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INVOTRAK ON THE IPHONE Manage your invoices, timesheets and more while on the go, for FREE, on your iPhone or iPod Touch

Manage Invoices ‣ Track your currently outstanding and paid invoices ‣ Overdue invoices are in red ‣ Tap the + icon to create a new invoice

Create an Invoice ‣ Enter invoice details (like amount and due date) ‣ Add line items and entries from your timesheet ‣ Save automatically syncs with

View Invoice Details ‣ See an invoice’s details, including it’s due date ‣ The app reminds you when an in invoice is paid or overdue ‣ See current line items for the invoice

Invoice Line Items ‣ Line items are either total amounts or based on hours worked. ‣ Invotrak automatically adds up line items ‣ Tap the Generate button to create a PDF

Create PDF Files ‣ Create professional, stylish looking invoices as PDF files ‣ Automatically stores these PDFs on

Invoice Templates ‣ Use the built-in templates to give your invoices extra flare ‣ Email invoices to your clients or customers

Timesheets ‣ Track the time you spend on projects using Invotrak ‣ Automatically syncs with ‣ Create entries for different dates

Add Timesheet Entries ‣ Timesheets can be added using the timer function ‣ More accurately tracks your billable hours ‣ Set details for an entry and save it

Manual Timesheets ‣ Manually enter durations for timesheet entries ‣ Modify existing entries to be the correct duration

Clients ‣ Keep important client information available ‣ Some clients are inactive if you’re not currently doing work for them ‣ Tap a client name to get more info

View Client Details ‣ Get important contact information for your clients on your iPhone ‣ Tap phone number or email to contact ‣ Hourly rate determines how to calculate timesheet entries

Edit a Client ‣ Make modifications to your contact’s details while on site ‣ Other users on your account can also view this information (except employees!)

GET STARTED Signup for an account at Free accounts are available (upgrades start at $9/month) The Invotrak iPhone app is free in the App Store!

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