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REIMAGINED These inspired artists create beautiful pieces out of discarded materials. written by Ginny Cooper McCarley photographed by Joe Worthem

J-MAN Jason Heavner, known around Oxford by his nickname, J-Man, first started painting on plywood out of convenience. While working at Ron’s Music Center doing audiovisual installations in buildings around town, he procured his materials. One of his installations had been at a horse ranch in Batesville, where workmen building stables were discarding offcuts of plywood. “I thought, ‘That’s decent plywood. I’ll take it,’ ” he said. “Every day my truck was loaded with plywood. I just started painting on plywood, and it kind of stuck.” An avid environmentalist, Heavner sources as many of his materials as he can from things that would otherwise go to waste, from scraps of plywood to recycled house paint. “People heard I was using paint, and they’d bring it to me,” he said. “It sort of morphed into the color palette I use now, which is lots of yellows and red.” His signature school bus yellow background actually began as a happy accident: A friend gave him a gallon of the color, and he liked it so much he began buying it on his own. Though Heavner’s use of recycled materials originated from the need to work on a tight budget, it’s his love for the earth that fuels a continued desire to reuse and recycle. “I believe that this is a beautiful planet that we live on,” Heavner said. “Anything that I can do to help protect it, I want to do.” He practices this belief not only in his art but also in his life. Heavner, his wife and

58 INVITATION OXFORD | November 2017

Invitation Oxford - November 2017  
Invitation Oxford - November 2017