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HI STUDIO, 94 HI FILM SCHOOL Youth learns to produce films at the Rwandan Film School for remembrance


94 Hi Studio, 94 Hi Film School Pour la Mémoire, un apprentissage à la production de films à l’école du Cinéma rwandais

rt is a thing of natural beauty in its very essence. When used for a cause, art reveals its infinite layers in its capacity to tell a testimony. Art encompasses a wide range of activities; most often talked about are music, literature, theatre, fashion and painting, but less so cinema. Especially when it comes to Rwandan cinema and its tentative steps. It is perhaps easier to talk about the film industry by discussing the obvious; the latest releases at the box office which come up on all our connected devices. Blockbusters by the likes of Spielberg, Eastwood, Scorsese or even Besson and Lelouch productions are more tempting than movies made by Sissako, Ouedraogo or even Olivier Uwayezu. The latter is a survivor of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. It does not require much imagination to grasp why this point in time will forever be engrained his memory. In his, certainly, but not necessarily in yours. Like many, you were likely not in Rwanda during this sad year. Now in his early thirties, Uwayezu witnessed many things during that time when he was barely a teenager. In the Rwandan way, even when one has seriously been affected, bravery overshadows what lies beyond the eye. A joy of life almost miraculously wins over this barely speakable part of history. Boris Cyrulnik calls it resilience, and God knows Rwandans are indeed resilient. This notion does not take anything away from the duty of remembrance.

Par Arnaud Nkusi,

It is perhaps easier to talk about the film industry by taking shortcuts and mentioning the latest releases at the box office


es arts sont naturellement beaux, rien que par leur essence. Lorsqu’ils sont mis au service de l’expression d’une cause, ils se révèlent encore plus par leur capacité exceptionnelle à porter témoignage. Nous parlons souvent de musique, de littérature, de théâtre, de mode vestimentaire, de peinture, et sans doute bien peu de cinéma. Surtout quand il s’agit de cinéma rwandais et de ses balbutiements. Il est sans doute bien plus aisé de parler du 7ième art en prenant les raccourcis des dernières sorties du box office, qui s’affichent sur nos objets connectés. Les dernières productions de Spielberg, Eastwood, Scorsese ou encore de Besson et de Lelouch sont plus aguicheuses que les films de Sissako, Ouedraogo ou encore d’Olivier Uwayezu. Petit poisson pourtant deviendra grand.


Rwandair Inzozi Magazine June 2017  
Rwandair Inzozi Magazine June 2017