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Jean Claude Mutabazi Abayo Attorney M. Abayo Law Firm What’s your favorite destination? New York and Los Angeles: They are cities that I love. The first one because of its « show business » side, balanced by its theaters for a more cultural aspect. I am always impressed as I always discover something new. Los Angeles is a big city. I travel there for tourism purposes. Hollywood, is for me almost a synonym of Universal Studio and of the legendary Beverly Hills. I am passionate about cinema and the music industry. What can’t you leave home without? My cell phone. What’s your top tip for fellow travellers? First and foremost I check that I have my Bible and all my payment methods. Then I can read and philosophize. From take off to my final destination I indulge in my readings. ‘ Le Livre du Bonheur’’ by Marcelle Auclair is one of my favorites. My favorite authors are, amongst others, Dale Carnegy and Léon Tolstoï. When I travel with Rwandair I always start by looking through the INZOZI magazine, then I move on to my books. What do you like about Rwandair? The welcome we get from the crew, and the comfort onboard its bigger aircrafts. I really enjoyed coming back from a holiday in Dubai with my family. This flight is almost of international standards. What is your dream destination? Sydney. I am curious to discover its beaches.


H.E Sara Hradecky The Canadian High Commissioner

Tracey McNeill CEO babyl Rwanda

What is your favorite Destination? I currently reside in Nairobi, so my favourite destination currently served by RwandAir is Kigali! I’m looking forward to exploring as much of Rwanda as I can over the coming years, so I expect to get to know RwandAir very well.

What is your favourite Destination? London: I live in Kigali which is amazing, but London is where my son and daughter are, family and friends and those I love. So going to London is going home to all those I love. It's also a vibrant City with such culture and history, there is always something to see or do or eat!! Fantastic restaurant scene. I am so excited to be travelling Rwandaair next week from London to Kigali on one of the first flights. Such a fantastic achievement, congratulations.

What can you not leave home without? My camera and my Ipad, to photograph and post my experiences on Twitter (@SaraHradecky). I’ve also become very interested in all the beautiful birds here since I’ve arrived in East Africa, so my Birds of East Africa book comes along too. What's your top tip for fellow travellers? I like to read the airlines’ in-flight magazines from cover to cover while I’m flying. These are an excellent way to learn about the airline itself, its routes and destinations, and the tourist sites one can visit in its network. I study the route maps to discover new places I might go, and I even read all the advertising, since it’s often a guide to interesting products and services in the airline’s hub city. There’s a world of interesting information between the covers of the magazine in your hands. What do you like about Rwandair? Great customer service, friendly smiles, on time service, and its easy-to-navigate Kigali airport hub. And of course, I love the smooth comfort of RwandAir’s flights that are operated with the excellent, Canadian-made Bombardier aircraft! It feels like I’m travelling with a fellow Canadian when I board one of Rwandair’s Bombardier Q400s. What is your dream destination? I love nature travel, wildlife, birds, forests, jungles, deserts and the sea. I can’t wait to visit Rwanda’s gorillas, but I also look forward to scuba diving on the Kenya and Tanzania coasts. Let’s just say that Central and Eastern Africa as a whole is my current Dream Destination.

What can you not leave home without? I can't leave home without my mobile phone, modern technology is just amazing, my whole life is on my phone, it gives me all my flight information, I can stay in touch with work and home and catch up with all those messages and emails I've been too busy to get too! I also have a ten year life plan on my phone and on long haul flights I look at it and make sure I am prioritising all those things that are important and that I really care about and making progress towards them. So far I'mm on track!! What's your top tip for fellow travellers? Be nice to the air crew, they have a really tough job, I travel so often and see them being so accommodating and gracious, not only do they take really good care of us they keep us safe. I often take time to talk to the staff as I have so much time to kill and they all have fascinating stories to tell and it makes the time pass so much faster. What do you like about Rwandair? I am a fan, so many things, the modern aircraft that are so clean and well maintained but most of all the staff!. I was once feeling really unwell, on a flight from Dubai and an amazing attendant called Allen took care of me, she gave me a hot water bottle, blankets and moved me to a more comfortable seat with extra room. She was so kind.It was one of the best examples of customer care I have ever experienced. The staff feel empowered to make decisions to ensure you have a really pleasant journey. What is your dream destination Zanzibar, its beautiful beaches, white sand, turquoise sea, gentle people and delicious fish and sea food. Lying in a hammock under a shady tree. What not to like! Its time I went back!

Rwandair Inzozi Magazine June 2017  
Rwandair Inzozi Magazine June 2017