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PERSONAL STATEMENT “Blue and Green never to be seen” used to say my always elegantly dressed grandmother, and my spontaneous and confident reply, quoting Coco Chanel, was: “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”. From a very young age I was infatuated with clothes and accessories, mixing them in a way through which I had the impression I was creating my own fashion style. Growing up I realized all the more my real interest in this field and I simply knew that I was born to be a popular member of the fashion industry world. To be seriously involved in the fashion industries is the dream of many young people of our days but only a few make it to the top and ensure a successful professional career. These are the ambitious ones who are talented, have a passion for this job, have acquired professional skills and are determined to achieve their goals. I firmly believe that I will be a person listed in this category, so as I want to stand out from the crowd, I want to invest in my initial flair and future career plans and follow a BA degree in Fashion at UCA in order to expand my knowledge and practice on this field as much as possible. I strongly believe that during my three course years I will have the opportunity to understand the basic principles of fashion promotion, explore the roles of fashion stylist and photographer as well as the fundamental principles of marketing. I am looking forward to introducing myself to research, analysis and interpretation. Since I have developed a stronger passion for my work particularly about fashion styling, I have become more creative and imaginative; I have developed organization and presentation skills, and I have learnt to work within a team. I felt very honored when I did the styling for the school play and receiving very positive comments from my peers, teachers and visitors. Participating in several MUN (Model United Nations) conferences both in Greece and abroad as a school representative has enhanced my debating skills and built up my self-confidence. In the summer of 2010 drawn already into the career I’ve chosen, I was lucky enough to do my internship at ‘’In Style’’ Fashion magazine where I had the opportunity to see closer what this job involves, to speak with journalists and photographers and to realize what is needed for the creation of fashion images and looks. Following that unique and enlightening experience, I attended a three-day Styling Workshop at LCF in London where I had the opportunity to participate in a variety of assignments within the studio and on location. Moreover, I like to pay visits to galleries and exhibitions and read fashion magazines and periodicals. As a person I am friendly, with ethos and respect for others and with excellent communication and organization skills; I am a sports fan and enjoy playing tennis and kick boxing; I go to the gym and attend regular free drawing lessons. I speak and write excellent English and good French and I have acquired very good IT skills. I look forward to beginning my university studies in Fashion and an exciting new life in the UK. Since I believe in myself and trust my capabilities, I am determined to succeed in my new goals.





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Personal statement for portfolio. In my work, I use a variety of experimentations by taking as reference different contemporary art practices and concepts. Focusing on how I can adapt elements from those concepts in fashion styling and looking at works of many individual artists, I have merged my ideas with their techniques as well as the way they present their work. For example, in my first project, I decided to look at my watch as an object; I focused inside of the mechanism, which inspired me most. The cogs and the way they worked together in order to show the time looked like a microcosm. The idea of taking some parts from the watch and use them as prints on a clothing item fascinated me. So, I began using pencils and color drawings of my watch and a collage of some unusual watches in order to explore much deeper all the parts of the watch. After various experimentations, my final outcome was a paper dress with the title: ‘’Seize The Moment’’ and a pair of plaster shoes. The pair of plasters shoes had as heels the winder of my watch with the title: ’’ Watch your Step’’. Looking at Roy Lichtenstein’s work, I decided to experiment with his painting techniques. So, I started experimenting with my self-portrait like a ‘’cartoon’’ using a variety of media, like acrylics, pencil, and pieces of broken CD’s in order to give a sense of a background mirror. Another attempt, keeping as reference Roy’s work, was the idea of exposing his paintings as a clothing line. In order to present that project, I used Plexiglas as a shop window and Barbie dolls as models. In all my projects, I tried to have a strong concept, and make as much research as possible in order to learn from different artists’, architects’ and designers’ works and apply them into my work.


•  Download several images related to your time piece and then make a collage. •  Photograph your collage and modify it creating new outcomes.

Final Outcome.

BRIEF Find  an  architectural  structure  that  will  be  your   star7ng  point  and  use  it  as  reference  in  order  to   create  a  stylized  outcome.  


This dress is inspired by the shapes of Stellar Collection by Missoni. I want to work with wire and foil. The actual shape of dress is inspired by Nicole Richie s head accessories of House of Harlow 1986 line. Moreover, I envisage the dress to be worn for religious ceremonies. It will have a futuristic look.

Final Outcome.

BRIEF Take a time piece and try to answer the following question: ‘’ What elements could you use in order to produce a stylized final outcome?’’



BRIEF Orbits are regular repeating paths that an object in space takes around another one. All orbits are circular or elliptical in their shape. Also, an orbit has a beginning and an end that is usually a planet, a star in spherical shape. Taking into consideration the variety of orbit shapes and after experimenting with materials and shapes, create objects that will reflect these forms.


The Antikythera mechanism calculates star orbits into the different time phases of the day.

Doing this painting I wanted to experiment using color, with how orbits are appeared in the deep sea. Sometimes deep sea environment appeared to look like the ones in space.


This is a dress I made out of a 20m length plastic tube. In order to give it enough support, I have placed wire in it. I also have tried to give it a form which will look like the movement of an orbit satellite. The plastic tube although it is flexible, was really difficult for me to photo shoot. Therefore, I went to a professional photographer to shoot it for me. The concept was my idea, that the black background will make the dress stand out but also it would give a sense of being out in space. Also, with a plain back colour, the eye of viewer will be focused on the dress instead of being distracted by the background. Moreover, having in mind the idea that an orbit surrounds a planet, I made the dress like a ‘’protector’’ of our body. It surrounds the body like an aura or ether.

Having experimenting with orbits to create different styles on a figure, I continue by creating different forms using wire as my main material. These forms have derived from orbit forms.

My References


Portfolio and sketch book


Portfolio and sketch book