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VESNA – A WILDFLOWER A Portfolio | darkwood67

Some women are wild, some are flowers. Vesna has it all, she’s a wildflower. Both bold and beautiful, she has lured me into her universe of tender beauty and mystic erotism never to be the same again. I thank her for the trip.

Š darkwood67, 2012

Vesna A Wildflower

Almost a Kiss

enter life

defeat is mine

too late for apologies


I'm standing here alone


men's best friends

being watched

Shine on me

I barely Tolerate


industrial siren


I'm the Queen, I'm the Sun

moving up


Breathe Again

the X-factor

life is like an open book

one can find beauty in everything

a tree of life

of sugar and decay

square logic


位 or human aerodynamics

in darkest clouds

candle light

need to be saved

the window of pain

Night Lover

broken wings

red velvet fall

Vesna - A Wildflower  
Vesna - A Wildflower  

a collection of collaborative portraits