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free entrance for all readers! he 4th MTV Winter Valencia Festival has just been announced after so much delay it should now maybe be called MTV Spring Valencia Festival.


After months of speculation about who would fill last year's headliners The Arctic Monkeys' shoes, ranging from 'Muse', 'The Strokes' and various others, (I mean why not just start a rumour about 'U2', 'The Stones' or 'Madonna' coming), we now know who MTV are offering up for our musical delectation. Now here at inVLC we like to think we know a bit about music so we've provided a handy overview of who's playing and some links to their best music. For those of you who haven't been before, we've also listed below where it's at, how to get there and when you should arrive. See you there. Andy, Kelly and Sean


his has to be one of the most stunning modern music sites in Spain. Whilst Benicassim has its beaches and Ibiza has its sunsets, the sight of thousands of jumping music fans enjoying bouncing tunes whilst surrounded by the splendour of the Arts and Sciences buildings is something very special. The best part of the venue, and probably the most important part is in the sound. Last year inVLC were amazed at the quality of the sound which came out of the venue, such clear sharp notes, with none of that fuzzy muffled backdrop that you so often get at big venues. And what was more surprising was the ease to arrive, enter the venue, buy some beers and then enjoy the music. Never has hearing live music been so easy. The venue| It's in Valencia, at la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias: the Art and Sciences buildings, down in the park. The action will take place below el Museo Príncipe Felipe. Don't worry if you don't know which building this is, there will be crowds and music to follow all the way. The time| 12 March, 6pm onwards. How to get there| The buses run down to the venue from the city all evening. Look for a 15, 35, 95, 1 or check with EMT directly on their website (they have a handy online map) Sadly there is no tube line yet, so either walk through the park (take care at night), grab a taxi or simply follow the flow of people to the after parties. The price| Well this is the best part. It's free! For you. For me. For all our readers. So pass this pdf to all your friends, and enjoy the party!

Special | MTV Winter



rbital| Formed in 1989 the Hartnoll brothers could lay a decent claim to be the godfathers of UK electronic dance music. After a split in 2004 they reformed in 2009 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the seminal 'Chime' record with a festival gig in Scotland before going on to headline at Glastonbury in 2010 where they finished off their set with their take on the Doctor Who theme by actually having the current Doctor Who Matt Smith appear with them on stage. One of the reasons for their long term popularity is that their live shows show a great degree of spontaneity, which is admittedly rare for an electronic music act, and it is clear they are working for their money rather than just miming along to a backing track. Influential Q Magazine has them appear on both their 50 Best Gigs Ever and 50 Bands to See Before You Die lists so by heading along to hear them you can get that down to at least 49. The last time I heard them I'm sure I heard bits of Belinda Carlisle and Bon Jovi in the mix so with Orbital you can never be sure what to expect but you can be sure that it will be good.


elcome Dynasty| The night will start off with local band The Welcome Dynasty after they won the right to appear on the show by winning the local battle of the bands competition. I've checked out some of their stuff on youtube and I think they're pretty good. See if you agree.


roove Armada| This bunch of electronic funsters have been around since the mid-90's producing some of the UKs best dance music. Now you may be familiar with the name or not but unless you've not seen TV for the last 10 years it would have been hard to avoid this band's influences. From 'I See You Baby - Shaking That Ass' and 'If Everybody Looked the Same' being heard repeatedly on car adverts to featuring in film soundtracks such as 'Get Carter', 'Gone in Sixty Seconds' and Tom Cruise's 'Collateral', and even video games such as 'Fifa 2011', 'Brian Lara International Cricket' and 'Rayman'. However it is chill out classic 'At The River' which an entire generation of people around my age will invariably and perhaps involuntarily sing along to. Sitting here right now I find myself feeling all warm just thinking with fondness about sand-dunes and salty air. As this is a DJ set it is unclear what will be played but if this duo are on early you really should get along and enjoy. I certainly will be...shakin' that ass.


Special | MTV Winter


um 41| Sum 41 is a 4 piece Canadian rock band who have been around since 1996. Surf rock is the general term bandied about in an Offspring or Blink 182 kind of way. They have recorded music with some real legends such as Iggy Pop, Tenacious D and Metallica and it is through some of these collaborations that their best known work has been made. Fat Lip is probably their most well known song and you can hear it by following the link below. In May 2004 the band travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo with charity organisation War Child. Days after arriving, fighting broke out in Bukavu near the hotel the band was staying at. “Bullets were coming through windows and everyone was just lying on the ground with their hands on their heads. One bomb came too close, hit the hotel and the hotel just started shaking. Everyone dove and was lying on the ground. Things were falling off the walls, mirrors were breaking. That's when we all kind of realized that this was really going bad, and we're probably not going to make it out.” Deryck Whibley - Lead singer After nearly six hours of this the band and the forty other civilians were taken to safety. They are prolific tourers and have been known to do 300 gigs a year. Whether this makes them perform like polished pros or be music's equivalent of painting by numbers we will have to wait and see.


y Chemical Romance| My Chemical Romance is an 4-piece American rock band from New Jersey, formed in 2001. They claim a sound incorporating gothic, punk, heavy metal, glam and progressive rock. Hard to compare that to anyone else really although the cite their influences as Queen, The Cure, The Misfits and The Smiths. They have received both popular praise with their debut album 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' which went platinum and critical praise for their second 'The Black Parade' which got positive reviews. The title song from the album reaching Number 1 in the UK. You can hear that by following the link below. It is melodic and emotive and maybe you can see from this why UK readers of the Daily Mail were up in arms after the paper decreed that this type of music was glorifying suicide after the death of one of their young female fans. Mind you, readers of the Daily Mail are usually up in arms about something or other. In 2006 they sold out the 1800 seat Hammersmith Palais in London in 15 minutes and they have toured with the likes of Green Day and in 2007 it was the now the mighty Muse who supported them.

The information supplied are correct at time of writing. Please check on the official site or at the tourist information for further details.

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