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To be the leading industry choice through innovation, integrity and excellence


Fr e s h Innovative Renowned Supportive Tr u s t e d

1 2 re a s o n s to c h o o s e TTG M E N A : 1. We promise maximum exposure due to 10,000+ print run per issue (19 countries of representation + international distribution).

2. We promise maximum readership in excess of 27,000 middle to senior management professionals within the travel trade, per issue.

3. We promise maximum targeted exposure due to official presence and distribution at travel-related exhibitions and events. 4. We promise targeted distribution in airport lounges. 5. We access an additional 80,000 travel agents and tour operators globally, per issue, via the promotion of the digital edition of TTG MENA. 6. We reach more than 23,000 regional and international travel professionals through our fortnightly e-newsletter. 7. We access more decision makers. 8. We offer various marketing channels. 9. We are a globally recognised brand, established since 1996. 10. We promise to include only credible and newsworthy content. 11. We promise integrity and professionalism, in our editorial coverage, as well as in the way we communicate with clients and partners. 12. We are the source of the best B2B information on and for the travel trade industry.


TTG Middle East & North Africa (TTG MENA) is the premier travel trade publication for the region. Part of the worldwide TTG group, it features well researched and comprehensive coverage of 19 regional countries, providing up-to-date regional and international travel industry news – essential to travel trade professionals all over the world. Published twice monthly, TTG MENA is read by more than 27,000 travel industry professionals. It is distributed at all major regional and international travel trade exhibitions and is frequently the official newspaper of these shows. Additionally, TTG MENA is available to business travellers on a number of airlines, in airport executive lounges and on cruise ships servicing the region.

10,000 printed copies are distributed to:

me nt 5% ia C Co n om Org fer pa an enc nie ise e & s4 Tou rs I % n 4% ce ris m n tive Au tho riti es 3% ed





nta l


Re Ca r

% Air li



International 19%



4% as ric Am e

ica Afr

Distribution by Industry


International Breakdown


Distribution by Region

Asia 30% North Africa 19%

Middle East 45% Hotels 19%

Levant 17%

Europe 61%

Travel Agents & Tour Operators 53%

exhibition issues TTG MENA will have additional distribution at the following exhibitions in 2011: Issue



January 15

Fitur Madrid BLOSSOM JAPAN Tokyo

February 1 EMITT Istanbul ROUTES AMERICA Santo Domingo CATHIC Istanbul February 15


March 1 ITB MITT

London Berlin Moscow

March 15 UITT Kiev ROUTES ASIA Incheon GIBTM Abu Dhabi April TOURSIB Russia MTTS Lebanon KITF Kazakhstan AITF Azerbaijan May AHIC ATM ROUTES EUROPE MEES IMEX OTM

Dubai Dubai Sardinia Dubai Frankfurt Oman





Baltimore Shanghai


Beijing Astana


September 15 WORLD ROUTES October 1 IMEX AMERICA

Berlin Las Vegas

October 15 TTG INCONTRI Rimini ITB ASIA Singapore AVEX Cairo November 1





December 1 IOETI


December 15



Abu Dhabi

editorial schedule 2011 JANUARY 15 Fitur, Blossom Japan ñ Destination Kuwait ñ Update Oman ñ On Location South America ñ Analysis Museums ñ Spotlight Africa ñ Forum Duty Free ñ Technology ñ City Stopover Marrakech FEBRUARY 1 EMITT, Routes America, CATHIC ñ Destination Qatar ñ Update Bahrain ñ On Location Austria & Czech Republic ñ Analysis Car Rentals ñ City Stopover Kuala Lumpur FEBRUARY 15 CONFEX ñ Destination Egypt ñ On Location UK & Ireland ñ Spotlight Caribbean ñ Analysis Exhibitions ñ Forum Virtual Meetings ñ Technology ñ City Stopover Shanghai

MARCH 1 ITB, MITT ñ Destination Dubai ñ Update Lebanon ñ On Location Thailand ñ Special Report Turkey ñ Analysis Airlines ñ Spotlight Cruising ñ City Stopover Salalah MARCH 15 UITT, Routes Asia, GIBTM ñ Destination Abu Dhabi & Al Ain ñ On Location Hong Kong ñ Spotlight Russia & CIS ñ Analysis Incentives ñ Forum Business Travel ñ Technology ñ City Stopover Seoul APRIL Pre-Exhibition Issue, TourSib, MTTS Lebanon, Kitf, Aitf ñ Destination Cyprus ñ Update Malaysia ñ On Location Vietnam ñ Special Report Tunisia ñ Analysis Weddings & Honeymoons ñ City Stopover Jeddah & Al Khobar

May AHIC, ATM, Routes Europe, MEES, IMEX, OTM ñ Regional Round-Up ñ Update Germany ñ On Location Red Sea ñ Spotlight US ñ Analysis Meetings & Conferences ñ City Stopover Beirut JUNE 1 AIBTM, ILTM ASIA ñ Destination Jordan ñ Update Algeria & Libya ñ On Location France ñ Analysis Religious Tourism ñ Summer Promotions ñ City Stopover Limassol JUNE 15 ñ Destination Indian Ocean ñ On Location Greece ñ Analysis Serviced Residences ñ Spotlight F&B ñ Forum Future Travel ñ Technology ñ Ramadan & Eid Promotions ñ City Stopover French Riviera

July 1 ñ Destination KSA ñ Update Syria ñ On Location Switzerland ñ Spotlight Brunei ñ Analysis Ecotourism ñ Ramadan & Eid Promotions ñ City Stopover Prague JULY 15 ñ Destination India ñ On Location Malta ñ Spotlight Italy ñ Analysis Spas ñ Forum Luxury Travel ñ Technology ñ City Stopover Aqaba August CIBTM, Astana Leisure ñ Destination Bahrain ñ Update Sharjah ñ On Location South Africa ñ Spotlight China ñ Analysis Medical Tourism ñ City Stopover Sharm El Sheikh SEPTEMBER 1 ñ Destination Oman ñ Update Sri Lanka ñ On Location Japan ñ Special Report Fujairah ñ Analysis Theme Parks ñ City Stopover Bangkok

SEPTEMBER 15 World Routes ñ Destination Qatar ñ On Location Korea ñ Spotlight Turkey ñ Analysis Airports ñ Forum Travel Trends ñ Technology ñ City Stopover Munich & Berlin OCTOBER 1 IMEX America ñ Destination Dubai ñ Update Australasia/Oceania ñ On Location Yemen ñ Analysis LCC ñ City Stopover New York & Las Vegas OCTOBER 15 TTG INCONTRI, ITB ASIA, AVEX Egypt ñ Destination Egypt ñ On Location RAK, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman ñ Spotlight Indonesia ñ Analysis Cultural Tourism ñ Forum Family Travel ñ Technology ñ City Stopover London NOVEMBER 1 WTM ñ Regional Round-Up ñ Special Report Abu Dhabi & Al Ain ñ Spotlight Hong Kong ñ Analysis Unique Venues ñ City Stopover Paris

NOVEMBER 15 EIBTM, World Green Tourism ñ Destination Jordan ñ On Location Singapore ñ Spotlight Spain ñ Analysis CSR ñ Forum TATO ñ Technology ñ Winter Promotions ñ City Stopover Geneva & Zurich DECEMBER 1 IOETI Egypt ñ Destination Lebanon ñ Update Macau ñ Spotlight Philippines ñ Analysis Vacation Ownership ñ Winter Promotions ñ City Stopover St. Petersburg DECEMBER 15 MTM ñ Destination KSA ñ On Location Morocco ñ Analysis Golf ñ Forum Adventure Travel ñ Special Report Serviced Residences ñ Technology ñ City Stopover Milan & Rome

advertising rates Run of paper positions Advert Print Size mm* Double page spread trim: 390 x 550 bleed: 396 x 556 Double junior page 254 x 370 Full page trim: 390 x 275 bleed: 396 x 281 Junior page 254 x 176 Half page horizontal 180 x 266 Half page vertical 360 x 131 Quarter page horizontal 131 x 176 Quarter page vertical 180 x 131 Per single column (cm) 10 x 41

Series discounts ú € 9,000 € 6,800 € 5,000 € 3,900 € 3,500 € 3,500 € 2,900 € 2,300 € 45

Special positions Advert Print Size mm* ú Front page earpiece 60 x 143 1,600 Front page strip small 60 x 266 3,200 Front page strip large 90 x 266 4,860 Back page full trim: 390 x 275 6,000 bleed: 396 x 281 Half page wrap trim: 220 x 550 10,000 bleed: 226 x 556 Full page wrap trim: 390 x 550 13,500 bleed: 396 x 556 Bookend (1/3 page) 370 x 86 2,800 Two bookends in one issue 370 x 86 (x2) 4,000 Bookmark with tape 210 x 148 6,500 Belly band 60 x 600 Price on application Right hand page 10% extra / Guaranteed positions 20% extra * Sizes listed are height x width

For multiple bookings placed within 12 months of first advert 2 adverts 4 adverts 8 adverts 12 adverts 16 adverts 20 adverts

5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%

Series discounts do not apply to special positions

Inserts Weight

up to 49g up to 69g over 70g


€ 5,000 € 6,400 Price on application

Postage Bag Postage bag (front)** Postage bag (back)**


€ 2,000 € 1,600

** Subject to availability and special requirements

specifications & mechanical details Artwork on disc Requirements: Must be EPS, TIFF or JPEG in high resolution, with all fonts and images embedded. Alternatively, artwork must be Macintosh compatible, in one of the following programmes: QuarkXpress, Freehand, Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop with all supporting files, such as images and typefaces included. Colour breakdown must be CMYK. Artwork must be exact size as specified at the time of booking.

Double page spread Trim size: 390mm x 550mm Bleed size: 396mm x 556mm

Full page Trim size: 390mm x 275mm Bleed size: 396mm x 281mm

Junior page 254mm x 176mm

Strip 60mm x 266mm Large strip 90mm x 266mm

Resolution (dpi) TIFF or JPEG must be 300 (dpi) Embedded fonts Fonts must be embedded in the following programmes: Freehand, Illustrator and InDesign. Freehand fonts must be converted to path, Illustrator and InDesign fonts must be created to outlines.

Half page horizontal 180mm x 266mm

Half page vertical 360mm x 131mm

Quarter page horizontal 131mm x 176mm

Quarter page vertical 180mm x 131mm

Crop marks Crop marks must be arranged on artwork. Overprints No overprint on any shape or text

Ear piece 60mm x 143mm

Two bookends Trim size: 370mm x 86mm

Half wrap Trim size: 220mm x 550mm Bleed size: 226mm x 556mm

custom sized advertisements The chart is a scaled-down representation to help visualise the size of an advert compared to the actual size of the newspaper

14cm x 3 columns 140mm x 131mm €1,890

12cm x 3 columns 120mm x 131mm €1,620

11cm x 3 columns 110mm x 131mm €1,485

10cm x 3 columns 100mm x 131mm € 1,350

9cm x 3 columns 90mm x 131mm € 1,215

7cm x 3 columns 70mm x 131mm €945

6cm x 3 columns 60mm x 131mm €810

5cm x 3 columns 50mm x 131mm €675

14cm x 2 columns 140mm x 86mm €1,260

12cm x 2 columns 120mm x 86mm €1,080

11cm x 2 columns 110mm x 86mm €990

10cm x 2 columns 100mm x 86mm €900

9cm x 2 columns 90mm x 86mm €810

7cm x 2 columns 70mm x 86mm €630

6cm x 2 columns 60mm x 86mm €540

TTG MENA City Stopover an all-you-need-to-know yet compact summary of some of the most exciting cities in the world Rising out of the ever-popular TTG MENA destination reports springs our latest initiative, the CITY STOPOVER handbook. This A5 - sized familiarisation booklet has been designed to enhance the city knowledge of TATO professionals from the MENA region, and provides an overview of some of the world’s leading or emerging cities.

CITY STOPOVER figures: ñ 10,000+ printed copies per CITY STOPOVER ñ Each printed CITY STOPOVER is read by more than 27,000 travel trade decision makers and influencers ñ An electronic version of each CITY STOPOVER is blasted out to 80,000 TATO businesses across the globe ñ A link to the CITY STOPOVER is placed on TTG MENA’s twice monthly e-newsletter, which is sent out to 20,000+ travel professionals

Focusing on 20 different cities throughout the year, the CITY Stopover contains a city synopsis along with the most essential facts needed by TATOs to ensure they offer informed advice to customers accurately and in a timely manner. Easy-to-read and packed with fast facts, the CITY Stopover will include information on: ñ visa requirements ñ airlines ñ hotels ñ spas ñ attractions ñ incentives ñ climate ñ public holidays ñ conference facilities The CITY Stopover is a collectable ‘guide book’ for you, the industry professionals, which will be loosely inserted into each of our 20 TTG MENA issues throughout the year.

Editorial Schedule 2011

€­2,000 Full page Trim size: 148mm x 210mm Bleed size: 154mm x 216mm

€­1,000 Half page horizontal 98mm x 134mm

JANUARY 15: Marrakech February 1: Kuala Lumpur February 15: Shanghai March 1: Salalah March 15: Seoul April: Jeddah & Al Khobar May: Beirut June 1: Limassol June 15: French Riviera July 1: Prague July 15: Aqaba August: Sharm El Sheikh September 1: Bangkok September 15: Munich & Berlin October 1: New York & Los Angeles October 15: London November 1: Paris November 15: Geneva & Zurich December 1: St. Petersburg December 15: Milan & Rome

TTG MENA e-dailies for Arabian Travel Market May 2 – 5, 2011 In response to high demand, TTG MENA is once again publishing its popular e-dailies at the region’s premier travel trade exhibition, Arabian Travel Market, Dubai. Set to be held at Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre from May 2 to 5, 2011, Arabian Travel Market (ATM) is organised by Reed Travel Exhibitions.

Header Banners

Side Banners €450 50(h) x 250(w) pixels €700 250(h) x 250(w) pixels

Entering its 18th year, ATM is widely recognised as the leading travel industry event for the Middle East and Pan-Arab world, and remains the premier regional business for inbound, outbound and intra-regional tourism. TTG MENA will produce e-newsletters live on each trade day of the show, posting them out to a global database – in excess of 23,000 contacts – in order to keep our readers up-to-date on all the latest news from the event. These e-dailies will offer all participating parties at the show unique exposure.

€750 100(h) x 450(w) pixels

€­900 165(h) x 500(w) pixels

€800 360(h) x 250(w) pixels

Footer Banners €­2,000 125(h) x 765(w) pixels

€900 240(h) x 380(w) pixels

€­600 120(h) x 380(w) pixels Images may be sent in .jpg, .gif (still or animated) format

*Above rates are for inclusion in all three e-dailies.

email marketing Direct Mailing

Distribution by Region

Focus your sales and marketing campaigns by using our extensive database of more than 23,000 regional and international travel industry contacts to send promotional material directly to your target group. By identifying your target countries or region, as well as the industries you wish to contact, we are able to filter our database exactly to your requirements and email your promotional material directly to your targeted group. Email marketing is a direct, fast and cost-effective way of reaching your target audience. The client retains full control of the content as well as when the email shot will be sent out. Email marketing is ideal for special current promotions targeted at specific audiences of your choosing.

Email marketing rate: 0.50 euro per email contact

Americas 5%

Africa 2%

Europe 28%

Asia 17%

MENA 48%

e-newsletter info & rate card Header Banners The TTG MENA e-newsletter is sent out every 15 days to 23,000 regional and international travel professionals. Containing up-to-date news and reports for the tourism industry in an easy-to-read format, the TTG MENA e-newsletter reaches thousands of industry professionals, delivering the latest news, features and reports by TTG MENA.

€690 100(h) x 450(w) pixels

€­750 165(h) x 500(w) pixels

Side Banners €330 50(h) x 250(w) pixels €550 250(h) x 250(w) pixels

€690 360(h) x 250(w) pixels

Footer Banners €­2,000 125(h) x 765(w) pixels

€­790 240(h) x 380(w) pixels

€­500 120(h) x 380(w) pixels Images may be sent in .jpg, .gif (still or animated) format

TTG MENA website is the regional travel industry’s main source of information and resources. Updated throughout the day with industry breaking news, provides valuable resources, tips and information for travel industry professionals. provides: ñ Daily updated news ñ Online regional and international directory, including information on airlines, hotels, travel agents, etc. ñ Tools, reviews and exclusive interviews ñ Country profiles ñ Events calendar listing upcoming regional and international travel industry events, including exhibitions, shows and seminars ñ Downloadable resources, including the latest copy of TTG MENA, as well as an archive and our media information ñ Uploadable resources where industry professionals are able to upload their latest press releases, news and promotions, which are immediately transferred to our editor A full break down of web stats can be provided on request. Contact for more details

web banners & rate card Static Banners (on all pages) Letterhead Banner Earpiece Banner

650px by 91px 294px by 91px

HOME PAGE Top Full Banner Top Banner Mid Banner Left Banner Skyscrapers Right Banner Mid Full Banner MPU (Mid Page Unit) Lower Left Banner

€2,000 €750

ú 640px by 75px 490px by 75px 170px by 90px 294px by 75px 130px by 120px 130px by 240px 130px by 360px 294px by 75px 640px by 75px 265px by 250px 312px by 90px

NEWS PAGES Top Full Banner Top ½ Banner Mid Left Banner Mid Full Banner Lower Left Banner Lower Full Banner MPU


€550 €400 €280 €300 €400 €500 €600 €300 €400 €650 €200

FEATURES PAGES Top Full Banner Top ½ Banner MPU

ú 640px by 75px 312px by 75px 265px by 250px

CALENDAR PAGE Top Full Banner Lower Full Banner MPU

ú 640px by 75px 640px by 90px 265px by 250px

ALL OTHER PAGES Top Full Banner Top Banner Mid Full Banner Lower Full Banner MPU

€300 €180 €450

€300 €180 €450

ú 640px by 75px 312px by 75px 640px by 90px 640px by 90px 265px by 250px

€300 €180 €220 €180 €450

ú 640px by 75px 312px by 75px 312px by 90px 640px by 90px 312px by 90px 640px by 90px 265px by 250px

€400 €250 €160 €280 €130 €220 €500

DIRECTORY LISTING 1 Year Directory Listing € 2 Years Directory Listing € 3 Years Directory Listing € 4 Years Directory Listing €

Banner Specs: Images to be sent in one of the following formats: JPG, GIF or FLASH

ú 90 150 200 260

(all sizes are width by height in pixels)



TTG MENA 33 - 37 Michael Parides Street Pallouriotissa Industrial Estate 1041 Nicosia, Cyprus

Building 09, Office G08 Dubai Media City P.O.Box 502147 Dubai, UAE

TEL: + 357 22 843 800

TEL: + 971 4 449 5488

FAX: + 357 22 349 966

FAX: + 971 4 449 5489

EMAIL: General Enquiries: Editorial Department: Sales Department: Accounts Department:


TTG Media Pack 2011  

TTG Media Pack 2011

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