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Founder & CEO at U-Glove, Inc. In 2008, while vacationing in Spain, Antonio Lyon was feeling hypersensitive about germs, especially since his wife was pregnant. At a gasoline station, he spotted some clear plastic gloves that were intended to protect customers’ hands from the germy pump handles. “I instantly wondered why we don’t have something like this back home,” says Lyon, 29, who was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and now lives near Weston. “I came home and did some research and figured out we don’t have them because of the cost.” Upon further investigation, Lyon, who graduated from FIU in 2009 with a degree in political science, did some investigating and learned that gas pumps, among other similar services, are the most contaminated items we touch. “I saw this as a growing health problem, since the American gasoline pump market is mainly self-service,” he says. Lyon, the father of two young children, figured out that hand sanitizers don’t solve the problem, but gloves would give people zero contact with germs and dangerous chemicals. He crunched numbers and asked himself, Who pays for it? Working with his wife, Lily, a marketing professional, Lyon came up with an advertising platform at the pumps that would help defray the cost of the gloves, which he has named U-Glove. then he found a manufacturer and secured a patent pending on the marketing. Last year, his application was submitted and cleared. Now, U-Glove, Inc. based in miramar, supplies clear plastic gloves to nearly 250 gasoline stations around Florida, and in cities like Las Vegas, Houston and Atlanta. by the end of the year, Lyon expects to see U-Glove at 1,000 gasoline stations. He is also approaching other businesses, including hospitals, sports facilities and small businesses. At gas stations, the large gloves are placed in a sleek dispenser that can be attached to any gas pump with a peel-and-stick adhesive and made available to the customer at no charge. Lyon’s marketing plan for clients incorporates “Advertising with purpose.” Lyon is anxious to promote more consumer awareness of ways to protect the public’s health. the glove, he believes, is good for people. And little by little, he sees increases in the advertising side of the concept. the busy entrepreneur is super charged about the growing business and its future. “I feel great about this,” says Lyon. “to have an idea is one thing, but to execute it is another. It has taken four to five years, but it is most satisfying to see the success.”

September 2015


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