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Your Wedding Invitations Convey Volumes About You Originality and congratulations are often called for, whatever the occasion for announcements. A mailed announcement is a good way to share news with family and friends regardless of whether your child has graduated from the world of diapers or preschool, or if a loved one has recently graduated from military training or medical school. The Thrill Seeker When you customize your wedding invitations, you can give your wedding guests a heads up about your adventure seeking side. Some couples elect to forego traditional invitation photos and opt, instead, for candid images of their involvement in thrill seeking activities. The couple can show guests what they enjoy using these photos combined with bright, exciting colors. Another way to showcase a sense of adventure in your invitation is to use a black silhouette sketch of the couple on a zip line, jumping out of a plane, or on a ski slope as the exterior art for the invitation. Whimsical White or off white have been the conventional wedding invitation colors for many years. The colors used in the wedding dress were reflected in the color of the invitation. Whimsical colors such as pink, gentle aqua or light purple are now chosen by couple for their invitations nowadays. A romantic, almost hand-written scrawl has replaced the traditional calligraphy for the wording on these invitations. To help develop a whimsical feel, these softening variations are embellished with ribbons, colorful buttons or a complementary shade of rick rack. Those receiving this kind of invitation are certain to know that the couple getting married prefers a less formal feel overall. Staying with Tradition There are lots of couples today who choose a traditional invitation. Made from a heavy white or off white high gloss paper, this classic invitation lets guests know that the happy couple sees the wedding as a formal event. This kind of invitation generally has a professionally posed photo either printed onto the actual invitation or put into the interior of the invitation. A perforated card holder might be built into this type of card too. So that they will know how many guests to plan on, this smaller card is supposed to be mailed back to the couple as an RSVP. Choose a Theme Themed weddings have started to gain popularity today. Some have based their theme off of a favorite kind of food that they both enjoy while some use a theme that is based upon a favorite vacation spot. Invitations which are created in order to match the overall theme of the wedding help guests to find out a little bit more about the tastes or preferences of the couple that is getting married. For the Techie Some young couples today aren't shy about letting people know that they consider themselves to be technology nerds. These couples generally enjoy video games, computer knowledge and many Invitations For Less

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Your Wedding Invitations Convey Volumes About You modern technical devices. Today, there are even invitations for this sort of couple. Some innovative invitations look like the screen of a tablet computer with the invitation written inside the frame. A photo of the young couple competing with each other in their favorite internet or video games have been used in other invitations. Your wedding invites can help guests to learn a few things about you, from your level of formality, to gifts that you may appreciate receiving. You may find that you and your guests enjoy the actual event far more when you match your invitations to the overall feeling you're attempting to portray. When planning your wedding event, be sure to send save the date wedding invitations. Visit to read more information about Invitations For Less.

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Your Wedding Invitations Convey Volumes About You  

When planning your wedding event, be sure to send save the date wedding invitations. Visit to read more i...