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Healing with nature ^ Healing by design

IoA at the Healthcare Design Conference in Orlando

Every November our industry gathers for a few days at the Healthcare Design Conference. It is a time to share ideas and enjoy each other’s company in a fun and exciting atmosphere. For us it is an opportunity to showcase our latest product designs, but most of all, it is a time to recharge. The passion that pervades our industry is contagious and it is what inspires to keep pursuing new design ideas. This year in Orlando we were deeply honored to receive a Nightingale Award for the JJ Pediatric Oncology Chair. This booklet, printed specifically for HCD ‘09, highlights the products exhibited in our space. It also depicts the beautiful botanical art that was the backdrop for our products and the theme for our show. Thank you for your continued support of IoA. Fabio Delmestri VP Design and Marketing

Healing with nature ^ Healing by design

Catesby Collection The Catesby Collection is a new series featuring an elegant wall saving design. A variety of replaceable “boots” are available providing a designer aesthetic with outstanding durability. Availability in a variety of stand alone or ganged seating, finishes and a multitude of options provide a nearly limitless number of possible configurations.

Landolphia comorensis This may be used to increase the activity of stomach digestion, and may therefore be used to assist with atonic dyspepsia and cerebral anaemia.

“JJ” Pediatric Recliner A reclining chair for pediatric patients undergoing treatment including chemotherapy and dialysis. The chair effortlessly reclines allowing the child to relax during the arduous treatment. It is also available with a “game pole”, which supports the WII system, and hydraulic lift feature.

Winner of the 2009 Nightingale Award

Olea Europaea This herb may be used to lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Full House Sleeper Improving the hospital experience for the patient and the family, the larger of the Full House Sofa Sleepers (item #97) opens to a 51� wide sleep surface, wide enough for two overnight guests. The Full House is available with several arm designs or armless, in standard and custom widths. Drawers and casters are optional features.

Artemisia absinthium When made into a tea,Aartemisia can be used during labor to help reduce pain. A dried encapsulated form of the plant is used as an anthelmintic.

Kangaroo Care The Kangaroo Chair was designed to support Kangaroo Care, a natural, skin to skin bonding between a mother an her premature newborn. Its wide back provides an absolute sense of safety and comfort, and the Kangaroo is a favorite chair for those areas of the hospital dedicated to the care of women and children.

Stychnos Nux Vonice A tonic made from this improves the pulse,raises blood pressure and is of great value to the circulatory system.

Annina Glider A new member of the Annina Collection is the Annina Glider, featuring an extremely smooth and pleasant gliding motion combined with graceful lines and superb comfort.

Strychnos Ignatii Bergius This may be used to increase the activity of stomach digestion, and may therefore be used to assist with atonic dyspepsia and cerebral anaemia.

Sleeper Bench The sleeper bench, with its 21” depth (when closed) is an ideal solution for those difficult small patient rooms where a standard sleeper sofa just won’t fit. It is remarkably comfortable for its compact size. The Sleeper Bench has an easy and intuitive conversion to a 38” wide sleeper. It is available in all IoA arm styles (5 styles) or armless, in standard or custom dimensions.


Fraxinus Ornus It was formerly used in medicine to promote intestinal health, but is now chiefly used in children’s medicine.

Connect The Connect Chair, with its smooth and safe motorized movement can be reclined to any position desired, including a flat position. With the touch of a button, the chair can be safely raised all the way to a 32� height, facilitating the transferring of the patient to and from the bed, reducing the risk of injury for both patient and staff.

Cinchona Calisaya This herb is used as a febrifuge, tonic and astringent; valuable for influenza, neuralgia and debility.

In 1887, Franz Eugen Kohler published “Medizinal Pflanzen”, a three volume treatise containing finely detailed illustrations of 300 medicinal plants found in central and Eastern Europe. It was described by S. Sitwell and W. Blunt as “From the botanical standpoint the finest and most useful series of illustrations of medicinal plants.” Köhler’s Medizinal Pflanzen was edited by Gustav Pabst, a German botanist. Upon discovering the work of F.E. Koehler, I was struck by the beauty of the illustrations, some of which are displayed in this booklet. They brought to mind an analogy between the healing power of plants, known and utilized for centuries, and the healing power of design, as it is pursued and artfully applied today by our healthcare designer friends. Thank you, Fabio Delmestri PS: You can see more illustrations from “Medizinal Pflanzen” at:

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Healing by Design  
Healing by Design  

Healing by Design