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A PARTNERSHIP WITH TUPELO BLOGGERS tablescape by Katie Pannell photographed by Joe Worthem


all is an ideal time of year to gather with family and friends around a beautifully decorated table. Katie Pannell, a local elementary school educator, mother, and contributor to Tupelo Bloggers, enjoys creating a special tablescape inspired by autumn and the Thanksgiving holiday. She uses natural elements, textured fabrics and embellished gourds to make her table pretty and festive for family and guests. Here’s how.




Begin with a variety of small pumpkins and gourds. “These can be embellished with glitter tape, some type of glue adhesive, glitter – anything you want that can dress them up and give them a new look,” Pannell said.


Use a pretty piece of pottery to add depth. Or try using small boxes or even a stack of books hidden underneath a textured fabric to add height in places.

Bring in additional elements such as cotton or foliage to add to the overall natural look. In addition to pumpkins and gourds, Pannell’s tablescape includes green moss, fronds from a fern and sedum clippings in glass vases.


Candles can be a nice addition too; just make sure they are not close to the other pieces when lit. Or try using flameless candles to achieve the same ambience safely. Remember that if you make the decorations too high or wide, they could obstruct guests’ view across the table.


Make it a family project. “My daughter helped with this project; I love having her or my son help when possible,” Pannell said. “It gives children a sense of ownership in a project and helps them get even more excited about a gathering of family and friends.”

Katie Pannell is the assistant principal at Pierce Street Elementary. She has served in various roles in the Tupelo Public School District since 2005. Her husband, Jason, teaches at Saltillo High School. They have two children, John and Elizabeth. Katie is active in Sanctuary Hospice Junior Auxiliary, Tupelo Community Theatre and First United Methodist Church.

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