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Fuller Hair Now No Surgery No Extensions Invisible Hair’s Patented Hair Grafting Technique

Hair grafting is a semi-permanent piece of hair attached to your scalp without surgery. The attachment will last between five or eight weeks and can be treated like regular hair. Work out, shower and sleep without worrying about your hair.

How is it different than extensions? An FDA approved medical adhesive attaches the hair;

meaning you don’t have to worry about braids, seams, clips, or hooks.

The hair lays flat against your head and is completely free of bumps and scalp soreness.

No one will know the difference - even by touch.

What if I have fine hair? The Invisible Hair grafting technique is the only doctor recommended treatment for very fine hair.

The treatment doesn’t attach the grafted hair to your current hair, which means your natural hair won’t be damaged.

Also, since the grafted hair is attached to your scalp you won’t have an outgrowth problem like treatments that are attached to the roots of your


The hair used is 100%

natural human hair and the quality is the best available on the market.

The cuticle layer remains intact, while keeping the hair in the same direction from root to tip. You can’t find better quality in the world that will offer you the same tangle-free, beautiful look.

Hair Quality

Treat It Like Your Natural Hair

Unlike many wigs, hair that has been grafted can move in any direction you desire. It can be parted on either side and brushed both forward and backward. The hair can also be colored and thermo treated depending on the style you want.

Quick and Painless Hair grafting is quick and painless, and we

do any customizing here in our salon to save you time. The entire process

takes only about three hours. The same hairpiece can be reapplied

several times.

Before and After Hundreds of women have been seeing amazing results like these!

Let Your Hair Down Don’t let thinning hair stop you from living your life. You can have the hair you have always wanted – or the hair you used to have.

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Invisible Hair has been providing San Diego with the best hair loss solutions for women for the past 20 years. They are celebrated for their extensive knowledge, quality products, and exceptional service.

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Summary • We take a look at the benefits and features of Invisible Hair’s patented hair grafting technique. Hair grafting is a great alternative to extensions and wigs.

Fuller Hair Now | We take a look at the benefits and features of Invisible Hair’s patented hair grafting technique. Hair grafting...