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Weld Inspection System When you’re in the steel pipes manufacturing industry, you know that the slightest defect in the weld affects negatively yield ratios. With reputations and customer interests down the line, it calls for a reliable weld inspection system that delivers accurate reports on important parameters that lead to anomalies. While the welding process is pretty autonomous today, defects do happen occasionally and can be costly to rectify if left undetected. Weld cracks are probably the most critical of common defects and can lead to structural damage. This is caused by crystallization of the joint at extremely high temperature. Besides that, defects like incomplete fusion, slag inclusion, undercut, mismatch can also affect structural performance. Choosing the Right Weld Inspection System

When you’re in a business where accuracy and reliability are the topmost priority, it will be foolish to leave quality to chance. Installing a weld inspection system to complement existing welding tools ensure any defects are detected in time for remedial measures. It’s prudent to have an insight into the system before considering installing one. Most weld inspection systems use non-contact technology such as UT, Eddy. Invisual E Inc. deploys both thermal scanners and laser scanners to scan the steel pipes, steel tubes, weldments for weld defects. A welded joint can be inspected to ensure that it fulfills weld quality parameters. Invisual E Inc. provides weld inspection systems for industries where steel is joined to create a product. The right weld inspection system should be user-friendly and allows your technicians to define and configure the components to be measured. With the expected results and tolerance configurable, it is easy to define the measurement standards that comply with your manufacturing process.

You’ll also want the weld inspection system to require minimum human intervention once it is configured and operational. A good system requires only a moderate learning curve in order for operators to start using it. Any defects detected by the system will immediately be translated into alarm and siren to alert the respective personnel.The historical data captured by the system can be

turned into graphs and charts for analytic purposes. This can help you to identify any pattern that points to degradation of any particular welding equipment. At the end of the day, a weld inspection system is meant to help you minimize cost and wastage. Like any diagnostic systems, welding inspection system may require servicing periodically and you’ll want to ensure the vendor is a reputable one. Do talk to our experts at Invisual E Inc. if weld defects are affecting your manufacturing process.

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Weld Inspection System  
Weld Inspection System  

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