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planning tips.

Take the time to find an outfitter that best matches your interest and needs. Here are some helpful hints:

1. All trips are different, so identify the level of adventure you want, based on the experience and physical capabilities of everyone in your party.

Adventures range from easy- going afternoon jaunts to day and multi-day excursions. 2. Determine the length of trip you prefer, vacation dates and how much you want to spend.

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guided adventures. Lewis & Clark had a guide when they journeyed through Idaho and you’ll experience a more rewarding trip if you do, too.

There are over 350 licensed outfitters in Idaho offering excursions from whitewater rafting to jet boating, nature treks to hunting expeditions. Every outfitter in Idaho must be licensed with the State Outfitters & Guides Licensing Board. Each must meet rigid standards of performance and comply with all state and federal regulations. They must also be certified in first aid and have an intimate knowledge of the area in which they operate. You can expect Idaho’s outfitters to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association (IOGA) is a non-profit organization representing a majority of the state’s 350 full-time licensed outfitter businesses.

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• Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association: 1-800-49-IDAHO • State of Idaho Outfitters & Guides Licensing Board: • Middle Fork Outfitters Association:

3. Idaho is a big state. Narrow down the location of your trip. There are contrasts in climate, terrain and scenery statewide, allowing for uniquely different trips.

likely to view wildlife in a natural setting. You’ll overnight at campsites along the river and enjoy exceptional food. Outfitters take great pride in their culinary abilities and many offer gourmet trips. Dutch oven cookery is standard along the river and you’ll be enthralled by the style and quality of cuisine served on a remote beach. When considering a float trip for your family, many outdoor enthusiasts choose Idaho. Wildlife abounds on most trips, providing children a fascinating glimpse into the mysteries of nature. Plus, the competence and friendliness of Idaho’s river guides is world-renowned. Consider a unique river adventure trip for your next family vacation.

4. Decide how much individual customization you require. Identify any special dietary, access or other personal needs you may have.

water, water everywhere. With more than 3,000 miles of whitewater rivers throughout Idaho, you’re sure to find at least one perfect waterway to create a memorable adventure. Choose from white-knuckled roller-coaster rides to dreamy drifts through the cottonwood trees. Select from inflatable rafts, kayaks, canoes, drift boats, jet boats or do-it- yourself paddleboats. Take a trip of either a few hours to several days in length on some of the wildest rivers in the country.

float trips

For a more leisurely excursion, consider a whitewater float trip. Many outfitters offer half-day and full-day trips. To enjoy the full flavor of an Idaho river experience, book a trip over several days. You’ll see more scenery, splash over different types of whitewater and be more

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jet boats take off to adventure.

If seeing a lot of river in a short amount of time is your idea of fun, then consider a jet boat trip. Boats depart from several spots including Lewiston, White Bird, Riggins, Salmon and Hells Canyon Dam for one to three-day excursions. Safe, comfortable and fast, aluminum hull jet boats are built to ascend forbidding rapids and maneuver between boulders with amazing agility. They are usually the best way to get to prime campsites, beaches and fishing holes. To catch native Idaho steelhead, salmon, small mouth bass, trout, catfish and sturgeon, knowledgeable guides can get you to the best spots where the mighty fish lurk.

land a huge adventure guest ranching

Introduce yourself, friends and family to beautiful scenery on a memorable and safe trail ride for an hour or longer if you wish. There’s no better way to see the beauty of Idaho’s backcountry than from the back of a horse. It’s a pace that is perfect for friends and family while enjoying the high alpine vistas and the magnificent serenity of Idaho’s wildlands. Encounter wildlife native to the area, enjoy stream or lake fishing, followed by star-filled skies and evenings shared around the campfire. And you don’t have to be an expert horseman to experience either a trail ride or longer summer pack trip. For a unique pack experience, think about llama trekking. Allow the animal to carry your provisions while you enjoy a backcountry hike or backpacking experience.

You’ll find cross-country ski lodges in the Red River area, the Gospel Hump Wilderness Area, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, the Tetons and the Salmon River Mountains. These Nordic lodges are warm and intimate and offer a nice change of pace from the large alpine ski resorts. Helicopter and/ or backcountry downhill guided ski trips are available in the Sun Valley, Cascade/ Donnelly, McCall, Fairfield and Driggs areas. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try hut-to-hut and yurt-to-yurt ski trips. Each hut or yurt has wood stoves, hot meals and warm beds. For those craving a faster pace, there are more than 7,200 miles of groomed snowmobile trails to be ridden. With even more miles of powder in wide open country available, you may find the knowledge and experience of a snowmobile guide helpful.

skiing & snowmobiling. Winter in Idaho is just as fun as the warm weather months.

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Idaho’s guest ranches range from working cattle ranches to upscale, resort-style lodges in the middle of wild country. They offer a wide assortment of activities for everyone in your family. Experienced guides can take you trail riding on gentle horses for a few hours or a few days. Many of Idaho’s working ranches have been in a family for generations, providing you with a rare opportunity to absorb the West by participating in a real cattle drive or doing other ranch chores. You can count on wagon rides, barbeques and marshmallows over campfires but you may also be able to pan for gold, learn archery or target shooting, or join a wellness program. Many have rafts or jet boats for wet and wild excursions on nearby rivers. Others are near shimmering lakes and add fishing to their repertoire. For a truly unique guest ranch vacation, consider a big game hunt in the fall, a fly-fishing experience on a worldrenowned stream or a snowmobile or ski outing in the winter. Your hosts will share with you warm camaraderie, genuine family hospitality, great home-cooked food and activities for everyone. Staying at a guest ranch or lodge in Idaho’s back country will give your family and friends a truly memorable experience.

trail rides and summer pack trips.


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join the hunt!

big game

Idaho is famous for hunting. It has the widest variety of game in the U.S. including trophy elk, mule deer, two species of bighorn sheep, antelope, bear, moose, cougar, wolves, mountain goat, white-tailed deer, waterfowl and upland game birds. The seasons are as long as 65 days in the backcountry and overall success rates are high. Many deer and elk permits are easily available because of Idaho’s unique system for clients of outfitters. There is little hunter congestion and effective management policies promote healthy species growth and control. If you are a non-resident, you must buy a non-resident license, which are available at most sport shops around the state.

get tags through your outfitter. One major advantage to booking your hunting trip through an Idaho outfitter is that deer and elk tags are easy to obtain. The Idaho Fish and Game Commission sets aside and/or allocates elk and deer tags specifically for nonresident hunters who book with licensed outfitters. Idaho outfitters have access to tags long after neighboring states sell out.

2014 elk

Idaho is known for some of the best elk hunting in the world. Deer are found throughout the state, with whitetails found primarily north of the Salmon River. Mule deer are more numerous and found mostly in southern Idaho. Antelope roam in southern Idaho, while black bears prefer forested areas. Mountain lions are seen statewide. Wolf hunting is an option. Idaho provides many opportunities for combination hunts, either with two big game species or with big game and upland game or waterfowl. Moose, mountain goats and big-horn sheep are Idaho’s trophy species. There are two subspecies of bighorns, Rocky Mountain and California. Hunters are allowed to harvest one of each in a lifetime, if they are lucky enough to draw the permits. Moose and goat are also once in a lifetime, but there are exceptions for moose permits left over from a drawing or won in the lottery drawing that supports the hunting and fishing access program. Most years you can add fall steelhead fishing to the mix.

select a hunting outfitter.

Idaho was one of the first states in the West to license outfitters and guides. Outfitters are the owners/employers and must be bonded. Outfitters employ licensed guides.


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Often a guide can mean the difference between a successful trip and just an ordinary one. With their experience and intimate knowledge of the area, they can point out highlights that you might otherwise miss. This is especially true if you’re planning a big game hunt in Idaho. When selecting a hunting outfitter, consider seeking the answers to the following questions: 1. In what type of terrain is the hunt, including altitude? 2. Is the hunt a pack-in using stock and tent camping, a lodge setting or some other combination of access and lodging? 3. What is the success rate of hunters using your services? Ask for references of both successful and non-successful hunters.

upland game.

Many species are found in the state, including wild turkey, three species of forest grouse, chukar and Hungarian partridge. Ask an outfitter about “cast and blast” trips that combine steelhead fishing and chukar hunting. Upland game seasons begin early and some last into the fall.

fishing, a way of life in idaho. Fish abound in the giant lakes of Northern Idaho, the intimate high mountain alpine lakes of Central Idaho, the smooth valley reservoirs, and the 3,000 miles of winding rivers. Idaho-born steelhead trout and salmon make one of the longest spawning runs of any anadromous fish in the world. Fish for steelhead in the swift waters of the Snake, Salmon or Clearwater Rivers. If lake fishing is your passion, go to the big lakes in Northern Idaho for giant Kamloops, Mackinaw and monster Chinook. Native cutthroat trout have lived in Idaho waters for centuries and several species of trout are found across the state. Sturgeon, the largest fresh water fish in North America, can be found in the Snake River, the Kootenai and the Salmon River. Warm water species like large and small mouth bass, catfish, crappie and perch, are becoming popular. Guides knowledge can make a difference in the success of your trip.

fly fishing.

Experts call the Henrys Fork in Eastern Idaho the “world’s premiere dry-fly fishing stream.” Ernest Hemingway loved Silver Creek near Sun Valley. There’s great fly fishing in most waters throughout Idaho, including Kelly Creek, the Teton River and the South Forks of the Snake River.

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100 ACRE WOOD LODGE Jon & Nancy Cummings Box 202, North Fork, ID 83466 208.865.2165; Fax: 208.865.2166 Bed & Breakfast, Walk & Wade Fishing, Gold Mining, Mountain Bike Touring, Backpacking, Trail Rides, Photography Trips, 4x4 Backcountry Tours (Jeep and SUV), Metal Detecting. F&G Units: 21, 21A, 28, 30. ACTION WHITEWATER ADVENTURES, dba for IDAHO RIVER EXPEDITIONS, INC. Jay Verle & Mathew Duerden PO Box 1634, Provo, UT 84603 800.453.1482, 801.375.4111 Fax: 801.375.4175 Float Boating: Main Salmon River. ADVENTURE GUIDES Dirk & Jo Gibson 15 Spring View Lane Great Falls, MT 59404 888.948.4337 Fishing. White Water Rafting: Middle Fork of the Salmon River. AGGIPAH RIVER TRIPS Bill Bernt PO Box 425, Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.4167; Float Boating: Upper, Main, Middle Fork and Lower Salmon River. Fishing (Steelhead), Backpacking, Chukar Hunting. AMERICAN RIVER TOURING ASSOCIATION (ARTA) Stephen R. Welch 24000 Casa Loma Road Groveland, CA 95321 800.323.2782, 209.962.7873 Fax: 209.962.4819 Summer: Box 1091, Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.6138; Float Boating: Selway, Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers. Fishing, Day Hikes (Guide School).

BARKER TROPHY HUNTS/BARKER RIVER EXPEDITIONS Jon Barker 34808 Hassinger Road Lenore, ID 83541 208.836.5551 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Sheep, Forest Grouse, Chukar. Fishing, Mountain Bike Touring. F&G Units: 11, 13. Float Boating: Owyhee and Jarbidge/Bruneau Rivers. BEAR CREEK OUTFITTERS Ken & Barb Francisco 454 Lost Horse Road Hamilton, MT 59840 406.375.1371; Fax: 406.375.2341 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Antelope, Goat, Sheep, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking. F&G Unit 17. BEAR PAW OUTFITTERS Dale & Tara Denney 345 Hwy 20 E. #A, Colville, WA 99114 509.684.6294 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Wolf, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking. F&G Units 73, 74, 75, 77, 78. BIG CREEK LODGE & OUTFITTERS, INC. Scott & Trudy Fodor 10644 W Coleman Road Barryton, MI 49305 888.848.0011; Fax: 989.382.7398 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Goat, Moose, Sheep, Bear, Cougar. Fishing, Trail Rides, Snowmobiling. F&G Units: 20A, 26.

BITTERROOT OUTFITTERS Tom & Shannon Henderson 907 W Cow Creek Road Hamilton, MT 59840 Phone/Fax: 406.363.0403 or Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Sheep, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse, Chukar. Fishing, Trail Rides. F&G Unit 20. BOULDER CREEK OUTFITTERS, INC. /LOST LAKES OUTFITTERS, INC. Tim Craig & Matt Craig PO Box 119, Peck, ID 83545 208.486.6232, 208.839.2256 Fax: 208.486.7280 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Bear, Moose, Cougar, Goat, Predators, Forest Grouse. Backpacking, Fishing, Snowmobiling, Trail Rides, (Guest Ranch & Guide School). F&G Units: 10, 11A, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 21, 21A, 30. BROADMOUTH CANYON RANCH Rulon & Kathy Jones PO Box 472, Firth, ID 83236 208.346.6648; Fax: 208.346.6243 Hunting: Deer, Elk. F&G Unit 69.


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BIGHORN OUTFITTERS, INC. Dave Melton & George Butcher 11 Tom Boyle Road Carmen, ID 83462 Phone/Fax: 208.756.6963 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Bear, Cougar, Sheep, Moose, Goat, Wolf, Predators, Forest Grouse, Chukar. Fishing, Pack Trips, Trail Rides, Photography Trips, Cattle Drives. F&G Units: 27, 28.

ARCTIC CREEK LODGE & TOURS, INC. James O’Connor PO Box 27, Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.1657; Fax: 866.546.1657 Power Boating: Upper and Main Salmon River. Guest Ranch (Sightseeing Jet Back Service), Fishing.

BARKER RIVER TRIPS, INC. Marye’ Barker 2124 Grelle, Lewiston, ID 83501 208.743.7459 Float Boating: Clearwater and Lower Salmon Rivers. Power Boating: Lower Salmon River. (Guide School) Fishing, Chukar Hunting, Mountain Biking, Kayaking.


BROWNLEE RESERVOIR CHARTERS James P. & Lisa Looney PO Box 65, Cambridge, ID 83610 208.866.2868 Fishing on Brownlee, Oxbow & Hells Canyon Reservoirs: Small Mouth Bass, Crappie, Catfish, Trout. Boat Rentals. BUCKSHOT OUTFITTING Clint & Cherry Gray 494492 Hwy 95, Naples, ID 83847 208.290.2144 Fishing. Hunting: Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Forest Grouse. F&G Units: 1, 2. BUNGALOW OUTFITTERS, LLC Chris & Sue Anderson PO Box 1835, Orofino, ID 83544 208.476.9091 Hunting: Bear, Cougar, Elk, Deer, Predators, Forest Grouse. Trail Rides, Fishing. F&G Unit 10 CANYONS RIVER COMPANY Greg McFadden PO Box 823, McCall, ID 83638 208.634.4303; Fax: 888.629.7239 888.634.2600 (Clients only) Float Boating: Middle Fork and Main Salmon and North Fork of Payette Rivers. Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking. CASCADE RAFT & KAYAK Tom & Debbi Long 7050 Hwy 55 Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629 800.292.RAFT, 208.793.2221 Fax: 208.793.3417 Float Boating: Boise, South Fork, Main and North Fork of the Payette Rivers. (Kayak School) Photography Trips, Mountain Bike Trips.

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CASTAWAY FLY SHOP Joe Roope 1114 N 4th, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 208.765.3133; Fax: 208.765.4646 Drift Boat and Walk and Wade Fishing on Coeur d’Alene River. Power Boat Fishing on Hayden Lake and Lateral Coeur d’Alene Chain Lakes.

CASTLE CREEK OUTFITTERS Shane & Bambi McAfee PO Box 2008, Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.2548 Hunting: Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Goat, Bear, Sheep, Cougar, Wolf, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Pack Trips. F&G Units: 21A, 28, 29, 30. CLEARWATER DRIFTERS Evelyn Kaide PO Box 1661, Orofino, ID 83544 208.476.3531; Fax: 208.476.7952 Float Boating: Clearwater River. Power Boating: Clearwater River, Dworshak Reservoir. Fishing. COEUR D’ALENE RIVER BIG GAME OUTFITTERS Gary & Jan Sylte 11508 E. Nunn Road, Athol, ID 83801 208.683.2154; Fax: 208.683.2154 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Bear, Cougar. Trail Rides, Day Hikes, Backpacking, Walk & Wade Fishing. F&G Unit: 4. DIAMOND D RANCH, INC. Thomas & Linda Demorest PO Box 1555, Boise, ID 83701 800.222.1269, 208.336.9772 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Sheep, Bear, Cougar, Predators. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, (Guest Ranch). F&G Unit: 27. DRY RIDGE OUTFITTERS Kevin & Debbie Little 160 N 4th St. E, Driggs, ID 83422 208.354.2284 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Snowmobiling, Trail Rides, Pack Trips. F&G Units: 62, 62A, 65.

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ECHO RIVER TRIPS Zach Collier, Dick Linford & Joe Daly 116 Oak Street #1 Hoodriver, OR 97031 800.652.3246, 541.386.2271 Fax: 541.386.1362 Float Boating: Middle Fork of the Salmon River. ELK CREEK OUTFITTERS Trent Bullock 9855 Dewey Road, Emmett, ID 83617 208.365.3895 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Bear, Cougar. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Snowmobiling. F&G Unit 20A. ELK SPRINGS OUTFITTERS Albert Bayer PO Box 1429, McCall, ID 83638 208.469.9999 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Goat, Moose, Sheep, Bear, Cougar, Wolf. Fishing, Trail Rides. F&G Units: 19A, 20A, 24, 26 EPLEY’S WHITEWATER ADVENTURES Connie & Steve Zeller 3530 Enfield Ave., Elko, NV 89801 800.233.1813, 208.628.3586 Rafting: Lower Salmon River. Chukar Hunting, Fishing. ESCAPE ADVENTURES, INC. Heather & Jared Fisher 10575 Discovery Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89135 800.596.2953; Fax: 702.838.6968 Mountain Biking. F&G Units: 33,35,39


Amy Sinclair PO Box 1231, Riggins, ID 83549 208.628.3484, 800.992.3484 Fax: 208.628.4109 Float & Power Boating: Main and Lower Salmon River. Chukar Hunting, Fishing. See ad page 14

FAR & AWAY, INC. Steve & Annie Lentz PO Box 54, Sun Valley, ID 83353 208.726.8888; Fax: 208.726.2288 Rafting: Middle Fork Salmon, Owyhee and Jarbidge/Bruneau Rivers. Fishing, Backpacking, Chukar Hunting. FLOW ADVENTURES Jon & Jeanie Wilmot PO Box 9824, Spokane, WA 99209 866.808.4940; 509.242.8699 Float Boating: Lower Salmon River. Chukar & Hungarian Partridge Hunting, Fishing, Photography Trips.

GARDEN VALLEY TRAIL RIDES Mary Jo Dawson PO Box 567, Garden Valley, ID 83622 208.954.0121 Fishing, Trail Rides, Llama Packing, Photography Trips. F&G Unit 33. HAMILTON OUTFITTERS Blaine Hamilton PO Box 112, Delco ID 83323 208.312.2064 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Snowmobiling, (Guest Ranch). F&G Units: 66, 66A, 67, 76.

FLYING B RANCH Robert C. Burlingame, Joseph Peterson, Jeremi Syron 2900 Lawyer Creek Road Kamiah, ID 83536 208.935.0755; Fax: 208.935.0705 Float Boating: Clearwater River. Power Boating: Dworshak Reservoir. Hunting: Deer, Elk, Goat, Sheep, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse, Chukar, Pheasant, Hungarian Partridge, Quail, Turkey. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Snowmobiling, Photography Trips. F&G Units: 10, 10A, 11A, 12, 15, 16, 16A, 17.

HEISE EXPEDITIONS/HEISE ZIP LINE Mike Quinn 5116 Heise Road, Ririe, ID 83443 208.538.7453; Fax: 208.538.6039 Power Boating: Snake River. Fishing: on the South Fork of the Snake River. Zip Line.

FLYING RESORT RANCHES, INC. Tammy Overacker 9 Hamner Drive, Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.6295; Fax: 208.756.6378 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Goat, Sheep, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking. F&G Units: 20A, 26, 27.


Mark Yates PO Box 159, Oxbow, OR 97840 800.422.3568 or 541.785.3352 Fax: 541.785.3353 or Power Boating: Snake River Birds of Prey and Hells Canyon of the Snake River. (Day Trips, Jetbacks), Brownlee, Oxbow & Hells Canyon Reservoirs. Fishing, Backpacking. See ad page 14

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HIGH ADVENTURE RIVER TOURS Randy McBride 1211 E 2350 S, Hagerman, ID 83332 208.837.9005 Float Boating: Middle Snake River. Power Boating: Salmon Falls Reservoir. Fishing, Chukar Hunting. HOLE-IN-THE-WALL LODGE Jason Cataldo 935 Fish Creek Road Alberton, MT 59820 800.683.6500; Fax: 888.635.4870 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Sheep, Moose, Cougar, Wolf, Bear, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking. F&G Unit 10. HOLIDAY RIVER EXPEDITIONS OF IDAHO Harold “Frogg” Stewart & Dee Holladay 544 E 3900 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84107 800.624.6323, 801.266.2087 Fax: 801.266.1448 Float Boating: Main and Lower Salmon River. Fishing. HORSE CREEK OUTFITTERS, INC. Adam Beaupre PO Box 128, Challis, ID 83226 208.879.5084 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Goat, Sheep, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Wolf, Forest Grouse. Fishing. Trail Rides, Backpacking. F&G Unit: 21.

FLYING V OUTFITTERS Andrew & Kathy Dunyon PO Box 586, New Meadows, ID 83654 208.347.2760 Hunting: Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse, Bobcat, Wolf. F&G Units: 22, 23, 24, 32A

HELFRICH RIVER OUTFITTERS Ken Helfrich 42091 McKenzie Hwy. Springfield, OR 97478 Phone/Fax: 541.896.3017 Float Boating: Lower and Middle Fork Salmon River. Fishing.

HELLS CANYON RAFT, INC. Kurt & Heidi Armacost PO Box 4610, McCall, ID 83638 800.523.6502, 208.634.6366 Float Boating: Hells Canyon of the Snake and Lower Salmon Rivers. Chukar Hunting, Fishing.

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HUGHES RIVER EXPEDITIONS, INC. Jerry Hughes & Carole Finley PO Box 217, Cambridge, ID 83610 800.262.1882, 208.257.3477 Fax: 208.257.3476 Float Boating: Middle Fork and Lower Salmon, and Hells Canyon of the Snake Rivers. Hunting: Chukar, Forest Grouse, Hungarian Partridge. Fishing, Backpacking. IDAHO ADVENTURES Mark & Kristin Troy PO Box 834, Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.2986; Fax: 208.756.6373 Float Boating: Main Salmon River. Chukar Hunting, Fishing, Backpacking, Photography Trips, Family Whitewater Rafting. IDAHO AFLOAT dba for ADVENTURES IN RECREATION David Colbert, Sr. 100 Howe St., Anaconda, MT 59711 800.700.2414; Fax: 406.563.7728 Float Boating: Hells Canyon of the Snake, Main and Lower Salmon Rivers. Fishing. IDAHO GUEST RANCH dba for DRYBUCK MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE Bryan Moses PO Box 55, Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629 208.949.9229 Trail Rides, Backpacking, Day Hikes, Llama Packing, Mountain Biking, Photography Trips. F&G Units 32, 32A

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IDAHO GUIDE SERVICE, INC. Olin & Shelley Gardner 563 Trotter Drive Twin Falls, ID 83301 1.888.73.Idaho, 208.734.4998 Float Boating: Middle Snake and Lower Salmon Rivers. Power Boating: Middle Snake River. Chukar Hunting. Fishing, Mountain Biking. Canoeing & Kayaking.

IDAHO RIVER JOURNEYS Robert J. Volpert & Mary Papale PO Box 1415, Salmon, ID 83467 888.997.8399, 208.756.8116 Fax: 208.485.4454 Float Boating: Middle Fork and Main Salmon River. Fishing.

KINGFISHER RIVER TRIPS, INC. Bruce & Pam King 5625 SW 182nd Ave., Aloha, OR 97007 503.649.6768; Fax 503.649.4858 Power Boating: Lower Salmon and Hells Canyon of the Snake Rivers. Fishing, Chukar Hunting.

IDAHO WHITEWATER UNLIMITED, INC. J. B. Lawler PO Box 570, Garden Valley, ID 83622 208.462.1900; Fax: 208.462.1901 Float Boating: Main, North Fork and South Fork of the Payette River.

KOOKABURRA RAFTING LLC Chris, April, David & Sharon Osgood 1115 Hwy 95 S., Salmon, ID 83467 888.654.4386 Phone/Fax: 208.756.4386 Rafting: Main Salmon River. Chukar Hunting, Fishing (Steelhead).

IDAHO WILDERNESS COMPANY Steve & Michelle Zettel PO Box 795, Challis, ID 83226 208.879.4700; Fax: 208.879.4701 Float Boating: Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Sheep, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse, Chukar. Fishing, Trail Rides. F&G Unit 26 JUNIPER MOUNTAIN OUTFITTERS Paul & Lisa Meholchick 15462 Barrett View Circle Caldwell, ID 83607 208.454.1322; Fax 208.454.0738 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Antelope, Sheep, Bear, Cougar. Fishing, Trail Rides, Snowmobiling. F&G Units 25, 33, 38, 40, 42. K-BEAR RIVER ADVENTURES, INC. Mason Kiebert 207 Sherwoods Rd., Sagel, ID 83860 208.290.3737 Float Boating: Main Salmon River. Kayak Support, Lodge Trips, Corporate Adventures.

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KORELL OUTFITTERS Chris, Randi & Cody Korell PO Box 653, Emmett, ID 83617 208.584.3884 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Sheep, Goat, Bear, Cougar, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Photography Trips. F&G Units: 35, 39. LAKE CHARTERS, INC. I, II Don & Susan Houk W. 1904 Kidd Island Road Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 208.667.3474 Charter Boat Fishing on Lake Coeur d’Alene, Lake Pend Oreille, St. Joe River. LAKE N LEATHER OUTFITTERS Leo & Dee Crane 2134 Canyon Creek Road Orofino, ID 83544 208.476.5971; Fax: 208.476.4090 Power Boating: Dworshak Reservoir. Hunting: Elk, Deer, Bear, Goat, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing. F&G Unit: 10.

LEWIS AND CLARK TRAIL ADVENTURES Wayne & Gia Fairchild PO Box 9051, Missoula, MT 59801 406.728.7609 Float Boating: Lochsa and Main Salmon Rivers. Fishing, Backpacking, Mountain Biking, Photography Trips. LOCHSA RIVER OUTFITTERS Jacey Nygaard & Sherry Nygaard 9133 Hwy. 12 Lowell Kooskia, ID 83539 208.926.4149; Fax: 208.926.4149 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Goat, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing (Steelhead Fishing on Clearwater River). Trail Rides, Backpacking, Summer Pack Trips, Photography Trips. Float Boating: Clearwater and Selway Rivers. F&G Units: 12, 16, 16A, 17. LOCKEY U OUTFITTERS. INC Frank & Theresa Schmitz PO Box 392, Grangeville, ID 83530 208.983.1802; Fax: 208.983.7517 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear, Cougar. Fishing, Trail Rides. F&G Units: 14, 15. Guest Ranch. MACKAY BAR OUTFITTERS & GUEST RANCH Buck & Joni Dewey PO Box 340, Grangeville, ID 83530 208.965.8355 Power Boating: Main Salmon River. Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Goat, Sheep, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Chukar, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, (Guest Ranch). F&G Units: 19, 19A, 20, 20A, 21.


Inez D’Arcangelo & Scott Farr Grand Central Station PO Box 4566 New York, NY 10163-4566 212.972.1095; Fax: 212.953.0890 Inez: Scott: Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Sheep, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Chukar, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking. F&G Unit: 27. See ad page 15 MIDDLE FORK OUTFITTERS Ron & Karla Ens 990 Silver Creek Rd. Challis, ID 83226 509.671.7126, 509.671.7127 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Goat, Moose, Sheep, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, (Guest Ranch, Guide School). F&G Units: 27, 28. MIDDLE FORK RAPID TRANSIT Grant Porter 12410 N Humphrey’s Way Boise, ID 83714 888.433.5628, 208.338.9162 Fax: 208.338.9162 Float Boating: Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Chukar Hunting, Fishing.

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MIDDLE FORK RIVER EXPEDITIONS, INC. James Ellsworth Box 70, Stanley, ID 83278 800.801.5146 Float Boating: Middle Fork and Main Salmon River. Chukar Hunting, Fishing. MIDDLE FORK RIVER TOURS Clint & Molly Frank 601 N 6th Ave., Sandpoint, ID 83864 208.263.9199, 800.445.9738 Float Boating: Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Hunting: Chukar, Forest Grouse. Fishing. MIDDLE FORK WILDERNESS OUTFITTERS, INC. Eric Snell PO Box 7911, Boise, ID 83707 208.720.2823, 800.726.0575 Fax: 208.333.0003 Float Boating: Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Fishing, Chukar Hunting, Photography Trips. MILE HIGH OUTFITTERS OF IDAHO, INC. Travis & Brenda Bullock PO Box 1189, Challis, ID 83226 208.879.4500 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Sheep, Goat, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Chukar, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking. F&G Units: 20A, 26, 36, 36B. MOMENTUM RIVER EXP. Pete Wallstrom 1257 Siskiyou Blvd. #1178 Ashland, OR 97520 541.488.2525 idaho-rafting-trips.php Float Boating: Main Salmon River.

MACKAY WILDERNESS RIVER TRIPS, INC. Brent Estep 1801 N 17th St., Boise, ID 83702 800.635.5336, 208.344.1881 Fax: 208.344.1882 Float Boating: Middle Fork and Main Salmon River. Fishing.

MEADOW CREEK OUTFITTERS/ YAHOO CORRALS Cheryl Bransford 269 McKenzie Road White Bird, ID 83554 208.839.2424 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Wolf, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides. F&G Units: 14, 16A, 17.

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Jess & Brenda Baugh PO Box 1459, Riggins, ID 83549 208.628.3733, 888.547.4837 Fax: 208.628.3869 Float Boating & Fishing (Steelhead, Salmon, Bass) Lower Salmon and Hells Canyon of the Snake Rivers. See ad page 15 MOUNTAIN TRAVEL SOBEK Danilo Bonilla, River Manager & Tom Lee, Owner 1266 66th St. #4 Emeryville, CA 94608 800.227.2384; Fax: 510.594.6001 Float Boating: Middle Fork Salmon River. MYSTIC SADDLE RANCH, LLC Jeff & Deb Bitton HC 64, Box 9951, Stanley, ID 83278 208.774.3591; Fax: 208.774.3455 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Horse Pack Trips, Backpacking. F&G Units: 36, 27. NATIONAL OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP SCHOOL Abby Warner, Director 1690 East 2000 South Driggs, ID 83422 208.354.8443; Fax 208.354.8084 teton/ Float Boating: Owyhee and Main Salmon Rivers. NORTH IDAHO MOUNTAIN OUTFITTING Travis Clemenson PO Box 432, Nordman, ID 83848 208.610.9844 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Wolf, Forest Grouse. Trail Rides. F&G Units 1, 4

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Curtis Chang & George Wendt 1127 Airway Ave., Lewiston, ID 83501 208.743.4201; Fax: 208.743.7383; Float Boating: Middle Fork, Main, and Lower Salmon and Hells Canyon of the Snake Rivers. Chukar Hunting, Fishing, Mountain Biking. See ad page 14 ORANGE TORPEDO TRIPS Jim Crystal & Erik Weiseth 806 SW Broadway #300 Portland, OR 97205 800.635.2925, 541.479.5061 Fax: 541.471.0995 Fishing. Float Boating (Inflatable Kayaks): Main and Lower Salmon River. PIONEER OUTFITTERS Devan Jackson HC 64 Box 9959, Stanley, ID 83278 208.774.3737 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Sheep, Antelope, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Wagon Rides, Sleigh Rides. F&G Unit: 36. PISTOL CREEK OUTFITTERS Dave Dewey, Ranch Manager HC 83 Box 8110, Cascade, ID 83611 254.378.8739 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse, Chukar. Fishing, Trail Rides. F&G Unit: 27. QUARTER CIRCLE A OUTFITTERS Rick & Jason Hussey 275 Iron Creek Rd., Salmon, ID 83467 208.894.2451 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides. F&G Unit: 17.

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RAFTER C GUIDE AND OUTFITTING, INC. Kelly & Stephanie Christensen 2888 Chesterfield Road Bancroft, ID 83217 208.547.4062 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Wolf. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking. F&G Units 66, 67. RED HORSE MOUNTAIN RANCH Cory Inouye 11077 East Blue Lake Road Harrison, ID 83833 208.689.9680; Fax: 208.689.9686 Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Snowmobiling. Hunting: Elk, Deer, Predators, Forest Grouse. F&G Unit: 3 RIDGERUNNER OUTFITTERS Dick & Nedra Andersen PO Box 756, Kamiah, ID 83536 801.633.3264 Hunting: Elk, Moose, Deer, Goat, Bear, Cougar, Forest Grouse. Pack Trips, Trail Rides, Photography Trips, Fishing. F&G Unit: 10 RIVER OF NO RETURN WILDERNESS OUTFITTERS Breann Westfall 2 East Bannock Rd., Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.7002 Float Boating: Main Salmon River. Anadromous Fishing, Kayaking, Chukar Hunting. RIVERS WEST OUTFITTERS, INC. Al Latch 3830 Hwy 13, Stites, ID 83552 208.926.4988 Hunting (Archery and Rifle Seasons): Elk, Deer (Whitetail Ranch Hunts in November), Bear, Cougar, Predators, Chukar. Fishing (Steelhead & Salmon), Snowmobiling. Float Boating: Clearwater River. Power Boating: Clearwater River. F&G Unit: 15.

ROBSON OUTFITTERS, LLC Gary & Marlene Robson 11185 N. Hwy. 32, Felt, ID 83424 208.456.2805 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Snowmobiling. F&G Units: 62, 62A, 65. ROCKY MOUNTAIN RIVER TOURS/ SAWTOOTH ADVENTURE COMPANY Jared Hopkinson PO Box 206, Stanley, ID 83278 208.345.2400 Float Boating: Main, Middle Fork and Upper Salmon Rivers. Fishing, Mountain Biking. ROW ADVENTURES Peter Grubb & Betsy Bowen PO Box 579, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816 800-451-6034; Fax: 208.667.6506 Float Boating: Lower and Middle Fork of the Salmon, Hells Canyon of the Snake, Coeur d’Alene, Clearwater, Bruneau/Jarbidge, Lochsa, Moyie, Owyhee, St. Joe, and Selway Rivers. Fishing, Chukar Hunting, Backpacking. SALMON RAFT LLC Christopher Demo & Lauren Curtis PO Box 3112, McCall, ID 83638 208.315.2429; Fax: 877.343.7350 Float Boating: Lower Salmon River. Fishing, Walk & Wade Fishing, Chukar Hunting. SALMON RIVER EXPERIENCE, INC. Charles Boyd PO Box 9145, Moscow, ID 83843 800.892.9223, 208.882.2385 Fax: 208/882-2385 Fishing, Mountain Biking. Float Boating (Including Kayaking): Lower Salmon, Hells Canyon of the Snake & St. Maries Rivers.

SALMON RIVER TOURS CO., INC. Michael McLain PO Box 7, North Fork, ID 83466 208.865.2375; Fax: 208.865.2239 Power Boating: Upper and Main Salmon River (Jet-Back Service). (Lodging at China Bar Lodge) Hunting: Chukar, Forest Grouse. Fishing. SAWTOOTH WILDERNESS OUTFITTERS Darl Allred PO Box 81, Garden Valley, ID 83622 208.462.3416; Fax: 208.462.2163 Summer: 208.259.3408 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Sheep, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Llama Treks, Wagon and Sleigh Rides. F&G Units: 33, 35, 36, 39. SELWAY INN, INC Mark Tabor & Margery Kuehn-Tabor PO Box 432, Cambridge, ID 83610 208.355.7585 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Sheep, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Photography Trips. F&G Unit 17. SEVEN DEVILS LODGE & OUFITTERS D.R. Bledsoe 4043 Council-Cuprum Road Council, ID 83612 208.253.3014 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Bear, Predators, Wolf.

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SILVER SPUR OUTFITTERS & LODGE, INC. Richard & Deborah Koesel 2742 Dixie Road, Dixie, ID 83525 208.842.2417; Fax: 208.842.9642 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Sheep, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Wolf. Fishing, Trail Rides, Pack Trips, Snowmobiling. F&G Units 15, 16A, 19, 20 20A S.O.A.R NORTHWEST Ari & Danielia Kotler PO Box 1101, Driggs, ID 83422 208.709.8033 Float Boating: Selway River. Backpacking, Fishing. SOLITUDE RIVER TRIPS, INC. Al & Jeana Bukowsky PO Box 907, Merlin, OR 97532 800.396.1776, 541.476.1876 Fax: 541.471.2235 June-Aug. PO Box 128 Carmen, ID 83462 208.756.8048 Float Boating: Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Fishing. SPRING COVE OUTFITTERS Daniel & Diana Butler 283 E. Spring Cove Rd., Bliss, ID 83314 208.352.4374 Hunting: Deer, Elk. F&G Unit 45.

SHEPP RANCH OUTFITTERS Tim Turnbull, Mike & Lynn Demerse HC 83, Box 8000, Cascade, ID 83611 Office: PO Box 2340, Bend, OR 97709 208.866.4268 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Moose, Goat, Sheep, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Chukar. Fishing, Trail Rides, (Guest Ranch). Power Boating: Main Salmon River. F&G Units: 19, 19A, 20, 20A, 21.

SILVER CLOUD EXPEDITIONS, INC. Chris Swersey & Mary K. Wright PO Box 1006, Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.6215; Fax: 208.756.3708 Float Boating: Main Salmon River. Chukar Hunting, Fishing (Steelhead & Salmon), Photography Trips.

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ST. JOE OUTFITTERS & GUIDES Will & Barbara Judge 8311 Windfall Pass Rd. St. Maries, ID 83861 208.245.4002; Fax: 208.245.4002 Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Photography Trips. F&G Units: 7, 9, 10. STORM CREEK OUTFITTERS Steve Burson PO Box 471, Darby, MT 59829 406.821.3115; Fax: 406.821.0265 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Goat, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Wolf. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Snowmobiling, Glamping. F&G Unit 17. SULPHUR CREEK RANCH Val Dean Schroeder HC 83, Box 8100, Cascade, ID 83611 877.895.8630 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Bear, Cougar. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, (Guest Ranch). F&G Units: 27, 34. SUN VALLEY HELICOPTER SKI GUIDES, INC. Mark Russell Baumgardner PO Box 978, Sun Valley, ID 83353 208.622.3108; Fax: 208.726.6850 Backcountry Alpine Skiing, CrossCountry Skiing. F&G Unit: 48. SUN VALLEY TREKKING COMPANY Joseph C. & Francie St. Onge PO Box 1300, Hailey, ID 83333 208.788.1966; Day Hikes (Trekking), Cross-Country Skiing, Back Country Skiing, Huts & Yurts, Mountain Biking.

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THREE RIVERS RANCH Lonnie Lee Allen Box 856, Warm River Ashton, ID 83420 208.652.3750; Fax: 208.652.3788 Float Boating: Henry’s Fork of the Snake, South Fork of the Snake and Teton Rivers. Power Boating: Henry’s Lake, Island Park Reservoir. Hunting: Predators, Forest Grouse, Waterfowl. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking. F&G Units 60A, 61, 62A.

THREE RIVERS RESORT AND RAFTING Marty & Dani Smith 115 Selway Road, Kooskia, ID 83539 208.926.4430; Fax: 208.926.7526 Float Boating: Lochsa, Selway, Clearwater and Lower Salmon Rivers. Fishing, Trail Rides, (Guest Ranch). TIGHT LINES Jeff & Laura Helfrich PO Box 117, Vida, OR 97488 541.896.3219; Fax 541.896.3219 Fishing, Chukar Hunting. Float Boating: Middle Fork and Lower Salmon Rivers.


Jason & Susan Harding PO Box 333, Orem, UT 84059 800.453.9107, 801.225.0755 Fax: 801.225.7979; Float Boating: Main Salmon River. Fishing, Photography Trips. See ad page 14 VALLEY RANCH OUTFITTERS Randall Baugh PO Box 242, Stanley, ID 83278 208.720.4662 Hunting (Rifle & Archery): Elk, Deer. Guided and Drop Camps. Alpine Lake Fishing, Trail Rides, Pack Trips, Photography Trips (Sawtooth Wilderness & White Cloud Mountains). F&G Unit: 36. WAPITI RIVER GUIDES Gary & Barb Lane PO Box 1125, Riggins, ID 83549 800.488.9872, 208.628.3523 Fax: 208.628.3523 Float Boating: Lower Salmon River. Whitewater Rafting, Dory Boating, Driftboat Fishing (Trout, Bass, Steelhead, Salmon), Chukar Hunting. Native Culture & Nature Lore River Safaris, Informative Fun.

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WAR EAGLE OUTFITTER AND GUIDES, LLC Ken & Dolly Jafek 1448 S 2150 E, Malta, ID 83342 208.645.2455 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Antelope, Moose, Cougar, Forest Grouse, Big Horn Sheep, Chukar, Bobcat, Predators, Wolf. Fishing, Trail Rides, Wagon Rides, Photography Trips. F&G Units 52, 52A, 55, 56, 57. WEITAS CREEK OUTFITTERS Gary & Sue Haight 211 Winona Road, Kamiah, ID 83536 208.983.9267, 888.983.9378 Fax: 208.983.0100 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Bear, Goat, Moose, Sheep, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking. F&G Unit: 10. WESTERN PLEASURE GUEST RANCH Roley & Janice Schoonover 1413 Upper Gold Creek Road, Sandpoint, ID 83864 208.263.9066; Fax: 208.265.0138 Trail Rides, Wagon Rides, Sleigh Rides. (Guest Ranch, Cabins, Lodge) WHISKEY MOUNTAIN OUTFITTERS Wayne & Teri Hungate 18694 Chicken Dinner Road Caldwell, ID 83607 208.880.2335; Fax: 208.455.5239 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Sheep, Antelope, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse, Chukar. Fishing. F&G Units: 14, 40. WHITE CLOUD OUTFITTERS Mike Scott & Louise Stark PO Box 217, Challis, ID 83226 208.879.4574; Fax: 208.879.5513 Float Boating: Upper Salmon River. Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Moose, Bear, Cougar, Sheep, Antelope, Chukar. Fishing (Anadromous), Trail Rides, Backpacking, Photography Trips, Wild Horse Viewing, Llama Packing, Snowmobiling. F&G Units: 36, 36A, 37.

WHITEWATER ADVENTURES LLC dba for CUSTOM RIVER TOURS Kenneth Masoner PO Box 7071, Boise, ID 83707 208.939.4324, 800.432.4611 Float Boating: Middle Fork of the Salmon and Selway Rivers. Fishing, Hiking, Backpacking, Chukar Hunting. WHITEWATER EXPEDITIONS dba for E & Z, INC. Heinz Sippel & Barbara Eisenberg Five Milebar HC 83, Box 8030 Cascade, ID 83611 208.382.4336 Voice Mail: 208.286.1656 Power Boating: Main Salmon River. Fishing. (Scenic Tours, Fishing Trips, Jet-Back Service, Charters, Contract Hauling).


George McQuiston PO Box 1176, Challis, ID 83226 208.252.1053 Hunting: Elk, Deer, Goat, Sheep, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Forest Grouse, Chukar. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Photography Trips. F&G Unit 27. See ad page 16 WILDERNESS CHARTERS OF PRIEST LAKE Daniel & Amy Cipri 506 Upland Dr., Dodgeville, WI 53533 608.609.4040 Fishing, Sight-Seeing. Power Boating: Priest Lake.

WILDERNESS RIVER OUTFITTERS AND TRAIL EXPEDITIONS, INC./ WILDERNESS INC. Fran Tonsmeire & Seth Tonsmeire PO Box 72, Lemhi, ID 83465 208.756.3959; Fax: 208.756.8246 Float Boating: Main, Middle Fork, Owyhee, and Bruneau (including Jarbidge) Rivers. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Technical Mountaineering, Mountain Biking, Llama Packing, Snowmobiling, Skiing. F&G Units: 20, 21A, 29, 36A, 37, 37A. WIND RIVER OUTFITTERS Michael & Jaylene Branson 5265 Hwy 30 S. New Plymouth, ID 83655 208.278.3706, 800.854.6697 Hunting: Deer, Elk, Sheep, Bear, Cougar, Predators, Chukar, Moose, Forest Grouse. Fishing, Trail Rides, Backpacking, Snowmobiling, Photography Trips, 4 x 4 Tours. F&G Units: 14, 18, 19. WINDING WATERS RIVER EXPEDITIONS Paul & Penny Arentsen PO Box 566, Joseph, OR 97846 541.432.0747; Fax: 541.432.0747 Float Boating: Lower Salmon and Hells Canyon of the Snake Rivers. Fishing and Chukar Hunting.

YELLOW JACKET RIVER GUIDES Alison French Steen PO Box 243, Salmon, ID 83467 928.380.7993 Float Boating: Main Salmon River. YELLOW WOLF RANCH Edd S. & Leanne Woslum PO Box 154, White Bird, ID 83554 208.983.9208; Fax: 208.983.0944 Hunting: Deer, Chukar. F&G Unit: 14. YOUREN OUTFITTERS Kidd Youren 5520 Spring Lane, Emmett, ID 83617 208.369.6146 Hunting: Bear, Cougar, Predators, Wolf, Forest Grouse. F&G Unit 39.

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WORLDCAST ANGLERS Mike Dawes & Jim Hickey PO Box 350, Victor, ID 83455 208.787.0082; Fax: 208.787.0096 Fly Fishing on Henry’s Fork of the Snake and Teton Rivers.

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visit: for more information

The Kohout Company Outfitter & Guide Insurance


P.O. Box 307 • McCall, ID 83638




Independent Insurance Agent ®

Hells Canyon-South Entrance Jet Boat Tours Lodging-RV/Tent Fishing Charters

1.800.422.3568 541.785.3352

•1/2 to 1 & 2 Day Raft Trips Near Riggins. •3 to 6 Day Raft Trips on the Main and Lower Salmon.

•1/2 to 1 Day Scenic Jet Boat Tours. •Charter Fishing Trips by Jet Boat

Salmon RiveR excitement with Tour WesT IOGA Directory | 14

Join Tour West for a five-night trip on the Main Fork of the Salmon River. Enjoy days of exciting rapids and relaxing evenings around the campfire. Call us or visit our website.



and Drift Boat for Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, Small Mouth Bass and White Sturgeon.

Benefits of using Idaho outfitters and guides

An Exclusive Retreat in the Heart of Idaho in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.

• Dedicated to conserving Idaho’s natural resources • Licensed and bonded with the state • Meet high standards of safety and professionalism “…You can vacation in simple yet sumptous style, embraced by a pristine alpine setting little changed since the days of Lewis and Clarke.”

• Highly committed to customer service

– Hideaway Report


• Offer a wide range of outdoor adventure options, from laid-back to thrill seeking



• Certified in first aid

s In es the rn Hea lde rt of the Idaho Wi

For more details and reservations, call toll free 1-877-468-6635 or visit our website: | 15

Outfitters in Idaho's Salmon-Challis National Forest

"Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness"

Tired of playing the lottery for a hunting tag? Come to Idaho where there are tags, opportunity and game available.

We are located in central Idaho, operating out of Challis. Conducting summer pack trips in almost 200 square miles and fall hunts in 160 square miles of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, deep in the heart of the Salmon River Mountains. This is very rugged terrain with no permanent structures; all operations are conducted from wall tents. There is great cutthroat trout fishing, hunting bull elk in the rut with rifles, liberal deer season, good bear and lion, plus sheep, goat and wolves. We look forward to creating memorable experiences with you. IOGA Directory | 16

Call us at 208-252-1053 or visit our website for more information and don't forget to like us on Facebook. Operating under Special Use Permit. IOGLB License #14245

accommodations & dining BEST WESTERN McCALL 211 S. 3rd St., McCall, ID 83638 208.634.2230, 877.824.2230 Fax: 208.634.2969 mccalllodgeandsuites Hotel, complimentary hot breakfast, swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness room, business center, meeting room. BEST WESTERN PLUS VISTA INN Eileen McKnight 2645 Airport Way, Boise, ID 83705 208.336.8100, 208.342.3060 Hotel lodging & meetings. IDAHO ROCKY MOUNTAIN RANCH Sandra Beckwith HC 64 Box 9934, Stanley, ID 83278 208.774.3544; Fax: 208.774.3477 Historic lodge & cabins on 1,000 acre guest ranch in the Sawtooth Valley. Natural hot springs pool, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, spectacular mountain views, a la carte trail rides & river rafting. Breakfast, sack lunch & dinner included. Near-by ghost towns. MODERN HOTEL Michal Lloyd 1314 W. Grove, Boise, ID 83702 208.424.8244; Fax: 208.639.8874 Hotel & bar. MOUNTAIN VILLAGE RESORT PO Box 150, Stanley, ID 83278 800.843.5475, 208.774.3661 Fax: 208.774.3647 Resort. RED LION BOISE DOWNTOWNER John Beacham, Director of Sales 1800 Fairview, Boise, ID 83702 208.344.7691 Hotel and convention center.

SPOKANE AIRPORT RAMADA Jean Berg PO Box 19230, Spokane, WA 99219 509.838.5211; Fax: 509.838.1074 Hotel. SPRING HILL SUITES, BOISE PARKCENTER Amy Parrish 424 E. Parkcenter Blvd. Boise, ID 83706 208.342.1044, 208.342.2763

VILLAGE AT NORTH FORK See detailed listing under Retail/ Sportsmen’s Supplies & Services.

business services CINCINNATI HUNTING AND FISHING SHOW Chip Hart 322 E. Main St., Bataria, OH 45103 877.704.8190; Fax: 513.797.1013 Consumer trade show. ELM OUTFITTERS AND GUIDES TRAINING PROGRAM Michael & Julie Knott PO Box 627, Corvallis, MT 59828 406.961.3603; Fax: 406.961.4915 Training for big game guides, packers, wranglers and camp cooks.


Mike Stephenson 3503 South 10th, Caldwell, ID 83605 800.727.9925, 208.459.6612 208.454.2299; Transport rafters to put-ins & from take-outs, with & without trailers. Shuttles & any other transportation needs outfitters may desire. See ad page 14. G & S AVIATION George Dorris PO Box 280, Donnelly, ID 83615 208.325.4432; Fax: 208.325.7816 Air taxi service. GEM AIR David Schroder 31 Hamner Dr. Salmon, ID 83467 208.993-0179 Daily Flights to/from Boise and Salmon starting at $199. Over 30 years experience flying in Idaho. HARLOW’S BUS SERVICE Jack Hellbusch 14030 Hwy 55, McCall, ID 83638 866.427.5697, 208.634.1089 Fax: 208.634.1247 Bus & van service for all western river guides, outfitters & private party adventures.


PLUTO Javier Barrera 910 W. Main St., #222; Boise, ID 83702 208.891.0550; Interactive design and development shop specializing in digital strategy, implementing e-commerce solutions using Microsoft’s ASP.NET, and building Umbraco and Adobe Business Catalyst sites with custom user interface designs and motion graphics.

charter & shuttle transportation

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SACAJAWEA INN Barbara & Walter Soper 705 S. Challis St. Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.2294 Hotel with free wifi, dog friendly, tent space, RV and trailer parking, laundry, showers for campers and daily breakfast available.


HELLS CANYON SHUTTLE/SNAKE RIVER SHUTTLE Diana Jensen PO Box 128, Oxbow, OR 97840 800.785.3358 Shuttle service for Hells Canyon & Lower Salmon Rivers. McCALL AVIATION Laura Scott 300 Deinhard Lane, McCall, ID 83638 800.992.6559, 208.634.7137 Fax: 208.634.3917 Scenic & air charter flights for backcountry rafting, hunting, fishing, etc.; fueling services. SALMON AIR 29 Hamner Dr., Salmon, ID 83467 800.448.3413, 208.756.6211 Fax: 208.756.6219 Scenic backcountry getaways, flights to all major Idaho airports, cargo transportation, fueling services, instruction, aircraft rental and air charter. SAWTOOTH FLYING SERVICE Mike Dorris 111 Finn Church Lane, McCall, ID 83638 800.798.6105 Complete air transportation for backcountry and inter-city destinations. SAWTOOTH TRANSPORTATION Brian Newkirk PO Box 190001, Boise, ID 83719 208.869.2536 Year round ground transportation services, including car shuttles & van charters for rafters, kayakers, hikers, hunters, fishermen, etc. Airport & hotel transportation.

insurance IOGA Directory | 18

ENTERPRISE INSURANCE SERVICES George VanderMeer 1970 E. 17th St., #111C Idaho Falls, ID 83404 208.552.0999; Fax: 208.535.2272 Insurance.

KOHOUT COMPANY (THE) Mike Kohout PO Box 307, McCall, ID 83638 1.800.800.4413 Outfitter and Guide Insurance. See ad page 14.

SATTLER INSURANCE AGENCY James Sattler 1504 8th St., Lewiston, ID 83501 800.615.8418, 208.743.9426 Fax: 208.748.9433 Insurance for all recreational business needs & bonds.

manufacturers. distributors.suppliers AIRE (ARGONAUT INFLATABLE RESEARCH & ENGINEERING) Shaun Allumbaugh PO Box 186, Meridian, ID 83680 800.247.3432, 208.888.1772 Fax: 800.701.2473 Manufacture inflatable rafts, kayaks, catarafts & oars. ARCTIC ICE Jim Bockelman 605 Riverfront Drive, Salmon, ID 83467 208.940.1853 Block & cube ice. BLACK ROCK COOLERS Andy Grapham PO BOX 73 Belfair WA, 98528 360.434.7986; Fax: 360.275.1555 Coolers (Ice chests). BUCK KNIVES Bob George 660 S. Lochsa Street Post Falls, ID 83854 800.735.2825 ext. 115 208.262.0500 ext. 115 Fax: 208.262.0615 Knife manufacturer.

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CAMBRIDGE WELDING & BENDING Cy & Kathryn Wert PO Box 272, Cambridge, ID 83610 Phone/Fax: 208.257.3589 Firepans, boxes, raft frames, tables. CHAMBERLAIN RANCH Gary Chamberlain HC 63, Box 1770, Challis, ID 83226 208.879.4417; Fax: 208.879.4561 Produce alfalfa and alfalfa grain cubes for packing into the backcountry, certified noxious weed free. DEMAREE INFLATABLE BOATS, INC. Dave Demaree PO Box 307, Friendsville, MD 21531 800.342.8823; Fax: 301.746.5019 Manufacturer of inflatable boats, accessories & repair materials. DUCK’S RAFT REPAIR Mike Hovey 601 N Liberty, Boise, ID 83704 208.375.2161 Raft repair & dutch oven catering. HYSIDE INFLATABLES Dick DeChant 12100 Sierra Way, Kernville, CA 93238 800.868.5987, 760.376.3723 Fax: 760.376.6014; Manufacturer of whitewater inflatables (rafts, kayaks, catarafts, boating accessories & frames). JACK’S PLASTIC WELDING Jack Kloepfer 115 S. Main, Aztec, NM 87410 800.742.1904, 505.334.8748 Fax: 505.334.1901 High quality inflatables, dry bags & Paco pads. MARAVIA CORPORATION Chris Frazee PO Box 404, Boise, ID 83701 208.322.4949, 208.322.5016; Raft manufacturer.

RIVER MOUNTAIN ROASTS Sheila Rowland 313 Augusta Ave, Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.8423 Freshly roasted coffee beans, custom grind/packaging. Personal shopping services in Salmon by appointment only. RUDOLPH LIVESTOCK Norm Rudolph 27998 Wamstad Rd., Parma, ID 83660 208.722.6749 Horse leasing & boarding. SATMODO, LLC Scott Lindsey 239 Laurel St., #101 San Diego, CA 92101 619.238.0205; Fax: 619.238.0229 Rent and sell satellite phone equipment and service. SELWAY FABRICATION Gary Kittridge & Nate Wilson 2923 Montevista Dr., Boise, ID 83706 Phone/Fax: 208.336.1877 Riverbanks toilet.

VANGUARD RAFTS & KAYAKS Holly Anderson PO Box 207, Arvada, CO 80001 866.970.6665, 303.940.6665 303.940.6663 Inflatable rafts & kayaks, sport boats.

retail/sportsmen’s supplies & services BUCK KNIVES See detailed listing under Manufacturers. Distributors. Suppliers. CARL ZIESS SPORTS OPTIC Barton Dobbs 1675 S. Saint Paul St. Denver, CO 80210 303.903.4455; Fax: 303.479.2659 High performance, German-made binoculars, rifle scopes, laser range finders and spotting scopes. CEE DUB’S DUTCH OVEN & CAMP COOKING SUPPLIES Butch & Penny Welch 2976 E State Street #151 Eagle ID 83616 208.340.5113; Fax: 866.525.5504 Cookbooks, DVD’s, outdoor cooking equipment, outdoor cooking classes. RAY HOLES SADDLE COMPANY 213 W Main St., Grangeville, ID 83530 208.983.1460 Riding saddles and pack equipment.

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VILLAGE AT NORTH FORK Ambrose Family PO Box 100, North Fork, ID 83466 888.432.0240, 208.865.2412 Fax: 208.865.2214 General store with fishing/hunting licenses, groceries, fishing tackle and gifts; café serving breakfast, lunch and dinner; 24-hour fuel station, motel, RV park, laundry & showers. Wireless internet in café.

taxidermists IMPERIAL TAXIDERMY Mitch Sanchotena 121 Hannibal, Caldwell, ID 83605 208.454.9390 Taxidermy services. NATURAL ARTS TAXIDERMY Terry Saba 25248 Lansing Lane Middleton, ID 83644 208.585.6789 Taxidermy services. SUNDANCE TAXIDERMY SPECIALISTS Bob Ulshafer 3104 Leslie Drive, Meridian, ID 83642 208.376.6330; Cell: 208.863.8376 Taxidermy services.

SALMON RIVER FOOD PACKS Breann Westfall Salmon, ID 83467 208.756.7002 Custom food packs for private and commercial boaters on the Main Salmon, Middle Fork of the Salmon and Selway Rivers.

SITKA MOUNTAIN GEAR Jeff Sposito 1285 N. Roouse Ave. #2A, Bozeman, MT 59715 406.522.3375; Fax: 406.522.3387 Outdoor high performance gear.

PARTNER STEEL COMPANY Rick Eskelson 3187 Pole Line Road Pocatello, ID 83201 208.233.2371; Fax: 208.233.2536 The best 4-burner stoves, stands, griddles, water purifying systems, coffee pots, John-ny Partner (river toilet) available for outfitters.

SOCKEYE BREWING Tylar Bell 3019 Cole Rd.; Boise, ID 83704 208.891.7817; Fax: 208.658.1955 Brewery.



NORTHWEST RIVER SUPPLIES Jim MacAllister 2009 S. Main, Moscow, ID 83843 800.243.1677, 208.882.2383 Fax: 877.567.7329 NRS Hypalon rafts, inflatable kayaks & catarafts engineered to meet outfitter standards with a full line of accessories.


outfitters and guides code of ethics

guides Ambelang, Andrew Joseph Anderson, Bob Bechdel, Les Bell, Mike Bender, Joel Brookshire, Gary Chroninger, Andrew Demerse, Lynn Demerse, Mike Demorest, Dana Edson, Greg Gehrman, Michael Helfrich, Aaron Helfrich, Kelsey Hovey, Mike Keller, Kris McGowan, Larry Moser, Shane Murphy, Jim Pogue, Dean Rouse, Jesse Schaefers, Steven Sevy, Bob Smith, Ken Tonsmeire, Amy Tremain, Tom

individual associates

IOGA Directory | 20

Blackburn, Joe Chapman, John Cullinane, Ray Davis, Kenneth Fisher, Shelly Krenz, Fred Nachbar, Dick Reynolds, Brian Rust, Mike Simonds, Jess Stephens, Ted VanderWel, Mark

1. The outfitter and guide will utilize his knowledge and skill for the benefit of the public and the profession he serves. He will cooperatively strive to extend the public knowledge and appreciation of his profession. 2. He shall advertise only in a dignified manner, setting forth a factual presentation of the services he is prepared to render for his prospective clients or the public and the cost of such services. 3. If he has the responsibility to furnish boats, stock or other equipment, the equipment furnished shall be safely maintained, operated and handled; the stock in such a situation conditioned to the job at hand. He shall maintain adequate sanitary service facilities and serve clean, wholesome food; both services to be conditioned only by the primitiveness of the surroundings. 4. He shall be licensed and bonded as an outfitter and guide by the State of Idaho and shall adhere to the laws and regulations, Federal and State, which govern the profession. 5. He will support the fish and game laws and will be fully able to use approved methods in the care of wildlife meat and trophies. He shall protect the fields and forests from the ravages of wild fire and support the conservation of natural resources. 6. The outfitter and guide will be loyal to his client or employer and perform his job to the best of his ability at all times. 7. He shall respect the rights of other outfitters and guides and shall not, without just cause, directly or indirectly, injure their reputation or business. He will refrain from expressing publicly opinions in regard to his associates or on allied technical subjects, unless he is informed as to facts relating thereto. 8. He will guard his profession against the admission to its ranks of persons unqualified because of the lack of good moral character or who are, because of inadequate training, unable to perform as a professional. 9. He will cooperate in extending training opportunities to others through an interchange of ideas and experiences and by seeking other means to assure the longevity of the profession. 10. The outfitter and guide shall direct his best efforts towards the fulfillment of his contractual obligations, but he shall do nothing that will infringe on the rights of his guest or the cause of good sportsmanship. 11. He shall practice appropriate minimum-impact camping techniques, and he shall cooperate with other outfitters and guides and agency personnel to continue to develop better methods of caring for the lands and waters upon which he outfits and guides.

Continental Divide Outfitters Cooley, Robert Crooked Arrow Outfitters Dayton Adventures Deadline Outfitters Deadwood Outfitters Dean Helfrich & Sons Diamond Charters Diamond D Ranch Dry Ridge Outfitters Drybuck Mountain Adventures Eagle Charters Eagle Ridge Adventures Echo: The Wilderness Co. #1 & #2 Elk Creek Outfitters Elk Spring Outfitters Elkhorn Village Stables Epic River Adventures Epley’s Inc. Escape Adventures Eureka Center Exodus Wilderness Adventures Exum Mountain Guides Far & Away, Inc. Fins & Feathers Firehole Ranch Fish Reaper Fish Unlimited Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Five Bears Outfitters Flow Adventures Flyfish McCall Flying B Ranch Flying Resort Ranches Flying Spear Outfitters & Adventures Flying V Outfitters Four Seasons Rental Garden Valley Trail Rides Go Fish! Charters Gospel Mountain Outfitters Granite Creek Guest Ranch H2O Idaho Hamilton Outfitters Heart Mountain Outfitters Heise Expeditions/Heise Zip Line Helfrich River Outfitters Hells Canyon Adventures Hells Canyon Raft 1 & 2 Hells Canyon Sport Fishing Henry’s Fork Anglers High Adventure River Tours High Desert Outfitters High Mt. Heli-Skiing Hincks Palisades Creek Ranch Hole Hiking Experience Hole in the Wall Lodge Holiday River Expeditions Horse Creek Outfitters Hughes River Expeditions Idaho Adventures Idaho Afloat Idaho Angler Idaho Angling Services For more information, contact the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board:


Idaho Guest Ranch Idaho Guide Service Idaho River Adventures Idaho River Journeys Idaho Whitetail Adventures Idaho Whitetail Guides Idaho Whitewater Safety & Rescue Idaho Whitewater Unlimited Idaho Wilderness Company Idaho’s Big River Outfitters Idaho’s Premier Adventure Company Indian Grove Outfitters IP Rentals Jackson Hole Mt. Guides Jarrett’s Guide Service JRT Outfitters Juniper Mountain Outfitters K-Bear River Adventures Killgore Adventures Kingfisher River Trips Kohls Outfitting Kookaburra Rafting Korell Outfitters Lake Charters #1 & #2 Lake-n-Leather Outfitters Lazy Bear Ranch Lazy J Outfitters L-B Fishing & Guide Service Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures Lightning Creek Outfitters Lindsey, Richard Linn Ranch Idaho Little Lost Outfitters Little Wood River Outfitters Lochsa River Company Lochsa River Outfitters Lockey U Outfitters Lodge at Palisades Creek Loomis Recreational Lost Lakes Outfitters Lost River Outfitters Mackay Bar Otfs, & Guest Ranch Mackay Wilderness River Trips #1 & #2 Magic Valley Flight Simulation Mainstream Outdoor Adventures McCall Angler McGarry Ranches Meadow Creek Outfitters Melville Outfitters & Guide Middle Fork Lodge Middle Fork Outfitters

100 Acre Wood Lodge 3 Heart Outfitters 4-4 Outfitters 4D Ranches A & L Outfitters Ace Outfitters Action Whitewater Adventures Adventure Guide Service Adventure Guides Adventure Sport Rentials Adventure Sun Valley Adventure West Otufitters Aggipah River Trips AHS of Idaho All About Adventures American River Touring Association America’s Rafting Co. Arctic Creek Lodge & Tours Bar H Bar Ranch Barker River Trips Barker Trophy Hunts/Barker River Expeditions Beamer’s Landing Bear Creek Outfitters Bear Paw Outfitters Bear Valley River Co. Bearpaw River Expeditions Beaver Creek Lodge Bentz River Exploration Big Creek Adventures Big Timber Outfitters Bigfoot Outfitters Bighorn Outfitters Bitterroot Outfitters Blaine Co. Recreation Distributors Blue Moon Outfitters Bogus Creek Outfitters Bolinder’s Country Store Boulder Creek Outfitters Bridle Path Quarter Horses BYU-Idaho Brizendine, James Broadmouth Canyon Ranch Brookshire, Dennis Brownlee Reservior Charters Brundage Mt. Co. BS Flies & Tackle Buckshot Outfitting Bud Lilly’s Trout Shop Bungalow Outfitters Butte Lodge C4 Ranch Calaway’s Yellowstone Ranch Canyon Outfitters Canyons River Co. Cascade Adventures Cascade Raft & Kayak Castaway Fly Fishing Shop Castle Creek Outfitters Cavanaugh’s Priest Lake Outfitters Cayuse Outfitting Clark Fork Outfitters Clearwater Outfitters Clearwater River Co. Clearwater Steelhead Syn. Clearwater Drifters/The Guide Shop Coeur d’Alene Charters Coeur d’Alene Outfitters Coeur d’Alene River Big Game Outfitters


IOGA Directory | 22

Middle Fork Rapid Transit Middle Fork River Expedetions Middle Fork River Tours Middle Fork Wilderness Outfitters Middlefork Ranch Mike Popps Nature Adventures Mile High Outfitters of Idaho Miles High Outfitters Momentum River Expeditions Moose Creek Ranch Mountain Horse Adventures Mountain Ridge Outfitters Mountain River Outfitters Mountain Travel Sobek Mystic Saddle Ranch National Outdoor Leadership School Natural Retreats North Fork Guides North Idaho Mountain Outfitters North Star River Expeditions Northwest Outfitters Northwest River Adventures Oars-Dories On the Clearwater Orange Torpedo Trips Oregon River Expeditions Ore-Ida Council Outer Limits Ouzel Outfitters Payette Lakes Alpine Yurts Payette Powder Guides Payette River Company Pend Oreille Charters Picabo Angler Pioneer Outfitters Piquet Guiding Service Poker Peak Outfitters Pony Creek Outfitters Priest Lake Outdoor Adventures Quarter Circle A Outfitters R A W Adventures Rafter C Guide & Oufitters Rapid River Outfitters Rasmussen Outfitters Rawhide Outfitters Ready Outfitters Red Horse Mountain Lodge Redbone Outfitting Reel Time Fishing Reggear Outfitters R-Fly Charters Richie Outfitters Rider Ranch Ridgerunner Outfitters Rim Rock Outfitters River Adventures #1 & #2 River of No Return Lodge River of No Return Wilderness Outfitters River Time Guide Service Riverroots Ltd. Rivers West Robson Outfitters Rockin’ M Ranch Wyoming Rocky Mountain River Tours Rocky Pines ROW Rubicon Outfitting Rugg’s Outfitting Russell Pond Outfitters

River Quest Excursions S & D Adventures Saddle Springs Trophy Outfitters Salmon Mountain Outfitters Salmon Outdoor School Salmon Raft Salmon River Challenge Salmon River Dories Salmon River Experience Salmon River Rafting Co. Salmon River Scenic Run Salmon River Tours Salmon River Lodge Resort Sawtooth Mountain Guides Sawtooth Wilderness Outfitters Schweitzer Mountain Ops. Seagull Charters Selkirk Guiding & Oufitters Selkirk Powder Co. Selway Inn Selway Ridgerunners Selway Wilderness Outfitters Seven Devils Lodge Shattuck Creek Outfitters Shepp Ranch Sierra Club Silver Cloud Expeditions Silver Creek Outfitters Silver Spur Outfitters & Lodge Silver Streak Zip Line Tours Sinker Creek Outfitters Smiley Creek Lodge Smokey Canyon Outfitters Smokey Mt. Outfitters of Sun Valley Snake River Queen Enterprises Snake River Adventure SOAR Northwest Soldier Mt. Ski Area Solitude River Trips South Fork Outfitters Spring Cove Outfitters St. Joe Outfitters & Guides Storm Creek Outfitters Stott’s Fishing Adventures Stub Creek Sulphur Creek Ranch Sun Valley Heli Ski Sun Valley Mt. Guides Sun Valley Trekking Sunrise-P River Ranch Swan Falls Excursions Swan Valley Outfitters Swiftwater Outfitters Table Mountain Outfitters Takedown Guide Service Tamarack Canopy Tours Tamarack Municipal Association Targhee Snowmobile Tours Teton Mountain Ranch Teton Valley Lodge The Last Resort The River Company Thirsty Fish Outfitters Thousand Springs Tours For more information, contact the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board:

Three Bear Rentals Three Rivers Rafting Three Rivers Ranch Tight Lines Tom Loder’s Panhandle Outfitters Tour West Triple O Outfitters Trouthunter UHS of Kootenai River University Of Montana – Western Valley Ranch Outfitters Vic & LA’s Big Adventures Vogel Outdoor Adventures Wapiti River Guides War Eagle Outfitters & Guides Wayne Hill Outfitting We Scout 4 U.Com Weitas Creek Outfitters Western Frontier Adventures Western Pleasure Guest Ranch Western Spirit Cycling Whiskey Mountain Outfitters White Cloud Outfitters White Cloud Rafting Adventures White Otter Outdoor Adventures Whitewater Adventures/Custom River Tours Whitewater Expeditions Wild Horse Creek Ranch Wild Idaho Outfitters Wild River Adventures Wild Times Adventures Wilderness Charters of Priest Lake Wilderness River Outfitters & Trail Expeditions Wildlife Adventures Willey Ranch Outfitters Wind River Outfitters Winding Water River Expeditions WNG Inc. World Cast Anglers, #1, #2, & #3 WYdaho Outfitters YD Adventures Yellow Jacket River Guides Yellow Wolf Ranch Yellowstone Adventures Yellowstone Arctic/Yamaha York Outfitters Youren Outfitters Z & S Outfitters Zip Idaho Zoller’s Outdoor Odysseys



Boise, Idaho Annually in December For more information visit Live & Silent Auctions, Raffles, Food, & Games

Online Auctions Check Out for upcoming auctions IOGA: Committed to the conservation and enhancement of quality outdoor experiences on Idaho’s lands and waters.



Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association P.O. Box 95, Boise, ID 83701 Tel: (208) 342-1438 Fax: (208) 338-7830


For additional information on Idaho, call 1-800-VISIT-ID.


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Directory 2014  

Idaho is full of surprises. It has a natural and cultural diversity as great as that of any other state in the nation. It’s also a large sta...

Directory 2014  

Idaho is full of surprises. It has a natural and cultural diversity as great as that of any other state in the nation. It’s also a large sta...