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Flying Further Than Ever Before

CEO FOREWORD Dear Rwandair traveler, Welcome to the last edition of the inflight magazine for the year 2016. As we approach the end of the year, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your continued support that has contributed in one way or another to Rwandair’s growth over the past couple of years. This year has been particularly special for us, primarily due to the remarkable growth in number of aircrafts; our fleet has increased from eight to eleven. In October, we celebrated the arrival of our first airbus A330, also the first of its kind in East Africa, to serve our long haul routes to Dubai and a number of anticipated routes like London and India. In November, we received two additional aircrafts: Boeing 737 and a second A330 Airbus, taking our fleet to eleven. With matched enthusiasm, we are awaiting an additional Boeing 737 due early next year which will top our fleet as the twelfth.

response to overwhelming demand from our esteemed travelers. Using the digital platform, all travelers can now enjoy the seamless check-in process from the comfort of their own home or from anywhere with an internet connection. Expected early next year, Rwandair will connect you further to destinations like Harare, Mumbai and London and by mid-next year, we anticipate to start operations to Durban, Khartoum, Dakar, Lilongwe, Bamako and Conakry. I would like to highlight that your individual and business support throughout the year is heartfelt and to recognize that without it, Rwandair would not be where it is today. I wish you all a safe journey to your different destinations within and outside our network, hoping to see you again aboard Rwandair flights next year. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2017 to you and your loved ones!

Along with Rwandair’s expansion, our list of destination is growing in parallel. I am pleased to inform you that this year we have added two new destinations: Benin and Ivory Coast, taking our current list to nineteen. We have also expanded the duty free selection, in order to enhance customer satisfaction and meet the standards of our growing clientele, where frequent flyers are eligible for discounted rates according to their tier level.

CEO, RwandAir

We also launched an online check-in system, in


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Features | 14-21

By: CYRIL NDEGEYA | PHOTOGRAPHER launched his career as a professional photographer in 2009, following a five year stint as a radio technician and presenter on Rwanda’s first private radio, Radio 10. His entry to photography was led by a strong desire to explore different ways of storytelling. Cyril has participated in multiple workshops including ‘Rwanda in Photographs’ organized by King’s College in 2013 and the photojournalism workshop by Thompson Reuters Foundation in 2015. Cyril was selected as an outstanding photographer from Rwanda for a 3 month residence in the Swiss Alps, where his work was displayed in a photo documentary exhibition.



Cyril is currently enrolled as a senior student at the Africa Digital Media Academy (ADMA), a Rwandabased school that equips students with the skills necessary to excel in all areas of the digital media industry globally, the first of its kind in Africa. Cyril’s favorite gear: Canon 6D body, Canon EF 24105mm f/4L IS USM Lens;Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Lens;Canon Speedlite 430EX IIIRT,Tripod. Flickr Account: , Personal Website:

Rwanda 2016: Moments That Blew Me Away


Dearly Departed

You,who walked into eternity in 2016, I wonder if you can see us winking from the earth.An intense desire to express gratitude to you, whom we loved and cherished, the words “thank you” seem too simple. Generosity traced your path into fame.

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To the RwandAir team,

Dear Rwandair,

I wanted to inform you that we had awesome service from Peninah Gathigira in Kenya on our flight for work from Nairobi to Kigali. She was super helpful in getting us checked in in Nairobi when we were late due to traffic. She was friendly, professional, helpful, and a problem solver!

I just want to say a sincere thank you to the Rwandair’s wonderful staff from start to finish, you were all so helpful and patient. The helpful representative at the airport helped us push the buggy up to the counter and then gave my son a sticker and got down to his level and was chatting with him.

Much appreciated! Regards,  Chrystina

As we walked up the outdoor ramp to the airplane, the Captain was waving at my son and greeted us cheerfully and invited my son to come check out the cockpit. They showed him all sorts of buttons and gadgets, and he was thrilled. They even posed for pictures. The flight attendants were funny, polite, generous and helpful. When we left, the Captain came down and offered to help me carry bags and said goodbye to my son by his name (which he remembered) and then the flight attendant insisted on taking some of our bags. The customer service you provided on both legs of our trip was above and beyond, and it truly made travelling with a toddler much less stressful.

Dear RwandAir,   Thank you so, so, so much for your very prompt reply! The refund has been issued by the airline! As always, thanks for being the best airline with the best customer service in East Africa. Just flew back from Dar this week with RwandAir :).

We thank you and appreciate each one of you and all of the hard work you do. You all made our trip so much more enjoyable. Thank you, you’re truly top class!!

Hope the whole team had a great Easter.

To Rwandair,

Best, Neema

Out of my many trips in South Africa, it was my first time to fly with RwandAir and I must say that they are highly recommended for their excellent customer service!

Greetings RwandAir,

From the counter it the staffs were very friendly and helpful, flight was never delayed, and food is good as well. Pleasant trip overall. Thank you for one of the best flight trip ever !! I will come back!

This is to confirm that our bags arrived safely. Thank you so much for the professionalism with which you have handled the issue. We know it was not easy but thumbs up to you and RwandAir. We are so grateful and really happy flying with you.  Thank you once again, Nafy

Valerie Watson

Mohamed Sidjo


COUNTDOWN Celebrate the New Year at Kigali Convention Centre with exclusive access to our different venues for a glamourous extravaganza of live bands, floor filled music from famous DJs and breath-taking fireworks.

how do you travel?


Sarah Doukoure

Theogene Kubwiman

Managing Director, Engen Rwanda

Managing Partner, Khana Khazana group and Sawa City

What is your favorite destination ?

What is your favourite destination?: My favorite destination is Canada, more specifically Vancouver. The city gathers people from all over the world, every time I visit I get a warm feeling.

A part from the vibrant shores of my beloved home town Abidjan – Cote D’Ivoire, to which I inevitably return quite often, my preferred destination is Cape Town - South Africa. Both cities have a special attraction to me, with a unique identity that I have not found anywhere else so far. What can you not leave home without? My handbag. It’s contains the basic I need wherever I go. What is your top tip for fellow travellers ? On flight, always try to move at least every two hours to maintain active blood circulation. At destination, embrace the local culture and try at least one local restaurant. It is always for me what drives me to return to a place or not. What do you like about Rwandair ? The punctuality is one that always strikes me. The dedication of the crew is another great asset, they must keep it up. What is your dream destionation ? Malaysia.

What can you not leave home without? I can't leave home without my phone being fully charged What is your top tip for fellow travelers? If you travel frequently like me, you should have a carry-on bag with your passport, vaccination cards, headphones, power adapter, painkillers and a bag to fit in minisized toiletry. What do you like about RwandAir? Rwandair, there is a feeling of intense pride whenever i hear the Kinyarwanda announcement on the PA system. What is your dream destination? My dream destination is Havana, Cuba. I would love to spend few months there.

T H E P L AC E W H E R E H O S P I TA L I T Y, N AT U R E , C U LT U R E A N D L U X U RY M E E T Located three minutes from the convention center, ten minutes from the city center and fifteen minutes from the aiport, Ubuki Residence Hotel invites guests to relax in style and comfort. Our 8 Luxury rooms offer you a unique experience of tranquility. You can enjoy a beautiful sunny day by our private pool, the perfect drink made especially for you by our mixologist at our executive bar. Our cuisine, based on fresh, authentic and seasonal products, offers tastes, colors and a combination of unusual flavors in perfect harmony with the nomadic spirit of the hotel.

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On the roads of benin While it is barely visible on the map of the African continent, and it spreads over 114,763 km² with over 670km from North to South, Benin is in no way less noteworthy than the other African giants (with their surface areas). Benin shares 2,123km of land borders with Burkina Faso (386km), Niger (277km), Nigeria (809km) and Togo (651km). By Arnaud Nkusi


old vintage wood signboard with text " welcome to Cotonou" hanging on a branch

A little History If nowadays the news mention the makeshift boats that thousands of migrants are getting on to go to Europe, isn’t it like going back to the situation of several decades ago, after the slave trade?

Local residents of Cotonou enjoy their Monday afternoon at Obama Beach on May 25, 2015 in Cotonou, Benin


ts territory, a narrow strip of earth perpendicularly placed along the coast, spreads from North to South over about 672km. From East to West it reaches 324km at its broadest point. Benin has been facing environmental challenges for the past few years. The North, and its savannah landscape has been affected by desertification and the South by deforestation. In 2014, 44% of the population was living in cities while the urban environment is vulnerable, polluted and degraded. The country is tackling these environmental issues, proof of this is the government website where the environment page is updated on a regular basis. This beautiful country is one of Rwandair’s newest destination in West Africa and it is onboard this flight that we are taking you to discover it, just long enough for you to get to know the essentials over these pages, so that you can discover the details of it on the ground, on the roads of Benin.

How can we mention Benin’s history without mentioning the slave trade which has left permanent marks there? It was Unesco’s initiative to set up places of remembrance which are showcased along the slaves road on the coasts of Benin. Four kilometers, that is how long the slaves had to walk on the way to get to the pier. There they were met with a boat which would lead them towards this dreaded unknown. The true way of the cross has its own remembrance places, full of sorrows:

Sur les chemins du Bénin S’il est à peine visible sur la carte du continent africain et qu’il s’étale en longueur sur 114 763 km² et s’étend sur 670 km, le Bénin n’en est pas moins important que les autres colosses (par leur superficie). Le Bénin partage Deux mille 123  km de frontières terrestres avec : le Burkina Faso (386 km), le Niger (277 km), le Nigeria (809 km) et le Togo (651 km).


e territoire, formé d’une étroite bande de terre orientée perpendiculairement à la côte, s’étend du nord au sud sur une longueur d’environ 672 km. Il atteint une largeur de 324 km en son point le plus large. Le Bénin fait face à des défis environnementaux depuis quelques années. Le nord avec ses paysages de savane est touché par la désertification et le sud, par la déforestation. En 2014, 44 % de la population vivait dans les villes, alors que l’environnement urbain est vulnérable, pollué et dégradé. Le pays prend en compte ces problèmes environnementaux et pour preuve, sur le site du gouvernement, la rubrique consacrée à l’environnement est mise à jour de façon régulière. Ce beau pays est une des nouvelles destinations de RwandAir en Afrique de l’Ouest et c’est à bord de ce vol que nous vous emmenons pour le découvrir, juste le temps d’en connaitre l’essentiel sur ces pages, et les détails une fois que vous serez sur terre, sur les chemins du Bénin.

Slave Coast, Route of Slaves (Route des Esclaves), Ouidah, Benin.jpg



- the auction square: here, slaves were sold; – the tree of oblivion: Gentlemen, go around the tree nine times, Ladies seven, and forget your identity which is now considered a thing of the past; – the tree of potential return: as a compensation for the tree of oblivion, by going around this one three times, the slave can hope for a potential return of his soul to his native land after his death; – the hut in the darkness: the slaves were locked up there for a very sinister reason, to prepare them to the darkness and promiscuity of the hold of the boat that will deport them; – the terrible door of the final exit, without hope of coming back alive: this monument is erected on the beach, it is the place where they would embark and set sail shortly after. The time that has past is far from having erased this dark page of the country’s history. The political history of the nation from 1963 to 2015 has counted almost ten Heads of State who have preceded the recently elected Patrice Talon, an independent politician coming from the business world. Benin gained access to its full independence on 1st August 1960, under the name Republic of Dahomey. It is in 1975 that is renamed People’s Republic of Benin. The official capital city is Porto-Novo and Cotonou is its economic capital.

Economic situation In terms of human development indexes, Benin is ranked 158th out of 189 in the Doing business report, which calculates the ease of doing business, compared to 162th for the previous year. The serious economic troubles which Benin was faced with in 2001 started with the difficulties experienced by the autonomous port of Cotonou, but also with the oil shock, the crisis in the cotton industry, the very widespread practices of smuggling, the overstaffing of the administration but also serious power supply issues created by the droughts.

Un peu d’Histoire Si de nos jours, l’actualité parle des embarcations de fortune que prennent ces milliers de migrants vers l’Europe, n’est ce pas un retour de situation plusieurs dizaines d’années après la traite négrière ? Comment parler de l’histoire du Bénin, sans évoquer la traite négrière qui y a laissé des traces indélébiles ? A l’initiative de l’Unesco, les lieux de mémoire sont mis en valeur grâce à la route des esclaves sur les côtes du Bénin. Quatre kilomètres, c’est la longueur qui rappelle le chemin sur lequel ont marché les esclaves qui allaient à l’embarcadère. Là, les attendait un bateau qui les mènerait vers cet inconnu tant redouté. Le véritable chemin de croix a ses stations de si triste mémoire : – La place des enchères : ici, vente des esclaves ; – L’arbre de l’oubli : Messieurs tourner neuf fois autour de l’arbre , Mesdames, sept fois et oubliez votre identité désormais considérée comme passée ; – L’arbre d’un éventuel retour : Comme une contrepartie de l’arbre de l’oubli, en tournant autour trois fois, l’esclave peut espérer un éventuel retour de son âme ,en terre natale après sa mort ; – La case immergée dans le noir : les esclaves y sont emprisonnés pour une raison macabre. La préparation à l’obscurité et la promiscuité des cales des bateaux de la déportation; – La terrible porte de sortie définitive, sans espoir de retour de son vivant, monument érigé sur la plage, lieu d’embarcation et de du départ imminent. Le temps passé est bien loin d’avoir effacé cette sombre page de l’histoire de ce pays. L’histoire politique de ce pays de 1963 à 2015 a compté près d’une dizaine de chefs d’Etats qui ont précédé Patrice Talon, le tout fraichement élu. Indépendant et venu du milieu des affaires. Le Bénin a accédé à l’indépendance complète le 1er août 1960, sous la dénomination de République du Dahomey. C’est en 1975, que le pays est rebaptisé République populaire du Bénin. La capitale officielle est Porto-Novo, et Cotonou, la capitale économique.

Situation économique En termes d’indice de développement humain , le Bénin se classe au 158e rang sur 189 du rapport Doing business, qui calcule l’indice de la facilité de faire des affaires, contre 162e l’année précédente. Les sérieuses impasses économiques dans lesquelles le Bénin a viré en 2001, sont d’abord parties des difficultés du port autonome de Cotonou, du choc pétrolier, de la crise du secteur du coton, de la contrebande très étendue, des effectifs pléthoriques de l’administration ou encore des sérieux problèmes d’approvisionnement en électricité créés par les sécheresses.

Harvested cotton being piled up in traditional reed stockage under the blue African sky in Benin.


Seule l’agriculture, relativement diversifiée permet au Bénin de garder quelque peu la tête hors de l’eau de cette période économique difficile. Le pays

Unidentified Beninese women transport food in a wooden boats.

Only the farming industry, which is relatively diversified in Benin, allows the economy to keep its head above water during these difficult times. The country however manages to maintain a certain level of sub-regional competitiveness. Benin is dependent on its almighty Nigerian neighbor, because of the autonomous port of Cotonou which, certainly constitues one of the pillars of Benin’s economy, but 80% of the goods that are imported through it are then reexported to Nigeria; The country is very much lagging behind in terms of country planning. Benin lacks a real transport infrastructure, which really slows down, and even prevents true economic development. A true urban planning policy should enable the economic capital Cotonou, and then the other major cities to have access to roadway services. The current situation is that most of the roads are dirt roads, which makes them extremely vulnerable to even the slightest of rains. The true hurdle to economic development is the lack of electrification, which is as insufficient as a regularly interrupted supply. Only 70% of the population of Benin has access to safe and drinkable water, and only 46% to sanitation services.

Des martyrs cotonou Photos de Mayeul Akpovi.

arrive toutefois à se maintenir dans une certaine compétitivité sous régionale. La dépendance du Bénin sur son puissant voisin Nigérian, en raison de son port autonome de Cotonou qui certes, constitue l’un des pivots de l’économie béninoise mais dont 80 % des marchandises importées sont réexportées vers le Nigeria ; Le très grand retard du pays dans l’aménagement du territoire. Une véritable infrastructure de transport maque sévèrement au Bénin, cela ralentit voire empêche vraiment le développement du pays ; Une véritable politique d’urbanisme qui devrait permettre à la capitale économique Cotonou, puis aux autres grandes villes de se doter de services de voirie. La situation actuelle avec la majorité des voies de circulation faite de terre, en fait une proie vulnérable lors de pluies, si petites soient-elle ; Le véritable frein au développement économique qu’est l’électrification aussi insuffisante qu’une distribution régulièrement interrompue. Seule 70% de la population béninoise a accès à de l’eau potable salubre, et 46 % seulement à des services d’assainissement. Quelques atouts Une subvention importante du Millenium Challenge Corporation est mise à la disposition du Bénin par le peuple des États-Unis dans l’esprit d’un accord de don signé entre les deux pays ; Deux accords de dons d’un montant de 300 millions de dollars pour le premier de 2006 à 2011, puis un deuxième de 411 millions de dollars qui couvrira la période de 2016 à 2021 portent respectivement sur le foncier, la justice, les services financiers et le port de Cotonou et la production, la distribution, les réformes institutionnelles et l’énergie décentralisée.



A few assets An important grant from the Millenium Challenge Corporation has been availed to Benin by the people of the United States in the spirit of a grant agreement signed between the two countries. Two grant agreements of 300 million dollars for the first, from 2006 to 2011, then a second one of 411 million dollars which will cover the period from 2016 to 2021. They will cover the following areas respectively: land, justice, financial services and the port of Cotonou; and production, distribution, institutional reforms and decentralized energy. This vision seems consistent with the current realities and has all the advantages of a South-South cooperation which finally (as we all hope) moves beyond just talks and good intentions to become a palpable reality undeniably changing the lives of African citizens. One of the most beautiful symbols of this is the conscious and gradual abolition of intra-african borders which was recently decided.

What kind of spirituality exists in Benin? According to the 2002 census, 27% of Benin’s population are catholics, 24% are muslims, 17% practice voodoo, 6% belong to other indigenous religious groups and 5% belong to the Celestial Church of Jesus Christ. There are other communities which account for less than 5% of the population such as the methodists, the followers of the church of Jesus Christ of the latter days (mormons), Jehovah’s witnesses, the Baha’is, the baptists, the members of the Pentecostal church, the members of the Unification Church (Moon) and the Eckankars. 7% of the population has declared that it did not have any religious affiliation. The statistics do not reflect the true place of voodoo in Benin, its historical birthplace in the 17th century. Many people in Benin indeed practice it along with other religions. It was first demonized by travelers, then fought by missionaries, forbidden in the 1970s, the voodoo cult has however had its own national celebration day since 1993, which takes place on the 10th January and is growing in popularity.

Sport for all Football remains the most popular sport in Benin. Its federation was born in 1962 and is a member of FIFA and CAF. The national team is called « the squirrels » . Many players from Benin are recruited at the international level. Handball and men and women’s athletics are also very much enjoyed by the population. Beyond those sports, originally imported by colonisation, more traditional activities are also practiced such as wrestling or sharro. Sharro is the traditional sport, and it is a typically masculine confrontation where the contenders fight with long sticks. It is a very popular sport amongst the young Peul nomads.

Benin's players pose for a group picture.


Une vision en cohérence avec les réalités du moment et tous les avantages d’une coopération sud-sud qui sort enfin (nous l’espérons tous) des discours et des bonnes intentions pour se concrétiser en actes palpables et qui changent indéniablement la vie des citoyens africains. Un des plus beaux symboles est l’abolition réfléchie et progressive des frontières interafricaines décidée récemment.

Quelle spiritualité au Benin ? D’après le recensement de 2002, 27 % des habitants sont catholiques, 24 % musulmans, 17 % sont praticiens du vaudou, 6 % appartiennent à d’autres groupes religieux autochtones et 5 % à l’Église du christianisme céleste. Il existe d’autres communautés rassemblant moins de 5 % de la population, telles que les méthodistes, les adeptes de l’Église de Jésus-Christ des saints des derniers jours (mormons), les Témoins de Jéhovah, les bahaïs, les baptistes, les pentecôtistes, les membres de l’Église de l’Unification (Moon) et les eckankars. 7 % de la population se déclare sans affiliation religieuse. Les statistiques ne reflètent pas la place réelle du vaudou au Bénin, son berceau historique au XVIIe siècle. En effet de nombreux Béninois associent sa pratique à celles d’autres religions. D’abord diabolisé par les voyageurs, combattu par les missionnaires, interdit dans les années 1970 , le culte du vaudou est l’objet, depuis 1993, d’une fête nationale, célébrée le 10 janvier et de plus en plus populaire.

Du sport pour tous Le sport traditionnel est le Sharro, un affrontement typiquement masculin à l’aide de longs bâtons. C’est une pratique prisée par les jeunes nomades peuls. Le football reste tout de même sport le plus populaire au Bénin. Sa Fédération a vu le jour en 1962 et est membre de la FIFA et de la CAF. « Les Écureuils » forment l’équipe nationale. De nombreux joueurs béninois sont recrutés à l’échelon international. Le handball et l’athlétisme au féminin et au masculin, sont également très appréciés. Outre ces sports importés à l’origine par la colonisation, des activités plus traditionnelles sont également pratiquées, telles que la lutte ou le sharro, une sorte d’affrontement viril à l’aide de longs bâtons, auquel se livrent les jeunes nomades peuls.

La Porte Du Non retour – The Door of No Retun – Ouidah (Benin, West Africa). PhotoSource

Benin’s culture and its ambassadors

La Culture béninoise et ses ambassadeurs

Benin’s literature did not denounce colonialism right away, whether with Paul Hazoumé, author of the first African historical novel (Doguicimi, 1938), or with the novelist Félix Couchoro. The first criticisms of society appeared through Olympe Bhêly-Quenum or Jean Pliya at the theatre in the 1960s.

La littérature béninoise ne dénonce pas d’emblée le colonialisme. Ni Paul Hazoumé, auteur du premier roman historique africain (Doguicimi, 1938), ni le romancier Félix Couchoro. Les premières critiques sur la société ne sont apparues que grâce à Olympe Bhêly-Quenum ou Jean Pliya au théâtre dans les années 1960. Roman, théâtre, conte, légende et poésie sont les principales expressions littéraires du pays qui par ailleurs ne se font qu’en langue française.

The main forms of literary expression in the country are novels, theatre plays, tales and poetry which are incidentally only written in French. The Benin international theatre festival has existed since 1991. It gathers theatre groups over a period of seven days in Cotonou, Porto-Novo, Ouidah,

Le Festival international de théâtre du Bénin existe depuis 1991. Il réunit sept jours durant une centaine de troupes aussi bien à Cotonou, qu’à Porto-Novo, Ouidah, Abomey et Parakou, les principales villes. Il est présidé par Ousmane



Abomey and Parakou, which are the main cities. It is presided by Ousmane Aledji who was last year in Kigali, invited by the Ishyo cultural centre, partner of the African and Caribbean Literatures. The most famous actor from Benin is Djimon Hounsou who is a professional actor based in the United States, and is known for his actions movies such as Gladiator, Blood Diamond, Amistad, Never Back Down, Special Forces and Guardians of the Galaxy. On the other hand, there also actors such as Sylvestre Amoussou or Jean Odoutan, founder of the Ouidah international film festival (Quintessence) in 2003 and of the Ouidah Cinema Institute (ICO) in 2006, who mainly work in France.


Aledji. Ce dernier était à Kigali l’année dernière à l’invitation du centre culturel Ishyo, partenaire des Littératures d’Afrique et des Caraïbes. Le béninois au cinéma, c’est d’abord l’acteur Djimon Hounsou qui fait carrière aux ÉtatsUnis, à travers des films d’action tels que Gladiator, Blood Diamond, Amistad, Never Back Down, Forces spéciales et Les Gardiens de la Galaxie, d’une part. D’autre part, ce sont Sylvestre Amoussou ou Jean Odoutan, fondateur du Festival international du film de Ouidah (Quintessence) en 2003 et de l’Institut cinématographique de Ouidah (ICO) en 2006 qui travaillent essentiellement en France. La culture béninoise s’exprime aussi par les arts plastiques. Fondée à Cotonou en 2005, La Fondation Zinsou, première structure béninoise dédiée à l’art contemporain

Benin - Africa

Benin’s culture is also expressed through plastic arts. Founded in Cotonou in 2005, the Zinsou Foundation, is the first structure in Benin to be dedicated to contemporary arts. Eight years later it opened a museum in Ouidah, where it showcases part of its collection. The most famous masters of this art are Cyprien Tokoudagba, Romuald Hazoumè, Charly d’Almeida or Dominique Zinkpè. Who better than Angélique Kidjo can represent Benin on the global stage? More popular than any of the Heads of States who presided over the destinies of the country, this powerful voice from Benin is heard throughout the four corners of the world through her music. She draws from the treasures of her culture, opens up to the sound and visual riches that she gleaned here and there and produces a very distinctive sound which is listened to with the utmost respect throughout the whole world, including in the music selection that is offered to you on this flight, regardless of your destination. You just have to plug in your headphones, to select Kidjo, close your eyes and fly away with her on the roads of Benin.

existe à Cotonou depuis 2005. Huit années plus tard, elle ouvrait un musée à Ouidah. Celui-ci présente une partie de sa collection. Les maitres de cet art les plus connus sont Cyprien Tokoudagba, Romuald Hazoumè, Charly d’Almeida ou Dominique Zinkpè. Qui, mieux qu’Angélique Kidjo représente mondialement le Bénin ? Plus populaire que tous les hommes d’Etat qui ont présidé aux destinées de ce pays, la puissante voix du Bénin est entendue aux quatre coins de la planète grâce à sa musique. Elle puise dans les trésors du terroir, s’ouvre aux richesses sonores et visuelles glanées ci-et là et produit un son reconnaissable d’entre mille et écouté avec respect dans le monde entier. Y compris dans la sélection musicale vous proposée dans votre avion, sur ce vol où qu’il vous conduise. Il vous suffit juste de brancher vos écouteurs, de sélectionner la Kidjo, de fermer les yeux et de vous envoler avec elle sur les chemins du Bénin.



Tired of waiting in line? Bank on your Phone with Tigo Cash • Skip bank and ATM lines • Bank anywhere 24/7

Tigo Cash connects with more Commercial Banks Tigo Rwanda announced its Tigo Cash connection with major commercial banks in Rwanda. This integration allows bank account holders access to their money in the bank instantly through Tigo Cash directly from their mobile phones. As part of this structure and collaboration, Tigo Cash customers can interact with their accounts in Bank of Kigali, Kenya Commercial Bank, Access Bank, I&M Bank, Equity Bank and GT Bank among others. Commenting on this development, Philip Amoateng, Chief Executive Officer, Tigo Rwanda said:

As we look forward to making mobile payments and digital inclusion in Rwanda a reality, both banks and Tigo recognize the need for innovative new products that meet the unique needs of consumers. We look forward to continue rolling out Mobile financial solutions that are faster, more secure, and more convenient for everyone in Rwanda.

Faith Chisulo, Tigo Rwanda’s Head of Mobile Financial Services also said that:

The linkages with the major commercial banks in Rwanda provides the much needed ecosystems to drive customer convenience and the digital financial inclusion agenda. Customers will enjoy the convenience of moving money digitally between their Tigo Cash and Bank account. The service will help the customer save on time and cost of travelling to their bank branch plus the hustle of queuing. The Tigo cash to Bank service can be accessed by dialling the USSD Short code *500# and choose option 6 – Bank Services.

Please register your Tigo number with your Bank

Beyond Sending and Receiving money, Bill payments, Bulk payments and Retail payments, Tigo Cash offers “Tigo Sugira”, the first ever saving account on mobile in Rwanda launched in April 2015 and offering the best interest rates on the market at 7% per annum. Customers of both Bank and Telecom keep showing a preference for digital money while merchants are increasingly adopting mobile money as the best way to receive their payments. For example in December 2010, only 1.7 million bank accounts and mobile wallets existed out of a population of 9 million people. Today, the recent publication from the National Bank of Rwanda indicates over 8.3 million mobile money accounts in the country. About Tigo Rwanda Tigo Rwanda is owned by Millicom, a leading telecommunications and media company uniquely dedicated to emerging markets in Latin America and Africa. It provides mobile financial, cable and satellite services to over 60 million customers in fourteen countries, primarily under the Tigo brand. Tigo has been operating in Africa since 1993, in Rwanda since 2009, and serves over 26 million customers in Africa. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact: Dadi NIWENJYE - Public Relations & Events Officer Email:


Rwanda 2016: Moments That Blew Me Away By Yolande Makolo


colleague of mine who was a revolutionary in his youth and considers anyone under 50 a spring chicken,just commented on how lucky young Rwandans are: “You are living the dream we had in our youth of an unshackled, self-confident,proud Africa. Me and other Africans see Rwanda asone place where this dream is finally coming true.” It made me think about some of the wonderful things that have happened this past year and convinced me more than ever thattogether, Rwandans can and will handle anything that comes our way, the Rwanda way – with seriousness and guts, style and grace. Here’s just a few of the things that boosted my love of the Rwandan spirit in 2016: Cycling. Yes – not football. Who knew how this sport would turn out to be so popular? Every year Tour du Rwanda draws riders from all over the world as well as massive, enthusiastic crowds all over the country. The routes over our thousand hills are out of this world, the images spectacular. The prowess of Rwandan riders is incredible. Their personal stories are even more inspiring. Team is Team! Cycling can only get bigger and brighter in the years ahead which is good news for both sports and tourism in Rwanda.

Rwanda 2016: Ces moments qui m’ont coupé le souffle Un de mes collègues, révolutionnaire dans sa jeunesse et qui considère toute personne de moins de 50 ans comme quelqu’un né de la dernière pluie, m’a fait part d’un commentaire sur le fait que les jeunes rwandais étaient très chanceux: « Vous vivez le rêve que nous faisions étant jeunes, d’une Afrique libérée, sûre d’elle et fière. Moi et d’autres africains voyons le Rwanda comme un endroit où ce rêve se réalise enfin. » Cela m’a fait réfléchir à certains moments incroyables qui se sont produits au cours de cette année et qui m’ont convaincue plus que jamais qu’ensemble les rwandais peuvent gérer tout ce qui leur arrive, et ils le feront, à leur façon, la façon rwandaise - avec du cran et du sérieux, avec du style et de la grâce. Voici quelques unes des choses qui n’ont fait que renforcer mon amour pour l’esprit rwandais en 2016 :

Genocide suspects sent back to face trial in Rwanda. There are no excuses left for any country 11th Kwita Izina ceremony,Kinigi Sept 5,2015.


© Cyril Ndegeya

Young, bright specialists in our hospitals. I bumped into one of them at King Faisal hospital and felt better instantly. Dr Francoise Umurangwa isRwanda’s first female surgeon urologist. Like her other colleagues at the hospital she had just completed many years of medical school specialisation. I check out her twitter account, she’s a total surgery geek, belongs to a new association of African women surgeons. We have a long way to go to get our healthcare services to where we wantbut these women and men in white coats, bounding through the hospital corridors, are on a mission to get us there.

© Cyril Ndegeya

Le cyclisme. Non – pas le football. Qui aurait cru que ce sport deviendrait si populaire ? Chaque année, le Tour du Rwanda attire des coureurs des quatre coins du monde, ainsi qu’une immense foule enthousiaste partout dans le pays. Les parcours, sur nos mille collines, semblent venus d’ailleurs, les images sont spectaculaires. Les prouesses des coureurs rwandais sont incroyables. Leurs histoires personnelles sont encore plus inspirantes. Une équipe, c’est une équipe ! Le cyclisme ne peut que devenir plus grand et briller plus fort dans les années à venir, ce qui est une bonne nouvelle à la fois pour le sport et le tourisme au Rwanda.

Riders racing during the stage 1 of the from Nyagatare to Rwamagana

not to send back known fugitives to stand trial for crimes that were committed here. Rwanda has worked hard to rebuild our justice system, from scratch. We have abolished the death penalty and reformed our prison system. This is why infamous suspects like Jean Claude Iyamuremye and Jean Baptiste Mugimba have finally been expelled from The Netherlands after years of fighting extradition. It is a validation of Rwanda’s ability to conduct fair trials for the worst crimes, it provides some relief to survivors and strengthens trust in our judiciary. So when Iyamuremye and Mugimba and have their day in court, they will do so in a country they are accused of trying to destroy, but is today better in every way.

De jeunes et brilliants spécialistes dans nos hôpitaux. J’ai pu rencontrer l’une d’entre eux à l’Hôpital King Faisal et je me suis instantanément sentie mieux. Le Dr Francoise Umurangwa est la première chirurgienne urologue du Rwanda. Comme de nombreux autres de ses collègues, elle vient tout juste de terminer de nombreuses années d’études de spécialisation médicale. Je me rends sur son compte twitter, c’est une « geek » de la chirurgie, elle appartient à une nouvelle association des Femmes Chirurgiennes Africaines. Nous avons encore beaucoup de chemin à faire pour que nos services de santé soient au niveau que nous souhaitons, mais ces hommes et femmes en blouses blanches, arpentant les couloirs des hôpitaux, se sont lancé la mission de nous y emmener. Des personnes soupçonnées de génocide renvoyées pour être jugées au Rwanda. Il n’existe plus aucune excuse pour aucun pays que ce soit, de ne pas renvoyer les fugitifs connus de la justice pour qu’ils soient jugé pour des crimes commis ici. Le Rwanda a travaillé dur pour reconstruire son système juridique, à partir de rien. Nous avons aboli la peine de mort et réformé notre système carcéral. C’est pour cela que des suspects

The rotating chairman of the African Union (AU), Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno Photo Source:

Rwanda hosts the African Union Summit. Even though we had a major rehearsal by hosting the Word Economic Forum in May, the AU was a whole different kettle of fish. Many people I know barely slept in June and July, instant roundabouts became talk of the day, endless discussions about correct punctuation in outdoor branding… and the Kigali Convention Centre was finally revealed ahead of Rwanda’s biggest event ever. When it was all said and done, the entire country exhaled and there were high fives all around for a job well done. Over a twoweek period, Kigali welcomed 35 heads of state, 3000 delegates, in more than 50 hotels. It was nerve-wracking but satisfying. And now we now know we can do it again and do it better. Thank you Africa! Kinyarwanda music scene. Blaring out on the popular radio stations and even more loudly at local concerts, it’s happening and it’s refreshing. From Jay Polly to Knowless, to Tom Close (pediatrician by day) to King James to Charly and Nina, to YvanBuravan(who does Sauti Sol better than Sauti Sol – don’t tell them) to personal favouritesTeta Diana (old soul in a bright young mind) and Mani Martin (who is just finishing up a university degree) and many other talented performers, they provide the soundtrack to our days. It gets even better when they collaborate with fellow


© Cyril Ndegeya


African musicians from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa. The drive home from work has never been more fun.It’s so good that it’s no longer embarrassing to not know what Lemonade sounds like, or having to Google Dj Khaled. And then you have those that find a good thing and make a great business out of it. Joseph Masengesho, the founder of (ranked #7 site in Rwanda) and his colleagues have built an impressive platform for Rwanda entertainment. At the last Rwanda Day in San Francisco he spoke so eloquently and knowledgeably about opportunities for online businesses and particularly the growth of music and entertainment industry in Rwanda. This year, sleek new player made its debut – the avantgarde streaming service, by Innovation Village. It simple, stark and gets the best out of every performance featured.We are definitely sold. #RwOT! Rwandans on Twitter are insightful, insufferable, entertaining, patriotic, profound, pretty and everything in between. What’s important is that they are there and they have things to say. Five years ago, apart from tweets from official government accounts and a few individuals ahead of their time, the Rwanda timeline was almost barren. Today it’s loud and buzzing all day. Although some #RwoT debates make you long for the quieter days, there’s no doubt that this an important platform for many Rwandans. It’s never been a better time for Made in Rwanda everything, and this year our design pioneers were out in full force.What’s fascinating is many of them have a unique

Kwibuka 22,April 7,2016-Kigali Memorial Center

tristement célèbres tels que Jean Claude Iyamuremye et Jean Baptiste Mugimba ont enfin été expulsés des Pays-Bas après des années de lutte contre l’extradition. Cela représente une validation de la capacité du Rwanda à conduire des procès équitables pour les pires crimes, cela donne un certain soulagement aux survivants et renforce la confiance en notre système judiciaire. Alors lorsque le tour d’Iyamuremye etde Mugimba viendra au tribunal, cela se fera dans un pays qu’ils sont accusés d’avoir essayé de détruire, mais qui est aujourd’hui meilleur de toutes les façons possibles. Le Rwanda accueille le Sommet de l’Union Africaine. Même si nous avons pu bénéficier d’une répétition générale en organisant le Forum Économique Mondial au mois de mai, l’UA était une toute autre paire de manches. De nombreuses personnes parmi mes connaissances ont à peine dormi en juin et juillet, des rond-points instantanés sont devenus le sujet des conversations du jour, on a assisté à des discussions sans fin au sujet de la ponctuation correcte sur les panneaux publicitaires…et le Centre de Convention de Kigali a enfin été révélé, avant le plus grand évènement jamais organisé au Rwanda. Finalement, après que tout eut été conclu, le pays tout entier a pu respirer et ce fut la tournée des félicitations mutuelles pour un travail bien fait. Sur une période de deux semaines, Kigali a accueilli 35 chefs d’états, 3000 délégués, dans plus de 50 hôtels. Ce fut éprouvant mais satisfaisant. Et maintenant nous savons que nous sommes capables de le refaire, et de mieux le refaire. Merci l’Afrique ! La scène musicale kinyarwanda. À plein volume sur les stations de radio populaires et encore plus fort pendant les concerts locaux, ils sont présents et rafraîchissants. De Jay Polly à Knowless, de Tom Close (pédiatre de jour) à King James, de Charly et Nina, à Yvan Buravan (qui chante Sauti Sol mieux que Sauti Sol - ne leur dites pas) à mes favoris Teta Diana (une vieille âme dans un jeune et brillant esprit) et Mani Martin (qui est sur le point de terminer son diplôme universitaire) et de nombreux autres artistes talentueux qui nous fournissent la bande originale de nos journées. Mieux encore, lorsqu’ils collaborent avec leurs homologues africains du Kenya, de Tanzanie, d’Ouganda, du Nigéria, ou d’Afrique du Sud. Le trajet du retour après le travail n’a jamais été aussi sympa. C’est tellement bon que ce n’est désormais plus gênant de ne pas connaître l’album Lemonade, ou de devoir chercher Dj Khaled sur google.



Et puis il y a ceux qui trouvent quelque chose de bon et qui le transforme en une grande entreprise. Joseph Masengesho, le fondateur d’ (classé site #7 au Rwanda) et ses collègues, ont construit une plateforme impressionnante pour le divertissement rwandais. Au cours du dernier Rwanda Day à San Francisco, il s’est exprimé de manière particulièrement éloquente et compétente au sujet des opportunités des entreprises en ligne, et particulièrement pour le développement de l’industrie de la musique et du divertissement au Rwanda. Cette année a également vu débuté un élégant nouvel acteur dans le domaine - le service de streaming avant-gardiste, par Innovation Village. Simple, frappant, il fait ressortir le meilleur de chaque performance. Nous sommes assurément convaincus.

back-story of switching careers to follow their passion. A few favourites: Moshions (Moses studied engineering), Rwanda Clothing (Joselyne was a film editor), Angaza (Maria and Monica combined concern for environment and design) and the CollectiveRwcreatives(none of them studied fashion or design). They are all proudly flying the flag. Definitely worth watching and supporting. So pleasebuy Rwandan at every opportunity. Gaël Faye. Need I say more? Poet, rapper, activist for justice, award-winning first-time novelist. Making big news in France, a country which is both his own and at odds with his other country, Rwanda. It’s heartening to watch him handle sticky interviews with wisdom beyond his years. Petit pays, big-hearted people. Finally, RwandAir! There are several things that make us super proud of the efforts our country is making, our national carrier is one. Mirroring Rwanda’s own trajectory as a nation, our young airline is taking calculated risks to provide desperately needed connections between African countries. RwandAir is also contributing to our economy by facilitating business, tourism and diplomacy on our continent beyond. The acquisition of the two new Airbuses (Ubumwe and Umurage) and Boeing (Kalisimbi)means even more good things are coming our way. Hopefully this includes more Rwandan women pilots to fly these birds with pioneer Esther Mbabazi. I can’t wait.

So 2017, turitayari – we can only say yes. Bring it on.! Photo Source: Editions Grasset

#RwOT ! Les rwandais sur Twitter (Rwandans On Twitter) sont perspicaces, insupportables, divertissants, patriotiques, profonds, mesquins et j’en passe. Ce qui est important c’est qu’ils sont là et qu’ils ont des choses à dire. Il y a cinq ans, à part les tweets des comptes officiels du gouvernement et quelques individus en avance sur leur temps, la timeline rwandaise était presque vierge. Aujourd’hui elle fait du bruit et buzz au quotidien. Même si certains débats des #RwOT vous feraient presque regretter les jours plus calmes, cela ne fait aucun doute que twitter est une plateforme importante pour de nombreux rwandais. Il n’y a jamais eu de meilleur moment pour le tout « Made in Rwanda », et cette année nos pionniers du design ont frappé fort. Ce qui est fascinant c’est que bon nombre d’entre eux ont une histoire unique de changement radical de carrière pour poursuivre leur passion. Quelques uns de mes préférés : Moshions (Moses a fait des études d’ingénieur), Rwanda Clothing (Joselyne était éditrice de film), Angaza (Maria et Monica ont combiné leur préoccupation pour l’environnement et le design) et les créatifs du CollectiveRw (aucun d’entre eux n’a étudié la mode ou le design). Ils font fièrement flotter le drapeau. Ils méritent largement d’être suivis et soutenus. Donc s’il vous plaît, achetez rwandais à chaque occasion qui se présente. Gaël Faye. Est-ce que j’ai besoin d’ajouter autre chose ? Poète, rappeur, militant pour la justice, auteur primé pour sa première publication. Il fait les gros titres en France, un pays qui est à la fois le sien et à la fois en désaccord avec son autre pays, le Rwanda. C’est réconfortant de le regarder gérer des interviews délicates avec une sagesse nettement supérieure à celle de son âge. Petit pays, peuple au grand coeur. Et enfin, RwandAir ! Il y a plusieurs choses qui nous rendent extrêmement fiers des efforts que fait notre pays, et notre compagnie aérienne nationale en est une. Les risques calculés que prend notre jeune compagnie pour créer des connections entre les pays africains qui en ont cruellement besoin, reflètent la trajectoire du Rwanda en tant que nation. RwandAir contribue également à notre économie en facilitant les affaires, le tourisme et la diplomatie sur notre continent et au-delà. L’acquisition de deux nouveaux Airbus (Ubumwe et Umurage) et Boeing (Kalisimbi) signifie que d’autres belles choses nous attendent. Avec un peu de chance, cela inclura plus de pilotes rwandaises pour piloter ces avions, avec la pionnière Esther Mbabazi. Je suis impatiente.

Donc, 2017, turi tayari - nous ne pouvons que dire oui. Allons-y, nous sommes prêts.


AU Summit unveils African Passport Photo Source:


“What?”; “But, why Rwanda?”; “Are you serious?” My friends were incredulous. They could not fathom my decision to move to Rwanda. The leaving Cameroon part was understandable. After all, I had left home before for many years and my eventual return would surprise more than one. Still, Rwanda was a completely different story. The questions were somehow touching as they were sincere. Although some revealed a deep ignorance of the country of a thousand hills, the people puzzled by my decision spoke honestly. Furthermore, these questions illustrated a more debatable aspect of our collective mentality. For many of us the choice is obvious; one leaves an African country to go to the West. After all, life is better there, more beautiful, better organized and the harvest plenty. In short, the West equates the dream life! Two stereotypes explain this mindset. The first originates in the fact that we (human beings) are essentially narcissistic creatures, solely preoccupied by the improvement of our petty material comfort. On this basis, we are all by definition potential


ordinary citizens must lead the way... By: Yann Gwet

Panafricanisme : des provinces d’une entité intégrée « Quoi ? » ; « Mais pourquoi le Rwanda ? » ; « Tu es sérieux ? ». Mes amis étaient incrédules. Ils ne comprenaient pas ma décision d’aller m’installer au Rwanda. Quitter le Cameroun, bien entendu, cela se comprenait. Après tout, je l’avais quitté une première fois, pendant longtemps, et mon retour en avait surpris plus d’un. Mais le Rwanda… Ces questions avaient quelque chose de touchant par leur sincérité, et même si elles trahissaient une profonde méconnaissance du pays des mille collines, les personnes qui s’interrogeaient étaient de bonne foi. Cela dit, ces interrogations illustraient aussi un aspect plus discutable de notre mentalité collective. Pour beaucoup d’entre nous, cela va de soi de quitter un pays d’Afrique pour se rendre en Occident. C’est beaucoup mieux là-bas, plus joli, plus propre, mieux organisé, on peut y faire du shopping, bref la belle vie ! Deux présupposés expliquent cette disposition d’esprit. Le premier tient du fait que nous (êtres humains) sommes des créatures essentiellement narcissiques, uniquement préoccupées par l’amélioration de notre petit confort matériel. Sur cette base, nous sommes tous par définition des migrants économiques en puissance. Nous partons parce que nous avons trouvé « mieux ailleurs ». Le deuxième tient lui, du fait que le monde occidental est à tous points de vue préférable au nôtre. Et donc « l’ailleurs » dont il question est nécessairement l’Occident. Le modèle de référence est par nature le modèle occidental. Peu importe les raisons pour lesquelles nous décidons d’émigrer, la question ne se pose pas : c’est dans cette partie du monde qu’il faut aller.



Autant mes amis étaient surpris de ce projet d’installation au Rwanda, autant leur stupéfaction me laissait perplexe car, elle émanait de gens qui se présentaient volontiers comme panafricanistes. C’est vrai, panafricanistes, nous le sommes tous aujourd’hui. Le thème est porteur. Le dernier sommet de l’Union Africaine à Kigali, au cours duquel à été annoncé le projet de mise en circulation d’un passeport africain, a symbolisé le retour en force de cet idéal d’unité continentale. Mais celui-ci est mis à mal par nos propres incohérences. A y regarder de plus près, si le sentiment d’une communauté de destin a toujours existé (même de façon diffuse) au sein des peuples africains, la volonté de construire un projet politique autour de ce sentiment a toujours été portée par une élite, et nourrie par le contexte de la lutte pour la libération du continent. Mais enfin elle existait. Ce qui est relativement nouveau toutefois, c’est que même si le panafricanisme est une idée en vogue, elle demeure abstraite et surtout nos élites politiques semblent de moins en moins y croire. De ce point de vue, l’euphorie suscitée par l’annonce du projet de passeport continental ne devrait pas faire oublier la relative faiblesse de la Commission de l’Union Africaine, qui illustre le souhait de nos leaders de préserver leurs prérogatives nationales.

economic migrants and our migration is motivated by the quest for something better elsewhere. The second originates in the fact that the western world in all aspects is preferable to ours. Hence, the aforementioned “elsewhere” is automatically the West. The model of reference is by nature the western model. Whatever the motivation behind our desire to emigrate, the destination is undoubtedly the West. As much as my friends were surprised by my project of settling in Rwanda, their stupefaction left me puzzled as many of them were people who would gladly call themselves Pan-Africans. While it is true all of us today are Pan-Africans, the term holds strong meaning. During the African Union Summit held in Kigali in July 2016, the launch of the African passport was announced, symbolizing the comeback of the ideal continental unity. In my opinion, this ideal is mistreated by our own incoherence and inconsistency. Allow me a closer evaluation; if the feeling of a common destiny has always existed (even vaguely) amongst the African people, the will of constructing a political project around that feeling has always been carried by one elite and fed within the


Au sein des populations éduquées, on invoque volontiers son africanité comme une sorte de coquetterie – après tout d’autres sont bien européens -. On applaudit le projet d’un passeport africain davantage pour sa dimension pratique que pour le symbole qu’il représente et surtout l’horizon politique qu’il pourrait ouvrir. Bien entendu, l’intégration régionale progresse, et c’est heureux. Mais ces processus ont essentiellement des visées mercantiles. L’objectif est avant tout de faciliter le commerce. L’accroissement des échanges entre nous, pays africains, est évidemment important, mais le panafricanisme devrait d’abord être un projet humain, c’est-à-dire politique, dont la dimension économique devrait être la conséquence naturelle. Autrement dit il devrait s’incarner dans la vie, les choix, les possibilités offertes aux africains de vivre au quotidien leur commune destinée. Ce que je décris n’est pas une utopie. Le combat pour les indépendances s’est mené à l’échelle du continent. Les leaders nationalistes échangeaient, coopéraient, se soutenaient dans la lutte. La libération ne connaissait pas de frontière. La liberté n’avait de sens que si toute l’Afrique était libre. Ainsi, Kwame Nkrumah rappelait-il dans son discours d’indépendance prononcé le 6 Mars 1957 et sous


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context of the continent’s fight for liberation. Finally it has been reached. Relatively new, though the Pan-African ideology is up-todate, it remains abstract and the political elite seemingly adheres to it less and less. From that point of view, the euphoria caused by the announcement of the continental passport project should not make people forget the existing weakness of the African Union Commission, which illustrates our leaders’ wish to preserve their national prerogative. Among educated populations, one willingly puts forth one’s identity as African as a sort of stylishness – after all, others are effectively European. One applauds the African passport project more for its practical dimensions than for the symbolic representation, and the political horizon it may open. Of course, some regional integration projects are making headway, their key driver being commercial targets. The main objective is to ease commerce. While increased trade between African countries is of great importance, the Pan-African ideology should primarily be a human project. One that is political, of which the economic outcome should be the natural consequence. In other words, it should be visible in the daily life of Africans, in their lifestyle and choices given to fulfill a common destiny. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an attempt to describe utopia. The fight for independence was a continent wide movement. Nationalist leaders were exchanging, cooperating, and supporting each other in the fight. The battle of liberation was not limited by borders; freedom had no meaning unless all of Africa was free. Kwame Nkrumah reinforced this message during his independence speech on March 6th, 1957, “the independence of Ghana is insignificant unless it is linked to the total liberation of the whole Africa.” It seems like another era. The world has changed course since then but our challenges are astonishingly identical. Yesterday as today, the target was to combat all forms of imperialism, to put an end to the poison of ethnic division and fundamentally, to transform the lives of the poorest among uswho also make up the majority. As long as we believe this, the Pan-African ideology may offer an adequate context for solving these problems but it may require parting with the romantic vision of the continental unity project and replace it with political content. Paradoxically, our leaders, whose legitimacy is firstly national, are not necessarily the best placed to represent that vision. It is then our mission as ordinary citizens to lead the way. We must start by reaffirming a simple idea; we are the citizens of the continent. If we are legally tied to a nation, our consciousness must have continental reach. Hence, the struggles, the aspirations, the success, the tragedies, the hopes of every African country will also be ours. So that whatever is happening in Johannesburg, in Nairobi, in Addis Ababa, in Kigali, in Cotonou, in Abidjan and elsewhere in the continent will concern us all to the utmost extent. Our national identity cannot be disassociated from our African identity. That is the world we must build; a world in which our individual countries will be the provinces of an integrated entity, and one in which my friends’ reaction will no longer be “why Rwanda?”, instead “OK, very well!”

les acclamations du public, que « l’indépendance du Ghana est insignifiante à moins qu’elle soit rattachée à la libération totale de toute l’Afrique » ! Une autre époque. Le monde a évidemment changé depuis, mais nos défis sont étonnamment identiques. Hier comme aujourd’hui, l’enjeu est de combattre toutes les formes d’impérialisme, d’en finir avec le poison des divisions ethniques, et de transformer fondamentalement la vie des plus pauvres d’entre nous – qui sont aussi les plus nombreux. Pour peu que nous y croyions, le panafricanisme peut offrir un cadre adéquat pour résoudre ces problèmes. Mais cela demandera de sortir d’une vision romantique du projet d’union continentale pour lui donner un contenu politique. Paradoxalement, nos leaders dont la légitimité est d’abord nationale, ne sont pas forcément les mieux placés pour incarner cette vision. C’est donc à nous, simples citoyens, qu’incombe la mission de tracer le chemin. Comment ? En (ré) affirmant une idée simple. Nous sommes des citoyens du continent. Et donc, si juridiquement nous sommes rattachés à une nation, notre conscience est continentale. Les luttes, les aspirations, les succès, les tragédies, les espoirs de chaque pays africain sont aussi les nôtres. Ce qui se passe à Johannesburg, à Nairobi, à Addis-Abeba, à Kigali, à Cotonou, à Abidjan nous concerne au premier chef. Notre identité nationale est indissociable de notre identité africaine. C’est ce monde que nous devons construire ; un monde dans lequel nos pays seront des provinces d’une entité intégrée, et dans lequel la réaction de mes amis ne sera plus « pourquoi le Rwanda ? », mais… « OK, très bien ! »



Christmas: like a family affair By Arnaud Nkusi


ecember has always been synonymous of Christmas. From the very first day of the very last month of the year, and even well before, it is « The » celebration on everybody’s mind. The celebration goes beyond the Christian community, as for Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, agnostics and atheists, celebration is also in the air everywhere; the only difference being the reasons behind this celebration. Originally, Christmas is a Christian celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ every 25th of December, however it moves away from it a little more every year. Almost all of the homilies by the most brilliant speakers from the world’s altars mention this « diversion » from the original reason for celebration.

Noël : comme un air de famille Décembre a toujours rimé avec Noël. Dès le premier jour du dernier mois de l’année, et même bien avant, c’est ‘ La’’ célébration qui est dans tout les esprits. Bien au-delà des seuls Chrétiens, Juifs, Musulmans, Bouddhistes, agnostiques et athées, la fête est imminente partout. A la seule différence des raisons de cette célébration. Si à l’origine, Noël est une fête chrétienne qui consacre la naissance de Jésus Christ tous les 25 décembre, l’évènement s’en éloigne chaque fois un peu plus. La plupart des homélies des plus brillants orateurs depuis les autels du monde entier, ne se font presque plus sans évoquer ce ‘détournement’’ de la raison originelle.

The last few days of the last month of the year, according to the calendar - which was initiated by the Christian era - are for many of you a time of looking back. This moment of reflection takes place annually for companies, and various organisations, and is personal for an individual aiming at becoming better, to achieve objectives or even ideals.

Les tous derniers jours du dernier mois de l’année, selon le calendrier par ailleurs initié par l’ère chrétienne sont pour beaucoup d’entre vous, le moment de ‘ faire le bilan’’. Il est dit ‘ annuel’’ pour les entreprises et organisations diverses et ‘ personnel’’ pour l’individu en quête de s’améliorer pour atteindre des objectifs, voire un idéal.

It is impossible to discuss Christmas without placing it in our era, that of the consumerist society. It goes without saying that those months are a golden opportunity for commercial companies,

Peut-on parler de Noël sans le situer dans notre ère, celle de la société de consommation ? Il va sans dire que ce mois-ci est une aubaine pour les entreprises commerciales, particulièrement celles


especially those selling mass consumption products. All sorts of products are flooding the markets shelves, and they go hand in hand with heavy marketing which becomes a true war machine. Yes, War! It is rumbling everywhere. It saturates the news shows. Christmas is so charismatic that the belligerent parties have almost pledged a sort of allegiance to it, sometimes, miraculously declaring a truce for a few hours or days. The Heads of States from most of the countries and kingdoms throughout the world overflowing their nation with messages, as a good patriarch or matriarch would. Merry Christmas. These two words, are nowadays impersonally parachuted in your inbox, as early as the 15th December for the most impatient of them, sometimes as laconic as a military order. It can surprisingly come from someone who you have had no contact with throughout the year, but as you are still in their contact list and as they have once and for all typed the two words for all of their contacts, you will « enjoy » it. Happy new year is very often as cold as the previous message, which is the most commonly sent during the festive season and which includes both the Christmas wishes and the new year’s wishes. The « mechanical » tone, devoted of all feelings is felt as such by the recipient who will quickly reply by « Thank you, the same to you », or sometimes with a more empathic message for the person who initiated this dialogue validated by the social conventions. A wind of philanthropy is blowing over the Christmas spirit which is for a few sensitive souls the ideal moment to spend some of their time, their bread and their warmth in hospitals, orphanages, retirement houses or chosen schools. The less fortunate know that Christmas is a godsend gift, literally and figuratively. The 25th of December thus wears many different hats, depending on what you will choose for it to be. The Christmas celebrations are no longer unique. They have multiple facettes but unite people even in the most faraway lands. Bringing people together, that is the true Christmas magic. The modern world, moving at 4G speed, is a world of paradox that invites us to reflect. Never has spirituality created as much repulsion and attraction at the same time. Attracting and repulsing. Fanaticism and its opposite in their most expressive fashions. Humankind now more than ever, needs to be brought together beyond its differences. To this day, no one yet has found the right formula for it. Only Christmas makes us live almost together, just like a family affair.

qui sont dans les produits de consommation. Des articles en tous genres envahissent les rayons des divers marchés et le ‘ marketing’’ qui les accompagne est une véritable machine de guerre. Eh oui ! La guerre. Elle gronde de partout. L’actualité en est saturée. Noël a pourtant une telle aura que les belligérances lui font comme une allégeance, en décrétant parfois tel un miracle, des heures, voire des jours de trêve. Les chefs d’Etats de la plupart des pays et des royaumes des quatre coins du globe se confondent en messages à la nation, en bons père et/ou mère de famille. Joyeux Noël. Ces deux mots devenus impersonnels parachutent dans votre messagerie téléphonique pour les plus pressés dès le 15 décembre déjà, parfois aussi laconiques qu’un ordre militaire. Il provient de manière bien surprenante d’une personne avec laquelle le contact a été inexistant tout le long de l’année, mais puisque vous faites partie de son répertoire et qu’elle a une bonne fois pour toutes composé les deux mots pour ses contacts, vous en ‘ bénéficiez’’. Meilleurs Vœux est bien souvent la formulation tout aussi froide que la précédente qui est la plus répandue en temps de fêtes et qui comprend à elle seule aussi bien les traditionnels souhaits de Noël que ceux du Nouvel an. Le caractère ‘ machinal’’ et dénué de tout sentiment vrai est perçu en tant que tel par le destinataire qui s’empresse de répondre en formulant un ‘ Merci pareillement’’ ou parfois, en prenant le temps de composer un texte plus enclin à une certaine empathie pour l’initiateur de ce dialogue ‘ validé’’ par la convention sociale. Un vent de philanthropie souffle sur cet esprit de Noël qui est pour certaines âmes sensibles, le moment idéal pour partager un peu de leur temps, de leur pain et de leur chaleur dans les hôpitaux, les orphelinats, les maisons de retraite et des écoles choisies. Les gens de peu savent que Noël est du pain béni aussi bien au sens propre qu’au figuré. Le 25 décembre porte donc de multiples casquettes selon celle que vous choisissez pour elle. La fête de Noël n’est plus une. Elle est multiple mais fédère même dans les contrées les plus insoupçonnées. La magie de Noël, c’est donc cela : rassembler. Le monde contemporain qui va à la vitesse 4G est un monde de paradoxes qui invite à la réflexion. La spiritualité n’a jamais autant suscité de répulsionattraction. D’attraction-répulsion. De fanatisme et de son contraire sous leurs formes les plus expressives. L’humanité a plus que toujours besoin de rapprochement au-delà des différences. Nul à ce jour n’a trouvé la formule. Seul Noël nous fait vivre presque tous ensemble comme un air de famille.


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Rwandan spirit

knows no bounds By: Frederick Golooba-Mutebi


t is well over a decade and a half since I first set foot in Rwanda. My first trip was an accident. An accident that was in the making as far back as 18 years before the visit. Many years back, I had, for no reason except that it souWnded cool and the teacher who taught it spoke ‘funny English’, opted to study French as a second European language. Mr. Athan Ndatsikira was my first encounter with the people whom, I would one day learn, were ‘Congolese Rwandophones’ or Kinyarwandaspeaking Congolese. It was the early 1980s and I was at Kings College Budo, one of Uganda’s oldest secondary schools. Little did I know that this chance encounter with the soft-spoken and somewhat diffident Mr. Ndatsikira would influence my coming to Rwanda, and that on the same trip I would meet a beautiful Rwandan who in due course would give me reason to turn Rwanda into my second home. Before the trip, Rwanda had not featured on the list of countries I wanted to visit. I came because I spoke French and as a result, I had an edge over other possible candidates.

Rwanda, j’y crois


l y a une quinzaine d’années, je foulais le sol rwandais pour la première fois. Mon premier voyage, un fruit du hasard. Les origines de ce hasard remontent elles à il y a 18 ans. Toutes ces années antérieures ne m’auront convaincues pour aucune autre raison, si ce n’est le fait que le professeur qui m’enseignait parlait un Anglais amusant et qu’il avait choisi d’apprendre le Français comme seconde langue européenne. Monsieur Athan Ndatsikira fut la première personne que je rencontrai et dont les compatriotes, comme je l’appris un jour, étaient Congolais rwandophones. C’était au début des années 1980 et j’étais élève à Kings College Budo, l’une des écoles secondaires d’Uganda. Je m’attendais très peu à ce qu’un jour cette heureuse rencontre avec cet homme discret Mr. Ndatsikira qui a influencé mon départ pour le Rwanda.


© Cyril Ndegeya


Kacyiru viewed from town center

© Cyril Ndegeya

The City of Kigali Headquaters

The Rwanda I encountered at the time was, to borrow a familiar cliché, nothing to write home about. The genocide against the Tutsi had ended six years previously. However, it still coloured popular opinion about the country far more than it does today. I spent much of the visit in Kigali, venturing out only once, to Gitarama town, as it was called then. I did not see much of the rest of the country. However, as I indicated earlier, Rwanda eventually became my second home. And so over the years I have got to see a great deal of what lies outside Kigali. Some ‘Rwanda experts’ in distant places have claimed that Kigali is the only place where “everything happens”, an assertion that is meant to portray the rest of Rwanda as stuck in something of a time warp; unchanging. It is false.

C’est au cours de ce même voyage que j’allais rencontrer une belle rwandaise qui, le temps venu, justifierai la raison pour laquelle ce pays allait devenir ma seconde patrie. Avant le voyage, le Rwanda ne figurait pas sur la liste des pays que je voulais visiter. Je n’y suis allé que parce que je parlais Français et que de ce fait, j’avais une opportunité professionnel. Le Rwanda, pour user d’un cliché familial, était loin d’être un sujet de dissertation chez nous. L’histoire du génocide perpétré contre les Tutsis avait eu lieu six ans plus tôt. Il hantait encore très fortement l’opinion publique. J’ai passé le plus clair de mon temps à Kigali, ne me hasardant pas en dehors de la capitale, sinon une fois, en direction de la ville de Gitarama. Je n’ai donc rien vu du tout du reste du pays qui pourtant allait devenir le mien aussi. © Cyril Ndegeya

One thing struck me strongly on that first visit.

Some ‘Rwanda experts’in distant places have claimed that Kigali is the only place where “everything happens”


Light trails of a night traffic at Kisimenti roundabout in Remera

What passed for ‘the city’ of Kigali was little more than a glorified village. It was physically clean. However, there was little by way of modern buildings, residential or commercial. Low-grade informal housing was ubiquitous, with lots of it located fairly close to the CBD. Many African cities encounter slum issues, so Kigali was not unique in having its own. I was to discover in subsequent years, however, that the authorities had some very clear, if not always popular ideas, on how to go about the task of organising it into not only a modern city, but one that would be pleasant to visit and live in. Kigali’s transformation into one of Africa’s most organised and cleanest cities has not been the result of random activities here and there or of ad hoc decision-making. It is the outcome of remarkable capacity for translating aspirations into action and results. It is a characteristic that, in the minds of many observers, has come to distinguish Rwanda over the years as a “small country with attitude”. The country may be small physically, but few serious Rwandans want it to be referred to that way. They believe, not always without justification, the tag smacks of a ‘put down’. President Paul Kagame has coined an interesting twist to the issue, emphasising that whilst Rwanda is a small country, Rwandans are not ‘small people’. Certainly, many are not, but that is not what he had in mind.

Quelques ‘experts du Rwanda’’ des quatre coins de la planète avaient souvent affirmé que Kigali était le seul endroit du pays où ‘ tout peut arriver’’. Affirmation visant à décrire le reste du Rwanda comme embourbé dans quelque chose de figé dans le temps, et qui ne changerai pas. Beau leurre ! Quelque chose de la capitale rwandaise me choqua lors de cette première visite. Ce lieu qui se voulait ‘ la ville’’ de Kigali n’était à mes yeux, rien de plus qu’un village amélioré. Propre, certes, mais sans plus. Même pas un semblant de bâtiments résidentiels ou commerciaux modernes. Des logements de fortune étaient situés très près du centre-ville. La quasi totalité des villes africaines avaient leurs bidonvilles, ce n’est surtout pas Kigali qui prétendrait à une quelconque exception. Encore un Gros leurre ! Il aura fallu quelques années pour découvrir les yeux grands ouverts que les autorités avaient quelques idées très claires, même si elles n’étaient pas toujours populaires. La transformation de Kigali s’est opérée au vu et au su de tous. Elle allait devenir l’une des villes d’Afrique les mieux organisées et les plus propres. Cela serait tout sauf le fruit du hasard à l’instar de ma première venue. La capitale du pays des mille collines serait le résultat d’une capacité remarquable

© Cyril Ndegeya

Some of the Kigali skyscrappers including(from left) Bank of Kigali,M peace plaza,Kigali City Tower(far in the middle)Grand Pension Plaza and Ecobank

To understand the reasons behind the “we are not small people” attitude, one has to reflect on the ambitions Rwandans live by, such the pursuit of middle-income status for their country by the year 2020 or, as we shall see shortly, the achievements they have registered during the twenty-two short years since the genocide against the Tutsi ended. After the tragedy, the country’s new leadership did not sit idly waiting for help. Instead, leaders rallied their compatriots to lift themselves up, dust themselves off, and face the future as masters of their own fate, driven by “the Rwandan spirit” to search for local solutions to their problems before appealing for help from outside. Underlying the “Rwandan spirit” is a sharp sense of self-worth or what Rwandans call agaciro. It strikes some outsiders as arrogance, stubbornness, or unwillingness to take advice, but for Rwandans it is about believing that they are as good as anybody else and that what others can do, they too, can do. Much more than money, it explains how far the country has come since the genocide.

à transformer les aspirations en actions et en résultats. C’est une caractéristique qui, dans l’esprit de beaucoup d’observateurs a fini par distinguer le Rwanda, ce petit pays qui a du caractère. Le Président Paul Kagame a donné une tournure intéressante à cette question, insistant sur le fait que même si le Rwanda est un petit pays, les Rwandais n’étaient pas un ‘ peuple petit’’. Pour comprendre l’attitude du “nous ne sommes pas un peuple petit”, il faut réfléchir sur les ambitions qui animent les Rwandais, telles la poursuite du statut de pays ayant des revenus moyens en l’an 2020 pour ne citer que ce seul objectif. Après la tragédie de 1994, le nouveau gouvernement n’est pas resté à attendre de l’aide étrangère. Il s’est joint à ses compatriotes pour permettre au pays meurtri de renaitre de ses cendres, et de faire face à l’avenir comme les seuls maîtres de leur propre destin. Avec quels outils ?


© Cyril Ndegeya

A lifetime experience in Nyungwe National Park-Rwanda

Getting to where it is today has been quite a journey. In its fullness, it cannot be told in a short article. Suffice it to say that way back in 1994, few believed that Rwanda had a future to speak of, except as yet another one of Africa’s failed states. That it has defied dire predictions is, it seems, down to assertiveness, aversion to following convention for its own sake in pursuit of its ambitions, the leadership’s orientation towards experimentation, learning by doing, and adaptation. It is a way of working that has had its own cost, including in friendships lost or strained. However, there is no shortage of achievements to justify it. In politics, Rwandans opted for a consensus-driven approach that would see potential adversaries work together, at a time when everyone had bought into the idea that competitive multipartyism was the only game in town. To foster reconciliation among victims and perpetrators of the genocide without appearing to let off those that had to be punished, the leadership invented the hybrid gacaca courts. Their operations were hardly in keeping with modern jurisprudence, a fact experts tried hard to use to derail them. However, their effectiveness at dispensing justice was matched by ordinary Rwandans’ capacity to follow proceedings and understand what was going on. At the end, it was what really mattered even if the verdicts did not always please everyone.

D’abord, « l’esprit rwandais » de recherche de solutions locales avant d’en appeler aux étrangers. C’est la valeur intrinsèque même du Rwandais, cet « esprit de fierté » dit ‘ kwihesha agaciro’’ en kinyarwanda, qui fut son leitmotiv premier. Cela ressemble fort à de l’arrogance, de l’entêtement à n’y arriver que par soi-même, à défaut d’une aide bienveillante. Il s’agit pour le rwandais de croire qu’il est aussi bon que n’importe qui d’autre. C’est ce qui explique le pas franchi depuis le génocide. C’est peu dire que d’affirmer qu’au point où il en est aujourd’hui, il a eu un parcours bien difficile. Ce petit article est donc bien loin d’en dire le millième. En 1994, peu de gens croyaient que le Rwanda avait un avenir tout court. Qu’il ait défié des prédictions désespérées est, paraît-il, à mettre sur le compte de la foi en soi. Chacun peut y aller de sa propre réflexion. Les voyages servent à cela aussi. The iconic Kigali Convention Center

© Cyril Ndegeya

Perhaps the most ambitious and among the most daring undertakings, so far, was the decision to acquire an airline at a time when the aviation industry in general was in trouble because of falling profitability. Stories have it that in the beginning ‘only one person’ believed it could work. It is still early days for the fledgling national carrier. However, that you and I are now able to fly aboard RwandAir to a growing list of destinations on the continent and increasingly farther afield is testimony to the “roll up your sleeves, stop whining” mentality of the new, post-genocide Rwanda. Watching it in practice and living it over the last decade and a half has been to witness conviction in action and to appreciate the limits of conventional thinking.


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By: Leanne Tlhagoane, REFASHION AFRICA

The traditional visit to Rwanda may be business-related or a once in a lifetime opportunity to trek mountain gorillas, but my visit to Kigali was about a week of fashion and it brought me right up to date with the best of contemporary Rwandan life and style. Despite an early morning departure, the flight to Kigali on RwandAir was seamless; both pleasant and comfortable. It is often an eye-opening experience to travel to new places especially in this case where I had an opportunity to discover today's Rwanda, a peaceful land full of friendly people, highly optimistic about their country's future. Evidence of this is a group of fashion designers who came together to form the Collective RW. Together, they launched the inaugural ‘Collective RW Week of Fashion’, with the aim to promote national and regional fashion as well as to encourage collaboration amongst designers throughout Africa. The hugely successful fashion show which was graced by the First Lady of Rwanda took place mid-October at the Kigali Serena Hotel. It celebrated the work of featured Rwandan designers Haute Baso, Sonia Mugabo, House of Tayo and Inzuki Design amongst others like Amizero, Inco Icyusa, Uzi collections and menswear label Naked Ape from South Africa.

LE RWANDA À LA MODE : REMODELER L’AFRIQUE La visite traditionnelle du Rwanda peut être une visite d’affaires ou l’occasion unique d’une vie pour aller à la découverte du gorille de montagne. Mais ma visite de Kigali était pour une semaine de mode et elle m’a remise à jour en ce qui concerne le meilleur de la vie et de la mode dans le Rwanda contemporain. Malgré un départ matinal, le vol sur Kigali à bord d’un avion de RwandAir était sans incident : aussi plaisant que confortable. C’est souvent une expérience pour le moins enrichissante de voyager. Dans ce cas-ci, j’avais une belle opportunité de découvrir le Rwanda d’aujourd’hui : un pays de paix, peuplé de gens conviviales qui croient beaucoup en un avenir prometteur pour leur pays. La preuve : un groupe de stylistes qui se sont mis ensemble pour former le Collectif RW. Ensemble, ils ont présenté la Semaine de la Mode du Collectif RW, dans le but évident de promouvoir la mode nationale et régionale. Encourager tout autant la collaboration entre les stylistes à travers l’Afrique. Le spectacle de mode très réussi et honoré par la présence de la Première Dame a eu lieu à la mi-octobre 2016 dans un grand hôtel Kigali. Il a mit en vedette et célébré le travail de stylistes Rwandais : Haute Baso, Sonia Mugabo, House of Tayo et Inzuki design, tout comme Amizero, Inco Icyusa, Uzi Collections et la marque de vêtements pour hommes Naked Ape d’Afrique du Sud.

Fortunately, during my stay I had the opportunity to experience a few of the sights and sounds of Kigali, making it quite apparent that it is a modern city on the move.

Heureusement, il y avait suffisamment de temps pour visiter la ville-capitale et ses environs et c’est tout-à-fait apparent que Kigali est une ville moderne en expansion.

Its ability to stand as a showcase for the vision of building ‘Remarkable Rwanda’ is evoked in many of the cool contemporary spaces, art and creativity displayed throughout the city.

Sa capacité de révolutionner sa face est un véritable cas d’exemple. Cela se remarque dans plusieurs espaces agréables à la créativité bienfaisante. Pour le plaisir des yeux, voici mes suggestions pour ce qu’il faut voir et faire : Un déjeuner léger délicieux au Café Néo avec des vues superbes de paysages alentour.

Haute Baso catwalk



Haute Baso catwalk ©Cedrick Kagimbayi

To make the most of your stay in Kigali here are my suggestions of what to see and do: ÔÔ

Delightful light lunch at Café Neo in Kiyovu with superb view of the surrounding landscapes.


For the best burger in town make sure to stop over at Poivre Noir, set on a tranquil patio overlooking a lush and pretty garden.


Take a city tour of street art/murals with Kurema Kureba Kwiga. Their street art projects have provided creative beauty, colour and a vibrant energy to the city.


Rooftop sundowners at Innovation Village; be sure to check out the venue space that hosts events bringing different communities together to collaborate.


For some retail therapy visit and shop the latest fashion #MadeInRwanda from any of these brands: Haute Baso; Sonia Mugabo ; House of Tayo; Inzuki Designs


Haute Baso catwalk ©Cedrick Kagimbayi

Pour le meilleur Hamburger de la ville veuillez faire une escale au Poivre Noir, situé sur un patio tranquille donnant sur un beau et luxuriant jardin. Faire un tour de la ville pour voir l’art de rue/les peintures murales avec Kurema Kureba Kwiga. Les projets d’art de rue ont créé de la beauté, des couleurs et une énergie vibrante dans les rues. Le soir sur le toit d’Innovation Village, vous avez droit à des boissons alcoolisées. Gardez également un œil ouvert sur les lieux qui abritent des événements rassemblant différentes communautés pour collaborer et partager. Pour de légers achats thérapeutiques au détail, veuillez visiter et vous approvisionnez en articles dernier cri de mode contemporaine made in Rwanda portant l’une des marques suivantes :

House of Tayo catwalk ©Cedrick Kagimbayi Sonia Mugabo catwalk ©Cedrick Kagimbayi

Haute Baso; Sonia Mugabo; House of Tayo; Inzuki Designs. Accourez vers ‘Question Everything’ pour du café glacé, en temps de forte chaleur.


Pop in for some good iced coffee (and likely respite from the heat) at Question Coffee. .


For a relaxed weekend outing try out Pili Pili, it has great vibes, magnificent views of the city, and a pool. It also offers a nice family setting.


Dining at the at Republika Lounge’s open air balcony is a must do. Live renditions by resident saxophonist will heighten your dining experience.

Pour une fin de semaine décontractée et pour le plaisir, essayez le ‘ Pili Pili’’, encore une fois avec une bonne ambiance, des vues de la ville, et une piscine. Très bon endroit pour les familles. Dîner à l’étage, au balcon du ‘Republika Lounge’ en plein air, est vivement recommandé. Une douce ambiance au son du saxophone accompagnera votre dîner. Aucune visite ne serait complète sans une pause au centre mémorial du Génocide à Kigali. C’est important. C’est une chance pour ne pas oublier, pour réfléchir… Kigali est plein d’enthousiasme et développe peu à peu un sens de collaboration qui fait écho à travers la ville. Cet esprit promet une transformation progressive dont il faut être effectivement témoin. Nos compliments et remerciements à RwandAir pour le vol de retour agréable.


Do not let your trip end without a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre. It is a worthwhile activity and a chance to remember, reflect and refocus. Kigali is full of enthusiasm and a sense of collaboration and excellence echoes throughout the city; something very special to witness indeed. Compliments and thanks to RwandAir for the safe flight home. About the Author: Founder & chief cultivator of A visual curator and commentator showcasing and promoting a fashionable, modern urban narrative that is happening now, in Africa. Find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @refashionafrica ABOUT REFASHION AFRICA: With a fashionable eye on urban Africa, it is a digital destination that looks to inspire, share and connect the best of African fashion, design, style and travel.

Au sujet de l’auteur: Fondatrice et développeuse en chef de Conservatrice et commentatrice faisant la promotion de la mode qui se pratique aujourd’hui, en Afrique. Rendez-vous sur Instagram, Facebook et Twitter @refashionafrica Au sujet de Refashion Africa: Regard avisé sur l’Afrique urbaine, c’est une destination digitale qui veut inspirer, partager et connecter le meilleur de la mode, du design, du style et du voyage africains.

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RwandAir acquires two brand new Boeing 737-800NG with inflight connectivity.

In December 2015, RwandAir signed a lease agreement with Aircraft Lease Corporation, an American based lessor to acquire two brand new Boeing 737-800 Next Generation. The deliveries of the two aircraft named Kalisimbi and Muhabura are on 16th November 2016 and May 2017 respectively. RwandAir becomes the first airline in Africa and second globally to acquire a Boeing 737-800NG equipped with inflight connectivity on a line-fit program. The 154-seater aircraft in a dual- class cabin configuration are identical to the two Boeing 737-800NG with the first Boeing Sky Interior in Africa purchased six years ago.

Next Year, RwandAir will add seven destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States of America.

“ The proven operating economics and passenger comfort make the aircraft, the right equipment to deploy on our medium haul flights and as we continue to expand our network, we are delighted to offer a Wi-Fi fully connected aircraft to serve today’s sophisticated traveler”; said John Mirenge, Chief Executive Officer of RwandAir. RwandAir’s young fleet will grow to twelve aircraft and its capacity in terms of seats will double with the acquisition of the fourth Boeing 737-800NG and its second Airbus A330 (300 series). This month, the airline obtained its ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations) certification in addition to the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certificate which was renewed mid this year.




FROM CHARITY CASE TO BUSINESS HUB: Multinationals set roots in Kigali By Collins Mwai


wenty-two years ago, after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, Rwanda was deemed as a failed state; one that would only survive on donor goodwill and support. International organizations, most who had been silent during the atrocities of the genocide felt safe to come in after the Rwanda Patriotic Front had quelled the genocidal forces and rescued survivors. As is customary in developing nations emerging from calamity, aid organizations flock over and set up bases to serve across the country’s various sectors. Rwanda was no exception to this rule. As years went by, Rwanda’s leadership had a greater vision for the country. They sought to gradually reduce the nation’s dependency on aid, often delivered on conditional basis. The unpredictability of donations and aid flow has seen dependent states fail to achieve their development targets. More importantly, aware that aid and donor dependence is not a sustainable way to build a nation, the country set out to develop a business friendly environment that would be ideal both for local, regional and

international investors. Experts and economic observers from the region today say that Rwanda’s foundation for attracting investment was achieved by building a reputation of safety and free of corruption. With a number of African countries failing to convince investors on their suitability due to aspects such as security and transparency, Rwanda invested in setting up transparent and corruption free institutions that could be relied on and by ensuring security prevailed over the country. Abdallah Jumba, a political scientist based in Kenya, observed that initiatives such as guaranteeing transparency play a huge role in boosting confidence of a country among investors and the international business community. “With that, most people looking to set up businesses in Africa, took interest in Rwanda. It showed that the nation was not keen on being dependent on donor support forever and had ambitions of its own.”



Now flying to Cotonou 3x weekly Tuesday, Friday & Sunday


The Kigali Heights at completion phase

Coupled with concrete actions like easing business registration procedures, putting up ICT enabled systems to facilitate registration, easing trading across borders and improving access to credit among others, Rwanda hit global headlines as “Open for Business”. Recent years have seen multinational firms in finance, hospitality, logistics, retail and manufacturing stream to establish presence in the country with some moving their regional headquarters to Rwanda. With that, Rwandans no longer looked out for charity and aid but instead tapped into the employment and entrepreneurship opportunities provided by the inflow of global companies settling in the country. In the last two years, over thirty multinationals have set up businesses in Rwanda or declared their intentions to do so. In 2016 alone, Marriott, Radisson Blu, Zipline, CNBC Africa, Palmeraie Development Group, Saham Insurance and Golden Tulip Hotels have pursued their interest in the country.

This has in turn created job opportunities for thousands of young Rwandans and business opportunities for those who serve the entering companies’ supply chains. It was through this same zeal to rid itself of donor support that Rwanda has impressed many by becoming the first country in Africa to manufacture laptops and to launch the commercial use of drones for delivery of medical supplies. Rwanda’s location has proved to be an attractive entry point for the East African region while providing a doing business environment too good to pass up. Johan Hallsenius, a managing partner of Kreab, a Swedish communications firm who was recently in the country to assess market opportunities, said that in recent years, a number of firms from Europe were seeking entry strategies in the Sub-Saharan market following numerous positive reviews.



Special Economic Zone,Kigali.

“Rwanda is a very interesting country from a business perspective. It is the hub of a very interesting region and it is a viable pursuit for business given its transformation capacity in recent years. We have always been doing business in Africa, but of late, there has been a lot of interest in Sub-Saharan Africa in particular,” he said. Lars Arrehenius who connects Swedish entrepreneurs to Rwanda, said at the moment, the country was an ideal entry point for firms seeking a presence in the region. “Having a starting point that has the potential to become a business hub is quite interesting. Most investors are interested in finding a market or starting place with rule of law, security and source of talent to draw from, good governance, ease of doing business, all which are present in Rwanda,” he said.

are likely to be surprised not only by the business environment but also by the opportunities. What some may see as backlog is an opportunity to leapfrog into the future,” he said. Kevin Etter, the Global Strategy Manager and healthcare marketing at UPS said that the country’s endeavour to enter into partnership with private companies produces elegant solutions which create a win-win situation. All these efforts have been informed and driven by the Rwandan spirit, Agaciro, which aims at dignifying the lives of citizens; that they may not have to borrow, neither depend on external help for their development and that they may be the masters of their fate.

Speaking at a recent business forum in Kigali, Victor Kgomoeswana, an African business and investment consultant said the more you interact with the country, the more you understand it’s doing business environment. “Business people and investors coming to Rwanda


The KivuWatt extraction barge in Lake Kivu

T&T Events is a Rwandan company specialising in the planning and coordination of luxury weddings, conferences and corporate and social events.

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edric Mizero is a young fashion designer who loves and admires art. From a young age, Cedric dreamed of creating a story around his designs and his work of art. A passion driven artist, he pursued the path of garment industry. He allowed his imagination to run wild resulting in high couture collections that have fascinated and charmed his growing fan base. Cedric Mizero was born in the western province of Rwanda, in the area formerly called Cyangugu. His pursuit of fashion was sparked by a passion he developed for fashion as a young boy; admiring the power of clothing and the transformative quality of dressing up.Â

By: Umwali Belyse

While Cedric only started implementing his designs and ideas in 2012, he grew up surrounded by artistic and creative people. Starting with his mother, a craftswoman who makes a living from her love of fashion and style. Cedric fondly remembers his mom dressing him and his siblings in stylish gear for every occasion. He recalls, “My mom would take care to tailor our school uniform

MIZERO Cedric Mizero was born in the western province of Rwanda, in the area formerly called Cyangugu.


a tad differently from other schoolmates.” This made Cedric feel special and gave him a sense of pride in wearing smart outfits. In secondary school, Cedric lived with a painter named Fahad Ndangiza. Fahad was totally enamored with arts and by virtue, his profession. This constant exposure is what convinced Cedric that he had to forge his place in the creative industry in Rwanda, regardless of what such decision would cost him.


The moment had come, Cedric poured in all his skills and energy investing into his passion. The initial road was a whirlwind but the act of creating was nonetheless a source of happiness. Design and fashion were his calling; there was no other option for him. “I have many sleepless nights in search of perfection but fashion is my passion. It is how I get to express myself, it is my form of art.�


Cedric strongly believes that the future is handmade so he derives most of his inspiration from nature. “Nature offers so much space for creative expression. I like to study it from different perspectives and apply my vision through original works of art,” explains Cedric. Using nature in his work allows Cedric to introduce elements that may not be captured often by other artists. The originality in his work lies in the fact that he uses substandard material, mainly recycled, to make his clothes. These material often have little value to his peers in the fashion industry, yet Cedric finds purpose for them in his creations. Coming from a small village in Rwanda to being a recognized local fashion designer is a continuous source of inspiration for Cedric to keep reaching for the next level. The designer wills for his imagination to continue to bear fruit for to inspire future creations.



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of Rwanda’s hospitality & tourism sector Can you guess how many hotels rooms Rwanda had in 2003? Just over a decade ago, there were only 680 hotels rooms country-wide, roughly the equivalent of the total number of rooms in three large establishments. By the end of this year, Rwanda will hit the 10,000 mark in number of hotels rooms on the market, increasing annual capacity to host over one million tourists. By Collins Mwai


Radisson Blu Hotel Reception Lobby. Photo Source_Trip Advisor

This is what we call one focus!the Masai Girafes are offering interesting poses to Photographers and tourist visiting the Akagera National Park. photo_Cyril NDEGEYA

Zebras inside the Akagera National Park. photo_Cyril NDEGEYA DECEMBER-FEBRUARY 2017 EDITION | 69


Industry stakeholders look back at the country’s performance and confidently speak on the rise of Rwanda’s hospitality sector; one that has come from a dull place and undergone a rapid transformation, with more growth on the horizon. Among them is Belise Kariza, the Chief Tourism Officer at Rwanda Development Board who reported that in 1993 Rwanda received about 1000 tourists; less than the number of delegates who attend a given summit. “In 2003, we had only 680 rooms in the country and by the end of this year, we should have up to 10,000. In 1993, we only had 1,052 tourists due to low level of tourism promotion and marketing, while in 2015, Rwanda hosted up to 1.2 million visitors. There has been exponential growth over the last couple of years,” Kariza said.

The juvenile african fishing eagle. Photo_Cyril NDEGEYA


If projections are right, by end of year, Rwanda could hit the 1.3 million visitor mark and by end of 2017, reach 1.39 million visitors. Kariza attributes the growth in tourism in parts to investment in the sector coupled by expansion of the national carrier, RwandAir.

She noted, “The government has been investing significant resources in tourism and its supporting industries, including the expansion of our airline RwandAir. There is growing emphasis on regional integration which continues to be a strong pillar for exposure and growth of tourism.” Through these efforts, the number of visitors has significantly grown since 2013, with the country hosting 19,085 conference visitors in 2014 compared to 15,441 in 2013, an increase of 24 percent. In 2015, conference visitors amounted to 25,932, an increase of 36 percent compared to 2014. Since 2007, the tourism sector has been a leading foreign exchange earner for the country; generating $342 million in 2014 and employing up to 892,000 people the same year according to statistics from Rwanda Development Board. International hospitality players such as Golden Tulip, Marriott, Radisson Blu and Swiss International have established a presence in the country which has enforced stringent global standards and created a pool of skills to draw from. For the majority of the brands setting their roots in Rwanda, their confidence in the market is grounded in the noticeable infrastructure development and the country’s long-term vision for the tourism sector.

Hippopotami in Akagera National Park. Photo_Cyril NDEGEYA



According to Elie Younes, Vice President and Chief Development Officer of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Rwanda holds good prospects for hoteliers despite external economic conditions. The hotel group already operates an establishment in the capital city Kigali under the brand name Radisson Blu and plans to open a second one in the year to come. He remarked that the recent move by Rwanda to renovate Kigali International Airport, expand the fleet of RwandAir and the planned construction of Bugesera International Airport would open the country to more global hoteliers.

French tourism varsity which seeks to build a pool of skilled professionals in the country. In a statement, Reynaud Azema, the Director of Vatel, responsible for the group’s expansion in Africa, said the decision to set up a campus in Kigali was reached after consultations with officials from the Higher Education Council (HEC), the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and local hotel operators.

“This is the type of development we need in the region and we will do our part to serve the market,”Younes said.

The Vice Chairperson of the Chamber of Tourism at Private Sector Federation, Francine Havugimana, is delighted with the entrance of multiple industry players and commitment by others to establish presence in Rwanda. She believes it will further drive the industry standards across the country.

Marriott International’s Global Chief Development Officer Anthony G. Capuano said the existence of infrastructure is what enabled the world-renowned brand to begin operations in Rwanda. He advised, the best way for a country like Rwanda to attract international brands is to enable such takeovers by asset light firms who will in turn raise standards in management. Rwanda’s remarkable strides have attracted other investors from the sector such as Vatel Tourism University, a top The famous 50 year old elephant known as Mutware. Photo_Cyril NDEGEYA


“After spending a week in Rwanda, meeting professionals and talking to students, I am certain Vatel will help provide a solution to the needs of the tourism industry,” Azema said.

“We are happy that we have such a big number of investors who are interested in partnering to grow Rwanda’s tourism sector. The more hotel investors we get, the better our bouquet of offerings will be in the long run,” Havugimana concluded.

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Rwandan stand-up set out for the world! By Davy Ingabire The Comedy Knights has swept over Belgium, France, Germany, Egypt and Ivory Coast. The Rwandan comedy troupe has given a taste to international audiences to high acclaim. The journey begun in 2010 for actors Michael Sengazi and Arthur Nkusi. Upon sharing a stage in the comic play The Revisor, they were inspired to perform a stand-up comedy show in collaboration with other local talents. September of the same year, their vision was realized when they held their first collaborative performance at the Kigali Serena. Hence, the birth of the Comedy Knights troupe.

Le stand-up rwandais s’en va parcourir le monde

“During our first shows, the comedians on stage outnumbered the entire audience of the theatre,” recalls Hervé Kimenyi, one of the first to join the troupe.

“Au départ, nous étions plus nombreux sur scène que ceux qui étaient dans la salle” se rappelle Hervé Kimenyi, un des premiers à rejoindre la troupe. Aujourd’hui, chacun des spectacles de Comedy Knight fait salle comble et ses comédiens sont régulièrement invités à se produire aux quatre coins du monde.

Today, every Comedy Knights show has a full house and the comedians are regularly invited to perform in various parts of the world. At the beginning, the troupe had about fifteen comedians, today there remains five: Michael Sengazi, Hervé Kimenyi, Arthur Nkusi, Muyenzi John, aka Babu and Georges Bilungi. Also part of the team are the manager Jérôme Migisha and the organization officer Celestial Gahaya. In between acts, the crew organizes workshops to train new comedians and identify potential talent to join the team. Backed up by the success of the ensemble, some of the Comedy Knights members have taken advantage of the platform to diversify their artistic portfolio. For instance, Arthur Nkusi is one of the most famous radio presenters of the country, host of primetime morning show on Kiss FM and he is often called on to emcee major national events such as the Miss Rwanda


Tout commence en 2010 avec deux acteurs Michael Sengazi et Arthur Nkusi qui, après avoir partagé la scène sur une pièce de théâtre comique “LE REVISOR”, pensent à faire un spectacle de standup. Ils intègrent pour ce faire, d’autres comédiens à leur projet et en septembre de la même année, ils offrent le tout premier spectacle d’humour à Kigali. C’est ainsi que nait la troupe Comedy Knight.

Si au départ une quinzaine de personnes avaient rejoint le groupe, à ce jour, la troupe est composée de cinq comédiens : Michael Sengazi, Hervé Kimenyi, Arthur Nkusi, John Muyenzi a.k.a Babu et Georges Bilungi avec en plus leur manager Jérôme Migisha et le chargé d’organisation Celestial Gahaya. Néanmoins, depuis quelques temps, la troupe organise des ateliers pour former de nouveaux comédiens et repérer ceux qu’ils pourraient intégrer à leur équipe. Fort du succès de leur troupe, certains des humoristes de Comedy Knight ont profité de cette plateforme pour diversifier leurs activités artistiques. Arthur Nkusi est un des présentateurs radio les plus célèbres du pays grâce à la matinale qu’il présente sur Kiss FM. Il est également souvent invité à être MC de grands évènements nationaux dont la finale de Miss Rwanda.

Actor Michael Shengazi Performing DECEMBER-FEBRUARY 2017 EDITION | 75

Michael Sengazi excelle autant au ‘ stand-up’’ qu’au théâtre. Il s’est produit au Marché des Arts Africains en Côte d’Ivoire l’été dernier et Hervé Kimenyi joue au théâtre et au Cinéma. Il a même été primé au Festival Hillywood Film Festival. Par ailleurs, ce dernier et Michael sont les premiers rwandais à se produire sur Canal + dans le programme du célèbre Mamane et dans le Festival d’Humour de Kinshasa. Fin 2016, ils embarquent pour leur première tournée européenne, une dizaine de dates entre la France et la Belgique. Pour cette série de spectacles, seuls deux comédiens du groupe, Hervé et Michael se produisent. « Cette tournée se fait dans des pays francophones et nous sommes les deux seuls francophones du groupe, nous ne voulions pas limiter notre audience aux seuls membres de notre communauté, c’est pour cela que nous ne sommes que deux » avoue Hervé Kimenyi.

finale. Michael Sengazi is not only a fine stand-up comedian, he has developed his skills in performing arts, appearing at the 2016 Ivory Coast African Arts Market. Hervé Kimenyi, another notable talent on the team, has found success in theatre and cinema, earning him an award at the Hillywood Film Festival. Through their art, Michael and Hervé have broken new grounds, becoming the first Rwandans to appear on Mamane, a TV show airing on French TV network Canal+ and in the Kinshasa Stand-up Festival.

Above, Hervé and Michael

Here is an excerpt from an interview with Michael Sengazi, at the closing of a show in Belgium during the European Tour. In six years, Comedy Knight has become the go-to for stand-up in Rwanda, what is the secret of your success? There is no secret; it is just hard work and “baraka”. God takes care of the rest. How do you choose the themes discussed in your shows? For each show, we adapt our topics to the environment. We collect information about current hot topics and incorporate them during our performance. How is the tour impacting you? It is alright. We meet a lot of interesting people. We recently experienced the legendary cold of the “ch’tis” in Lille and its weather which is as capricious as a pregnant woman (smiles) but the audience was warm. In Toulouse, we met Babo, a young German Rwandan artist and Burundian drummers who welcomed us warmly. There was an amazing festive mood with DJs Princess and Rojazz. We always have a lot of fun! What mostly, as a comedian, makes you proud?

En six ans, Comedy Knight est devenu la référence en matière de stand-up au Rwanda, quel est votre atout majeur? C’est juste le travail et la “baraka”. Dieu se charge du reste. Comment choisissez-vous les thèmes abordés dans chaque spectacle?

The journey continues for the talented Comedy Knights troupe. They have embarked on their first European tour, ten days across France and Belgium. This leg of the tour features Michael and Hervé, as they are the only two French speaking comedians. “This tour is set in French speaking countries and we do not want to limit our audience to our community members only. Since only Michael and I speak French, we’re taking one for the team,” confesses Hervé Kimenyi.

Pour cette première rencontre avec le public européen, pas question de s’éloigner de leur registre habituel “nous parlons comme d’habitude de la vie de tous les jours, de la vie en Afrique et en Europe, de l’actualité” confie Michael Sengazi qui a répondu à quelques unes de questions à la sortie d’un de leurs spectacles à Bruxelles.

A chaque spectacle, on adapte nos textes selon le milieu. On s’informe sur les sujets chauds du moment et on y travaille. Jusqu’à maintenant, comment s’est passé la tournée ?

Arthur Nkusi

Cela se passe bien. Nous rencontrons plein de gens intéressantes. Dernièrement, nous avons pu gouter au légendaire froid des ch’tis à Lille et sa météo aussi capricieuse qu’une femme enceinte (rires) mais le public était chaleureux.

Century Park Residence Century Park Villas The Villas at Century Park will redefine luxury as you know it! These remarkable homes are truly one-of- a-kind, with ceiling heights reaching 19 feet allowing for a superb natural interior lighting. The family oriented homes feature a cozy family room with an indoor bar on the ground floor overlooking a large lush garden. The design includes a modern kitchen with beautifully crafted countertops and a large walk-in pantry. Inside the 3 storey residence, you get to choose between 5 or 6 bedrooms, all en-suite and each room boasting its own balcony. The exclusivity and quality of these homes makes them a definite choice for individuals who value privacy and security.

The L - shaped building maximized the view towards the wetland. The upper floor is mainly for meetings and the exclusive, Kigali’s best lounge, “Chillax”. The Open lower ground level allows a panoramic view of the wetland and offers the most direct contact with nature. It is also the home to the authentic Chinese Restaurant in Kigali, “Tung”. The building has an expansive garden ideal for large parties or functions. The restaurant also features meetings and private dining rooms for 8 to 62 persons. In the garden “Chillax” operates an outdoor Gourmet Grill.

The Pinnacle of luxury.

A prestigious grand welcome to luxury living.

Century Park The apartment buildings will form a residential cocoon nestled in one of Kigali’s greenest areas and are neighboured by a lake& a golf course. The apartments at Century Park will range in size and a variety of units will be available, ensuring there is something in store for everyone. The 2-beroom apartments will come in 2 different variations, both equally lavish boasting 105sqms of living space in each unit. The picturesque 3-bedroom apartments boast a total living space of 138sqms & feature balconies of over 5sqms. The 3-bedroom apartments are some of the largest & most scenic units on offer. The 4&5 bedroom penthouses apartments range from 210-243sqms with breathtaking views. These units will be offered in three variations and will be the largest units available.Residents of the apartments at Century Park will have access to the Boutique Hotel facilities as well as the community park.

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Making people happy while performing. A simple smile or laughter, both are invaluable. What is the biggest challenge you ever faced as a troupe? It definitely remains the same as at the beginning; to expand the comedy scene so that one day we’ll be able to make a living from being comedians without having to take on many jobs to make it through the month. Another challenge is the constant need to travel far in order to get more consideration and gain a reputable position in the industry. What advice would you give to someone who wishes to get a start in the stand-up industry? My piece of advice, not only for the stand-up industry but for all aspects of life, is to simply dare to take the first step. To listen to and to believe in the small inner voice that’s pushing you to pursue your dreams. Which song is always on your travel playlist? There are so many but if I must choose one, I would say Till I Collapse by Eminem and Nate Dog. I like listening to it before a performance, the lyrics are motivational. What are your future projects for Comedy Knights? We are planning a program on Rwandan national television in the near future. Soon, there will be another tour, this time on another continent.

Stand-up comedy night in Belgium


A Toulouse, nous avons même rencontré une jeune artiste germano-rwandaise Babo et des tambourinaires burundais, ils nous ont bien accueillis. C’est toujours une bonne ambiance de fête avec les DJ Princess Flor et Rojazz. Nous profitons au maximum. Qu’est-ce qui te rend le plus fier en tant qu’humoriste? C’est de rendre les gens heureux quand je joue. Un sourire ou un rire, pour moi, c’est inestimable Quel est le plus grand défi que vous ayez déjà eu à relever en tant que troupe? Il reste définitivement le même qu’à nos débuts: faire grandir la scène humoristique pour qu’un jour on ne vive que de cela sans devoir forcément avoir deux boulots pour pouvoir joindre les deux bouts et surtout ne plus avoir à aller à l’étranger pour gagner plus en considération et en notoriété que chez soi. Quel conseil donnerais-tu à ceux qui voudraient se lancer dans l’humour ? Mon conseil, pas seulement pour le ‘ stand-up’’ mais pour tout dans la vie, c’est de simplement oser se lancer et faire confiance à cette petite voix interne qui te pousse à réaliser tes rêves. Quelle chanson ne saurait manquer dans ta playlist ‘’voyage’’? C’est dur d’en choisir une mais je dirais Till I collapse d’Eminem et Nate Dog, c’est une chanson que j’écoute spécialement avant de jouer pour la motivation qui se trouve dans les paroles. Quels sont les projets à court terme de Comedy Knight? Dans un avenir proche, une émission à la télévision nationale rwandaise et une autre tournée pour bientôt. Cette fois nous irons sur un autre continent.


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Kampala Uganda Hwansung Industries Ltd.

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Tel: +211 957 108 781


How did Rwanda’s MICE strategy fare in 2016? In 2016, Rwanda hosted numerous high profile events of global and continental reach. These notable gatherings did not happen by chance, in fact, they are a direct result of calculated and deliberate efforts in line with the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) strategy laid out by the government in 2014. The ambitious strategy sought to make Rwanda a regional hub for meetings and conferences and a mere two years after its launch, the impact can be felt by a great number of stakeholders. By Collins Mwai


ome of the key events held in 2016 include: the World Economic Forum for Africa (WEF Africa), the Africa Nations Championships (CHAN), the Montreal Protocol meeting, the African Union summit, the Global African Investment Summit (TGAIS), 2016 FIBA Africa U18 Championship, 13th high-level Conference of the Committee of Intelligence (CISSA) and Africa Agriculture Science Week. The slew of conferences provided multiple opportunities for local players to test their ability and strengthen their capacity to host events of international stature. They also provided a stage for Rwanda to market itself as an international conference destination to event planners and organizations across the world. Rwanda’s hospitably left a positive impression on visitors and

WEF_Africa Kigali Source-Deutsche Welle

I had heard about Rwanda, its hospitality and development, but what I experienced during the summit surpassed my expectations. Rwanda went above and beyond anything I imagined,” confessed Diouf. event participants; many openly voiced their awe at how a country declared a failed state twentytwo years ago managed to turn around and become a symbol of African progress. Rwanda’s success at hosting world-class events has been strongly dependent on an events planning ecosystem made up of multiple organizations and businesses in the country; both public and private. The hosting process for major events begins at the port of entry, in many cases at the service of Rwanda’s national carrier, RwandAir which connects to 19 destinations worldwide. The airline topped its usual world-class comfort with exclusive travel deals for delegates for some of the major events. On arrival, visitors reported that the process of obtaining a visa was hasslefree, courtesy of Rwanda’s visa on arrival system which makes it possible for travelers to acquire the document at the immigration desk. Business operators in the hospitality and tourism sector played their part by providing services and products that were globally competitive. From internationally renowned brands like Marriott and Radisson Blu, to Rwandan brands such as Lemigo and Chez Lando, industry players keenly offered their best services to delegates, mindful of the reputation and name they were making for themselves. Various hotels across Kigali city catered special menus and put on nightly entertainment so as to give visitors a sample of various aspects of Rwanda.


Beyond the conferences and events that brought delegates to Rwanda, daily side events were lined up for visitors, ranging from happy hour at an art gallery, live music in Kigali’s car-free zone, night clubs to gorilla trekking in the Virunga mountains. Multiple investments were made in infrastructure development to boost Rwanda’s preparedness to become a regional conference hub. For example, Rwanda today boasts numerous conference facilities including the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village and the Kigali Convention Centre, both with a capacity of more than 10,000 people. Stadiums across the country were improved to host sporting events that would meet international standards. Delegates were not short of positive reviews about the environment provided for them during their respective summits. Isaac Diouf, a journalist from Senegal who attended one of the forums, said his first experience in Rwanda was a real eye opener for him. “I had heard about Rwanda, its hospitality and development, but what I experienced during the summit surpassed my expectations. Rwanda went above and beyond anything I imagined,” confessed Diouf. During the African Union Summit held in July, the President of Chad, Idris Deby Itno took the lead in appreciating the host country. At the closing of the meeting which he chaired, President Deby said that, Rwanda had not only achieved in hosting the delegates but also in creating a conducive environment and atmosphere for the participants to hold deliberations. The chairperson of the AU, Dr. Dlamini Zuma, took to Twitter to express her sentiment towards the event, urging future hosts to borrow a leaf from Rwanda. The post read, “This is the best summit we have had, we must maintain it, while striving to get better and better.” A number of guests shared with Inzozi magazine, that they were impressed with the level of attention to detail and the level of facilitation given to guests in their respective events. Others were impressed with the cleanliness of the city, and the order and security that made it possible to walk around the city even after dark which is not the case in many African capitals. Following the AU summit, Minister Louise Mushikiwabo addressed the press and stated the successful hosting of the summit was in part owed to the sacrifice and patience of all city dwellers. “We are grateful to the citizens of Kigali for enduring the cumbersome traffic. We are very proud of the support and understanding of the people of this city who were gracious for having allowed the success of the Summit,” Mushikiwabo said. Going forward, most of the participants have expressed intentions to return to Rwanda, some for leisure and others for future conferences. This serves to show that Rwanda’s efforts is yielding the desired outcome; to keep them coming back for more.

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Most Successful S.A. Producer

New world winery of the year Best South African Winery V Wines Ltd , +250 788 35 2003


Par Yann Rousselin


Wine: what factors determine whether you like it or not? “Wine, I discover you!” resumes its journey through the world of wine. If you recall the Inzozi MarchMay 2016 issue, we discussed some of the common challenges in choosing wine, zeroing in on different wines, their varieties, their names, etc. Pourquoi n’aimes tu pas ce vin ? Pourquoi l’aimes-tu  ? Vin, je te découvre continue sa route. Souvenez vous de l’édition de mars à mai 2016 d’ Inzozi : nous avions parlé de certaines difficultés à pouvoir choisir son vin, et nous nous étions donc penchés sur les différents vins, leur cépages, leurs noms,…

With the festive season around the corner, many people have already started stocking up their favorites while others are still going around sampling and debating on which wine will make the cut for the holiday celebrations. Deciding whether a wine is good or not can be a perplexing situation. This is a common occurrence at wine tasting sessions and it might have happened to you a time or two.

Les fêtes sont proches. Nous avons sans doute achetés quelques vins, les avons dégustés et nous sommes peutêtre dit : ‘ce vin est bon ou ce vin ne l’est pas’’. C’est ce qu’on entend souvent sur les dégustations de vins et cela vous est peut-être arrivé.

When you are handed a glass of wine, you start by swirling the rich red liquid. You take in the smell, then slowly indulge the first sip and savor it for few seconds. Then follows one of two reactions; “Hmm, this wine is delicious!” or “This wine is not my taste.”

Quand vous avez un verre de vin entre les mains, vous le goutez, vous le sentez et vous vous dites tiens, ce vin est bon ou pas.

While the person sampling the wine is well at ease, the pronounced verdict is often guided by our personal appreciation, to the detriment of the intrinsic quality of the wine. As wine tasters, we allow ourselves to judge wine; unaware of the

Le dégustateur a la critique aisée mais l’artiste c’est quand même le vigneron qui va produire ce vin, et nous ne sommes que des dégustateurs qui se permettent de ‘ juger’’ notamment le vinificateur. Souvent guidée par notre appréciation personnelle, notre critique est faite au détriment de la qualité intrinsèque du vin. C’est-à-dire que nous allons nous permettre de porter un jugement complètement subjectif, en fonction de notre profil gustatif, des saveurs, des arômes que l’on



aime. Chacun d’entre nous sommes différents en termes d’habitudes de consommation. Nos penchants sont parlants. Prenons un exemple simple: le thé et le café. Pourquoi ceux là ? Parce-que infusés, ils dégagent du tanin et ce dernier, qu’il soit du café, du thé ou du vin a la propriété d’interagir avec les protéines de la salive.


Les protéines de la salive et le tanin vont réagir de façon précipitée et vont donc assécher la bouche, ce qui recrée un resserrement de la muqueuse. Cette sensation sèche dans la bouche crée une saveur amère qui rejoint une sensation d’amertume qu’on peut avoir en

Certains d’entre nous préfèrent le café ou le thé noir sans sucre et sans lait. D’autres ne rajouterons que du lait ou du sucre, et chaque fois qu’on rajoute l’un de ces ingrédients,c’est bien la traduction bien du type de saveur qui nous intéresse. Quand nous rajoutons du sucre dans le café ou le thé c’est que nous avons du mal à apprécier l’amertume. Cela est évidement normal, parce que ce n’est pas une saveur vraiment facile à apprécier. Toutes ces explications nous mènent à comprendre quelques profils types de dégustation qui tolèrent plus ou moins la sensation d’amertume. Si vous aimez l’amertume, vous irez sur des vins qui vont être plus riche en amertume, plus tanniques. Dans le cas contraire, vous irez sur des vins complètement à l’opposé. L’eau gazeuse est un autre indicateur. Avec ses bulles en bouche, on retrouve une sensation spécifique qui crée des picotements qui s’apparentent à de l’acidité. Si vous appréciez ce type de boisson, vous avez une certaine affinité avec l’acidité et donc que vous apprécierez des


process of producing the wine. This means the opinion we freely share is subjective, it is shaped by our personal taste, our wine tasting profile and the different flavors we enjoy. Further, individual consumption habits vary, particularly in terms of food pairing and of the gastronomy we enjoy.

Let us consider a simple example such as coffee and tea. When the two beverages are infused, they produce tannin. Similarly to wine, the tannins found in coffee and tea reacts to the presence of saliva proteins. Upon contact, the saliva proteins and the tannins quickly react, instantly drying up the mouth, thus causing the mucous membrane to tighten. This dry sensation in the mouth creates a bitter taste intensified by any bitterness already present in the mouth. Some people prefer black coffee or black tea, with no sugar nor milk, while others like to add milk and/or sugar. Each time one of these ingredients is added, it is indicative of an individual’s taste preference. Adding milk or sugar in coffee and tea, suggests that an individual does not enjoy the bitterness of the caffeinated beverage. This of course is totally normal, as it is not an easy flavor to appreciate. The addition of milk and sugar renders the tannins less active, hence, masking the drinks’ bitterness. Carbonated water is another good way to assess one’s taste preference. The tiny bubbles or the fizz found in carbon water create a distinct tickly sensation. If you like that feeling, it indicates you have an affinity for acidic beverages and you are

vins blancs très vifs, secs avec une certaine tension et beaucoup de fraicheur en bouche.

likely to enjoy dry white wines that are crisp and leave a fresh taste in the mouth.

C’est en fonction des mets que vous aimez, que vous apprécierez tel ou tel autre type de vin.

With the upcoming holidays, you may happen to choose some wines that your guests will not appreciate as much as you do but that should not be interpreted as the wine not being good. To ensure all party guests are satisfied, diversify your wine list according to taste profiles taking into account the levels of bitterness and acidity and individual preferences.

Pour ces fêtes à venir, il se pourrait que vous appréciez un vin que certains de vos invités n’apprécierons peut être pas. Cela ne veut en aucun cas dire que le vin est mauvais. Diversifiez donc vos vins selon les goûts, en tenant compte de l’amertume, de l’acidité selon les envies de chacun. Quand au grand jugement du vin, précisons que l’appréciation personnel ne vient pas en compte, ceci sera un autre sujet de discussion dans notre prochaine édition. Ce n’est pas la norme mais le vin reste quand même meilleur que le le lait, comme dit George Brassens dans sa chanson « Qu’elles donnent du vin, j’irai traire enfin les vaches… »

As for wine’s great sentence, let us note that personal appreciation was not taken into consideration in today’s discussion as we will tackle it in the next issue. Happy festive season to you all and let’s drink wine with moderation!

Joyeuses fetes à tous et buvons du vin avec modération !

Tanins dur

Tanins doux

Cabernet suavignon

Pinots noir







The Food Treasure Restaurant (Khana khazana) By Rwiririza Egide


hat’s in a name? In the case of Khana Khazana, where the former means food and the latter means treasure, the restaurant’s name practically implies each dish carries something special for the diners. True to its name, Khana Khazana located in the heart of town in Kiyovu, serves authentic decadent Indian cuisine. The restaurant is set in a vast, spacious and well decorated dome in Indian fashion. The gorilla art pieces catch everyone’s attention and the marvelous blend of Indian colours seen from every corner of the restaurant along with the smell of Indian spices permeating the eatery create a lovely ambiance for its dwellers. The dining area is cozy and the setting looks even more wonderful under the city’s evening lights. The menu is large and varied, with both Indian and Chinese dishes on offer and many options available for vegetarian and non vegetarians, alike. From steamed rice, signature chicken tikka masala, fish tikka tandoori and vegetable pakora, there is something to match everyone’s taste with fresh cold drinks on deck. The service throughout is speedy, attentive and professional. Staff appear to be well trained and customer service oriented. The place offers a nice setting for a family dinner, a romantic date between couples, for large events or business meetings, and also for birthday parties. I guarantee if you try it once, you will be addicted. It is no doubt the best in town!




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To those above if you hear us, You,who walked into eternity in 2016, I wonder if you can see us winking from the earth.An intense desire to express gratitude to you, whom we loved and cherished, the words “thank you” seem too simple. Generosity traced your path into fame.A life of sacrifice; anonymity and stillnessheld different meanings to you. You gifted the world with your talent and lived largely in the public eye. For that alone, I salute you. My words are a meek recognition on behalf of those you have impacted, those who looked at you with admiration, listened to you and applauded you. Your life in the public eye had somehow transformed you into an illustrious character and today I wish to pay you homage. Inevitably subjective, my selection is based on what seems to happen by chance, but at the same time respectful of those selected. Also, to the great number of personalities who despite not being listed here, keep a prominent place in the collective consciousness and in the hearts of millions of human beings. To you,

By: Arnaud Nkusi


De là haut, si vous nous entendez, Vous qui avez pris le train du grand départ en 2016, recevez ce petit clin d’œil depuis la terre. C’est beau de dire ‘ Merci ’ malgré le fait que parfois, ces cinq petites lettres mises ensemble ne sachent à elles seules exprimer un certain degré de reconnaissance. Faisons-le tout de même.

août 1923 à Wiśniew en Pologne (maintenant en Biélorussie,ndlr). Votre famille émigre vers Tel Aviv en 1934 et vous suivez des études à l’école de Geula de la même ville puis, à l’école agricole de Ben Shemen. Quel parcours du combattant avant d’être le huitième premier ministre d’Israël de 1984 à 1986 et vingt et un ans plus tard président de l’Etat d’Israël !

La générosité est sans doute, un des critères les plus déterminants pour exercer un métier public. Renoncer donc un tant soit peu au confort de l’anonymat et d’une certaine tranquillité qui va avec. Vous l’avez été. C’est pourquoi nous voulions ici, saluer ce don de vous à nous.

Partons de 1947, lorsque vous vous enrôlez dans le Haganah (prédécesseur des forces israéliennes de défense) et êtes nommé par David Ben Gourion comme chef des ressources matérielles et humaines.

Veuillez trouver ici, une simple expression de la reconnaissance de ce grand public qui vous a regardé, écouté, applaudi et donc rencontré au travers de votre vie publique. Tout travail mérite respect et vous qui avez eu un métier public, il a fait de vous un illustre personnage auquel nous voulons rendre ici un vibrant hommage.

Puis en 1952, lorsque vous êtes élu pour la première fois, député à la Knesset (parlement israélien, ndlr) et êtes réélu en 1959, en tant que membre du parti travailliste Mapai.

Forcément subjective, notre sélection n’a de critère que ce qui ressemble à un heureux hasard, mais elle est tout autant respectueuse de celles et ceux qui y figurent que de vous autres qui êtes célébrés ailleurs, autrement. Toutes et tous, gardez une place de choix dans la conscience collective et dans les cœurs de millions d’être humains… ! Arnaud Nkusi A vous,… … Shimon Peres. De votre nom original Szymon Perski, vous êtes né le 2 … Shimon Peres Originally named Szymon Perski, you were born on August 2nd, 1923 in Wiśniew, Poland (now Belarus). Your family emigrated to Tel Aviv in 1934, where you studied at Geula School and at the Ben Shemen Agriculture School. You dedicated your life to your country becoming the 8thPrime Minister of Israel from 1984 to 1986, then serving as the President of the State of Israel twenty one years later. Starting in 1947, you were enlisted in the Haganah (predecessor of the Israeli defense forces) and appointed as Material and Human Resources Manager by David Ben Gourion. Then in 1952, you wereelected for the first time, Member of Parliament at the Knesset (Israeli parliament, editor’s note) and re-elected in 1959, as member of the Labour Party Mapai. In 1953, you were appointed Director General of the Ministry of Defense. In that function, you became particularly involved in the procurement of arms for the rising Israeli State. After a brief stint as Minister of Information in 1974, you were appointed Minister of Defense in the Yitzhak Rabin government. You never quite won the elections for the Labour Party butyou were Prime Minister twice from 1984 to 1986, in order to fulfill the rotation requirement according

En 1953, vous êtes nommé directeur général du ministère de la défense. Dans cette fonction, vous vous impliquez particulièrement dans l’achat d’armes pour le jeune État d’Israël. Nommé ministre en 1969, c’est en 1970 que vous vous occupez des transports et des communications. Après une période à la fonction de ministre de l’information, en 1974, vous êtes nommé ministre de la défense dans le gouvernement de Yitzhak Rabin. Malgré le fait que vous n’ayez jamais obtenu pour le parti travailliste une victoire aux élections, vous avez été le numéro un de la primature par deux fois : d’abord de 1984 à 1986 dans l’esprit d’une rotation voulue par l’accord avec le Likoud d’Yitzhak Shamir, puis de 1995 à 1996, pour remplacer Yitzhak Rabin, le premier ministre assassiné.


to the agreement with theYitzhak Shamir Likoud. Again, from 1995-1996, to replace Yitzhak Rabin, the assassinated prime minister. The year 1994 was among your greatest; following the Oslo agreements, you became a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, along with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat. Your 1996 electoral run against Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likoud did not bear fruit but your influence remained strong allowing you to pursue diplomatic action as a non official “ambassador” of Israel. This was in large part due to the esteem and respect you held within international audiences and diplomatic circles. In 1997, you went on to found the Peres Peace Centre. Despite the two Intifadas, you remained a firm defender of the Oslo agreements and of the Palestinian Authority.

Quelques mois auparavant, en1994, une des plus grandes années de votre vie et suite aux accords d’Oslo, vous vous voyez décerné le prix Nobel de la paix avec Yitzhak Rabin et Yasser Arafat. Malgré le fait que vous soyez battu aux élections de 1996 par Benjamin Netanyahou et le Likoud, vous restez suffisamment influent pour poursuivre votre action diplomatique en tant qu’ « ambassadeur » non officiel d’Israël. C’est grâce au prestige et au respect dont vous jouissez dans l’opinion publique internationale et dans les cercles diplomatiques, même lorsque vous êtes est dans l’opposition. Vous fondez le « centre Peres pour la paix » en 1997. En dépit des deux Intifadas, vous êtes un défenseur acharné des accords d’Oslo et de l’autorité palestinienne depuis le début.

Under the Sharon government, you resumed your ministerial post where you defendedIsrael’s right to a security policy and addressed international critics against the “security barrier” raised by the Israeli State.

Lorsque vous revenez à un poste ministériel dans le gouvernement Sharon, vous défendez le droit pour Israël à une politique de sécurité et vous répondez aux critiques internationales contre la “barrière de sécurité” élevée par l’État israélien.

It wasn’t until 2007 that you were elected President of the State of Israel. Shortly after, in November 2008, Queen Elizabeth II personally handed you the Order of Saint-Michael and Saint-Georges during a ceremony held at Buckingham Palace, in London.

Le 13 juin 2007, vous devenez Président de l’Etat d’Israël. En novembre 2008, vous recevez des mains de la reine Elizabeth II, l’Ordre de Saint-Michel et Saint-Georges lors d’une cérémonie organisée à Buckingham Palace, à Londres.

Shimon Peres, you left the earth on September 28th, two weeks after a massive stroke. You were ninety three years old.

Shimon Peres, vous avez quitté ce monde le mardi 28 septembre, deux semaines après un accident vasculaire cérébral. Vous aviez quatre-vingt treize ans.

…Darren Seals You joined life on earth on May 15th, 1987. An Afro-American, you were best known as a civil rights activist. You led the masses in protest of crimes perpetrated against black males by white police officers. Your particular cause was that of the late Michael Brown whose life was senselessly cut short by Officer Wilson. This happened two years ago, on August 9th, 2014. The officer had the same first name as you. Your Twitter handle bore the following description: businessman, revolutionary, activist and a “BLACK unreservedly, African in AmeriKKKa, combatant, leader”. You earned a living as an assembly line worker and musician in Ferguson, Missouri. Your body was found riddled with bullets in your burnt car early in the morning of September 6th. Darren Seals, you were only twenty nine years old.

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‌Qandeel Baloch Twenty six years ago, you were born Fouzia Azeem in Pakistan. It was as though you met the earth carrying a seed of rebellion in your hand, on that fateful day of March 1st, 1990. You became famous from an early age, following your controversial home videosabout everyday life in Pakistan. Your words and appearance were perceived as provocative. You were an actress, a feminist and a social media celebrity;your fame standing close in comparison to American socialite Kim Kardashian. As your status elevated, your family grew fearful of the negative attention you were attracting. They considered you a major threat. While visiting your parents in the province of Punjab for the Eid feast, your brother strangled you to death. He was arrested and would later confess to the crime, stating he had done it to restore the family’s honour. According to him, this was deemed the necessary action to stop you from hurting your family. Your untimely death happened on July 15th.

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...Qandeel Baloch. Il y a vingt six ans vous naissiez Fouzia Azeem, dans votre pays, le Pakistan. Etes-vous venue avec en main ou dans l’esprit un grain de révolte et de contestations, ce 1 er mars 1990 ? Très jeune déjà, vous deviendrez célèbre suite à des publications audiovisuelles controversées dans votre pays où elle parle du quotidien du Pakistan. Vos propos et votre affichage sont perçus comme de sérieuses provocations. Vous êtes actrice, féministe et une célébrité des réseaux sociaux, au point que l’on vous compare à Kim Kardashian. Votre famille le vit si mal que vous en devenez une menace de représailles pour elle. Alors que vous vous trouviez dans la province du Pendjab pour les fêtes de l’Aïd, votre propre frère vous étrangle le vendredi de fête, au domicile même de vos parents. Il est arrêté et avoue vous avoir tuée pour des questions d’honneur. Il affirme ne rien regretter rien puisque, selon lui, il fallait vous empêcher de nuire à votre famille. C’était le 15 juillet dernier, vous n’aviez pas vingt sept ans.

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…Sonia Rykiel You were born in Paris on May 25th, 1930, under the name Flis.None could haveguessed you would become one of fashion’s greatest icons, let alone a writer, designer and actress.The first born among five siblings, you hailed from a Romanian father and a Russian mother. By the age of eighteen, you were a window dresser at the Grande Maison de blanc. Six years later, you married Sam Rykiel, the owner of Laura, a clothing boutique in the Paris XIVth district. Your first creation, the pullover would eventually come to life inside that same boutique.You experienced the joy of motherhood, giving birth to your daughter Nathalie in 1955 and your son Jean-Philippe in 1961. A year earlier, your pullover landed on the cover of Elle magazine. At the time it seemed inexplicable, but your fate was sealed the day a mystery lady marched into Laura boutique and purchased fourteen of your poor boy sweatersin various colors. You would later find out it was Audrey Hepburn! In 1965, you partnered with your husband to establish the Sonia Rykiel C.D.M. company. Despite your divorce, you continued working together and went on to create the Sonia Rykiel label. In May 1968, your first boutique openedon Grenelle Street, in the Parisian Left Bank. Some time before, in 1967, the American magazine Women’s Wear Daily named you “Queen of Knitwear”. Your unending imagination led to your next invention, namely,the“inside out seams”, the “hem step”, and “the doubled step” and notably, a new fashion philosophy dubbed “the old fashioned”.


… Sonia Rykiel. A Paris où vous avez vu le jour le 25 mai 1930, sous le nom de Flis, qui eût su que vous deviendriez une grande dame de la couture ? Et pas que… ! Ecrivaine, designer, écrivaine, actrice et même gastronome! Ainée d’une fratrie de cinq enfants, vous naissez d’un père roumain et d’une mère russe.

You created a style with identifiable elements denoted by black,stripes, lace, the strass, the stitch and written messages on clothing. You followed with the first high-end jogging pants made of velvet, inscribed and perfectly tailored for women. You took on an emblematic space in the mind of your audience. As an actress, you breathed your characters into life, inspiring films such as “Ready to wear” by Robert Altman. As a designer, you were the mastermind behind the interior of the Crillon hotel in 1972 and of the Lutetia in 1985. At the end of the 90’s you were struck down by Parkinson’s disease. You recounted the experience in your autobiography, “Do not forget that I am acting”, written in collaboration with the journalist Judith Perrignon. It was your daughter Nathalie who announced to the world Parkinson’s disease had taken you away. It happened in Paris on August 25th, you were eighty-six years old.

A dix huit ans déjà, vous êtes étalagiste à la Grande Maison de Blanc. Six années plus tard, vous épousez Sam Rykiel, propriétaire de Laura, une boutique de confection vestimentaire du XIVe arrondissement de Paris. C’est dans cette boutique, sise au 104 de l’avenue du Général Leclerc que vous créez vos premiers pull-overs. Vous deviendrez mère en 1955, à la naissance de Nathalie puis de Jean-Philippe en 1961.

Mais peu avant, en 1967, vous êtes consacrée par le magazine américain Women’s Wear Daily « Reine du tricot dans le monde ». Imaginative, vous inventez assez vite les «coutures à l’envers», le « pas d’ourlet », le « pas doublé» et même, au nom d’une nouvelle philosophie de la mode : « la démode ». Elle crée un style aux éléments indentifiables et dont les mots clés sont le noir, les rayures, la dentelle, le strass, la maille et les messages écrits sur les pulls. Viendront ensuite les premiers joggings sophistiqués en velours, les messages inscrits et surtout la maille qui épouse le corps des femmes. Vous êtes si emblématique, que comme actrice, vous jouez (ou plutôt vivez) votre propre rôle qui inspirera dans un le film ‘ Prêt-à-porter ‘’de Robert Altman .

Une année auparavant, un de ces pulls fait la une du magazine Elle. Comment ? Par un achat de quatorze de vos poor boy sweater de couleurs différentes par une dame de passage à la boutique Laura. Ce n’est pas n’importe quelle dame qui s’offre autant d’exemplaires d’un même pull over, c’est …Audrey Hepburn !

Comme designer, vous décorerez l’intérieur de l’hôtel de Crillon en 1972 et du Lutetia en 1985. A la fin des années 1990, vous êtes atteinte de la maladie de Parkinson. C’est de cet épisode de votre vie que vous parlez en 2012 dans un livre coécrit avec la journaliste Judith Perrignon, N’oubliez pas que je joue.

Votre mari participe à la création de la société Sonia Rykiel C.D.M en 1965 puis, malgré votre divorce, vous créez ensemble la griffe Sonia Rykiel et c’est en mai 1968. Votre première boutique ouvrira 6, rue de Grenelle, sur la Rive Gauche parisienne.

C’est votre fille, Nathalie qui a annoncé au monde, votre décès survenu le 25 août à Paris des suites de la maladie de Parkinson. Vous aviez quatre vingt six ans.

…Emile Derlin Zinsou In Ouidah, a small port city in the Republic of Benin and forty two years before the arrival of another great name from Benin, Angelique Kidjo, you were born.In 1968, you served for one year as President of the Republic of Dahomey, which subsequently changed its name. You obtained your degree from the Faculty of Medicine of Dakar, before entering the political scene, at the time of the independence of the Republic of Dahomey. The military regime that took power in 1967 propelled you at the Presidency of the Republic of Benin on July 17th, 1968. Your stay was short-lived, when in December of the following year, you were ousted by a putsch. Youthen became a fierce opponent of General Mathieu Kérekou who imposed a single party regime from 1974 to 1990. Another failed coup attemptdubbed “Operation Shrimp” was madein Benin on January 16th, 1977. This time,by a group of mercenaries led by Bob Denard.He laterconfessed in his memoir that the coup was meant to restore you to power, while you denied any implication. His claims suggestedyou were on board the mercenaries’ aircraft on the day of the attempted coup, ready to be declaredPresident of the Republic,granted the operation’s success. Image Source: Ouest-France



In 1990, you were appointed member of the Higher Council for the Republic of Benin, along with former presidents, Ahomadegbe, Congacou and Mage; in a spirit of democratising the nation. You were among the founding fathers of the African Union, launched on July 12th, 2000 in Lomé and also vicepresident of the Higher Council for the French-speaking World. In your golden years, you were named honorary president of the International Organization for the Fight against Sickle Cell Disease. Most recently, your nephew Lionel Zinsou served as the Prime Minister of Benin from June 8th, 2015 to April 6th, 2016; an unfortunate candidate for the 2016 presidential election against Patrice Talon. You breathed your last the night of July 28th, in your home in Cotonou, Benin. You were close to your hundredth birthday.

Image Source: Africanews

… Emile Derlin Zinsou. A Ouidah, la petite ville portuaire de la République du Bénin et quarante deux ans avant que n’arrive un autre grand nom du Bénin, Angélique Kidjo, vous êtes venu au mode. Vous serez de 1968 à 1969, président de la République du Dahomey qui ne s’appellera plus ainsi en 1975.

Une autre tentative de coup d’État, dénommée « opération Crevette » et menée cette fois par un groupe de mercenaires dirigé par Bob Denard a lieu au Bénin, Le 16 janvier 1977. Cette opération échoue. Elle visait à son tour, le renversement du régime marxiste du Général Mathieu Kérékou.

Vous ferez vos premiers pas scolaires à l’École normale William Ponty au Sénégal. Plus tard, vous décrocherez votre diplômé de la faculté de médecine de Dakar, avant d’entrer en politique à l’indépendance de la République du Dahomey.

Le mercenaire avouera dans ses mémoires, que le but était de vous restaurer au Pouvoir, quand bien même vous niez toute implication. Il va jusqu’à affirmer que vous étiez à bord de l’avion des mercenaires le 16 janvier 1977, attendant d’être proclamé président de la République en cas de succès de l’opération.

Le régime militaire qui a pris le pouvoir en 1967 vous propulse à la présidence de la République le 17 juillet 1968. Vous n’y resterez que jusqu’en décembre de l’année suivante, en raison d’un putsch qui évince votre pouvoir. Vous deviendrez alors un farouche opposant du général Mathieu Kérekou qui impose un régime de parti unique de 1974 à 1990.

Dan un esprit de démocratisation du pays, vous serez tout de même nommé, avec les anciens présidents Ahomadegbé, Congacou et Maga, membres du Haut Conseil pour la République, une institution fondée le 9 mars 1990 Vous serez un des pères cofondateurs de

…Father Jacques Hamel You were born on November 30th, 1930, in Lower Seine (currently Maritime Seine), France. Bythe tender age of six, you had become an altar boy at the Saint-Paul Church of Rouen and eight years later, you joined the priests’ secondary school. You were ordained priest for the archdiocese, shy of age 28, by Bishop Joseph-Marie Martin. You were first appointed vicar in Saint-Antoine de Petit-Quevilly in 1958, just after your ordination. Subsequent appointments led you to Parish of Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes in Sotteville-lès-Rouen in 1967, Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf in 1975 and Cléon in 1988.

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Union africaine le 12 juillet 2000 à Lomé et également vice-président du Haut Conseil de la Francophonie. Ce ne sera pas tout, malgré votre age avancé, vous serez président d’honneur de l’Organisation internationale de lutte contre la drépanocytose (OILD). Pendant ce temps, votre neveu, Lionel Zinsou, est Premier ministre du Bénin entre le 8 juin 2015 et le 6 avril 2016 et candidat malheureux à l’élection présidentielle de 2016 face à Patrice Talon. C’est à votre domicile de Cotonou, au Bénin, que dans la nuit du jeudi 28 au vendredi 29 juillet que vous avez lâché votre dernier souffle. Vous étiez à deux doits d’avoir cent ans.

You were called to military service during the Algerian war where a witness reports your categorical refusal to be promoted to the grade officer. Instead, you opted to remain a soldier, lest you be in a rank that would require you to issue orders to kill. In 2000, you were transferred as a priest in the parish of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. Five years later, you served as assistant priest under the same parish. This was three yearsprior to celebrating your golden jubilee of ordination as a priest. Since February 2015, you became a member, along with the Regional Council of Muslims, of an interconfessional committee created in the aftermath of the January 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. Bishop Jean-Charles Descubes, emeritus archbishop of Rouen, pointed out you were well known for your “missionary mindset”. Your commitment will be your demise! ThisJuly 26th, during morning mass, two Muslin terrorists armed with knives burst into Saint-Etienne Church and attacked you while you were performing mass. As the terrorists taunted you, you uttered your last words “go away Satan!”When the brigade of Rouen arrived and surveyed the scene, you were found dead, slaughtered. At your funeral, Bishop Lebrun delivered a peace homily quoting the bible, “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Mt 5, 38-48). He went on, “are more killings necessary so that we convert to love and to a spirit of justice that builds love? Too many violent deaths, this is enough! (…) Pray to Godto be released from the demon’s hold. We pray for you, we pray to Jesus who cured those under the power of the evil”. Your body was laid to rest at the Bonsecours Cemetery priests square.

… Jacques Hamel Père Jacques Hamel, vous êtes né le 30 novembre 1930 à Darnétal, dans le département de la Seine-Inférieure (actuelle Seine-Maritime) , en France. A six ans déjà, vous devenez enfant de chœur à l’église Saint-Paul de Rouen, et huit années plus tard, vous entrez au petit séminaire. C’est toujours à Rouen que vous êtes ordonné prêtre pour l’archidiocèse, le 30 juin 1958 par Mgr Joseph-Marie Martin. D’abord nommé vicaire à Saint-Antoine de Petit-Quevilly en 1958, juste après votre ordination, vous serez ensuite nommé vicaire de la paroisse Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes de Sotteville-lès-Rouen en 1967, puis curé de Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf en 1975 et curé de Cléon en 1988. Appelé pendant la guerre d’Algérie, lors du service militaire et compte tenu de votre efficacité au poste de transmissions, vous auriez, selon un témoin, refusé catégoriquement le grade d’officier qui vous était proposé, pour n’être que simple soldat parce que, dit-il, en tant qu’officier, vous auriez dû donner l’ordre à des hommes de tuer d’autres hommes. Vous êtes en 2000, transféré en qualité curé en la paroisse de Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray. Cinq ans plus tard, vous serez prêtre auxiliaire de cette même paroisse. Plus que trente six mois, avant de célébrer votre jubilé d’or d’ordination sacerdotale. Depuis février 2015, vous faisiez partie, avec le conseil régional du culte musulman, d’un

comité interconfessionnel créé à la suite des attentats de janvier 2015. Mgr Jean-Charles Descubes, archevêque émérite de Rouen, note par ailleurs que vous étiez également reconnu pour votre « esprit missionnaire ». Votre engagement vous coûtera très cher ! Il était 9h 43, ce 26 juillet, lorsque durant la célébration de la messe du matin, deux terroristes islamistes munis d’armes blanches font irruption dans l’église Saint-Étienne. Dans un premier temps, ils s’en prennent à vous, qui officiez devant quatre fidèles, dont deux religieuses. Selon un témoin, les terroristes auraient crié : ‘ Vous les chrétiens vous nous supprimez ! ’, vous contraignant violemment à vous mettre à genoux. Vous auriez fortement crié : ‘ Va-t-en Satan ! ’. Ce seront vos derniers mots. La Brigade de recherche et d’intervention de Rouen prévenue, arrive, cerne les lieux puis abat les deux terroristes, alors que ces derniers sortent de l’édifice. Vous êtes retrouvé mort, égorgé, tandis qu’un fidèle est grièvement blessé à la gorge. Citant l’évangile selon Saint Matthieu « aimez vos ennemis et priez pour ceux qui vous persécutent » (Mt 5, 38-48), Mgr Lebrun prononcera une homélie de paix, lors de vos funérailles : « Faudra-t-il d’autres tueries pour nous convertir à l’amour et à la justice qui construit l’amour ? Trop de morts violentes, cela suffit ! (...) Priez Dieu de vous libérer de l’emprise du démon. Nous prions pour vous, nous prions Jésus qui guérissait ceux qui étaient sous le pouvoir du mal ». Vous êtes ensuite inhumé au carré des prêtres du cimetière de Bonsecours.

…Prince Rogers Nelson Born to artists parents in Minneapolis, USA, you entered the world on June 7th, 1958. Very early on, you became a multi-instrumentalist, particularly excelling at guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard to the extent of creating your first band at 13 years of age. In 1978, your career kicked off and your rise to fame reached unprecedented levels in the world of pop, with over thirty studio collections released in less than forty years.Not accounting your contribution to chart-toppers the likes of the Bangles, Sheena Easton, Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, Madonna, Sheila E., Mavis Staples or the Time. Your greatest commercial success remains the original film soundtrack of the Purple Rain (in which you played the title role). Released in 1984, it sold twenty million copies. You authored Sign o’ the Times,your most acclaimed record, original music for Tim Burton’s Batman and hits like Little Red corvette, When Doves Cry, Kiss, Cream as well as Sexy M.F. The famous 90’s hit “Nothing compares to you” by Sinéad O’Connor, was also written by you. In addition to being a multi-instrumentalist, you had become a sensation; an ambitious and eclectic artist with unrivaled stage presence. During your concerts, you had mastered solo performances, donning eccentric Image Source:



costumes and pushing the envelope with the highly suggestive content in your songs. This made you one of the most prolific musicians, writers and producers rooted in contemporary trends, pop, funk, R&B and rock. Your enjoyed steady fame from 1983 to 1995, with few ups and downs in cult albums, including 1999 or else The Gold Experience. In 2004, your audience received theMusicology album with renewed admiration. You released over thirty personal albums that you produced as you wrote songs for numerous artists. You professional life considerably impacted your personal life. Cited among your numerous love affairs were singer Sheila E., Kim Basinger (met in 1989 while shooting Batman), and also Madonna. In October 1996, you lost your son, Boy Gregory who was just few weeks old, born from your first marriage to Mayte Garcia. In 2001, you married Manuela Testolini which resulted in divorced five years later. Your stage performances were extreme and your album sales valued in millions of copies: one hundred and fifty in total. Critics and audiences worldwide recognized you as an exceptional talent. At the age of 57, you were hospitalized under emergency circumstances. Upon returning home, you were found unconscious inside your residence on April 21st. You could not be revived, you had gone on a one way journey; the point of no return.

…Prince Rogers Nelson Né de parents artistes à Minneapolis aux États-Unis, tu as fais ton entrée dans ce monde le 7 juin 1958. Très tôt déjà tu es devenu multi-instrumentiste, et tu excellais tout particulièrement à la guitare, la guitare basse, à la batterie et au clavier, dans une telle mesure que tu as crée ton premier groupe à l’âge de 13 ans. En 1978 ta carrière a débuté et ton ascension vers la gloire a atteint des niveaux sans précédents dans le monde de la musique pop avec plus de trente collections studio sorties en moins de quarante ans. Sans compter tes contributions à des tubes tels que ceux de The Bangles, Sheena Easton, Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, Madonna, Sheila E., Mavis Staples ou the Time. Ton plus grand succès commercial reste la bande originale du film Purple Rain (dans lequel tu a joué le rôle titre). Sorti en 1984, il s’en est vendu vingt millions de copies. Tu as été l’auteur de Sign o’ the Times, ton disque le plus salué, de la musique du film Batman de Tim Burton, et de tubes tels que Little Red corvette, When Doves Cry, Kiss, Creamet également Sexy M.F.Tu as également écrit le tube des années 90 « Nothing compares to you » de Sinéad O’Connor. En plus d’être multi-instrumentiste, tu es devenu une sensation; un artiste ambitieux et éclectique, doté d’une présence sur scène incomparable. Lors de tes concerts, tu maîtrisais les performances solo, en revêtant des costumes excentriques et en allant encore plus loin avec les contenus hautement suggestifs de tes chansons. Cela a fait de toi un des musiciens, compositeurs et producteurs les plus prolifiques ancrés dans tes tendances musicales de pop, funk, R&B et rock. Ta gloire est restée constante entre 1983 et 1995, avec quelques hauts et bas dans tes albums cultes, y compris 1999ou mêmeThe Gold Experience. En 2004, ton public a accueilli l’album Musicology avec une admiration renouvelée. Tu as sorti plus de trente albums personnels que tu as produits alors que tu écrivais des titres pour de nombreux artistes. Ta vie professionnelle a eu un impact considérable sur ta vie personnelle. Parmi tes nombreuses relations amoureuses on a pu compter Sheila E., Kim Basinger (rencontrée en 1989 pendant le tournage de Batman), et également Madonna. En octobre 1996, tu as perdu ton fils, Boy Gregory, qui n’avait que quelques semaines, et est né de ton premier mariage à Mayte Garcia. En 2001, tu as épousé Manuela Testolini, ce qui s’est soldé par un divorce cinq ans plus tard. Tes performances sur scène étaient extrêmes, et tes ventes d’albums se comptaient en millions de copies: 150 au total. Les critiques et les publics du monde entier te reconnaissaient comme un talent exceptionnel. À l’âge de 57 ans, tu as été hospitalisé dans des circonstances urgentes. À ton retour chez toi, tu as été retrouvé inconscient à l’intérieur de ta résidence le 21 avril. Il n’a pas été possible de te ranimer, tu étais parti pour un aller sans retour; le point de non retour.



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Imag e Sou rce: w ww.h apake nya.c om



hen Kenya rugby mauled Fiji 30-7 in the final of the HSBC sponsored IRB Singapore Rugby Sevens early this year, claiming their first World Series title, it was a perfect reminder to the world of an African renaissance taking place in the sports arena. Long known as the mecca of long-distance athletes, Kenya defiantly shook off its minion status in world rugby that aptly captures African nation’s reputation on the global sports arena; talented, fearless and ‘capable’ but lacking the final punch. Buoyed by the famous powerhouse sibling duo of try machine Collins Injera, then making two tries to take him to a touching distance of Santiago Gomez Cora’s world record of 230; and Humphrey Kayange’s talismanic leadership, the semi-professional Rugby motley crew shocked the world. The Singapore win, came after what is undoubtedly a chequered 20-year history in the game. What started with ignominious thrashings by traditional rugby powerhouses like New Zealand and Australia was followed by a steady growth that seemed to catch the world cold by surprise, exemplified by near-misses, like the twice runners-up positions in Adelaide 2008/2009 and Wellington 2012/2013; then consistent epic performances against the big guns. It is a journey that begun, with an unassuming but hard working Kenya 7’s team, affectionately known as Kenya Shujaa (warrior in Swahili). It also marked a start of its major sporting event in Kenya in the Safari Sevens, a Sevens tourney in Kenya that has groomed many a player. Kenya’s big moment really started with the team’s qualification for the 3rd Edition of Rugby Sevens World Cup in 2001 held in Argentina. Even then, this was no big feat as it had had taken a bunch of amateurs and semi-professionals with passion for the game, years of tough old-school bare-knuckled preparation.

The only good experience the team had was testing its mettle upon invitation to the Middlesex 7s, Commonwealth Games in 1998 and Dubai and Stellenbosch legs of the inaugural IRB Sevens series in 1999. While the try-shy Shujaa’s whimpered through the tournament finishing last in the Pool (along with Fiji, Argentina, South Korea, Russia and Ireland), it did announce its entry into the global stage by beating France 12-5 in the Bowl quarter-finals. From then ensued a rollercoaster of impressive moments, in 2002 at Wellington 7’s in New Zealand, Kenya caused a major upset glazing Australia 15-12. In 2009, Kenya finished joint 3rd at 5th Edition of Rugby Sevens World Cup (2009) in Dubai, UAE. In the Wellington Sevens IRB Sevens Series 2012/2013, perhaps one of Kenya’s good hunting grounds, the team produced a master class to beat New Zealand and reach the final. While Kenya lost to England in a tempestuous finale, the fact it finished 5th in IRB Sevens Series for 2012/2013 was noteworthy. Its 4th finish in the 6th Edition of Rugby Sevens World Cup (2013) in Russia and qualification for Olympic Games in Rio (2016) was rewarded with the Singapore win.




Imag e Sou rce: w ww.w orldru gby.o rg


What is most impressive is that, contrary to well-heeled European and hemisphere teams it competes against, Kenya’s fete to the top has come under bucket loads of sweat, galleries of pain and individual sacrifice. As Collins Injera put it in an interview to www. “It’s tricky to get people to training during the week. Some are students and most work. I’m lucky I work in public service, so I can get the time off. You’ve really got to have people who understand because you’re away for two weeks at a time, which is massive,” “We got the huge rewards after winning a series leg in Singapore, but we still needed understanding people. When we got back, guys had to catch up on their studies – some miss exam periods – and we’ve had guys whose bosses have not allowed them to get away. I’m lucky that my boss is a huge supporter of Kenya rugby,” he added. If it took the Kenya Sevens star Collins Injera and co., 140 tournaments to break their luck in winning a major rugby tournament and a living proof that Kenya doesn’t only produce gravity-defying distance runners, it took YouTube, for Julius Yego, and painstaking years of selftraining to learn the art of throwing a javelin at worldbeating times. In what was clearly the year African sportsmen demonstrated that hard work, passion, and a little unconventional coaching triumph, the 27-year-old Yego shook off frustrations of his federation’s mismanagement - which meant he had to work without a coach and proper training gear to rise to domination of the Javelin sport. Starting it off with an African Championship gold medal in 2014, a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and World Champion in 2015 to becoming the first Kenyan to win a Commonwealth and World Championships gold medal in a field event, he had to remain content with silver at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. From the land of Mzansi, 400m World Champion Wayde van Niekerk has been doing everything to fit in legendary boots. The 24-year-old trained by Ans Botha, a 74-yearold track and field granny coach, massacred legendary Michael Johnson’s 17-year-old 400m world record to histrionically win Olympic gold at Rio 2016. While the South African is the entire rave for shredding Johnson’s time by 0.15 seconds, he has suggested he will quit the event and chase the 200m at next year’s world championships instead of defending his world title. The sky can only be the limit for the young athlete.

With African national football teams having nothing concrete to show in 2016, South Africa’s Mamelodi Sundowns’ annihilation of Egypt’s African dynamos Zamalek in the CAF Champions League was a thing to behold. The 3-1 drubbing of the pharaohs tilted an establishment long dominated by North African teams. It is now up to the Absa Premiership champions to show their grit when they meet the European Champions Galacticos of Real Madrid, Colombia’s and South American Champions Atlético Nacional and Asia’s winners Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club in the FIFA Club World Cup in Tokyo in December.

Perhaps the individual accolades should go to the revelation that has been Gabon and Bundesliga’s BVB Dortmund’s striker Pierre Aubameyang. That he usurped the African High Priest of Football, Ivory Coast’s Yaya Touré from the throne of African Footballer of the Year- hitting 39 goals in all competitions for BVB last season (and 10 in 13 so far this term)- is testament to why Real Madrid and Manchester City believed to be keen for his services.

The team to watch though is Nigeria’s Super Eagles. Nobody knows whether Nigeria will repeat its 1996 Olympic gold medal feat but with the insanely talented young bloods like Arsenal’s Alex Iwobi, Manchester City Kelechi Iheanacho and a glitterati of new talent like EPL Watford’s Isaac Success, Wolfsburg’s Victor Osimhen and Arsenal’s Kelechi Nwakali, the prospects look optimistic.

Brian Jibbo is an independent sports marketing consultant and writes about the business of sport



love for one day, love forever By: Arnaud Nkusi


s there a day to say « I love you » and other days to live something else? Is there a date to celebrate love « Eros » or could it be celebrated everyday? Valentine’s Day, a very popular day for some lovers, despised by others, is one of the rare annual events that is both subjected to controversy but yet still tenacious. The origin is of this celebration of the 14th February can be traced back to the 14th century in, at the time, a still catholic Great Britain. This celebration of romance is based on the idea that birds chose that date to pair. Just like Halloween, it remained very much alive in the anglo-saxon world. It then spread throughout the continent, before catching on in the rest of the world. Valentine’s Day is considered as a celebration of lovers in many countries. Couples take advantage of this occasion to exchange love notes and gifts as a token of love, along with red roses, a symbol of passion.


Saint Valentin : l’amour un jour, l’amour toujours Y aurait-il un jour pour se dire qu’on s’aime et d’autres pour vivre autre chose ? Faut-il une date pour célébrer l’amour ‘éros’’ ou est-ce tous les jours qu’il pourrait l’être? La Saint Valentin, fête prisée par certains amoureux, méprisée par d’autres est une des rares manifestations annuelles, les plus controversées mais bien tenaces. L’origine de cette fête du 14 février, est attestée au XIVe siècle dans la Grande-Bretagne encore catholique. La fête des amoureux est calquée sur l’idée que les oiseaux choisissaient ce jour pour s’apparier. Comme Halloween, cette fête est restée vivace dans le monde anglo-saxon. Elle s’est ensuite répandue à travers le continent, avant de s’étendre sur de plus larges régions du monde. Le jour de la Saint-Valentin est considéré comme

la fête des amoureux dans de nombreux pays. Les couples en profitent pour échanger des mots doux et des cadeaux comme preuves d’amour ainsi que des roses rouges qui sont l’emblème de la passion. If there is one country which enjoy celebrating love, it is Tunisia. Valentine’s Day is called Aïd el hob (« the day of love ») and it is very popular. Couples take advantage of this day to exchange gifts, organise romantic dates, or one-on-one dinners.

S’il est bien un pays qui aime à célébrer l’amour, c’est notamment la Tunisie. La Saint-Valentin, appelée Aïd el hob (“la fête de l’amour”), est très populaire. Les couples profitent de ce jour pour s’offrir des cadeaux et organiser des sorties romantiques ou des repas en tête-à-tête.

In Algeria, Valentine’s Day is more popular with the youth. Couples exchange roses and chocolates but rarely other gifts. In schools, it is also heard of students offering roses to their female teachers.

En Algérie, la Saint-Valentin est plus populaire chez les jeunes. Les couples s’offrent ce jour-là des roses et du chocolat et plus rarement d’autres cadeaux. Dans les écoles, on parle aussi d’élèves qui offrent des roses à leurs enseignantes.

In Brazil, it is not referred to as Valentine’s Day but as dia dos namorados (lovers day) and it is not celebrated on 14th February but on the 12th June. Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated on 14th February in Columbia either, but on the third Saturday of September, and it is called dìa del amor y amistad (« love and friendship day »). It is not just Eros that is celebrated but also Philia simultaneously.

Au Brésil, on ne parle pas de Saint-Valentin mais de dia dos namorados (jour des amoureux) et ce n’est pas le 14 février mais plus tard, le 12 juin que l’éros est célébré. La Saint-Valentin n’est pas fêtée non plus le 14 février en Colombie, mais le troisième samedi du mois de septembre, et s’appelle día del amor y amistad (« jour de l’amour et de l’amitié »). Ce n’est donc plus que l’éros mais aussi la philia qui sont célébrées simultanément.

Since the 1980s in China, it has been a celebration calling for various commercial activities. It is quite popular, especially with the youth. Along with Valentine’s Day these is another traditional Chinese celebration, Qi Qiao Jie, for lovers. It comes from an ancient legend and it falls on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. Another celebration, this time in Iran, is Sepandarmazgan or Esfandegan which is a festival where people express their love for their mothers and wives. It is at the same time a celebration of the earth in the antique Persian culture.

C’est depuis les années 1980, une fête à l’origine d’activités commerciales diverses en Chine. Elle connaît une popularité importante, notamment chez les jeunes. A côté de la Saint-Valentin, il existe en Chine une fête traditionnelle, le Qi Qiao Jie, pour les amoureux. Elle provient d’une légende ancienne, dont la date est le septième jour du septième mois du calendrier lunaire.



Autre célébration en Iran, la Sepandarmazgan ou Esfandegan est un festival où les gens expriment l’amour envers leurs mères et épouses. C’est en même temps, une célébration de la terre dans la culture perse antique. Par contre, la Saint-Valentin qui s’est popularisée également en Inde et au Pakistan, a provoqué l’hostilité de certains groupes opposés à cette influence occidentale. En Israël, la Tou Beav est un jour dont la signification peut se rapprocher de la SaintValentin. Il est fêté au mois de juillet ou d’août à une date grégorienne changeant suivant le calendrier hébraïque. However, Valentine’s Day, which has also become popular in India and in Pakistan, has generated some hostility from the part of certain groups opposed to the influence of Western culture. In Israël, Tou Beav is a day whose meaning is relatively similar to that of Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated in July or in August at a Gregorian date which changes according to the Hebrew calendar. From Douala to Dakar, from Lomé to Lilongwe or Lubumbashi, Valentine’s Day is a must. In Malawi, two and a half years ago, Bishops used Valentine’s Day in order to raise funds for the 18th plenary assembly of the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa, which was held in Lilongwe from 16th to 26th July 2014. As for Kigali, it covers itself in red and black on the 13th February, in commercial places, pointing to a festive tomorrow but always in this moderated fashion so typical of the Rwandan culture. There will be a party but without imposing it on those who do not take part, because they do not have the heart to celebrate, because of their own convictions or for the sake of discretion.


De Douala à Dakar, de Lomé à Lilongwe ou Lubumbashi, la Saint Valentin est de mise. Au Malawi, il y a deux ans et demi, les Evêques ont recruté Saint Valentin afin de collecter des fonds en vue de la XVIII° Assemblée plénière de l’Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa, qui se tenait à Lilongwe, du 16 au 26 juillet 2014. Kigali se pare de rouge et de noir dès le 13 février, sur les places commerciales, augurant de lendemains festifs mais toujours dans cette modération de mise dans la culture rwandaise. La fête certes, mais calmement, sans en imposer à celles et ceux qui ne la font pas. Par simple dépit, conviction du contraire ou par souci de discrétion. Au Japon, la Saint-Valentin a été introduite par des fabricants de chocolat à la fin des années 1950. Elle est une fête commerciale où les femmes offrent des chocolats aux hommes, le 14 février de chaque année. Elles en offrent à l’être aimé, on parle alors de honmei choco, mais les femmes en offrent aussi par courtoisie à leurs collègues de travail masculins, leur patron, ou encore leur famille, on parle alors de giri choco. Les amoureux s’offrent des chocolats, des gâteaux, des roses et d’autre cadeaux symbolisant l’amour au Liban. Pour la SaintValentin, le Red Day est organisé dans les collèges et Lycées où les élèves viennent habillés en rouge, sans porter l’uniforme

In Japan, Valentine’s Day was introduced by chocolate manufacturers at the end of the 1950s. It is a commercial celebration during which women offer chocolate to men as a gift on the 14th February every year. They also offer some to their beloved, which is referred to as honmei choco, but as a courtesy, they also give chocolate to their male work colleagues, their bosses or even their family, which is then referred to as giri choco. Then, men who’ve received honmei choco have the chance to gift women in return during the white day, celebrated on the 14th March, just a month after the traditional Valentine’s Day. Women receive white chocolate, jewelry or white lingerie as a gift. Lovers exchange chocolates, cakes, roses and other presents symbolizing love in Lebanon. For Valentine’s Day, the Red Day is organized in secondary schools and high schools where students come dressed in red, without wearing the school uniform and during which cakes, chocolates are sold and hugs and gifts exchanged. A loving relationship is thus experienced differently depending on the local culture and its permeability (or imperviousness) to foreign cultural additions. The common denominator remains in any case the fact that the need is felt to dedicate a common day within the community to celebrate conjugal love. This school of thought is just as popular as the opposite one, which suggests that the key to a happy life is a secret life and that it is better to express one’s love not on one given day but on every single day and forever.

scolaire et où il y a vente de gâteau, de chocolat, et des échanges de câlins et de cadeaux. Dans un deuxième temps, les hommes qui ont reçu des honmei choco ont l’opportunité d’offrir aux femmes un cadeau en retour lors du white day , célébré le 14 mars, soit un mois jour pour jour, après la traditionnelle Saint Valentin. En guise de présent, les femmes reçoivent du chocolat blanc, des bijoux ou de la lingerie de couleur blanche. La relation amoureuse se vit donc en fonction des cultures locales et de leur perméabilité (ou non) aux apports culturels étrangers. Le dénominateur commun reste le fait de ressentir le besoin de consacrer une date annuelle commune à un groupe social donné pour consacrer l’amour conjugal. Ce courant de pensée a son contraire tout aussi présent, qui croit que pour vivre heureux, il faut vivre discrets et se dire l’amour non pas un jour mais toujours.


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Enjoy your inflight entertainment guide Voici votre guide de divertissements à bord

Movies Cinéma

Suicide Squad Suicide Squad A secret government agency recruits some of the most dangerous incarcerated criminals to form a defensive task force, with their first case leading to a potential apocalypse. Face à une menace aussi énigmatique qu’invincible, l’agent secret Amanda Waller réunit une armada de crapules de la pire espèce.


123 mins PG-13 En Fr


New Releases Nouveaux Films


110 mins


En Fr


110 mins




En Fr

120 mins


En Fr

En = English Fr = French Hi = Hindi


95 mins


En Fr

Tarzan investigates the activities at a mining encampment.

The unlikely relationship between a carer and her patient.

Earth is faced with a new extraSolar threat.

The gang try to fend off a deadly meteor strike.

Tarzan enquête sur les activités d’un campement minier.

Une fille forme un lien improbable avec un homme paralysé.

La Terre fait face à une nouvelle menace extra-solaire.

La bande tente de repousser une pluie de météorites.






91 mins


En Fr


144 mins


En Fr


96 mins


En Fr

Edina and Patsy hide out in the south of France.

The X-Men must unite to defeat the powerful Apocalypse.

A young man is swept up in high society night life.

Edina et Patsy se cachent dans le Sud de la France.

Les X-Men doivent s’unir pour vaincre Apocalypse.

Un homme entre dans la vie nocturne de la haute société.





100 mins



En Fr

86 mins


En Fr

Single mom Juana is determined to become a pro sushi chef.

Elvis shows up to request a meeting with President Nixon.

Juana, mère célibataire, veut devenir sushi-chef.

Elvis réclame une rencontre avec le Président Nixon.




105 mins


En Fr



102 mins


En Fr


122 mins


En Fr

En = English Fr = French Hi = Hindi


142 mins


En Fr

Compassion and arrogance leads to a war unlike any other.

An 8-year old must protect his home from two burglars .

The famous detective has another mystery to solve.

Nick finds himself drawn into the incredible life of Jay Gatsby.

Compassion & arrogance: une guerre à nulle autre pareille.

Un garçon de 8 ans doit protéger sa maison des voleurs.

Le célèbre détective a encore un mystère à résoudre.

Nick se montre fasciné par l’incroyable vie de Jay Gatsby.






97 mins



En Fr

109 mins


En Fr


126 mins



En Fr

170 mins


En Fr

A human baby is raised in the North Pole by the elves.

Margo loved mysteries so much she became one.

An epic journey of adventure and discovery at sea.

Bilbo Baggins is swept into an epic quest.

Un bébé humain est élevé au Pôle Nord par des elfes.

Margo aime tant les mystères qu’elle en devient un.

Un voyage épique d’aventures et de découvertes en mer.

Bilbo Baggins est entraîné dans une quête épique.






113 mins


En Fr


126 mins


En Fr


132 mins


En Fr


162 mins


En Fr

An alien race has entered Earth in an unrelenting assault.

Two teenage cancer patients fall in love.

Two mutants help the United States government.

A paralysed marine is sent to the alien world of Pandora.

Des extraterrestres livrent un assaut contre la Terre.

Deux adolescents atteints de cancer tombent amoureux.

Deux mutants aident le gouvernement américain.

Un marine paralysé est envoyé vers la planète Pandora.






Classics Classiques (500) DAYS OF SUMMER (500) JOURS ENSEMBLE

95 mins


En Fr



108 mins



En Fr

87 mins


En Fr

En = English Fr = French Hi = Hindi


91 mins


En Fr

This is an offbeat look at the traditional romantic comedy.

Mumble needs to be able to sing to attract a mate.

Alvin and the gang become stranded on a desert island.

Manny, Sid and Diego are forced to leave their valley.

Un regard décalé sur les comédies romantiques traditionnelles.

Mumble doit apprendre à chanter pour attirer une partenaire.

Alvin et le gang se sont échoués sur une île déserte.

Manny, Sid et Diego doivent quitter leur vallée.






158 mins



Hi En (subs)

116 mins




74 mins




90 mins


Fr En (subs)

This follows the romance between Bajirao I and Mastani.

A young aspiring footballer is told that he has diabetes.

Two women battle to win the affections of a neighbour.

Sybille launches into writing the screenplay for her first film.

Cette saga raconte l’histoire entre Bajirao I et Mastani.

Un jeune footballeur souffre de diabète.

Deux femmes s’affrontent pour l’affection de leur très beau voisin.

Sybille se lance dans l’écriture du script de son premier film.






All your favourite TV episodes! Tous vos épisodes de télé préférés!

Television Télévision

Gotham Gotham Falcone and Maroni fight over Arkham, Gordon gets a visit from an old friend and Cobblepot becomes the manager of Maroni’s favourite restaurant. Falcone et Maroni se battent au sujet d’Arkham, Gordon reçoit la visite d’un vieil ami, et Cobblepot devient le manager du restaurant préféré de Maroni.


60 mins PG-13 En S1 Ep4 DRAMA / DRAME


44 mins





S3 E3

42 mins




S2 E12

60 mins

En = English Fr = French Hi = Hindi




S1 E2

60 mins



S1 E2

Laurel meets Ted Grant & Felicity adjusts to her new job.

Rigsby and Van Pelt make a big announcement.

Bunkie’s murder is investigated.

Iris becomes more intrigued by the red streak.

Laurel voit Ted & Felicity s’adapte à son nouveau travail.

Rigsby et Van Pelt font une importante déclaration.

On enquête sur le meurtre de Bunkie.

Iris devient de plus en plus intriguée par le bolide écarlate.






44 mins


Comedy Comédie


S5 E2


30 mins




S8 E5

30 mins



S5 E2

Neal must investigate an online black market.

The guys decide they are going to invent something cool.

Sue has an unexpected visitor.

Neal doit enquêter sur un marché noir en ligne.

Les garçons décident d’inventer un truc cool.

Sue reçoit une visite inattendue.





30 mins




S1 E1

22 mins




S5 E9

21 mins



S1 E7


23 mins



S1 E3

Dean butts heads with his brother.

Claire continues to struggle at work.

Eddie has a crush on his babysitter.

Chandler is smoking again, to his friends’ dismay.

Dean se heurte à son frère.

Claire continue à avoir des difficultés au travail.

Eddie est amoureux de la babysitter.

Chandler fume de nouveau, au grand dam de ses amis.







30 mins





30 mins





S2 E56

30 mins



En = English Fr = French Hi = Hindi

S1 E1

30 mins



S1 E14

Bugs Bunny and friends have a Christmas adventure.

The Spirits of Christmas visit Miserly Spacely.

Fred and Barney scheme to go bowling with the boys.

A star quarterback suddenly disappears from the field!

Bugs Bunny et ses amis ont une aventure de Noël.

Les Esprits de Noël rendent visite à Miserly Spacely.

Fred et Barney prévoient d’aller au bowling avec les garçons.

Un quarterback vedette disparaît soudainement du terrain !





Documentaries Documentaires MAN V. CHEETAH MAN V. CHEETAH

20 mins




S1 E1

20 mins




S1 E36

20 mins




20 mins



S6 E4

A cheetah races two NFL atheletes.

A look at a gazelle family in Africa.

Christiano Ronaldo

Buddy makes a sushi boat cake for a local restaurant.

Un guépard contre deux athlètes de la NFL.

Suivez une famille de gazelles en Afrique.

Christiano Ronaldo

Buddy fait un gâteau de sushi pour un restaurant local.





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Tune in to Rock for the very best from rock’s golden era. You’ll hear greats like Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie. Branchez-vous sur Rock pour le meilleur de l’âge d’or du rock. Vous entendrez de grands noms comme Bruce Springsteen et David Bowie.


From the latest chart hits to those classic earworms that won’t leave your brain, check out our Pop channel. You’ll find artists like Britney Spears and Olly Murs.


Des derniers grands succès à ces tubes classiques qui ne quittent pas votre tête, laissez-vous tenter par notre chaîne Pop. Vous y trouverez des artistes comme Britney Spears et Olly Murs.


Whether you’re an aficionado or a newcomer, our Jazz channel has something for you. Highlights this month include Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller and Bill Frisell.

Notre chaîne Classique propose les plus grands musiciens du monde s’attaquant à certains des morceaux les plus aimés de tous les temps. Prêtez l’oreille à Danny Elfman et à l’Orchestre Berlin Session.


From classic soul to the latest urban beats, our R&B channel has it all. Tune in for hits by Earth, Wind & Fire and Rihanna.

Que vous soyez amateur ou nouveau venu, notre chaîne Jazz aura quelque chose pour vous. Les points forts de ce mois-ci comprennent Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller et Bill Frisell.


For classic hits and brand new releases from Tunisia to the Cape of Good Hope and everywhere in between, tune in to Rwandair’s African Radio. Artists include D’Banj and LeriQ. Pour les tubes classiques et les toutes nouvelles chansons de la Tunisie au Cap de Bonne-Espérance et partout entre les deux, branchezvous sur la radio africaine de Rwandair. D’Banj et LeriQ figurent parmi les artistes.

Our Classical channel features the world’s greatest musicians tackling some of the best-loved pieces of all time. Listen out for Danny Elfman & Berlin Session Orchestra.

De la soul classique aux derniers rythmes urbains, notre chaîne R&B a de tout. Joignez-vous à nous pour écouter les tubes de Earth, Wind & Fire et Rihanna.


Curious about that calming melody you heard while boarding your aircraft? You’ll find it on Radio Skydream, Rwandair’s own soundtrack to the skies. Highlights include Alicia keys and Mariah Carey Intrigué par cette mélodie apaisante que vous avez entendue lors de votre embarquement ? Vous pourrez la retrouver sur Radio Skydream, la bande sonore de Rwandair qui mène aux cieux. Parmi les points forts : Alicia Keys et Mariah Carey.



East Africa Road Map

fort portal




entebbe kisoro masaka mbarara Ntungamo kabale goma kayonza kibuye kigali Bukavu


eldoret nakuru


nairobi namanga moshi


kahama Tabora

arusha singida

voi mombasa tanga

Dodoma Morogoro

TIME ON THE ROAD FROM KIGALI arusha (1,049km) - 14hrs bujumbura (302km) - 4:08hrs bukavu (257km) - 5:30hrs dar es salaam (1,446 km) - 23:35hrs dodoma (1,226km) - 16:25hrs entebbe (507km) - 7:14hrs eldoret (865 km) - 12:30hrs

fort portal (407km) - 5:30hrs goma (196km) - 3hrs jinja (600km) - 8:30hrs kampala (514km) - 7:09hrs kisumu (833 km) - 12:15hrs mbarara (248km) - 3:30hrs mombasa (1,456 km) - 20:25hrs

Dar es Salaam


COTONOU Mangez : A La cabane du pêcheur

Eat : Fish & chips can be found in many places but Golden Chippy is a top contender for the “best you’ve ever had” category. Crunchy on the outside and the fish melts in your mouth, absolutely divine!

Le restaurant est très calme, propre et avec une belle vue sur la mer. Un bon choix pour se cacher du ‘ Cotonou bondé’’. Boire des bières et profiter de la journée qui passe... Très agréable.

Dormez: A la Maison rouge

Sleep : Hotel 41 is among the

best hotels in town. The rooms are large, stylish and beautifully furnished; they treat customers like royalty at breakfast and the service is overall impeccable. The hotel is in a good location and the well-stocked bar another great reason to stay.

Explore: Shoreditch is a distinct

and unusual neighborhood in​​ London. For some people it is as a wild rollercoaster ride while for others, comments are better reserved. Street arts enthusiasts will enjoy navigating this eclectic part of town.

La maison rouge est située dans un domaine sécurisé le long du boulevard de Censad dans un quartier chic de Cotonou. Non loin de là, sont la plage et le supermarché, Erevan.

Mangez : Il y a de nombreux

endroits pour essayer différents poissons & fritures, mais Le golden chippy est certainement le meilleur de tous ceux que j’ai connu. Croustillant sur la surface, le poisson fond dans la bouche, et le goût est sublime!

Dormez: A l’hôtel 41. C’est l’un

des meilleurs hôtels de la ville, les chambres sont grandes, élégantes et joliment meublées. Le matin, vous êtes traités tel de petits rois au petit déjeuner, le service est impeccable. L’endroit est merveilleux et le bar bien aménagé encouragen à rester.

Visitez : Le Shoreditch. Le quartier le plus clivant de Londres. Pour certains, c’est la joie aussi pure qu’une course folle dans les champs de blé, pour d’autres c’est au mieux une blague à laquelle on sourit par politesse. Incontournable pour les amatrices et amateurs des arts de rue.


Explorez: La fondation Zinsou Eat : La Cabane du Pecheur The restaurant is very peaceful, clean and offers a beautiful sea view, a good hideaway from the crowded city of Cotonou. Sipping beers while enjoying the day slowly passing by.... So lovely.

Sleep : Maison Rouge is located in

a secure estate along Boulevard de Censad in a posh neighborhood of cotonou. Found nearby are the beach and large supermarket, erevan.

Explore : fondation zinsou An great museum displaying visual works of art, photos, images, dahomey’s kings’ representations and emblems with knowledgeable staff on hand to explain the meaning of each piece. Don’t forget to look at “le fou du village”, a piece whose story you won’t soon forget. When you pass by though, first have a look at “le temple des pythons”. Enjoy!

Il y a de l’art visuel fait de photographies, d’images, de représentations des rois du Dahomey et d’emblèmes nationaux. Des guides sont mis à votre disposition pour vous expliquer le sens de chacune des représentations. Ne pas oublier de jeter un coup d’œil au “fou du village’’ en commençant par un petit détour par ‘ le temple des pythons’’.

MUMBAI Eat: Mumbai has a lot of small restaurants and Bar in which you can find different Kitchens and atmospheres, if you want to eat at affordable prices, visit the Pot Pourri in Carlton center, turner road opposite the Uti Bank in the district Bandra West. You will find western food if you do not want to be disoriented. A reservation is required for the Indigo 4 Restaurant on Mandlik Road, located behind the hotel Taj Mahal. They serve very good the food, despite the fact that they change their menu regularly. Ask a table on the terrace, on the roof in the shade of frangipani.


The backpacker’s area in Mumbai, Colaba you will find very cheap hotels and giftshop for your last memories ... Colaba is close to the Door of the Indies and Famous Tajmahal Hotel. If you want to party, the atmosphere is waiting for you, you will also make unusual encounters … and you will have a beautiful view of the Bay of Mumbai

EXPLORE: Stroll and DISCOVER Indian culture in Mumbai via the Walkshwar Temple, The Basin Banganga Tank, the basin market, and the Museum of Ghandi. Discover the Street Food (samosas, vegetarian curry, Pani Puri ...) in the street kitchen. Mumbai is called the city that never sleeps? Shop around nightclubs, Enigma, the disco of the Taj Mahl, is probably the most popular nightclubin the city where you meet the golden youth AND SOME rising stars of Bollywood. We must go in the weekend, because it is infrequent during the week.

Bujumbura Mangez : Mumbai est bondé de petits restaurants et bars dans lequels vous pourrez trouvez différentes cuisines et différentes ambiances, si vous avez envie de manger a des prix abordables, rendez vous au Pot Pourri au Carton centre , turner Road en face de l’Uti bank dans le quartier Bandra West. Vous y trouverez de la cuisine occidentale si vous n’avez pas envie d’être dépaysé. Une réservation est requise pour le restaurant Indigo 4 Mandlik Road, une rue située derrière l’hôtel Taj Mahal. On y mange très bien, malgré que le menu change régulièrement. Demandez une table en terrasse, sur le toit, à l’ombre des frangipaniers. Loger : le quartier des routards à Mumbai, Colaba. Vous y trouverez des hôtels pas très chers, les derniers souvenirs à ramener... Colaba est à deux pas de la porte des Indes et du célèbre Tajmahal Hotel. Si vous avez envie de faire la fête, l’ambiance est au rendez vous. Vous ferez aussi des rencontres vous aurez une belle vue sur la baie de Mumbai.

Eat: Try the Kanowe restaurant. It

has a friendly atmosphere and is set amongst beautiful gardens. You can enjoy eating outdoors – the perfect way to beat the heat of Bujumbura after a busy day. We recommend their tender and juicy kebabs (Grand Monsieur) and their sangala fish, delivered right to your table by the chef himself.

Sleep: The Hotel Roca Golf is located

a stone’s throw from the city centre and has breathtaking views of Bujumbura golf course. You will receive a welcome worthy of a five star hotel from the friendly staff. The rooms are well decorated and equipped with all amenities. During your stay you will enjoy the ‘5R’ concept. An original idea whereby each of the five functional areas starts with the same first letter of Roca: “R”. The development of these areas exudes a sense of harmony – all aimed at bringing comfort to your stay.

Explore: For a great shopping Explorez

: flânez et découvrez la culture Indienne a Mumbai en passant par le temple Walkshwar,le bassin de Banganga Tank, le marché du bassin, et le Musée de Ghandi. Découvrez le street food avec ces vendeurs de nourritures ambulants (samosas, curry végétarien, Pani Puri...).On appelle Mumbai la ville qui ne dort jamais ! Faites le tour des discothèques, Enigma, la discothèque de l’hôtel Taj Mahl, est probablement la boîte de nuit la plus courue de la ville où côtoyer la jeunesse dorée et quelques stars montantes de Bollywood. Il faut y allez le week-end, car il est peu fréquenté la semaine.

experience the African way, visit one of Bujumbura’s bustling markets. Their vibrant stalls stand out with colourful fabrics and fresh produce. One favourite is the craft market near the U.S. Embassy that’s full of beautiful hand made goods from local artists. Finish your shopping on Chaussée Prince Louis Rwangasore and view their wide range of jewellery. Don’t hesitate to bargain for great prices.

Mangez: Essayez le restaurant Kanowe. Ambiance conviviale dans un beau jardin. En plein air, l’idéal pour supporter la chaleur de Bujumbura après une journée harassante. Nous vous recommandons leurs tendres et juteuses brochettes (Grand Monsieur), ainsi que leur poisson Sangala, présentés avec professionnalisme par le Chef cuisinier en personne.

Logez: à l’Hôtel Roca Golf situé à quelques mètres du centre-ville, avec vue imprenable sur le golf de Bujumbura. Vous y trouverez un accueil digne d’un hôtel cinq étoiles et un personnel chaleureux. Les chambres y sont bien décorées et pourvues de toutes les fonctionnalités. Pendant votre séjour, vous profiterez du concept des «5 R». Idée originale qui, partant de la lettre initiale de Roca, le «R», décline les espaces fonctionnels e. L’aménagement de ces 5 espaces dégage une impression harmonieuse pour vous apporter le plus grand confort. Explorez: Pour une pure expérience de shopping à l’africaine, visitez le marché de Bujumbura, qui se démarquent par ses tissus colorés, et aussi le marché artisanal près de de l’ambassade américaine, recouvert de la beauté d’œuvres d’art d’artistes locaux. Terminez votre shopping sur la chaussée Rwagasore pour ses bijoux dont l’attraction est sans conteste la gamme en ivoire végétal. N’hésitez pas à marchander les prix.



HARARE Eat: Do not let your first day pass

Mangez: Au Saakan

Sleep : Cresta Lodge is located outside

La cuisine y toujours très bonne grâce aux produits frais et parfaitement cuisinés. L’accueil y est toujours au top, même quand le restaurant est plein. Une excellente façon d’intéresser à la cuisine africaine, les visiteurs d’Abidjan.

without visiting Amanzi restaurant, set on a stunning property, even more so in the evening! The experience will definitely make you want to stay longer. The musical entertainment is excellent and the owners are a lot of fun! the Harare CBD, the rooms are very clean and the staff is super friendly. The garden is very refreshing and there is a great swimming pool for those who love to cool off in the water.

Explore : Wildlife Trust and Zen A top destination you must visit! It is fairly close to town, near the airport and has been in operation for several years. The site houses impressive wildlife that is well cared for.

Dormez : A la détente hôtel Mangez: Ne manquez pas le restaurant

Amanzi, si vous visitez Harare. La propriété est magnifique, surtout le soir! L’expérience va certainement vous donner envie de rallonger un séjour prévu à l’avance. Les musiciens sont excellents et les propriétaires y sont pour beaucoup dans l’ambiance bon enfant qui y dicte sa loi.

Dormez: Cresta lodge Harare. C’est un

endroit situé en dehors de la cdb. La maison dispose de chambres très propres et le personnel est particulièrement sympathique. Le jardin est rafraîchissant et la piscine est un atout majeur des lieux.

Eat: Saakan Always very good food, freshly made and the hospitality is always excellent even when the restaurant is full! A very good way to discover African cuisine specially catered for Abidjan’s tourist crowd.

Explorer : Le plateau Sleep: Detente hotel is by far the

best in Abidjan, it stands out from major hotels in town that are poorly maintained and don’t deliver value for money. Quiet and clean, this hotel will seduce any visitor to Abidjan, whether traveling solo, as a couple or with family.

Explore: Le Plateau Top destination : Comme un impératif !

Il faut le visiter. Assez proche de la ville, près de l’aéroport, ce bel endroit existe depuis plusieurs années. La vie sauvage y est mise à l’honneur. Amateurs, vous y êtes conviés..


Il est de loin le meilleur d’Abidjan, en comparaison des grands hôtels du centre, mal entretenu et trop cher pour la qualité et le service rendu. Calme et propre, cet hôtel séduira tout visiteur d’Abidjan, en solo, en couple ou en famille.

Real business center Le Plateau is located in the heart of Abidjan. It is surrounded by Ébrié Lagoon with its tall buildings and modern architecture; as visitors say, it is like the Manhattan of Africa.

Véritable centre des affaires, le plateau est situé au cœur de la capitale ivoirienne. Il est entouré de la lagune avec ces grands bâtiments à plusieurs étages et à l’ architecture moderne.

dar es salaam Eat: For an informal dining experience try Mamboz Corner BBQ at the corner of Morogoro Road and Libya Street. Sit outside and sample the tangy grilled chicken, beef, and fish. Open daily from 6:30pm onwards, the always busy Mamboz also offers vegetarian options.

Mangez: Au barbecue Mamboz Corner au coin de la route vers Morogoro et Libya Street pour une expérience gastronomique extraordinaire. Prenez une place sur la terasse et goûtez au poulet grillé, bœuf et poisson aux saveurs tropicales. Ouvert tous les jours de 18h30 à l’aube, Mamboz offre également des plats végétariens.

Sleep: Atlantis Hotel in Oysterbay is an excellent choice for both business and leisure travellers. The boutique hotel, recently under new management, has renovated both its rooms and conference facilities. In addition, the hotel has an incredibly friendly staff, a modern fitness centre, and high-speed Internet.

Logez:L’Hôtel Atlantis à Oysterbay est un excellent choix pour ceux qui voyagent pour affaires ou loisir. Ce charmant hôtel, récemment sous un nouveau management, a rénové ses chambres et salles de conférence. En plus l’hôtel dispose d’un personnel d’une sympathie incroyable, un centre de remise en forme moderne et l’internet à haut débit.

Explore: Enjoy an afternoon outside at the Kunduchi Wet‘n’ Wild waterpark, the largest in the region, located beside the Kunduchi Beach Hotel. Go down the 22 water slides, dance at the rain dance stage, zoom around on go-karts, go for a swim, play in the kids’ area, and eat at one of the five restaurants and bars.

Explorez: Au parc aquatique de la région KunduchiWet’n’Wildun après-midi à côté de l’Hôtel Kunduchi Beach. Laissez-vous aller sur les 22 glissades d’eau, dansez sur la piste de pluie, roulez à toute vitesse dans un kart, nager, jouez dans la section des enfants puis régalez-vous dans l’un des cinq restaurants et bars.

douala Eat: At Youpwe, small restaurants by the sea side offer fresh fish caught right before your eyes! A selection is presented to you as soon as it’s out of the water and there is no doubt you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Mangez: Au Youpwe,les petits restaurants jonchées sur la mer vous offres des poissons frais péchés devant vous! vous aurez un embarras de choix, parce qu’on vous les présente directement et vous choisirez les quels vous voulez déguster.

Sleep: The Starland Hôtel is a newly constructed four star hotel in the Bonapriso neighbourhood near the flower market. A selfserve continental breakfast is on offer and has a wide range of delicious food. The hotel is equipped with the usual suite of services you’d expect from high end accommodation. A swimming pool offers the chance to relax and escape the heat. The hotel is equipped with Wi-Fi and a magnetic key card gives you access to the lift as well as for the electricity in your room. Enjoy the air conditioning because as soon as you step out of the hotel, you will be met by the oppressive heat of Douala.

Logez: Au Starland Hôtel nouvellement construit,un Hôtel quatre étoiles situé dans le quartier de Bonapriso près du marché aux fleurs. Petit-déjeuner continental en buffet libre-service avec un vaste choix de qualité. Belles parties communes avec le panel de services classiques des grands hôtel,vous y retrouverez aussi une piscine agréable. L’hotel est equipee d’un Wifi. La carte magnétique vous donne accès aux ascenseurs et pilotant l’électricité des chambres. Profitez à fond de la climatisation parce que quand vous en sortez,la chaleure etouffante de Douala vous embrasse à bras le corps.

Explore: The coastline is Douala’s number one asset and is perfect for tourists to explore. Visit the Akwa and Bonanjo palaces, the Bonanjo Maritime Museum, the Akwa Craft Centre, the Centenary Church, Cathedral and the ‘Bonanjo comptoir colonial’. One stop you must see before leaving is the flower market in Bonapriso.

Explorez: Sur le plan touristique,la region du littoral possède plusieurs atout, la zone côtière. Visitez les palais à Akwa et bonanjo, le musée maritime à Bonanjo, le centre artisanal à Akwa, l’Eglise du centenaire, la Cathedrale, le comptoir colonial de bonanjo.. Ne terminez pas votre visite sans passer par le marché aux fleurs a Bonapriso.




Eat: You simply can’t go past the Émeraude Kivu Resort. Enjoy local and international cuisine on the terrace as you take in spectacular views of Lake Kivu and the hills of eastern Congo. The expansive menu includes the local favourite Isambaza (fish), salads, pizza, pasta and a well stocked bar. The signature fresh juice made from local produce is without a doubt the best in town.

Mangez: Il est impossible de faire l’impasse sur l’Émeraude Kivu Resort. Dégustez une cuisine à la fois locale et internationale en profitant d’une vue spectaculaire sur le lac Kivu et le Congo. La carte offre un choix large entre le plat régional, les Isambaza (petits poissons ), les salades, pizza, pâtes et un bar fourni. Le jus de fruit frais fait maison est sans aucun doute le meilleur de la région.

Eat: L’Odika in Libreville’s Louis Quarter mixes local Gabonese flavours with Creole and offers a good selection of vegetarian dishes. Enjoy your meal on the outdoor terrace where reservations are recommended. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day except Tuesday, and also offers takeaway and catering services.

Sleep: As soon as you arrive at Émeraude Kivu Resort you know you’re somewhere special. The hotel and restaurant are beautifully appointed with both luxury rooms and tents on offer. The hotel is the newest in Kamembe and conveniently located on a quiet peninsula only 15 minutes from the airport. Wake up to stunning views from your private balcony and stay connected with WiFi throughout the hotel.

Logez: En arrivant à l’Émeraude Kivu Resort, on sait que l’on entre dans un lieu hors du commun. L’hôtel et le restaurant sont aménagés avec goût. Le Resort dispose à la fois de chambres de standing et de tentes. L’hôtel est le plus récent de Kamembe, situé sur un presqu’île paisible à seulement 15 minutes de l’aéroport. Réveillez-vous sur une vue imprenable de votre balcon et restez connecté grâce au service WiFi.

Sleep: Visit the Residence Hoteliere du Phare for a relaxing stay in a charming boutique hotel on the beach where the sound of waves lull you to sleep. The rooms are clean and comfortable, the hotel restaurant and bar serve excellent meals, and guests are often treated to live jazz music.

Explore: Kamembe is a town full of history, serving as a colonial outpost until independence. Many administrative buildings still stand today and are worth discovering. A boat ride is the best way to explore the lake without getting your feet wet. Tracks of untouched forest line the water’s edge and are home to magnificent bird life. Take a late afternoon trip to catch the best sunset in Rwanda.

Explorez: Kamembe est une ville à l’histoire riche. Elle servit d’avant-poste colonial avant l’indépendance. La plupart des bâtiments de cette époque sont toujours présent et valent un coup d’oeil. Une balade en bateau est la meilleure manière de découvrir le lac sans se mouiller. Une forêt touffue tombant dans le lac abrite de magnifiques oiseaux. Faites un tour en fin de journée pour profiter d’un des plus beaux coucher de soleil du Rwanda.


Relax: Take a boat or jet ski from Libreville to PointeDenis beach on the peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and Gabon Estuary. Spend the weekend at one of the beach hotels where you can explore the shore, take a trip into the jungle, and see the endangered leatherback sea turtle.

Mangez: Al’Odika situé dans le Quartier Louis de Libreville, sa cuisine mêle les saveurs gabonaises aux saveurs créoles et offre une bonne variété de plats végétariens. Profitez de votre repas sur la terrasse en plein air où il est recommandé de faire une réservation. Le restaurant est ouvert pour le déjeuner et le dîner tous les jours sauf le mardi. Il suggère également des plats à emporter et un service traiteur haut de gamme. Logez: A la Résidence Hôtelière du Phare pour un séjour de détente dans une charmante boutique hôtel à la plage où le son des vagues berce votre sommeil. Les chambres sont propres et confortables. Le restaurant et le bar de l’hôtel servent d’excellents repas et vous offre en supplément de la musique jazz pour rendre le séjour plus agréable. Explorez: Prenez un bateau ou un jet ski de Libreville à la plage de Pointe-Denis à la péninsule entre l’océan Atlantique et l’estuaire du Gabon. Passez le week-end dans l’un des hôtels sur la plage pour explorer la côte puis rendez-vous dans la jungle et plus tard visitez la tortue luth de mer en voie de disparition.

Mombasa Eat: For a delicious meal of fresh seafood, visit the unbeatable Jumba Ruins Monsoons, located north of Mombasa near the Jumba ruins. Described as a “little oasis of paradise,” Monsoons offers a superb selection of seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes with accompanying wine suggestions. Try the highly recommended seafood platter for two and garlic octopus. Sleep: The ship-themed Voyager Beach Resort north of Mombasa is a beautiful beach getaway. The all-inclusive resort is ideal for families, has three swimming pools (one that is adults-only), and a range of water sports. The friendly staff is happy to organise excursions to local attractions and provide supervised programs for children. Explore: Visit Fort Jesus at the entrance to the harbour for a glimpse into history. Built by the Portuguese in 1593 and now a national museum, Fort Jesus is open daily from 8:00am – 6:00pm. Knowledgeable guides lead tours through the fort and its archaeological exhibits, and there is also an excellent sound and light show.

Mangez: Chez l’imbattable Jumba Ruins Monsoons au nord de Mombasa près des ruines de Jumba pour un repas délicieux au fruits de mer. Connu comme un «petit oasis de paradis», Monsoons offre une superbe variété de fruits de mer, viandes et plats végétariens avec des suggestions de vins d’accompagnement. Essayez le plateau de fruits de mer recommandé pour deux et le poulpe à ail. Logez: Dans le navire nommé Voyager Beach Resort au nord de Mombasa pour une escapade inoubliable sur la mer. Idéal pour les familles, il dispose de trois piscines, dont une est réservée aux adultes, et une variété de sports nautiques. Le personnel charmant sera ravi d’organiser des excursions vers les attractions locales et s’occuperont des enfants. Explorez: Le Fort Jesus à l’entrée du port pour un aperçu de l’histoire. Construit par les Portugais en 1593 et actuellement un musée national, le Fort Jesus est ouvert tous les jours de 08h00 à18h00. Les guides expérimentés vous conduiront à travers le fort, ses expositions archéologiques et visuelles sous une lumière et des sons magnifiques.

Nairobi Eat: For an unforgettable meal of fresh fish and seafood visit Tamarind Nairobi located in the National Bank Building. Although expensive, the service is excellent and a lot of care and attention is put into the details. The seafood is flown in daily from the coast and a wide selection of meat dishes is available as well.

Mangez:Au Tamarind Nairobi situé dans le bâtiment de la Banque Nationale pour un plat inoubliable de poisson frais et fruits de mer. Les coûts sont un peu élevés mais le service est excellent avec beaucoup d’attention aux détails. Les fruits de mer sont frais et sont fournis chaque jour en provenance de la côte. Un grand choix de plats de viande est également disponible.

Sleep: The luxurious five-star Nairobi Serena Hotel is a peaceful retreat in the bustling city centre. Relax by the heated pool, in the beautiful hotel gardens, or in the spacious rooms and executive suites. The Nairobi Serena offers live nightly music, a delicious breakfast buffet, excellent à la carte restaurant, health club and spa, conference centre, and welcoming staff.

Logez: Au somptueux Nairobi Serena Hotel à cinq étoiles. Cet hôtel est une retraite paisible au centre-ville vivement animé. Détendez-vous dans une piscine tiède, dans les jardins magnifiques de l’hôtel ou dans les chambres spacieuses et suites de haut standing. Le Nairobi Serena offre de la musique live tous les soirs, un délicieux petit déjeuner buffet, un excellent service restaurant à la carte, un club de remise en forme et spa, une salle de conférence et un personnel très accueillant.

Explore: Visit Nairobi National Park, the only protected area close to a capital city. The beautiful savannah full of impressive wildlife, including the endangered black rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, elephant, giraffe, and 400 bird species, is located 7km from the city centre. Enjoy a picnic in the park, the Nairobi Safari Walk, and the Animal Orphanage.

Explorez: Le Parc National de Nairobi, le seul endroit protégé à proximité de la capitale. La belle savane située à 7 km du centre-ville est pleine de faune impressionnante y compris les rhinocéros noirs en voie de disparition, les lions, les léopards, les guépards, les hyènes, les éléphants, la girafe et 400 espèces d’oiseaux. Profitez d’un pique-nique dans le parc, du Nairobi Safari Walk et de l’orphelinat animalier.



SAFETY & LUGGAGE ENSURING YOUR SAFE FLIGHT TO & FROM THE HEART OF AFRICA FLIGHT INFO SAFETY: Your safety and comfort are important to us. Please watch the demonstration or the video of the emergency equipment before takeoff. For more information refer to the safety leaflet in the seat pocket in front of you.


Immediately after takeoff the aircraft climbs very steeply. Shortly afterwards you will hear a reduction in the engine sound, but the aircraft will continue to climb. All aircraft cabins are pressurized. Due to change in pressure during takeoff and landing, some passengers may experience slight discomfort in the ear. Relieve this by swallowing, yawning or pinching the nostrils gently and breathing out whilst keeping lips sealed. Should you feel unwell at any time, please ask the cabin crew for assistance.


After touch down, you may notice an increase in engine noise level due to the reverse thrust being applied to assist braking. Please remain seated until the engines have been switched off and the doors are opened. Before leaving the aircraft, ensure you have all your belongings with you. Always keep your belt fastened until the plane comes to a complete stop.



All baggage in excess of free checked baggage allowances is charged at a fixed fee depending on the route you are travelling to or from Kigali.


The position of your seat can be adjusted by pressing the button located at the arm rest. For take-off and landing, all seats must be in the upright position.


Electronic Devices may not be used during taxiing, takeoff, climbing, descent and landing. This includes laptop computers, remote-controlled games, radios, portable TVs and mobile phones, all of which may interfere with the safe operation of the aircraft.

* Galaxy Note 7 not allowed onboard.


Passengers are looked after by qualified cabin staff. Do not hesitate to ask them for assistance.


A hot meal will normally be served during long-haul flights. A healthy snack is served on regional flights.


Toilets are fully equipped with soap, towels and cleansing pads. Please note that all toilets are fitted with smoke detectors we therefore ask that you refrain from smoking in the toilets


All RwandAir flights are non-smoking. If found smoking on board you may be prosecuted.

IN THE AIR Bombardier Q-400 NextGen Seating Capacity: 7 Business Class and 60 Economy Class Cargo Capacity: 14.2m3 Overall length: 32.83m Wingspan: 28.42m Overall Height: 8.40m

Cabin width: 2.03m Cabin height: 1.95m Max takeoff weight: 29,574kgs Max cruise speed: 667kph High Speed Cruise: 646kph Long Range Cruise speed: 532kph

Bombardier CRJ-900 NextGen Cargo Capacity: 16.81m3 Overall length: 36.37m Wingspan: 24.85m Overall Height: 7.45m Cabin width: 2.57m Cabin height: 1.89m

Max takeoff weight: 38,329kgs Max cruise speed: 901kph High Speed Cruise: 901kph Long Range Cruise speed: 836kph

Boeing 737-800NG Seating Capacity: 16 Business Class and 138 Economy Class Cargo Capacity: 44.0m3 Overall length: 39.50m Wingspan: 35.79m Overall Height: 12.50m

Cabin width: 2.20m Cabin height: 3.50m Max takeoff weight: 79015kgs Max cruise speed: 810kph High Speed Cruise: 780kph Long Range Cruise speed: 760kph

Boeing 737-700NG Seating Capacity: 12 Business Class and 108 Economy Class Cargo Capacity: 27.3m3 Overall length: 33.60m Wingspan: 35.79m Overall Height: 12.50m

Cabin width: 2.20m Cabin height: 3.50m Max takeoff weight: 64000kgs Max cruise speed: 810kph High Speed Cruise: 780kph Long Range Cruise speed: 760kph

Airbus A330-200 Cargo capacity : 109.10 m3 Overall length : 58.37 m Wingspan : 60.30 m Overall height : 17.73 m Cabin width : 5.18 m (inside) Cabin height : 2.38 m (floor to ceiling) Max take off weight : 242t

Max cruise speed : Max Cruise is a thrust lever rating (MCR) for and the corresponding speed varies with the conditions (weight alt Cost index, etc)so we don’t have generic value for this High speed cruise : We suggest to provide the MMO (Maximum Mach Operating speed), which is not a high speed “cruise” but rather for emergency diversion. MMO = 0.86 (1062 kph) Long range cruise speed : varies with alt/weight/temp but we broadly say M0.82 in typical operational envelope.(1012 kph)

Airbus A330-300 Cargo capacity : 132.20 m3 Overall length : 63.69 m Wingspan : 60.30 m Overall height : 17.18m Cabin width : 5.18m (inside) Cabin height : 2.38 m (floor to ceiling) Max take off weight : 242 t (RwandAir option is at 235t but the maximum for a generic A330-300 is 242t)

Max cruise speed : Max Cruise is a thrust lever rating (MCR) for and the corresponding speed varies with the conditions (weight alt Cost index, etc)so we don’t have generic value for this High speed cruise : We suggest to provide the MMO (Maximum Mach Operating speed), which is not a high speed “cruise” but rather for emergency diversion. MMO = 0.86 (1062 kph) Long range cruise speed : varies with alt/weight/temp but we broadly say M0.82 in typical operational envelope.(1012 kph)



RwandAir’s Employees of the Year

Dear readers,

At the end of each year, we take time to recognise the entire RwandAir team for their outstanding work over the last twelve months. It is always a pleasure to highlight their achievements and commend them for a job well done. There are, however, a few team members who have gone above and beyond to serve the company and our customers. They are our Employees of the Year and it gives me great pleasure to introduce them to you. I would like to congratulate them and encourage them to continue striving for greatness in all they do. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the team for their commitment to excellence and I look forward to a fantastic 2017 together.

John Mirenge

Chief Executive Officer



When did you join RwandAir?

When did you join RwandAir? I joined in 2004.

I joined in 2010.

Charles is a very dynamic and cooperative person. He works diligently and gets along well with colleagues within the department.

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir?

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir?

Training and People Development I Joined in 2012.

He plans and organizes his time well but also usually goes the extra mile beyond the call of duty.

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir? My motivation comes from teamwork and doing what I love. Teamwork is something that I always value and believe is needed to achieve higher goals; hence, I am extremely motivated to achieve my expectations as I am teamed up with an amazing, optimistic and mostly encouraging team.


Baggage reconciliation

I am passionate about contributing with all my knowledge to the growth of the company and my country. I remember when I started in RwandAir we operated only two used aircraft, but now we have eleven brand new aircrafts.

AIBA UMUHOZA Sales & Ticketing

When did you join RwandAir?

I consider work as a fulfillment of my obligation and I am motivated by the passion to serve and deliver.

I am very grateful for the recognition and appreciation of my efforts, and I feel further motivated to do much more to deliver to the expectations of RwandAir management and the customers I serve. I thank my colleagues and management in sales as well as the entire management of RwandAir for their collaboration and support.




When did you join RwandAir?

When did you join RwandAir?

When did you join RwandAir?

Aircraft Engineer

Station Manager, Dar es Salaam

I joined RwandAir in December 2015; I have been assigned on the Q-400 as Aircraft Technician since Jan, 18 2016.

I joined RwandAir four years ago.

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir?

There are many things, that are sources of my motivation, but to mention a few; the joy of being the face of the airline and the country in my station and to be inspired by RwandAir’s senior management with some of Africa’s smartest and youngest leaders who lead by example, and create a growth environment for all.

The job is amazing, being one of the few ladies working in this field also is a privilege, I’m motivated by knowing aircraft systems well enough, that will help me to show the young ladies that we are capable to achieve more.

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir?

Head of Maintenance Control Center I Joined RwandAir in 2011 as Route Development and Network Planning Officer where I handled flight schedules.

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir?

I enjoy contributing to the growth of the company and the way RwandAir management supports each and every one in terms of capacity building. Rwandair management inspires staff to perform their tasks.

I have also set a principle of competing against myself towards self-improvement with the obligation of doing a better job than the day before. And last but not leastto , I have the support of my family that keeps me headed in the right direction.



RwandAir’s Employees of the Year


When did you join RwandAir?

I joined RwandAir in December 2010 as Corporate Librarian.

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir? My enjoyment of working with RwandAir is witnessing the Company’s growth each and every year, i like also serving the staff that uses the Library and working with people of different knoweledge, skills and cultures.



Customer Service Agent

When did you join RwandAir?

AMOS NDUGU Legal Officer

When did you join RwandAir?

I joined rwandair on August 27th, 2015.

I joined in 2013.

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir?

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir?

I personally enjoy how RwandAir is growing fast. It’s so impressive.

The fact that it’s so dynamic, meaning that as it grows I also grow career wise. The working environment is also very conducive and friendly.




When did you join RwandAir?

When did you join RwandAir?

When did you join RwandAir?

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir?

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir?

Procurement Officer I started working with RwandAir on Semptember 11th, 2013.

I really enjoy to see RwandAir progressing, it encourages me to put more in efforts. Thank you very much for recognising our effort as you always do.

Team Leader, Security I joined RwandAir on 29th December 2012.

I had a dream to work for RwandAir as it was the national carrier and luckily my dream came true. The other thing i enjoy is seeing how RwandAir is growing faster than other regional airlines.

“Our employees are the pillars on which we will build our future.”

MBA Station Manager

I started working for Rwandair in 2010 when we started operation for MombasaDubai sector

What do you enjoy most about working with RwandAir? I enjoy working with RwandAir because I’ve seen the company grow from a small, little known airline to an airline which is recognized in all African countries.

Working for RwandAir has gotten me exposed to so many people of various cultures and ranks and as my job sometimes entails sorting out issues regarding the airline and interacting with the passengers and crew, it makes me so proud and happy to be in this company and it is my wish and hope to work here. I will always pray for this company to reach greater heights, focused and interested.



Complete the Sudoku puzzles so that every row, column, and 3x3 box in the grid contains each digit from 1-9 inclusive. Start with the first puzzle and work your way up!


Complétez les puzzles du Sudoku de telle sorte que chaque rangée, colonne et chaque boîte 3x3 de la grille contienne tous les chiffres de 1 à 9. Commencez par le premier puzzle et montez de niveau!

It was the day after Christmas at St Peter and St Paul's church in Borden, Kent, England. Father John, the vicar, was looking at the nativity scene outside when he noticed the baby Jesus was missing from the figures. Immediately, Father John's thoughts turned to calling in the local policeman but as he was about to do so, he saw little Nathan with a red wagon, and in the wagon was the figure of the little infant, Jesus. Father John approached Nathan and asked him, 'Well, Nathan, where did you get the little infant?' Nathan looked up, smiled and replied, 'I took him from the church.'

'And why did you take him?' With a sheepish grin, Nathan said, 'Well, Father John, about a week before Christmas I prayed to Lord Jesus. I told him if he would bring me a red wagon for Christmas, I would give him a ride around the block in it.'



Welcome to Vision City. Welcome Home.

othing is perfect, they say; but with Vision City, we came pretty close. Located in the uptown neighbourhood of Gaculiro, Vision City is only 3km from the Central Business District and 6km from Kigali International Airport, thus combining the charm of a serene and private environment with easy access to all major social and business centres. The discerning property lover will be spoilt for choice with our wide range of fabulous properties ranging from exquisite Luxury Villas to elegant Semi-detached villas, Town-

houses and chic, functional Apartments. With the first of an envisaged four construction phases approaching completion, you can take your pick of 504 spectacular properties, every one of which has been crafted with intense attention to detail to create a matchless masterpiece you will enjoy for a lifetime. But there’s more to Vision City than an awesome house. We have taken great care to create a neighbourhood that works just for you, with exceptional infrastructure like a pre-installed fibre-optic network, asphalt roads, streetlights, ample parking

space, a fire safety system, as well as backup water and power supplies for your convenience. In addition, Vision City has vast areas of immaculately maintained public spaces that are ideal for communal activities and safe for your children. The Town Centre at the heart of Vision City will put all your retail, commercial and social amenities like shopping and banking facilities, office space, leisure and sports facilities, schools, hospitals and so on, just a short walk away from your home.Life could not be better. Welcome to Vision City. Welcome home.

For a guided tour of the properties, Please contact:


Our Brokers +250788308071 +250788525081


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Wishes you a

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Christmas is a time for sharing, for giving and receiving gifts. We can’t wait to share Vision City with you this holiday. Let’s take you on a special tour of these fabulous properties in Kigali’s best neighbourhood.

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