealthy, the state slashes benefits to poor and middle-class families. The results will be felt immediately, but even more so in the future as greater portions of our populace are left behind. I HAPPEN to be a proponent of prayer. But something tells me this request was not done in good faith.

‘Boys of Summer’ at it again In southern climes, where warmer weather comes early, the “Boys of Summer” began baseball’s annual ritual of spring training this week. The grass is green, flowers bloom and each team, regardless of talent and previous circumstances, has a chance to be a winner. Optimism oozes from every clubhouse, although veterans, and those willing to accept reality, know it will evaporate for many clubs once the grind of a 162-game season begins. My first dose of major league baseball was when the Philadelphia Athletics moved to Kansas City in 1955. The KC A’s were my team, although that resulted in a lesson of long-suffering. Often the team was made up of Yankee retreads, but I’ll never forget 1958 when Bob Cerv, in the twilight of his career, hit 38 homeruns and was in a season-long

At Week’s End Bob Johnson

battle with Washington’s Roy Sievers, Boston’s Jackie Jensen and the Yanks’ Mickey Mantle — who won with 42 — for the slugging title. I saw my first game in 1957, with a group from Humboldt’s First Baptist. The A’s played in Municipal Stadium, with Brooklyn Avenue just outside the right field fence. When I walked up to the stadium, I was amazed at how large it was. I had never seen a structure of that size before. During the years I saw Mantle smack a homerun onto Brooklyn Avenue, mar-

veled at Ted Williams’ skills with the bat and cheered a legion of A’s. My favorite was Bud Daley, a pitcher. A lefthander who relied on a knuckleball, Daley won 16 games each in 1959 and 1960. He also was a pretty proficient hitter. In 1959 he batted .295 and drove in 13 runs. My allegiance switched to the Royals in 1969, after Charlie Finley took the A’s to California two years earlier. It was good to be a KC fan with the expansion team, particularly in the 1980s when several players, including George Brett, attained star status and the Royals won the World Series in 1985. Now, a new season is starting and the Royals, with an infusion of starting pitchers through winter transactions, appear on the cusp of regaining their winning habits. I can hardly wait.

Election oversight should be nonpartisan We’re almost two years away from the 2014 general election but Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach already has an opponent. Asserting that Kobach is “out of control,” Democrat Randy Rolston, a Lenexa businessman, immediately put

Bob Beatty Insight Kansas

$200,000 of his own money into his nascent campaign. Rolston said he would put a lot more of his money into the race and, with the help of donors, could foresee spending more than a $1 million. If Kobach matches that sort of fundraising — and outside groups decide they’ll plunk hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting one of the candidates — it not only could be the most expensive SOS race in Kansas history, but in U.S. history. During his tenure Kobach has talked about preserving the integrity of elections in Kansas, and as such he has helped pass legislation putting in place voter ID laws and a new law requiring proof of citizenship when registering to vote. Most recently he has asked the Legislature to give his office the power to prosecute voter fraud cases. No doubt these issues will be talked about over the next 20 months of the SOS campaign. However, if we are concerned about the integrity of Kansas elec-

tions, there is one big question that needs to be asked, and addressed, that in the end may matter much more than voter registration rules: Should Kansas have a partisan political figure be in charge of its elections in the first place? On the face of it, it is absurd to have a partisan party member running elections, as it creates an inherent conflict of interest. Kobach, for example, is the former chair of the Republican Party, and in 2012, while secretary of state, operated a political action committee that donated money to specific candidates running for office. In short, imagine the head referee of the next KU-North Carolina game being the former Tar Heel coach and having thousands of dollars bet on the North Carolina players to do well. Nobody would stand

Does this mitigate partisanship? Well, it certainly can, depending on the model. In Oklahoma, the largest political party gets two members of the three-member board; in New York, the board is truly bipartisan, as both major parties get two members of the four member board; Wisconsin is very interesting. There, in 2008, the state legislature (in what was dubbed a “rare moment of enlightenment”) created an election board in which the governor chooses former judges from a list selected by current state appeals court judges, who then must be confirmed by the state senate. In Wisconsin, judges cannot be affiliated with a political party, and to serve on the election board a judge must have served six years to be eligible. So, 12 years removed from partisan politics.

On the face of it, it is absurd to have a partisan party member running elections, as it creates an inherent conflict of interest. for it in basketball, and we should not put up with it in our elections. So what are the other options? One option would be to take away the election duties of the secretary of state office. The SOS would be in charge of filing, recording, and certification of all official and business documents in the state. The business of elections could then be run by a state board. This is how it is done in several states, including Oklahoma, New York, and Wisconsin.

The simplest solution might be the best: Keep an elected secretary of state but ban him or her from involvement with partisan political activities (no campaign donations, no attending state or national political conventions, etc.). Better yet, make the secretary of state unaffiliated with a party. Since 30 percent of all Kansans are registered unaffiliated, I doubt we would lack for qualified candidates, and the referee would not be cheering for a winner during the game.

Letter to the editor I was irritated (as usual) after seeing the anti-Catholic cartoon in the Iola Register on Wednesday. My church’s moral stance on issues is based upon Biblical principles and not the ever-changing nature of public opinion. The last I heard, the Bible has not changed since the Dark Ages either. I think I’ll take my cue on

what is moral from the hundreds, if not thousands, of Catholic priests and theologians that dedicate their lives to the study of God’s written word. This is a little better than developing moral character based upon the teachings of the Emerson and Susan Lynn School of Theology. Very proud Catholics, Larry and Kim Peterson

A look back in time 20 Years Ago Week of Feb. 10-17, 1993

Two Frederick Remington limited edition statues have brightened the atmosphere at the Iola Public Library, Librarian Roger Carswell said. The statues were purchased with memorial contributions made to the library in memory of Frank Thompson.

***** The 25th anniversary of the General Education Development program at Allen County Community College will be celebrated with an open house on Wednesday. More than 1,500 people have bettered themselves educationally through the program at ACCC.

A8 Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register

Birth announcements


Nicholas William Wulf

Kelci Owens and John Sigg

Register/Allison Tinn

Bowling for the troops

Kelci Owens and John Sigg, Iola, are engaged to be married Sept. 7, 2013, at St. John’s Catholic Church, Iola. Kelci is the daughter of Tim and Virginia Wools, Iola, and David and Joellen Owens, Neosho Rapids. John is the son of Mitch and Peggy Sigg. Kelci graduated from Humboldt High School in 2009. She then graduated from ACC in 2011 and will graduate from Labette Community College this spring with a degree in radiology. She works at Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center as a ra-

Beth and Brent Wulf, Omaha, Neb., are the proud parents of a baby boy, Nicholas William Wulf. He was born Jan. 16, 2013, in Omaha. He weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was 21 inches long. He joins his sister Sydney Lynn, 3.

H i s maternal grandparents are Jody Nicholas and Den- William Wulf ny Hoy, Ohama, Neb. His paternal grandparents are Bob and Glenna Wulf, Humboldt.

Zaden Jace Mellen

diology technician. John graduated from Iola High School in 2007. He then graduated from Pittsburg State University in 2011. He works at Sigg Motors.


Christin Hartman and Sean Mellen, Iola, are the proud parents of a baby boy, Zaden Jace Mellen. He was born at Allen County Hospital on Feb. 9, 2013. He weighed 7 pounds, 11.5 ounces and was 18.5 inches long. His maternal grandparents are Rex Hartman,

Welda, and Angelia Roney and Darrell Goodner, LaHarpe. His paternal grandparents are Trisha Burdett, Caney, and Doug Mellen, Independence. His great-grandparents are Bessie and Rick Crowell, LaHarpe, Robert Hartman, Howard, and Lola Mellen, Elk City.

From left, Tom Hosack, Caleb Hart, Glenna Leibold and Savannah Richards received their Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) lapel pins. Not pictured are Morgan Wilson and Mac Simpson. Iola USBC leagues bowled during the week of Nov. 11 to qualify for the pins. Bowlers could qualify each time they bowl in league play by donating 50 cents per three-game series. The man, woman and four youth bowlers with the highest series with their handicaps added were winners. Total collected in Iola was $203.50. Total collected in Kansas was $14,377.01.

Church games tonight Colony United Methodist Church will host a free game night from 6 to 8 o’clock tonight in the church’s fellowship room. For more information contact Debbie Wools at (620) 852-3335.

Mostly sunny

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Saturday, mostly sunny. Highs 40 to 45. West winds 5 to 15 mph. Saturday night, partly cloudy. Lows 25 to 30. South winds 5 to 10 mph. Sunday, sunny, warmer. Highs 55 to 60. South winds 5 to 15 mph. Sunday night, not as cool. Mostly clear. Lows near 40. Temperature High Thursday Low Thursday night High a year ago Low a year ago

Precipitation 48 hours ending 7 a.m. This month to date Total year to date Def. since Jan. 1

Sunrise 7:10 a.m.

0 .70 2.85 .60

Sunset 6:02 p.m.

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SportsB IPD recognizes Iola MVPs (left) —B5

Crest boys romp at Jayhawk-Linn — B7

The Iola Register

Saturday, February 16, 2013

VICTORY! Fillies down Wellsville on Sr. Night By RICHARD LUKEN

Even with all the breaks going their way, Iola High’s Fillies weren’t going to relax a smidgen until the final buzzer sounded Friday. Far too many times this season, Iola was able to mount impressive comebacks, and on a few occasions take the lead, only to have the rug swiped away beneath them. “We’d panic,” Fillies coach Becky Carlson said. Not this time. In fact, “once we got the lead, we grew more confident,” Carlson said. Iola capped a stirring comefrom-behind 35-27 Senior Night victory by clamping down on defense, allowing only eight points after halftime, and a paltry two in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, Emery Driskel’s basket with 5:52 remaining broke a 25-25 deadlock, part of the Fillies’ 16-2 run to close the game. Wellsville’s Mariah Kayhill

Register/Richard Luken

Iola High’s Jo Lohman, left, looks for an opening against Wellsville’s Darcy Bonzo.

scored with about 3 minutes left in the third quarter to give the Eagles a 25-19 lead, before Iola closed the period with two Jo Lohman free throws and an Addie Haar bucket. Haar then scored again a minute into the fourth period to tie the score before Driskel’s tie-breaker about a minute later. Iola took advantage of Wellsville’s misses and turnovers. Driskel’s basket with 4:27 left gave Iola a two-possesSee FILLIES | Page B3

McDonald earns state berth By STEVEN SCHWARTZ

PITTSBURG — Many things were left undecided in the first day of the Class 4A Regional Wrestling Tournament in Pittsburg, except for one thing — Stephen McDonald will compete in Salina for a state championship. McDonald, after a bye in the first round, faced off against Columbus High’s Bradley Vanhoose in the 220-pound division. He had control from the beginning with seven points in the first period, with VanHoose off of his feet several times from the get-go. The second period started the same, but a hard flip from his opponent apparently torqued McDonald’s recently

Register/Steven Schwartz

Iola wrestler Stephen McDonald flips Chanute’s Gage Clark in the third round of the Class 4A Regional Wrestling Tournament in Pittsburg Friday. McDonald won both of his matches, qualifying him for a state tournament berth. injured shoulder. He called a two-minute injury break midway through the period. But, the break ended and he was ready for action.

“It was just a sting in my shoulder,” McDonald said. “I know there is going to be a See WRESTLERS | Page B5

Eagles’ hot shooting too much for IHS By RICHARD LUKEN

through the fourth quarter of Wellsville’s 58-38 win seemed all too familiar for Iola coach Bill Peeper.

Friday’s home tilt was a fairly descriptive microcosm of how things have gone for Iola High’s boys lately. The Mustangs battled tooth and nail with visiting Wellsville for most of three quarters. Iola was keeping pace with the hot-shooting Eagles, but a key sequence midway

See MUSTANGS | Page B3 Register/Richard Luken

Iola’s Cole Morrison (14) vies for the loose ball against Wellsville’s Shane Hillman.


Photos by Richard Luken (left) and Allison Tinn

At left, Crest High senior Kyle Hammond sits with his parents, Chad and Brenna Hammond, after signing a letter of intent to play football at Fort Scott Community College. Shown with the Hammonds are Crest football coaches Craig Frazell, standing at left, and head coach Brent Smith. At right, Humboldt High senior Tanner McNutt signs a letter of intent to run track at Pittsburg State University, surrounded by his parents, Scott and Valerie. Standing with the McNutts are Humboldt track coaches Eric Carlson, left, and Rob Myers.

Hammond signs with FSCC football; McNutt to run track at PSU By RICHARD LUKEN and ALLISON TINN Register reporters

Two of the area’s most highly decorated athletes have set their courses for the future. Humboldt High’s Tanner McNutt and Crest High’s

Kyle Hammond were honored during separate ceremonies Thursday to recognize their letters of intent to attend college. McNutt will attend Pittsburg State University on a track scholarship. Hammond


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will play football at Fort Scott Community College. McNutt, son of Scott and Valerie McNutt, is the defending state champion in the Class 3A 800-meter run. His time last May at the state track meet was the fastest of

all six Kansas classes. He also earned a silver medal in the 400-meter dash, bronze in the long lump and anchored the 4x400-meter relay team to a fourth-place finish. As a sophomore, McNutt earned second in the 400 at the

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state track meet, while also qualifying in the 4x400, triple jump and long jump, earning top-15 finishes in each. He also qualified as a freshman at Marmaton Valley High in the

Call Today:



B2 Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register

Wildcats pick up sixth straight victory PLEASANTON â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reached the point that five-point decisions have to be considered blowouts for Marmaton Valley Highâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s boys. Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 54-49 win over host Pleasanton marked the first game in four the Wildcats won by more than two points. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We were actually up 11, but we kind of slowed down a bit,â&#x20AC;? Marmaton Valley coach Tim

Stinnett said. Still, it was not enough to prevent Marmaton Valley from winning its sixth game in a row. Stinnett praised the work of Lucas Hamlin, who had 13 points and 13 rebounds in the winning cause. Cole Becker led the way with 19 points, and Chance Stevenson had 12. Nathan Smart delivered four points and five rebounds. Car-

los Gonzales and Ryan Smith scored three apiece. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We played well, but I wish we wouldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve kept our foot on the gas,â&#x20AC;? Stinnett said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sometimes I think they do it to stress me out.â&#x20AC;? Pleasanton won the junior varsity contest, 3533. Micheal Genn scored 15 for the Wildcats. In girls action, Pleasanton won 63-35.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;They came out shooting well, and we struggled at the start,â&#x20AC;? Marmaton Valley girls coach Kent Houk said. The Wildcats pulled to within 12 in the third quarter before Pleasanton closed with a kick. The lead grew to 30 by the fourth quarter, triggering a running clock. Kaitlin Ensminger led Marmaton Val-

Fredonia downs Yates Center boys YATES CENTER â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Despite a close first half, the Yates Center High Wildcats couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hold on after an offensive onslaught from the

Bantam/Prep Clayton Corp J-D Auto Schulte Insurance General Repair Hi 10: Addy Prather Corey Bowen Hi 20: Addy Prather Corey Bowen

0-3 3-0 2-1 1-2 116 114 203 217

Junior/Major Team 3 1-3 Columbia Metal 3-1 Diebolt 1 3-1 Diebolt 2 1-3 Cripples 4-0 Clayton Corp. 0-4 Hi 10: Emily Lawrence 130 Dustin Gooding 176 Hi 30: Emily Lawrence 367 Dustin Gooding 500 Sunday Nite Mixed Bye 0-4 Tabiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Katz 4-0 Guys & Dolls 0-4 Cool Snickers 0-4 Gamblers 0-4 Trail Blazers 4-0 Hi 10: James Hunt 246 Edna Donovan 188 Hi 30: James Hunt 661 Edna Donovan 502 Daylighters Country Lanes 0-4 Frameworks 4-0 Moonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Market 3-1 J&W Equipment 1-3 Twin Motors 0-4 Duaneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Flowers 4-0 Hi 10: Mildred Stohs 190 Hi 30: Cathey Ellis 483 Monday Night Heifers Mighty Mamas 2-2 Sandbaggers 2-2 PSI 3-1

Fredonia Yellowjackets in the third quarter. The visiting Yellowjacks team won the contest 69-52. Fredonia outscored

Alley Gals 1-3 Fiddle Futtz 0-4 Udder Three 4-0 Bowling Junkies 2-2 Silver Strikers 2-2 Hi 10: Bev Fuhrman 201 Hi 30: Susan Cleaver 532 Commercial Klein Lumber 4-0 Crude Dudes 0-4 Beckman 3-1 Sevart Auto 1-3 A&B Cleaning 4-0 RVB Trucking 0-4 Turtle Herders 1-3 Bye 3-1 Hi 10: Andrew Patterson 256 Hi 30: Andrew Patterson 664 Happy Time Shirt Shop Monkey Butt Tholen Heat and Air State Farm Hi 10: Sabrina Taylor Hi 30: Sabrina Taylor

3-1 1-3 0-4 4-0 147 430

Wednesday Early Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Therapy Jones Jewelry Treasure Chest H.R. Bailbonding Hi 10: Judy Helman Hi 30: Jo Butler

0-4 4-0 4-0 0-4 164 435

Charter Bowler-ette Michael Truck Repair 0-4 Allen Co. Chiropractic 4-0 Party Girls 4-0 Styles On Madison 0-4 Bye 0-4 Spencer Portraits 4-0 Just 4 Fun 0-4 Shirt Shop 4-0 Hi 10: Helen Uitts 223 Hi 30: Deanna Wolken 501

Fun & Free!!

Community Dinner


Wed., Feb. 20 5-7 p.m.

Yates Center 18-15 in the first quarter, before pulling in front 39-27 as the teams went in for the break. The third quarter broke the game wide open for Fredonia. The visiting team more than tripled the Wildcatsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; score, 26-8, to lead 65-35 going into the fourth. A 17-point boost from the Wildcats was not enough to get them within striking range before the game ended. Cameron Brown led the Wildcats with

20 points, followed by Caleb DeNoon with 10 and Robert Arnold with eight. Brandon Both had 21 points for the Yellowjackets, and Joe Siegele had 19.

Fredonia (18-21-26-4â&#x20AC;&#x201D;69) Yates Center (15-12-8-17â&#x20AC;&#x201D;52) Fredonia (FG/3pt-FT-F-TP): Voth 7-5-2-19, Sommer 2-23-6, Siegele 7-5-2-19, Couch 1-0-0-2, Boss 0-0-2-0, Johnson 3-0-0-6, Morris 2-2-4-6, Moya 4-1-1-9. TOTALS: 27-1514-69. Yates Center (FG/3pt-FT-FTP): Chism 1-0-2-2, DeNoon 3/1-1-2-10, Schemper 1-0-2-2, Brown 8-4-1-20, McNett 0-1-21, Dice 3-1-4-7, Rossillon 1-02-2, Arnold 4-0-3-8. TOTALS: 21/1-7-18-52.

Rec calendar Iola Recreation Department, 365-4990,


Open walking, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Recreation Community Building, when no other activities are being held.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Seniorcise, 9 a.m., Recreation Community Building.


Quilting group, 6-8 p.m., second and fourth Monday of each month, North Community Building, 505 N. Buckeye St., call Helen Sutton, 365-3375.

Tuesday, Friday

Water exercise class, 9-10 a.m., Super 8 Motel, Pauline Hawk instructor, call 365-5565.

Coming events Spring Soccer League registration, register through Feb. 19, games begin March 9, for kids 5 years through eighth grade. Dodgeball tournament, register through Feb. 22, scheduled for March 9, for kids in K-12. Kansas Old Time Fiddlers, Pickers and Singers, 1-4 p.m. Feb. 17, North Community Building, all ages welcome, call Rosalie Rowe, 365-5709. All City of Iola classes will be closed Feb. 18 for Presidents Day.

St. Timothyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Episcopal Church

Fun, Food, Family, Friends and Faith

MENU: Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Salad, Dessert, Iced Tea & Coffee ~ FREE-WILL DONATIONS ~ Call ahead (after 4 p.m.) for quick carryout at

Come anytime between

6 - 8 p.m.

Colony United Methodist Church Fellowship Room



Donations go to St. Timothyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Community Outreach Program

If you have any questions call Debbie 620-852-3335

Allfam ily and friends are invited to a 90 th B irthday C elebration honoring

Fa yette W a lters Sun. Feb 17

ily Meiwes had four and MaRyiah Cavendar two. The Wildcats will wrap up regular season play Thursday at West Franklin.

Continued from B1

a senior, he threw for 1,119 yards and 12 touchdowns. Hammond racked up 377 career receiving yards, 1,339 yards in kickoff returns and averaged 33 yards as the teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s punter. He also handled kickoff duties and punt return duties at various times. On defense, Hammond accumulated 355 tackles â&#x20AC;&#x201D; nearly nine stops a game â&#x20AC;&#x201D; along with six interceptions and three fumble recoveries. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I picked Fort Scott because the coaches work hard to get you to graduate,â&#x20AC;? said Hammond, who also sports a 4.0 grade-point average in high school. Hammond also is a standout basketball player for the Lancers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was a little difficult at first to pick football, but the decision has gotten easier,â&#x20AC;? Hammond said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hopefully, I can get better so I can eventually go on to a fouryear school.â&#x20AC;? Hammond is the son of Chad and Brenna Hammond.

H Standouts 4x400, high jump and 400. McNutt holds the Humboldt school record in the triple jump at 43 feet, 5½ inches. McNutt said picking Pittsburg State was an easy decision. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They made me feel comfortable on all of my visits,â&#x20AC;? McNutt said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It felt like the best place to go.â&#x20AC;? McNutt will study physical education and continue focusing on near distance sprints at PSU. McNutt also has been a standout football and basketball player all four years of high school. WHILE


has made his decision on which college he will attend, there are still choices to be made. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because Hammond was a standout performer at so many positions. He earned all-state honors on both offense and defense in both his senior and junior seasons, as well as taking home all-league honors since he entered Crestâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s doors as a freshman. Hammond said Fort Scott head coach Curtis Horton envisions him in an offensive role, â&#x20AC;&#x153;but my defensive coordinator (Keith Jordan) wants me to play defensive back.â&#x20AC;? Hammond rushed for 5,775 yards as a Lancer, including 2,020 in 2012. He also completed 58 percent of his passes for 2,628 yards and 39 touchdowns in high school. As


Humboldt After Prom


SAT., FEB. 16 4:30-7 P.M.

5 per Dinner


Carryout Available

Sponsored by Emprise Bank


202 S. Walnut, Iola (south door)

Sat., Feb. 16

ley with nine points. Mackenzie Tynon scored eight with 10 rebounds. Kacie Shadden followed with seven points. Kailey Boyd scored five, Em-



2 - 4 p.m .

G uest H om e Estates 1336 N . W alnut St.


Iola's Station for Sports!

N o gifts requested â&#x20AC;˘ C ards W elcom e

â&#x20AC;&#x201D; NOTICE â&#x20AC;&#x201D; O ur carriersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (under contract) deadline for hom e delivery of T he Iola R egister is 5:30 p.m . w eekdays and 9:30 a.m . Saturdays for Iola carriers. FO D E A D L IN E F O R O U T -O F -T O W N C A R R IE R S IS 6:30 P .M . W E E K D A Y S A N D 9:30 SA SA T U R D A Y . Ifyou have not received your paper by deadline, please call your carrier first. Ifunable to reach your carrier, callthe R egister office at 365-2111. R uralC arriers 6:30 p.m . w eekdays â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10:30 Saturdays

IHS * KU * Chiefs * Royals IHS games streamed at


Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register


H Fillies

Sports calendar

Continued from B1

sion lead. Wellsville lost the ball out of bounds on its next possession, and Hannah Endicott responded with a baseline runner to push the Fillies up 31-25. Emily Newland provided Wellsville’s only points of the quarter with two free throws with just over a minute left, but Kyra Moore responded with two charities of her own to re-establish a six-point lead. Driskel snuffed the Eagles’ next possession with a steal, then Moore rebounded an Eagle miss to end the next possession. Moore then hit two free throws in the game’s final 33 seconds for the final margin. Iola led 5-2 after one quarter and 11-8 in the second before Wellsville responded with a 10-2 run, fueled mainly by Fillies turnovers. Erica McTaggart hit the second of two free throws to give the Eagles an 18-11 lead. Emily Ware responded with a jumper, then Emma Piazza hit two free throws to slice the lead to three. Wellsville took a 19-15 lead into halftime. Iola’s game-clinching run was keyed by ball control, Carlson said. “Once we get the ball down the floor and don’t throw the ball away, we’re pretty good,” Carlson said. “We’re able to get some good shots.” The game was especially gratifying, Carlson said, because it came in Iola’s final home game of the season. Ware, Reagan Ford, the injured Libby Shay and student manager Alyssa Zimmerman were honored during Senior Night activities. A raucous student section and energetic pep band added even more flavor.

Iola High School Wrestling Today, at Class 4A Regionals, Pittsburg, 11 a.m. Friday, at Class 4A State, Salina, TBA Feb. 23, at Class 4A State, Salina, TBA High School Basketball Tuesday, at Anderson County, 4:30 p.m. Thursday, at Osawatomie, 4:30 p.m.

Humboldt High School Basketball Tuesday, at Cherryvale

Marmaton Valley High School Basketball Thursday, at West Franklin

Crest High School Basketball Tuesday, vs. MADISON Thursday, vs. ST. PAUL

Southern Coffey Co. High School Basketball Tuesday, vs. UNIONTOWN Friday, at Olpe

Yates Center Basketball

Tuesday, at Burlington Thursday, vs. JAYHAWK-LINN

Allen Basketball Today, at Coffeyville, women 5 p.m., men 7 p.m. Monday, vs. LABETTE, women 6 p.m., men 8 p.m. Wednesday vs. Kansas City, Kan., women 6 p.m., men 8 p.m. Baseball Today, at Seminole (Okla.) Jr. College, 1 p.m. Sunday, at Seminole (Okla.) Jr. College, 1 p.m. Tuesday, at Evangel University, 1 p.m. Softball Today, at Carl Albert Tournament in Poteau, Okla., noon, 2 and 4 p.m. Thursday, at Maplewoods, 2 p.m.

Photos by Mike Myer (above) and Richard Luken

The first win of the season by the Iola High Fillies drew a rousing cheer from the IHS faithful above. At right, Fillies head coach Becky Carlson gets a congratulatory hug afterward.

Schedule change Next week’s Iola High basketball games have been bumped up a day, from Friday to Thursday. The change will allow school administrators to attend both the basketball games and the Class 4A State Wrestling Tourna-

ment, which begins Friday. It also allows the basketball teams an additional day of practice before the substate playoffs begin Feb. 25, Iola athletic director Martin Bambick said. Substate pairings will be set Wednesday.

Driskel led the way with 10 points for Iola, followed by Endicott with five and Moore, Piazza, and Haar with four each. Erica McTaggart led Wellsville with 15 points, but left the game late because of a leg injury. She was the only Eagle player in double figures. Wellsville prevailed 36-29 in the junior var-

sity contest. Olivia Bannister scored eight points to pace the Fillies JV, followed by McKayli Cleaver with six, Shelby Reno with five, Cassie Delich and Taylor Sell with four apiece and Haar with two. Iola travels to Anderson County Tuesday.

Wellsville (2-17-6-2—27) Iola (5-10-8-12) Wellsville (FG-FT-F-TP): Cunningham 0-0-1-0, New-

house 0-3-3-3, Bonzo 1-0-5-2, Kayhill 2-1-3-5, McTaggert 5-51-15, Geist 0-0-5-0, Sparks 1-02-2, Strawn 0-0-1-0. TOTALS: 9-9-21-27.

Iola (FG-FT-F-TP): Long 1-00-2, Moore 0-4-3-4, Piazza 1-21-4, Endicott 2-1-3-5, Haar 2-04-4, Driksel 5-0-4-10. TOTALS: 13-9-15-35.

left in the half gave the Mustangs the lead for the first time as part of an 11-2 run. Mason Coons scored with 6:18 left in the half to push the Iola on top 16-13. Iola’s lead was 1715 when Mann put the Eagles on top for good with a 3-pointer at the 4:35 mark of the second quarter. Wellsville’s lead bounced between one and five points for all of the third quarter and into the final period. For every Iola score, Wellsville usually had a quick response. “The guys played hard, no doubt about it,” Peeper said. “But we just can’t seem to take care of the little things, the details.” Friday’s game was Senior Night, as the final

home game of the year for the Mustangs. The starting lineup consisted solely of 12th-graders. Regular starters Latta, Adam Kauth and Powelson were on the bench. “I was pleased with our effort, and our seniors gave us good time out there,” Peeper said. “I couldn’t ask for any more out of them.” Ashmore led Iola with 14 points and three steals. Coons followed with seven points, while Powelson had six points and 10 rebounds. Kaden Macha and Tyler McIntosh had three rebounds apiece. Latta had a steal and three assists. Latta and Ashmore each drew charges. Wellsville also prevailed in the junior varsity matchup, 56-41. Jesse Zimmerman paced

the Mustang JV with 12 points, followed by Fryendz Wallace with six, Kohl Endicott, Travis Hermstein and Shane Walden with five each, Adam Peterson with four and Alex Bauer and Macha with two each. In C team action, Iola prevailed 47-35. Peterson scored 10 and Endicott eight. Iola travels to Anderson County Tuesday.

H Mustangs Continued from B1

The Mustangs’ Tyler Powelson muscled in a shot and drew a foul, but was unable to hit a free throw that would have cut a 39-34 Eagle lead to two points. The Eagles’ ensuing possession ended with a three-point play by Cole Silsby, pushing Wellsville up by six, 42-36. “It seemed like we struggled trying to keep it at a one-possession game,” Peeper said. “Suddenly, that one-possession game, suddenly became a two-possession game, then three. And it just built up from there.” It didn’t help Iola’s cause that Wellsville was nearly spotless from the free throw line, draining 24 of 26 charities. “They’re a good team

Kansas State Basketball Today, vs. BAYLOR, 6 p.m. TV: ESPNU Monday, vs. WEST VIRGINIA, 8 p.m. TV: ESPN

Kansas Basketball Today, vs. TEXAS, 8 p.m. TV: ESPN Wednesday, at Oklahoma State, 8 p.m. TV: ESPN2

— a solid team all the way around,” Peeper said. “We’re a struggling team trying to find a way back to the positive side. They find ways to make it happen, while we’re still searching.” Wellsville ended the game on a 16-2 run, keyed by junior standout Carter Mann, who scored six of his eight fourth-quarter points at the free throw line. Mann also played a role in Wellsville’s hot start. He drained two 3-pointers in the first 2 1/2 minutes of the contest as Wellsville raced to an 8-2 lead. But Iola’s Levi Ashmore had some tricks of his own. He hit two treys a minute apart as the Mustangs cut into the lead. Trent Latta’s steal and layup with 7:13

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B4 Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register

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The Iola Register

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Register/Steven Schwartz

Iola High’s Trey Colburn pins his opponent, Fort Scott’s Brendon Blackburn, in second-round action Friday in Pittsburg. Colburn will compete today for a top-four finish in the Class 4A Regional Tournament and a berth in next week’s state tournament in Salina.

H Wrestlers Continued from B1

Team MVPs

Register/Richard Luken

Iola Police Chief Jared Warner, left, and Officer Mike Ford, right, kneel with Iola High basketball players Lexie Long, left, and Trent Latta, who were chosen as team MVPs for their performances at the Feb. 8 home basketball games against Central Heights. The awards were given through IPD’s Cops For Jocks program.

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sting, but my arm feels good.” He bounced back after the break to cap a 18-5 decision for the win. In the semi-final matchup, McDonald hit the mat hard against Chanute’s Gage Clark — and there was no sign of an injured shoulder. He had a near pin the in the beginning of the first period, and several other moves that had Clark on the mat for the majority of the first two periods. McDonald garnered six total points before he flipped Clark on a powerful move at the beginning of the third. Clark struggled for several seconds before his back hit the floor, and the referee ended the match. The win secures a state berth for McDonald in the state tournament in Salina next Friday and Saturday. But first, he faces off against Pittsburg’s Gershom Avalos for the regional championship today. “There were hard matches today,” McDonald said. “I just had to relax and get physical, that’s what coach (Brad Carson) always tells us.” Carson said he has high expectations for McDonald in the state tournament. “In my mind, he can be a state champion, he has got the speed and the explosiveness,” Carson said. McDonald has high expectations for himself as well. “My goal is to become the first state wrestling champ at Iola High School,” McDonald said. AS FOR THE rest of the Mustangs, their fate is yet to be decided. All remain alive. Andrew Garber and Bryce Misenhelter were the only wrestlers with first-round matches, the rest had byes. Garber opened the tournament with a win over Ty Gatton from Labette County in the 170-pound division. He had a pin in the second round, after a close first against his opponent. Misenhelter had a quick victory over Louisburg’s Brenton Wrigley in the 182-pound division with a pin in the first round with 36 seconds remaining. Then came the second-round action. Both Misenhelter and Trey Colborn had solid victories over their opponent. Misenhelter, in the 182-pound match against Chanute’s Josh Smeed, started out from behind. Smeed had two solid reversals on Misenhelter for four points. A slow second round, with one point from Misenhelter, held the score at 4-1. In the third, Misenhelter came back with a burst of energy. He garnered a quick two points from dropping Smeed to the mat. The score became

irrelevant when Misenhelter made a surprising pin before the third round came to a finish. As for Colborn, a slow first round had both he and Fort Scott’s Brendon Blackburn scoreless in the 285-pound division. However, a quick move from Colborn had his opponent’s shoulders on the mat in the blink of an eye, midway through the second period. Garber suffered a tough loss in the second round, against Field Kindley’s Cory Turner, which pushed Garber into the second round of the consolation bracket. Cody Conner lost to Anderson County’s Stephen Kaufman in the 145-pound division by pin in the second round. Zeph Larney lost by pin in the first to Frontenac’s Trace Baldwin and Brice Aiello lost by pin 24 seconds into the first round — courtesy of Ethin VanAnne, from Chanute. THIRD-ROUND action for the Mustangs created a tougher road to follow for Colborn and Misenhelter. Misenhelter had a tough match against Jake Bradley of Prairie View. Bradley had control for the majority of the match, with five points in the first two rounds. But, Misenhelter wasn’t ready to roll over and die. A quick four points put him back in the match. Another reversal from Bradley in the third put the lead out of reach, with a 7-4 victory. Colborn faced off against Joe Pomatto from Paola, and things did not go as well. Pomatto quickly gained the upper hand. He had two points off of a flip on Colborn in the first round. He added two more late in a 4-0 win. CARSON said he was positive about his team’s performance overall for the first day of the tournament. No wrestlers were eliminated . “My expectations were to advance everyone to the second round, and we did that,” Carson said. “Our draws worked out perfectly.” He said both Misenhelter and Colborn are in positions to advance to the state tournament — especially since both lost in close decisions. They only need one win in today’s matches to qualify for a berth. “Both of those guys have very winnable matches,” he said. As for those who lost matches in the second round, their work will be cut out for them today in Pittsburg. The doubleelimination requires that Aiello, Conner, Larney and Garber must win three consecutive matches to qualify for a state berth.

B6 Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register


41/2 m iles w est on 110th Rd. or from Hw y 54 and Grouse Rd.3 m iles N orth on Grouse 110th Rd.11/2 m ile East on 110th Rd.

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TAKE DUE NOTICE The following vehicle will be sold at public auction on Sat., March 2, 2013 at 10 a.m. at

Sigg Motors LLC

1721 East St. Iola, Kansas Year, Make & VIN #: 1998 CHEVY 2GCEK19RXW1171486 (Published in The Iola Register Feb. 9, Feb. 16 & Feb. 23, 2013)

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Help Wanted SHELTER SUPPORT ADVOCATE, part time, 4-11p.m., coordinating evening shelter operations. Applications at Hope Unlimited, 8 N. Washington, Iola, KS, EOE. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE SPECIALIST, full time in Humboldt. Must be detail oriented, able to prioritize duties, good communication, organization, and computer skills. Relevant experience in accounts receivable, insurance billing, etc. Send resume to: Robert Chase, Executive Director, Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center, PO Box 807, Iola, KS 66749, 620-365-8641, EOE/AA. FFX, Inc., Fredonia, KS, is expanding our fleet in your area. If you are looking for: home every 2 weeks or more, locally/family owned, top wages, excellent customer base. Requires 2 years experience, CDL Class A license. Call 866681-2141 or 620-378-3304. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS IN HUMBOLDT, KS, CRUDE OIL DRIVERS. Need Class A CDL, clean record, hazmat & tanker experience. Submit resume to, must include job title/job location in the subject line. More info: ANDERSON COUNTY HOSPITAL, Saint Lukeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Health System has the following positions open: Registered Nurse in Med/Surg department, full-time night shift. Certified Nursing Assistant in Long Term Care, part-time evening shift. Certified Nursing Assistant in Long Term Care, part time as needed. Housekeeper in Hospitality Services, part time as needed. Cook in Nutrition Services, full time. Nutrition Services Aide, part time as needed. Apply online at: www. jobs. See online posting for more information on each open position. We Hire Only NonTobacco Users. EOE. ACTIVITIES. Arrowood Lane Residential Care in Humboldt and Tara Gardens in Iola are looking for creative and enthusiastic CNAs or CMAs to lead our resident activities program. Lead social activities for our residents and help plan an active calendar for them including crafts, exercise, parties, music, etc. Come be part of our caring team, apply at 615 E. Franklin, Humboldt, KS 66748. CNAs. Tara Gardens and Arrowood Lane Residential Care Communities are currently seeking CNAs for part-time day shifts. Please apply in person at Arrowood Lane, 615 E. Franklin, Humboldt. JOB SEEKERS 55 PLUS, The Older Kansas Employment Program (OKEP) will be taking applications at 1p.m on Wednesday, February 20th, at the Allen County Courthouse, Assembly Room (basement level), Iola. EXPERIENCED CDL TRUCK DRIVERS NEEDED. Local hauling, home every night, hours are 7-5p.m., Monday-Friday. Insurance and 401K are available. Excellent safety practices and attendance a must, 620-664-7449.




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Gates Corporation is a worldwide leader in the production of hydraulic hose. We are a growing company and are looking for only the finest employees for our manufacturing operation. Please apply in person. Applications will be taken Weekdays 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Applications must be completed in the facility.

GED or high school diploma required. Pre-employment background checks & drug screen required.

Gates Corporation 1450 Montana Road Iola, Kansas

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Iola Register has an opening for an

Advertising Account Representative

Full time, base salary plus commission, $ 30K yearly average with opportunities to increase, benefits, retirement. Bring resume to 302 S. Washington or mail to PO Box 767, Iola, KS 66749 or email to: Merchandise for Sale



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Medication Aides / CMA All Shifts Apply in person. Ask for Jodie or Meredith.

Fountain Villa 2620 N. Kentucky â&#x20AC;˘ Iola

Child Care Licensed day care has openings, all ages, SRS approved, 620-228-4613.

Poultry and Livestock BOTTLE CALVES, beef dairy crosses, starting mid February, Nichols Dairy 620-3440790, 785-489-2456.

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nice accent piece beautifully upholstered $


7 Square Heritage 30 Tamko Shingles

APPLICATIONS are currently being accepted for apartments at Townhouse East, 217 North St., Iola. Maintenance free homes, appliances furnished and affordable rent for elderly, handicapped and disabled. For more information call 620-365-5143 or hearing/ speech impairment 1-800-7663777. Equal Housing Opportunity. 209 S. SYCAMORE, newly decorated, appliances, $510 monthly, senior discounts available, 620-365-3165.

Real Estate for Rent IOLA, 1201 E. LINCOLN, 3BEDROOM, 1-1/2-bath, very nice, CH/CA, appliances, single attached garage w/auto opener, $795 monthly, 620-496-6161 or 620-496-2222. IOLA, 426 KANSAS DR., 3BEDROOM, all new, CH/CA, appliances, large fenced backyard, deck, single attached garage w/auto opener, $825 monthly, 620-496-6161 or 620496-2222. 2-BEDROOM, 2-BATH APARTMENT. 3-bedroom house, all appliances in both, 620-2288200. NEW DUPLEX, 2-BEDROOM, CH/CA, appliances, garage. Ready now, taking applications, 620-228-2231. QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE HOMES available for rent now,

Real Estate for Sale Allen County Realty Inc. 620-365-3178 John Brocker.......620-365-6892 Carolynn Krohn...620-365-9379 Jim Hinson...........620-365-5609 Jack Franklin.......620-365-5764 Brian Coltrane.....620-496-5424 Dewey Stotler......620-363-2491 HUMBOLDT, 2-BEDROOM, 1bath, fenced backyard, big side yard, 1-car detached garage w/screened-in patio, 620-4730455. ACCEPTING BIDS FOR 73.15 ACRES NOT INCLUDING THE HOUSE, 35.20 acres tillable and 37.95 acres pasture. Location is 5 miles south of Moran, KS on 59 Highway, Section 2425-20 S/2 SE/4. Minimum bid $128,000. Please call 620-7543316 or leave message. Deadline is March 1, 2013.

Forest Green $


(approx. 1/2 price of retail)

Antique Oak Music LD O SCabinet $ 50

Price Reduced

Call 365-5251 after 5:30 or leave a message


Iola Register Month of February


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Classified Line Ads!

Merchandise for Sale Call 620-365-2111 DISH Network: Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 months) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available). SAVE! Ask about SAME DAY installation! CALL now! 1-866-691-9724

All ads are 10 word minimum, must run consecutive days. DEADLINE: 2 p.m. day before publication; GARAGE SALE SPECIAL: Paper & Web only, no shopper: 3 Days $1 per word

DREAM HOME FOR SALE. 402 S. Elm, Iola, Grand 3-story 1897 home on 3 lots. 4,894 sq. ft., Corian countertops, WoodMode cabinets and SubZero fridge/freeezer. $190,000. Call 620-365-9395 for Susan Lynn or Dr. Brian Wolfe More info and pictures at classifieds

Call to pray for Kansasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;darkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; areas creates stir TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) â&#x20AC;&#x201D; A Christian group that sought prayers for â&#x20AC;&#x153;dark spiritual areasâ&#x20AC;? of Kansas said the communities were chosen because of their economic problems and not because of their perceived political leanings. But representatives of two of the regions mentioned in a Feb. 7 letter from The Capitol Commission suggested their areas were chosen because they were Democratic in a state that is largely conservative Republican. House Minority Leader Paul Davis, a Democrat from Lawrence, called the letter â&#x20AC;&#x153;truly offensiveâ&#x20AC;? and defended Lawrence as a community with deep spiritual roots. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Do you think it a coincidence that all of these â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;darkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; areas are represented by Democrats in the Kansas Legislature?â&#x20AC;? Davis asked. The letter sent to some churches and prayer groups along with legislators, other officials and individuals on an email list asked for prayers for north Johnson County, Lawrence, Kansas City, Kan., and southeast Kansas, as well as the governor, his staff, legislative leaders and the media, The Kansas City Star reported Wednesday. Dave DePue, the Capitol Commissionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s state director, apologized if the wording of the letter offended anyone but said the group is praying only for the regionsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; economies, not for a change in politics. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If it was weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d have to be praying for northeast Kansas and Topeka. It has nothing to do with politics,â&#x20AC;? DePue told The Wichita Eagle. But Rep. Kathy Wolf Moore, D-Kansas City, called the comments about Kansas City, Kan., â&#x20AC;&#x153;unfortunateâ&#x20AC;? and â&#x20AC;&#x153;unbelievable.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Obviously he hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been to Wyandotte County lately,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is one of the brightest spots in the state.â&#x20AC;? The Capitol Commission is a nonprofit group based in Raleigh, N.C., with ministries in 21 states. State directors teach weekly Bible studies for legislators, lobbyists and staff members, and the studies are distributed to each legislative office, emailed and made available throughout the capital, according to the groupâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website.

â&#x20AC;˘ NOTICE â&#x20AC;˘

O ur carriersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (under contract) deadline for hom e delivery ofThe Iola R egister is 5:30 p.m . in Iola and 6:30 p.m . outside ofIola w eekdays and 9:30 a.m . Saturdays. Ifyou have not received your paper by this tim e, please call your carrier. Ifyou cannot reach your carrier callthe R egister office at (620) 365-2111 betw een 5:30 and 6 p.m . R uralC arriers 6:30 p.m . w eekdays â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10:30 Saturdays Paper, Web and Shopper 6 Days â&#x20AC;˘ $1.85/WORD 12 Days â&#x20AC;˘ $2.35/WORD 18 Days â&#x20AC;˘ $3.25/WORD 26 Days â&#x20AC;˘ $4.00/WORD

ADDITIONS Blind Box â&#x20AC;˘ $5 Centering â&#x20AC;˘ $2 Photo â&#x20AC;˘ $5

The Iola Register

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Crest boys romp at Jayhawk-Linn MOUND CITY — Crest High’s boys got back on track Thursday with a dominating road win. The Lancers, who looked anything but competitive two nights earlier in a loss to Lebo, took

out their frustrations against host JayhawkLinn, with a 52-23 win. “We attacked the basket tonight and created a lot of good opportunities offensively,” Lancer coach Travis Hermreck

said. “I was pleased with our effort in comparison to Tuesday.” The Lancers took control with a 19-2 secondquarter run to open up what had been a 14-8 lead. The Crest margin

Public notices (First published in The Iola Register, February 16, 2013) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF: WILMA J. HAEN, DECEASED CASE NO. 11-PR-59 NOTICE OF HEARING THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that on February 13, 2013, a petition for Final Settlement was filed in this Court by Diane Oswalt and William Haen, Co-Executors of the estate of Wilma J. Haen, deceased, praying that petitioners’ acts be approved; accounts be settled and allowed; the heirs be determined; decedent’s Last Will and Testament be construed and the estate assigned to the persons entitled thereto; costs be determined and ordered paid; the administration of the estate be closed upon filing of receipts, the petitioners be finally discharged as Co-Executors of the estate of Wilma J. Haen, deceased, and the petitioners be released from further liability. You are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before March 12, 2013 at 8:30 a.m., in the District Court of Allen County, Kansas, at which time and place the cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. Diane Oswalt William Haen Co-Executors William N. Lacy Attorney for Petitioners 111 S. State P.O. Box 202 Yates Center, KS 66783 (620)625-2145 (2) 16, 23 (3) 2 (First published in The Iola Register, February 2, 2013) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of Warren G. Breiner, Deceased No. 2013 PR 3 NOTICE OF HEARING THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed in this Court by Shirley M. Breiner, spouse and one of the heirs of Warren G. Breiner, deceased requesting: Descent be determined of the following described real estate: A. An undivided one-half (1/2) interest in the Southeast Quarter (SE/4) of Section Three (3), Township Twenty-seven (27) South, Range Twenty (20) East of the 6th Principal Meridian, Neosho County, Kansas, B. Lot Three (3), less 1.97 acres on the West side of Lot Three (3), all in Section Twenty-seven (27), Township Twenty-six (26) South, Range Twenty (20) East of the 6th Principal Meridian, containing 55 acres, more or less, Allen County, Kansas, and all personal property and other Kansas real estate owned by the Decedent at the time of death, and that such property and all personal property and other


Kansas real estate owned by the Decedent at the time of death be assigned pursuant to the laws of intestate succession. You are required to file your written defenses thereto on or before February 26, 2013, at 8:30 a.m. in the District Court, in the City of Iola, Allen County, Kansas, at which time and place the cause will be heard. Should you fail to file your written defenses, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon the Petition. Shirley M. Breiner, Petitioner IMMEL, WORKS & HEIM, P.A. Four East Jackson Iola, Kansas 66749-0766 (620) 365-2222 Attorneys for Petitioner 2 (2,11,16) (First published in The Iola Register, February 16, 2013) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS JUVENILE DIVISION IN THE INTEREST OF: NAME: HAYDEN NEAL ROSE Case No. 2012JC01 DOB: XX-XX-2006 male NAME: HARMONY NOEL ROSE Case No. 2012JC02 DOB: XX-XX-2006 female Minor children under the age of 18 years NOTICE OF HEARING TO: Amanda M. Rose [mother] [current whereabouts believed to

be in or around Cedar City, Utah], her parents and adult relatives and all other persons who are or may be concerned: A motion has been filed in this court pursuant to the Kansas code for the care of children requesting the court determine the child identified above is a child in need of care pursuant to the Kansas code for the care of children and, thereafter, enter such orders as circumstances and statutes permit and require. You are required to appear before this court for a formal hearing at 9:00 a.m. on April 9, 2013 or prior to that time file your written response to the pleading with the clerk of this court. If the court finds a parent to be unfit, the court may make an order permanently terminating the parent’s parental rights. Each parent or other legal custodian of the child has a right to appear and be heard personally either with or without an attorney. The court will appoint an attorney for a parent who is financially unable to hire one. Daniel J. Schowengerdt, an attorney in Iola, Kansas has been appointed to represent the mother. Charles H. Apt, III, an attorney in Iola, Kansas has been appointed as guardian ad litem for the children. Clerk of the District Court By Dina L. Morrison (2) 16, 23

grew to 42-19 after three. Kyle Hammond was hot from outside, hitting six 3-pointers, while outscoring Jayhawk-Linn by himself. The senior recorded 25 points with six rebounds and two steals. Jordan Morton followed with nine points, eight assists and two steals. Brock Ellis added seven points. Austin Green dished out four assists. Jesse Boone chipped in with two steals. Austin Coleman led the Jayhawks with 12. “We still have two big games left, so we can’t ride this wave too long,” Hermreck said. “I’m pleased with what we did.” The win lifts Crest to a 13-5 record overall and 7-1 in Three Rivers League play. In girls action, Jayhawk-Linn rolled to a 41-8 win. Kurston Gilliland scored six of the Lady Lancers’ eight points. Crest hosts Madison Tuesday. Crest boys (14-19-9-10—52) J-Linn boys (8-2-7-6—23) Crest (FG/3pt-FT-F-TP): Frazell 0-0-1-0, Boone 2-0-2-4, Green 1-0-2-2, Stephens 0/12-0-5, Morton 2/1-2-3-9, Hammond 2/6-3-0-25, Ellis 3-1-3-7, Bri. Brallier, 0-0-1-0. TOTALS: 10/8-8-12-52. Jayhawk-Linn (FG/3pt-FT-FTP): Dawson 1/1-0-3-5, Coleman 5-2-2-12, Mathews 0-0-1-0, Vaughn 0-0-1-0, Brown 0-2-0-2, Sutherland 0-0-3-0, Mark 1-0-22, Miller 1-0-1-2. TOTALS: 8/14-13-23.

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by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman


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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Iola Register


QUESTIONS & ATTITUDE Compelling questions ... and maybe a few actual answers



A couple of questions we just had to ask — ourselves

Daytona Beach News-Journal file photo

Milka and ARCA go together like Danica and NASCAR. Kinda-sorta.

What is the best gift for a race fan on Valentine’s Day?

GODSPEAK: I know Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a line of potato chips, but does he do chocolates? He should. KEN’S CALL: I would suggest “his and hers” restrictor plates — in the shape of hearts, of course.

‘Hot tempered and arrogant’ According to Forbes magazine, which annually ranks America’s 10 most disliked athletes, Kurt Busch has again held serve in the bad-boy poll. Topping the list of athletes who people love to hate are Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o and cyclist Lance Armstrong. But holding steady down there at No. 8 is Busch, who had a fan approval rating of just 27 percent. The feedback from sports fans? Busch was “hot tempered and arrogant” and “feuded with teammates and reporters alike.”

Sliding down the beach

Glen Wood made the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2012 and was joined by his brother, Leonard, last week. Together, they formed Wood Brothers Racing, an organization that has been around since 1953. The team, historically a single-car operation, has struggled since the onslaught of multicar, corporate-driven behemoths. But the Wood Brothers got a huge measure of satisfaction after winning the 2011 Daytona 500. Leonard Wood’s favorite story from the early days of the team — Glen was the driver and Leonard the mechanic — was during a private test session on the Daytona Beach & Road Course in 1956. Leonard wanted to check engine function at speed and rode shotgun with Glen at the wheel. During the run on

The Daytona schedule begins with an ARCA practice Thursday. Why does this excite me?

GODSPEAK: It’s either the roar of power-restricted V-8 engines or, seeing Milka Duno walking around in her fire suit. KEN’S CALL: You’re a closet Frank Kimmel fan, or you’re aware that the first NASCAR practice is just a day away.

ONLINE EXTRAS news-journalonline. com/nascar

Daytona Beach News-Journal file photo

How would it look in Budweiser colors? You might find out.

OK, what’s the deal with the No. 3 car?

When Dale Earnhardt died 12 years ago (Wow, 12 years ago?), in the aftermath, it appeared it might be a long time before we saw a 3 on the side of a Cup car again. And when we did, it’d likely be a special circumstance. Well, it’s been a long time.

the beach, Glen drifted into the water, and the No. 21 Ford went into a power slide. “This wave flowed in and we had to hit it because Glen couldn’t stop,” Leonard said. “He goes right through this water, and it just picked up the car and set it sideways. “I’m looking out the side glass and thinking, ‘We’re gonna wreck for sure.’ But the car turned back the other way, and Glen hit the throttle and just pulled that thing out as straight as an arrow, and I’ve never been so happy in all my life.”

And do we have a special circumstance?

Yep, money is our guess. Richard Childress, who still “owns” the number, has a grandson (Austin Dillon) who will be a Cup driver sooner than later. Richard also has a current driver (Kevin Harvick) who’s leaving after this season, and Richard has a sponsor (Budweiser), who may or may not leave with Kevin. If AnheuserBusch’s Boys in Marketing are on the fence about going with Childress or Harvick, the thought of adorning the new No. 3 might be enough to keep them with RCR. Business is business.

Elliott gets the message

Bill Elliott, also known as “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville,” has finally gotten the message. The 57-yearold Elliott said he is done racing in the Sprint Cup Series. One reason may be that every time he makes a Cup start, he takes himself out of Hall of Fame consideration. According to NASCAR Hall of Fame eligibility requirements, a driver has to be out of the sport for three years before his name can appear on the ballot. Elliott made two starts in 2012, so he’s on the clock for the 2016 class. Rusty Wallace was part of the 2013 class after making his last start in 2005. Elliott, the 1988 champ, and Wallace, who won the title in ’89, have similar career stats. Now somebody needs to have “the talk” with two-time NASCAR champ Terry Labonte, 56, who is entered in the Feb. 24 Daytona 500.

Is it time to buy Terry Labonte some golf clubs?

Or a fishing pole. Metal detector. Knitting needles. ANYTHING! The man needs a hobby. The two-time champ, who outlasted two generations of Marlins (Coo Coo and Sterling), Pettys (Richard and Kyle) and even raced against Buddy Arrington, Connie Saylor and Janet Guthrie, has been hired again by FAS Lane Racing to enter the Daytona 500. It would be Terry’s 61st start at Daytona. You probably can’t find anyone with a bad word to say about Terry Labonte, but honestly, we can’t miss you if you won’t stay away.

Ken Willis has been covering NASCAR for The Daytona Beach News-Journal for 27 years. Reach him at nascardaytona @nascardaytona


Do you have questions or comments about NASCAR This Week? Contact Godwin Kelly at godwin. or Ken Willis at


News-Journal/NIGEL COOK

Reason to celebrate? Seven others finished higher. Or is it lower?

Key Speedweeks dates FEB. 16: Sprint Unlimited At Daytona, ARCA Series Lucas Oil 200 FEB. 17: Daytona 500 pole qualifying. FEB. 18-19: UNOH Battle At The Beach (short-track nationals) FEB. 21: Budweiser Duel (qualifying races) FEB. 22: NextEra Energy Resources 250 NASCAR truck race FEB. 23: DRIVE4COPD 300 Nationwide race FEB. 24: 55th-annual Daytona 500


GODWIN’S SPRINT UNLIMITED PICKS Godwin Kelly is the Daytona Beach News-Journal’s motorsports editor and has covered NASCAR for 30 years. Reach him at

WINNER: Denny Hamlin REST OF THE TOP FIVE: Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, Kasey Kahne DARK HORSE: Kurt Busch BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Juan

Baldwin Jr.

Bruton Smith vs. Tommy Baldwin Jr.: The veteran track owner said start-and-park Cup teams were a joke. Baldwin, who owns two teams, took offense at the comments. Godwin Kelly gives his take: “This is a classic David and Goliath tale, only the term slingshot has a different meaning.”

Pablo Montoya FIRST ONE OUT: Joey Logano DON’T BE SURPRISED IF: Earnhardt is a bit timid at the finish because of the wreck he caused during January’s Preseason Thunder test.


DENNY HAMLIN Has to buy two Valentine’s gifts now

MATT KENSETH Shopping for heart-shaped cheesehead cap

SPRINT CUP SCHEDULE A look at the first 10 races of the season (All Times Eastern)

FEB. 24: Daytona International Speedway — Daytona 500, FOX, 1 p.m. MARCH 3: Phoenix International Raceway, FOX, 3 p.m. MARCH 10: Las Vegas Motor John McRae, Agent Speedway, FOX, 3 p.m. 111 S Washington Iola, KS 66749

MARCH 17: Motor Bus:Bristol 620-365-5201 Speedway, FOX, 1 p.m. MARCH 24: Auto Club Speedway, FOX, 3 p.m.

JIMMIE JOHNSON Can start writing Hall of Fame speech

APRIL 13: Texas Motor Speedway, FOX, 7:30 p.m. APRIL 21: Kansas Speedway, FOX, 1 p.m. APRIL 27: Richmond International Raceway, FOX, 7:30 p.m. MAY 5: Talladega Superspeedway, FOX, 1 p.m. 0901136

JUNIOR EARNHARDT Still calls it the Bud Shootout

JEFF GORDON Still calls it the Busch Clash

CLINT BOWYER The trendy championship pick for ’13

KASEY KAHNE Wow . . . turns 33 this spring

CARL EDWARDS Knows Missouri’s state tree is flowering dogwood


CORONADO  ’ Sthe deal in 500 Wallace never closed

Renovate your MEXICANRESTAURANT  homeowners 1401 East St. (E. H w y.there 54) •something Iola you did not get Rusty Wallace, the 1989 Sprint standing on the hood ripping Cup champ, was inducted into the windshield out. He’s the guy done when you were driving that Proudly Serving The B est O f 2 Lands policy. the NASCAR Hall of Fame last that named me ‘Rubber Head,’ you really wanted? Friday in Charlotte, N.C. Here are some of Wallace’s thoughts from an interview after the induction ceremony:

Great insurance. Low rates. You talked a lot about your

friendships Remodeling your homewith can drivers. was Protect your friendship like increaseWhat its value. it Dale Earnhardt by takingwith a new look at your Sr., and whatinsurance. do you think he would homeowners have said tonight? Like a good neighbor, “Heiswould State Farm there.have said really good. It would CALLsomething ME TODAY. ®

APRIL 7: Martinsville Speedway, FOX, 1 p.m.

TONY STEWART Population of hometown (Columbus, Ind.): 44,061

have been something good, and he’d have slapped me around and said, ‘Let’s go get something to drink,’ and been rough and tough like he always is. But bottom line, he’d have been real happy for me. “I’ve had two of my wildest encounters with Dale Earnhardt Sr., and I told that story tonight, when I wrecked that car at Bristol, and I look up and he’s

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL

because he said anybody who can survive a wreck like that, his Serving O ur O w n head must be built out of rubber.”

M exi-K an R ecipes

“Yeah, I just desperately A Famtoily wanted win Tradition a Daytona 500. I wantedSince to win that race so bad, 1968 and I got so close so many times and never could close the deal. There’s a lot of people who talk about me finishing second three times at the Brickyard 400 and leading with 10 laps to go in almost every single one of them. That’s a big race, but there’s nothing like the Daytona 500, and that’s the one I really wanted.”

Kyle Petty said he had rarely seen anybody come into the sport with as much confidence as you. What gave you that confidence? “Well, sometimes on our TV shows, I mention the words ‘snapshot of greatness,’ and I saw snapshots of different drivers do different things, and my snapshot is when I went to Atlanta (in are, from left, Isaiah, C aleb, K enyan, C leto and Luke C oronado 1980)Pictured and finished second right off the bat. I said, ‘Man, if I can What was your favorite win get my car right and if I can get of all time out of your wins? the right people around me, I “My favorite win had to be think I can do this.” my very first win (Bristol, April (620) 365-8352 O u r 4 5 th Call In Your Order For 6, 1986) because I wanted it so YeYou a r!won 55 races, the Quick Pick-U p bad, and I won it, and it just blew championship, and I know you 5 p.m .-9 p.m . me away.” M onday-Saturday wanted to win every race, but is

O u r P la te s A re H o t!

Lunch 11 a.m .-2 p.m . M on.-Fri.

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Quite likely the first2661 Hall of Famer from any Rd., sport who will Nebraska LaHarpe answer to “Rubber Head” 620-496-2222 • 888-444-4346

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