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Personal Profile Claire Todd, BSc., M.Inst.Ch.P, Devon and Cornwall Branch Congragulations to Claire Todd on obtaining her BSc in Podiatric Medicine Having moved to Cornwall in September 2008 from London where I had practised for 18 years, I have been gradually building up a new practice. As I had more free time on my hands I decided that this was the best opportunity for me to upgrade my professional qualifications.

It was very beneficial knowing others were there to listen and help when needed.

I applied and was accepted at New College Durham. During my four day induction I wondered what I had let myself in for? The amount of work that we were given was enormous as was the pile of assignments!

I thoroughly enjoyed completing the degree. ‘Time management’ was the hardest factor to overcome for me but I set aside two days each week, and with the support of my family I managed to stick to it. There were some very stressful times and I missed my free time but I feel that it was a small price to pay for the overall result.

I made some very good friends during these four days and we kept in touch throughout the year (and continue to do so) helping and encouraging each other as the course progressed. This was a great morale booster as studying alone is not easy.


Our profession is continuing to change and I believe that by keeping up with our continued professional development we will keep at the forefront.

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Podiatry Review November/December 2010  

Vol 67 No 6

Podiatry Review November/December 2010  

Vol 67 No 6

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