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Photography Portfolio

Ioana Dobrトブ

Portfolio The human mind is my favorite place - unbounded, free, wild, and dangerous; an infinite playground.


Projects 1. Music 2. Books 3. Alienation 4.We all are a little shallow 5. Joy and its forms


Nowadays teenagers have a very strong bond with music and so I used the vinyl disc to symbolize music and let this young man do whatever he wants with it and the first thing he did was putting it to his ear. I thought it was a very beautiful image, one that suggests the first psychological effect of music: loosening.

And sometimes the paradox happens, my friend told me the other day that “no matter how much I like a song I have these moments when I can't stand it and the music has to stop.�

I took part in a theater group for a little while. Here we sometimes played a game where everyone sat in a circle and whoever wanted could get in the middle and free themselves from everyday problems in any way they wish. Most of us didn't have the courage but the ones who did, screamed. The concept of civilization slowly fades face to face with stronger instincts and the first form of music is reborn.

Books For me, the saddest thing in the world is that I can't read all the books which are worth reading.


The only image I chose to put in this portfolio without a human character it is also about humans, the authors we come to know from their books. Books give us immortality; we may cheat time and meet Goethe, Baryon, Shakespeare, Tolstoy and so on.

Reading is crucial. But reading is not enough, you have to let yourself enter the story, you have to read those magical books which can offer you the experience of a forest you've never been to.

Alienation Alienation refers to estrangement, division or distancing of people from each other, or of people from what is important or meaningful to them, or of a person from their own sense of self. The concept has many discipline-specific uses, and can refer both to a personal psychological state (subjectively) and to a type of social relationship (objectively).

They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I say that what doesn't kill you simply makes you want to die.

When there is nothing left but your pain you begin to assign value to it, you actually feel superior due to your pain; it is your most valuable possession. This is of course a body's natural defence mechanism.

I took this expressive self portrait three years ago when I was going through a difficult time in my life. This photograph will always mean to me the loss of my first love. It is completely unmodified; the overlap effect is due to the fact that it was made through a window. I wanted to capture the whole image; I wanted both myself and the unstoppable rain in the composition so I used the window. The weather outside was perfect to symbolize my feelings. The raindrops were just a pretext, perfectly reflecting my own sorrow.

They say the most powerful man is the one with nothing to lose anymore but I have nothing to lose anymore and power is the last thing I feel.

We all are a little shallow

“She may be evil but she has style.� Wondrous beauty and style have always been associated with evil, and is like a shadow-this evil- it has no real substance of its own, it is simply a lack of light.

Embellishments, from jewelry to make up, always appear to compensate a certain inner vacuum.

In this picture I wanted to play with the colors and the shadows but also with the concept of social status which is symbolized by the frame that the character holds. We all enframe ourselves, creating a false image reflecting a certain type of status, which society perceives as successful.

No matter how much we like to believe we are spiritual creatures, everyday we cherish the exterior, because our brain works in symbols and is easily influenced by appearances. Whether we like it or not, our brain will perceive well dressed persons as successful and the other way round.

Joy and its forms

So much has been said about sorrow: so much poetry, so much literature, so many songs; just so much. But meanwhile I see people smiling every day. And it's still beautiful, still one of the best feelings.

“I wanted to ask her from where does she have so much mystery.�

I don't get it, how can anybody say the fall is their favorite season when summer exists?

An ode to Joy I am full up of people running from happiness, of people doubting happiness, of people settling for less than happiness. I am full of sorrow and talking about sorrow, I got it: life is hard for all of us. I can't imagine how can someone say “I am unhappy” and then do nothing to change that.“Where ignorance is bliss 'tis folly to be wise” is scientifically proved wrong (by Martin E. P. Seligman in Authentic Happiness). All the smart people I know are, usually, happy people and I think that is pretty logical. We should give happiness its rightful place because the truth is nobody looks behind and remembers how sad they were. We all remember the times of adventure, of joy, of pure happiness. In life there is no truth, there is only perception. That's why where some see only darkness others see light, where some see dead ends others find inspiration so I think it is our choice every single moment whether we are happy or not. As Sartre once said “Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself.”

Photography Portfolio  

The human mind is my favorite place, so what I tried in this portfolio is bringing up through beautiful images ideas like alienation, joy, s...