InDoral Magazine-December 2017

Page 40

Brett Benza MIAMI

PREVIOUS LIFE: Professional baseball player

(Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals); Wall Street executive CURRENT PROFESSION: Founder of EazyO App


As a veteran in finance, I spent many years entertaining clients, family and friends on South Florida’s most coveted beaches, and by the pools of the area’s high-end hotels. After too much time spent trying to flag down servers to get a menu, put in a drink order, or even pay for the services, I realized that resort and hotel staff are faced with a large geographical location, making it difficult to properly serve guests. Recognizing that the antiquated service model needed to be upgraded, I knew we had to disrupt the system. The idea of EazyO, a mobile app that allows customers to order beach and poolside food, drinks and sundries from participating hotels and public beaches from the convenience of their smartphones, was born. I guess, in the back of my mind, I had always wanted to be more entrepreneurial and my own boss.


I was very encouraged that within the first few months we started working with some of the largest venues in South Florida, like [the] Fontainebleau, Boca Raton Resort and Club, Naples Grande and many others. We knew at that point it was going to help guests have a better ordering experience at these venues and be a very scalable business. Guests are able to order as often and as quickly as they want right from their smartphones. Over 90 percent of people that download the Eazy O app use it and 54 percent are repeat users. Hotels are now able to run drink specials, happy hours and reimagine their beach and pool service, and we are raising revenue 20-30 percent at some of these venues because their order velocity is increasing and they can control their headcount. The Eazy O app is delivering the menu, taking the order and payment. Now the staff can spend more time with guests. We are doing a very common thing in an uncommon way which is both relatable and inspiring for them.