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It’s Time to Transform EVERYTHING! Dr.’s Title: Kristin Comella, PhD



HEN DR. KRISTIN COMELLA IS NOT IN THE laboratory working as a stem cell scientist, she can be found at Biohackers Health and Fitness where she is pioneering an explosive new movement for human betterment. Having always enjoyed the science of health on every level, Dr. Comella has made it her life’s mission to lead others on their journey of achieving health from the inside out. Boasting an extensive background in the study and implementation of biohacking and stem cell therapy, she earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemical engineering with an emphasis in biomedical engineering, and a PhD in Stem Cell Biology. Today, she feels privileged to harness her talent and apply it to the greatest machine the world has ever known: the human body. The Biohacking center is Dr. Comella’s brainchild; a state-of-the-art space that can be described as a vision of the future. It consists of cutting edge, science-based equipment designed to enhance body repair and healing at the cellular level by way of modern technology and research. Upon evaluating each client’s personal goals and needs, the Biohackers team devises a wellness program specifically for him or her, rendering the Biohackers experience unique for each individual. Regarding the challenges that come with the territory when one is a groundbreaker, Dr. Comella understands and happily assumes the risks. Through her work at Biohackers, she is not only redefining the health club as we know it, but paving the way for the future of fitness. In her words, “It’s time to transform EVERYTHING.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your profession? I am on a mission to obtain health from the inside out, and to help people accomplish this for themselves. We are bringing forward technology that is so innovative and groundbreaking it is considered “disruptive.” After all, these novel ways of fitness, recovery and health are literally changing the course of human betterment. I understand and accept the challenges associated with being a groundbreaker, and every morning I wake up and say “who am I going to help feel better today?!” Based on

both my research and life experiences, I believe I have opened a door that allows for the next step in the evolution of the health club. I daresay the conventional health club of the past 20 years is obsolete, and I find immense reward in knowing I’m pioneering an explosive new movement. Was there a defining moment in which you knew you had found your calling in health and fitness? I have dedicated my life and career to health and the optimization of the body, and I am excited to share this passion with others. The discovery of

my natural abilities in math and science at an early age identified for me this opportunity. It is my privilege to harness and share my talent and apply it to the world’s greatest machine: the human! It wasn’t until I opened the doors at Biohackers that I knew I had truly found my calling. We are creating a new paradigm in the health industry. Every day the number of “thank you’s” from happy clients reinforce our mission. What is unique about the “Biohackers Health and Fitness” experience? The Biohacker experience is impossible to describe. Once we understand

a bit about your personal desire or need, we’ll take you through a number of movements and processes that will immediately give you a sense of the power you have over your body. The equipment is futuristic, science-based, and handpicked to allow us to customize any human betterment program. Although we can help you build muscle, lose fat, reverse disease, and improve performance, the experience winds up being unique to everyone. To learn more, call 954.384.7227 or visit www.biohackersfitness.com



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inWeston October Issue 2019  

Jen from the Block | Happy and Healthy Issue

inWeston October Issue 2019  

Jen from the Block | Happy and Healthy Issue

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