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streetbeat around town

Ramon Monkey - United States

Chris Ox - United Kingdom

Airfield or drag strip? Airfield for sure, because vehicles that fly are much more interesting than ones that drive on the road. Unless you strap rockets on the back... but then there’s the question of braking. How do you like Zhuhai? I’m still settling in, I just moved from Shenzhen and am eager to learn what Zhuhai has in the way of great dining options.

Airfield or drag strip? I’m equally interested in both. The auto racing has more of a human interest side, with cool characters like Lewis Hamilton. I like the background somewhat more than the event. What do you love about Zhuhai? It’s cheaper than Hong Kong! And there’s more space, better air, and hope of a garden city.

Jing Hui Horse - China

Sebastien Snake - France

What first brought you to Zhuhai? I came with a friend in 2004, and I got a job and fell in love with the city. It’s wonderful! What are your favourite Autumn activities? I really enjoy climbing mountains. Fenghuang Shan is the highest in the Zhuhai area, and it’s great to do it with someone you love.

What do you love about Zhuhai? The climate is amazing, the seaside islands are beautiful, and it’s close to Hong Kong and Macau! Terrific. What are you looking forward to in coming months? They want to make Zhuhai a boat manufacturing hub, and I’m hoping to see sailing schools open before long. The conditions are great.

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Wendy Horse - Hong Kong

Ronan Goat - France

Trevor Dragon - United States

Anna Sheep - China

Do you look forward to Autumn or Fall? Autumn, because ‘Fall’ makes me think of failure, or hitting bottom! Not something to look forward to. How long have you been in Zhuhai? For five years. I was looking for a place to move to after 1997, and as we passed through Zhuhai we stopped our tour bus and bought a house!

Airfield or drag strip? I love the GT races, and I think it’s great that Zhuhai hosts a mechanical sport that makes so much noise. The airshow is alright, but it breeds overcrowding. What keeps you in Zhuhai? I came seven years ago to work, but my wife and I are rooted here now. We just had a baby, who is absolutely wonderful!

Airfield or drag strip? Drag strip, because the noise and vibrations really do it for me in a way that airplanes don’t. And drag races carry more potential for excitement. Do you look forward to Autumn or Fall? Fall, I guess. I prefer the word Autumn, but I say Fall. Autumn, Autumn, Autumn - I’ll keep trying.

Airfield or drag strip? Drag strip, because it’s reliable. You get excited about the airshow and then realise that it’s not happening for another year. Olympics or World Cup - these are ok every four years, because people remember them. What’s your favourite Autumn food? Crabs! They have great ones down at Wanzai right now.

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10 culture

culture 11

often find themselves butting heads, not only with local barons who happen to be wearing the wrong shoes, but also with foreigners who arrive expecting to get away with jeans on the green. Standards are typically not cha bu duo, and why should they be? With courses built around some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, which are already luring numerous PGA events every year, courses are under no pressure to sacrifice manners for mulligans.

In full swing China golf hits over par


Ping Dynasty The summer heatwave has passed and we can once again step out of the shade, and maybe only go through one T-shirt a day! Autumn in Zhuhai is a beautiful time, dragonflies shimmering in mellow sunlight and the palm trees dousing themselves in golden rays. It’s the time of year that attitudes relax and the city is full of new faces. One of the reasons Zhuhai remains such a perfect location is its magnificent sub-tropical scenery, and what better way to appreciate it than a round at one of Zhuhai’s fledgling golf resorts? Golfing in China has ballooned in the last twenty years. Since the small number of Hong Kong-based enthusiasts grew tired of their limited course space in the New Territories, courses have sprung up far and wide across the mainland. Experts in course design, Jack Nicklaus among them, were tapped to make use of spectacular mountainous terrain in Guangdong. The pioneering province now contains over 70 golf complexes including, as you might expect in this nation of superlatives, the largest in the world. Mission Hills Golf Club in Shenzhen spreads its 218 holes across 15 square kilometers of lush, subtropical flora, seamlessly interweaving the natural lay of the land with man made obstacles to test the resolve of competitors of all handicaps. As an example of this country’s ambition, Mission Hills is an ostentatious statement of intent.

Reckless drivers? With the expanse of a middle class larger than the entire population of the United States, the demand for teeing off in China is greater than ever. On more than 320 courses nationwide, Pringleclad businessmen line well-manicured greens and maintain guanxi with a mobile phone in one hand and a putter in the other. Traditionalists who have experienced other cultural imports in China may balk and squirm at the local take on golfing etiquette, but many facility managers realise the importance of protocol in building their facilities into bastions of an international golfing culture with extremely deep roots and rich traditions. They

Golf is unique among sports in that it is as much a tool for networking as it is for entertainment and keeping fit. This holds quite a charm for the new, commerce-oriented China, and courses are trying to out-do each other with more elaborate landscapes and more opulent clubhouses, hoping to lure foreign investment. An international standard golf course has become a priority for any city hoping to establish its economic viability. But whether you’re looking to swing your driver for material benefits or simply the pure satisfaction that comes with spending a day in pristine emerald surroundings, China is becoming a world leader in golfing grounds, even if its homegrown talent is yet to get to the green.

12 culture

chi fan 13

Salmon and mushrooms Courtesy of chef gael moureau


After training at one of France’s finest culinary institutions at the height of French cuisine’s international renown, Chef Gael Moureau discovered his own joy of cooking in the way that cultures blend and fuse in fine international eateries. Grounded in an unrivalled gourmet heritage, he has found his greatest professional fulfillment in working with a global palette to create flavours that reflect what different traditions can learn from one another. This month, Chef Moureau shares with us a simple yet elegant entree featuring salmon and shiitake mushrooms. He says,

Home course advantages So where to while away Autumn on the fairways? Guangdong has a number of prime golfing locations on the rise in the eyes of the international golfing community, some of which are located in and around Zhuhai. Conveniently residing in Jinwan, a half-hour taxi ride from Jiuzhou Ferry station, Zhuhai Golden Gulf Golf Club offers golfing aficionados a serious challenge. The course was designed by Colin Montgomerie, who was awarded this mammoth task because Zhuhai shares similarities in soil composition and wind conditions to his native Scotland. The 27-hole paradise (9 of which are floodlit for nighttime play) stretches six kilometers from blue tee. The holes are well arranged, making the course ideal for walking, though carts

are available for hire, along with increasingly well-informed caddies. A common criticism of this course is that it has too little elevation, so a plethora of water and sand hazards are in place to delay your sly passage to the 19th - but with luxurious dining terraces overlooking the 18th hole and an opulent club bar and lounge pandering to your bacchanalian desires, that may be exactly what you came for! Zhuhai Golf Villa Village is less a village than a bona-fide, pleasure-centric metropolis. With the Zhuhai municipality and the Japanese Golf Promotion Company falling over each other to throw money at the project, you can be sure that every aspect of the golfing experience will be catered for in extravagant fashion. Set a short distance north of the city centre at Tangjia Bay, the immense complex contains facilities for swimming

China puts a flag in the fairway As with many sports based on simple rules, the origins of golf have long been a subject of debate. For five and a half centuries, Scotland has been considered the birthplace of modern golf based on evidence of a resolution dated 6 March 1457, in which King James II banned the playing of football and ‘ye golff.’

and tennis, as well as a gym, eastern and western restaurants and even an amusement park for when Jet-set Jr gets bored of the sea view from his luxury villa. But the golf? The location couldn’t be better, sandwiched between the mouth of the Pearl River and the south-eastern edges of the Zhongshan mountains, and swathed in the beautiful south China flora. 18 holes take full advantage of the scenery, grazing the shallower inclines of the surrounding hills, and providing ample water hazards to test the mid-handicappers.

Recently however, Professor Ling Hongling of Lanzhou University has uncovered evidence suggesting that Chinese golf predates its Scottish inception by 500 years. According to Ling, the Dongxuan, a Song Dynasty (AD960-1279) record book contains information about Chuiwan (to hit ball). The game was played with ten jewel-encrusted clubs, some of which bear uncanny resemblances with the drivers and spoons of today. Professor Ling further purports

“This dish is perfect for summer. By simmering the ingredients in tin foil it preserves each of their flavours, with a minimum of external additions. The combination alone makes this dish a very healthy one, with salmon being very nutritious and good for the arteries while the shiitake is a well-known source of vitality and an immune system booster. And it goes without saying that extra virgin olive oil (from the first cold press) and fresh lemon juice are extremely beneficial. As an old Chinese saying goes, ‘health comes in by the mouth!’ This is a dish that will impress both you and your guests with its terrific flavours. It is easy to do, nice to look at and very, very tasty.”


* 70g Norwegian salmon filet skinless/ boneless * (or alternatively 70g black cod filet skinless/ boneless)

* 50g * 50g that golf was exported to Europe by Mongolian travellers during the late middle ages. In addition, a recent exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum displayed a painting entitled ‘The Autumn Banquet.’ The Ming Dynasty scroll that shows a member of the imperial court swinging what looks like a golf club at what looks like a golf ball with the apparent object of putting the ball-like sphere into what looks like a hole in what looks like a green.

shiitake mushroom grilled onions

* 30g grilled red peppers * 30g grilled yellow peppers * 3 spears green asparagus * 1 medium tomato * 3 basil leaves (or marjoram) * 3 sprigs chives * 5cl olive oil * juice of one lemon * salt and pepper to taste * aluminium foil

3. Arrange the peppers and mushrooms in the foil.


* Ingredients are given per portion; adjust as needed.

1. Marinate the red and yellow peppers with olive oil, salt and pepper then grill lightly. Grill the onions without marinating. 2. Take the aluminium foil, drizzle a bit of oil and brush gently; next, lay the peeled asparagus and the grilled onion on the foil, then arrange the seasoned fish fillet on top.

4. Quarter the tomato and take out the seeds, dice it into 5mm cubes, and mix it with the olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and basil/marjoram. 5. Wrap the foil, making sure that it is air tight, and put in on a hot stove (in a covered wok, or in the oven) until totally inflated, like a balloon. Then cook for 1 or two more minutes. Decorate with chives, and serve!

14 travel

travel 15 possible to walk from the viewpoint on the peak down towards Aberdeen. This side of the island is a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of the downtown areas; instead of densely packed high-rises housing multinational corporations, the coastline is dotted with small towns and luxury apartments housing the affluent expats that work in those high-rises. There are several beaches along the coast which offer a great chance to lie back, relax and soak up some rays. Deepwater Bay is the easiest to get to from Central. The beach here is picturesque but gets very busy during summer. Further east along the coast lies the town of Stanley, a tourist haven which features a famous gift and curio market and a strip of British-style pubs and International restaurants. However, the pick of the bunch is found at Shek O, a stunning little bay that is further from the downtown area but generally less crowded. It’s a perfect place to spend a romantic evening watching the sunset! If you fancy a more rigorous excursion in the great outdoors, there are several hiking trails throughout the New Territories. Although they are far from alpine peaks, the hills here have their own rugged charm and exhibit a more natural side to Hong Kong. Popular hilltop destinations include Ma On Shan (one of the highest points in the region) and the atmospherically named Misty Mountain.

The fragrant harbour Hong kong’s charming gardens Rory Mitchell Photos © Rory Mitchell

Hong Kong is a sub-tropical metropolis with one of the most spectacular skylines in the world, a cultural melting pot where East meets West. As a travel destination, Hong Kong is famous for many things: the awe-inspiring skyscrapers found in the main island’s business district; the shopper’s paradise that stretches up Nathan Road in Kowloon; the luxurious five-star hotels; and the opportunity to sample not only the finest of Cantonese cuisine, but delicacies from all corners of the globe as well. Travellers flock in their thousands to take the funicular railway up Victoria Peak, or make the pilgrimage to Lantau Island to pay their respects to the world’s largest bronze Buddha, and then party through the night in the Lan Kwai Fong bar area. These activities are more than enough to fill an itinerary for the average trip.

However, for first time visitors who wish to get off the beaten trail, or return visitors who want to see something different, there are plenty of not-sohidden surprises that make Hong Kong much more than a mere tourist attraction. One common misconception about Hong Kong is that the city is nothing but urban jungle. In fact the term ‘jungle’ is fairly appropriate, but for a different reason: 75% of the land space is green. It might be hard to imagine this when you’re walking around in downtown Central or Kowloon, but on a clear day the views of Hong Kong Island and the New Territories from Victoria Peak confirm that there is much more to the region that concrete and asphalt. Nature trails run through the hills and woodland on the south side of the island, and it is

Another good way to leave the rat-race behind and experience the more relaxed, laid-back aspects of Hong Kong life is to make a trip to one of the many smaller islands that form part of the archipelago. Peng Chau, Lamma and Cheng Chau are all easily accessed by ferry from Central or Aberdeen. These islands are still predominantly inhabited by small fishing communities, and there are no cars or motorised vehicles to be found. Life here retains a peace and tranquillity that is difficult to find elsewhere in Hong Kong. Family trails guide you round the sights on each island, linking traditional temples, fishing villages and unspoilt beaches. The islands are also renowned for their seafood restaurants. In particular, Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island has a strip of restaurants which offer fresh, delicious seafood at remarkably affordable prices. There are many things about Hong Kong that make it a special place to me, a place that I go back to as often as possible, a place that feels more like home than anywhere else outside of my native Scotland. There’s the fantastic integrated transport system that shows signs of British influence but actually works. Then there are the bizarre idiosyncrasies of downtown Hong Kong: the skyscrapers designed according to Feng Shui principles, the funicular

railway that runs up to the peak almost vertically at times, the escalator system (the longest in the world) that runs up to the Mid-Levels, the covered overhead walkways that connect most of the shopping malls in Wan Chai and Central together. Most importantly there are the great friends I have that live there. A significant factor, however, is the ease with which you can escape from the pace of life in the city and relax in a more natural setting. Hong Kong can be frantic, even for travellers, and it’s easy to get caught up in the rush and end up burnt out after a few days. Take some time to get away from it all, however, and you’ll come away with a far greater appreciation for the region.

16 culture

culture 17

Check, mate

Peter Gigante Photos © Eric Blocher

The game of emperors and curbside mobs Background The short (if frustrating) answer to the undying question of the origin of Chinese chess (xiàng qí), is that nobody really knows for certain when, how or where the contemporary game originated, nor precisely how it evolved into its present form. It is widely accepted that the striking resemblance between xiangqi and international chess (also known historically as chatrang and in China as guó jì xiàng qí) is not coincidental, but no one is certain exactly how the games are related. Both emerged in a form very similar to their modern version as early as the 6th century AD, chatrang within the Persian Empire to the West and xiangqi in China. Some experts believe both games originally evolved from northern India. Although there are

some interesting differences, both games are surprisingly alike, probably owing at least in part to the constant flow of people and goods along the various routes of the Silk Road. It is difficult to compare xiangqi with chatrang in terms of difficulty. A game of xiangqi lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes whereas Chatrang games tend to last much longer. However, while employing the same number of pieces a xiangqi board has 90 intersection points, whereas an international chess board has only 64 intersections. All else being equal the more intersection points there are, the more variables there are for a player to consider. Further, primarily due to introduction of the ‘cannon’ piece, in xiangqi it is more common that sudden come-from-behind victories occur and

the game can potentially come to an abrupt and often suprising conclusion if extreme caution is not employed at all times. Regardless of the origins of the game of chess, the way the design of the game has evolved and the manner in which it is played in China are both uniquely Chinese. The game as it’s played throughout China has earned its own distinction. It is a truly unique, singularly challenging and enjoyable game.

Xiangqi today Walk into any tea house (chá guăn) anywhere in China, and you will invariably see a xiangqi board. If not in use at that moment, it is in a handy place at the ready. Or stroll along virtually any tree-lined side street in any Chinese city, particularly in late afternoon during warmer months, and you will encounter large groups of men, usually on the sidewalk and on street corners, tightly huddled around a chess board. In China, it is almost impossible to find a single male of almost any age who doesn’t at least know how the game is played. Given that chess is relatively complex compared to other gaming alternatives, it is staggering to note not only how widespread the game is geographically, but how popular it is across age and socioeconomic levels.

Horse (mă) - May not leap over occupied points; otherwise, moves one space adjacent and then one diagonal from new location.

Elephant/Minister (xiàng/xiàng) Moves exactly two points diagonally, may not leap over occupied points, and is confined to its home side of the river.

Etiquette 1) Red should always go first, and should be repeatedly offered to your opponent. Often such overtures must be made as many as four times before your opponent will finally accept red, as a form of politeness. The opposing colour is typically blue, black or green. In return for perceived politeness, opponents will often insist that the other move first regardless of colour. 2) If you are observing a match, never scream advice in a player’s ear concerning moves that you think he should make. You should remain silent at all times. 3) As an observer, if a player’s hesitance in making a move aggravates your short patience, refrain from reaching in and moving the player’s piece for him - remember that if all 20 people observing do this it leads to utter confusion, pieces lost on the street and the players’ concentration being blown beyond recovery. 4) When playing, it is sometimes helpful to slam your piece onto the table when completing a move, as a form of intimidation. This is acceptable and can help put your opponent on the defensive. However, do not slam your piece down so hard that the entire board is upset and other pieces fly onto the ground.

King/General (shuài/jiàng) Moves one point in a cardinal direction. He may not move diagonally or leave the palace. No player may make a move that would leave the opposing generals facing one another directly.

5) If you are don’t want to risk the embarrassment of losing by agreeing to take on the winner, an effective way to avoid an invitation is to look anxiously at your wrist watch when the winner begins scanning the crowd for his next opponent.

Gameplay 1) Red typically moves first (see ‘Etiquette’). 2) Players take turns; pieces move according to attributes (see bottom panel).

means that the king is threatened and cannot move to escape; ‘stalemate’ means that a player is not directly threatened but cannot move any piece. 4) No player may continuously move back and forth between the same two points. After the second time, if an opponent is forcing the repetition, they must focus on another piece. 5) The game is a draw when no player can force a checkmate or a stalemate.

3) The game is won by ‘checkmating’ or ‘stalemating’ the opponent’s king. ‘Checkmate’

one other piece in a straight line between its origin and the piece it is attacking.

Pawn (zú/bīng) - May start by moving one point straight forward. Once they cross the river, they can also step one point horizontally. They attack in the same way. Can never move backward.

“S/he stinks!” - “tā chòu!” “S/he’s terrific!” - “tā lì hài!”


“Won” - “yíng le!”

Chariot (jū) - Moves in a straight line in any direction.

“Lost” - “shū le!” Mandarin (shì) - Moves one point diagonally, and can’t leave the palace.

Xiangqi Board

Pieces move along the axes, not along the spaces. The lines represent roads. The space in the centre represents a river, but it is crossed no differently than other line on the board.

Survival Chinese “S/he stinks!” - “tā chòu!” This phrase is considered impolite at any time, but especially should not be used relative to your opponent as a way to bolster your standing with observers just after you’ve clinched a very narrow victory.

Same as

Same as

Same as Same as

Cannon (pào) - Move differently depending on whether they move passively or to attack. If moving passively, they move straight like a chariot. If attacking, it must hop over

“Check” - “jiāng!” “I’m sorry” / “I feel embarassed” - “bù hăo yì sī” This can be effectively employed after a much-wanted win to deflate the ego of your fallen opponent and/or to rile him. Really not a courteous way to take victory.

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source: zhuhai tourism association





高速 珠 京

Chinese Medicine Valley Douse yourself in the wisdom of the ancient Chinese medicine masters, and come away feeling totally rejuvenated. Next to New Yuan Ming Palace, a centrally located hot spring for supreme stress relief!












吉 LU



路 滨南


LU 海




道 山水 y前 rwa ate W


东 道


大道 九洲 N LU 迎宾 YINGBIN NA


n ha

to Airport




Qia ns 海






鸡 金









Ye Li Island 野狸岛

情侣南路 ORTH NE N


EI LU 迎宾北路

路 坦





路 北 珠






’S L A






大 道



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路 神公 坦 AY HW HI G

See Listings for all places of interest.


111省 道 DAO NG HE S 1 11


New Yuan Ming Palace (圆明新园, yuán míng xīn yuán) This park was modelled on the famous palace grounds in Beijing, featuring full-scale replicas of the major buildings there. As well as being a pleasant place for a stroll, visitors can go boating on the lake, and there are several musical and historical performances on show throughout the day. Entrance RMB100 (students RMB60 with valid student ID).



Fish Girl (鱼女; yú nǚ) This attractive statue of a young girl holding a pearl was inspired by a local legend about a fishing girl whose boyfriend was lost at sea. She would wait each day on the waterfront for his return. The statue has become an iconic image of Zhuhai, and is perhaps the prime photo spot on the romantic Lovers’ Lane boardwalk.




Gongle Garden For those with an interest in Zhuhai’s beautiful sub-tropical flora, Gongle Garden will bewilder with its brilliant array of rare species. Historically part of the estate of China’s first Prime Minister, prior to WWII. The Pearl River Archipelago Zhuhai’s unique marine geology is one of the main draws for domestic tourists. With nearly 150 islands, the area is one of the most scenically varied in China. Locals will boast of military victory on Qi’ao Island, or the beauty of Nansha beach on Dong’ao Island.

268 SHENG DAO 26 8省 道



省道 2 68

景山 路



11 1省 道


E NG 6 8 SH

大道 九洲


Imperial Hot Spring Resort A beautiful, Japanese-style hot spring and hotel with such amazing variety pools of coffee or wine scented water, steam rooms, waterfalls and hot stones to prepare you for a salubrious massage. You’ll need a whole day to experience everything! About an hour from Jida by taxi or catch the 609 bus direct to the door). Ocean Spring Resort This recently-established giant spa boasts several large entertainment areas. Let the young ‘uns loose in the amusement park while you chill out at the ocean-facing hot springs, or work up a sweat in the sporting facilities.

Qi Ao Island 淇澳岛




Taxi Taxis are reliable. As in most of southern China, the ride costs RMB10 for the first 3 kilometres and RMB2.2 for each additional kilometre.



Bus Intercity: Many buses run between Zhuhai and Guangzhou every day. The trip takes 2.5 hours and costs RMB60-65. Reliable points of departure in Guangzhou include the China Marriott, Garden Hotel, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Provincial Bus Station, and Liuhua Bus Station (across from the train station). The main bus stations in Zhuhai are at Gongbei (on the underground level of the border shopping centre) and in Xiangzhou. Local: Buses cost RMB1-3, depending on how far they go and if they are air-conditioned. To get from Xiangzhou to Gongbei, take the #2 or #10.



Boat During the day, regular ferries connect Zhuhai with Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau. Shenzhen and Hong Kong take around 80 minutes and cost around RMB 80 (to Shenzhen) and RMB 180 (to Hong Kong).



Air Zhuhai has an airport (ZUH), but the only reliable daily flights are from Shanghai on Spring Airlines. The more convenient option is to come through Shenzhen (80 mins by ferry) or Guangzhou (2.5 hours by bus).

Lover’s Lane Going from A to B has never been such a visual pleasure. 12 miles of waterfront cruising punctuated in the middle by Zhuhai’s number one photograph opportunity - the Fishing Girl statue.


36 5 S H E N G DA O 3 6 5 省 道


Getting there & away


zhuhai map 19

Average Rainfall 600




es W

Zhuhai is a beautiful city along the central coast of Guangdong Province in southern China. It is one of a network of cities that make up the Pearl River Delta (PRD), one of the world’s most prominent centres of commerce, manufacturing and shipping. While its economy and culture have greatly benefitted from its close proximity to the international cosmopolitan centres of Hong Kong and Macau (with which it shares a border), Zhuhai stands apart in the PRD as a key logistical hub with its own charm and refreshingly relaxed atmosphere. As the region continues to develop at a remarkable pace, Zhuhai is increasingly sought after for the opportunities that it offers as a welcome escape from nearby urban centres, home to worldclass schools and universities, and claim to fame as the Romantic City.

Average Temperature 30


路 花西

路 侣南 路 湾 E SO U T H 情 水 LAN S ’ R


In short

to Macao




20 JIDA map Put your business on this map! call 8388 2269 JIDA



莲路 LU 吉


东 大道 九洲 G N DO DAO U DA O H Z JIU


洲路 U 海 UL

中路 情侣 LE IDD

景山 路




路 园林




滨南 U海


Directory Inquiries (Dianhua Haoma Chaxun) ph: (+86 756) 114 电话号码查询





Essential Numbers

大路 LU 吉


U白 莲 路

JIDA LU 吉 大路

Fire (Huojing) ph: (+86 756) 119 火警 First Aid Centre (Jijiu Zhongxin) ph: (+86 756) 120 急救中心 Police (Baojing) ph: (+86 756) 110 报警 Taxi Help (Chuzuche Tousu) ph: (+86 756) 863-2933 出租车投诉


莲路 LU 白

Tourist Help (Lvyou Tousu Zhongxin) NEED PHONE NUMBER 旅游投诉中心


一路 建业



U AN L YE S 路 JIAN 业三 建

R LU YE E 路 JIAN 业二 建



石 花 东






3 1

LU 九

洲港 路




Jiu Zhou Port 九洲港

Traffic Accidents (Jiaotong Shigu) ph: (+86 756) 122 交通事故

Getting Around Air Zhuhai Airport Located in the West of Zhuhai, less than an hour away from the central area. ph: (86-756) 777-1580/777-1188 Getting there: Yellow taxis (airport taxis): Only from the Zhong Zhu Building in Gongbei (near Watson’s) 拱北中珠大厦 20 Rmb per person, 40 / 50 if you are alone. Normal Taxis : 100 Rmb. Bus : 207 (service time: 06:20~18:00) 珠海机场

Sea 1

Jiu Zhou Port (+86 756) 333-2113 (+86 756) 333-3359 九洲港


Bar Street



5 Star



石湾酒吧街 3

LA NE SO WA UT NL H 情 U 水湾 侣 路 南

Where to Stay


2 1

Chinese Dining Chinese Dining 1 Jin Yue Xuan 1 2 Mayflower 2 3 4 5

complete zhuhai listings title 21

=wireless internet for more zhuhai information see

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International Dining Bar & Nightlife International Dining Bar & Nightlife 1 1 Alain’s BBB (Belgian) 12 Rude (Fusion) 2 3 Jewel of India (Indian) 3 4 Roman Seaside (Fusion) 4 5

The Cellar 12 Red Bar 23 Cohiba Bar/China Club 34 Sand’s Bar 4 5

Cafés Cafés 1 1 2

Jack & The Magic Pea


Hotels 1

Holiday Inn Zhuhai 21 Room Inn 2







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4 Star Guangdong Hotel (Yue Hai Jiu Dian) 1145 Yuehai Rd East, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 888-8128 粤海酒店 珠海市拱北粤海东路 1145号 Holiday Inn Zhuhai (Zhuhai Yue Cai Jia Ri Jiu Dian) Luxurious and spacious, Holiday Inn Zhuhai offers the comforts of home and then some! With large rooms, attentive staff and extensive dining options, you may find yourself spending longer here than you planned! 188 Jingshan Lu Jida ph: (+86 756) 322-8888 珠海粤财假日酒店 珠海市吉大景 山路188号 JIDA MAP 1 Nanhai Oil Hotel (Nan You Da Jiu Dian) 368 Shuiwan Lu ph: (+86 756) 332-2188 Toll Free : 800 830-2782 南油大酒店 珠海经济特区水湾 路368

Budget My Residence in Zhuhai Shanhailou, 240 ShuiWan Lu, Jida ph: (+86 756) 388-0388 珠海市吉大景山路188号 Home Inn (Ru Jia Kuai Jie Jiu Dian) Block 26, 58 Shihua Lu (E) Jida ph: (+86 756) 337-5111 如家快捷酒店 广东珠海吉大石花 东路58号26栋 JIDA MAP 2 Sunferia Inn 15F Cuiwei Jiuzhu building, Mingzhu Lu, Qianshan ph: (+86 756) 853-4821 珠海前山翠微酒珠大厦15层 Youth Hostel (Du Jia Cun Jiu Dian Qing Nian Lv Guan) 9 Shihua Rd E, Jida ph: (+86 756) 333-3838 度假村酒店青年旅馆 珠海市吉大 石花东路9号

What to See Beaches

Grand Bay View Hotel (Hai Wan Da Jiu Dian) Shuiwan Lu Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 887-7998 海湾大酒店 珠海市拱北水湾路

Feisha Beach Gaolan Island, Nanshui (western area) ph: (+86 756) 771-0000 珠海市西区南水高栏岛

Harbour View Hotel & Resort (Yi Jing Wan Da Jiu Dian) 47 Lovers’ Lane Central ph: (+86 756) 332-2888 怡景湾大酒店 珠海吉大情侣中 路47号

Golden Beach (Jin Sha Tan) Sanzao, near the airport (western area) ph: (+86 756) 778-1614 金沙滩 珠海市西区珠海机场 侧三灶

Holiday Resort Hotel (Du Jia Cun Jiu Dian) 9 East Shi Hua Lu, Jida ph: (+86 756) 333-3838 度假村酒店 珠海市吉大石花东 路9号

Haibin Beach (Hai Bin Yong Chang) Lovers’ Lane, Jida ph: (+86 756) 332-0477 海滨泳场 珠海吉大情侣路

ZOBON Business Hotel (Zhong Ban Shang Wu Jiu Dian) 33 Lovers’ Lane Central ph: (+86 756) 322-0333 珠海吉大情侣中路47号

Churches & Temples Jin Tai Temple (Jin Tai Si) Huangyang Mountain, Doumen (western area) ph: (+86 756) 579-7141 珠海斗门黄杨山金台寺

Putuo Buddhist Temple (Pu Tuo Si) Fenghuang Mountain, Dongkeng (northern area, above New Xiangzhou) ph: (+ 86 756) 850-8462 普陀寺 珠海东坑凤凰山

Museums Zhuhai Museum (Zhuhai Bo Wu Guan) Jiuzhou Cheng, Jingshan Lu, Jida ph: (+86 756) 332-4116 珠海博物馆 珠海吉大九洲城

Parks & Gardens Feng Bo Shan Park (Xiangshan Gongyuan) 8 Yan shan Lu Xiangzhou 珠海市香洲区沿山路8号-风波山 公园 (别名:香山公园) Banzhang Forest Park (Ban Zhang Shan) Gongbei (above the tunnel) 珠海拱北-板樟山森林公园 Chinese Medicine Valley (Zhong Yao Gu) New Yuan Ming Palace North, Lanpu, Qianshan ph: (+86 756) 866-1113 中药谷 珠海市九洲大道兰埔北侧( 圆明新园旁) Haibin Park (Hai Bin Gong Yuan) Haibin Lu N, Jida 海滨公园 珠海吉大海滨北路 Hengqin Stone Park (Heng Qin Shi Bo Yuan) Hengqin Island 横琴石博园 珠海横琴 Jingshan Park (Jing Shan Gong Yuan) Jingshan Lu Jida 景山公园 珠海吉大景山路 Kungfu Park (Wu Lin Yuan) Lian Wan Industry Zone, Pingsha (western area) ph: (+86 756) 399-8888 武林源 珠海大道中平沙路口 Tangjia Gong Le Garden (Tang Jia Gong Le Yuan) E Ling, Tangjia ph: (+86 756) 331-9605 唐家共乐园 珠海市唐家镇鹅 岭北麓 Waterfall Park (San Die Quan) After Wanzai, take the bridge to Hengqin island (western area) ph: (+86 756) 884-2426 三叠泉 珠海横琴 White Lotus Park (Bai Lian Dong Gong Yuan) Jiuzhou Av, Jida 白莲洞公园 珠海吉大九洲大道中

Other Places of Interest Imperial Hot Spring (Yu Wen Quan) Doumen (western area) ph: (+86 756) 579-7128 御温泉 珠海斗门 explain how far away it is!!!!! Library (Tu Shu Guan) 74 Fenghuang Lu, Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 225-8744 图书馆 珠海市香洲区凤凰路74号

Lost City Water Park (Meng Huan Shui Cheng) Jiuzhou Av, Lanpu ph: (+86 756) 866-4246 梦幻水城 珠海市九州大道兰圃 Meixi Archways (Mei Xi Shi Pai Fang) Meixi Village, Shangchong, Qianshan ph: (+86 756) 865-9577 珠海市前山上冲梅溪村 Meixi village (Nong Ke Qi Guan) Qianshan northern area (above New Xiangzhou) ph: (+86 756) 853-5888 农科奇观 珠海市前山梅溪镇 New Yuanming Palace (Yuan Ming Xin Yuan) Jiuzhou Av. W Lanpu ph: (+86 756) 861-0388 圆明新园 珠海市九洲大道西 兰埔路 Oceanarium Opposite Wanzai (western area) Wharf ph: (+86 756) 881-1001 珠海市湾仔澳门环岛游码头正 对面 Pearl Land (Zhen Zhu Le Yuan) Tang Jia Wan ph: (+86 756) 331-1170 珍珠乐园 珠海唐家湾 Great Hall (Zhuhai Da Hui Tang) 1014 Fenghuang Lu S, Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 222-2396 珠海市香洲区凤凰南路1014- 珠 海大会堂

Chinese Dining Cantonese De Yue Fang (De Yue Fang) Mingting Park, Yeli Island, Xiangzhou, ph: (+86 756) 225-1188 珠海香洲野狸岛名亭公园内 Jin Yue Xuan (Jin Yue Xuan) 1-3 Floor, B, 265 Ri Hua Commercial Square, Lovers’ Lane South, Gong Bei ph: (+86 756) 813-3133 珠海拱北情侣南路265日华商业广 场B区1-3层 JIDA MAP 1 Mayflower (Wu Yue Hua) 3F Ri Dong Commercial Square, 49 Lovers’ Lane, Jida ph: (+86 756) 323-0000 五月花皇朝大酒楼 香洲区情侣中 路49号日东广场3楼 JIDA MAP 2 Treasure Inn Chinese Restaurant (Cai Hua Xuan Zhong Can Ting) Modern and elegant, with a wide selection of dim sum and authentic Cantonese dishes. Signature dishes are shark’s fin and abalone. Nine private rooms are available. Open: 8:00-14:00 & 17:30-22:30 4F Holiday Inn Zhuhai, 188 Jingshan Lu Jida ph: (+86 756) 322-8888 珠海粤财假日酒店4楼 珠海市吉 大景山路188号

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Buy me, buy me! Susanne Beck

General Cuisine Orientale 4th & 5th floor, Shan Hai Lou Hotel, Shuiwan Lu, Jida ph: (+86 756) 886-8288 珠海吉大水湾路山海楼酒店四 楼、五楼 Zui Yue Xuan (Zui Yue Xuan) 34, Shihua Lu East, Jida ph: (+86 756) 336-8999 广东珠海吉大石花东路34号(渡 假村对面) Rich Garden Blue Mountain Restaurant Limited (Di Yuan Lan Shan Xi Can Ting) 3/Floor, Ying Bin Plaza, Ying Bin Lu, Gongbei Ph: (+86 756) 828-3338 珠海拱北迎宾大道迎宾广场三层

North & East China Some call London the true fashion capital of Europe. Of course, there are Paris and Milan – but it is London where you get the hot stuff, especially in the ‘hip’ East, where I lived until one month ago, when I came to Zhuhai. And although Zhuhai is about a lot more than just shopping, I have to confess that I have already bought more clothes than I did during my 12 months in London. I just cannot believe how cheap and cool clothes are! In London, you either spend a day running to different little shops all over the city or you enter the war-zone formally known as Oxford Street. In Zhuhai, a great bet is to just go to the Underground at the Macau Border (enter by Gongbei border). The other day I went there with a friend from the UK and we had so much fun, so many choices! Actually we were looking for an outfit for her – which, as usual, ended up with me buying five times as much as she did (although I admit I am jealous about the ‘hot’ stilettos she found)! Most of the little shops there have fancy clothes for not ‘just reasonable’, but a ‘Buy me! Buy me!’ price. I also found some nice dresses at Jusco, and even some comfortable, (but still sexy) underwear. All this in a supermarket! And it doesn’t stop there – the hippest clothes, at least so far, I found in the shopping area at the campus of Beijing Normal University. My shopping journeys won’t stop! I already checked out the clothes you can get at Rude – a bit more expensive, but truly fashionable. And even when confronted with the downsides of Chinese clothes shopping, (meaning you are either tall or not anorexic) there are always cheap tailors that will sew the clothes to fit your body. I have already spent my free time drawing designs for some clothes I might order. And then I might go back to London and sell them for ten times the price!

Dong Bei Ren (Dong Bei Ren) 2F Zhuhua Building, 198 Jingshan Lu ph: (+86 756) 335-1418 东北人 景山路198号珠华大厦 二楼 99 Tian Xiang Restaurant (Jiu JIu Tian Xiang Lou) No.42, Shihua LuEast, Jida ph: (+86 756) 337-0790 广东珠海吉大石花东路42号(度 假村对面)

Sichuan Bare Head Restaurant (Guang Tou Lao Can Ting) 346 Lovers’ Lane South, Jida ph: (+86 756) 332-9598 广东珠海吉大情侣南路346号 Fei Teng Yu Xiang (Fei Teng Yu Xiang) 350 Lovers’ Lane South ph: (+86 756) 323-0066 广东珠海情侣南路350号

Seafood Shou Zhi Gong Dining Room (Shou Zhi Gong Can Ting) 53 Lovers’ Lane ph: (+86 756) 337-6918 珠海情侣中路53号(国会酒店与 渔女之间)

Muslim New Cantonese Muslim 370 Lovers’ Lane South, Jiuzhou Harbour ph: (+86 756) 332-8246 珠海九洲港情侣南路370号 Ocean Restaurant 1-2B, Block1, Hai Tao Ju, Lovers’ Lane South, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 815-1722 珠海拱北情侣南路海涛居第一 座1-2B Xinyue Muslim Restaurant 370 Lovers’ Lane South ph: (+86 756) 332-8246 珠海市情侣南路370号(青蓝山 庄北国食府)- 九洲港新粤穆斯 林餐厅

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International Dining Belgian Alain’s Belgian Beer Bar & Restaurant For all the class of continental Europe - and a taste of the best lagers in the world, this restaurant will provide! And the food? French fries from the country that invented them. 28/7 Hua Jing Xi Yuanshi Hua Dong Lu 58 (Opp Hai Wan Hua Yuan) ph: (+86 756) 333-5671 吉大石花东路华景西苑28栋 7 号商铺 JIDA MAP 1

Fusion Blue Angel Coffee Restaurant Shuiwantou, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 888-6456 珠海市水湾头-蓝天使咖啡 Chatterbox (Yu Die Ca Fei Ting) We serve European and Asian cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open 24 hours, this cosy and yet tastefully designed coffee shop is an ideal place to have excellent meals and to catch up with the latest news and gossip. 4F Holiday Inn Zhuhai, 188 Jingshan Lu Jida ph: (+86 756) 322-8888 珠海粤财假日酒店4楼 珠海市吉 大景山路188号 Roman Seaside Across from the sea on Lovers’ Lane is this fusion restaurant. Boasting Japanese-style noodles, American hot dogs and everything in between - you won’t be disappointed! 49 Lovers’ Lane, Jida (Jida Ri Dong Plaza, next to Harbour View Hotel) ph: (+86 756) 323-3869 珠海市吉大情侣中路49号(吉大日 东广场二楼罗马海滨西餐厅) JIDA MAP 4 Rude (Huo) Truly unique. This restaurant and bar shines because of its design - with its molded concrete mezzanine and industrial decor, Rude is unbeatable. Great food and Guinness on tap - happy hour from 5-7pm. 1 Lian An Lu, Gongbei (Intersection of Lovers’ Lane South) ph: (+86 756) 888-1708 珠海拱北联安1 路(情侣南路 交界) JIDA MAP 2

Indian Indian Kitchen 26-28 Huajing Garden, Shihua Lu East, Jida ph: (+86 756) 334-5784 广东珠海吉大石花东路华景花园( 东苑)26-28铺

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Jewel of India The finest Indian cuisine in Zhuhai. Delicately prepared by masterful hands, the variety and depth of flavour will satisfy the most ardent curry aficionado. Try the chicken Jalfrezi - mouth watering stuff! 28/1 Hua Jing Xi YuanShi Hua Dong Lu 58 ph: (+86 756) 332-1770 吉大石花东路华景西苑28 栋 1 号商铺 JIDA MAP 3

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Italian Lucio Italian Restaurant (Lu Qi Ou Yi Da Li Can Ting) The restaurant’s ‘open kitchen’ design encourages a warm and friendly atmosphere. Enjoy the authentic wood-stone oven, where the chef prepares a variety of Italian favourites, including pasta, pizza, and a variety of Mediterranean dishes. 188 Jingshan Lu, Jida ph: (+86 756) 322-8888 珠海吉大景山路188号

Japanese Chitose 5F, Block C, Shan Hai Lou Hotel, Lovers’ Lane South ph: (+86 756) 889-8985 珠海拱北情侣南路(水湾头)山海楼 酒店C座5楼 La Mouton Japanese Cuisine 101 Long Yuan Hai Wan Ya Yuan, 288 Lovers’ Lane South, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 383-6668 珠海拱北情侣南路288号龙园海湾 雅苑商铺101 雾都日法料理 Wabou-Restaurant 283-285, Building 1, Block M, Hai Wan Xin Jia Yuan, Lovers’ Lane South ph: (+86 756) 886-1130 广东珠海情侣南路海湾新家园M座 1楼283-285号

Pizza / Delivery Alain’s Belgian Beer Bar & Restaurant Light-crusted, well decked in cheeses and sauces that stand with the finest pizzerias and comfort food bistros in Europe. Indulge in some delicious fries, and try a Chimay or Duvel. 28/7 Hua Jing Xi Yuanshi Hua Dong Lu 58 (Opp Hai Wan Hua Yuan) ph: (+86 756) 333-5671 吉大石花东路华景西苑28栋 7 号商铺 JIDA MAP 1 Dynamics Pizza 113#, 21 Jiaoyu Lu Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 621-6227 珠海香洲教育路21号113号铺

Happy Tom Pizza Restaurant 63 Jing Shan Lu, Jida ph: (+86 756) 333-9159 开心汤姆 39 元比萨自助餐厅 珠海吉大景山路63号 Lucky Iris (behind Ryan’s Bar) Delicious pizzas and burgers.The small street behind Jusco (look for the Carlsberg sign). 吉之岛 珠海香洲凤凰路 Mr Pizza Some of the finest pizzas in Zhuhai. From the simplest margherita to the sublime feta and sun-dried tomato, anything on this menu is certain to satisfy. 27, Under the Fisherman’s Wharf, Jin Ding ph: (+86 756) 338-6418 肯德比萨店 珠海市金鼎商业 城27号 Pizza Hut Ground floor, Duty-Free Market, Jingshan Lu, Jida ph: (0756) 337-4793 吉大景山路国营外币免税商场 首层

Portuguese Pinocchio Ground Floor, Zhu Nan Hotel, Liangfen Bridge, Yue Hai Lu East, Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 889-7628 珠海香洲区粤海东路凉粉桥珠南 酒店首层 木偶葡国餐厅

Cafés Bali Cafe & Restaurant 392 Shuiwan Lu, Jida, Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 323-1568 珠海香洲吉大水湾路392号 Chatterbox (Yudie Coffee Shop) Serving European and Asian cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open 24 hours, this cozy and yet tastefully designed coffee shop is an ideal place to have excellent meals and to catch up with the latest news and gossip. 4F Holiday Inn Zhuhai, 188 Jingshan Lu Jida ph: (+86 756) 322-8888 珠海粤财假日酒店4楼 珠海市吉 大景山路188号 Emma Cafe Guangdong Hotel, Yuehua Lu, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 888-8128 ext.60112 珠海粤华路粤海酒店-纯品咖啡店 Jack & Magic Pea 1F Hai Wan Hao Yuan, 225 Shuiwan Lu, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 888-7316 珠海拱北水湾路(酒吧街)225号海 湾濠苑一层 JIDA MAP 1 Jane’s Place Huafa New City Business Street, A01, 1 Lu ph: (+86) 138 2300-0052 珠海市珠海大道1号, 华发新城商 业街A01 Jenny’s Café 2F, 1021 Feng Huang Lu (S), Wan Zai Sha, Xiangzhou Ph: (+86 756) 217-7550 珠海香洲湾仔沙凤凰南路1021 号二楼

Caffe Frappessa 1F Lijing Bay Garden, 124 Cuihai Lu (Walking street, at the back of Yangming Plaza) Ph: (+86 756) 218-1899 香洲湾仔沙扬名广场后街(吉之 岛后街) Pele Coffee shop Tong Luowan Department Store, Jida (near KFC) ph: (+86 756) 820-3871 珠海吉大铜锣湾百货首层中央 大厅

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Sea Breeze Cafe Harbour View Hotel, 47 Lovers’ Lane Central ph: (+86 756) 332-2888 吉大怡景湾大酒店 Victoria Bar & Grill 49 Lovers’ Lane ph: (+86 756) 323-0909 珠海情侣路49号日东商业广场-维 多利亚西餐厅 Victoria Restaurant 2F, Ridong Square, 49 Lovers’ Lane, Jida ph: (+86 756) 323-0909 珠海吉大情侣中路49号日东广 场2楼 Zobon Western Executive Lounge Restaurant 33 Lovers’ Lane Central ph: (+86 756) 322-0333 珠海吉大情侣中路33号

Bars & Nightlife Blarney Stone Irish Pub (Ban Ni Si Dun Ai Er Lan Jiu Ba) The first Irish Pub in Zhuhai, offering a lively atmosphere and an energetic house band that is sure to entertain. Open: 18:00-2:00 1F Holiday Inn Zhuhai, 188 Jingshan Lu Jida ph: (+86 756) 322-8888 珠海粤财假日酒店 珠海市吉大景 山路188号 Blue Tone Bar Dong Ya Building, Jiuzhou Ave, Jida ph: (+86 756) 333-2046 珠海市九州大道东亚大厦蓝调 酒吧 Blue Angel Music Bar 219 Shuiwan Lu, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 888-3375 珠海水湾路219号 Cohiba Bar & Grill / China Bar 203-209 Shuiwan Lu, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 889-2444 珠海拱北水湾路203-209号 JIDA MAP 3 Come Big Club Shuiwan Lu Bar Street, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 888-2228 珠海拱北水湾路酒吧街 F1 Bar Harbour View Hotel, 47 Lovers’ Lane Central ph: (+86 756) 332-2888 吉大怡景湾大酒店首层

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Hollywood Bar D 203-209 Shuiwan Lu, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 889-1931 珠海拱北水湾路203-209号D座 LV Club 2F Hai Wan Yan Yuan, Longyan Lovers’ Lane South, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 388-7666 珠海拱北情侣南路288号龙园海湾 雅园2楼(酒吧街) MTC Bar 201 Long Yuan Hai Wan Ya Yuan, Shuiwan Lu Bar Street, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 383-6866 珠海拱北 水湾路 酒吧街 龙园海湾 雅苑商铺201 Red Bar & Club Shuiwan Lu, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 818-8299 珠海拱北水湾路酒吧街225号 JIDA MAP 2 Rude (Huo) Maybe -just maybe - the coolest dance floor in the PRD, with eye candy in abundance and something silky smooth for everybody. Close to bar street, but you’ll forget about bar street. Guinness on tap - happy hour from 5-7pm. 1 Lian An Lu, Gongbei (Intersection of Lovers’ Lane South) ph: (+86 756) 888-1708 珠海拱北联安1 路(情侣南路 交界) JIDA MAP 2 Ryan’s Bar What a rush! This tiny bar is flooded with personality and the crazy atmosphere of expat life! The best bar food on the mainland, and Ryan’s utterly mind-blowing gin and tonics make this place base camp for the weekend, loocated on the small street behind Jusco (look for the Carlsberg sign). ph: (+86) 138 2412-1280 珠海香洲凤凰路-吉之岛 Sands Bar Lovers’ Lane, Jida (opposite the Harbour View Hotel) ph: (+86 756) 333-2073 珠海吉大情侣路(怡景湾大酒店 对面) JIDA MAP 4 Seven Club 203-209H Shuiwan Lu, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 811-3999 珠海拱北水湾路酒吧街道办事处 203-209号H位 Scotland Bar 291 Lovers’ Lane South, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 888-6681 珠海情侣南路291号 Sky in Sky Club J 203-209 Shuiwan Lu Bar Street, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 815-8222 珠海拱北水湾路酒吧街203-209 号J位

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The Cellar What a perfect venue! When indulgence is the order of the evening, the Cellar provides - the highest quality imported wines and cheeses, and expert advice on which wine to choose. Simply superb. Shui Wan Lu 231 (Shui Wan Tou bus stop), Jida ph: (+86 756) 818-1894 酒窖 吉大水湾路231号(水湾头 巴士站)御海湾花园1栋102室 JIDA MAP 1 The Old Chinese Junk Located in Tangjia near Zhuhai Golden Gulf Golf Club and the racetrack, this bar, with its open air terrace, delivers beer and atmosphere in abundance. 401 (4th Floor) China Town, Tangjia ph: (+86 756) 331-9668 珠海吉大情侣中路47号 - 怡景 湾大酒店 V Club 388 Ning Xi Lu Ningxi (2 minutes after GLV school) ph: (+86 756) 229-9030 珠海市香洲柠溪路388号太和商务 中心-胜地梦都酒吧 Penthouse Pod Shop No.825, Guangfa New Village, 1316 Jiuzhou Dadao Dong Ph: (+86 756) 388-9933 珠海九洲大道东1316号广发新村 商场825号铺(云海酒店对面)

Recreation Bowling Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel 9 East Shi Hua Lu, Ji Da Ph: (+86 756) 333-3838 珠海市吉大石花东路9号 Zhuhai Sports Centre Hongshan Lu, New Xiangzhou Ph: (+86 756) 261-1366 珠海市新香洲红山路-珠海市体 育中心


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Fitness Hua Fa Sports Centre Inside Huajing Garden, Shihua East Lu, Jida Ph: (+86 756) 323-6888 珠海石花东路-华发名华会

Golf Golden Gulf Golf (Jinwan Golf) Jinwan Avenue, Golden Coast, Jinwan (western area) ph: (+86 756) 763-1888 珠海金湾高尔夫球场

International Golf Club Economic Zone, Tangjia Wan (northen area) ph: (+86 756) 331-3076 珠海市唐家湾-珠海国际高尔夫 俱乐部 Lakewood Golf Club International Circuit, Xiacun, Jinding (northen area) ph: (+86 756) 338-3666 金鼎珠海国际赛车场高尔夫俱 乐部 Orient Golf Huandao Lu North, Hengqin (western area) ph: (+86 756) 868-8188 珠海横琴经济开发区环岛北路一 号 - 东方高尔夫球场


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Yoga Lotus Yoga 4th Floor, Jin Se Holiday Hotel, 71 Jinghe Street, Jida ( Behind Harbour View Hotel) Ph: (+86 756) 332-1277 吉大景和街71号金色假日酒店4楼 Xin Ling Yoga Center 1096 FengHuang Bei Lu 3rd Floor Xiang Zhou, Bus Station: You Zheng Da Xia 邮政大厦巴士站 Ph: (+86 756) 225-7792 珠海市香洲凤凰北路 1096 号三 楼, 公交车到邮政大厦下车

Stage & Screen Cinemas Marslake Cinema 284 Ning Xi Lu, Ningxi Culture Square (near GLV school) ph: (+86 756) 228-4999 珠海市柠溪路284号C座(柠溪文化 广场内)-中影火星湖影城

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What I like about Zhuhai Cecilia Tang

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Art Galleria Belle Arti 343 Shuiwan Lu, Jida, Ph: (+86 756) 336-7378 广东珠海吉大水湾路343号 No.18 Gallery (Zhuhai Yi Shu Zhong Xin) 18 Tonghua Lu, New Xiangzhou Ph: (+86 756) 615-0000 珠海艺术中心 珠海市新香洲同 华路18号

One of the reasons I really like Zhuhai is it’s so laid back. I am from Shanghai originally, which everyone knows is full-on. Zhuhai has a nicer pace of life and is much more welcoming and personal. Geographically it is beautifully positioned, close to Macau and Hong Kong which are nice places to slip across if you want some variation to a slower pace of life. (For example I can slip across the border for a concert tonight and be home again before it’s too late) I find it very convenient to get around without traffic congestion. It is also convenient for international flights as you can take a ferry directly from Zhuhai to Hong Kong airport which is a big bonus. There are lots of little gems in the city, you just have to hunt them out. I find many people here have lived in bigger cities in China before and find Zhuhai to be a better place to live from a quality of life point of view. Over the last twelve months I have seen developments consistent with China in general but not as frenetic. There is more to do for expatriates now and greater infrastructure is being developed such as better roads, more western style accommodation and an international school.

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Electronics Wan Zai Sha PC Market Wanzaisha, Xiangzhou 珠海湾仔沙电脑城

Fashions Gongbei Underground Mall Under Gongbei customs 珠海市拱北口岸地下商业广场 Moi Department Store 301 Zijing Lu, Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 212-3709 珠海市香洲区紫荆路301号 Vanguard Shopping Centre Ying Bin Ave, Gongbei 珠海市拱北迎宾南路珠海国际大 厦-万佳百货

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Gifts & Accessories Crystie Fashion Jewelry 1-C, Lianjun Building, 8 Lian’an Lu, Gongbei Ph: (+86 756) 889-3733 珠海拱北联安路8号联骏大厦1-C

Home Goods Ohyeah Modern Furniture 1B06B-2 Qianshan Shibang International Decoration Plaza ph: (+86 756) 850-3864 珠海市前山世邦国际装饰广场二 号厅1B06B

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Sporting Goods 392 Golf Equipment & Service Block B of Shihua Marketplace, Jida Ph: (+86 756) 618-1868 珠海吉大石花新村商场首层B座 Bright-Bay Golf Service 368, Shuiwan Lu, Jida Ph: (+86 756) 336-6121 珠海吉大水湾路368号南油高尔夫 俱乐部专卖店 Master Golf Tour & Services 363, Shui Wan Lu, Jida Ph: (+86 756) 335-8822 珠海市吉大区水湾路363号 Sunshine Golf Shop 365-367, Shuiwan Lu, Jida Ph: (+86 756) 336-9569 珠海吉大水湾路365-367 Zhuhai Jiafu Golf No.133, Mingzhu Lu Ph: (+86 756) 383-9711 珠海市明珠北路133号 Zhuhai Sunwik Golf Products 5/F, Torita Commercial Center, Jing Shan Rd, Jida Ph: (+86 756) 333-9487 珠海市吉大景山路东大商业中 心502

Tailors Parilion Fashion 1F, Nanhai Oil Hotel Ph: (+86 756) 332-3406 珠海南油大酒店玻璃楼一楼

Education Kindergartens Dongfang Kindergarten Ji Lin Building, Lianhuashan, Jida ph: (+86 756) 335-4143 珠海吉大莲花山小区(新昌安酒 店后) Phoenix American English Kindergarten Phoenix Garden, 1088 Fenghuang Lu North, Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 212-7818 珠海市凤凰北路1088号凤凰 花园内

Language Schools Art Training Center 18 Tonghua Lu, New Xiangzhou, ph: (+86 756) 850-2422 珠海市新香洲同华路18号 - 珠海 市艺术中心 Gateway Language Village Box 935 NingXi ph: (+86 756) 231-9666 珠海市柠溪文化广场平和国际 语言村 POPO Tang Rm 202, Bldg. 7 Nanxiangli 1 Lu, Xiangzhou (Next to Nanxiangli Bus Stop) ph: (+ 86 756) 228-7088 珠海市香洲南香里1街7座202室 (南香里巴士站侧)-泡泡堂婴儿 游泳馆 Royal Education 7F Ming Men Dasha, Ying Bin Ave, Gongbei ph: (+86) 137 2700-3947 珠海拱北迎宾路名门大厦七楼

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Royal Perfectking Music 449 Baihe Garden, Gangchang Lu Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 388-6969 珠海市拱北港昌路449号百合花 园二期17幢 Sunferia Training School 15F Cuiwei Jiuzhu building ph: (+86 756) 853-4821 珠海前山翠微酒珠大厦15层 TPR American English School 1022 Fenghuang Lu South, Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 221-4900 珠海市香洲区凤凰南路1022号,美 国TPR英语专修学校

International Schools ZIS Zhuhai International School (Zhuhai Guo Ji Xue Xiao) Fully qualified western teaching staff providing a comprehensive internationally recognised curriculum for expatriate students. Located on Qi Ao Island the school offers education from Nursery to Year 12 including boarding. In addition the school offers a Chinese program to cater for first and second language Chinese speakers. Qi Ao Island, Tang Jia Wan ph: (+86 756) 332-0016 ph: (+86 756) 331-5580 mobile: (+86) 137 2703 0105 website: email: 珠海国际学校 中国珠海唐家湾 淇澳岛

QSI International School 2 Longxing Street #105 Gongbei Ph: (+86 756) 815 6134 珠海拱北隆兴街

Services Dentists Liu He Dentist Clinic 345 Ningxi Lu, Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 381-3666 珠海市香洲柠溪路345号(柠溪市 场对面)-柠溪六和口腔医院

Hairdressers Ming Jian Hairdresser 281 Hai Wan Xin Jia Yuan, Lover’s Lane, Gongbei Ph: (+86 756) 888-5975 珠海情侣南路海湾新家园地铺 281号名剪 New Li Hua Beauty And Hair Salon 234 Shuiwan Lu, Gongbei Ph: (+86 756) 811-9644 珠海拱北水湾路234号地下

Medical International Travel Healthcare Center 133 Qiaoguang Lu, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 889-7415 珠海拱北侨光路133号 - 珠海国际 旅行卫生保健中心 Medical Consultancy ph: (+86) 133 1895 8091 珠海市吉大景 People’s Hospital of Zhuhai

79 Kang Ling Lu, Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 222-2569 Emergency: (+86 756) 222-2571 珠海市康宁路79号-珠海市人 民医院 Zhongshan University Fifth Affiliated Hospital Mei Hua East Lu, New Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 252-8171 珠海新香洲梅华东路-中山大学附 属第五医院

Veterinary Animal Hospital 479 Meihua Rd E, Xiangzhou ph: (+86 756) 251-1807 香洲梅华东路479号(香洲交警大 队对面) Gongbei Animal Hospital 2111 Yingbin Lu South, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 818-9193 拱北迎宾南路2111号(龙城花园 一楼5号铺)

Translation redSTAR Times Media Co. Ltd (Hongxing Shidai Wenhua Chuanbo Youxian Gongsi) Translation and proofreading by native speakers, as well as a full range of creative services. ph: (+86 532) 8388-2269 fax: (+86 532) 8097-0521 红星时代文化传播有限公司 Zero Distance Translation 3B Bldg 21 No. 58, Shihua Lu East, Jida ph: (+86 756) 332-1408 珠海市吉大石花东路58号21栋3B

Travel China Travel Service Gongbei 2F Overseas Chinese Hotel, Yingbin Lu, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 889-9228 珠海拱北迎宾大道华侨宾馆二楼 - 拱北口岸中旅社 Tourist Co, Ltd 1028 Yuehai Lu East, Gongbei ph: (+86 756) 815-5222 珠海市粤海东路1028号

Massage Harbour View World Massage Centre 259, 2F of Rihua Plaza, South of Lovers’ Lane, Gongbei Ph: (+86 756) 818-3888;8183288 珠海拱北情侣南路日华广场二楼 Ren Lai Health Massage Chang Ping Lu, Chun Ze Ming Yuan, Xiawan Ph: (+86 756) 813-8633 珠海夏湾 春泽名园 汇金商业街2 楼 - 仁来保健按摩 Zhiheng Massage Center 126 Nanxia Fengze Yuan Residential Area Pedestrian Street, Xiangzhou (one block back of Nanken ph: +(86 756) 213-3288 香洲南厦丰泽园商业步行街126号

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marketplace IN ZHUHAI Job Market Jobs Available 招聘 Writers and Photographers INZHUHAI magazine is looking for writers and photographers interested in presenting the city (or other interesting subjects) in all their glory. Modest compensation available; do it for love! Email for more information. Jobs Wanted 求职 Local Purchasing Manager Bilingual trading agent available to assist you in China purchasing, including product search, trip accommodations, translation, etc. Call Pingping at 137 0233 0987

Personals Looking for Poker I will be moving into zhuhai from HK, and was wondering if there are any poker get-togethers in ZH? Not really looking for high stakes, just something “friendly” and fun. Hold’em will be great but dealer’s choice is fine too.

Language Exchange Chinese Lessons Private Chinese Classes Private students can decide what they want to study. One to one tuition, one lesson lasts 90mins. Each course lasts 10 lessons, 1200 RMB + transportation fee for the

teacher. Contact Royal Education for more info.


Latest News & Events To find out about our latest news and upcoming events, please check our blog on www.

Play an Instrument? Come down to Live Bar! Sing a song, tell a joke, recite a poem, play guitar, or listen to others. No cover, open to all, and 10 kuai pints!


Zhuhai International Association (ZIA) 2nd floor, Harbour View Hotel, Jida, Zhuhai, China 珠海吉大怡景湾大酒店二楼 Email: Mission Statement: ZIA is a non-profit association of Foreigners living in or visiting Zhuhai. ZIA will provide the Expatriate community with useful information about Zhuhai, giving people a better chance to experience and appreciate the environment they live in. ZIA will help people wishing to organize social, cultural or sporting events. ZIA will help to contribute to the development of Zhuhai by supporting local charities.

ZIA Mah Jong Date:2007-07-02 Every Monday! Everybody is welcome! For more information, please contact Rosemarie.

Membership It is free to join ZIA, just fill in our membership form and send it back to us. See www.expat9. com for more details. Business hours Our office is open: every Tuesday from 18:00 until 20:00 and every Wednesday from 10:30am till 12:30am.

ZIA Coffee Morning Every Wednesday! Everybody is welcome! For more information, please contact Maureen.

Market For Sale Special Travel Offers from Kenstar Travel Visit our website www. for more options

Service Music Lessons Piano Teacher American Piano Teacher with over 30 years experience. Trained in New York City, I teach basic musical and pianistic competency, concentrating on the Classics-Bach, Beethoven,Chopin,etc. I also teach theory.For further information please call 13676007867.

make our classifieds work for you! The best way to reach English speakers in Zhuhai! Classified ads are free for jobs wanted, personals, language exchange and community. Classified ads for jobs available, service, for sale, and real estate require a fee of RMB 150 for the first 20 words and RMB 10 for each additional word. redSTAR reserves the right to edit all free classifieds. To include your ad in the next IN ZHUHAI (deadline is 15th of December) or for more information, email 更多分类广告:由于空间限制,红星保留编辑分类广告的权利并选择一部分只刊登 到网络上。免费分类广告包括:求职,交友,语言交流,求购。收费广告包括:招 聘,出售,房产,20字之内150元,超过20字每字加收10元。截止日期为12月15 日。Email:

Down to business Establishing FICEs in China Alberto Vettoretti, Managing Partner, China Practice, Dezan Shira & Associates

Since June 2004 China has permitted foreign direct investors to establish fully operational, 100 percent foreign-owned retail and trading companies that can buy and sell in China, holding their own import-export licenses. In this article, we will look at the pre-registration stage of the application process. Applications are made at a provincial or municipal level (e.g. Guangdong province, Shanghai municipality, Beijing municipality, etc), albeit with input from local offices of state-level authorities. In addition, the five Special Economic Zones in South China have independent approval authority over this issue. Pre-registration Name registration The relevant authority is the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC). This bureau administers the registration of all kinds of enterprises (including FIEs), organisations or individuals that are engaged in business activities; examines and ratifies the registration of business names; and reviews, approves and issues business licenses. Verification of feasibility of the proposed name by SAIC will take a few working days. Only the Chinese name will be legally binding – the English name is not legally relevant for Chinese authorities. The word “China” cannot be freely included in the Chinese name. The name can be translated by meaning and/or phonetically. Feasibility Study Report While a company will not be held liable for the contents included in this report, it is used by the National Statistics Bureau to assess FDI in China. It is also used to assess exactly how much thought and planning has gone into your business. Although it is often considered a less-than-vital component of the incorporation

process these days, it is nonetheless a good discipline to go through. It usually only comprises ten points – however it does need to be translated into Chinese and you will need administrative assistance to complete this. Environmental Protection Valuation Report This is provided by the State Environmental Protection Bureau and is intended to control manufacturing production processes according to specified environmental norms. The bureau will require information about the raw materials used, the machinery and equipment, consumption and safe disposal of toxic products. Please note that all FICE applications require approval by this bureau. In some cases, a full report on the environmental impact issued by an appointed agent shall be required (for example in the chemical or leather processing business) and this may represent a major step to go through as it would affect the time-frame to get your factory up and running. Issue of Approval Certificate and Business License The authorities will issue the Approval Certificate and Business License after assessing the following documentation: From the investor Business License (certificate of incorporation – please note that depending upon locations, this may need to be notarised in the investor’s country of origin then translated into Chinese); Bank statement to demonstrate credit worthiness (from the relevant bank in the country of origin then translated into Chinese); Photocopy of passport for the legal representative of the investing company.

For more information about the new FICEs, contact Adam Livermore, Senior Associate at Dezan Shira & Associates in Dalian, at or 04118255-9061. For more information, see our websites at and

From the new FICE New business’ data – name of the company, business scope, registered capital, business term, lease contract etc; Legal representative’s data – photocopy of passport and passport size photos; Directors’ data – CVs, photocopies of passport and passport size photos; Feasibility Study Report; Articles of Association; Environmental Protection Valuation Report. The Certificate of Approval is issued by the local office of the Ministry of Commerce (MOC). After the MOC issues the Certificate of Approval, there is a 30-day limit for the registration of the FICE with SAIC or the local authority, who then issues the Business License. After that, the FICE legally exists. This does not represent the end of

the establishment process however. There are still quite a number of post-incorporation procedures to be completed. It is time-consuming and labour-intensive work. If a procedure is omitted or handled wrongly it can cause problems for the FICE in the future which can be expensive to rectify. The parameters you set during the establishment process define the basis for the future operation of your Chinese company. It is worth using an experienced, reliable advisor that can advise you thoroughly and properly. Choose a company that you want to work with closely as you develop and expand your China business. Using a local firm with connections to the government but no understanding of your business requirements, or even worse using your own local staff, will prove to be a false economy in the long run.

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The international phonetic alphabet Many English teachers are baffled when students ask them about differences in pronunciation for words like sun and son. Students may write it with two different arcane symbols, pronounce them identically, and beg you to explain which one is correct. Meanwhile, you will begin doubting your ability to even speak English, much less teach it. The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is the guide to pronunciation that your students are probably memorising or have memorised. It is made up of 44 symbols that represent the vowel and consonant sounds of English. Look over the alphabet carefully because not all the symbols are what you would expect. (Note for example that /j/ is the sound of the y in yet. To get the j in jump, you must write /dʒ/). The IPA is available free online.

It is not necessary to memorise the IPA yourself unless you are getting a TEFL certificate. It is useful, however, for helping students with words that are difficult to pronounce. Sometimes it is not enough to hear a word - to really understand it, students will need to see it written phonetically. My students often complain of pronunciation dilemmas that involve saying a word two different ways. Usually they sound identical to my untrained ear. Tell them that English is more forgiving than Chinese, and that used in context they will be understood. Find the sound you need, show them the right IPA symbol, pronounce the word for them and have them repeat it a few times while you listen. Never let them agonise over some word that they will probably not use that often anyway.

Susan Socrates Image © Apple Tan

Also, be sure to tell them if you are using the pronunciation of your home country, and try to give both the American and British pronunciation of words that are very different. If you are not sure whether there are other pronunciations, investigate before telling students they are pronouncing something ‘wrong’. They should be consistent, though. Tackle one sound each class, starting with difficult ones such as the th sound. Use the IPA to develop some short drills that won’t bore you or your class. If you become more aware of your own pronunciation it will help you to explain to your students the physical process used to make different sounds. You’ll find that students who work to improve their pronunciation have more confidence, with increased listening and speaking skills.

‘t∫ǝɁni fеɾɨɁ’ ∫ǝmǝ isǝ?

ŋɔ dou m dӡⅰ. ɑsk dӡeimz i ʃja.

Zhuhai International School is a cut above Located in what is arguably one of the most desirable locations for a school in the world, surrounded by ocean and mountains, Zhuhai International School opened its doors to the international community in September of this year. The opening of the school represents a key strategy for a city intent on developing investment in the region. According to the Principal of the school Todd Flanagan, who has lived in China for 6 years, the school aims to meet the demand for leading international schooling in the region. “As the expatriate community grows, and as companies look to initiate and develop businesses in and around Zhuhai, we have found there have been more and more requests for greater infrastructure that cater for the needs of families wishing to relocate to Zhuhai,” he said. “Quality schooling is obviously one area which families consider very carefully when considering overseas appointments. ZIS aims to absorb this need by offering a full programme of study commencing from Kindergarten through full secondary schooling.” No stranger to international schools, Flanagan was Principal of Yew Chung International School in Shanghai and the prestigious Emirates National School in the United Arab Emirates prior to assuming his current appointment in Zhuhai. He said educational standards are more demanding globally as families are looking to relocate and take up expatriate appointments. He expects ZIS to become one of the leading international schools in the region, consistent with the standards of leading schools in Hong Kong and Shanghai. “Progressive international schools develop reputations due to the innovations they implement,” Flanagan said. “There are certain aspects which should be evident in all schools, such as a recognised program of study or curriculum and the quality of teachers they employ. At ZIS we have carefully examined the needs of the expatriate community and developed our school programme accordingly. Alongside using an internationally-acclaimed curriculum, we offer a very strong Chinese programme for native speakers as well as those learning Chinese as a second language.” Flanagan says one of the ways in which ZIS differentiates itself from other international schools is through a unique ‘co-teaching’ concept which sees a fully qualified western and Chinese teacher in each classroom throughout the early years program and the primary school. “Our aim is to meet the needs of global families. One of the ways we can do this is to ensure that each child who attends our school is bilingual in two world languages, these being Chinese and English. In addition we expect to offer German by the end of this year,” he said. He believes that having qualified, experienced teachers at the school is essential to developing a world-class institution. “International schools are very different to national systems of schools and those with previous experience understand the complex nature of dealing with various nationalities and cultural differences,” he said. “ZIS has prioritised the quality of staff it hires in its strategic plan to become a leading school in the region.”

The international community has quickly developed an interest in the school since it opened. “Initially we expected to open with around 10-15 students in our first year,” Flanagan said. “However, we were surprised by the interest in our program and added extra classes at the beginning of the year and decided to offer a full Early Childhood and Primary school program. Currently we have students traveling from as far as Macau on a daily basis. We are preparing for the opening of our secondary school, set for September 2008. This will allow our senior students to make the transition to secondary school as seamless as possible.” Zhuhai International School is poised to grow. Situated on Qi’ao Island, the school has impressive facilities and an equally impressive location. The school has over 10 hectares of land, is situated on a hill and surrounded by mountains to the rear. All classrooms in the primary and secondary school over look the ocean. It is an idyllic location for a boarding school, which will also commence operation on the same site during the next academic year. Zhuhai is well served by this institution. A visit to the school quickly assures the visitor that the school is unique both geographically but also through the schools academic programme. Along with offering one of the world’s leading pre-university entry programmes, the school has aligned itself with developing a strong music and arts programme to complement its focus on sciences and a rigorous sports programme which includes one of the few schools in the world to offer a sailing program as part of its studies. Zhuhai International School will continue to expand in the future. Those interested in contacting the school can call the Admissions Department at (+86 756) 331 5580.

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duì niú tán qín 对牛弹琴

Hundred school Rory Mitchell (with thanks to Burton Watson!)

The Master Said...

Gar Kerbel

对 duì - to, facing 牛 niú - cow 弹 tán - play, pick 琴 qín - lute, piano

‘play the lute to a cow’ to talk away when someone is not listening, or cannot understand what you are saying. There once was a famous musician named Gong Mingyi. He was renowned throughout the land for his beautiful guqin playing. His playing was as smooth and lyrical as flowing water, as melodic and soaring as birdsong; it intoxicated all those who heard it, transporting them to a plane of calm and contentment. Gong was not content however; he desired to broaden his musical horizons and expand his playing talent. He decided to journey through the land, fording the famous rivers and climbing the sacred mountains, until he achieved the perfect balance of man, music and nature. One day during his travels he stumbled into a valley. A soft Spring breeze was blowing, and the warm sun shone down washing the vale with a golden haze. As he gazed into the distance he saw a cow with its head lowered, chewing its cud. He was inspired by this idyllic scene and decided that this was the perfect place to play his lute. And so he played, hoping to entertain the cow with his enchanting melodies. Caught in an artistic frenzy he played the most beautiful and refined music of his life, feeling totally at one with his surroundings. After he stopped he looked over to see if the cow had appreciated his efforts. The cow remained exactly as before, eating the grass, completely oblivious to the music that had filled the air.

At first Gong was furious. As he considered the matter however, he realised why the cow had ignored his playing: the music was far too elegant and complex for the cow to understand. This story was originally told in the Mouzi(牟子), a Tang dynasty text which aimed to reconcile Buddhist teachings with traditional Confucian and Daoist philosophies. The idiom is sometimes used to describe a situation where a scholar or expert speaks about their field to a layman who cannot understand the terms used. More commonly, it is used to mock someone who is not listening properly while someone else is talking to them. Though such mockery is common, the idiom tends

to convey a sort of hopelessness of effective communication. Some speakers will use it to poke fun at a would-be listener’s inability to understand a spoken language. This can come across as offensive, and is in fact better expressed as “a chicken talking to a duck.” (jī tóng yā jiăng)

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Led zeppelin

The first real heavy metal band reunite Ugly Betty

This Is England Directed by Shane Meadows

Produced by ABC Betty Suarez has always had one goal in life: to make it into the media industry. Despite her being smart, hard-working and productive, her dream has always been dogged by the fact that she is not exactly the ‘belle of the ball’. However, thanks to her not-entirely-pleasing appearance, she is assigned to be the assistant to the new chief editor of a popular fashion magazine because the editor’s father (who owns the magazine) wants to make sure that his son does not repeat previous indiscretions involving more captivating assistants. Being a new girl, especially facing snobbish ‘ugly’ and ‘fatty’ jibes from her fabulous colleagues, Betty herself faces a slew of problems and challenges; in the meantime, she also needs to help her boss, who is new to this industry, to deal with both his career and private crises. Facing so many challenges, Betty has determined to do whatever it takes to remain focused on her ultimate aspiration of... being the best assistant possible under the circumstances. As one may expect, the first episode of Ugly Betty strongly evokes the cutthroat fashion environment that viewers and readers became familiar with in The Devil Wears Prada. There is the same glamourous office building, same dizzying pace, same naughty workmates and a sharp and inordinately picky creative supervisor. But Ugly Betty has a more colorful and rich story, in which actress America Ferrera is able to shine. In fact, her performance won Best Actress for Comedy Series of the 59th Emmy Awards. To be honest, the writers seem very willing to sacrifice richness for consistency, for example with one character disappearing into sit-com (or contractual?) oblivion. But this is television after all, and in general, Ugly Betty is a good time-killer series for those, who are new in job with a beautiful dream. Jiang Shu

A fantastic social commentary on a largely forgotten subculture, This is England deals with skinheads during Margaret Thatcher’s reign as Prime Minister. The narrative follows the life of Shaun (Thomas Turgoose), a precocious twelve-year-old who is struggling to come to terms with the death of his father in the Falklands War of 1982. After a fight at school Shaun finds solace in a gang of older skinheads who adopt him as their own. This chapter of the film inspires the same sense of nostalgia as other coming-of-age dramas, albeit with the brash swagger of inner-city youth and carefree attitudes toward possession of property. The tone of the movie descends abruptly with the introduction of Combo, played by Steven Graham (Snatch), a recently paroled convict with a twisted soul bent towards viscerally aggressive racism during his time inside. Combo begins recruiting for the National Front, the farright party in British politics during this era. One of the most powerful scenes involves Combo playing on Shaun’s experiences, using his tattered emotions to rally troops for his criminal unit. Graham’s performance is incredible. His character struggles greatly to adapt to freedom, and the young Turgoose’s stellar performance would make Haley Joel Osment hang up his boots had he not already outgrown them. The support cast it seems has been plucked straight from location and period; every accent, colloquialism and nuance is genuine. In both cinematography and soundtrack, Meadows stays true. His use of dated cameras and fashions to create a sense of antiquity makes you think you are watching something that really was filmed in the 1980’s. Ska music from the Two Tone and Trojan record labels is used to great effect. The music was popular at that time partly due to its blending of European and Jamaican styles, which helped race relations among the youth of Britain. The music simultaneously contrasts with and complements the theme of the movie. Neil Bhullar

Whispers and Moans Directed by Herman Yau It could be almost any company in Hong Kong. The bosses begin the workday by rallying their employees with a frank rundown of the threats to their continued success in business: cheap competition from the mainland, an increasingly savvy clientele, and a general lack of motivation that is keeping most of the workers from being all that they can be. The employees struggle to balance their personal and professional lives, mediating the risks and rewards that their work entails, making the most of their current situation and status while keeping an eye out for opportunities to escape the doldrums of their own daily grind. Organised crime syndicates and other antagonists lurk in the shadows, exercising any advantage they can over the struggling entrepreneurs. But this industry is not manufacturing or food service. It is prostitution, and Herman Yau (Ebola Syndrome) has done a terrific job of bringing to light the challenges faced by working girls, working boys, and lady-boys alike in Hong Kong. Far from the steamy skin flick that the packaging suggests, Whispers and Moans does a wholesome, well-intentioned job of humanising the world’s oldest trade. The sex workers and madams struggle with drugs, violence, infection scares, domestic concerns and relationship issues that (in most cases) owe vastly more to the stigma associated with their craft than to any risks directly associated with it. In welcome contrast to the indulgences of something like Showgirls, Yau stays true to his message by focusing on well-crafted dialogue and impressive character performances rather than peeping at what we all know is going on behind closed doors. His voice, with those of millions of activists around the world, is carried into the script by a young political organiser calling for the protection to which sex workers are legally entitled: respect yourselves, and do not treat other people as objects. Eric Blocher

Costello Music By The Fratellis Terrific, rocking rhythms. Rich vocal textures. Songs that swagger and swoon and encourage listeners to do the same. As many critics have already said, this album confirms that incredible things can happen when you put guitars in the hands of three talented lads. Indeed, unanimous praise has been heaped on The Fratellis’ Costello Music since its release earlier this year, and rightly so. This is that kind of album that reminds us all that music can be ‘good’ while also being extremely catchy and listenable. Starting ‘Henrietta’ with an energetic holler, The Fratellis fill the next fifty minutes with a collection of tunes that seem to gravitate around ill-advised but irresistible flings, drinking, and general good times. This animated intro gives way to one of the most dynamic rock and roll tracks to pass between this reviewer’s ears in recent memory - ‘Flathead’, where the lyricist “saw you one time in the back of the club/chewing on glass and a ticket stub” before launching into an infectious chorus of vocal arpeggios. The timing is excellent, the tune catchy as anything you’ve heard before, and the subject matter appropriately edgy for a band that so deftly treads that sweet, sweet line between piquant and unsavoury. On balance the album lives up to the standard set by these early tracks, indulging in sentimentality with ‘Whistle for the Choir’ (“So if you’re crazy I don’t care you amaze me/Oh you’re a silly girl, oh me, oh my, you talk/ I die, you smile, you laugh, I cry”) and sympathising with an unfortunate groupie in ‘Old Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes’. This first major release by the Glasgowbased Fratellis is one more bit of evidence that the UK is an enduring hotbed of rock talent, with a fresh crop of bands following the lead (if even briefly eclipsing) those adolescent savantes the Arctic Monkeys. The future is bright, engaging with guitar hooks and sparkling with cymbals. Eric Blocher

An estimated 20 million fans rushed to buy tickets for the Led Zeppelin reunion show to take place at the 02 arena, London on 26th November. Promoter Harvey Goldsmith decided on a ballot scheme where fans must register in order to deter the touts, but within hours of the announcement the website crashed due to the excessive demand. The legendary rockers are one of the most popular and influential bands of the 70’s. The original line up last played together in Berlin in 1980 two months before the death of drummer John Bonham through a drug overdose. Plant, Page and Jones will be joined onstage by Bonham’s son Jason (‘young Bonham’) for the show, which is a tribute to Atlantic Records boss Ahmet Ertegun who died in 2006. Best known for songs such as ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and ‘Kashmir’, Zep have sold more than 300 million albums

Paul Rey-Burns

worldwide but they have no plans to tour after the one-off show. The idea came from Ertegun’s widow, and promoter Goldsmith wrote to the group more in hope, but said he was astounded when they all agreed. “I wrote to everybody and in particular to Robert and Jimmy and John Paul, and said: ‘Look this is an opportunity for you to come together and really pay homage to your mentor and mine, and would you do it?’ “Much to my amazement they came back and said yes,” he said. Other acts on the bill include Pete Townshend, Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings, Foreigner and Paolo Nutini. It’s been the year of reunions, with a range of reformed bands from stretching from Dodgy to Blur and Happy Mondays. I personally will be trying for tickets to the Sex Pistols gig at Brixton Academy in November.

Founder members Johnny Rotten, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Glen Matlock will be performing their smash debut album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols.

I can’t wait! What’s on the iPod this month: Led Zeppelin (self titled debut); Sex Pistols (Never Mind the...)

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