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Providing turnkey solutions for process control, automation & information systems




At InControl Systems we combine the right experience, innovation and flexibility with honest, personal service that forms lasting working partnerships. Taking the time to understand your needs ensures that we deliver the right system at the right cost, without compromising on service, quality or detail. In addition to responding to your immediate requirements we will also propose functionality that could be undertaken at the same time, thereby delivering maximum value. This is achieved all through one single point of contact.



We understand the benefits of new technology, bringing this knowledge to each of our projects. This is supported by long-established partnerships with selected industry-leading technology vendors. Bringing together our shared knowledge and expertise passes these benefits on to you and thus helps to keep you ahead of your competitors. We are reliable and quick to act. Our expertise and support is always available. All communication flows quickly through our open working environment, making us highly responsive. Last, but not least, we are honest, which makes us easy to work with and develops trusting, long term customer relationships.


Our business is founded upon technology. We utilise technology to meet your current and also to meet your foreseeable future requirements. This requires us to be fully conversant with new and emerging technologies which could bring significant benefit to your business. This shows as improved ROI, reduced cost, and added functionality which will keep you competitive. Everything that we do has sustainable benefit, so we work on maximising that benefit for your business.




Every investment in all aspects of business has an element of risk. Our experience and procedures are aligned at reducing risk and enhancing customer satisfaction throughout a project’s life cycle. It has been shown that the seeds of risk are sown at the conception stage of projects. If these are not addressed in the early stages then they continuously pervade a project, involving us as early as possible is recommended to identify and remove risk.

Whatever work we are involved with we seek to maximise the value of that work for our customers. We do this by working with you to detect benefits which may be part of your anticipated results, or may even come from consequences of that project that could be hidden. This activity maximises the potential for all investments and helps in the justification of those investments based upon mutually agreed benefits and their value. This activity has been seen to shorten payback periods and also to increase the sustainable value of them.

Whatever your project our support services are there for you. We utilise remote access wherever possible as this allows us to respond very quickly when you have a problem. It is also possible through our advanced use of technology that we will be aware of a problem at the same time as you are, therefore we are prepared in advance to minimise any unplanned downtime and expediently restore normal operation. We seek long term working relationships and owing to continuous improvement programmes you may need changes to an application as new requirements emerge. Our in depth understanding of your application will ensure that such changes are implemented safely, expeditiously and effectively.

Right from the project concept we make sure you have your systems under control

FEASIBILITY & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS We know that you know your business and are experts in that business, but it can still be difficult to specify exactly what is required for the optimum long-term solution. That’s why our approach to any project is to benefit from the combination of this expertise, yours and ours. Our engineer’s expertise and experience will put you in full control with tailored, objective advice for your User Requirement Specifications (URS) and to discuss opportunities where this is relevant to add extra functionality within your budget. We

assess your situation and give you an honest and clear understanding of what is feasible, how you can best achieve your aims and which hardware and software combinations fit your specific needs and budgets. Once this is agreed, we detail exactly how each project will be undertaken through a Functional Design Specification (FDS). Our approach to this is always forward thinking, being designed with your future in mind.


InControl develop your FDS in a structured, modular format, just like the software that we produce directly from it. This gives you complete documentation of all systems for ease of reference, testing, maintenance and updatability. It’s all covered, from the requirements of your hardware through to PLC software, Visualisation, Management Information and line of business systems integration.

ELECTRICAL DESIGN Within electrical design, compliance and safety are paramount. Safe to say that thorough consideration is given to each in everything we design. Integrating your existing equipment is every bit as important to us as is the new. At InControl, we carefully consider the best ways to retain existing equipment and advise you on the best options before committing to specifications.

Only after this will we detail designs that best bring your systems together. Whilst directly mirroring our specifications, our designs strictly adhere to IEE, European Low Voltage, ATEX specifications and other applicable standards. Being constantly abreast of changes in these regulations, our designs and advice take these into account.

We believe in truly excellent design. Nothing else will do. We give careful consideration into easy servicing, increased spare capacity and longevity - all with the latest future proof automation and electrical components. Our engineers’ advice will also help reduce your hardware outlay and installation costs whilst giving you ongoing support.

Bringing your systems together with ultra compliant, ultra safe design that puts you in control with easy servicing, increased spare capacity and longevity.

The best value, build quality and durability – all delivered through one point of order and a single point of contact.

SYSTEM BUILD At InControl we understand that when it comes to building your system, build quality, workmanship, leading components and safety validation are key. But that’s not enough. Alongside all of these, you need expert supervision, one point of order, one point of contact and accountability for

te peace of mind. mind complete That’s why hy we select and manage the best from a shortlist of trusted, long-term vendors and suppliers to tailor a complete solution for you. Only then can we be sure we’re giving you the best service. We provide and


project-manage the complete solution from building control panels and server racks to site installation, site cabling and electrical testing. Everything is built and installed to our exacting, specified standards, ensuring you of the best value, quality of build and durability

PROCESS AND LOGIC SOFTWARE We understand that your Process and Logic software is at the operational heart of your system. Therefore we know that your main concerns may well be: ‘Does it work?’, ‘Will it work?’, ‘How will it be supported?’, ‘Will it have a clear programme structure?’ and ‘Will it follow the FDS for maintenance and supportability?’ The short answer to all of these is ‘Definitely’. You may have more questions, such as ‘How Robust is the software?’ and ‘How well has it been documented?’ The answer to these two is ‘Extremely’. Our software

for PLC systems is developed directly in line with the User Requirement and Functional Design Specifications (FDS). At InControl, what is defined in the FDS is programmed directly into the software. Just like our FDS, our approach to designing software is solidly structured. Using a top-down method, the whole system is reduced through defined subsystem layers into codeable modules. Combined with thorough documentation, this approach allows our software engineering to be easily managed, modified and leads to cost reductions in long term support.

InControl can offer control software for a range of particular needs; from high speed packing machines and PID control for process applications to motion control. Our engineers’ expertise covers the whole range of industrial controllers, from block PLCs, modular systems, safety PLCs to high availability/ redundant controllers with complex networked IO. Also, our engineers have vast industrial experience, so applying software solutions to practical situations is second nature.

Be in control with robust, modular software that directly mirrors the FDS for straightforward maintenance and support

Innovative user-friendly interfaces that make your operators more effective and more productive

VISUALISATION SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems are vital to the success of any plant. SCADA and its HMI (Human Machine Interface) is the window into your system and has a huge bearing on how well your operators can control, monitor and adjust the operation of your plant. Without an intuitive and therefore user-friendly interface that presents your system information clearly, it is difficult for operators to view your plant effectively, to follow operational trends

and to make correct and an effective ctive decisions. They lose control. With a sub-standard interface, the he chances are that human error is more likely and consequently that efficiency and productivity will be affected.

help avoid malfunction and make your operators more effective and productive. Our systems also provide clearer, more useful trend information to increase the long-term efficiency and productivity of your plant.

For these reasons, InControl take this part of the system very seriously and it’s one of our key areas of innovation. We specialise in a new range of systems that are modular, easier to use and navigate and clearly structured to work closer with the PLC. They allow better control,

Whether traditional or object-based, our SCADA systems can be tailored to look like your existing systems for more user familiarity, ease of use and quicker education. We actively encourage operators to be involved in SCADA / HMI display design.


SUPERVISION OF INSTALLATION As part of our complete solution, or on a standalone basis, we provide the best engineers from a shortlist of trusted, long-term partners to supervise the

installation of your your system. sys yste All our supervisors pervisor rvisors ors ha have vast engineering ineering and sector sec ecto experience rience and nd we’re exp experts xperts at distributing g them em to sites worldwide. worl So, whether whe whether your

plant is in Durham or Dubai, pl you’ll you’ always be in safe hands – leading to on time delivery de very and a being in budget.

Expert eyes to watch over the installation of your system, wherever you are

Putting your hardware and software to work whilst minimising downtime and eliminating damage

COMMISSIONING When it comes to putting your systems to work, we understand that speed, safety and robustness are key. At InControl, we have experience of commissioning a wide range of different processes and systems. Our success is attributed to our engineers’ broad range of skills. They have a combined, sound understanding of the project life cycle, control and process engineering.

So we know tha that, once your nd software hardware and arrives on site, we have what it takes to minimise lost time, eliminate damage and leave you with a system that stays running. In fact, we’re so confident and proven in our ability that we don’t just commission our own systems. We offer a separate, global commissioning service,


employing and supplying engineers to projects overseas. Whether our commissioning is on behalf of existing or new clients’ systems and equipment, we’re in control.

PROCESS / ENERGY OPTIMISATION We know that you’re focused on lowering overheads. One of the best ways of achieving this is to look deeply into your production and consumption efficiency and make changes for the better. After all, if you do what you always did in the past, you can only expect to get what you always got in the past. At InControl, we know that you may be unsure of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), both in terms of what it is and of the potential benefits. That’s why we’ll give you a free consultation to demonstrate how you can benefit from

better processes and energy efficiency. Our OEE proposal assesses the time your equipment is available for production against downtime, combined with measured quality and equipment performance. This involves the study of existing systems, analysis, recommendations, implementation, measurements and improvements. From a process context, we suggest ways to run your processes more efficiently through de-bottlenecking and increased reliability. From the energy view ew we have found that whilst we

are examining production that it is often beneficial and economic to consider data acquisition for energy monitoring and metering at the same time. We assess ways for you to reduce energy consumption, materials, waste and costs. You’ll be surprised at how a fresh pair of eyes on your systems helps you to think outside the box and achieve a better solution. We’re so confident nfide in our consultation, nfi ideas, ideas, recommendations, r rec experience perien ence ce aand implementation implemen enta tati tion that you won’ won’t n’t pay pa for fo our ou proposal proposal al unless unl nles we start sta working work rking in together. gether. th

A free consultation to show you how you can benefit from better processes and energy efficiency

Putting your hardware and software to work whilst minimising downtime and eliminating damage

MIS, REPORTING & LOB INTEGRATION Reporting and Management Information Systems (MIS) can really take your business to the next level. Our systems can aggregate all your complicated control system data, log it, break it down and present it in a clear, useful form to your operations, quality and maintenance managers. Through this, we can give you the ability to spot trends quickly and have the information to make correct decisions to act.

Imagine the benefits of being able to automate your entire order system. With LOB (Line Of Business) integration, order requests enter your system directly to produce the order. Sales and stock are then co-ordinated with manufacture in an instant. Our systems can even control the scheduling of your staff, your shift modules, and optimise all the equipment used.

At InControl we not only have the engineering and IT expertise to integrate these systems, but also to explain the benefits to controls, engineering and IT staff. This goes a long way towards bridging the void that often exists between these two departments.


SUPPORT, REMOTE SUPPORT & TROUBLESHOOTING Our On-site Support, Remote Support and Troubleshooting service is designed to give you complete security and peace of mind whilst minimising costs. We have robust remote access facilities for client sites. This allows us to connect to your systems remotely and securely at any given time. So we can see exactly what’s going on within your system without physically having to travel to you. This means we can resolve problems in minutes, reducing mean ean times taken for repair, pa pair,

slashing call out ratios and any subsequent costs. Our systems are so good, our clients often request remote access for use by their own engineers. What’s more is, our remote access system is designed to work securely and safely in line with your current IT policies. The last thing olic that we wa want is to be the cause of an incident. To in eliminate iminate any potential po unforeseen consequential reseen en conse consequ effects, strict s, InCon InControl I obey o safety procedures. fety pro proce rocedures. rocedu cedures. No site

Giving you complete security and peace of mind whilst minimising costs

or system will be remotely affected without telephone confirmation from your staff on site. Our standard warranty period means we are available to support your systems for 12 months after any work has been carried out. Whether in combination with our systems, or on a stand- alone basis, we can provide support for as long as necessary for a fixed fee post warranty.

Phone: +44 (0) 870 774 2430 Fax: +44 (0) 870 774 2439 Email: Web:

Incontrol Systems Limited Coney Green Business Park Clay Cross, Chesterfield S45 9JW, UK

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InControl Brochure

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